Adrian Peterson’s indictment for swatting son with a switch


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s indictment on reckless or negligent injury to a child stems from a case of old-school corporal punishment.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the incident in question stems from “disciplining of a son with a switch.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the Southern vernacular, a switch is a flexible tree branch used to swat a child across the backsides.

How you view that — as an act of parental discipline or as child abuse — depends largely on your age and geographic location.

We can already tell the comments on this one are going to be special.

324 responses to “Adrian Peterson’s indictment for swatting son with a switch

  1. Maybe he should ask his son for permission to put him in a corner or take away his playstation.

    Give me a break.

  2. I find no fault in this. I am from California and my father is from Ireland and I had to grab the switch myself.

    Good luck AP. The entire nation is feasting for blood at all times.

  3. Wow. Getting hit with a switch was the norm for me growing up. Never would think of calling the cops.

    Actually, I preferred the switch to other forms of discipline my parents used.

    Heck in terms of child abuse. There are far worse things parents are doing to their children.

  4. I was spanked as a kid. I think I turned out fine. I am 23, and even to this day, my mom wouldn’t hesitate to slap me across the face.

  5. Are you kidding me? A switch?

    Unless he hit the child somewhere other than where the person meets the saddle, this is beyond ridiculous.

    I wish my father had used a switch on me instead of that belt of his. Thing is, he didn’t need to use it much after the first time, because I learned my lesson pretty quick.

  6. Sounds like a case of a prosecutor using a famous person to insert himself into the spotlight, unless he like bashed his face in with it or something crazy like that.

  7. I know I’ll catch he’ll for this, but maybe we wouldn’t have the crime and crap going on if the switch was used a little more often. Opie turned out pretty good when his Pa set him straight.

  8. I know this section is going to get out of hand, so before it does I’ll just say this:

    I’m SO happy my parents whooped my butt as a child, a mere grounding would have made me learn absolutely nothing.

  9. You’ve not lived until you’ve felt the sting of that switch….many of us are better off today because of that switch…how many of you were forced to cut your own and then bring it to your parent?

  10. America has gotten SOFT!

    Flip flops, wooden spoons, the BELT! I was served discipline with all of those.

  11. Unless there’s a video of it then he could have hit him with a 2 x 4 if we’re going to judge him on the Ray Rice standards.

    Hitting your kid with a switch is better than with your hand because you can hurt their lower back without meaning to. Plus I remember from childhood…switches sting!

  12. It all depends on how it was done. If he swatted him on the butt or if he swatted him across the face is night & day.

  13. If you are over the age of 35 you have been spanked with some sort of apparatus. Under 35… time outs!

  14. I guess it comes down to how hard the kid was struck. Redness? Consider yourself lucky. A bruise? About the worst it should go. Draw blood and the kid can’t walk straight for a few days? That’s well into child abuse.

  15. Without knowing the severity of the swatting, it is really impossible to tell. A couple of swats may not be a big deal. If he beat him until he bled, that’s abuse. Anything in between those extremes could be tough to quantify.

  16. The kid was 11 when I was 6 I was getting a belt and worse. I’m sorry but society is too soft. I don’t know if the kid was actually hurt severely but we don’t know that it could have been minor. This witch hunt crap has to stop. Way worse has happened to MYSELF from my parents who I love.

  17. He has been indicted…Lets see the NFL suspend ANYONE indicted.

    Should not play judge and jury, but when judge and jury issue indictment, auto suspension for any/all.

  18. And if you grew up in an Italian household, you got a shoe to the head. Italian Moms’ shoes are like boomerangs.

  19. I don’t think you should hit your kids as your go-to form of punishment, but every once in a while a good smack on the backside gets a kid’s attention when nothing else will.

    Source: I was spanked when I did something really bad, have no hard feelings about and know that I deserved it.

  20. hardythekraken says: Sep 12, 2014 5:08 PM

    While I’m okay with discipling your child…obviously if the cops were called, he was beating him to the point where it was not ok.


    That statement couldn’t be furthest from the truth. People can call the cops for absolutely anything, you know.

  21. Um, when we got in trouble, we had to go pick the switch we were going to get spanked with. Just always had to make sure you wore a few pairs of underwear to absorb the blows.

  22. Roger Goodell better stay at the office, in the mail room, for the next year, just in case a video of this incident is sent to the league.

  23. ohhh so that’s what a switch means, sorry I wasn’t born in the US so I thought the idiot hit him with an electronic switch board 🙂

  24. I guess for me it all comes down to the number of “swats” and the severity of the swing. This is borderline whipping someone.

  25. It really depends on how long this took place, was he beating the kid for minutes with it, or did he just swat the kid with a switch a few times? Context is extremely important here.

    Personally growing up I wasn’t spanked with a switch, but nearly everyone else I knew was – and deservedly in most cases. Some parents did cross the line into abuse of course, but if this is nothing more than he spanked his child with a switch, it’s none of our business.

  26. In my day, not only would you get hit, but you had to go pick the stick that got used.

    You didn’t want to pick poorly…in either direction!

  27. Typical politically correct crap.
    My grand daughter felt my hand on her butt for running away momentarily.
    Not any more.
    You jerks that think you can discipline them with time out or talking to them are in for a big surprise.
    That dip S#IT Dr. Benjamin Spock theories created a whole generation of spoiled, petulant little brats.

  28. This is BS!
    There is NO discipline with children today. No Respect.
    This is another example. Let kids go without discipline and they will be grownups with the same lack of respect. They think anything they do will have no consequences except a verbal warning.
    This does NOT forgive brutal Beatings and abuse.
    You guys MUST have something better to do with your time!
    I’ll make a challenge for all you pushing for this,
    You OBVIOUSLY Do Not have kids..
    Why don’t you take your Sisters/Brothers/Cousins
    problem kids for a month… I’ll bet you change your minds.. This is So stupid, and an insight to the future of our Country!

  29. If Wikipedia is to be believed. A switch is a type of “corporal punishment.” It also says that it is still practiced in schools in Texas, which is where he was indicted. It should be interesting to see were this goes.

    As for spanking a child for disciplinary reasons, I am not against it. My parents either used a belt or a wooden serving spoon. Kept my ass in check that is for sure (no pun intended).

