Adrian Peterson booked in Houston, released on bond


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been booked by authorities in Houston and released on bond following his indictment on charges of injury to a child.

Peterson flew to Houston early this morning, was let in to the Montgomery County Jail through a side entrance, and was booked and had his mug shot taken, according to USA Today.

After posting $15,000 bond, Peterson was released.

Peterson is accused of striking his 4-year-old son with a switch in May, causing cuts and bruises. His attorney released a statement acknowledging that Peterson had spanked his son and adding, “It is important to remember that Adrian never intended to harm his son and deeply regrets the unintentional injury.”

The Vikings have announced that Peterson will not play on Sunday.

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  1. I got it with a belt or yardstick when I was a kid about 7 years old or so up to about 11, across a clothed backside, and nothing but a little stinging. Hard to say what’s allowed anymore, but there were never marks left. Doing this to a 4 year old leaving cuts and bruises does seem like too much. The specific facts are where are the marks, how many times, how hard. A lot of these guys don’t understand how powerful they are, and they need some help. As for the Vikings, very classy move and respectful move. Carolina Panthers….you are despicable for not sitting Greg Hardy.

  2. “It is important to remember that Adrian never intended to harm his son and deeply regrets the unintentional injury.”

    Physically reprimanding your child is a certain level of ‘intention to harm’ in the first place. Many parents effectively employ it with restraint, however. When you draw blood the first time by beating your kid with a stick, the level of harm caused may have been unintentional. When you draw blood the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth times, it was most certainly intentional. If not, you have some serious restraint and anger management issues.

  3. Between all the injuries from a bad CBA that doesn’t let players practice like they play, to a joke of a discipline system and drug program, it’s pretty clear to me the NFL and NFLPA needs a zero tolerance domestic violence/drug abuse program that has harsh punishments that act to actually deter, with training regime that is more physical to help get players in football shape before the season.

    If this isn’t done, all the players will be on IR or in jail/court by Week 2.

  4. No video, no suspension, just like with Hardy and McDonald. It is OK if you beat up your wife or kids in the NFL. Just as long as there isn’t any tape, you are home free.

  5. How can you look at this 4 year old’s injuries and say that’s ok? I know a lot of us have been given a few swats with a switch before but a 4 year old getting hit that many times and that hard to leave those cuts is not coo at all. He had no mom there to defend him or say “ok, that’s enough”. That’s not coo at all.

  6. First incident, he is already expressing much regret – he is going to get nothing more than probation, probably in a deferred adjudication.

    Then people will allll scream of how he wasnt punished more by the judge. Hard to tell what he will get by the NFL now though. I was actually thinking he’d get 0 games (besides the ones he misses like this weekend), but Rog can’t handle another scandle related to player conduct and violence.

  7. That is one of the standard excuses that gets peddled in these situations. Another is the “like he was when he was a child”. Both are commonly used by the fantasy-trolls who have AP on their team.

  8. Some great NFL players are violent people. They are rewarded handsomely for their violence on the field but sometimes it surfaces off the field as well.
    The out of control beating of his 4 year old son happened in May and the doctor reported it to the appropriate authorities. How did the Vikings keep a lid on this until mid September? When was the NFL informed? Is this yet another case where the Commish didn’t know what to do?

  9. AP you are sooo screwed…you messed up bigtime especially because the kid is only 4 years old.

    Vikings have put YOU into timeout – no football this Sunday. I am betting that your suspension from the NFL is about 48 hours away as well.

  10. To all of those who were unfortunate enough to be spanked, hit , beaten, or hit with a switch…If you turned out ok, I am happy for you. But please realize, it wasn’t the beating that made you turn out okay. But the beating that you have now learned to accept will make you more likely to beat your children in the same manner. And that is completely unnecessary. Teach your kids, don’t beat your kids.

  11. maybe he unintentionally crossed the line and will learn from it. A lot of parents cross the line the other direction and do not discipline their children at all. Like most things in life we all strive for balance.

  12. The prosecutor wants a name for himself. It should tell us something that the grand jury did not return an indictment the first time. The intent in criminal statutes has great meaning because without that the statute can not be applied to what Peterson did.

    Without intent there is no crime which is why Rusty Hardin stated that Peterson did not intend to cause injury to his son.

  13. RegisHawk says:
    Sep 13, 2014 7:02 AM

    That is one of the standard excuses that gets peddled in these situations. Another is the “like he was when he was a child”. Both are commonly used by the fantasy-trolls who have AP on their team.

    Wow! A serious situation that should bring out a thoughtful and serious comment from people, but some just don’t have that kind of intellect in them, so they resort to denigrating and insulting other people that try to seriously comment. I see that you were impatient and decided to get your insulting comment in early, before anybody decided to even post that. Nice going.

