Former Dolphins OL coach Jim Turner commissioned his own version of the Wells Report

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The Dolphins fired offensive line coach Jim Turner just before this years combine after he was implicated for harassing behavior toward multiple Dolphins players in the report filed following Ted Wells’s investigation into bullying in the organization.

Turner did not land another job in the NFL this season and told Adam Schefter of ESPN that he’s “angry I’m sitting on the couch.” He also told Schefter that he hired attorney Peter Ginsberg to do his own investigation into the allegations against him. Ginsberg, who has also represented Jonathan Vilma and Kevin and Pat Williams in disputes with the league, compiled a 25-page report on his findings.

Schefter reports that the report explains how Turner tried to help tackle Jonathan Martin and why he bought Christmas gifts like inflatable sex dolls for players. Those details aren’t shared, but the conclusion to the report is and it comes as little surprise to learn that it finds Turner was wrongly tarred as a bad guy.

“Coach Turner is a good man and a great coach with an excellent reputation among his players. It would be wrong for that reputation to be unfairly tarnished by the events leading up to and following Martin’s departure from the Dolphins. During those difficult times Coach Turner was, as he has been throughout his career, a caring and supportive colleague to the people with whom he worked,” the report reads. “Coach Turner, perhaps more than any other person, gave support and advice to Martin at a time when Martin seems to have been plagued by an internal turmoil which in large part remains a mystery. The Wells Report is off-target in the aim it takes at Coach Turner, and a good and decent person should not be tarnished as a result.”

Turner’s reputation has been tarnished, in part because he answered questions about those Christmas gifts by claiming he didn’t remember giving offensive lineman Andrew McDonald an inflatable male sex doll as part of ongoing jokes about McDonald being homosexual. Releasing a report explaining those gifts admits that wasn’t true and gives further credence to the investigators’ belief that Turner was not truthful with them at several other points and it seems fair that he might have to answer to potential future employers why he wasn’t truthful in answering questions asked at the behest of his previous employers.

19 responses to “Former Dolphins OL coach Jim Turner commissioned his own version of the Wells Report

  1. As an OL coach you have input in who will be on the 53 man roster….you failed miserably…that OL was the worst OL in league history giving up 56 sacks last yr, you fined players if they questioned what they saw on film, you allowed Richie to hold OL meeting at the strip club as your QB received treatment in the training room….the best place for you is on the couch watching the game….

  2. And what PFT leaves out here – Andrew McDonald was listed in the report as “Player A”. McDonald was so mad that Turner got fired, that he publicly bashed Turner’s firing even though he could’ve simply remained anonymous. Martin blew the whistle on a normal NFL locker room, that he took an equal part in.

  3. Duh…!
    The guy was a bad coach.
    Look at the difference in the production of the OL last year, compared to what the line is doing this year…

    The report has nothing to do with why other teams won’t hire him.

    Would you hire George Bush to run the country again…?!

  4. What a sick and twisted organization. Giving prank gifts to his players is an outrage. Were all those gifts being given on or about the same time as the Patriots head coach was repeatedly texting his tight end who is facing three murder charges .Because if they were that is sick and twisted.

  5. Honestly, just coaching the league’s worst o-line (which gave up 56 sacks) is a fireable offense. That he was an unprofessional jerk made it even easier, if there was some slight 1% chance he would’ve kept his job.

  6. Again with the Bullygate nonsense? We all know how this ended and what a Scam it was. It cost innocent people their jobs, but let’s face the the facts… The new Coach John Benton took 5 dudes off the street and turned it into a decent OLine. In fact, as a unit it ranked #2 Overall in the NFL last weekend. I am happy this Bullygate thing happened or else the mediocre standard might have continued. We are heading in the right direction- Phins Up!

  7. Enough already about the bullygate thing. It keeps coming up when it should be bad history, it’s OVER.

    The o-line last year set a new LOW standard for the Dolphins. That is why they replaced the coach.

    Benton is definitely a step upward.

    Go Dolphins!

  8. Facts: 1) Martin is more of a girl than man
    2)Turner is a poor coach with no previous NFL experience.
    3) The Dolphins are better off without him

    and finally, the patz are as soft as pudding. Can’t wait to see what AP does to them.

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