Suddenly, it feels like Adrian Peterson won’t be a Viking much longer


With Vikings running back Adrian Peterson indicted on child abuse charges only days after the Ray Rice video turned the NFL on its head, it’s unclear when Peterson will return to the field for the Vikings.

It’s becoming more clear that he may not be a Viking much longer.

Already in the big-money years of a contract that devotes way too much cash to a devalued position, the charges against Peterson could sufficiently diminish his standing in the eyes of the fan base to allow the Vikings to free themselves of salaries of $12.75 million in 2015, $14.75 million in 2016, and $15.75 million in 2017.  (Moving on from Peterson after the coming season would result in a paltry cap charge of $2.4 million.)

Despite the reality that the Vikings could use that money to find a stable of very good running backs with plenty left over to address other needs, it was believed by many before Friday that the Vikings would never let him go.  Peterson believed that, too.

“I think the organization would take a heavy hit — for real — more so from the fan base,” Peterson said earlier this year regarding the consequences of cutting him.  “I don’t think it would be like a LeBron [James] situation where they’re burning my jersey, this, that and the other.  They might be doing [the opposite] and not buying some season tickets.”

The charges against Peterson potentially will turn that dynamic on its head, with the Vikings ultimately scoring points among the fan base by moving on from one of the greatest running backs in NFL history.  And with $43.25 million in extra cash and cap space from 2015 through 2017, the Vikings could build the kind of team that will quickly make the fans forget about a player who, before Friday, may now be unforgettable for very different reasons.

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  1. He is gone, its over move on. Another waste of a season. The guy wanted out anyway he called the cowboys what does that tell you . Jared Allen got out when he had the chance he was smart. A failure of an organization for decades.

  2. This fan isn’t hoping for his release after this incident. If his play diminishes later, they’ll take the cap hit then. He’ll likely plea down and get a 6-8 game suspension.

  3. Idk florio the viking faithful are like walkers in The Walking Dead. Take more then this for them to dislike AP. I mean their all in denial still tryn to find a way for the this to not be true. That part i find comical.

  4. Good for him, he might actually have a chance at winning. I just hope he stays away from the AFC East besides the phins and doesn’t play for the cowgirls. Phins up

  5. Would be Dumb move and a major over reaction. he spanked his kid for gods sake. I got the belt plenty. Hell they didn’t even charge him the first time. Only did so now because of ray rice. This is complete and utter BS!

  6. But you better believe there will be a handful of teams that will look the other way and sign an accused child abuser. If my favourite team did that I’d burn my jersey on the spot. There are certain things in life that are more important than wins and losses, this is definitely one of them.

  7. The charges against Peterson potentially will turn that dynamic on its head, with the Vikings ultimately scoring points among the fan base by moving on from one of the greatest running backs in NFL history.

    Based on the myriad of posts from ignorant Viking fans I don’t understand were you base the statement on. Most of them support him like the Baltimore fans did with Rice, they value football over morality.

  8. He needs to get kicked out of the league for good. Look at the pics on TMZ. Beating the crap out of a 4 year old is much worse than hitting a woman – which is reprehensible as well. That wasn’t a spanking it was an assault.

  9. Then he’ll go to Dallas and Jerry will be happy to be the center of the sports media universe for all time…

  10. Yeah, beating one kid bloody plus his cavalier attitude towards the death of another…I don’t think anyone is going to miss this piece of garbage.

  11. Peterson stuffed the child’s mouth with leaves before beating him.He pulled the leaves off of the “switch”, and stuffed them in the four year old child’s mouth.

  12. Not just as a Packer fan am I shocked by this, I thought he had a right to discipline his kid, but then I saw the photos. That was a weak ass “man” abusing a 4 year old. I hope he is done in the NFL, AND I hope the Vikes back-up plays even better than him, just to show I’m not just against the vikes. That was sick, he hit the kids body, thighs, face, and scrotum. He is a sadistic and sick in the mind individual.

  13. cut him….
    he is a monster…
    child abuser
    typical Viking….no class no Morales

  14. Not a Vikings fan and despise them most of the time based on their knucklehead posters, but I hope it is not as bad as it may be indicating and Peterson continues to play.