  14. mikeyhigs says:
    Sep 13, 2014 7:17 AM
    To all of those who were unfortunate enough to be spanked, hit , beaten, or hit with a switch…If you turned out ok, I am happy for you. But please realize, it wasn’t the beating that made you turn out okay. But the beating that you have now learned to accept will make you more likely to beat your children in the same manner. And that is completely unnecessary. Teach your kids, don’t beat your kids.
    Not true mikey. I got whupped but good. Bloody, bruised, punched even lied for the drunk old man to cover it up. Just reinforced to me never to strike my kids or drink for that matter. It had quite the opposite effect. Kids have turned out great btw.

  15. Note to Vikings management:

    Leave no stone unturned in your attempts at getting the pics, or we’re never going to hear the end of it.


    Ravens Management & PFT readers.

  16. The real sickos, besides Adrian Peterson, are the ones who keep professing their approval for this sort of behavior. “My daddy beat me, and I turned out fine” and bla bla bla.. Do you know how many people who were abused, mentally or physically, and didn’t turn out fine? If you can’t look at these pictures, and realize AP was wrong, then you all should be thrown in prison too because you will/do beat your own kids.

  17. Any chance we could just have one Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, and new drug policy articles? Then just add updates as more info becomes available. It would then free up space to talk about……, maybe? Maybe we could have a few articles about the games tomorrow, injury updates, etc?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve followed these important stories and commented on them myself, but I don’t need the entire front page of PFT, as well as the app, inundated with headlines from these three stories.

  18. @mdl1952–yeah, after that child’s mother’s boy friend did what he did, one would think AP would have some sensitivity to a child’s welfare…but apparently not.

  19. Some kids get spanked & turn out fine while others get spanked & turn out bad. Same as with kids who don’t get spanked. All depends on the kid & a lot of other factors. But after seeing the pics it does seem over the top for a 4 year old and being that it was over video games. Maybe he tried timeout, maybe he tried taking the video games away before but that hasn’t been put out there. This is where due process is needed before handing out league sanctioned punishments but it is great to see a team step up & use their rights to deactivate him. Maybe if mr Richardson used this tactic he wouldn’t have stood at the podium crying the other day while spewing out his PR garbage about being a man of integrity while also saying let the system due it’s job Even though G Hardy was already guilty by a grand jury. Trying times right now for everybody involved in the NFL. From commish all the way down to fans.

  20. I think the Wilf’s will come down hard on Peterson.

    Under the Wilf’s the Vikings didn’t let Chris Cook play when he was charged with assault and didn’t let him back until he was acquitted. Now with Peterson they immediately deactivated him.

  21. I am happy my Vikings went the right route here and deactivated him for Sunday and expect his release in the near future.

    The impact without him on the field is mind boggling, no non QB is more valuable to any team in the NFL. This will expose a sub par passing game and really delay Patterson’s emergence as a top WR in the league.

    Police blotter reset in 3..2..1…..

  22. I saw the pics. Unfortunately, there are going to be bruises left regardless of the force when you use a switch. It’s the same as trying to walk thru thick bushes and shrubbery with shorts on. This should not be national news and is more of a bad object to use more so than abuse. He should have used a belt if he was going to spank the child.

  23. So the question is…how long will he be suspended? 2 games or 4 games or the whole season? Either way, now it will show what’s worse domestic abuse or child abuse to the nfl. At least we already know it’s not nearly as bad as having a drinking or drug problem., in their eyes.

  24. Wow! A serious situation that should bring out a thoughtful and serious comment from people, but some just don’t have that kind of intellect in them, so they resort to denigrating and insulting other people that try to seriously comment. I see that you were impatient and decided to get your insulting comment in early, before anybody decided to even post that. Nice going.


    Wow, some hypocrite presumes to sit in judgment on a message board. Well done, internet tough guy.

    Perhaps the thoughtful comment you were supposed to infer was that people are more preoccupied with excusing AP’s behavior for their own self-interest. But, apparently, you aren’t capable of thoughtful interpretation (I guess I should have dumbed it down for the masses).

    But good job causing a distraction…I suspect that was your original intent.

  25. Didn’t mean to harm his son , give me a damn break . Then why does he have cuts and bruises , I hope they make a example out of Peterson . The problem is we the people have let these morons think they are above the law . It’s time they learn playing football is a privilege not a right !

  26. I guess Adrian Peterson is now going to be the face of child abuse. I’ve seen this before. Let’s see dog fighting, domestic abuse, child abuse…. what’s next?! lol The internet, blogs and social media has become the new lynch mob. Just be prepared for the push back that’s coming. Also, for you cowards trying to dig holes for certain people to throw folks in. Don’t be surprised when your favorite actor, athlete or entertainer is one of the corpses.

