Report: Peterson admitted to “whooping” son with a switch


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who was indicted today for injury to a child, reportedly admitted that he hit his 4-year-old son with a switch, causing cuts and bruises.

Nick Wright of 610-AM in Houston reports that Peterson told police he gave his son a “whooping” in a May incident in Spring, Texas. According to the report, Peterson said he did it to punish the child for pushing another one of Peterson’s children while they were playing a video game. The report says Peterson grabbed a tree branch, removed the leaves and struck the 4-year-old repeatedly.

The child’s injuries reportedly included cuts and bruises to the child’s back, buttocks, ankles, legs and scrotum, along with defensive wounds to the child’s hands. According to the report, Peterson texted the boy’s mother and acknowledged what he had done and that she would be “mad at me about his leg. I got kinda good wit the tail end of the switch.”

Peterson also allegedly texted the child’s mother that he “felt bad after the fact when I notice the switch was wrapping around hitting I [sic] thigh. . . . Got him in nuts once I noticed. But I felt so bad, n I’m all tearing that butt up when needed! I start putting them in timeout. N save the whooping for needed memories!”

According to the report, the child told authorities, “Daddy Peterson hit me on my face” and said he feared Peterson would punch him in the face if he found out police knew about the incident.

The boy’s mother reportedly took him to a doctor, who reported the injuries to authorities, saying they were consistent with child abuse.

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  1. First, Nick Wright is one of the reasons I don’t listen to 610 anymore. Secondly, what AP did, has been done to myself and every single one of my friends when we were kids.

  2. “The child’s injuries reportedly included cuts and bruises to the child’s back, buttocks, ankles, legs and scrotum, along with defensive wounds to the child’s hands.”

    To a four-year-old? Are you freaking kidding me? Who the hell does that to a four-year-old?

  3. Boycott the NFL this weekend. Don’t go to games or watch it on tv. Time to send the NFL and it’s players a message.

  4. So to recap:

    Two year old son (who he never met) is beaten to death.

    He beats his own four year old, and seems proud of it.

    What an idiot scumbag. No wonder he didn’t seem all that broken up last year when the kid died. He was probably just hoping the authorities didn’t find out about him doing the same thing.

  5. Sometimes kids need an ass whooping. If you do it early enough it probably won’t be necessary again.

  6. This is why America is so mess up. Kids some times need to be whipped in order to be discipline. Where I came from our country never have problems with kids or adults being out of control and or do stupid things: Example, crimes such as rape, murder or etc. It’s all about society that leads example. Freedom leads to people getting out of control. Sucks!!!!!

  7. Leave Adrian alone, I got whoopins from my dad when I was a kid and I deserved’em. Rest in peace dad- I love you forever-leave Adrian alone…………

  8. What? Is it purple uniforms that turns these guys into complete a-holes? Always figured some bad stuff was going on in that locker room the way all the good players leave.

  9. Sounds to me that AD was disciplined like this and thinks it is normal. Whole things getting weird now to me. Kid went back to Mom and then went with hit me in the face story. True? Mom told kid to say that? I don’t know. so I’m not going to pretend I do….

  10. Buh bye AD…uhh I mean good riddance. Hitting a child? You’re worse than Rice. Good luck catching Emmit BTW.

  11. Support AP no matter what. It’s not a homicide case so chill people. Kids need to be whipped from time to time. I don’t mean torture but whip is fine.

  12. I have been defending Peterson in other posts, saying to prove his guilt, etc……

    But now that I have seen the photo’s, have read the testimony that Peterson gave at the first Grand Jury hearing, I gotta say, he is a piece of trash just like Rice and should be immediately terminated from the Vikings and suspended indefinitely from the NFL.

    I will be getting rid of my Peterson jersey tonight!

  13. My take from the comments: A bunch of people who watch an incredibly violent sport that causes people long lasting brain damage and often leads to suicide, complaining about a parent discipling their child in a way the majority of people were disciplined while growing up.

  14. Spanking kids is a must, and I got spanked a lot. But my dad never left cuts all over my body. Sorry kids that’s abuse. They better suspend him for a year.

  15. I am a huge Minnesota Vikings fan which dates back to the days of Jim Finks and Bud Grant…(AZ Cardfan too)…. I am so tired of today’s athlete thinking they can get away with absolutely everything possible… There has to be zero tolerance…. Suspend this a hole for at least a year if not more……

  16. Hitting a 4 year old child (with a stick!) and leaving bruises is not discipline. It’s barbarism. There’s no possible way he should be allowed to play this weekend or in the foreseeable future.

  17. I’m sure this is the way Adrian was brought up, but it isn’t an excuse. This isn’t acceptable in any way. The Vikings were right to suspend him, and it should probably be a six-game suspension, in line with the new NFL policy for domestic violence.

  18. 4 years old is too young to grasp the association between corporal punishment and preventing unwanted behaviors. Don’t ask me, ask a PhD, or ask the countless members of the prison population who still don’t get it. Leadership by example is always best and it’s really the only way to teach children before the age of reason.

  19. ” Kid went back to Mom and then went with hit me in the face story. True? Mom told kid to say that?”

    Mom seems to be after Adrian a bit here.

