Roddy White dubs PFT “complete asswholes” for highlighting his Adrian Peterson tweet


On Friday night, as the worst five-day period in NFL history (I really wish that were hyperbole) was coming to a conclusion, Falcons receiver Roddy White spat a masticated cherry atop a rancid pile of bad news and half-truths.

“I’m probably going to lose my fantasy football matchup this week cause [Adrian Peterson] can’t play Sunday for disciplining his child Jesus help us,” White said on Twitter, reacting to the Vikings’ decision to deactivate their star running back after Peterson was indicted for reckless or negligent injury to a child.

White, presumably after hearing from his coach, G.M., owner, and/or agents, deleted the tweet, replacing it with an apology.

“I should not have made light of a very serious situation,” Whte said.  “I understand the strong feelings about this issue and i shouldn’t have said that.”

But the apology apparently wasn’t genuine.  Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lashed out at PFT for writing a post about his insensitive, ugly, and awful remark about the Peterson situation.

[Y]ou guys are complete asswholes,” White said in a tweet directed to the PFT account.

I’ve interviewed Roddy White both in person and by phone, and he seems like a nice guy.  But he’s done some misguided things over the years, starting with his decision to display a “Free Mike Vick” T-shirt under his game jersey and continuing with periodic regrettable remarks on Twitter that are largely overlooked by the media.  This one was too big to ignore, so MDS wrote an item about it.

Basically, White wants to be sorry for his idiotic statement on his own terms.  He apparently believes that deleting the tweet and adding an apology will mean that he never said the insensitive, ugly, and awful thing he said.  He also apparently believes that anyone who fails to participate in the charade is an “asswhole.”

If that’s the definition of an “asswhole,” then we’ll gladly whear that badge.

165 responses to “Roddy White dubs PFT “complete asswholes” for highlighting his Adrian Peterson tweet

  1. “This one was too big to ignore”

    He said the same thing millions of fantasy players said at the exact same time.

    Of course there are also millions more who was AP gone for the season so they don’t have to play against him.

  2. insensitive, awful and ugly is a little much in describing roddy’s post. Is it not OK to have am opinion or joke around? Kids need discipline!

  3. To be fair, you guys do make players out to be villains just because they don’t have the same opinions as you.

    When in reality, the majority of your readers feel AP should be able to discipline his child with a switch if he wants to.

    Its kind of sad, really, how the media truly controls this country. And kudos to you, Mike, your opinion actually shapes the NFL landscape.

  4. This game is going to be torn down by people like pft, espn, etc. Let the courts handle it, and let athletes say what they want like everyone in this country does! The media needs to stop!

  5. The media is too much these days. I’m sick of how sensitive everyone is. If you watch hardknocks you can tell from Roddy White’s personality that a tweet like that has a comical base to it, just like his personality.

  6. Athletes and twitter… Nothing to gain and everything to lose. Roddy White and Paul George are perfect examples of athletes not in touch with reality and public opinion.

  7. Haha, seriously though PFT…… How about you leave this crap to TMZ and start reporting on actual football?

    When did the NFL become the moral compass for our society? Are people really surprised that the NFL has some borderline characters in it? Because I will let you in on a little secret it’s always been that way. These guys are entertainers not role models. Watch, don’t watch, I don’t care but stop with the sanctimonious crap! If you are looking to NFL players for right/wrong you have bigger issues.

  8. If your first thoughts after hearing Adrian Petersen was indicted for child abuse was that you were going to lose fantasy football points, then you, like Roddy White and Adrian Petersen, are an “asswhole!”

  9. The point, his point is. Is this newsworthy? I saw the pics. Unfortunately, there are going to be scratches and then later bruises left regardless of the force when you use a switch. It’s the same as trying to walk thru thick bushes and shrubbery with shorts on. This should not be national news and is more of a bad object to use more so than abuse. He should have used a belt if he was going to spank the child.

  10. Maybe it’s like insinuating that you guys are the whole ass, which is somehow worse than being the hole, specifically. So it’s a larger area of ass that you guys are. Maybe this is the most genius insult ever and we don’t even know. Maybe.

  11. He’s right…..there is less and less REAL FOOTBALL talk in here anymore. You’d rather post stories about a “protest” at the Houston/REDSKINS game that had a total of 5 “protesters” than the game itself……

    …..sad state of affairs in here anymore.

