Some Ravens fans still support Ray Rice


Ray Rice was loudly cheered at the Ravens’ open training camp practices and their first preseason games, even though he had been arrested and suspended for domestic violence during the offseason. But that was before the infamous elevator video was released this week.

Surely, now that the appalling video of Rice punching his wife has been widely seen, Ravens fans are done supporting Rice, right?


Rice, the now former Ravens running back, still has supporters in Baltimore. After the Ravens cut Rice, fans posted homemade signs in front of the team facility with messages including “WE LOVE #27” and “STOP!!! CASTING STONES WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES.” Ravens senior director of security Darren Sanders had to remove those signs from the entrance of Ravens headquarters.

And as fans start showing up at the Ravens’ stadium for tonight’s game against the Steelers, there are already sightings of fans supporting Rice. George Lettis of WBAL asked one fan why he was wearing a Rice jersey, and the fan answered, “I still like Ray as a person and a football player.”

Rice was a good player for a Ravens team that won a Super Bowl, which means there’s a segment of Ravens fans who will support him no matter what he does. That’s been illustrated clearly this week.

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  1. to be fair, there are people like this everywhere and not just in baltimore as the article seems to insinuate.
    same thing happened (is still happening) with aaron hernandez in NE.

  2. Is this 10 or 15 articles today already regarding Goodell and rice?

    This laser like focus is ignoring that there’s football being played tonight.

    That might give you time to go through his trash and trash him for the brand of junk food that he eats.

  3. Some people support him because they know Janay was asking both the Ravens and the NFL to let this situation just drop. There’s no doubt in my mind that Goodell initially went light on the punishment because Janay begged him to.

    If Janay is asking the Ravens organization and the NFL to support her husband, don’t be so mystified if a couple of Ravens fans do as she is asking, right or wrong.

    I believe it is wrong to support to Ray Rice just because his victim is asking us to. But I wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking otherwise. It’s what Janay wants fans to do.

  4. Aside from the fact he knocks out women there’s the fact he wasn’t a good player in 2013, and Dorsett could likely out-preform him anyway,

  5. So you’re saying they’re not allowed to? Do Bears fans still cheer for Brandon Marshall? Are people going to buy Floyd Mayweather’s fight this Saturday and/or cheer for him?

    No, I suppose Michael David Smith has never made a mistake in his life.

  6. I’m one of them I’m human so I error just like the next man. I would want people to support me if I ever fell. But someone of you are perfect so you won’t get it.

  7. If God still loves you and Ray at the end of the day…who are we to judge and hold grudges? The bigger scheme of life cares nothing about football. Ray needs a little help just like us all. He’s forgiven by her, fans, and the man upstairs. Now lets proceed with OUR lives and stop this madness. God Bless

  8. I support Ray Rice but not his actions from that night. The man made a terrible mistake (every human does) but we’re forgetting that all this happened in Feburary and it’s September and we now destroy the mans livlihood. ESPN, PFT, Bleacher Report etc should all be ashamed of themselves. I hope Ray Rice nothing but success in his effort to fight this and learn to become a better human.

    – Feminist Ravens fan

  9. These fans are rice, who walks this earth without making any mistakes that they dont regret. Now who makes that mistake and has to deal with the whole world knowing you did it. Its bad what he did, but im tired of it. If she can forgive him so can we.

  10. The old Western tv shows used to sometimes end with the hero showing the townspeople what a villainous crook the town boss was, and the last scene would be everyone walking away from him.
    As I got older I learned that no matter how big a scumbag someone was, he’d always have supporters ready to defend, make excuses, and stand by him.

  11. My wife bleeds Black & Purple… She doesn’t even want to watch the game tonight… She feels the team should of stuck by Rice like they stuck by Ray & Jamal Lewis. Her belief is that if a woman raises a hand to a man, she should expect to get the same coming back. I said “your team is on tonight”, she said “what team?”

    “I’m done with them!”

