Zimmer downplays last year’s success against Patriots


The last time Vikings coach Mike Zimmer faced quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots, Zimmer’a Bengals ended Brady’s streak of 52 games with a touchdown pass.

This time around, Zimmer isn’t thinking about the last time.

“You know it was a different team, different situation,” Zimmer told reporters.  “It rained like crazy the last minute of the ball game.  It’s completely different.  Obviously you look at the tape but you don’t think that everything is going to be the same.”

Zimmer’s right; it rained very hard, especially near the end of the game.  Still, his defense held Brady to only six points and fewer than 200 yards.  He was sacked four times.

That probably doesn’t mean much, especially since the Vikings haven’t beaten the Patriots since Brady’s rookie season of 2000.  The last time the Vikings faced Brady, Brett Favre was the quarterback and the short-lived Randy Moss, Part II era was only a day away from imploding.

Nearly four years later, only one starter on defense remains — linebacker Chad Greenway.  Which can’t hurt, given the Vikings’ last three performances against Brady and company.

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  1. I’m taking the over. Haven’t even looked at the numbers but I’m taking the over. Pats are disappointed in their last performance, can’t go down 0-2, Vikes can score points in a number of ways (C. Patterson, etc). Fast paced game, high numbers.

    Final score: 9-3. I get crap wrong all the time.

  2. Disclaimer: HUGE VIKE FAN HERE, but I am also very objective about my team. WE ARE ABOUT TO SHOCK THE WORLD. BELIEVE IT. SKOL. #patsdontstandchance #skol #herewegozimherewego

  3. Well, good news because its supposed to rain at the bank this Sunday. Watching the Phins spank them last week was great fun. I expect Zimmer to come up with a plan to pester Brady all day. If Knowshon can run all over them (and no disrespect to him I think he’s a beast) then AP should have one of his career days against them. SKOL!

  4. .
    In week one the Vikings far exceeded expectations while the Patriots fell far short of theirs. I think both teams will come back to reality on Sunday.

  5. The vikings won last week against Austin Davis at QB.

    Can Brady be that much better?

    Looks like the vikings will show everyone how real they are this season.

  6. The Minnesota Vikings are the best franchise in sports.

    No questions asked.



    Cya Later.

    A Super Bowl win is inevitable this year.

    People are starting to understand that I have been right all along.

    The Minnesota Vikings Dynasty has begun.

    The Decade of Dominance begins….NOW.


  7. Great day in the morning ! New England 0-2 by late afternoon on Sunday. Why , this NFL season is looking better and better all the time. 🙂

  8. Pft poet is absolutely right, except that he said the same things last year.

    But clearly, going 4 and 0 in the preseason and then winning your first game over a third string QB and an injured offensive line clearly makes your organization the best in professional sports.

    Unfortunately, pft poet is just another example of Vikings fans lack of knowledge in regards to football.

  9. frank booth says:

    Unfortunately, pft poet is just another example of Vikings fans lack of knowledge in regards to football.

    It is my belief that the poet is a Packer fan. So it’s the Packer fans lack of knowledge about football… 😉

  10. No. Vikings fans really are one of the least knowledgeable fan bases. Pretty much fair weather fans and mostly corporate types attend games (like my in-laws, who couldn’t name 5 people on the team) Packer and Bear fans are pretty well-informed and don’t have the inferiority complex that characterizes Vikings fans.

  11. Patriots don’t lose two in a row. Ever. It’s no coincidence that the patriots were up last week until they got gassed in the 95 degree heat of their first game, in the 2nd half. Happens quite a bit in Miami especially early season. Don’t bet on anything but pats domination this week in minny

  12. Brady got old in that Miami humidity. Their defensive line can be run on. Look for a huge game from Paterson with AP a very good backup. Zimmer has watched the Vickings go down with AP and will not continue the same mistake. The league is seeing a change in what teams are on top and New England after a great run is on the way down.

  13. Patriots fan here: My team is going to be owned by the Vikings on Sunday… It won’t be close after the first quarter.

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