  12. This has been the worst week in NFL history? Hyperbole much? Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth, Michael Vick, O.J., Leonard Little, Donte Stallworth, Darryl Henley and who knows how many other instances of domestic abuse yet [i]this[/i] is the worst week in NFL history. Guess there wasn’t enough video.

  13. Hey, he said the truth and his comment wasn’t deleted! Good for him, but I would have thrown a “terrible grammar” joke in there while I was at it, since it is pft.

  14. Have you morons seen the pictures? That is so far beyond “discipline” it’s not funny…. As a life long Vikings fan, I would love to defend him, but the degree with which he took his “discipline” is literally indefensible. I wish someone would beat Roddy White with a switch….you know, for making my fantasy team suck by always being injured. 🙂

  15. sorry, This Is Not About culture, Familychoice, or the media. A man beat his child so hard that days later his doctor said it was abuse and this included bruises on his scrotum. Discipline is not an excuse to damage a human being. If culture includes deeply injuring people to insert power, than culture needs a wake up. And I can’t even get into fantasy football needs. Joke priority.

  16. You guys provide a lot of fast and generally accurate football news. But you sure are full of yourselves. All it sounded like Roddy White was doing was voicing an opinion about corporal punishment (i.e. that he’s ok with applying it to discipline your own children (which a lot of other people also agree with btw)). Nobody, including Roddy, is advocating that it was a good thing that the child suffered some relatively minor injuries in this particular case. I think he was merely saying what a lot of other people also feel. That disciplining your own children is up to the parents (obviously to a degree within an upper limit). And like millions of other people, was simply disappointed to learn that a top player on his fantasy team would not be playing this week because of an attempt to discipline his own child. It’s real easy for you in the media to over-sympathize for the child in this case because, of course, nobody wants to see a child abused or hurt. But let’s not jump to conclusions in assuming that AP didn’t have good intentions in mind when attempting to discipline his child. It appears that he simply might have taken it a little to far. So let’s call it how it is instead of not allowing a guy like Roddy White to have what appeared to be a reasonable opinion from the get go. The only thing he’s really sorry about is the PC crowd who can’t handle discussing some hard truths in the world.

  17. A professional athlete must be an all around nice guy and good to the community. He should always be PC. And really probably shouldn’t have a twitter or anything not pre-screened by his agent. Sooo if you’re not Peyton Manning you’re going to eventually at some point be damned by the media.

  18. Sounds to me Roddy needs to think before he tweets. All PTF did was repost HIS OWN tweet. That’s his fault, not theirs. They are a news outlet, not a kleenex dispenser.

  19. Sad to say, but most NFL players are functional idiots and if it not for their off the charts physical skills, they would be bagging groceries or serving fries.

    Roddy White has done nothing but demostrate that for the whole world to see.

  20. I think you guys are both right.

    He was an idiot for how he handles his twitter feed.

    And you guys lead the charge of the “gotcha” police and make mountains out of mole hills.

    But… You get what you want which is idiot people like me who read it and comment on it : /

  21. Assigning his insult to you reporting on facts is willful ignorance, he did it because of all the snide self-righteousness from the high horse

  22. If Roddy White actually looked at the photographs of Adrian Peterson’s “disciplined” kid, then he would know that bruises, lacerations, and welts on the child’s thighs, buttocks, lower back, and hands goes far beyond any reasonable discipline. Any reasonable person would know not that joking about the impact on his fantasy football team is really out of place.

    Think about that for a minute, White–bruises, welts, and cuts on the thighs, buttocks, lower back, and hands. That’s really, really, really not discipline. There is an “asswhole” in this situation, and it’s not PFT.

  23. You guys are over the top at this point. You’ve become the PC police for the NFL, analyzing every social or political issue with little attention to the actual games. Obviously it’s your site and you can do what you want. But there is little doubt you are reaching for stories at this point and do your best to sensationalize every story you can get your hands on, often, like this one, making the story about you. Roddy White has a different perspective than you and you call him out, doing what you do and judging him and his morals from your high horse. So he calls you a name. Who cares???

  24. You are what you gladly wear
    I bet this dose not get posted
    Why are we not just appalled that
    A whole team came out in support of Rice
    That still should be news A lot more than White’s comment

  25. I have to say that it’s a good thing I know that the PFT comments section don’t represent society as a whole, or I would have pretty much lost faith in mankind over the last couple of days with all of the “he was just disciplining his child” comments.

