Report suggests prosecutor gave Ray Rice preferential treatment

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The prosecutor in the Ray Rice case claims that he wasn’t showing leniency when he allowed Rice to get off with a pre-trial intervention program for punching his wife. The data suggests that in reality, the prosecutor gave Rice a sweetheart deal that is almost unheard of for violent crimes like Rice’s.

ESPN reports that less than 1 percent of domestic violence assault cases in New Jersey end with pre-trial intervention. In the past four years in New Jersey, there have been 15,029 domestic violence cases involving assault. Only 70, or 0.47 percent, have ended with the pre-trial intervention that prosecutors gave Rice.

Richard Sparaco, a defense attorney with more than 30 years of experience in Atlantic County, told ESPN that he has never heard of a crime as violent at the crime Rice committed resulting in pre-trial intervention, or PTI.

“I can’t say I’ve ever had a violent crime of this nature accepted into the PTI — in any county,” he said. “With this type of domestic violence and the video that we’ve all seen now, you’d have to say if a prosecutor sees that video, it would be quite surprising to us defense attorneys to see acceptance into the PTI program.”

Sparaco isn’t the only one surprised that Atlantic County prosecutor James P. McClain allowed Rice to have pre-trial intervention.

“I was stunned,” said Donna D’Andrea, a legal advocate for The Women’s Center in Linwood, New Jersey. “I’m outraged . . . I believed PTI was an inappropriate response in this case.”

A grand jury initially charged Rice with aggravated assault in the third degree causing bodily injury, a felony that carries a sentence of three to five years in prison. Instead, the deal McClain gave Rice means all Rice has to do to avoid legal consequences is take anger management counseling and stay out of further legal trouble for 12 months. If he does that, the case will be wiped from his legal record for good.

In other words, McClain looks as bad as Roger Goodell. Which is hard to do right now.

88 responses to “Report suggests prosecutor gave Ray Rice preferential treatment

  1. He already said this is because the women did not have a mark on her. How many of those 99% were similar?

  2. Perhaps bringing this to light will bring a change to all the country. In the country everywhere athletes from Highschool to Pro get slaps on the wrists for crimes that others pay dearly for. I don’t expect this to be the case, but it would be nice if our Judicial System would move into that direction.

  3. Just imagine the outrage if the NFL had suspended Rice indefinitely after the DA gave him a pinkie slap but before the tape came out. The media and many fans would have been more outraged over “over reaction” by Goodell than they are now.
    In this case, the NFL was damned no matter what they did.

  4. In other words, McClain looks as bad as Roger Goodell. Which is hard to do right now.


    That says it all. If there was a motivation behind what either Goodell and McClain did, I would like to hear it. Neither of them could have a plausible excuse for their actions, especially McClain because he saw the video. (Goodell probably watched it, too.)

  5. When I was 20 years old I had to serve 12 days in jail for fighting. Now I realize what I did wrong. And that was not being an NFL star before I did it.

  6. Yawn, Ray Rice made one mistake now he’s the face of domestic abuse? No second chances even though He has never had an previous indiscretions. A 27 year old and his family should be destroyed? We’ve seen this before. These blogs and social media have become a new age lynch mob.

  7. Its called having money. Rich people can get away with more crime than poor to average people . Just that simple

  8. I was a Prosecutor for 25 years. My office would have prosecuted him in a heartbeat. He would have done time. Not a lot of time 30-90 days … but he would have gone to jail (VA). Guarantee it.

  9. “In the past four years in New Jersey, there have been 15,029 domestic violence cases involving assault.”
    I know Ray Rice & the NFL are high profile targets but my goodness, there has been this many & 1 of 15,029 has been world news & just now bringing out groups like NOW & the female senators? This is insane that they have to attach their agendas to these 2 men (1 who didn’t commit a crime at all) when there are over 10 of these crimes committed a day. Maybe the NFL isn’t filled with that many criminals, atleast not compared to New Jersey.