  12. Will there be scrolling updates at the bottom of the screen during tonight’s game? Can anyone tell me if there’s a line on whether Roger the Dodger survives the week? (apologies to Mr. Staubach!)

  13. People wouldn’t have any support for just some random guy in a prison jumpsuit who beat his wife. But let that guy be a sports hero of some kind, and you can see just how irrational people become when it comes to their favorite teams and players. You still don’t really know these people just because they play for your favorite team. That says a lot about what people value in life these days.

  14. Ravens fans coming on here saying everyone makes mistakes, I mean are you guys serious? There is a different between a mistake and what Ray Rice did. If you don’t know the difference you clearly need help. Next your going to tell me Charles Manson made mistakes like everyone else.

  15. Ray Rice is still a person at the end of the day and he is not perfect, and at some point i feel as though we have to as a people forgive him but not forget, I cannot support him and no one should support him based on a video that labels him a woman beater and begrudgingly disrespectful to a woman whom me manipulated and coerced into marrying him, all for legal reasons, as a football player, very talented and Ravens fans should miss and appreciate him for what he did on a football field, but this is not about football, this is about the man and the woman in this case and what they did, what they stand for and what happened, we should not ever forget that was a domestic violence situation, Deion was right, we should pray for them but we also shouldn’t forget that they meaning Ray and Janay brought this on themselves and they should live with and how they choose because of how they choose to go about their business, both are stupid and truly deserve to be miserable since they cannot responsibly and privately handle their business

  16. If only we had a football game tonight between two teams that are relevant.

    It may help divert attention.

  17. Okay, so now you’re mad that there’s people willing to forgive him? That’s up to them. That you don’t like it is hardly noteworthy. What is this “article” even trying to say?

    You can support Ray Rice while he’s at rock bottom and not support domestic violence. Certainly you understand that concept?

  18. MDS that’s a bit presumptuous to assume fans are supporting him because he was good. I’ve heard from a few who still like 27 and it’s simply because they feel like he’s been crushed by media and the league for something that, prior to his incident, received 0-2 games suspension and it cleared up in the media immediately. He’s become a scapegoat. And they believe somebody who was squeaky clean and a huge contributor to local causes can’t be pure evil. I’m not of that group but it has NOTHING to do with how good he was.

  19. If it was a mistake, he would’ve treated her better as she was splayed across the floor, or at least had a sense of urgency about getting her medical help.

    It wasn’t a mistake. The chump is a woman beater and he got caught. Janay is the one that made the mistake.

  20. while I do not approve of his actions, and I do approve of his current punishment, that does not mean you should support the man. Everybody makes mistakes.if every time someone made a mistake they were not allowed to redeem themselves,almost nobody would have a job in this country. I am NOT a Ravens fan, nor was I ever at Ray Rice fan. But I do forgive him for making a mistake.he has to deal with the consequences,but that does notI mean they he does not need support.he needs help to find the underlying causes of his actions so you can help remove them.

  21. There’s ‘making mistakes’ and then there is hitting a woman. It’d be a ‘mistake’ if he trashed her car. This is wrong on EVERY moral level. There is no excuse for this. None. If you still support ANYONE who strikes another human being, you have no respect for humanity.

  22. Why be surprised? These same people and ESPN support Ray Lewis who most people believe committed murder and at the very least was involved in the cover up of a murder. These people are from Baltimore. And what about Pittsburgh where there QB Ben Roethlisberger probably got away with rape. And Baltimore thought there was nothing wrong with STEALING THE BROWNS.

  23. This is not a “mistake.” A mistake is putting soy instead of cream in your coffee, or forgetting to turn off the lights when you leave. This was a brutal and unprovoked assault (nothing she could have said would have warranted this attack). Anyone who calls this a “mistake” needs to update their lexicon.

  24. A few idiots still support Charles Manson. This comes as no surprise given that we’re talking about Baltimore. They sure supported Ray Lewis, so why not Ray Rice?