    Ridiculous. The injuries suffered by that 4 year old child are not an indication of a simple spanking. They are the marks of an angry man out of control, beating his child out of frustration over his own inability to control him. A part time father with no parenting skills lashing out. If you haven’t seen the pictures, you should probably do so before commenting.

    It is entirely possible to discipline your child without beating him. If you don’t know how, that’s on you.

  26. Lets face it Florio, if you guys didn’t editorialize so much maybe that would be a good thing. Compare what PFT does to countless other media that also cover the NFL and maybe people get tired of your constant proselytizing….

  27. Isn’t he the same asswhole who reneged on the season ticket bet.. Keep it classy Atlanta..

    Its human to have a reaction like that but its one thing to think something but another to post it on twitter for millions to see as your predominate thought. Grow up Roddy.. Plus how stupid can you be to give the media fodder to be singled out for…

    We are all morons from time to time with different degrees of impact depending on what stage of life we live on. Roddy could learn from my 3 step imbecilic remark filtering system approach for communicating anything.. (Especially to your girlfriend or anything posted on Twitter)

    Ask yourself :
    1. Does this need to be said?
    2. Does this need to be said by me?
    3. Does this need to be said by me right now?

    If you can clear all 3 questions then the communication is a go.. If not then put a pipe in it!

    Believe it or not this is the best useable advise I ever got from a stand up comedian

  28. Did you resurrect Terry Bradshaw and ask his opinion? People make vocal mistakes all the time, Chief. Lay off a little.

  29. He calls ’em like we see ’em. Good to know you guys are the authority on the opinions people can have. Solid cookie cutter PC response to what Roddy said too. Sounds like AP went too far but kids that grow up with no discipline turn out like Jim irsay.

  30. Roddy White clearly was not thinking and clearly was not sincere in his apology. Bravo PFT for calling him out.

  31. Here’s a crazy thought…bring your child up to know right and wrong, to be a caring, helpful, kind, respectful, hard working, loving and inquisitive child. This is done in part by being there for your child (full time) and walking the talk..hard to believe people but effective parenting NEEDS to be your first job…not running the pigskin…sorry I am talking nonsense?!? This is a much bigger problem than AP

  32. Regradless of whether someone agrees or disagrees with what RW said, you guys are getting way too preachy. I come here for great news on football. Report the news and enough with the sermons. If this a football site or The View?

  33. Yea america has become a nation of pansies. A switch “whooping” would always leave a mark but hey let the PC people tell a parent how to raise their child. Then wonder why there are so many kids out there who grow up with no regard for the law.

  34. I’m not saying that what he said was right, but if a comedian says something like that, then everyone rushes to defend him. There are some areas in life where people say nothing is sacred or untouchable, but others where you can’t make jokes about it.

  35. Said a complete scumbag. People who worry about their childish fantasy team more than the real world victims of violence are just bottom feeding idiots.

  36. Roddy White has proven time and again that he has too much time on his hands and spends it all sending out stupid tweets that get him in trouble. Wake up Roddy! Get a volunteering job somewhere and help people out. You’re not helping anyone out by being a tweeting imbecile.

  37. This is why they play football and aren’t doctors instead.

    Put an idiot in front of an open mic or another media platform and this is generally what happens.

  38. Worst 5 days in NFL history? Smh give me a break, how about when Belcher murderd his girlfriend and committed suicide? How about when Sean Taylor was murdered? How about when Chris Henry died? How about when the Broncos player was killed?

  39. Whether you understand it or not Mike, your editorial style is often rude and insensitive. I understand your purpose, and I do not think you are a bad person – it’s just your role in this method of media disposition.

    Is Roddy right? To some degree, his tweet was not meant for you – clearly.

    Are you right? Of course. Roddy is a public personality and therefore his whole life is a matter for reporting and public consumption. Certainly he should expect his tweets (which are now the de facto front line news reporting mechanism) to be read and reported on.

    The middle ground? I think if people were dissecting your life and every little thing you do as a matter of public record you may have a different opinion.

  40. I’m still in disbelief how many people are defending Peterson’s abuse of his 4 year old child.

    I wonder when it dawned on Peterson that he went to far?

    It apparently wasn’t after the first time he struck his child with the switch and he started to cry.
    It apparently wasn’t the second time he struck him.
    It apparently wasn’t the the third time he struck him.
    It apparently wasn’t the first time he struck his child so hard he drew blood.
    Was it when he started to draw blood from multiple blows, or was it when he struck him in the scrotum?