  27. Any time that a “parent” chooses to use some type of implement, a line has been crossed. If the photos released are a true and accurate depiction of the injuries suffered by the four year old, I would ask the AP supporters how they can do so.

    According to what I read, this was done by AP as punishment for the four year old pushing another sibling. Pushing. And if it is true that AP has a “whooping room” as described by the four year old? What kind of individual does such things?

    Lastly, look at his mug shot from this morning. Couple that with his statements to the police and through his attorney. This guy is bordering on psychopathic behavior.

  28. sidepull says: Sep 13, 2014 7:29 AM

    mikeyhigs says:
    Sep 13, 2014 7:17 AM
    To all of those who were unfortunate enough to be spanked, hit , beaten, or hit with a switch…If you turned out ok, I am happy for you. But please realize, it wasn’t the beating that made you turn out okay. But the beating that you have now learned to accept will make you more likely to beat your children in the same manner. And that is completely unnecessary. Teach your kids, don’t beat your kids.
    Not true mikey. I got whupped but good. Bloody, bruised, punched even lied for the drunk old man to cover it up. Just reinforced to me never to strike my kids or drink for that matter. It had quite the opposite effect. Kids have turned out great btw.


    Actually it was your strength that enabled you to reflect upon what happened to you and make the choice to be different, not the beatings.

  29. A switch will typically leave marks and bruises. Not sure why the outrage over that? My only gripe is that he hit the child too many times. Like stated earlier, AD has to know his own strength.

    By reading these comments you can easily tell who was whipped as a child and who wasn’t.

    Eagerly awaiting the war on child abuse now.

  30. Filthymcfunny last I checked it’s been over 25 years since the packers had a pathetic team that finished last in our div. Vikings not only have a pathetic loser of a team u guys have ZERO Super Bowl wins. You guys are 0-4 in the SB & if the Vikings ever win a SB Trophy it’s named after one of our former HCs. In your face!

  31. Good, he is a dirtbag and I hope he never plays another down in the NFL. Your not a man if you beat your wife, and even worse if you beat a child.

  32. Moral of the Story: The teams with integrity are responsible and doomed to lose. The Vikings sitting Peterson is the right thing to do here. Teams like the Panthers and 49ers show no integrity when they let actual convicts like Greg Hardy play, or fail to sit players with more than one incident like Ray McDonald. Fans of these teams should burn their jerseys.

  33. How did the Patriots manage to get Peterson indicted two days before the game? Just like when a rumor broke that Cam Cameron was going to be fired on the very day that the Patriots were playing the Ravens in the playoffs.

  34. oldlthrneck: It *is* possible to pay attention to several items at once. In fact, if you limit yourself to concentrating only the main issue to the exclusion of everything else, it’s a good bet that someone else is stealing your wallet.

  35. To the morons who condone this you are either an abuser yourself or you value football or an innocent child.

    Just imagine walking into a situation were a child is crying holding his hands up in defense, being whipped with a stick at least 14 times even to his scrotum, hard enough to bruise and draw blood, leaves stuffed in his mouth to quiet him down, would anyone sit by and say a 4 yr old fresh out of diapers deserved that beat down because he pushed his brother over.

  36. My folks used a belt. It hurt and occasionally raised a welt. We were loved, nurtured, properly taught to be courteous and considerate. Our school progress was monitored closely. I’m glad my parents cared.

    We turned out fine because my parents didn’t use corporal punishment to take the place of proper child rearing.

    But a 4 year old isn’t old enough to interpret what (I counted 9 welts on his thigh) being hit repeatedly with a stick means.

    This was abusive on Peterson’s part.

  37. At least Peterson had the good sense to get arrested and post bond in an area where they don’t keep you in jail over the weekend so that you miss a football game. Chris Cook, a Viking at the time, beat his girl friend and was sitting in jail during a football game waiting for his court appearance on a Monday morning.

    This is the legacy of the Minnesota Vikings.

  38. As a Vikings fan, this hurt. Because personally I think about 90% of parents wouldn’t go this far. However, for those who act like this is worse than Ray Rice, you aren’t thinking clearly. The difference is the intent behind the action. Hence why Adrian has been very cooperative with authorities.

    Adrians dad was very hard on him as a kid, and Adrian probably feels that’s what’s given him an otherwordly work ethic and sense of responsibility. Obviously, times have changed, and the same lessons that Adrian was taught, to obey his father, in a world now, will make this son hate his because everyone else (media, doctors, police) are coming in and telling this boy his father was wrong. This is called entitling your children. Adrian simply isn’t the sharpest tool in his shed and doesn’t realize it’s not the same world as 20 years ago.

    I think this child will be ok. There are worse fates than having a multi-million net worth father. If he’s convicted, I hope he’s suspended by the league. I just hope he isnt convicted by the vigilante media and public like Ray Rice was. If you want to find a role model, go talk to a teacher, fireman, etc. In trying to watch football. The only reason these guys are in the NFL is because they are elite at playing this game. I watch this game for football, not for life lessons.

