Josh Gordon says he “definitely” does not have a drug problem


Browns receiver Josh Gordon, who checked into a rehab facility after a drunk driving arrest and is suspended for the entire 2014 season for multiple failed drug tests, says he does not have a drug problem.

“Do I believe I have a drug problem? Definitely not,” Gordon told, via “In this case, I was exposed to it from second-hand [smoke], and prior to I’ve been drug-free and have been staying that way – and this incident has been causing a backlash of negative attention and negative media of me being an addict or a junkie, or using drugs terribly too much, which is definitely not the case and I’d like to definitely have that out in the open and be clear with that for sure.”

Gordon said he went to rehab this summer after his arrest and learned there that he is not an addict.

“I chose to go on my own accord, my own thoughts,” he said. “I thought it would be beneficial for me to go out to Cliffside in Malibu, California, and seek out some help. . . . They made their diagnosis and said I wasn’t addicted to anything, and I didn’t have any drug problems.”

Even as Gordon holds out hope that his current suspension will be shortened, it’s worth noting that this is his second NFL suspension for a failed drug test and that he had failed drug tests in college as well. And he still faces both legal trouble and league discipline for the drunk driving incident. Whether Gordon is an addict or not, he certainly has a problem with staying away from alcohol and drugs well enough to stay out of trouble.

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  1. A couple of problems with J. Gordon’s take on J. Gordon: 1. Unless you are driving from NYC to Chicago in a VW Beetle with Cheech and Chong, you aren’t going to fail a drug test due to second hand smoke. 2. If your inability to choose abstention from substance use/abuse cause problems in your academic life, professional life and leads to run ins with law enforcement then you have a problem. Sorry, Josh. Any other takes?

  2. His biggest problem is staying away from his old “Friends” who are on the wrong side of the tracks. He knows that and is staying in Cleveland during all this and not going home to Houston where his leach buddies hang out.

  3. LOL! Do you have any idea how hard it is to test positive due to second hand smoke?

    I’ve got no issues with smoking weed, but come on…

    If it comes down to getting high or getting PAID, it should be a no brainer. If it isn’t, you’ve clearly got a problem.

  4. Yeah… I, too, entered an expensive Malibu, California treatment facility due to second hand smoke.

  5. Certainly he must understand how much saying “I’m not an addict” makes him sound like an Addict? I’m sure he could quite anytime he wants…..#loser

  6. I’d say it’s clear that Josh has no problem with drugs.

    He does, however, have a problem staying away from drugs.

  7. If it isn’t a drug problem, then it is a mental problem. If you aren’t addicted, how could you be so dumb as to put yourself in this position?

  8. I believe him. 70 passed drug tests in a year and one with levels that barely register. But he definitely has a social problem.

  9. In light of the conduct of the NFL in the Rice case, I don’t know if the NFL’s results for Gordon’s drug test can be trusted.

    We now know, the NFL lies…the next question is how much does the NFL lie. Would the NFL lie about Gordon’s drug test?

    Any way you cut it, THE NFL shield has been tarnished.

  10. Definitely does not have a drug problem. He does have a pesky “Can’t follow the rules and keep my job” problem.

  11. If you are a repeat offender, then doing drugs is more important than your livelihood and therefore a drug problem and addiction.

    Why can’t he just say no?

  12. He really doesn’t. The nfls threshold for weed is ridiculously low, and he was barely over that. The he blew .01 over on a breathalizer which is really really bad luck, more than it is a horrible offense. He deserves to come back and come back very soon.

  13. Me nether. I don’t have a certificate that tells me I don’t have a drug problem or anything. But then again, I don’t do ANY drugs, and have never been to rehab.

  14. Josh Gordon is a great talent. The Browns badly need his services. He serves neither himself or his team by continually missing the opportunity to be seen and not heard.

  15. Josh Gordon is “definitely” an idiot. I understand that everyone loves weed but you can’t fail like 3 different tests when you are on probation. In the real world they put you in jail for that. and his sentence in this case is 1 year in Football Jail.

  16. I’ll take him at his word and tell him he had has a making bad decisions problem. The only way he had enough in his system if he didn’t purposefully ingest it was if partied with someone. Bad choice.

    I partied all through high school and quit when i turned 18 because of the legal ramifications. And i didn’t have millions at stake.

  17. He doesn’t have a drug problem. He’s has a HUGE drug & substance abuse problem. Regardless of a revamped drug policy he needs to stay on the sidelines & get well. If the League truly has his best interests in mind then they’ll enforce the suspension w/the caveat that he can have some access to the team. Excommunicating this kid for a year is not the answer.

