Dan Snyder issues statement in support of Roger Goodell

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If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell were ranking from top to bottom the owners from whom he’d currently like to receive a written, published statement of support, Washington owner Daniel Snyder would have been No. 32.

But Snyder official has become the second owner (joining Bears chairman George McCaskey) to issue a written statement of support for Goodell.

“Roger Goodell has always had the best interests of football at heart, both on and off the field,” Snyder said in a statement released Saturday morning.  “We are fortunate to have him as our Commissioner.  The entire Washington Redskins organization strongly endorses his efforts to eradicate domestic abuse and the independent investigation into the Ray Rice assault.”

The timing of the release of the statement is odd.  The support would have meant a lot more on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday; it may go largely unnoticed on a Saturday morning.  Which the league office may prefer, since the issuance of statements of support at a time when a lull in the controversy has developed serves only to end the lull.

Besides, it’s impossible to consider any comment from Snyder on the matter without wondering whether he’s thanking Goodell for his decision to not make a run at changing the name of Snyder’s team — and whether Snyder hopes to keep it that way.

For Snyder, the Rice-Goodell controversy has helped nudge the simmering name-change debate into the background.  But there are similarities between the two issues.

Ultimately, the NFL’s owners will not allow themselves to be influenced by external pressure, on any issue.  If outside voices can force a franchise to change its dictionary-defined slur of a name or compel the owners to hire a new captain for their 300-foot, gold-plated, money-printing yacht, those outside voices could potentially cause men not accustomed to taking orders from others to do just about anything.

104 responses to “Dan Snyder issues statement in support of Roger Goodell

  1. Why does every entry on this once very enjoyable site have to turn in an op-ed piece? You do an outstanding job of putting football news in one place but the constant vitriol tarnishes it.

  2. “Doesn’t the Washington Redskins name controversy seem trivial now with all the abuse scandals in play?”

    Yeah but rest assured Florio will bring it up anyway.

  3. Roger, just take the money you have made and ride out of Dodge. No matter what you decide on Peterson, you will be crucified.
    People don’t want the courts to decide punishment anymore. You are now judge, jury, and executioner.

  4. You can’t run a successful business without being aware of and adapting to external pressures. This idea that owners are these dictators who do what they want without influence from the outside is naive and ignores the changes and evolution in the NFL over the past 5-10 years.

    Seems like PFT has become increasingly anti-owner and league office over the past few years, might be a good idea to get to know the owners better to get a more balanced perspective.

  5. Ex-Clipper boss Sterling says Goodell is okay in his book too.

    After the latest NFL PR fiasco having to deal with child beater Peterson, Goodell will welcome leaving his 40 million dollar gig; it’s not worth it.

  6. Florio loves pushing his opinions into these “articles” now. It’s hilarious, I can tell which post is a Florio post before clicking the link just based on the topic.

  7. Number 1 rule of business:

    It’s best to keep the devil you know, than to replace him with the devil you don’t know.

  8. “Dictionary defined slur”. Since that is your reasoning, why dony we change the definition like they have changed many other definitions over the years? I propose that the definition be changed to reflect what the word Redskin meant to all of us about there years ago: the mascot of a professional football team that plays in Washington, D.C.

  9. How sick is it that the owners have to tell us they approve. It is another cover up of where Gödel has taken a game I use to love. I just read the first 12 articles on PFT 10 were about the drugs or off field violence. Thank goodness for the fantasy football lovers or this game would be going backwards.

  10. Roger must be thinking, don’t help!

    Think of the owners who have openly supported Goodell … Pay back for Spygate, Redskins as a term of pride?

    Maybe? C’mon Jerry, you’ve got a case pending. Where’s Irsay and Haslam?

  11. Actually, Jerry Jones and Steve Biscotti are on record as supporting Goodell, too. So, that makes 4 owners. And zero have voiced any displeasure. There’s only 28 other people on the face of the Earth whose opinion matter. The real story here is that Roger Goodell is going nowhere.

  12. The NFL owners like Goodell because he has no spine and can be pushed around easily. Since the NFL is almost like a federal institution anymore, I think the commissioner should be selected by a 3rd party vote by law IMO – not owners that want a puppet commissioner. Because this is what you get with a commissioner that simply does the owners’ bidding. You get a commish that looks the other way when men left cross their women on elevator cameras.

    Racist idiot Snyder is endorsing Goodell solely on the basis that he is not forcing the name change. The man is so transparent. I don’t remember Napoleon complex Snyder loving Goodell do much when the Washington NFL Franchise took $36 million of their cap for two years. Snyder needs to go as much as Goodell. He has been am absolute nightmare of an owner here in the DC area since he took over the team. Even Peter Angelos seems like a sweet guy in comparison. At least he didn’t fire 50 staff members on his first day (including old ladies that had worked for the team for decades).

    Change the name you greedy fool. The name is racist and has racist origins. This makes you a racist for insisting to keep it. Better yet, sell the team.

    A 35-years Washington NFL Franchise fan.

  13. brownsmakemecrazy says:
    Sep 13, 2014 9:57 AM
    Seems like the NFL is filled with idiots, owners, players, and especially Goodell.

    Seems like the percentage of good guys in this league is very small

    don’t agree with that at all…. Of course when STAR players get into trouble it’s going to make headlines (as it should) but there are many players out there who do good things in the community and are good people.The MAJORITY, I’d say. The media just isn’t broadcasting those things 24/7 like they are with Rice and AD

  14. “vladdrac69 says:Sep 13, 2014 10:36 AM

    The NFL owners like Goodell because he has no spine and can be pushed around easily. Since the NFL is almost like a federal institution anymore, I think the commissioner should be selected by a 3rd party vote by law IMO – not owners that want a puppet commissioner.”