  30. Hoping the Vikings are more pro active than the Ravens were…and suspend him pending disposition.

    The Ravens and Roger were negligent, and it’s now time to set an example, regardless of crime.

    Don’t you agree…PFTPOET????

  31. I had to go pick my own from the willow tree. That was probably even worse than AP’s situation given the mental aspect of it. Was it child abuse? NO.

    I can see instances where out-of-control parents could abuse a child with a switch, but that’s possible with a hand or anything, for that matter. Damage can be done verbally as well. I don’t see those parents having the law come down on them.

    This nanny state nonsense drives me bonkers. I’m all for protecting kids as they are our future- we have to try to leave the world a better place than we found it in order for them to have a bright future. That being said, not disciplining children is going to ruin our country. I have no respect for parents who let their children run roughshod over them. A little switch now and then never killed anybody.

  32. So he’s responsible for disciplining his child?

    That’s a crime now?

    You wonder why children have no respect and act like entitled jerks? Because they didn’t have a father like Adrian Peterson.

  33. Anyone with half a brain knows that any assault of any kind on a child is wrong. It’s not discipline, it’s not tough love, it’s child abuse and it’s wrong. AP is an AH.

  34. My folks used a belt. There were six of us. At times it was like a zoo. Never was there a time when just one of us got hit, if the belt came out, we were all in for a lick. It hurt but it worked 100% of the time.

  35. Mom your going to jail !! Oh wait… I turned out to be a great person because I know there was a punishment for being bad !! Good job mom . I love you

  36. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    Sep 12, 2014 5:12 PM
    A switch? Have you ever been hit by a switch? It hurts like h#ll. Shame on AD.


    You probably needed it, heck you still do, you no good worthless drunk! You are an embarrassment to your state, so I have no idea where you get off judging others!

  37. This is what happens when you have to much Government in your life. The same kids that are displined with a “switch” are the same kids that grow up to say yes mam and no mam to the adults in their life. More people should try it.

  38. Kids who get spanked as a kid grow up to be more aggressive people than kids who aren’t spanked. Whether you take that as a good or bad thing probably varies per person.

  39. Growing up I had the choice of hand, belt or paddle when I acted up. As long as he wasn’t excessive and did enough to enforce a lesson, no problem. We all cry that today’s kids need discipline and run rampant. America has come such full of pansies Horrible.

  40. Thats why you dont upset the Baby Mama. I promise shes the one who reported him. Moreover, a little discipline is a good thing. Im giving Peterson benefit of the doubt on this one.

  41. As crazy as this might sound – I’m going to wait to actually know all the details before deciding if he’s a piece of scum or that this is an overreaction.

  42. Way to teach your child that when someone does something you don’t like you should hit them. Only a twisted scum bag would want to cause pain to his child who should be the love of his life. Why any parent would want his child to fear him makes absolutely no sense. You better hope he can run as well as you Adrian because if you keep hitting him with switches your setting him up to commit violent crimes as an adult. Dirt bag.

  43. My Mom would whip me with whatever was within reach, extension cord, brush, shoe; I had to go GET the belt she beat me with a few times.

    Sometimes the back of my legs would be black and blue when she finished.

    Mom wasn’t big on using switches; that was Grand Ma and Grand Pa’s area of expertise!

    As long as AP wasn’t going to the extreme with it I don’t have a problem with it, but Komissar Goodell is going to pull the roof down on AP, hell he may cancel Christmas as well!

  44. I guess my grade school principal should be indicted for whopping me with a paddle in the 1980’s! This is a joke, this is something that’s done in the south and has been forever.

  45. IF this was a” generate revenue for the court systems” deal back in the 70’s & 80’s……my mom & dad would have been arrested 100.000 times! And let me tell you i probably deserved 99,999 of those switches.

  46. There are a lot of variables that will influence the severity of this incident. First, how old is the child? Taking a switch to a kid is a lot different if the kid is 4 as opposed to 10 or older.

    Second, to what extent is Adrian involved in the kid’s life? He’s got a lot of kids all over the country so I’m guessing not much. If you only see your kid once or twice a year, you have no right to be hitting him with a switch.

    Third, how hard/how many times did he hit him? It could have been nothing or it could have been a severe beating.

    Finally, I heard that this case was dismissed for lack of evidence before. Is that true? Is it a coincidence that it’s coming up again this week?

    Impossible to make a judgment on this before these questions are answered.

  47. Well, hmmm…

    More facts required. Is there video? Hahaha

    Seriously though, did he spank his own child? Was it somehow excessive or inflict injury? Corporal punishment is kind of outmoded, but that doesn’t necessarily make it illegal. There’s a line somewhere that got crossed. What was that line?

  48. Anybody with an ounce of common sense would hold off on expressing a strong opinion about this until they had more facts. I have a hard time believing this involves nothing more than a couple of whacks on the backside.

    I’m obviously in the minority around here, though.

  49. I guess my grade school principal should be indicted for whopping me with a paddle when I was in 5th grade 35 yrs ago! This a joke parents should be able discipline without the bleeding hearts crowd watching over them

  50. Adrian needs to use this switch on Goodell, in public! I’m gona get dressed up for it. Hmmm , what suite should I wear. Perhaps we could take a video of it and send it to TMZ.

  51. As a millennial, I’m torn on this issue. I’d like to think the little bit of corporal punishment I received over the years from my folks instilled in me a sense of respect for my elders, and made me into the man I am today. At the risk of sounding like an abuse victim, I’d like to think I had most of it coming. However, looking back on my childhood memories, it’s tougher to remember the “good” times we had as a family, as opposed to the memories of those you-know-what kickings, which are clear-cut and stark. That’s my main concern with AP’s family, their physical and psychological safety in the long term.

    It is my hope that AP and his family get the help and support they need from the team, and from the league. All these guys making headlines for getting in trouble…the last thing they need is to be isolated from their support system – their fraternity of fellow players.

  52. You know what I thought when my dad brought the switch out?

    “Oh sweet, at least I’m not grounded.”

    Unless he was taking it to the kid’s face or something, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a while.

  53. Flat out child abuse. You do not lay a hand(or belt/switch) on a child ever. Depending on the injury I’d say jail and a nice long suspension.