  10. The sports league, the team, and the team’s fans are not the criminal justice system.

    Those offended by the prosecutor’s decision to offer PTI should focus on changing the law.

  11. We don’t subscribe to Communism which everybody getting the same treatment is all about. It’s not like Hollywood celebrities don’t get preferential treatment either. It’s not right; it is reality.

  12. KIR couldn’t sound any dumber. There’s a difference between a “mistake” and completely knocking out your fiancé. Then there’s the issue of how often the violence has happened prior to it being caught on film. You really think this just coincidentally happened to be the first time and it was caught on film ?! You really think up until the incident that Ray Rice had never been violent towards her, then–for the first time ever–hit the woman? If you think that, you know little about human behavior and lack common sense.
    But of course Americans are too stupid on average to think things through. You can tell by looking at the pathetic inability to spell and write coherent sentences in the comments’ sections.

  13. I can’t take another word about Ray Rice, AP, or RG. Please don’t talk about it tomorrow and ruin Football Day In America.

  14. So what is the problem? You think Ray Rice will be the last athlete to punch a woman? I don’t condone this of course, I have never hit a woman because I was raised the right way. But for these Women’s Rights world Organizations and PC Correct Police their ultimate chase for a perfect world is a pipe dream. Read my lips… it will never happen.

    We are human beings not robots. Unfortunately, this type of stuff will continue. But to make Rice and Goodell the punching bags for their crusade is also wrong.

    As for the sports media (NBC, ESPN, CBS etc…) why would you bite off the hand that feeds you? Without the NFL most of you would be without a job or have a job with LESS PAY. Again, I believe no man should ever strike a woman but don’t make Ray Rice and Goodell (NFL) the ultimate sacrifice either. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  15. The prosecution, the NFL, the media… they all have mud on their face! And this will not change as long as there is so much inconsistency in the application of the law, the application of the rules, coverage, etc.

  16. Again for the third time….

    Its NJ, and the prosecutor is a Rutgers alumnus.
    Its not surprising to anybody who lives in this state.

  17. “Liberal prosecutors are what is killing this nation.”

    This wins the internet award for dumbest comment today

  18. I’m so sick of hearing about this. Pft is like an angry flea on the NFL’s back. It needs the NFL to survive but it does everything it can to make life miserable.

    And to the liberal prosecuters guy, please turn off Fox news! This country isn’t ruined, its fine. Stocks are up, housing and banking are back on track and the auto industry didn’t collapse. Things aren’t great but we are a lot better off than we were in 2007.

  19. “If McClain looks as bad as Roger Goodell to you step away from the computer for the day, you’ve lost all perspective.”

    Hey Rockyburnette……hows this for perspective…Goodell punished Rice far more than the “legal system” did even before the video even came out. The prosecutor and judge are the actual people who should be scrutinized here….not Goodell.

    Bottom line: the “counseling” decision is a joke. Rice deserves the NFL punishment, the court system did not do it’s job. A point of discussion regarding when Goodell know about the video is moot.

    Goodell should not lose his job……the spotlight should be centered on the wife beater Rice and McClain for cutting a irresponsible deal.

    Perspective enough for you?

  20. While people are crapping on Goddell, lets give some benefit of the doubt; if the law considers this case a 0.74% of domestic violence, without seeing the video, who is the NFL to judge further than that?

    Especially given the “standard” of punishment the NFL has dished out in other, non videotaped, abuse cases over the past 5-10, 20 years.

    Instead of the supposedly and suddenly outraged groups and others piling on the fashionable villain, Goddell and the NFL, maybe they should be flying banners of protest for the NJ DA’s office first and foremost.

  21. This is no different then what Pointdexter (the prosecutor in the Vick case) did for Vick. Had Mike Vick been sent to jail on the animal abuse alone (forget the racketeering charge), he’s still be in jail. The racketeering plea carried less time than the animal abuse laws. Professional athletes get special consideration at almost every juncture in the american & local legal community.