  25. Dialling the wrong phone number is a mistake. Beating your wife/girlfriend is a crime! I can’t believe these idiot fans!!!

  26. Accidentally slapping your wife once could indeed be seen and forgiven as a mistake.

    Closed-fisted punching your wife in the face, TWICE…that’s a routine beat down.

    Dude’s a scumbag, period, end of story.

  27. People keep bringing Roethlisberger into this. Roethisberger has never been arrested for anything and the forensic report showed the woman who accused him didn’t have sex with anyone during the time frame in question. One reason I have a problem with Goodell is that he suspended Roethlisberger for six games after acknowledging in his letter to the quarterback that the NFL had no evidence he’d committed a crime. He just felt Roethlisberger had exercised bad judgment. Meanwhile, he knew Rice had abused his wife, but apparently that only demonstrated two games’ worth of bad judgment.

    As a Steelers fan, I agree Roethlisberger exercised bad judgment, and think his suspension did him a world of good. Rice should have been similarly suspended. But fired? I don’t know. His wife has chosen to remain in the relationship and children are involved. I’m praying for all concerned that he gets treatment. This is a complex issue. Hating him won’t help anyone.

  28. And people are surprised?

    The Ravens are playing at home tonite. Look at the crowd. The number one jersey people will be wearing is #52.

    ‘Nuff said.

  29. I make mistakes a lot. For example, I inadvertently put salt into my coffee instead of sugar.

    Also, I sent an email to the wrong ‘David’ today.

    I’m pretty sure I pissed on the toilet seat at the Panera Bread I ate at today.

    What I didn’t do is knockout my wife with one punch.

  30. I bet if the video showed her beating him in the elevator he would be the butt of every joke from every comedian and most important every angel on this site. I bet everyone commenting negatively has never done anything that they wish they could take back. I’ve walked in his shoes and as mild mannered as I am I had a breaking point. We all do. You have no idea how you would react in that situation. The fact is nobody knows what goes on in their home. Nobody is saying he was right for what he did. People are saying that he and his wife deserve to work on their marriage and he deserves to move on with his life. At this point I don’t care if he plays football again as long as his family succeeds.

  31. yeah dudes in the media don’t make hugely regrettable mistakes in life right ??

    hate the sin
    love the sinner
    and don’t judge unless you’re sin free .. that would be as in no one

    Ray Rice is paying for his mistake and will be the rest of his life
    will others be doing the same ??

    if not perhaps they should zip it and let things play out

    there is another word associated with some of the greatest sins of all mankind


    the story continues …

  32. Notice how the Steelers don’t have these issues?

    All teams have these issues, including ours.

  33. There were people that supported me 10 years ago when I was arrested and charged with 3 felonies. I made the changes I needed to make to get my life back on track. Without the support of those people I could only imagine where I’d be today,,, either in prison or dead.
    Obviously most of the people here have never been in trouble or made mistakes. Lucky you. The rest of us normal people trod along doing the best we can do, righting the wrongs we make along the way. And continually tring to do better.

  34. People need to gain some perspective and differentiate between entertainer and relative. These people support Rice like he’s their brother, but no way he views them in the same light.

  35. These comments are great. ‘He made a mistake.’ I’ve made many mistakes in life, but none of those mistakes ever involved hitting my wife so hard I knocked her off her feet and knocked her unconscious. In fact, I’ve never made the ‘mistake’ of hitting her at all. That is not a mistake. It’s taking out rage on a nearly defenseless person, especially when you consider the weight differences and the fact rice is practically a body builder. Maybe he should be tested for steroids so they have another reason to kick him out.

  36. What I am getting from this flood of needless updates and peoples comments is that no one should ever ever be forgiven and no one should be supported even if they try to change. The world is reacting like this is the first time this has ever happened. Good lord this coverage is obnoxious everywhere

  37. Both the baltimore ravens and pittsburgh steelers are low character organizations.

    SEE: ray rice domestic violence
    SEE: donte stallworth signing

    SEE: pittsburgh steelers team doctor hgh/steroid indictment
    SEE: mike tomlin on-field interference
    SEE: james harrison domestic violence
    SEE: richard siegler pandering/prostitution felonies
    SEE: chris rainey domestic violence
    SEE: hines ward DUI
    SEE: ben roethlisberger sexual assaults

    ETC. ETC..