  54. My parents didn’t spank, but my grandparents sure did, and with whatever was handy. My thought process wasn’t “police”, it was “don’t do THAT again.”

  55. People who hit defenseless children usually lack a proper education and are sad pathetic human beings. I don’t care how bad the child is, you never use violence on them. Why? They grow up and become people like Ray Rice. It is a constant cycle.

  56. This is idiotic. This really had to go to a grand jury? FFS I got the belt plenty as a kid. The world is going to crock because of garbage like this. And we wonder why kids today are rotten.

  57. Hopefully this stupid nonsense will be dismissed in court. Problem is these DA’s make a name for themselves by prosecuting high profile people. Send the DA a message we are not interested in your career ambitions. Go peddle your garbage somewhere else!

  58. I’d be interested to know whether TX has a statute privileging discipline from a parent.

    In theory, the statute is indictable if someone causes “pain” to their child, even if not intentionally done.

  59. TMZ is the most reliable source going these days:

    “Sources connected to Peterson tell us … the alleged victim is a male child from Minnesota who was visiting Adrian back in May at AP’s home in Texas.

    We’re told the child returned home to his mother in Minn. who noticed injuries and took the child to a doctor. A short time later, the doctor contacted authorities in Texas to report Adrian”

  60. I didn’t know the switch, but I had an up close and personal relationship with my Grandfather’s razor strap enough times…Oh, and I survived.

    I smell a former girlfriend seeking more child support here.

  61. I have a son. I have never had to lay a hand (or anything else) on him. I’ve never even grounded him. He’s 21 now and in college. He’s never given me a lick of trouble. He’s also drug free, and never been in any trouble with the law. He’s no goody-goody, that’s for sure. Hair to his waist and listens to “black metal.”

    I just don’t believe striking a child teaches them anything but violence. Communicate with your children and they’ll be better off. When they ask why, don’t say “because I told you so.” Explain why. They’ll have much more respect for you and a better understanding of the situation.

  62. In order to be indicted in Texas it has to go to a grand jury. For this indictment in Texas he would have had to cause severe harm like bodily injury or mental / brain trauma. So this sounds like more than a spanking. I had my mom whoop me with a cut up truck tire tread shaped like a hand with a wooden handle. But that was in the 80s. Different time back then.

  63. Growing up in Texas we used to get swats in school. It was basically a 2×4 with a pistol grip handle. I don’t recall it being illegal at the time. These fools need to get a grip.

  64. I would donate to the legal defense of AP on this one. Just to insure that the end result was a nice big dirty bowl swirly for the person who green lighted the indictment.

  65. Kids today grow up without a fear of punishment. They know from a young age, if their parents give them a deserved spanking etc, all they have to do is tell their teacher, and child services will be visiting.

  66. I had to choose my own belt. One time I put books in my pants as if he wouldn’t notice and my dad started crying/laughing and didn’t touch me after that. I was 7.

  67. I guess my grade school principal should’ve been indicted for whooping me with a paddle when I was in 5th grade! This is a joke, Peterson did what nearly every parent in Texas does.

  68. Perfectly OK to discipline your child with a switch or belt or wooden spoon…………..back in 1954. Hmmm, take the Pats and lay the points. Money to be made in Minnesota $$$$$

  69. Some of you are real @sshats…….I got thumped good by my Dad, sure set me straight. If it was a severe beating than I get it. But if it just parenting RIGHT, this is a joke.
    only Packer and Patriot fans want him gone now before facts come in…

  70. Time for fantasy leagues to downplay the running game and emphasize QB and kicker stats. Maybe throw in some points lost due to holding calls on the OL.

    Losing!!! SKOL!!!!

  71. I got the belt when I deserved it as a child. I’m a better adult now for it. And I will do the same to my children.

  72. so its kind of like an improvised paddle? I mean, unless he just was beating him, I don’t see whats wrong with a couple smacks to the bottom.

    I got in trouble as a child, was spanked one time, and I was the best behaved kid from then on in public. you learn pretty quickly.

  73. I get it that a frail ol’ granny might NEED a switch to get her message across but Peterson?? That dude is built like a brick s-house. Couldn’t he have just flicked this kid with his pinky?

  74. Go sit in on a class in elementary or high school. You’d be looking for a switch after 15 minutes.

  75. Ok I got the belt and wooden spoon from my parents,
    The principle in grade school (who was a former 2nd baseman in the Cub’s system as a footnote) first used a solid wood paddle, then a wiffle wood paddle, and in the final years a red vinyl and foam padded paddle. I grew up to be a high level health professional with good grades who doesn’t abuse my kids , wife or pets. I respected my elders. Ray Rice should have been spanked OFTEN.

  76. personally, I think there’s a lot of adults nowadays that would benefit from the use of a switch on them…

  77. First of all, it is not a tree limb. It is of a bush. My parents made me get the one they were going to use on me, and looking back it was most always well deserved. This country has a ton of undisciplined, snot nosed brat kids and they NEED their backsides tanned. Time out and taking their XBOX and iPhone away is not the answer. AD should probably been better served with 2 tickets to the Policemans ball. Now all you PC snot nosed kids….. “get the hell off my lawn”!!

  78. Billicheat is probably the one who called it in to gain an advantage Sunday. lol – I joke of course, but this should be no big deal. When I was kid, I got spanked with belts, bread-boards, hairbrushes, one of those tiny little baseball bats, and plenty of hands. My Parents constantly told me about their having to go out and CHOOSE the switch they were about to get spkaned with … and we all turned out just fine. This is absolutely silly.

  79. I would like to have my mother indicted for 3,528 counts of negligent injury by wooden spoon. Don’t gimmie that statute of limitations horse apple hogwash either.

  80. Abuse does not include reasonable discipline by a parent/guardian/managing or possessory conservator if child not exposed to substantial risk of harm. Family Code § 261.001. [Civil Code] Parent/stepparent/person standing in loco parentis to child is justified to use non-deadly force against a child under 18 when and to degree the actor reasonably believes necessary to discipline, or safeguard or promote child’s welfare. Penal § 9.61.

  81. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    Sep 12, 2014 5:12 PM
    A switch? Have you ever been hit by a switch? It hurts like h#ll. Shame on AD.