    She was texted TWICE about the incident. Adrian admits he felt bad, may have gone overboard, and that he will stick to timeout primarily and use spankings for big things.

    He WARNED here about the welts on his legs. SO she takes the kid to the doctor and is “surprised” when cops are called?

    Here’s the thing…doesn’t she need Peterson to pay child support? It’s one thing if she genuinely believes he was and will continue to hurt the child – but by all accounts Peterson seemed to realize he was wrong, told her and has vowed to not use corporal punishment except in extreme cases.

    So why the police?

  20. He’s a piece of trash. Granted, I grew up in a time when the authorities didn’t get involved when my parents spanked me, but a 4 year old??? What could a 4 year old possibly do to cause a parent to hit them? That’s not right.

  21. “Great. Now we’re going to have to go through a whole mess about how a parent can no longer discipline their own child.”

    If you think it’s acceptable to “discipline” a 4 year old to the point that they suffer open wounds to the legs (see the pictures the child’s mother posted) and scrotum, then you’re sick puppy.

    This isn’t a 10 year old taking a switch to the back a couple of times. The child also claimed that it was punched in the face and hit with a belt in another story. 4 is too young for that kind of beating.

  22. to everyone in the “my parents beat me back in 1963 & I turned out okay” crowd; guess what? times change used to be socially acceptable to own black people, but not so much anymore ..society evolves, maybe you should too

  23. Aside from all of the incredibly stupid people who think this type of beating to a 4 year old kid is ok.

    What does this say about the people of Texas who didn’t want to indict the first time.

    Pretty sad.

  24. Even if you don’t oppose all corporal punishment…would you take a switch to a 4-year-old repeatedly, with enough force to cause cuts and bruises? For pushing a sibling during a video game?

    And honestly believe that is appropriate?

  25. What do you guys think? Death penalty?

    Clearly Adrian Peterson is a criminal who should be executed for disciplining his child.

    Is that good enough for all the women in an outrage right now?

  26. Even as a bears fans when I first saw charges for whopping his kid, i was like WTG Adrian. More parents should do it.

    But this wasn’t your average spanking. This is a BEATDOWN of a child.

    He better be suspended.

  27. Anyone who thinks this is OK, look up the pictures. The kid’s got so many marks on him he looks like he’s striped like a tiger. This isn’t swatting a kid across the butt with a stick a couple times. This is beating a four-year-old over and over. I can’t begin to imagine any situation where beating a four-year-old like that is in any vaguely conceivably way OK.

  28. I was abused once by my father as young boy and I was terrified and embarrassed. It took years to reconcile and I only hoped for him to get help and that I’d never repeat his mistakes. Physical abuse is awful and it’s clear a form of discipline needs to be administered to Peterson but in a thoughtful constructive manner. I don’t agree that a man should lose his job over an act but lost time as well as years of serving abuse victims would seem to be a good place to hammer home the wrong Peterson son has done. Its pretty evident his father did it to him and he’s tone deaf.

  29. I was pretty mad at both my kids for doing things that aggravated me when they were four, but I never considered corporal punishment as a way to discipline them.

    I would never have been able to live with myself if I knew that I had inflicted physical pain on either of them.

    I hate to be so judgmental, but what Adrian Petersen did to his child is so fundamentally wrong I have a hard time understanding how any parent can condone it.

  30. Peterson is dead wrong if he thinks doing this to a 4 year- old is okay. Even if the majority of posters here were “whooped” as kids,it doesn’t mean it was okay. It’s assault and abuse,no matter which way you look at it. I hope he gets the boot like Rice. It’s what he deserves. Here’s the NFL’s chance to start righting some serious wrongs.

  31. At least he did not make the boy go get his own switch like my folks used to do me. I cannot lie as a youngster I caught the switch plenty of times as a youngster. That is old school discipline.

  32. If you had the same thing done to you as a child, you were a victim of child abuse. I am glad that you have justified it in your mind that you deserved it and you are ok with it. But, it doesn’t make it right no matter how ‘ok’ you turned out to be.

    It is not ok to repeatedly whip a child with a switch, belt, cord, etc. There are degrees of punishment and this goes way beyond what is ‘normal’.

  33. I have no problems with a child getting a spanking. Sometimes it’s necessary. I got “whoopins” when I was a kid, sometimes with the wooden spoon out of the kitchen. But never any marks other than maybe a light bruise. The purpose was the shock, not the pain.

    But this is too far. Never hard enough to leave marks. To everyone saying they’ve gotten worse, you were abused. Bruises and cuts on his back, buttocks, ankles, legs and scrotum? The kid is four. This is disgusting.

  34. If the reports are true and this child was only 4 years old then AP should be severely punished. Only a sick person could possibly defend a grown man beating a small child to the point of a doctor having to call the police. No human with any sort of common sense can think this is acceptable. Severe cuts and bruises on this child’s butt, legs, back and groin. I respected the heck out of the guy…. Until now.

  35. I’m honestly sick of people saying they received this or worse as a kid and they turned out fine.

    I’m not doubting or questioning if you turned out fine or not, but many others including myself did not receive this and also turned out fine. This is moving more and more towards excessive and out of anger, rather than discipline. And while kids should not be able to dictate their punishments, they should not be beaten by their parents.