  41. The comment was definitely insensitive and poorly-thought-out, but given how many truly awful things that have been done recently (both inside the NFL and outside…including having innocent civilians lose their heads overseas) isn’t “awful” rather an awful amount of hyperbole? PFT doesn’t need to defend itself, so it should be reasonable in its response. White make a tactless comment, and PFT was well within its right to bring it up (and White’s subsequent actions in deleting the tweet). Let’s not call it what is isn’t.

  42. If you guys are going to be the morality police, why don’t you take a crack at pointing out the stuff that actually affects outcomes of games. I didn’t see any posts talking about Seattle getting away with roughing the punter, having Lynch’s runs get spotted more than a yard forward to reach the sticks, and the away team getting 20 second play clocks, all in the 4 the quarter of the NFC Championship game. That right there accounted for 3 extra or prolonged possessions by Seattle at the end of the game. Are you guys oblivious to corruption within the game as direct result of being Pittsburg Steeler fans or is it because you are too busy kissing Goodel’s rear that you let the game become WWE in pads. It’s time for the media to start calling out the game when the integrity is compromised, or it’s only going to get worse.

  43. I applaud PFT for calling him out. Its about time that these punks and hoods have some accountability for their actions so that they are seen for what they really are – and NOT be idolized and held up as role models.

    When my kids were young I never let them get an autograph from an athlete or celebrity. I used to tell them if you want a autograph from a real hero go get one from your grandfather, teacher, or coach.

  44. Let me see if I have this correct.

    Roddy White writes on twitter
    “I’m probably going to lose my fantasy football matchup this week cause [Adrian Peterson] can’t play Sunday for disciplining his child Jesus help us,”
    Its published on PFT. White does not apologies, but blames PFT for publishing it and all the flack he is getting. White appears to have been swimming to long in the shallow end of the gene pool. PRIME EXAMPLE OF MOUTH GOING BEFORE BRAIN IS IN GEAER

  45. So hitting a 4 year old’s butt until they cry is abuse, Peymax?
    I think AP realized that when the switch cut the boy, which was not intended, he made a mistake. Doesn’t make smacking a kid’s bottom abuse. The fact that a first Grand Jury didn’t want to press charges tells you all you need to know…..if this were anyone else they never would have enpaneled a second grand jury.

  46. “Unidentified_Flying_Stiviano says:
    Sep 13, 2014 10:41 AM

    Roddy White is missing the “whole” point of this…”


    you should have said “Roddy White is missing the “hole” point of this….”

  47. he disciplined his kid and took it too far. i’d bet the majority of americans do the same but since the media wants to try him in the court of public opinion society will demand swift punishment.

    and god forbid your opinion differs from that of the open minded tolerant liberals.

  48. “When did the NFL become the moral compass for our society? ”

    Or – when did PFT become the moral compass? For example, PFT would be outraged about bullying. I’ll bet they would be so outraged, they would not mind engaging in a little bullying of their own just to make sure everybody went along with them.

    “Worst 5 days in NFL history? Smh give me a break, how about when Belcher murdered his girlfriend and committed suicide? How about when Sean Taylor was murdered? How about when Chris Henry died? How about when the Broncos player was killed?”

    Exactly. The soapbox is intoxicating.

  49. Reality (kids are disrespectful now) and Public opinion…The New PC Police. Who are we (the public) to tell parents nowadays how to raise their kids. They had them… you didn’t. How many times does a parent tell their not to do something before they actually listen and stop doing it…5, 10, 15. My moms only had to tell me once, maybe twice, before I would not do it. Now parents are soft (the wussification of America), they want to talk to their kids, be their friends. Yes, our parents were our friends, but we respected them FIRST as our parent. These kids obiviously can’t differentiate the two or else we would not see kids talking back to parents as if they are friends.

    Basically, you raise your kids your way and let me raise MINE, how I see fit. Problem today is, everyone wants to mind everyone else’s business. The best way to KNOW your business, is to MIND your business!

  50. rc89138 says: Sep 13, 2014 10:57 AM

    My decision not to have a twitter account is reinforced on a daily basis.


    Why? It’s not like you are famous, so you won’t have a microscope on you around the clock. You can say whatever the hell you want to others(ever seen those fantasy football dorks say everything under the sun to a player for not winning their stupid game for them?).