    Carl is a weak, wimpy man. Can’t take a little paddle on the butt – just like the team he supports! The Packers get an ass-whooping from just about every team they play. So soft they can’t tackle anyone! Perhaps if they would have gotten a little “tough love” at home now and then they wouldn’t be so soft like Carl!

  82. OMG…loving these responses.

    Vikings fans could care less about the kid, offering any reasoning to make sure AP suits up Sunday…which he will not.

    As for ME???? God a switch gives me so many ideas…especially about 1 serious clown out here..who professes that teddy, the best, Zimmer, the next coming of Lombardi..Cordarelle, already putting Jerry Rice to shame.

    I cannot help it…I want to use that switch on him so bad.

  83. I’d like to spank Roger the Dodger Goodell with a switch. Nothing like having a naughty millionaire bent over your lap, bare bottom exposed.

  84. Adrian Peterson’s son was two years old when he was killed. Hitting a child that young does not instill discipline or anything else. A child that age may behave badly because they cannot say what they really need. Are they tired, hungry, feeling sick? Great. Hit a kid because he can’t tell you he’s got a tummy ache. Great job, Adrian.

  85. A work boot to my backside usually meant I didn’t make the same mistake twice. Discipline is a good thing, we need more of it in our culture.

  86. There has to be more to this story. You don’t put people in jail for spanking their child. It hasn’t gotten to that point yet. Liberals don’t yet have the muscle to pull off crap like that. So there has to be more to this story. There just has to be.

  87. I tend to think the prosecution of this case will be similar to when they tried to charge Peterson for Resisting an Officer’s request to leave a Houston Nightclub…

    Houston…. you have a problem.

  88. Everyone already has their minds made up on whether this is wrong or not. Even though the only thing we know is that he disciplined his son with a switch. Maybe wait for more details before you go with the overused “pussification of America”.

  89. This is not child abuse. Making the kid sit and watch any raider game is child abuse. Having to go to school wearing a jaguar jersey is child abuse. forcing child to listen to a geno smith interview is child abuse. Subjecting the child to seahawk fans telling him just how long they have been a seahawk fan is child abuse. Plucking joe flaccos eye brows is child abuse. and finally watching rg the third attempt to make redskin fans believe he can be a mid major Qb is child abuse.

  90. My parents used to beat me with a Matel Hot Wheel Track……..damn, that hurt!! Does anybody remember those?

  91. @cindyvvideo

    What happened to Adrian’s 2 year old son was tragic but not at Adrian’s hands. This is not the same child. Also, nowhere in this article does it state the child’s age. I think the fact that you are tying these 2 incidents together out of pure speculation is extremely judgemental and reckless. Great job, cindy.

  92. My momma once whupped me with a belt for ditching school. I would imagine a “switch” (broken tree-branch) hurts even more, and would leave a permanent marking. That is child abuse.

  93. Yes CARL, I HAVE BEEN SWITCHED MANY TIMES. I WAS A SLOW LEARNER, AND THEY DO HURT….WHICH IS THE POINT! I eventually learned…..”is this worth the switch” and at that point did the right thing. Now,,,,, the side sword beatings… they were much more dangerous.

  94. The justice system and the government is FILLED with pathetic officials who take bribes, lie, and outright steal from the American people on a daily basis. Jails get repeat offenders and crime isn’t going away. Tell me again how they can effectively inform parenting decisions?!

    If AP didn’t go nuts on the kid, and was within reasonable limits, he should ABSOLUTELY be allowed to discipline his kid!

  95. mikethemoose says:
    Sep 12, 2014 5:33 PM

    Abuse does not include reasonable discipline by a parent/guardian/managing or possessory conservator if child not exposed to substantial risk of harm. Family Code § 261.001. [Civil Code] Parent/stepparent/person standing in loco parentis to child is justified to use non-deadly force against a child under 18 when and to degree the actor reasonably believes necessary to discipline, or safeguard or promote child’s welfare. Penal § 9.61.

    Thanks, Mike that was my question. I bet this is the reason the first grand jury declined the indictment.

  96. “Delilah Jones… Raised eight boys, only I turned bad
    Didn’t get the lickings that the other ones had”

    I think there’s some truth to this Grateful Dead lyric. A small amount of discipline early on could save a person from more suffering later.

  97. Anyone actually disciplining their child these days should be given an award, not punishment.

    Like the person a few comments above says, let’s find out the details of the “abuse” before rendering judgement.

  98. enigma2742 says: Sep 12, 2014 5:08 PM


    Same here, and it never emotionally scarred me for life. What it did do was ensure I didn’t do whatever it was again! More of such discipline is needed, not less.

  99. The details of my life are quite inconsequential… very well, where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a fifteen year old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet. My father would womanize, he would drink. He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy. The sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament. My childhood was typical. Summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the spring we’d make meat helmets. When I was insolent I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds- pretty standard really. At the age of twelve I received my first scribe. At the age of fourteen a Zoroastrian named Vilma ritualistically shaved my testicles. There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum… it’s breathtaking- I highly suggest you try it.

  100. I don’t agree with spanking kids at all spanking a child only turns him into a brat, most if these pro athletes are never home and they also have no sense of what happens at home. I was a pro athlete a professional boxer for 15 years I was on the road a lot training and appearances and such. I know what happens when daddy is not there. I wish AP the best but he did a bad thing and should answer for it.

  101. Maybe if ray rice would have a boot put across his butt he might not be beating up on wemon.

  102. Idle parenting is the future. Just turn your back and let them play first person shooters and let them act anyway they want.

  103. Just wow how things have changed in less than 10 years, as a child this was a form of many normal parenting disclipline that made me a better man. Now at 23 I have a good 7-8 inches on my mom and still today she wouldn’t hesitate to pop me across the mouth. I can see way kids are the way they are now because the pc way of discliplining your child is talking to them or putting them in timeout. Unless Peterson left excessive bruising on the child body than this shouldn’t even be a story.

  104. I am 1 fan one voice but If Adrian misses 1 game I will miss 2 if he is suspended 6 games I will boycott the season. I am going to boycott this mob mentality BS and I suggest you do the same. The only way to take the power away form this train wreck is to not give it to them in the first place.