  36. Got some real sick people in here who see nothing wrong with someone losing control and beating the hell out of a child. Sick, sick, sick people. It’s criminal.

    AP should be out for 8-16 games minimum.

  37. He is also teaching his children to solve their problems with violence. Just don’t hit people. Men, women, or children

  38. I’m fine with spanking, because it has the benefit of getting a child’s attention real quick…


    You NEVER do it in anger and not to that extent on a 4 year old!!! WTF AD?! You can make an impression on a 4 year old without going that far!!!

  39. All this proves is that we don’t really know these people. We deify the wring kind of people.

  40. I like how some of you defend this as “disciplining a child.” Cuts and bruises to the back, legs, ankles, and scrotum along with defensive wounds to the hands is not “disciplining” a child. It’s “beating” a child it’s “abusing” a child. This was not a spanking.

  41. “Sometimes kids need an ass whooping. If you do it early enough it probably won’t be necessary again.”

    This is what is wrong with our country!! Idiot comments like this. For anyone who thinks his is acceptable I challenge you to go to a hospital and see a child severely beaten by a parent. I can guarantee your “my Dad whooped me worse” attitude will change quickly. I feel sorry for those who think this is ok.

  42. jsala02 says: Sep 12, 2014 6:41 PM

    First, Nick Wright is one of the reasons I don’t listen to 610 anymore. Secondly, what AP did, has been done to myself and every single one of my friends when we were kids.

    Your old man should of gone to jail.

  43. Anyone else notice all the people saying it is necessary to beat kids all say they were beaten too? See how bad beating kids messes them up forever???

  44. Let me guess, the Vikings will issue a statement where they say they are “aware” of the situation, and will say they will let the legal process “play out”…

  45. This was a beating not a spanking. I got a couple of strikes from a switch as a kid but look at the number of strikes he gave him. I can’t imagine how many days this kid was in pain. Sickening.

  46. Any commenter who says they “got worse” as a four year old is either a liar or grew up in an abusive home.

    I’m just about finished with the NFL, even though I’ve been watching it for 30+ years. Concussions, criminals, egomaniac owners/commissioner, flames shooting into the sky while chumps in gladiator helmets run onto the field, wife/child beaters and the cellar dwellers who still proudly wear their jerseys and defend them to the death…this is not what I grew up with.

  47. gayforbrady says: Sep 12, 2014 6:40 PM

    That’s what you get in my house when you spill paint in the garage.

    HAHA!!! John Bender playing football now?!

  48. Wow… it takes a real man to “whoop” a 4 year old until he bleeds. Sounds like Daddy Peterson has some real anger issues. Also makes me wonder just a little bit about the other child of his that died last year.

  49. Sounds like AP was excessive, but his heart seems to be in the right place, and a conviction for this will result in consequences out of all porportion to the crime.

    Ray Rice has a few classes to take and his record will then be expunged. AP, who at least had good intentions, may never be allowed to spend time alone with his kids again and is facing prison time.

  50. i used to get a lickin at my grandmas if i didn’t behave….wasn’t fun…but i behaved…I also was at least 8 or 9..

    4 yr old….really ??????? pathetic…. let’s just hope Ray Boom boom rice doesn’t adopt the poor kid

  51. Message to Peterson’s lawyers: probably not a good idea to call a press conference and have the 4-year-old apologize for his role in the altercation.

  52. Apparently his child being beaten to death didn’t resonate with him.
    Must have pushed one of his, more favorite out of wedlock kids.
    Oh and, a punk scumbag,

  53. What language is Peterson speaking?? Good god, those texts are incomprehensible.

    Who is this guy? Lenny from Of Mice And Men?
    “I noticed his thigh & nuts were cut up, aw gee I didnt mean to hurt him like that, but gee golly I tell ya that boy needed to learn a memory”


  54. AP said “that’s way my dad did it”. Well, it was right then, and you Mr
    Peterson have had the luxury of being around people and places that “should” make you a progressive man of the 21st Century. So, you go to college to play football and get an education, right? You play for a multi billion dollar organization, with virtually unlimited resources to help you, right? Hate to say it, it takes a village to raise a “grown ass man!”

  55. The kid is 4 years old. He was probably in diapers less then 18 months ago and still hasnt lost a baby tooth. Maybe a spank or two to get his attention if he keeps misbehaving, but whipping him until he bleads is insane. To me this is worse than what Ray Rice did (which is really bad), at least it was an adult that has some means to get away.

  56. To the freaking Neanderthals on here………it is NEVER ok to hit a child…….PERIOD!!!!! If you are too stupid that you can’t teach a child the right way to behave without hitting them, please, please stay away from children altogether. Just because your parent did it to you, that doesn’t make it right. Guess what, your parents were as stupid as Peterson. This idiots on this site make me sick sometimes.

  57. I used to get my butt beat, but I wasn’t 4 and it wasn’t with a stick, and never left welts, bruises, or bled. This guys is a CHILD ABUSER. Kids can’t defend themselves so us adults need to defend them. I get kids need a spanking from time to time, I’ve paddled mine when they need it, but it’s a smack on the butt with your open palm. It gets their attention, it doesn’t send them to the hospital.

