Rooney, Mara say Mueller report findings will be shared with public

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Giants co-owner John Mara and Steelers owner Art Rooney II will be running the investigation to be conducted by former FBI director Robert Mueller. But they won’t be running it.

“Commissioner Goodell called us on Wednesday evening and requested that we oversee the independent investigation that will be conducted by former FBI Director Robert Mueller III,” Mara and Rooney said in a joint statement. “Our role is not to conduct or direct the investigation but to support Mr. Mueller and assist him in gaining whatever access or resources he needs. At the conclusion of Mr. Mueller’s investigation, we will receive his findings on behalf of the League’s owners.”

Mara and Rooney also said that Mueller’s report and findings will be shared with the public.

“We have spoken with Mr. Mueller today, and he has informed us he is prepared to begin immediately,” Mara and Rooney said. “No timeline was established and we stressed that he should take as much time as necessary to complete a thorough investigation. We agreed that the scope of the investigation should be aimed at getting answers to specific questions, including what efforts were made by league staff to obtain the video of what took place inside the elevator and to determine whether, in fact, the video was ever delivered to someone at the league office, and if so, what happened to the video after it was delivered.”

The mandate to ascertain the efforts made to obtain the video shows that the investigation will be broader than whether the video was sent by someone to a league executive, and who if anyone thereafter saw it. Mueller will be looking at what was and wasn’t done to get the tape, presumably asking questions that Goodell hasn’t answered, including but not limited to whether the league asked Rice to produce the tape via his lawyer, and if not, why not?

“Mr. Mueller assured us that his investigation will be thorough and independent, and that he will keep us informed of his progress,” Mara and Rooney said, not mentioning the tentacles between the NFL and Mueller’s firm, which could make Mueller at a key moment in the process pause or hesitate or tread lightly — which means he’s not truly independent.

So we won’t be calling the process independent. It won’t truly be independent unless and until someone who has no reason to give any thought as to how a specific outcome to the investigation would affect the investigator’s broader interests.

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  1. Rooney, Mara, Kraft. These men should be as far away from this investigation as possible, as they have had the most to gain from Goodell’s employment than anyone.

    Tuck Rule, Spygate, Superbowl XL Officiating, Big Ben Rape Cases, and much much more…

  2. So, we should, in general, trust that the owners’ appointed figure head (commissioner) requested that 2 of his 32 bosses lead an independent investigation into himself and his staff?

    We are to believe this is an independent, while completely dependent, investigation?

    Yeah, ok. From this day forward, should we allow those accused of obstruction or tampering select their own investigators?

    Good plan. I bet it will yeild unequivocal truth.

  3. Honestly, what else is he going to say? Anyone that thinks these guys aren’t collaborating together to figure out the most economical way to move forward from this, then you’ve been asleep for a long time. Thats how this works!! On to something far more productive than reading this garbage…

  4. Goodell shouldn’t get to pick who helps the investigator.. That’s like asking my get away driver to tell the cops I ran the other way.

  5. Problem is, no one believe it unless it has smoking gun type stuff in it.

    For example, if it says that some NFL employee got the tape, but no high level exec saw it; we won’t believe it even if it is true.

    That is the damage that is done already.

  6. Florio, you’re SO inconsistent. Back when Tagliabue was hired to be an “independent” investigator, you pointed out the SAME potential conflict with the fact Tagliabue’s firm defended Goodell at one point in another case, and the fact Tagliabue had served as an advisor. Then when the RESULT of his investigation was consistent with your BELIEFS of what the result “ought to be”, all of a sudden, he’s independent. Presumably, if those results hadn’t matched with your opinions, he wouldn’t have been independent. Which of course is why your full of it. Independence doesn’t mean getting the result YOU think should happen. It means avoiding BIAS. If Tagliabue was able to avoid bias (in your view) despite potential conflicts, why wouldn’t Mueller? But I suppose he’ll only be independent (in your view) if he concludes what YOU think should happen–differences in judgment and interpretation can’t possibly exist!! Independence will only be shown if YOU get YOUR preferred result. You’re so full of it!

  7. Rooney and Mara are usually regarded as men of integrity. Mueller was head of the FBI, and seemed to be held in high regard at least by some observers. I say, let them make the effort. Yes, we could get a cover-up of the cover-up. Or we could see another Wells report.

  8. Don’t forget to talk to the 3 casino employees that were right outside the elevator when Rice dragged Janay out. Goddell didn’t interview them.

    How can you not interview the people who WERE RIGHT THERE when the door opened?


  9. This outcome is as easy to predict as sunrise.

    Mueller’s investigation is going to reveal that Roger Goodell was this incredible humanitarian who deferred to Janay Rice’s wishes of having this situation just go away.

    The investigation’s conclusion will paint Goodell as this wonderfully sympathetic man who wanted to grant the wishes of the victim. No one can deny that Janay has been saying all along, “This is our life!. What part of that don’t you get?”

    They’re already out there leaking this as the possible outcome….

  10. Here’s what the summary will be of this “investigation.” Goodell and everyone in the NFL office knew that Rice knocked out his wife. She came in and asked for leniency. The NFL complied but shouldn’t have. The video surfaced, and they kicked Rice out of the league. End of story.