  38. Here’s proof that the NFL was correct in awarding Jacksonville a franchise over Baltimore.

    Baltimore should be relegated to the prison league. Maybe Flacco can find his game against the prison guards.

  39. I find it hard to believe people are trying to justify Rice’s behavior as a “mistake”.

    I’ve made many mistakes in my life.

    Not ONE of them involved balling up my fist and knocking out a woman.

    Go figure.

    Should we also let murders go because “everyone makes mistakes”?

    Oh wait, Ray Lewis.

  40. doctorrustbelt …

    Unfortunatley, all football fans live in glass houses when it comes to their team and some kind of violence against women. You’re a Bengals fan. Your team even had a female cheerleader abusing a teenage boy. Are you old enough to remember when Icky Woods and half your team were accused of sexual assault? I know you’re enjoying throwing rocks at the Ravens and Steelers … but you haven’t a leg to stand on here, dude.

  41. Forgiveness comes with change, not just a “sorry” and an “I won’t do it again.” And change takes time. I wouldn’t forgive him now, since he’s done nothing to merit it, but maybe down the road he’ll earn that from fans, his wife, and the NFL. By that time, he probably won’t be a viable player, but there is more to that in life.

    He’s already off to a bad start. Blaming it on “hard liquor” is a pretty poor excuse.

  42. It’s not an issue of “everyone makes mistakes” it’s an issue of publicly supporting someone who has yet to really admit to the extent of their mistake. He tried to hide it and downplay it as defending himself.
    You want to support someone and carry a sign for someone? How about the other 52 players on the team who don’t punch women?

  43. there is that word again…”MISTAKE” most abused word in the NFL. He did not make a mistake; he committed a violent crime…good grief when when folks ever get it…oh, yeah, when it happens to someone they love.

  44. So let me get this straight, less than 48 hours after we see a man punch his defenseless fiance unconscious for basically cursing at him…then, less than 24 hours after finding out he spit on her not once, but twice then dragged her body with no remorse like it was a trash bag and kicked her in the leg a couple times, we should simply write this off as a “mistake”??? You have to draw the line somewhere people and this whole “everyone makes mistakes excuse” is not acceptable for me…at least right now it’s not.

    Take the situation for what it is: a horrendous and callous act and don;t give me any “he’s a nice person ” junk either….why? cause he said hi and signed an autograph once or seems nice in interviews???

    He dug his grave and let him lie in it…if next year someone wants to give him a shot, I am ok with it but don’t act like this is no big deal and if you think it’s not a big deal, I think you need to take a look in the mirror!

  45. Deb says:
    Sep 11, 2014 5:33 PM

    All teams have these issues, including ours.

    Our track record in similar situations says differently. We certainty would’ve let it get to this point. If that were our player, he would’ve been gone long before any tape was released because we would have done a proper investigation and would’ve taken the necessary steps to maintain our integrity and high standards.

  46. Ray showed no remorse, he slugs her and then hunts for his phone. Outside the elevator he drops her kicks her feet out of the way and never bends down to see how she is doing. He uses his phone not to call medical but to inform someone he may be arrested tonight. Just stop and think…if this was your daughter, mother or sister. Thats what I thought.

  47. Just goes to show how ridiculously out of whack some people’s priorities are when it comes to sports and athletes. Would they be saying the same about Joe Schmoe sitting in jail right now for beating up his wife? I highly doubt it. But because Rice is an athlete they overlook it.

  48. He punched his wife. She forgave him and they got married. Why can’t anyone else move on from this? If she can overlook a haymaker why can’t the mediA stop making bull articles?

    I like ray. He deserves a 8 game ban but didn’t deserve to get cut.