    You think Ray Rice gave the NFL the proverbial “black eye”, this guy will be gone. WAY worse. This will be VERY bad for the NFL sponsorships.

    Needs to go directly to jail. “Do not pass go.” Disgusting pig.

  58. TS Johnson says:
    Sep 12, 2014 6:52 PM
    Here’s the thing…doesn’t she need Peterson to pay child support? It’s one thing if she genuinely believes he was and will continue to hurt the child – but by all accounts Peterson seemed to realize he was wrong, told her and has vowed to not use corporal punishment except in extreme cases.

    Personally, I’d rather not have my 4-year old beaten with a switch than to get child support. PS child support is not payment to the mom. It’s payment for the child’s needs. Also, the doctor (a mandatory reporter) called the police after the mom sought medical attention for her ABUSED CHILD.

    I say that as the mother of a 4yo, and I say these things as someone who had to go pick her own switch and was spanked appropriately with it, and who was beaten with electrical cords by a different parent. What he did was a beating; he’s bigger and much stronger than the average adult and should keep that in mind when administering anything more forceful than a hug. I also say this as someone whose parents didn’t do child support and who is married to a man who pays child support. It’s for my stepdaughter, and we don’t feel her mother “collects our money.” But it’s cool, you should totally continue espousing your ill-informed misogynist opinions, they’re FASCINATING.

  59. Didn’t he get arrested around the same time for fighting in a bar? I remember everyone siding with him at the time, yet the video looked like he was wacked out. Why is it always RBs?

  60. This is the most dejected and embarrassed I’ve ever been as a Vikings fan…that’s saying something. I feel for the kid. AP, not so much. He has quite possibly threw it ALL away here.

  61. Who cares seriously, the man was simply disciplining his son, who are we to tell him how to do it? I spank my kids and can’t wait till they get big enough so I can knock ’em out if and when they smart off at the mouth at me. Some things just won’t be tolerated and my kids will know their limits. Timeouts works on some kids and not on others, talking works on some kids and not on others, spankings work on some kids and not on others. I, as a parent know how to discipline my child, you as an outsider don’t and please don’t try to convince me otherwise. Your child isn’t my child don’t try and compare the two. Some don’t like spankings, whatever, to each it’s own. I don’t mind spankings, I was spanked and I was fine, so will many others. America are so soft right now, it’s pathetic.

  62. Because sending your child in “timeout” really works…It’s sad when disciplining your child because of their is considered abuse, but because of the lack of discipline, they’ll become a menace to society and the first people to get blamed will be the parents.

  63. The TMZ photos are disgusting. It’s one thing to spank a child, it’s another thing entirely to hit him hard enough with a stick to cause welts. But it’s even worse to create two, three and four inch cuts across the child’s legs, back, butt and private areas.

    I’m sorry but AP needs to be in jail. Let him share a bunk and stainless steel toilet with Ray Rice. They both need to think long and hard about their actions. It sickens me.

    But that said, this is not the NFL’s fault, so let’s stay the course and blame the offenders not the league that gives us the best entertainment in sports.

  64. You never discipline a child (especially a 4 year old for God’s sake) in anger. You risk losing control like Daddy Peterson did, and it’s no longer discipline. It’s child abuse.

  65. acme1265 says:
    Sep 12, 2014 7:48 PM
    gamustangdude, you are definitely not fine. I bet your grow up to hate you. Good luck.

    No, my kids will grow up respecting me, like I did my father. Your kids will grow up shooting ARs inside crowded movie theaters. Good luck.

  66. 4 yr olds dont understand what they’re doing. Apparently neither does AP….. To me, this is FAR worse than Ray Rice.

  67. gamustangdude (n:) an inbred, mullet-headed redneck with jorts & an ’89 ‘stang.. hobbies include excessive drinking & domestic abuse

  68. thelastwordyaheard (n:), the moist canal in most female mammals, including humans, that extends from the cervix of the uterus to an external opening between the labia minora

  69. This current political correctness certainly didn’t apply to the nuns back in Catholic school. They gave us quite a few bumps and bruises . . . not that we didn’t deserve it.

  70. To the above poster allegeding Peterson was proud of it afterwards, GFY. Mocking his dead son? really?

    The story relays his texts to the mother after the incident where he states how bad he felt after spanking his son and that he’d stick to time-outs in the future and hope the spanking stuck in the kids memory. Clearly he regretted hurting his son. No need to spin this into him being cruel and heartless guy.
    He definetly went overboard in disciplining his son and will have to answer for that but he was attempting to be a responsible parent. He needs to learn limits, but i’d rather a parent who’s heart is in the right place and just needs to exercise better restraint and judgement then one who doesnt discipline children who then grow up to commit crimes etc.

    Lets keep this in perspective all. It’s un out-dated and overly harsh kind of punishment, but it IS effective and is one most people over 40 received from their own parents.

  71. never tell the truth – especially to a hateful ole lady who wants to get you for a few million. I wouldn’t have admitted I was on the same planet.

  72. Four years old. My daughter is about to be four. Adrian, you are a loser. Goodbye. Hope you enjoyed your career.

    Oh, and to all you who were defending him earlier when you thought it was an 11 year old. Saying how you were whipped, spanked, disciplined and it was OK and you deserved it. I’m sorry for you. No one deserve it. No one at all, especially a four year old.