  11. We already know how this is going to play out…someone at NFL Hqts received the video and that someone will fall on their sword, taking the blame for the video not getting to Goodell.

    Goodell will come out looking like the good guy who was deceived by his inept staff that failed to get the Ray Rice video.

    Now the question is, will the public accept the findings of the “independent” investigation?

  12. Since being tebowed out of the playoffs the steelers have o winning seasons and o playoff appearances so Rooney, who left Ben on the team after his shenanigans, and kept James Harrison after he assaulted his girlfriend, and has not punished his running back bell for driving under the influence and risking innocent lives. ….well we know how serious he takes these things and so yeah it’s pretty much a joke unfortunately.

  13. I think Mueller is a good choice. Although he comes off like an absentminded “Columbo” type, he’s gonna look at NFL executives in the eye and see if they twitch under certain types of questioning. He has little use for forensic science, trace evidence analysis and video spectral comparaters. Remember the NFL office still uses fax machines and adding machines (with the paper roll). This guy will get to the truth in old school fashion.

  14. I’ll reflect the concensus of those posting here….and the concensus of most fans of the NFL. This cover up is already being shaped so that some underling will take the blame for not passing on the tape, will get very publically fired ( after agreeing to a life long pension..) and Goddell will receive absolution from his BFF’s Rooney and Mara. Does anything actually think that isn’t the case? This is the NFL’s version of Benghazi….all cover up and no substance.

  15. The NFL has it’s “tentacles” in multiple pots, for sake of full disclosure, you’ll have difficulty finding a fully independent entity to run the investigation.

  16. Now the question is, will the public accept the findings of the “independent” investigation?

    @macbull – of course they will, especially football fans. They have blind allegiance to the Shield and for the most part are a naive lot. Exhibit A – the bounty gate investigation showed Goodell had NO evidence. He got his buddy Tagliabue to bail him out and Goodell spun it in a way to come out smelling like roses. He’s inept. Bottom line. But…if he says the investigation supports his lying coverup, he’ll escape unscathed again.

    Good thing that this issue transcends sports unlike bountygate. Women’s groups won’t let this go nor should they.

  17. i hate to be cast in the role of defending florio, but i would note that he also cast doubt on the role of mary jo white, and then when her report came in so flawed as to be embarrassing, they brought in tagliabue.

    i think most folks were equally dubious of that choice. the resulting report actually accurately described the facts, rather than ignoring actual conflicts as had the previous report. but keep in mind, the bountygate case had a judge involved thus keeping the league from unilateral decision=making.

  18. sdelmonte says:
    Sep 11, 2014 4:56 PM

    Rooney and Mara are usually regarded as men of integrity. Mueller was head of the FBI, and seemed to be held in high regard at least by some observers. I say, let them make the effort. Yes, we could get a cover-up of the cover-up. Or we could see another Wells report.

    Robert Mueller is highly regarded as a person with integrity and honesty. He served under both Presidents Bush and Obama, so he is not a partisan hack. He was also a Marine Infantry Officer in Viet Nam and received the purple heart and many other personal medals. I think that the questioning of his integrity and honesty is a shame. How about we put away the pitch forks and torches and see what this man can accomplish, you might be pleasantly surprised.

  19. to the gent noting gen muellers resume might refer to the resume of louis freeh and then read the tripe report he produced at penn state. same with mary jo white, esteemed former us atty if my memory serves. read the report re bounty and reconcile that with the facts.

    so no disrespect to mueller, but a resume is no indicator of the quality of the report. i hope he answers the obvious contradictions, such as how the nfl lawyers would not know (or make themselves knowledgeable) regarding the legality of a casino providing the tape they so much were in search of, at least by the time they were concocting their strategy for the interview with cbs. how anyone with a law degree could send their client out to be interviewed with surefire misinformation on the most pertinent question to be expected.

  20. ” not mentioning the tentacles between the NFL and Mueller’s firm “….

    That right there says it all! Do you really expect anything to come out of this so-called investigation. As they say, ” Money talks, Bullspit walks “.

  21. Wow. A guy working for a law firm you employ is going to investigate you?? What could possibly go wrong?

  22. Released to the public with heavy editing.

    Why are there ANY owners involved with this process? We all know their agenda, and it’s certainly not providing the truth. Truth that puts them in a bad light that is.

    The greed of the league will be it’s downfall, which is why college football is a better, purer game.

  23. this is absurd

    does anyone trust these owners?

    and is this law firm not the law firm for these owners?

    this is a crock

    it is these owners who need to be investigated… and Kraft is worse than all of them….he is the puppetmaster pulling hardest on Goodells strings

  24. Hold the phone. The “reporter” who “broke” the story about the tape being sent to the NFL is a reality TV “star”. He’s been in two different shows and is expecting to be picked up for a third. Reality show = fake. Credibility shot.

  25. ok, we’ll just trust you. cause it’s not a conflict of interest that you have an owner overseeing an investigation of the league he makes billions from….. are we all idiots? cause the NFL certainly seems to we are.

  26. They are gonna share the info with the public. And these idiots act like that’s a major show of integrity? Lmao. What were they gonna keep their findings private?

    Wow what a bunch of morons every time one of these idiots opens their mouths.

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