  22. “Commenting off the bench for the Chargers” ,

    how do you know Ray Rice isn’t really a vampire who’s lived for over 800 years and who originally came to Earth from outer space? I mean, I don’t know, but you don’t know either.

  23. I got into worse trouble for having less than a gram of weed in a car that I was riding in. America’s legal system is ridiculous.

  24. “In other words, McClain looks as bad as Roger Goodell. Which is hard to do right now.”

    What a lazy analogy. At best. In reality, probably made because it fits the ongoing witch hunt this site has undertaken.

    Prosecutor = an office elected by the public to help protect the same public from crime. To include, you know, domestic violence, assault, and battery. As such, prosecutors owe an enormous obligation to the public.

    NFL Commissioner = hired by the owners of a business enterprise to run its operations. Absolutely no obligations owed to the public. Only to the owners.

    The prosecutor turns the other cheek on a man who committed a violent crime in the very community the prosecutor took an oath to protect, and Goodell is somehow as culpable?

    That defies even the most “liberal” concept of logic.

  25. As a female I have several issues with the way Ray Rice is being demonized in the media..Thumbs down welcome but this is my IHO…

    1st) The video I saw shows Janay Rice entering the elevator while turning to Ray Rice walking several feet behind her and she appears to be in the midst of a rant. He has his hands in his pocket. After entering the elevator, she is on one side and he is on the other. You can see both involved in an argument, but it is MRS. RICE who lunges across that elevator as if to be in the position to physically attack him.

    2nd)2nd) Ray Rice has no prior history of violence and no previous history of any type of crimminal behavior, yet he is being destroyed in the realm of pubic opinions.

    3rd) No one is above losing their temper. Females want to be equal to a male, equal pay, equal opportunity and that is the way it should be, but when it comes to accepting accountability for their actions when in confrontation with a male, they suddenly want to be less than equal. No man should be allowed to beat the hell out of his significant other, but he should be allowed to defend himself if a female initiates a physical altercation.

    4th) Where in the world were all these hate filled comments and judgemental opinions when Solange Knowles assaulted Jay Z in a New York hotel elevator? NOPE, not one demand for that female who started the altercation and then initiated a vicious physical assault on another individual to be held accountable even legally.

    As the daughter of a military father who faught in WWII and never physically disciplined me, always let my mother have that responsibility because he didn’t believe a man should discipline a girl. He did however teach me that a woman should never put herself in a man’s place. My brothers were taught not to hit a female unless they had to defend themselves. People use statistics to defend domestic violence being mainly a man against woman issue, but there are plenty of men who have been victims of domestic violence but never report it because of how society views a man reporting a woman. We start our young boys out when their children and experience a female bully in school to “be a big boy” and take it. A grown man won’t report domestic violence against him at the hands of a female because he should “man up and take it”…

    Man or woman, we as society should expect accountability across the board regardless, and this grown woman who is well educated and doesn’t fit the atypical abused female has admitted she played a part in this altercation. Further more, the NFL has allowed back and forgiven Stallworth who killed a person with his vehicle while driving intoxicated as did Josh Brent. This incident with Mr. and Mrs. Rice has turned into a modern day witch hunt! Let this family continue with counseling and heal!!

  26. It’s insane. What makes Atlantic County prosecutor James P. McClain think that he can mis-characterize the treatment he gave to Ray Rice and not be fact checked?

    All he had to say–and he was in an authoritative position from which to say it–all he had to say was:

    “I just want people to know the decision was made after careful consideration of the law, careful consideration of the facts, hearing the voice of the victim and considering all the parameters.

    “Mr. Rice has no previous record and he plays an active role in and has made positive contributions to the community where he lives.

    “This was the basis of my decision.”

    Period. Walk away.

    But no. He comes out with some kind of unnecessary Bee-Ess suggesting that Ray was treated like everyone else when we all know that money and fame can grease a lot of wheels and did so in this case.

    He set himself up for this.