  39. This is cultural bullcrap – If I grew up in Texarkana, TX, well, then I would demand getting whipped with a switch to right myself all the way out of that podunk backward town….the US is 440,000,000 million people, we shouldn’t all be judged the same.

  40. Filthymcfunny—-grow up! This not a Packer/Viking rivalry issue. It is a little more important than that!

  41. Can we all agree to stop with the “these guys don’t know how powerful they are” lines?

    Yes. They do. It’s their job to know just how powerful they are

  42. Spare the rod spoil the child! I pray for all people in prisons, drug dealers, murders, etc….. Let one without sin throw the first stone! America is growing so much and I’m so glad we are all so much more educated!! Lol.

  43. When you grow up surrounded by violence you learn to be violent. It’s just the way it is. Some people who grow up in abusive homes are better for it and would never hit their kids but others feel as though this form of punishment is normal. I commend the Vikings for deactivating AP and I am sure that a suspension is coming on Monday but ultimately AP needs support and counseling. What he and his children don’t need is to be condemned by the league due to the public outcry over this incident.

  44. I don’t know if the people defending AP have ever actually been around a four year old child, but it’s incomprehensible to me that anyone would beat a cowering child with a stick.

  45. This is going to be tough one on the Vikings and the NFL on his punishment. Ray Rice was intentionally trying to harm someone. AP was just trying to discipline a child. There is a difference. I think he went way too far on a 4 year old, so there should be some consequences. I think what he did was done out of ignorance and not malicious intent.

    Whatever his punishment is, I hope it includes some sort of counseling on parenting. I doubt he is aware of all the studies that have been done since he was a child being disciplined this way, as to what the long term effects are on children who are subjected to this parenting style.

  46. It is NOT normal to beat a 4 year old until he bleeds. It is abusive. I do not care how AP was raised. A thinking caring loving person DOES NOT draw blood from a 4 year old’s body with a tree switch or anything. Please do not defend this kind of sickening behavior..

  47. AD can not play for my team any more. Hope the Vikings cut him. Just wish we traded him to Jerry Jones before this…

  48. Unlikely, but, What if they traded the rights to his contract to another team? I mean, they certainly couldn’t just cut him, right? You gotta get something for AP, right?

  49. I had my taste of discipline but after one hit my parents couldn’t take the pain they caused so one smack worked. They did not stand over me and deliver blow after blow. If some of you think that’s ok I feel sorry for your kids that their parents don’t feel remorse for beating on their kids.

  50. The boy was 4. This was way too excessive. And he had defensive marks on his hands, so he was obviously trying to get away or make it stop. This was not just normal punishment–this crossed the line into abuse.

    A great lesson for a four year old to understand–son, we don’t push in our family; now let me beat you repeatedly so you learn not to use violence in this family

  51. This isn’t about spanking your child, isn’t about striking women, or about the redskins name or about leading with the head or hitting a defenseless player…this is about attacking football and diminishing its appeal. Its political correctness destroying the NFL. Its not going to quit.

  52. And last year, another of his kids got beat to death in South Dakota by his baby mama’s boyfriend.

    Bad things seem to happen to this guy’s kids. Just sayin.

  53. And the drama as the NFL we know it continues. It all started on opening night when Aaron Rodgers only targeted Richard Sherman’s side of the field once which led me to believe is this game becoming more rigged bc Rodgers is an ultimate competitor and allows no one to get the best of him. Then on Sunday Texans lose #1 overall pick to a knee injury which led me think is Clowney another overhyped injury prone bust. Then on Monday the whole Ray Rice ordeal and on Friday Adrian Peterson who lost a child a little more than a year ago to abuse is indicted on charges for whoop his 4 yr old son. Smh one week into the season and the drama is higher than ever only 16 more weeks of regular season left lets see how much more it will build

  54. Let’s just suppose he ends up pleading guilty to a misdemeanor, gets probation and counseling. What then? What should be his punishment from his employer? I suspect Goodell will go overboard and to the extreme on the opposite end here, just to show society he is tough now.

    As usual, people here go overboard. Rice should be banned for life. Peterson is being compared to the Taliban and one guy wrote he almost beat his kid to death and should be in prison for 10 years. Most of you have no idea how the criminal justice system even works. If these boards were the anonymous jurors, 50% of society would be in prison right now.

    Right now, the NFL just needs some consistency. Some players playing while going through court, some suspended asap.

  55. what are the laws for being out on bond? Does AP have to stay in TX? If not, can he travel w/ the Vikings if they reactivate him?

  56. My wife has said for several years that the NFL is “a soap opera for guys.” She also believes that at least some NFL games are fixed.