  51. Ray Lewis gets away with murder and AP my loose his football life for spanking his kid I think the majority of us have been spanked with a switch ,belt, paddle and if you are honest with yourself you probably deserved it and learned a good lesson. The problem with America today is child have no discipline . I don’t condone child abuse but intent has to be taken into consideration in these cases and if there is a pattern of abuse. This is coming from left leaning person . This is getting way blown out of context because of the ray rice video . Two very different situations . Ray rice verbally and physically abused a women .he spit on her cussed at her and he knocked her out with a closed fist he is scum . Ap spanked his kid for gods sake wake up America!!!



  53. Haha, you guys are ridiculous nowadays. What type of professional “reporter” gets their feelings hurt to the point where they have a “back and forth” with the athletes they report on, and makes themselves part of the story?! Also, was the Roddy White (one player) tweet REALLY *that* newsworthy, in the grand scheme of what has happened over the past week? Do you scour twitter looking for people to call out and condemn or something? Do you feel the need to be outraged?

    Sure is easy to ruffle the self-righteous feathers of some of these guys that take themselves too seriously. I bet Mike is still sour over the time he was trolled by Evan Mathis’ fake receipt, too haha. Also, who appointed you the Judge of Morals and Opinions on every scenario you report on, and when did this happen?

  54. Hess97says You wine about that how about the tuck rule or the immaculate deception being a raider fan you have nothing to wine about . The nfl hated Al Davis and took it out on his teams to get at him anybody who has a brain knows that was a fumble . NE gets caught cheating and the NFL burns yes burns the evidence can u say conspiracy….

  55. Aside from the idiocy of his comment… I found Roddy White calling someone else an “Asswhole” hilarious. That’s really rich.

  56. Players are entitled to their own opinions. The media outlets that cover them are as well. Who are the true thought police here, pft (and others) for pointing out the careless and reactionary garbage spewing from little red roddy hood’s mouth? No I think that’s just doing their job. Could it be all the brainless sharks on here decrying the loss of free speech and cowardly blaming everyone except the absurd clown responsible for his own words? Beating a child to the point of open lacerations is not discipline, it’s abuse. It’s behavior deservant of discipline. Defending that behavior is not upholding the noble tradition of free speech, it’s just lazily screeching an uninformed defense of a peer. White (unfortunately for all other sentient beings) chooses to exercize free speech, bravo pft for doing the same.

  57. Ah yes, this is the voice of the politically offended and the moral voice of the parents that put their kids in time out and later cry when they have committed horrific acts of violence after watching and playing years of violent video games.

  58. It’s absolutely absurd that people can’t even tell light hearted jokes anymore without the PC police going after them. What florio and others are essentially saying is that white obviously has no compassion for abused kids and that assertion, because he made a light hearted joke, is sickening and outrageous..far worse than what white said. That accusations/implication is beyond the pale and a true hit below the built. As usual, the PC police are often times the worst offenders.

  59. I am going to line all of “YOU” up and spank you with a switch. I am going to call the media, so I can have it taped from many different angles. Then I’m going to release different parts of the tape at different times, but never release the audio. I’m going to get a job at Target, so that when the tapes are seen, everyone will demand me to be terminated. Then Target will face US scrutiny for ever hiring me in the first place. We will fly banners over every Target in America that should say “sublimalsteeler must go”. Something that comes out later is that I called all of you Redskins to your face before I spanked you (which would be a double spanking). But that was after a lot of money was paid to have the audio files released. But only part of the audio was released, so you wouldn’t know the whole story. Because if everyone knew the reason I spanked you in the first place…this may have never been a story at all.

  60. Worst 5 days in NFL history? What Ray Rice did was terrible & very WRONG! What Adrian P ellegedly did was terrible & WRONG! This has not been the five worst days in NFL history. A few people in these posts of listed as terrible events as these.
    What nobody seems to be talking about is how the freak’n media has become far too powerful. Media free speach has become telling their (media) version of the truth. I’m not defending Goodell for his mistakes, buy i’m wondering which of the media dudes will break their necks when they fall off their ten foot soapboxes! With all the grandstanding by the media (and notice how they all try to “one-up” each other), it makes you wonder what kind of skeletons are in the closets of the perfect, holier than thou media. Maybe Goodell needs to go, but we the public and especially the media need to let the process play out on finding the truth on Goodell.
    Hey Media……how about you stop treating us all stupid and stop jamming your grandstanding opinions down our throats. We’re smart enough to formulate our own opinions.