  105. Wow. People these days. You’re setting this country up for a future of soft, weak people that won’t be able to take criticism of anything that might hurt their feelings. Though I do not support bullying of teaching kids to stand up for themselves we’re attempting to prosecute people for bullying and end it( which will never happen.even adults bully each other on a daily basis but society calls that comedy). The majority of adults over 20 have gotten a whoopin or 12 as a kid and are just fine. This is just plain ridiculous.

  106. From an article about the recent HoF inductee Derrick Brooks:

    “Education became a priority to him in the 5th grade when he was mouthing off to the teacher and turning into a self-described “class clown.” His father came to school and gave him a spanking in front of the entire class. Actually, it was more than a spanking.

    “He gave me a whipping with his belt,” Brooks remembers with a smile. “If you did that today, you’d go to jail.”

  107. Thumbs up if you think Peterson should be suspended for the rest of the season. Thumbs down if you think he should be sent to Singapore to be caned so he knows how it feels.

  108. I used to have to go out and pick my switch, and bring it back to my “executioner.” Sometimes I was remorseful enough just be thinking about it, I was spared. But sometimes I deserved a good swat. You don’t paint the garage with varnish, okay? If you don’t cause injury, don’t break the skin, keep it to my psychological than physical, a switch is a good thing.

  109. I’m gonna need some therapy, my parents and grandparents apparently abused the sh!t out of me as a kid.

  110. Lots of things that used to be considered acceptable aren’t anymore. This certainly falls into that category, while it’s certainly not as bad as other forms of physical abuse, it’s still against the law.

  111. This is the day & age of kids telling you they will turn you in if you spank them.

    As a kid I’d take a swat on the bottom instead of being grounded for a month or looking at how much I hurt my mom by seeing the disappointment in her eyes over my actions…

  112. dolphansanity says:
    Sep 12, 2014 5:20 PM

    Way to teach your child that when someone does something you don’t like you should hit them. Only a twisted scum bag would want to cause pain to his child who should be the love of his life. Why any parent would want his child to fear him makes absolutely no sense. You better hope he can run as well as you Adrian because if you keep hitting him with switches your setting him up to commit violent crimes as an adult. Dirt bag.
    my my you are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you? 1) its not about making your child fear you, its about teaching them between right and wrong, about learning respect, and how to behave like a civilized human being. 2) the reason more violent crimes are committed is not because kids were disciplined when they deserved it, its because too many young people nowadays AREN’T disciplined. There is no consequences for their actions. Oh little Johnny went an lit the neighbor’s cat on fire? You better go sit in that chair in the corner and think about what you did until you learned your lesson…. Please… if the kid was beaten that’s one thing, but if it was just discipline, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

  113. It’s hard to decide where to fall on this. If AP was simply punishing his son in the manner, as his parent, he felt was fit, I don’t see why he would be convicted. Some families are traditional and others readily adopt to more modern practices. As a child I had peers who called their parents ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ and others who addressed parents by their first names. Different practices for different families. So long as AP was not excessive in dolling out the punishment I cannot be angry with him. His timing, however, could not have been worse.

  114. 1) In private school, first grade, early ’80s, my teacher had, hanging on the wall behind her, a huge wooden paddle with holes drilled in it for better aerodynamics. That thing was so terrifying, none of the kids in my class ever made her use it.

    2) My mom would use the big wooden spoon from the kitchen. As I got older, one day she started to spank me, and it just didn’t hurt anymore, so I was kinda laughing at her. Then she swung so hard the spoon broke. I laughed even more. Aaaaand…that was the first time I was grounded. 🙂

  115. Just because you may have been beaten and abused as a child doesn’t make it “ok”. Someone spanking their child doesn’t get hit with charges as serious as these. I know several social workers and they say you would have to be literally beating a child to be indicted on these charges. While you might condone child beating, there are many of us who do not.

  116. Using a switch/paddle/spoon/spatula puts you on thin ice ……

    An open hand smack on the butt does a pretty good job of changing behavior. The extra weapons are not needed.

  117. gotta love the comments from people who say all the hundreds,thousands of beatings they got they’re no worse for it…that it made them who they are today…if you got so many,how freaking effective could it have been…28 is a deadbeat dad and needs some serious help, remember he was indicted in texass….I’m thinking it had to be pretty serious stuff !

  118. Let’s all hold off with the “I’ve had a switch used on me so it’s fine defense” until we hear all the facts. It says his son was injured as a result so let’s see what the injuries are…

  119. I got spanked plenty and with whatever was in reach. A wooden spoon, belt, yardstick (metal one after the wood one broke on me) hand. But my mom wasn’t an elite NFL running back either.

  120. This reminds me of a story awhile back where the child ,a 12 or 13 year old, called and reported his Dad for child abuse and forcible touching when the parent locked the child in their room for breaking curfew.
    The dad was arrested and after thousands in lawyer fees and the child recanting the tale he was finally cleared.
    Of course it did not get the national attention this story is getting. And pray you can afford the legal fees that go along with the arrest.
    If not. Pray your free legal aide lawyer is good and doesn’t ask you to plead out only then to find out your life going forward is destroyed.
    On a positive note…Facebook fans had you innocent with a thousand likes. Twatter is still weighing in.
    Sarcasm noted.

  121. cindyvvideo says: Sep 12, 2014 5:34 PM

    Adrian Peterson’s son was two years old when he was killed. Hitting a child that young does not instill discipline or anything else. A child that age may behave badly because they cannot say what they really need. Are they tired, hungry, feeling sick? Great. Hit a kid because he can’t tell you he’s got a tummy ache. Great job, Adrian.

    Cindy – the kid was 11 years old – this is not the child that died last year. Do you even bother to find all the facts before you spout off on here – most people on here don’t, so let’s wait until we know some more before calling Peterson a child abuser…

  122. How about we impose a simple rule. No person has the right to touch or hit another person without direct consent. Keep your damned hands to yourself.

  123. His son was visiting him in Texas. When Adrian returned him home to his mother in Minnesota noticed marks on him. She brought him to the doctor who then called the police.