    Unfortuately, more and more, I am starting to believe her on both counts.

  57. Let’s not forget….

    He said he “didn’t intend” to harm the child. He “intended” to discipline him.

    If your child breaks a window in the house, i’m sure each and every one of us will “intend” to discipline the child. Unless of course you believe it’s ok to have your child break windows and get away with things like that. So he “intended to discipline” the child. Not harm the child.

    But if someone walks up, and harms someone in your family. bad example, but rapes your daughter or something. You will probably “intend” to harm that person.

    We have to remember, he never “intended” to harm the child. Just discipline the child. Sure, he might have harmed the child. But he never intended to. It wasn’t like he did this on purpose. He might have gotten carried away, or possibly didn’t realize how hard he was smacking the child with this switch.

    These athletes are much stronger than a lot of us are. They probably don’t realize that when they think they are smacking their child, that the force they have behind it, isn’t intended to be so much, but it is, because they are so strong.

    I agree with the part of discipline. Everyone needs to discipline their children when they are out of line. There probably isn’t enough discipline in this country anymore.

    But I don’t agree with the outcome!

  58. When we stepped out of line punishment was handed out in a public forum…my dad would pull out the 3′ oar, sit in a chair put the offender over his knee and spank away…this was done in front of the entire family to let us know…you break the rules you are going to get punished.

    I lived in fear…when growing up your parents are not your friends or equals they are here to teach.

  59. What I want to know is, where was Belicheat during all this? Yo, Adrian you better watch out, their going to put their Governor in prison for 20 years for using his Veto power! Hope you have a good lawyer!

  60. I am not yet 40 years old. When I was in jr high if you were bad you’d go to the office and get whacked with the paddle after they called your parents. This was only 25 years ago.

  61. Reading the comments in this, as well as the other related stories, I notice the Vikings are being lauded for their decision to deactivate Peterson this weekend.

    My question is what about next week and the weeks going forward, or is this week’s action just a calculated publicity stunt by the Vikings organization in the wake of the Ray Rice fiasco???

  62. I’m still waiting for someone to say “just kidding” about this whole mess. Are we really to the point in out society that we vilify a man for the way he raises his kids when there was no lasting damage, the kid probably learned a valuable lesson, and Peterson expressed the remorse in the necessity of said discipline? I got switched once as a kid for going in the road unattended and guess what? I never got switched again but I also never went into a road without asking permission until it was allowed. If your parents or you use a different form of parenting and it worked, then good for you. Kids are not the same all over and sometimes it takes a firm hand. This is stupid.

  63. A switch will typically leave marks and bruises. Not sure why the outrage over that?

    I know a lot of people see nothing wrong in general with spanking, but still…

    Even if you were a parent who had no problem with corporal punishment in school, tell me if your kindergartner came home looking like those photos after being punished for pushing a kid down on the playground, you would be totally fine with it and consider it “typical”.

    Easier to believe you’d be upset at the teacher for taking things much too far. And feel justified in reporting it to the authorities.

    So why does it really make any difference if it’s the parent doing the spanking? The same line was crossed.

  64. @classyjacklambert…….you got switched once as kid….once…im a huge peterson fan not anymore. this was a monthly occurence with all his kids and their mothers. he even bumped off his 2 year old for gods sake…vikings need to cut ties and fast

  65. The world has changed…for the better.
    Back in the 60’s my grandmother used to beat us with a “switch”. We just assumed that it was the way to raise kids. Now…if a child is beaten the adult must pay.

  66. Spanking a child is a parent’s choice. I, for one, am 100% against it unless there is no other way to get a response. That said, drawing a switch and spanking a four-year-old child with it is excessive. A four-year-old does not have the mental capacity to quite understand that sort of punishment. Shame on you, Peterson…

    Ray Rice and you can start your own league maybe…

  67. Reprehensible to tag a 4 year-old with a “switch” (initial reports were that it was his “11 year-old” son — big difference, ya think? And then this Team Purple bonehead has the nerve to smile for his mugshot (read: smug-shot). Any respect I had before is now gone. The NFL should suspend him the rest of the season for this crime of physical abuse against a 4 year-old child.

  68. there is a difference between a spanking and a beating. The league has set the bar so I guess his career is finished. Imagine the cap ramifications for Baltimore and Minnesota…

  69. You’ve got to be a psychopath to beat a 4 year old child. “FOUR” Years Old? Just how bad can a little 4 year old kid be to even consider any form of harsh punishment?

  70. What is wrong with the Ray Rice’s and Adrian Peterson’s of this world?
    Everyday something horrible happens now. I cannot imagine AD thinks hitting a 4 yr old with a switch would do nothing. Where is his brain?
    Obviously doesn’t have one, so suspend him with all the other idiots.
    Now lets get on and play football, this behavior has to stop, it’s ridiculous.