  61. pats3rings says: Sep 13, 2014 9:47 AM

    Haha, seriously though PFT…… How about you leave this crap to TMZ and start reporting on actual football?

    Because I bet this week has brought the most traffic to PFT in a long time.

  62. Roddy White, for anyone who watched Hard Knocks, is not a rocket scientist, and thinks he’s funny.

    While I am not a fan of his, I actually took it more as him poking fun at the myopic, obsessed fantasy football players, not what happened to the poor little kid.

    Just bad timing and judgement…if being stupid was a crime, the streets would be a lot emptier.

  63. For the clueless do you know why Peterson was arrested? It was for a crime. To beat a child fresh out of diapers with a stick is sadistic and just a poor excuse for a father, but with Peterson we knew that already.

    Any father knows all you have to do is look at a 4 yr old who did something wrong and he will feel bad and cry but he takes it to beating him down, what a dad.

  64. PFT needs to lighten up. Roddy’s comments aren’t going to change AD’s legal predicament. I think we can stop piling on these guys and being the moral police, and let the system run its course.

  65. How about you stop referring to his tweet as awful. Was it really that bad? What did AP really do? He disciplined his kid the way that he saw fit to discipline him/her. There is no wrong in that. When did the government gain the power and control to raise our kids for us? This is ridiculous.

  66. Fans say ESPN, PFT and other social sites are going to take the NFL down. How about the blame goes on the players. I have been married for 8 years and have a 5 year old child. I have never punched my wife, beat my child with a switch, got a DUI, got busted for drugs or anything else that we read about. These players think they can do anything and get away with it. These players need to step up and take responsibility for their own lives.

  67. fishtank86 says: Sep 13, 2014 9:55 AM

    A professional athlete must be an all around nice guy and good to the community. He should always be PC. And really probably shouldn’t have a twitter or anything not pre-screened by his agent. Sooo if you’re not Peyton Manning you’re going to eventually at some point be damned by the media

    Wow. Some asswhole actually tied this into something about Peyton. Incredible.

  68. aintasinner says:
    Sep 13, 2014 9:47 AM

    If your first thoughts after hearing Adrian Petersen was indicted for child abuse was that you were going to lose fantasy football points, then you, like Roddy White and Adrian Petersen, are an “asswhole!”


    It definitely wasn’t the first thought that came to mind, but you can bet your “wholea$$” that I checked to see who has him in my league not too long after it broke. It’s definitely a big deal in terms of the child, AP and the kid’s mother. But it’s also kind of a big deal in FF, too, no? Lot of $ involved in FF ya know?

  69. I suppose the name “rightwingredskin” says it all. As a right winger, you presumably tout the importance of law and order. That is the realm of the government. The government which we enshrine those powers to through the democratic process. I feel bad about having to explain these basic facts, but your comments revealed an embarrassing lack of understanding. The government gained the right to raise your children the moment you chose to abuse them.

  70. This is blown way out of proportion, media is all over NFL b/c Rice& now/soon way worse Hardy. Ap can’t correct his child? I do understand child abuse is very serious, I also understand that there’s a fine line between the two.Did he intend for his child to end up with laceration’s from it? I hope&think that he didn’t, he stopped when he noticed. He’s wealthy and as most people know kids raised with$$$ have a tendency to talk back/not listen a little more than other b/c their parents are more lax IM0….Abuse verbal/Physical is treating someone wrong/improper excessively, so with No history that I know of prior to this I wouldn’t crucify A.P for correcting his child is a way he saw fit. This is America&we are allowed to raise 0UR Children how we want to,not the way our friends/Family or anyone does but OUR way if we think it’s in their best interest. I don’t condone hitting kids, but I was certainly spanked as a youngster with belts,hangers&everyone(who caught a spanking for being bad) knows when those plastic hangers came out you made sure it was “Yes,No& Please, Thankyou” Ha-Let’s just get all the facts before we keep killing him.

  71. Funny how utopia would now be freedom to call others who are truly asswholes big asswholes and other cwap their pompous asses deserve like in the good old days and laugh it up. Good for Roddy being real. Too bad his agent probably made him delete his tweet.

  72. I Don’t know about the whole ahole comment but I do know that PFT has gotten taken away with trying to be the moral compass of the NFL and it’s getting a little tiring, I want football news not each writer sharing their opinion of social issues, I know what I believe and I don’t need anyone to tell me how I should feel.