    A four year old!!!!

  73. That boy was only 4!!! 4!!! He spanked/beat him like he was a teenager!!! That’s ridiculous!!!! My son is 4 and I not dare abuse him like that!! #sad!!!

  74. @codythao35

    You are incredibly stupid. You realize the Vikings signed Sharper as a free agent.

    This goes much deeper than a football rivalry

  75. Until I read this article, I thought and said I’ve been hit with a switch. After reading, what he actually did, no I haven’t. This one game deactivation should be for 8+ games. You don’t do this yo any child especially a 4 yr old. Best RB or not, the legal system should treat him like any regular citizen and “throw the book” at him and give him some jail time.

  76. Children need discipline. Peterson went over the line here but to say that physical discipline doesn’t work is ridiculous. Kids today have absolutely no respect for anything, or anyone. Times may change but that’s no excuse for a generation of entitled, narcissistic sociopaths. You keep sending your kids to the corner and “time out” to correct those problems. Or better yet take them to a doctor and have them diagnosed with ADHD so they can be medicated regularly.

  77. This is awful. I feel bad for the kid.

    AD needs help. (And a good whoopin’…heh) And should not be left alone with kids.

  78. Im so glad I weaned myself off the NFL years ago. I watch about 10 min of a game a month,,,Its like watching the “longest yard” playing football in prison.

  79. I wouldn’t beat a dog like that. I cant believe the comments saying this is OK. It’s not OK. There is never any reason to beat a child. People that think this is all right lack the skills and brains to raise a child right. I hope for their children’s sake they take some parenting classes to learn the proper way to disciple and teach a child respect and responsibility without beating it into them. You will have a far better adjusted child that wont hate you when they grow up.
    That said I know a lot of people think different, but even then you administer punishment fairly, without anger, within reason and with the child understanding why he is being punished. There is a big difference between administering a spanking, or even a couple swats with a switch and a beating. This was a beating and it was disgusting. BTW I am a life long Vikings and AP fan.

  80. i was whipped with pans, paddles, switches, yard sticks, and the worst i ever had were bruises never bled or had skin broken. seems like someone may have lost their temper quite abit.

  81. If the description of the child’s injuries is accurate, he’s done. When many of us were kids, parents could hit with objects like belts, spoons, switches, etc. You pretty much cannot do that anymore, especially if marks are left. In this case, we’re talking about cuts and bruises, which is most definitely abuse.

  82. Those of you who are so indignant about corporal punishment being applied to a 4 year old boy apparently have only been around 4 year old boys when they were being complete angels.

  83. A four year old boy being beaten by his “father” with a switch, which basically becomes a whip when swung with enough force to cause the branch to bend. The four year old boy being beaten hard enough that the strikes are drawing blood and breaking capillaries under the skin. Peterson is a piece of garbage and I hope he gets the same indefinite suspension that Rice got. He deserves EXACTLY the same thing.
    “Peterson also allegedly texted the child’s mother that he “felt bad after the fact when I notice the switch was wrapping around hitting I [sic] thigh. . . . Got him in nuts once I noticed. But I felt so bad, n I’m all tearing that butt up when needed! I start putting them in timeout. N save the whooping for needed memories!”

  84. Im so disgusted, makes me feel sick to my stomach. I feel bad for this kid. I feel embarrassed as a viking fan. I just hope that the criminal justice system teaches him that NO, It is not okay to do this to a 4 year old toddler. One of the best backs of all time, but I dont think he will be able to win my respect back after this. I hope I never hear any viking fan continue the “we need to win now and get AD a ring” business. This young team is on the up and up and he is ruining his own career with this garbage. I say terminate the 100 million $ contract, and set an example for the rest of the league.

  85. For the simplistic, violence breeds violence. Teach a kid to hit guess what he is going to do? The child pushed another child and he gets beaten until bleeding with leaves stuffed in his mouth and people are sick enough to defend it? He was 4YRS OLD! I imagine the ones who defend are the minneanderthals who abuse their own children or value a football game over an innocent child and in either case it is sick.

    I do applaud a few of the Viking fans who see this as what it is, child abuse and don’t condone it whatsoever.

  86. The NFL has to get serious with the Roid testing. Wayyyy outta hand. And if you don’t think AD isn’t roided up, I got a bridge in North Dakota to sell you.

  87. A couple year ago AP lost a child to the abuse of the child’s mother’s boy friend…yet he has the capacity to do this to his own 4 year old?

    Sorry, Minnesota, but this guy should not see the field again.

  88. Some of you that crying that the kid was only 4 and that no 4 year old deserves what Adrian did, are what’s wrong with america these days. First of all you have no clue what Adrian did, because you weren’t there. You don’t know how hard he hit his kid. Using a switch, you don’t need a lot of force to leave whelps or scratches, think about stumbling the the forest and getting scrapped by a tree branch, yes that’s how easy it is. Some of you are just too soft. Maybe the 4 year old deserved it, who knows. But neither one of us were there so you don’t know what the kid did or did not deserve, nor do you know what Adrian did. America is way to soft and comments like these prove how PC / soft america has become. It’s really pathetic, no wonder why most first world countries laugh at us. We coddle when we should discipline (Sorry, time out is not discipline).