  71. To those who think this is no big deal I suggest you read the full account of what happened. Including Peterson’s texts. Peterson just had a son beaten to death and he goes and does something like this? I would cut that loser today.

  72. The pendulum swings one way and then it swings the other way. When I was a kid parents were allowed and given the right to discipline their kids. It was usually a spanking and then a hug with my parents saying they loved me and they don’t want to see that behavior from me anymore. It worked. But times have changed. Someone challenged spanking. The media grabbed onto it and it gained momentum in the public eye. Granted, over-discipline and abuse is a bad thing but that’s an educational issue for everyone. What has me more concerned is this developing attitude of punishment before the process has played out. In this country you are innocent until proven guilty, at least that’s how it’s supposed to be. While this is tragic and what Adrian did is wrong, the Vikings are making it worse by being the judge and jury on this issue and deactivating Peterson while the courts are working to get this legally resolved. Let the process come to a conclusion and then dole out the punishment.

  73. MDS Florin Gannt where is all the vitriol you had for Ray Rice gone. You guys constantly called what he did disgusting cowardly and ever other adjective you could think over. There was nothing but sarcasm every time someone opened there mouth in the slightest defense of the situation. Constantly repeating that he punched her in the face and knocked her out. You do the same thing with Vick constantly repeating that he tortured and electrocuted dogs in the most sarcastic way possible.

    But there has been none of that with Peterson. What he did is worse then what they did and I am shocked and disgusted by how your just blowing this off like it’s no big deal. He’s a child who looks like he he just came out of a Mel Gibson movie.

    Where is the outrage. I have come to have very low expectation of this site when it comes to normal football matters, but usually on these kind of issues you guys usually meet a pretty high standard. Which is why I am so disappointed in how you guys are handling this story.

  74. People comparing what Adrian Peterson did to his son to what Joseph Patterson did to AP’s 2-year old son are absolutely asinine.

    What Adrian Peterson did would not have killed the boy and to make the comparison is ridiculous.

    A switch is bound to leave a mark and it did. Those acting like he brutalized his child are ignorant. He may have gone too far with how many times he swatted him but you guys are lynching a guy over discipline.

  75. Jerry jones, Adrian Peterson on the phone. “Hi Jerry it’s Adrian. Remember that conversation we had a few months ago. Well I’m doing everything I can to get out of my contract with Minnesota. I should be a cowboy soon. Talk to u later.”

  76. The only surprising thing about all this is that AD and Rice don’t play for the Santa Clara 49’ers where felonious behavior is a team staple.

  77. When I was in Junior High school in the mid 70’s, I received a paddle to the behind a couple of times from the Principal. The paddle had holes in it and left some serious welts on my behind. Today they would throw the principal in jail, however it must admit it got my attention and I deserved what I got. I’m sure AP did what he thought was best, and did not intend to do bodily harm to his son. I think a switch at 4 years old might be a bit much. An open hand on his behind would have been appropriate I think. It is not against the law to spank a child. It’s the methods used and whether or not you injure the child that you have to be careful of when deciding to discipline in this way. I think AP may need to take some classes on the matter and learn from his mistake. While I think his intentions were to discipline and not injury his child, he needs to know what appropriate measures to take. God be with him!

  78. Worse than Rice, IMHO.

    Bruises and blood?

    He crossed the line.

    The NFL doesn’t like to admit it, but there are some very not nice persons playing in their league.

    AP should get at least what Rice does.

  79. I believe in disciplining in your children, it is your god given responsibility. I also believe the offense should match the punishment and obviously age should be considered but that is up to parents to decide what is best. As parents we all make mistakes, as human beings we are all imperfect and fall short of our ideals. I also firmly believe that your employer or the government has no business in your private life regardless of what your profession. While abuse occurs in all areas in life, we should not judge but reach out with help to those who demonstrate a need, whether parenting classes, anger management or counseling. I have no doubt that AP loves his son else he would not even bothered with him or his offense. Parents make mistakes, we emulate what we’re taught from our parents, and so and so…..AP made a mistake, an honest mistake but he should not lose his job, paycheck for it. How many people in the world make mistakes? Should our employer punish us for them? Should the government interfere in your private live just because you happen to play in the NFL? I think the media blows it up for publicity or rating, like the gawkers at a accident scene. It serves no purpose other than to sell more advertising by attracting more readers, thus benefitting from the mistake. It is not our business, it is not our place to judge him. That role is reserved for God. We all will be judged for what WE have done or not done. Our hearts will determine our final fate. Leave AP to his fate and give him and his family privacy. It is what you would want for yourself and your family

  80. My question is what about next week and the weeks going forward, or is this week’s action just a calculated publicity stunt by the Vikings organization in the wake of the Ray Rice fiasco???