  49. People need to stop with the, “We all make mistakes” line. What Rice did was not a “mistake.” Wearing a plaid shirt with striped pants is a mistake. Turning left when Siri tells you to turn right is a mistake. Yes, we all occasionally do things like that. However, we all do not beat our fiance/wife into unconsciousness. In fact, very, very few people do that–they’re called violent criminals. Stop drawing a moral equivalence between a violent, criminal, sociopathic act with something like burning a piece of toast. They are not the same.

  50. Mistake?? A mistake is getting the wrong clothes from the dry cleaners, or burning the toast.
    PUNCHING your fiancee TWICE, so hard she is knocked unconcious, then DRAGGING HER FACE DOWN out of the elevator is NOT A MISTAKE!

    It is assault, and needs jail time. Anyone who disagrees is flat wrong, or an abuser themselves.

  51. People are supporting Darren Wilson. To say this should not surprise anybody. This article is trying say that only Raven fans are fanatical. People hold athletes in such high regard and thatb is irresponsible and unfair to the athletes by them being flawed individuals. The general public has voiced their opinions and demonized Rice. The bigger concerns are with the league and the Ravens front office. Not the FANATICAL fans of the Baltimore Ravens.

  52. A mistake? You dont hit someone with a left cross to the jaw as a mistake.

    These are the same idiots who said the Dawg Killa Vick made a “mistake”.

  53. A football game is 60 minutes, yet the broadcast is now almost 3 1/2 hours. NFL owners make most of their money this way. What three commercials are run ad nauseam? Pick-up trucks, beer, and sexual dysfunction ads.

    Mystery solved regarding support for Ray Rice.

  54. Supporting someone’s recovery is a FAR different act than condoning their actions. But most people are sheep, especially on this site. I’d be shocked if yet another one of my posts was removed cause I’m not part of the herd. By the way, I don’t support or condone Rice. I just, get this, think for myself.

  55. They can support Ray all they want. Nothing wrong with that. Ray has paid his price for his actions. Hes not just sitting around and just goofing off. He has been getting professional help. He’s not an evil person. He made a mistake. No ones perfect.
    Go ahead Ravens fans, support #27. People in this country are known for jumping on the bandwagon., Don’t worry about their boos.

  56. I want to thank and honor all our heroes for their sacrifice that gives us our freedom. Especially on the anniversary of such a hallowed day in our nations history…..and I want to apologize on behalf of all the people and news stations around the country who have made this day all about ray rice and roger goodell, while neglecting those who made it possible to receive 25 updates today that ultimately will change nothing. I hope tonight’s game in some way has a 9/11 commemoration, and not more of this story

  57. How date they? They are supposed to hate Ray Rice, Roger Goodell, the Redskins’s name, and be upset that Michael Sam isn’t starting in the NFL. Our betters have said so!

    I can’t wait to see who is the first person of stature to have the guts to say he deserves a second chance at some point.

  58. “”PUNCH GATE””””. Will never disappear from the JAILBIRDS past . It’s like a stain that can’t be removed. What would we expect from an organization that builds and worships a statue of a murderer?? Where were they when Jamal was dealing drugs, or SUGGLY was throwing bleach on his old ladies face, or RAY was being an accomplice to murder?? This organization was known for coddling criminals and sliding things under the rug. Well karma seems to have caught up to this slimey organization as they tried to downplay this heinous criminal act. Whole front office should be fired along with GOODELL.

  59. A good chunk of them are women. Women who said he was punished and to forgive. It’s their choice. Personally I could care less that he hit a woman. My whippings (not spankings~read up on the definitions and corporal punishment) were conducted by the women in my family, not men for normal childhood behavior. I’m of the view that everyone is equal and all should keep their hands to themselves. Women hit men, men hit women, both hit children. It happens all the time around the globe. Same outcome would happen to a man that rushed into a punch. But no one cares. Keep your objections in mind when you remove your belt or pick up an object to strike your child for being naughty. Fantastic if they eliminate ALL domestic violence in the league, great pre-election move by Congress, but what about everywhere else? Nothing. Some paid forlorn actor will stand there and explain how bad it is in a commercial, then we move on to our favorite show. The NFL is moisture on the bucket, address battery,assault, abuse everywhere, not just where you don’t want it interfering with your entertainment.