  18. Josh Gordon still has a drug problem. When you can not realize that your casual attitude towards drugs and alcohol have cost you your job (at least temporarily), them you have a problem. Addicts live in a world of “me,” and “my choices were the right ones.” Gordon, whether he smoked pot or not, still chose to put himself in an environment that he knew could cost him. Deal with your problem, or deal with the fact that you will never be believable enough for a team to trust you can make the right choices to remain on the field. BTW, I have never heard or a clinic or treatment center that would tell someone that they were “definitely not an addict.” Go to a meeting!

  19. Look, I’m all for legalizing marijuana, but these are not the rules that are in place right now. If you have a talent that most people don’t have, then, sometimes in life you have to make a choice. I believe Josh made the wrong one based on the rules that are in place at this current time. As much as I love Mary Jane, with his talent, I wouldn’t make the choice Josh made. Until the rules change for weed, don’t smoke, and enjoy a nice career in the NFL that most of the World population can only dream of playing in..

  20. 1st failed NFL test was for prescribed adderal. 2nd “failed” test was a joke. The kid smoked weed in college! Let’s try to not paint this kid with a broad brush.

  21. I would have to agree. I love the guy… he plays for my favorite team… but it definitely seems like it was more of a common sense problem. If you know you’re going to get busted for it – stay away from it at all costs. Don’t expose yourself to it at ALL, no matter the cost.

    Hopefully this past year of 70+ passed tests is an indicator that he’s starting to “get it” and is on the path to keeping his career going and making the right decisions.

  22. I hope Goodell is sitting at his desk this morning trying to figure out a way to stop the bleeding and save his job with regards to this Ray Rice video scandal. ” I see Josh Gordon’s fantasy ownership is up to 86% and the Saints secondary looked horrendous last week. Let’s give this guy a 4th chance.” Josh Gordon fantasy owners rejoice.

  23. I’vebeen saying this for months.

    Josh could not have smoked MJ himself and still passed over 70 tests, or more than 1 a week, since MJ stays in the user’s system for 30 days or more. The low THC amount (16 ng/13.6 ng) fits that theory as it is a very low amount of THC.

    Unforunately, the longer the Ray Rice situation drags out, the longer it will take to get a new agreement on the new substance abuse policy. The NFL has more important things (in their opinion) and that is to save face/Goodell’s job.

    The NFL should get some good PR from the public when they finally agree to hGH testing, but hte public backlash is so strong riht now, I feel like they want to wait until the Ray Rice situation settles down so they don’t “waste” this good PR opportunity.

    And all the while, Josh, Welker and Scanbrick twist in the wind.


  24. True the measure is ridiculously low.

    True it’s stupid for the NFL to keep trying to police drugs that don’t aid performance.

    But when you’re one strike away from missing an entire season, you don’t hang around people or situations that include second hand smoke.

    Take it as you will; you’re out for 420 or for having a 024 IQ.

  25. Second hand smoke. Mmmkay. Try that excuse in the military. In any case, if it were that, which it isn’t, he’s an idiot for being in the same room as dope smokers.

  26. If you pick a joint over the possibilty of making 40 million or more then you have a problem. I don’t feel sorry for him he has been smoking his whole life.

  27. Hurry up and fix the drug policy so I can look like a genius in my fantasy league for picking him up.

  28. So he went to a drug rehab center to see if he was an addict and may have a problem. And they told him “no you don’t have a problem with drugs”. But he forgot to include the rest of the conversation: “That will be $20,000. Have a nice day.” Sorry, with multiple violations, I doubt if they dismissed him with that glowing assessment. I’ve never met a person who does drugs to their detriment who takes responsibility and owns up to the fact they have a problem. Not saying he’s not trying to clean up his act, but I don’t buy it that he’s just had bad luck.

  29. Addiction is mean. You can be clean for a while, but then the urge becomes too strong sometimes. You can’t get a positive test from 2nd hand smoke unless you were in a small confined room with your buddies who were smoking A LOT of weed. His denials and then entireley un-believable statement about “voluntarily” entering rehab are the classic signs of someone who just doesn’t admit he has a problem. The evidence and his history says otherwise.

  30. Weed isn’t a drug Lol, I don’t care what anybody says. Drugs are man made substances. Smh.

  31. you only believe you have a problem if your own perspective tells you it’s so. how many addicts think they have a/the problem? it’s so inconvenient/unfamiliar/uncomfortable to do something out of character in a day like NOT do your drug…what do you do instead? when your drug starts effecting the positives/career in your life, you have a problem!

    gordon’s comment in response to his punishment tells you all you need to know about his attitude; blaming the league/goodell for the punishment. i`t’s not the punishment, it’s how he came to receive the punishment. refuses to accept responsibility for his actions; blame someone else for him having a problem how convenient!

  32. I think I understand Gordon’s priorities. Old saying we had back in Vietnam: “Drugs will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no drugs.”

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