    I wouldn’t call it a PR stunt. And I don’t think the Vikings should be “lauded” for it. It’s not unexpected under the circumstances, when their player was in the middle of traveling to another to state to turn himself in on an arrest warrant basically the day before the game.

    Similar deactivations have happened before, with other teams that had players run into trouble and get arrested on a Friday or Saturday, even if the arrests were local and not quite the same hot button issue in the media (e.g., DUI or disorderly conduct from a bar fight).

    But the whole Rice fiasco is a factor here on a lot of different levels, for the league, the Vikings, and maybe even the Texas prosecutor. None of which, IMO, bodes well for Peterson.

  81. He’s smiling in his mugshot. Really??? You beat your 4 year-old son with a stick and you’re smiling at your booking? This guy is sick. I hope he gets locked up and is kicked out of the NFL for good. He admits to what he did in texts to the mother. I hope the jury gets to read every incriminating word of it. ‘Roid rage and mental illness are a bad combination.

  82. I gotta agree with Paul George when he said keep it 100 lets act on this police violence like we actin on this Ray Rice (and the now the AP) case. He had some truth to his statement. Alot of energy regarding these cases and less about police violence…I SMELL HYPOCRITES!

  83. Isn’t this the same classy man who did not attend the funeral of his murdered child? A baby he sired but ” never really knew”? A baby beaten to death? And you are arguing about the overreaction of society, how you got whipped and turned out fine, how you are sick of hearing about it. Where is the concern for these kids??? What kind of upbringing promotes such callousness towards kids? I guess cowards tend to side with other cowards. When we don’t do enough to protect women and children, we are no better than the scum who hurt them. You are the same bunch who defended George Zimmerman. What a fine man he is, like so many of you.

  84. bradygirl12 says:
    Sep 13, 2014 11:29 AM
    He’s smiling in his mugshot. Really???

    That’s what they do in Texas.

    Look at the mug shots for Rick Perry and Tom DeLay.

  85. So, last month while the riots, looting, and vandalizing were taking place in Ferguson, people were up in arms about how blacks tend to not raise their children appropriately. Now, here we have AP who must have had a very good reason to discipline his child in the manner he did. Maybe the child said something that he felt was a way of thinking that would lead the child in the wrong direction. Maybe they were out shipping and the child stole something. We don’t know what happened. But it was a one time thing, and AP himself said it was the way his father raised him. Some people think it was overboard, some don’t. How many of problems with today’s youth can be attributed to lack of parental discipline?

    I think more information needed to be gathered before the Vikings, media, and public vilify AP. If the child isn’t being terrorized, abused repeatedly, or showing signs of mental trauma from how he is being raised, who are we to tell someone how to raise and discipline their kid??

  86. Anyone who thinks hitting a 4 yr old with a switch is an acceptable and appropriate way to punish a child is a total idiot. And using the excuse, “it’s how I was raised” is just ignorant. People also used to smoke and drink while pregnant but we’ve evolved, maybe it’s time you did the same. It’s been proven time and again corporal punishment only works in limited circumstances (immediate to the behavior you’re trying to stop) not well after the fact and never should switches, belts etc be used.

    And yes, I was hit as a child with wood spoons, paddles, hairbrushes etc but I have enough sense to know I won’t carry that forward to my children especially a 4 yr old.

  87. As a lifelong Vikings fan this is reprehensible. I understand he “unintentionally” caused the harm that he did, but how does he think that is going to make it acceptable? The child was 4 years old.

    I hope that the league doesn’t look at the Vikings deactivation as a means to not suspend him. He deserves at least 4 more games without pay and it wouldn’t bother me if it were 10 or the season. Sure my hometown team would suck and my fantasy football team is then dead – but anyone defending him at this point has one of those two interests in mind. I got spanked a few times as a child, doesn’t mean I am going to use it as an excuse to spank my children. I mean if your father cooked meth would it be acceptable for you to do the same, because he did it?

    If I’m the Vikings front office I’m calling Jerry Jones today and offering Peterson for Dez straight up.

  88. raptr7

    it doesn’t take long before the holy rollers step-up with time honoured dogma sanctioning violence against children …

    clinging to primitive idealism and rationalization gleaned from alleged ninth hand teachings of a mythical supernatural being … this to wound and scar a four year old child with a tree branch

    how barbaric does it get

    is it church sanctioned lunacy or lazy parenting by half educated zealots without the wit or skill to handle children …


    in canada, it is a criminal offence to strike a child … any child … and children have recourse through the Law

    the first to feel the wrath of the courts were fundamentalist right wing religious bodies dripping with spare-the-rod-spoil-the-child idiocy

    now the residential schools where the indian was beaten out of indians by the infinitely more savage church is being forced to make reparation to victims forty years after government supported shielding of the church