  73. Hyperbole and false puffed up posturing aside, Roddy has a point in his moniker assignment. Be honest here, isn’t it unnecessarily incendiary and bordering on irresponsible to light a match fan the flames on his comment, and shout “look ove here!”? Did you guys advance the greater social good by flaming him or did you simply draw attention to your product?

    That’s why real progress on divisive issues continues to be so tough for all of us. So many paranoid, faux-altruistic, self-deputized are hyper alert looking for their chance to play Captain Gotcha’. Too quick to start social riots over utterly meaningless comments.

    If you guys thought less like lawyers and content providers and more like people valuing the greater good, then I’m guessing this never woulda happened.

    My opinion only, but I agree with Roddy.

  74. I have to admit as the news was first coming out my first thought was that he disciplined his child and the public/media have no right to step in. Then more and more came out that it was with a switch, left lacerations and bruises on his body and that he even hit his scrotum. He did this to a 4 year old. Then I saw the pictures, that look horrific, and they were taken a week after said “discipline.” This was not just discipline, it was a disgusting beating of a toddler by who most would consider one of the strongest men in the NFL. It was wrong and AP needs to be held accountable and realize that despite his own father beating him bloody with a switch, it’s not ok. The fact some people on this site and around the NFL support him really irks me. Go ahead and spank your kid, give him a swat and let him know bad behavior won’t be tolerated. This was beyond the scope of reasonable physical discipline.

  75. Fantasy, forget that. It just screwed up all my parlays and teasers! Don’t tell GODdell we are gambling in football outside of the daily fantasy sites.

  76. This doesn’t change my opinion of Roddy White or the Falcons. It was already in the celler as it was, based on all they’ve done/said in the past.

    This just puts the padlock on the cellar door.

  77. I like Roddy White’s comments…It shows a level of intelligence unsurpassed in modern day professional football (haha)…Maybe his personal life should get scrutinized, their maybe something there…

  78. Dude it’s not that insensitive get over it. The man is being punished. God forbid someone says what every fantasy player is thinking

  79. just look at some of these writers, they are the kids that got picked on at school, of course they are gonna be bitter toward every athlete – in their minds these are the same people that bullied them

  80. I’m not sure which was dumber of Roddy White. His ill-timed original post, or keeping it all alive by reacting to the reporting of the post.
    Dear Roddy,
    If you had just let it go, nobody would likely remembered that you had posted anything at all, considering it was reported late on a Friday night.

  81. I have no problem with what Roddy said in his initial tweet,he’s only saying what millions were thinking,when I heard it,my first thought was “that’s my betting slip ruined!” SUE ME! Not everybody is going to have the same opinion,some people think one way,others think another,that’s life. These NFL players have been acting like lunatics off the field for decades,are ye really that surprised?? If everybody feels so strongly about children being abused,get in your car and search for child abusers on your streets,in your towns,cities and states,and do something about it,instead of being armchair revolutionaries! It’s awful what happened,but this is not the forum for that discussion,If you had not noticed,the address line says pro FOOTBALL talk! This isn’t a site for gossiping hairdressers!

  82. Standard liberal garbage of telling others how to think and feel. “You must be tolerant of others backgrounds, views, and beliefs. And if you disagree with us you should burn in heII”

  83. Does anybody else have a problem with real football players being allowed to play fantasy football? I sure do.

    Let use an example. Roddy white is playing in the fantasy playoffs, and his opponent that week just so happens to be starting Roddy white. Now, obviously winning the game in real life is probably more important to Roddy. But lets say the Falcons are up 20 in the 3rd qtr. Maybe Roddy decides to fumble, or just play like crap so he doesn’t have a good game, and helps his fantasy matchup. This could affect millions of other fantasy matchups.

    This may seem far fetched, but it probably happens more than we realize. And if the first thing that pops into roddy white’s head during this whole AP fiasco, I’m betting he cares a lot about fantasy football.

    Real football players should not be allowed to play fantasy football.

  84. “What did AP really do? He disciplined his kid the way that he saw fit to discipline him/her.”

    You must’ve been smacked upside the head way too many times if you think it’s ok to inflict that kind of punishment on kids. Luckily, even Texas has laws protecting the innocent from punk bullies.

  85. Better to be an asswhole than an as swipe. Nice job of spelling there Roddy, especially from a college graduate! What were your college majors? Cafeteria 301 & co-ed checkers?