  60. cfmaguire9 says:
    Sep 11, 2014 4:57 PM
    to be fair, there are people like this everywhere and not just in baltimore as the article seems to insinuate.
    same thing happened (is still happening) with aaron hernandez in NE.

    HUH????? Where have you ever heard of anyone…anyone in NE support Hernandez????..Or anyone in Carolina support Carruth??? Both those teams cut ties IMMEDIATELY upon hearing of arrest, no questions asked.

    That’s a pretty ridiculous thing to say…How long did Ray Lewis sit in a jail cell? Good lawyers can win ANY case. There was a reason. Rice needed some time in jail cell…Guessing lawmakers in MD are season ticket holders.

  61. It also probably has something to do with that fact that everyone has a relative or friend who has probably done the same thing or a similar thing under different circumstances. Most people are pretty forgiving (eventually) for mistakes that stop short of intentional murder- and even that in many cases. Everyone here has an uncle, cousin, brother, dad, or step-dad who has done the same or worse, and a large % have been forgiven. Or a mom and dad who fought or a crazy GF/wife who threw a frying pan at their head (OK, maybe you haven’t forgiven that one).

  62. Rice is just lucky he didn’t kill her. He should receive support after sitting out a minimum of one year and doing non stop community work to stop the abuse. If she was on the petite side she would probably be dead or a vegetable right now.

  63. Raven fans are the absolute worst…they keep bringing Roethlisberger, Spygate, Saints Bountygate, NE winning a few SB’s, even a couple of owners into this. They blame everyone and everything and are the first on other teams’ threads bashing and smack talking. This isn’t going away, and it’s squarely on Baltimore’s player, Ray Rice and nobody else. Pathetic and pitiful fanbase, stop blaming everyone else.

  64. The Steelers are Marching. 7 rings. SFL 2015: restoring the game we created. says:
    Sep 11, 2014 6:09 PM

    Deb says:
    Sep 11, 2014 5:33 PM

    All teams have these issues, including ours.

    Our track record in similar situations says differently. We certainty would’ve let it get to this point. If that were our player, he would’ve been gone long before any tape was released because we would have done a proper investigation and would’ve taken the necessary steps to maintain our integrity and high standards.
    Right. Like when both James Harrison and Cedrick Wilson were charged with domestic assault. Wilson, a less talented player, was cut just hours after he was charged. Harrison, a more talented player and the 2007 team MVP, was kept. The assaults occurred roughly in the same time frame.

    BTW, NFL wasn’t created by the Steelers. The Bears (Decatur Staleys) and Cardinals (Chicago Cardinals) are the last two original teams in the NFL. History extends well before the 70’s.

  65. I tailgated for 5 hours pregame. Saw exactly 3 ray rice jerseys (one on a woman). Give it a rest man. People loved the guy not just for what he did for the team but the city as well. Google Ray Rice anti-bullying and watch the Today show piece on him that ends with them calling him one of the good guys in the NFL. That has apparently been lost on the media but not on those that still support him. He made a big mistake but you need only look across the field to see a guy wearing number 7 that was accused not once but twice of sexual assault. Lucky for him, there was no video.

  66. For the record anyone who still goes around saying Ray Lewis is a “murderer” is an ignorant, uniformed, blowhard, moron. As for Ray Rice, he made his bed but he doesn’t deserve a life sentence and neither does Janay.

  67. mistrezzrachael says:

    HUH????? Where have you ever heard of anyone…anyone in NE support Hernandez????..Or anyone in Carolina support Carruth??? Both those teams cut ties IMMEDIATELY upon hearing of arrest, no questions asked.