    He spanked his 4 year old son, oh well…. get over it. And those that think this is child abuse, I hope you never have kids.

  89. Hitting a child like this is never okay. There is a difference between spanking to get attention and beating someone so bad they have bloody marks. Neither is okay in my eyes. I was amazed when I saw the people at Sports Authority pulling all AP stuff down from their racks this evening. He is not a good role model.

  90. I starting to beleive that these athletes are just bad people, how can he think whipping a naked 4 yr old until he bleed after stuffing his mouth with leaves was appropriate? I don’t know what is worse, the clowns who belong in jail or the fans who make excuses for them so they can play on Sunday smh Ray Rice was bad but a 4 yr old? smh

  91. gamustangdude says:
    Sep 12, 2014 7:35 PM
    Who cares seriously, the man was simply disciplining his son, who are we to tell him how to do it? I spank my kids and can’t wait till they get big enough so I can knock ‘em out if and when they smart off at the mouth at me. Some things just won’t be tolerated and my kids will know their limits. Timeouts works on some kids and not on others, talking works on some kids and not on others, spankings work on some kids and not on others. I, as a parent know how to discipline my child, you as an outsider don’t and please don’t try to convince me otherwise. Your child isn’t my child don’t try and compare the two. Some don’t like spankings, whatever, to each it’s own. I don’t mind spankings, I was spanked and I was fine, so will many others. America are so soft right now, it’s pathetic.


    Trust me when I say this, you are not fine, you need help if you think beating a 4 yr old until he bleeds, the welts in the picture are a week old, before he whipped him he shoved leaves in his mouth, this is not discipline and anyone who thinks it is and brags that they do it to there own children really needs some help I hope you get it for you and your family sake

  92. big difference between spanking and beating. if you cant grasp that, you shouldn’t be allowed to have children.

  93. To hell with those apologizing for a grown man beating a 4 year old.

    There’s NOTHING a 4 yr old can do that warrants being whipped, especially to the point of cuts and bruising.

    This isn’t 1951. Time’s have changed.

    You’re a child abuser AP

  94. The data has been in a long time ago that hitting children to discipline them causes waaaaaaay more damage than good.

    I can personally attest to that as absolute fact from being slapped and choked by my father to being strapped in Catholic school.

    My teens and 20s were marked by rage, anger and violence and I’ve had to work hard to eradicate from my life with faith and Christ

    This isn’t 1951. Neandrathols need to die off and keep their hands off children.

  95. You people calling this discipline are sick. That’s assault. I don’t care how you were raised or if your parents assaulted on the regular. You’re sick.

  96. Maybe we need to step back and wonder if maybe we’re damn fools for watching this game.

    What Peterson did is disgusting, but who wants to bet that there’s nobody on their favorite team that’s going home and doing this to their kid? or their wife? You’d be a fool to take that bet.

    We’re addicted to this game and we’re willing to rationalize a lot in order to feed that addiction. We’re willing to pretend that our team doesn’t have at least a dozen felons even though we know they probably do.

    Maybe it’s a snap judgment and i’ll change my mind later, but fellas, I think I’ve spent enough money and time over the course of 40 years supporting this league. Time to find something new to do on Sundays for me.

  97. I heard the news and just started reading the PFT posts comments, from the first post on the breaking news headline right up till now. Pretty amazing !

    Its like my old Psych class – we’ve gone thru Denial, Anger, Bargaining (kinda) and now I think were in the Depression part. Acceptance is supposed to be next, but I’m still having a hard time with that –

  98. To all you idiots saying to leave Peterson alone because it just disclipline, this is a freaking 4 year old boy which is consider a toddler, that he left open wounds on the young boy legs, butt, back, scrotum, and hands. I’m not saying he can’t disclipline his children but that is too young to be getting a beating like that, there are many of types of disclipline that you can do to a child that age.

  99. but Shady McCoy left a 20 cent tip, ..said my Vikings fan friend… so, he’s worse.
    Viking fans… go figure

  100. If Peterson beat his wife with a switch instead of a defenseless 4 year old, would all the people defending him still defend him? Children are the last group of people who have no rights. Ray Rice didn’t come close to beating his adult wife the way Peterson beat his 4 year old son.

  101. Gamemustangdude, ilovemyravens, timeouts do work on EVERY kid without a mental disability as long as they were raised right and the parents have patients and self control. It might take an hour or 2 the first couple of times to in force a 5 minute timeout but the kids will eventually learn that it’s an unwinnable fight and comply immediately if the parent is strong and competent enough.

    But hey why put any effort into raising your children when you can just beat them.

  102. I am ashamed to be here now because I guess I never realized how many knuckle-dragging, redneck morons were even capable of supporting child abuse. You idiots are the last of your kind in this country.
    I love AP the football player but he needs education while losing his job for a year or so.
    Stop the the free passes to rich, young men who deem themselves above the law. Ignorance and claims of “that’s what my daddy did to me” are without merit. We’re moving forward in time. Not backward to ignorance and indifference.