  86. This is here is yet more evidence that the media thinks they are important.

    People’s opinion of you isn’t important. Nobody cares. Your job is to report new, not create it, alter it, comment on it, or consider yourselves of equal significance to those you’re supposed to be reporting on.

    Signed, a Falcons hater.

  87. I don’t think what Roddy White did was the end of the world. I don’t think he was being too serious. It was poor judgement on his end though.

    That said, I don’t understand how anyone can defend Adrian Peterson. It’s 2014, the way you guys may have been disciplined as a child doesn’t fly anymore. There are other ways of disciplining a child and you have no business being a parent if you don’t see that. Besides, this goes beyond discipline. This was a beat down, plain and simple. Peterson beat the child with a tree branch and left him with cuts all over his body. On top of that, he kept going as the child tried to defend himself. Look at the pictures. If you don’t think Peterson went too far then you’re lost.

    Adrian Peterson deserves everything that’s coming his way. And it won’t be pretty considering the whole Ray Rice mess.

  88. Why are NFL players allowed to play fantasy football anyways? That’s a bigger issue to me. Fantasy football is a form of gambling. What’s to stop a player from purposely tanking a game to make sure a certain fantasy team loses?

  89. Since when has the NFL become a branch of government? I don’t understand why the media is only interested in covering “scandals” rather than the game.

    Like, all this public opinion stuff is BS. It shouldn’t matter. The NFL is a professional sports organization, not a level of government accountable to citizens. Last I remember, I didn’t vote for the commissioner or owners or players/coaches.

    Let the law handle the off-field stuff, and the media needs to focus on the game already!

  90. Unbelievable people, and I use “people” loosely…at one time women couldn’t vote and slavery was legal…but most people evolve over time , must societies evolve over time, most countries evolve over time…judging by the cretins and half-wits talking on this board…I know understand why this country is such a freakin mess

  91. Those of you supporting Roddy aren’t getting the point. The point is that this was a bad week for the NFL filled with violence against women and now children being highlighted. He can support corporal punishment all he wants but not this week. The NFL like it or not has an image problem and these players aren’t helping. All 32 teams need to have meetings with their players before the games this weekend and explain to them all that this is not the time to take a stand. This is the time to say nothing. No comments, no tweets, no instagram posts. NOTHING. Just stay quiet. If any one asks you a question. No comment or I don’t condone violence against women and children and that’s all I have to say. Otherwise you set yourself up for unnecessary criticism, make your organization look bad, and make yourself look bad. BTW if those who support this type of punishment actually look at the research you’ll realize its archaic, unnecessary, and fosters children to be violent adults. The good old days weren’t always good. Keep living in the past and you all will be part of a culture of abuse that perpetuates violence amongst women and children. Its time to grow up and move on.

  92. What would the rest of you do if your ex wife sent your kid home with bruises all over his body? I don’t think you’d say “well all kids need discipline”. If Roddy White doesn’t want people to judge his words, he needs to keep his words to himself.

  93. Totally agree with dlk…if captianobvious thinks that the bigger issue is fantasy football then it is quite apparent that he has should change his name immediately…maybe ihavenocluedespitetheissuestaringmerightintheface

  94. What AP did was not disciplining his child. It’s child abuse NO QUESTION! Anybody arguing this point is wrong, always will be, and go see a therapist because that’s not how you discipline a child.

  95. Far too many PFT readers are sick people who seem to like child abuse and slapping women around.

    Far too many of you believe the media creates news.

    In the end, you are really just programmed morons who spend your money on crap to satisfy only yourselves.

    Perfect sheep!

  96. Mr Roddy, you are not intelligent enough to make any kind of statement in public.

    Child abuse is a problem that has to be dealt with or deny AP visitation of his children, which I really don’t think will matter to Peterson.

  97. Crazy thing about Mike Vick is dogfighting has increased in the U.S., Murder is on the rise so its not just Hernandez, and doemestic violence and child abuse isnt going to stop. Just because these are high profile people doesnt mean the little people doing the same thing shouldnt be put out there as well. There was a child abuse case in Kentucky worse than AP’s so why isnt that all over his kids are no special than the rest!

  98. Way to go Roddy! We need more like you to speak up about the enormous amount of harassment that the media is unloading on the NFL. We need more like you to speak up about the right to discipline your kids without being labeled a felon. If Adrian is a felon then there are thousands more felons across the country. Those prisons are going to be awfully crowded!

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