  124. Its not agaist the law to use a switch, spoon, or a belt as long as they are used to enforce the punishment as a symbol of the seriousness of what they did wrong and not to inflict damage.You have to have hurt your kid pretty bad to get a Southern Grand Jury to accept an indictment for punishing your kid .

  125. All you people advocating corporal punishment of a child: do research and discover that corporal punishment adversely affects children more than it helps.

  126. guess it depends on frequency and if the child was beaten black and blue or if blood was drawn . my mother had a wooden spoon she only ever used it twice (and i deserved it) the rest of the time it was the threat of the wooden spoon . i still love my mother very much too this day , and i never considered it abuse just discipline .

  127. Seriously though it was a son and not a daughter he beat which means espn hln cnn and msnbc probably won’t spend more then 5 minutes on the story. To them violence only counts against a female.

  128. I tread carefully but will say that I hope this is all it is. I do not discipline my kids this way but there are some who do.

  129. Sounds like he needs to settle this case and be done with that kid if he’s tryin to get his father in trouble for disciplining him. And to the people comparing this to the Ray rice case take off your raven blinders. Your old rb is a wife beater.

  130. As all the bleeding hearts collectively wonder why a “Time-Out” wasn’t given. Pure and simple, AP was taught not to waste Time Outs!

  131. I was so much bigger than my mom – but she used a fishing rod!

    Left a welt a 1/2″ high.

    I still worship her to this day – no permanent damage…

  132. A lawyer just got in touch with me after reading of Dad spanking me with a belt when I was 10.
    I had to explain to him that was nearly 50 years ago and my dad is dead. He then asked if my mother was still as we could then go after her. I explained she was. However she has dementia and Alzheimer’s.

  133. He did right in my book I was once told by a police officer that I will not arrest a parent for disciplining their children. That means we don’t have to in the court system.

  134. I just saw the pictures of the child’s injuries…completely unacceptable, especially to a four year old. Throw the book at that ahole

  135. “All you people advocating corporal punishment of a child: do research and discover that corporal punishment adversely affects children more than it helps.”

    But it is interesting that this generation that frowns on corporal punishment seems to have produced the most violent, law-ignoring, ruthless children ever. Just sayin’.

  136. Let me tell you my grandparents (which ever one was doing the disciplining) made me get my own switch. This is nothing new and will definitely be looked at by most as child abuse especially by these new age parents who’d rather talk to the their kids. But do you notice, they also have the kids that when they become teenagers, talk back and curse them out!

  137. Getting beaten as a child didn’t make a single one of you knuckleheads better or tougher. All it did was make you scared or better at hiding the crap you did wrong. And yeah, I got hit too. And for the record, I love my mom and dad, and I neither hold it against them nor praise them for this approach–they only did what they knew–so don’t go crying “PC” just because you disagree with the notion that hitting your kid with a tree branch is wrong and illegal. Grow up.

  138. I’m 40, and I was disciplined by hand, switch, paddle, and belt, and that’s how it was. By dad, mom and even at school.

    AP is off the hook, at the moment, in my book. Oh yeah, I was disciplined with a book too.

  139. A few thoughts…

    – I personally think using any sort of tool to punish a child (switch, plastic/wooden spoon, etc.) is playing with fire…but as long as no marks were left or injuries were sustained, it’s not something that should cause charges to be brought (not unlike spanking…same rules)

    – Just because a charge was filed by the DA does not mean it’s legit. DA’s prosecute too aggressively all of the time (and they also fall way short other times…like that lady who got NO jail time for negligent homicide due to texting/driving)

    – To those that think no one would dare lie about this (e.g. the baby mama), get real. People lie about things like child abuse, child molestation and rape all of the time. Would most people do that? Of course not….but some people are literally THAT vindictive. However, that is what perjury and defamation charges/lawsuits are for.

    – That all being said, if those pics on TMZ are legit and are from the switch being used, Adrian should not play another down this year. If you can’t be a “father” without doing that, then just send your child support and otherwise stay the hell away from the kid….oh, and use a condom FFS Adrian. If you aren’t going to be there AND be a man about your ish, then keep it in your pants. What are you…a man or a dog?

  140. I am pro corporal punishment. That said, there is a distinction between punishment and beating. Early reports say he is being investigated for injuring the child.

    Obviously, we need more information to come out, but if he did, in fact, injure a child, he should be punished longer than Ray Rice. If it was merely punishment that caused the kid to cry, charges need to be dropped.

  141. Go look at the pictures of the child – 4 year old – with the cuts on his legs and then make a judgement. Two doctors called it abuse. If it was my child, I would have called it in. If anyone caused that injury to an adult, you would consider it violence. Why is ok to cause that injury to a child?

  142. Alright after reading more into it, I can no longer defend him this I didn’t know the boy was 4 years old and seeing that he left open wounds on his legs/back and cuts on his hand. I can’t defend that, 4 years old is to young that is still consider a toddler.

  143. All you people saying nothing is wrong with this need to go look at the pictures. I’m ok with discipline and spanking, but the whipping he got from AP broke skin and that’s not ok. Especially for a 4 year old. This is disgusting and in my book is worse than what Ray Rice did. No 4 year old deserves a beating like that.

  144. Adrian don’t hit him with a switch when he does wrong, in America we give out trophies for just showing up and express why we are upset they threw eggs at a passing car,

  145. I’ve seen the pics of the kids leg. Let me tell you… a switch will raise welts on you. I know from experience…

    While there WERE marks on his leg, the weeks I got were FAR wise than these…

    Much ado about nothin. Move along…

    More likely that a ex is making a mountain out of a mole hill…

  146. I went to schools where the teachers would take you to the coatroom and put that ruler to your behind. And you know what being embarrassed while the other kids were in the other room, made me not do the same thing again.

    How many of you talk to your kids to discipline, I don’t think it’s working. I go to the grocery, Walmart or any other stores, and kids are running around, touching things, eating things, and their parents are sitting there telling/talking to them put that down, don’t touch that, don’t touch this. Obviously people, talking ain’t working. How many of your kids talk back to you, curse you out, say other unruly things while they are around you.

    You can talk to you blue in the face, and them kids are still doing the same things!