    protection of children was long overdue in canada but light years ahead of the united states where citizens hold a constitutional right to do violence and murder, this in proportion to the size of one’s cheque book it would appear

    what sick society advocates either beating a child raw with a branch for pushing another child to the ground, or keeping a special room with leather belts so as to administer whuppings to keep children in line

    put this goddamned savage in jail where he can whup someone his own size

  89. So Vikings fans are P.O.ed about Packer fans leaving negative remarks ?? I can’t even imagine what kind of trash talk ariani or codythao would have posted if this incident would have been a Packer player. A perfect example of what I’ll call a payback. Be careful what you trash talkers post because the tables can turn in a blink. My best to Petersons family. Hopefully Adrian gets counseling to control what appears to be an anger issue. Leave it on the field AP. And I’m a staunch Packer fan in GB.

    P.S., Let’s drop the nasty trash talk Minn fans, and you know who you are. Seriously ! It’s imbecile.

  90. gohawks7,

    Thank you because I know I saw more than one comment along those lines. Actual abusers know how to intimidate and not leave evidence. Peterson was disciplining his child and this should not even be in court or the public domain.

  91. Wow I just am in shock that people are actually trying to defend this . I am a huge Vikings fan and I am disgusted to the point I don’t want him on the team anymore , this was way above and beyond a typical spanking . I just wonder how much time his ” children” in name only have even spent with him ? You spank with an open hand maybe 1 or two times at that age not 15 times with a switch . Then to message the childs mother with ” I got a little good wit the switch ” thats just messed up .

  92. There is nothing, Nothing a 4 year old child could do to warrant such a whooping from an adult, period.

  93. petedutcherjr says:
    Sep 13, 2014 12:47 PM
    He did nothing wrong at all. And this isn’t a Vikings fan saying so.

    If you don’t think causing a four-year old to bleed is wrong, you could use some education.

  94. I support Adrian Peterson’s right to raise his child the way he sees fit and to correct his child to help him grow into a responsible adult.

    Today’s world is full of children who we pay to house who were never beaten the crap out of as a child when they did wrong.

    I was beat the snot out of when I did wrong.

    I got whipped by switch.,belt and occasional open face slap and I deserved it every time I got that done to me.

    Being a conceited, spoiled little snot does that to you.

    This world has gone plum crazy when you cannot raise your child in the ways your family raised you and everyone who has no investment in your child’s future thinks they have ANY right to say you raised or corrected your child wrong.


    Adrian Peterson can babysit my kids anytime he wants to because I know they will be corrected properly and will be a credit to their families and to themselves as they grow up.

    You people who have caused the law to arrested this man have totally lost your ever loving minds.

  95. Guys… We gotta start showing more love for the running back. It’s clearly evident that these guys are leaving the fiels with pent up frustrations. The receiver is the new loved ones.

    In the past the great ones were running backs; Walter Peyton, Emmit Smith et el. Now it’s Megatron, Julio Jones, Crabtree etc.

    If you run into a running back at the Mall or Restaurant, just give them a hug and let them know, yes you’re a number 2 but everyone needs a number 2, even Dr. Evil.

  96. I was also beat with a belt. But not at 4 years old. Do U think that this child of 4 is not going to be afraid of AP? How about exploring other ways to discipline a 4 year old. Take away what he likes to play with,put him in time out, etc. is hitting the only way? B C we were hit, does it make it right. Hitting is not the way. It puts fear into a child. That is not a good foundation for a father son relationship. U R a professional football player, then be a professional father not an armature.

  97. Let’s get the facts straight here with the recent actions of Players and the NFL discipline of these players:

    1. The NFL is not a Law Body. We have laws in place which the Law’s job is to find someone guilty or innocent and you are innocent until proven guilty.
    The NFL is not another level of the law or above the law.

    2. I don’t condone what Ray Rice did but no one mentioned that Alcohol was certainly involved. It appears his wife is holding a drink in her hand. He was not found guilty and subsequently married her. He is suspended indefinitely by the NFL and the NFL knew what happened before. Why do you think Goodell keeps saying he got his 2 game suspension wrong.

    3. Adrian Peterson takes a switch to his child and is indicted by a Grand Jury

    4. The NFL just doesn’t get it

    Josh Brent is convicted of DUI and kills someone. Yes he took a human life. Jerry Brown is gone forever and not coming back.

    Ray Rice’s wife is still alive and Adrian Peterson son is fine.

    Josh Brent will soon be playing football again

    What is wrong with this scenario and how the NFL punishes their players

    If I go drinking I have a DD or I take a cab.
    These players make enough money to hire a driver to chauffeur them around. They just don’t get it but you must make money for the NFL

    A DUI offense should be a automatic one year suspension.
    If you kill someone you should be banned for life from football.

    These players just don’t get it and neither does the NFL

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