    Would you also like all CEO’s of major corporations elected by 3rd party vote also? Look at what our public votes have elected to run our country in the government. Thank you but no, I prefer the stockholders and owners of a company select the person they deem most fit to represent their wishes.
    Sounds to me like you are advocating the government to run the NFL.

  15. Way to trivialize domestic violence by attempting to draw similarities between it and the Redskins name change debate…totally demeaning to victims of abuse.

  16. Actually Snyder is a good owner to have on your side, much higher than #32. This is because a majority of Americans support Snyder’s right to keep calling the team the Redskins. I always thought Snyder was a clown but gained respect for him for standing up to the PC lynch mob.

  17. thinredline69 says: Sep 13, 2014 9:51 AM

    Doesn’t the Washington Redskins name controversy seem trivial now with all the abuse scandals in play?
    The Washington Slurs are abusing an entire race with their name. So not trivial, more like same same.

  18. Coming soon on PFT:

    OBAMA TO GOODELL: “MAN I’M GLAD I’M NOT YOU” – “All I need to worry about is war, Middle East, economy, terrorism, and Michelle. You got domestic violence, racial tension, mental health (concussions / suicides), and drugs.”

  19. Although I don’t think the Redskins should have to change their name, I understand that others disagree but does everything have to be an anti Redskins rant on this site.

  20. Well, I did chuckle at the headline… even though I fully support the REDSKINS name. They did beat my 82 Dolphins and that will always burn but there are certain things you have to stand up for.

    Not to be one-upped… Jerry Jones will be releasing a statement shortly, he’s just been a little busy with the whole groping thing.

  21. yes florio has become a rabble rouser. a muckraker. he fashions himsel the conscience of the fan.

    mike try one time to write an article on football and not the legal system.

  22. I find it curious than not one owner has come forward publicly to blast Goodell and want him gone.

    That tells me 2 things. These owners are morally and ethically bankrupt and 2. they prefer their gobs of money and control over players than they do about the truth and doing business the right way.

  23. 29% of Americans, 0% of NFL Owners and 100% of NBC and its Affiliates (such as MSNBC and Profootballtalk.com) just cannot understand that the Redskins name and Roger Goodell are not going anywhere.
    Did you see the TV ratings for the Ravens game? America just wants football.

  24. Are we expected to take these endorsements of Goodell by his puppet masters as some kind of blessing from the gods? Magical words that can absolve even lies that may have been told?

    “Independent” investigation being done by a man who works for a firm that helped the NFL land a huge mega moola DirecTV deal? And they think there are fools who will swallow this garbage?

    Such arrogance. It will be fun to watch the fall.

  25. “Goodell certainly must have assured Snyder: “The Washington Redskins name remains as long as I’m commissioner, Dan”…wink, wink.”

    So, we can expect a name change before the end of the month?

  26. Nice one Dan. If we could only get Dick Cheney, Peewee Herman and OJ Simpson to declare their support for Roger Goodell, I’d feel more confident about the Commish.

  27. Nothing new here. Roger has naked pictures of all the owners. Maybe not literally, except for Jerry Jones of course, but figuratively. For Danny it’s his beloved Redskins name.

  28. It’s 100% a choice to be offended/hurt by a team name that’s not meant to cause offense to anyone.

    On the other hand it’s NOT a choice to be hurt by an attacker like Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson.

  29. The NFL must have sent out memos asking for support. Now they have it from twerp man and a few others who are not the sharpest knives in the owner’s drawer. Interestingly, most other owners have remained silent.

  30. In a shocking development: Greedy, unconscionable, overbearing jerk of a commissioner gets support from greedy, unconscionable, overbearing jerk team owner.

  31. The best part of this article is that was forced to type the word Redskins because it was a direct quote.

  32. “Roger Goodell has always had the best interests of football at heart, both on and off the field”

    I think everybody has figured that out already when he tried to brush this aside to get back to football. Too bad other people care about things other than football.

  33. Snyder has his own problems with that racist team name. Is he expecting a statement of mutual support from the Commish?

    I do not think he is going to get it.

  34. I don’t care if it involves altering a quote, but NOBODY should be allowed to call it an “independent” investigation. Or if you allow it, immediately explain how there is no possible way that the NFL will conduct an “independent investigation.”

  35. Hail to the Redskins!!!
    If you think that is a racist slur directed to Native Americans, then middle finger to you for being judgmental and propagating the unintened, racial context of the term.

  36. Man, Snyder sure does seem committed to being on the wrong side of history on every issue imaginable.

    Next he’s going to be announcing a new initiative to promote the beating of 4 year old children with sticks.

  37. Snyder would be #30 on Goodell’s list. I have to believe Jim Irsay and Jimmy Haslam would take the #31 & #32 positions.

    It’s up to debate who would be slotted where.

  38. Dearest Roger,

    “I’ll save your backside, and you’ll scratch mine by leaving the name ‘Redskins’ alone… Capiche?”

    Sincerely, Dan Snyder

  39. Now you see why Goodell makes $44 million.

    He does the bidding of 32 billionaire owners. No name change for the ‘Skins.

  40. Of course it’s a move to butter up Goodell for supporting him with the Skins name. That’s just smart, scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Makes perfect sense to me.

  41. As if Goodell does not have enough problems. Now he is linked to a fool. Next thing you know Jerry Jones will come to his aid.

  42. STHU DAN SYNDER. I’m telling you the NFL IS LOOKING LIKE THE MOFIA WITH RODGER GOODELL HEAD CRIME BOSS AND HIS LUEINTENTS (owners) ARE HIS PARTNERS IN CRIME. I sent a letter to US Attorney’s office asking for a congressional investigation into the NFL.

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