  147. The child was cut on his back, buttocks, legs, hands, and scrotum. This looks very much like it crossed the line. The pictures are from a few days later. It sounds like the doctor reported it appropriately.

  148. The article does not provide enough information so that people can really leave unbiased opinions and comments.

    *How old was the child?
    *What did the ‘switch’ look like in width and length?
    *How many times was the child struck with the switch?
    *How much force was used when the hitting occurred?
    *What did the child look like when the discipline was over?

    Everyone giving their two cents – one way or another – are basing it on their own experiences…not the experience of this child. I also have a feeling that the majority of the ‘it happened to me and I’m just fine’ comments are rooted in a defensiveness about how they really did turn out, or in the truth of how their parents really raised them, or a combination of both.

    What I know for sure is that it is all sad.

  149. realskipbayless says:
    Sep 12, 2014 6:05 PM

    Sounds like he needs to settle this case and be done with that kid if he’s tryin to get his father in trouble for disciplining him. And to the people comparing this to the Ray rice case take off your raven blinders. Your old rb is a wife beater.


    Before you made a stupid comment like that you should have look more into the story, the boy was 4 years old that is still consider a toddler and he left open wounds on the 4 year old legs, lower back, and side, and cuts on his hand. So yes this is worst than what Ray Rice did.

  150. I have wonderful, normal parents, who provided me with an outstanding childhood. I also got switched, belted and hand spanked a handful of times at early ages, and can’t think of one person I know who wasn’t. I’m glad they did it because on each count I deserved it, and, more pragmatically, ITS A FORM OF PUNISHMENT THAT STINGS FOR ABOUT FIVE MINUTES AND CAUSES NO SERIOUS DAMAGE OR PAIN. It is abhorrent that AP will be inactive this weekend while an unrepentant, dirtbag, coward like Greg Hardy will be strapping on the pads. I’d call it a joke if there was anything to laugh about, this is just downright shameful.

  151. Kids today need it done more than ever if people would do this more there kids would stop killing and doing drugs but the world today has people that don’t have kids and put the nose in we’re it don’t need to be and the ones that have kids that don’t bust there ass the kids run them over. So in short people need to take care of the house before putting there big nose in someone home just saying.

  152. i have no problem with discipline and a slap on their rear…but” if ‘ the child has welts/ slash marks etc…on his back…then he should be arrested…that would be child abuse plain and simple….the key word is “if”.

  153. People make a big deal about how we discipline our kids today, if we are allowed to discipline our kids like our did parents did some of this kids today wouldn’t be so disrespectful and learn how to be model citizens

  154. Well this all depends on the extent to which he spanked the child.
    My own opinion, switches can do some damage i.e. welt or break the skin if a little too much speed is applied. I think, red marks may be OK but if the skin is damaged, it is abuse.
    There is no reason to go beyond a little sting to keep the kids in line. If they need to be physically hurt to behave, it’s time for another answer. You will do more harm than good.

  155. I can’t believe anyone is supporting Peterson. What he did was barbaric to a 4-year old. His kid should be taken away from him for good. Maybe in the future, NFL players should have to take a test before they’re allowed to be parents.

  156. Perspective 1: It was a 4-year old. There were defensive wounds. There were wounds on his junk. This went beyond discipline.

    Perspective 2: I wonder if AD knows which baby-momma this kid belongs to.

    Perspective 3: Hitting a kid with a switch does not equal knocking out your girlfriend.

  157. Why do I think that the same people who would be horrified by this are those who vehemently protest for the “right” for late term “pregnancy terminations?” What is really sad (as reported on the radio) is this child is now dead and that apparently the mother’s boyfriend is suspected. What a world…

  158. Wow. And one has to wonder on the state of America and the crime/prison rate? This is a ludicrous charge. Look at the respect of our society through years of paddles, fly swatters, switches and belts compared to today, and the general lack of respect for anyone or anything.

    @ hardythekraken, you may well be right. I was not there. However, that was a bold assumption. I have seen ignorant people call the police because a child is spanked, one time, yes, one time and not hard. There are people that are just like that.

  159. when I was little, I got a new pair of ping pong paddles for Christmas but we did not have a ping pong table. Somehow they got wore out every year,

  160. I had the switch as a kid.. Used it as a father. I don’t think he damaged the boy, however, as an absentee father, AP has to stay cool with the kid. Everyone breathe. This is not a crime.

  161. There’s abig different between discipline and beating a 4 year old bloody. What could this kid possibly have done to deserve this? A beat down is different. The same people giving him a pass would go nuts if he killed the kid and it came out they let him slide on this abuse. You’d want the prosecutor to do time then.

  162. Oh man I just saw the pictures! Make a child bleed like that is sick! He even cut his scrotum. I’m all for spankings, but whipping a four year old until they bleed like that is out of control. He’s going to get dropped by the NFL and possibly go to prison. You can’t leave open wounds all over a toddler’s body like that and get away with it!

  163. Some of you that are crying that the kid was only 4 and that no 4 year old deserves what Adrian did, are what’s wrong with america these days. First of all you have no clue what Adrian did, because you weren’t there. You don’t know how hard he hit his kid. Using a switch, you don’t need a lot of force to leave whelps or scratches, think about stumbling the the forest and getting scratched by a tree branch, yes that’s how easy it is, all you have to do is walk into one and you could get scratched. Some of you are just too soft. Maybe the 4 year old deserved it, maybe not, who knows. But neither one of us were there so you don’t know what the kid did or didn’t do, nor do you know what Adrian did. America is way to soft and comments like these prove how PC / soft america has become. It’s really pathetic, no wonder why most first world countries laugh at us. We coddle when we should discipline (Sorry, time out is not discipline).

    He spanked his 4 year old son, oh well…. get over it. And those that think this is child abuse, I hope you never have kids.

  164. Everyone keeps talking about how the U.S. would be better if we spanked our kids more. Well considering the last generation to have corpural punishment be the norm was the baby boomers and they are the ones who are currently running this country into the ground, maybe that’s not such a good idea.

    Anyway this isn’t about corpural punishment which I have no problem with (as long as it used more as a mental deterrent and not a way to teach through pain) this is about child abuse. Which if you look at the pictures and read the police report is exactly what Peterson is guilty of.