    First off this happened in NJ not MD
    Second, there was no arrest

    If this was the case then when both Ray McDonald and Greg Hardy (who btw were both arrested) should be suspended a number of games and/or suspended indefinitely, where are they, oh yeah, getting ready to play this upcoming weekend. The 49ers suspend the radio broadcaster who made comments about this situation but don’t suspend the football player…Now where they do that at?

    Now if that’s a league rule, then the rules should be enforced for all players, not just the ones who happened to have their domestic violence incidents videotaped.

  68. To the person who said this happened in New England. Try again. Aaron Hernandez was out before they finished booking him. New England fans did not support him in any way. Fans were lined up to exchange his jersey.

  69. What disturbs me the most about the mindset among Ravens fans, is that they use the idea that this is a mistake and all that is needed is to be forgiven. Some of them with references to God and use the Bible as back up for this idea.

    What they are failing to understand that the Bible also said that laws are from God too and are to be obeyed. And assault is a crime that Rice committed and should have been prosecuted for. Forgiveness is a separate issue. You want to forgive him? Great, but he still has to have consequences for his actions.

    And how is it that Suggs who tried to pour bleach on a woman and her child is still on the team? Another mistake?

    The Ravens fans by failing not to distinguish between a crime and a mistake and accepting this without consequences, only further condones assault.

  70. Baltimore is a dump. Aside from a block or two by the harbor and a half mile radius surrounding both stadiums, you’d be wise to avoid it and if you can’t, don’t stop at lights/stop signs or get out of your car. Just keep driving. This is why its no suprise at all that their fans continue to support a wife beater.

  71. There’s ‘making mistakes’ and then there is hitting a woman. It’d be a ‘mistake’ if he trashed her car. This is wrong on EVERY moral level. There is no excuse for this. None. If you still support ANYONE who strikes another human being, you have no respect for humanity.

    By that logic if I defend myself with physical force I have no respect for humanity. Why don’t you go hug a tree and stop bothering normal people?

  72. Some people developed a familiarity with sports or public figures and feel like they know them. Supporting the person doesn’t mean they support the act. If your friend robbed a bank would you disown them? Or would you support him and encourage him to get help? Few of his supporters (which I am NOT among them) feel he did nothing wrong. Most sympathize with a man that committed a horrendous act and hate to see a “friend” suffer alone. They are supporting the man they feel like they’very come to know, not the act.

  73. First of all, you don’t know Ray Rice. Neither do I. When Kobe Bryant called a press conference after his “incident” he addressed the reporters and stated “come on, you guys know me, I wouldn’t do something like that.” To which, a reporter or two immediately stated, No we have no idea who you are, we don’t know you at all. You don’t know Ray Rice, you can’t even identify with him. So stop it already. This horrible incident, to me, also raises the question of why networks and video game producers glorify and reward criminals and criminal types with endorsements, statues and praise after their anti social acts and deeds. Step by step, the sports world and its enablers have, knowingly or not, steadily desensitized at least an entire generation of sports fans to the point that criminals and their behavior can be cheered for and given a pass as long as they help “my team” win the next game. As a lifelong sports fan, it’s getting real tough to root for any of my teams. At this point, I’d rather my team lose than root for a Michael Vick, Alex Rodriguez, Ray Rice or Brett Myers or Jason Kidd or a Bengal, 49er or Viking to pull the game out at the eleventh hour. Character counts. Sports seems to be on a slippery slope heading in the wrong direction.

  74. After actually watching the video.

    They were arguing or at least she was based on body language. She advanced upon Ray in a threatening manner. Elevator – no place to retreat.

    If this was anyone but his fiancee, this would have been justified. Or is everyone being sexist? What if the roles were reversed and the male advanced on the female during an argument in an elevator and she dropped him with a kick to the groin. How many women would be cheering then and asking for charges on the male?

    Ray should have waited until the doors opened and walked away. Sure, he know who she was. But is he a bad guy? No!

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