Josh Gordon’s status still unclear under new policy

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With the NFLPA closing in on a new drug policy and Browns receiver Josh Gordon for the year, Browns fans and fantasy owners are waiting impatiently for word on whether the #FreeJoshGordon concept will become a reality.

Per multiple sources, it’s still not clear when Gordon will return.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported on Sunday that Gordon will miss eight-to-10 games.  Earlier today, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Gordon will miss eight.

On the surface, the new rules suggest Gordon shouldn’t be suspended at all.  He tested at 16 ng/ml, one over the old limit of 15 ng/ml.  With the limit increasing to 35 ng/ml, Gordon in theory should have his ban released completely.

One source tells PFT that Gordon’s suspension won’t be zero, due to other factors.  Possibly complicating matters is that the positive triggering the one-year suspension occurred on March 5, six days before the date on which the league year began.

Gordon will now have a separate problem under the new substance-abuse policy, given the increased penalties for a first-offense DUI.  Upon conviction, Gordon will be facing a two-game suspension.

But he could be months from conviction, which means that the suspension probably wouldn’t apply until the 2015 season.  The bigger question for now is how the new policy will apply to Gordon’s current circumstances, and when he’ll be able to return to action.

36 responses to “Josh Gordon’s status still unclear under new policy

  1. So, basically they only wanted to help out Welker and not Gordon. Gotcha. It’s called the “Peyton failure” effect. The NFL doesn’t want their precious QB without his weapons.

  2. It’s getting to the point where I’m going to be less excited about Gordon’s return than I am about not having to hear wishy-washy “reports” each and every freakin’ day. I actually wouldn’t mind him being suspended for the entire season…just give me closure on this.

  3. NFL is just a big circus anymore. They can’t even get out of their own way….but, that’s what happens with lawyers and businessmen run the show.

    Josh should sue over the mishandling/mislabeling of those test samples, whether he’s reinstated or not.

  4. So he may still have to serve a suspension because his test was 5 days before the arbitrary cutoff date, but will also face suspension for a DUI that occurred 2 months after the arbitrary cutoff date? It seems like they picked March 11 specifically to stick it to this one player.

  5. He will be suspended for two game. And also indefinitely. And for six games. And until the next full moon. And until the high priest dies. And only on weeks when Cleveland covers the spread.

    I just love a consistent, well written policy.

  6. The ONLY thing which makes NO SENSE is a “reduced 6 – 10” game suspension. Either Gordon is covered under retroactivity = zero games OR he is NOT = 16 games.

    The 2 games for DUI will have to wait until the DUI is actually resolved.

  7. Hope you don’t delete this post like you have my others on your poster boy Florio, but he earned the whole year.
    I’m for legalizing weed( and all other drugs, look at the counties that have, and the positive reduction in teen use, drug violence, & treatment for addicts is remarkably positive), but he doesn’t deserve a break just because he’s talented.
    We all sign on to jobs with certain rules. He broke them repeatedly.
    He’s in the NFL, as a supplemental draft pick for being passed out in a car from weed, and testing positive again for weed @ Baylor, and kicked out of Utah for…..yep same thing.
    Since his latest of multiple drug test violations in the NFL leading to his year ban, he got a ticket with a friend who has weed, and then got a DUI, and was bailed out not by a family member, or his agent , but by a twice convicted violent felon whose car he was driving.
    Quit coddling idiots who because of their physical talent have been given special treatment their whole life. He doesn’t deserve the privilege of Million$$$ contracts and a spot at the highest level of his profession.

  8. Not to mention that under Ohio law both the A&B have to be positive, otherwise the test is negative, and he shouldn’t have been suspended in the first place. (State law still trumps employee labor agreements, even those with the mighty NFL.)

  9. With Bountygate, Rice, Hardy, McDonald, Gordon and numerous other cases, it seems to me that the NFL and Goodell’s rulings are purely arbitrary and randomly being determined by whatever tyrannical exercise of power he feels should be imposed at any given moment. There needs to be some checks and balances system in place to avoid a dictatorial judgement process. Something/someone needs to propose some type of system that is fair, impartial and balanced to all involved.

  10. His suspension will be upheld because it came down on the 5th.

    But the real issue I have with this is that the “league year” hadn’t started yet. Making this deal retroactive only to a point is a bad idea. Either you make it completely retroactive or you don’t. This is another example of the NFL choose which rules apply and when. The NFL does what it wants and everyone else be damned.

  11. An 8-10 game suspension, doesn’t punish Gordon nearly as bad as it punishes the Browns. If he stays suspended for a whole year, the browns keep him on his same contract for an extra year. If he plays 6 games, they lose a year. So all the players returning help their teams & the Browns are punished?

    If this were to happen, Browns fans would be so angry, they wouldn’t give the NFL a dime of their money! The NFL is falling apart, this whole thing seems to play to Manning succeeding.

  12. going have to start letting the non violent offender play otherwise the NFL will lose half it’s players.

  13. Josh better hope he does not get into anymore trouble because if he does the public will turn on him after everyone has been waiting with baited breath to find out if he is still playing this year!

  14. Where is the fine for the refs, front office and NFL for the lame ass rules that are turning the game into something unwatchable?

    Specifically….last nights game Ravens/Steelers…horrible penalties for normal, football plays.

    In my house, we all stopped watching and went on to other forms of entertainment, and we were diehard NFL fans.

    Cant be alone on this…game is becoming lame, and headlines are about everything EXCEPT the actual games!

    Sick of this.

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