  27. Have you ever heard of a NYJ player named Bryan Thomas? Google his name + abuse and you will read about a lovely tale of him, drugs, and what he did to his wife when he got a PTI.

    NFL players get preferential treatment all the time.

  28. You have finally found your niche. These stories are so much better than the Get Rid of the Redskins’ Offensive Name stories maybe, in part, because these are based on law, not emotion. (I heard somewhere you are a lawyer.)

  29. NEWS FLASH: This is just coming across my desk as we speak. It would seem to be that rich and famous people are treated differently from the rest of the general population with regards to the legal system. Absolutely unheard of. We will be digging into this as soon as our rich bosses allow us to do so.

  30. Remember The Pledge of Allegiance? The part about “Justice for all”? Yeah, I think this is what they were referring to.

  31. Holy cow, PFT!!! I have been saying…no, SCREAMING this since day one!! In MY 30 years, I have never heard of a violent offense getting PTI!!! I have even tried to post NJ’s Rule dealing with PTI and highlighted the specific passage that says “acts of violence” are EXCLUDED from PTI (of course, that previous post did not get posted).

    Jesh, start reading my post… : )

  32. So many people need an education on Spouse Abuse outside the NFL, because it is about to wreak havoc on the NFL.

    Spouse Abuse is not about protecting women, it is about giving them leverage in Court to make more money.

    What is to keep gambling types to instigate this crap with NFL players and their spouses? I am playing against AP…Video AP…lets take him down since I have so much money riding on him doing poorly.

    You think it isn’t coming? Think is coming.

  33. I can’t help but wonder if there could be any reason why prominent Rutgers alumni James P. McClain would give prominent Rutgers alumni Ray Rice special treatment.

  34. On his way out, Goodell should expand that concussion lawsuit to include the wives and girlfriends of the NFL.

    After being knocked around (and sometimes out cold) they’re going to need it. Very sad…

  35. Meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s children now have a nice trust fund in the Bahamas for their college education.

  36. What’s the BIG deal??? The rich & powerful have always received slaps on the wrist. Now, all of a sudden folks want the book thrown at Ray??? Still mad about Ray Lewis? O.J.? Where was the outcry and candlelight vigils for the victims of Robert Blake & Phil Spector??? This reeks of racism and I smell the all too familiar odor of financial envy.

  37. As New Orleans Saints fans would say “Even Ray Charles (RIP) could see that Ray Rice due to his sports stars power go a slap on the wrist in New Jersey by the ahem justice system.”

  38. And people are shocked WHY? Look at OJ FFS..he killed 2 people and got away with it! …Look @ Ray Lewis…

  39. Been married to my wife for 33 years, and I’ve managed to not hurt her. Rice, punches the clock
    before he’s ringed her. Maybe that punch is the way he thought to “train” her for the coming years of devotion. Doesn’t take a video to know
    what happened. Sucker punched her. He has no
    more place in football. Keep him out!

  40. Don’t y’all kno anything if u have had a clean arrest record ur 1st offense u get a break it’s the next one that gets u some time wake up people really

  41. As someone who works in the criminal justice system I can comment first hand on how frustrating domestic violence is. Many of the victims recant and refuse to testify against their abuser. Many end up back together.

    The cases are extremely hard to prosecute when the victim does not want to testify and recants their original statement. Defense attorneys obviously feed off that when the case goes to trial. “How can you prosecute my client when there’s no complainant?”

    You want what’s best for the victim but without their cooperation not much can be done. I’m not saying this is the case here, but I’m sure the victim’s statements played into it. I still know more could have been done. Just because the case will be more difficult doe not mean you should not pursue it.

    I always feel so bad for the victim’s because the likliehood of recidivism with domestic violence is incredibly high.

  42. I don’t understand all the outrage against Ray Rice. She attacked him, hit him at least three times and he smacks her with a closed hand and she gets knocked out. While he should not have done that, it is NOT illegal, nor against any NFL rule. I’d like to see this couple go after the NFL and get justice. The only person who committed a crime was his wife.

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