    Many in support of child abuse here have no children because I would do a very bad thing to anyone I saw do what AP did to his own child. He’s gotta pay.

  103. If physically punishing kids were the awesome thing everyone likes to pretend, then the kids from homes where it happens the most would get in the least trouble later.
    Jail is full of formerly beaten kids.

  104. The Doctor reported the incident to authorities back in May, when it happened. It is interesting that it took so long for action to take place by the authorities.
    How did the Vikings keep this under wraps for so long? Was the Commish aware of this?
    There is a difference between spanking a child and the physical abuse that this poor child endured. Adrian Peterson is the best RB in the NFL but he’s also a pretty sick guy to engage in violence of this kind to a 4 year old. Maybe he and Rice both deserve some jail time to think about their sadistic actions.

  105. It’s the culture, starting with the athlete who thinks he is better than anyone else. It’s the culture of the league office, who thinks they are better than everyone else. It’s the culture of the fans who make heroes out of folks who mostly have done little good for society except get paid.
    Mark Cuban was right.

  106. Four years old is too young to be incorporating this kind of punishment. I could understand maybe eight or ten. Not everybody gets corporal punishment, but it worked for me. However I will not be using this tactic with my kids due to my wife’s strong belief against it.

  107. The difference between Rice and Peterson is that once the Vikings cut AP, other teams will be lining up to give him a second chance. Time for the commish to put on his big boy pants and make a stand for good.

  108. Ok i grew up when a butt whooping i guess was ok, I disagree that this is abuse this is why the wussafucation of America is in full effect. I bet AP kids have respect for elders unlikr 99% of todays kids. Who are any of you to tell someone how to raise their child? I got switched when i was a child once a week for a while maybe we would not have this crap of unrespectful youg people cause being a push over and not disaplining your kids is not an option we dont need more kids thinking there is no consequences dor there actions…
    This is my opinion i have raised my kids this way and they hold the doors for people and call them sir and maam not out of fear but respect.
    God Bless AP for standing up like a man saying he did it just lime he got it when he was growing up. Do you really think he was hitting with all his might cause i dont the cut would be much worse.
    Abuse look at rice and the panther guy harvey thats abuse this is makinf sure your son turns out to be a respectful young man and adult wake up grounding kids only proves there is no true consequences to actions well mot when i grew up and not on my house…..

  109. How does a tradition start where you assault your own blood with a tree branch and it seems like necessary punishment. It’s somehow ok in his mind to hit his own 4 year old, but if he hit a grown man like that he’d be charged for assault already. Whacked out. It’s 2014. People have to let go of thinking that way.

  110. I’ll tell those who believe spanking is wrong the real deal. You keep giving your kids timeouts, I’ll spank mine, and we’ll see the difference in ten years when your kids become bullies, shoot up schools, curse you out, etc. While mine graduate college and become productive members of society. What Adrian Peterson did wasn’t wrong IN ANY WAY WHAT SO EVER. And if you seriously believe it was I feel sorry for you and your kids. Do us a favor and don’t have any more, we got enough disrespectful kids out there.

  111. Better a grand jury out to get Irene Ryan (Granny)
    She always took a switch to Jethro.
    If its was ok for the Beverly Hillbillies it good for everyone. Why didn’t they take the show off the air

    Also when did the NFL become God. If someone is not found guilty why is an NFL Law??

    What about suspending these DUI guys who kill people. The guy from Dallas is going to be able to play soon and Rice is suspended indefinitely

  112. I have read a lot of these comments about what happened with the football player and his son. And I see arguments somewhat pro and largely against what has happened…

    My own response-that I will write here-does not have more of a right to be listened too, but I do strongly believe that my past experiences, in this same situation, could cause people on both sides of the argument to stop and think for a moment in that maybe their stand on the argument could be somewhat premature…

    I am 44 year old black man. I have a good job. I have the things that I want. I have a high intellect. I am physically healthy. But emotionally, I am very much developmentally delayed.

    I have Borderline Personality Disorder. You know, the same affliction as the women in the movies “Fatal Attraction”, “Girl Interrupted”-and even the antagonist in Jim Carey’s comedy “The Cable Guy”.
    With me, it all started with my mother (yes ‘mother’-father was absent) beating me with a switch-or a belt (and as I got bigger-the buckle of the belt was used as the striking end)-and even a broomstick. Now, this person would have me undress-and she would hit me naked with any of the items that I have just listed. And this was when I was at an age as early as 2 years old (during potty training-she would brag to people, heard by me in my later years, about how she got me trained) up until about 13 years old. These “whoopins” would last for hours-because, you see, I would try to cover myself-but my self-preservation would only make her mad and she would continue trying to hurt me all the more. And like the football player’s child, I would have marks and “welts”, as they called them, all over my body. My hands would be swollen, afterwards, as I had endured to block and try to protect the softer parts of my body during these beatings. My head and legs would be riddled with knots and scrapes that once bled through my clothes at school (but I hid it). And no one-no school official-no one (except a next door neighbor) seemed to notice or did anything to help me. I had to stop these beatings myself-because you see, eventually, I began to fight back as I got older and bigger…but that is another story.