  165. Well I guess Ray Rice has reached his first phase in his recovery or redemption: wait for another idiot to overtake his spotlight/story. Now he just has to wait until everyone forgets what he did like Mike Vick or need to get mentored by Dungy.

  166. They have got to be joking. I believe in corporal punishment.

    If swatting a childs backside with a switch can get you in serious trouble someone should have told my GrandMama. But she wouldn’t have cared.

  167. I’m still reading the comments. Someone mentioned the crime/prison rate in this country correlating it to parental discipline. Dude, the kid is FOUR. FOUR. He is just learning complete sentences and using the bathroom. Maybe we should put him in prison if he wets his sheets right?? Or better yet let’s whip him in his privates until he tries to defend himself…that’ll teach him! You are sick.

  168. Do you all nit realize he beat a 4 year old so bad he broke his skin! ? The mother called the cops, I woukd have too, he’s 4 years old and was beat uo and down his butt and thighs and on his hands… Do a little research before you make comments defending him.

  169. I was whooped with a switch when I was little and always had to pick our own we would go for the small ones thinking it wouldn’t hurt as bad, boy was we wrong. him being 4 years old is pushing it i was barely getting whooped at 4, and this page is saying he swatted him if that’s true I see no harm, but other pages are saying he beat him to where there was blood coming to the surface and bad bruising that’s not swatting if I’m not mistaking.

  170. Most of us grew up with a good whack of the belt(my mother preferred a wooden spoon). But, after we learned our lesson that was it. This boy has whip cuts/welts from the middle of his back to lower part of his legs! Many of which were open and bleeding! My parents taught me a lesson, but were not big strong football players! This kid got really hurt and there by a punishment the other direction…

  171. There are other ways to discipline your child outside of hitting them, especially with a switch. I would like to think we have evolved as a society where the majority of people would agree with this point of view. Unfortunately, based on this comment thread, that is not the case. Very sad.

  172. Yeah Im all for disciplining children… I got two boys 2 and 4… you HAVE to spank them every now and then…. AP didn’t just spank his son… didn’t just take a switch to his hind parts… Yes some of our parents may have used a switch mines sure did… They didn’t do THAT kind of damage… And yes times have changed… AND some of y’all WOULD be considered abused as a child… Just becuase you turned out ok, doesn’t mean its ok….

  173. I also grew up with a mother who was not afraid to use a paddle a spatula or wooden spoon when my brother and i were disobedient and we got our mouths washed out with soap for cussing and at a time when schools could use the paddle on kids. I think that i grew up better for it with a respect for authority and a fear of consequences. With that said there is a fine line between discipline and child abuse and what Peterson did especially to a four year old may have crossed the line. I am a life long fan of the Vikings and of Peterson and the timing of this could not be worse. Maybe because it happened in Texas he will get off because they are big on punishment. If it was in Minnesota they would throw the book at him.

  174. I thought he was caned.
    Wait till this kid goes to college and pledges a fraternity. He now has a bottom up.
    How many whacks sir

  175. How many baby momma’s does AP have? The guy had a son die that he only found out was his a couple of weeks before.

    Rather than dishing out corporal punishment to your child, how about showing him what a proper family unit looks like?

  176. Fisrt of all the child is only 4 years old! 2nd He broke the skin. 3rd he’s smacked his kids in the face! 4th he used a tree branch and make his kids pull there pants down … (only 4 years old!). Come people what happened to just spanking the child with your hand. What was he afraid of hurting his ball carrying hand? How big and intimidating is Adrian compared to his son? What mental damage does it do to a 4 year old who isn’t even in school yet? I’ve been hit with a belt and spanked but when I was a child. I also spanked my kids. Never breaking the skin! And after my kids were old enough to no right from wrong.

  177. We all got spanked as kids and that’s all well and good…but this guy left bloody lacerations on a 4 year old. That’s a crime, plain and simple.

    If you did that to a 40 year old, it would be aggravated assault. Somehow it’s up for interpretation because it’s a 4 year old?!

  178. Obviously this topic will always generate varying and often diametrically opposed viewpoints. There is a valid view that children, especially males, can not learn respect with not first learning fear, and there is an equally valid point that those that use corporal punishment as a means of discipline are simply repeating a cycle. Either way one feels it is likely a core belief of the individual and is not likely to change through debate.

    Excellent points have been made regarding the intrusion of government as well as the obligation of society to protect children and it has been well worth the time reading through everyone’s thoughts.

    The sad reality in this case is that the debate, intense and visceral as it may be on both sides is not the real issue here. Very simply, this is all about a D.A. taking advantage of the Ray Rice publicity and re-submitting the case to the Grand Jury while that topic is still on the front page. This case is not about the kid, it is not really about A.P., it is about a D.A. who saw his chance for fame and ran with it.

    All I really need to know is that he was no billed the first time and the evidence was the same this time. Had we been talking gross endangerment or abuse he would have been indicted in the first place.

    That is sadly what this is about. A quest for one man’s glory at the expense of the purported victim.

    Also, good job Florin on being one of the few who got the Ray Rice story right. The video was inconsequential. What did anyone think it would look like inside the elevator if outside the elevator he was dragging his unconscious wife out..and he said he hit her. As someone said..He is being vilified and punished, just as he should of been, but not because of the video but because the video went public.

  179. There is no excuse for drawing blood on a 4 year old. All of you that support this in earlier comments are what’s wrong with this country, not the other way around.

  180. Just because something has been done in the past is not a reason to keep doing it.

    Hitting is lazy parenting when you don’t think it is worth the time to talk with your kids.

  181. As a member of the season ticket holding fan base, I’d advocate trading him even if this hadn’t happened. He’s being paid WAY too much for any non-QB and is now past his prime. (Not to mention he can’t even stay on the field on 3rd down!) If you can find someone to take him, trade for a big-time db/safety and use the money left over for another RB and help on the O line. Make Patterson or Teddy the face of the franchise as you begin in the new facility. In the modern-day NFL, NO RB should get that kind of money, I don’t care who you are.

    As far as the allegations go, I personally don’t think AP is some kind of monster; I just don’t think he’s generally very bright. I believe he honestly didn’t see anything wrong with what he was doing, but that doesn’t make it okay.

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