    Along with that-my mother DID NOT show love for me. She constantly screamed at me-I could do nothing right-ever. I was not told that I was loved. I was in constant fear of her voice and in what punishment I would get. I was called horrendous names. And now…I cannot love. I cannot forge relationships because I do not trust-and my emotional skin is extremely thin. I live a very lonely life. I am still living with those “whoopins”-and though I left my mother far behind me some years ago-I still have nightmares about them. Not everyone develops BPD because of being treated this way as a child. The conditions have to be exact-and with me: bingo.

    Now, I am NOT going to say that people who “whip” their children with switches, and cause bodily injury, are horrible people-THOUGH I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO. I am not going to condemn this football player as the person my mother was. Did he go overboard-it SEEMS so. I do believe that a child SOMETIMES warrants having his or her bottom warmed-even with what I went through. But there is a limit. A child should not be bleeding afterwards. A few wacks on the butt with a belt-WITH CLOTHES ON-is enough. My uncle did that a few times to me-and I still loved him and was not afraid of him-as I feared my mother.

    So maybe the football player did make a mistake-but you know what-THIS DOES NOT dictate what type of father he is (him learning to take a breath and think before he does this again-will define him-NOT HIS MISTAKE). Maybe he tells this child that he is loved. Maybe he shows his love by hugging the child and showing affection. You, that is condemning him as “not a real man” and a “child abuser”-sure-you imply that you don’t beat your kids (or would not beat a kid)-but what about verbally? You know, I might have turned out differently had my mother actually showed me some affection after these ordeals. Had she showed me that I mattered. Had she told me what I meant to her… The verbal was the MOST DAMAGING TO ME. SO HOW ABOUT YOU-who are SO condemning? DO you verbally abuse your kids-or any kids? Are you sure that you don’t slip and say something that you regretted later? Have you ever found yourself giving YOUR KID an extra hug out of guilt or maybe a special surprise because you slipped up and said something hurtful to them? Be HONEST with yourself-because if you have then you are JUST AS GUILTY OF ABUSE. Trust me, as a person that endued both types, of abuse, repetitively, I KNOW which is worse. And the darker of the two it is not as easy to spot. But thinking of it, as I look over these comments, brings back memories and it just makes me question-if it is so easy for you to spit out words of condemnation-I question if you are sure you are not used to spitting out this same condemnation at your children for their mistakes too. Being a condemning person takes practice, I have learned. With that said-it is so mind-blowing that in all the people that are so called ‘advocates’ of abused children and such, they are also amongst the first, ironically, to stigmatize the resulting afflictions that are caused by this same abuse (i.e. BPD).

    This man made a mistake-but that does not mean he is a monster-and should lose his job or have the world turn its back on him. I know what monsters are-I lived with one. And if a now grown up child of one of these monsters can say “hey-this may be an isolated incident-this man can learn from this and be a better father”-if I can say this-then anyone should be able to.

    None of us are perfect. How many of you have made a mistake with your child just recently-and yet are calling for this man as a “child abuser”? I have NO LOVE for people that abuse children-I cannot even stand to watch a child crying-it is too painful for me-but I am not ready to say that children should not be punished with a warm bottom SOMETIMES (in MOST cases that shows that they are loved). He just went overboard-and regrets it.

    He probably is nothing like my mother-who created someone unable to ever have or be loved. So stop throwing stones-unless you are perfect in child rearing yourself.


  113. He should be banned from football for life. He should go to prison. There is no excuse for beating a child. Did he not learn from the Michael Vicks episode that you don’t abuse a dog? Why would he think it is OK to abuse a child? What kind of mentality does a person who beats a 4 year old have? The same kind of mentality that a person who knocks out a woman.
    Something is wrong with the NFL.

  114. 20,000 years of corporal punishment seemed to work fine. Now 40 years of psychology gets us rioting students because their team lost a game……spare the rod spoil the child. It should hurt and the kid should be afraid. Do it once and you usually never have to again cause he will listen.

  115. Disaplin means to teach. Punishment is something totally different by definition. Now I have lost my cool with my kids and I’m sure many other parents have as well. I’ve learned. And I think AP should be given the chance to learn from his moment of losing his cool. Is he a child abuser no..He should have have spanked that boy on the butt open handed maybe a could of good swats. It is my opinion that children can a should be spanked…sometimes it’s the best lesson. We weren’t there and this isn’t a man a named David story. It’s a parent who over reacted and doesn’t need jail time or to lose his job he just needs disapline …which means to teach. So give the man some parenting lesson on what is an ok spanking and what’s not an ok spanking. .

  116. If you hit an animal like AP hit his child, it would be animal abuse.

    If you hit someone else’s child like AP hit his child, it would be assault.

    If you hit your spouse like AP hit his child, it would be spousal abuse.

    Yet, somehow, his child is not accorded the same consideration? What makes it okay to hit your OWN child, but not your dog, your cat, your wife, or any other person?

    People who call this discipline are just sick!

  117. Anyone that feels AP did nothing wrong deserves to be taken out back & switched until they bleed. Then tell us nothing wrong was done to them. Some people have the smarts of sewer rats, others you wonder what their motivation is for blindly sticking up for things that are CLEARLY wrong. Sticking up for AP beating his 4 year old son is like defending Mike Vick for torturing animals on a daily basis for fun.

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