    More importantly, I hope it’s not as bad for the kids sake. As adults and parents we need to teach the kids but always protect them.

    Discipline and abuse is a line that must never be crossed!

  15. While this is a valid observation, this is all about budgeted expense $$$s – they will be spent whether it is on AP or someone else.

    I may be naïve, but I actually think the Vikings organization will make their decisions regarding AP based on what they think is the right thing to do from a moral perspective.

    Profitability will be a strong secondary consideration though. How to spend those expense $$$s to maximize profitability will be the primary focus once the moral decisions are made. And nothing creates profits like winning.

  16. As a Vikings fan this sucks. But until he is punished by the Legal system put in place by our government, he should be playing. The NFL can punish him after his trial is complete and a decision has been made.
    Adrian got carried away and the type of discipline used is outdated and it shouldn’t be practiced in my opinion, I doubt he meant to cut his son and bruise him as bad as he did, but… He did and will have to pay the price.

  17. This article has a terminal case of stupid. Peterson was wrong, but his practice was NOT. There is NEVER a time to strike a wife, but kids CAN be disciplined in reason with proper boundaries. There are FAR more shades of grey in this case than with Rice.

  18. This is not the first time you have brought up Peterson salary and the idea that the Vikings should want to get rid of the best RB in the NFL has seen in 20 years.

    I find it odd that you never mention the fact that unlike the Packers, Falcons, Ravens, and many other teams who are paying their quarterbacks way more money then Peterson is making. The Viking do not have very much money invested in the QB position and will not have to invest big money into the QB position until Peterson’s contract has expired and Bridgewater’s rookie contract has expired.

    The Viking can easily afford his contract over the next few years and they better keep him or they will be losing a fan that has invested money in this team for over 40 years!

    Yes, I realize he swatted his kid to hard and I also believe he is remorseful has done all the right things since the situation happened, he will accept his punishment with dignity learn from this experience and come out a better man and father for it. You people shouldn’t be so quick to judge someone, since you didn’t grow up in the atmosphere that he did.

  19. @enigma2742: come to my New York Giants. If you know anything about the New York Football Giants, you would understand that this organization would never bring in a player with these type of issues. No Chance!!!

  20. Look at it this way queenie fans now you don’t have to hang out on Packer articles to get attention and feel relevant, you now are front page news.

  21. Interesting article from an attorney, I guess I always thought innocent until proven guilty, but maybe that’s just me. While I agree this could be the last season for AP in Minnesota, so much will depend on the outcome of the upcoming proceedings. AP remains very popular with Vikings Fans across the board, and will need to be found guilty from a group of his peers before the ultimate judgement is made. Not to mention, more then likely a plea agreement will be reached and this thing will never see the courtroom! As a PR Professional, the Vikings would be very unwise to do anything with AP before the season is up, people don’t like child abusers, but they also don’t like jumping to conclusions without the facts!

  22. I think you’re overstating the level of overall outrage at the current point in time. You have the “self righteous indignation” crowd–who think corporal punishment is an antiquated relic of the distant past and beneath “right thinking” people– spanking by definition is criminal in their minds. Then you have the resentful “don’t tell me how to raise my children” crowd who find a “good whooping” to be an appropriate lesson for children too young to effectively reason. Then you probably have the fantasy geeks who feign outrage, but secretly are pissed off he’s not allowed to play while the case is being resolved. Probably have the exhausted fan who is just sick of this sh*t and just wants everyone to get back to playing football and could give a care about any of this stuff (though they too feign outrage or support depending on which friend they’re speaking with). And I’m sure there are other sects with varying thoughts/feelings/exhaustion of the whole cluster****.

    The bottom line. Unlike Ray Rice–who knocked out a woman half his size–something pretty much universally rejected by civilized societies–AND who had the smoking gun of the hotel elevator tape, AP will have his share of supporters, detractors–many on both sides who haven’t and probably will never see any pictures of the alleged abuse but are entrenched in their position for their own reasons. But you underestimate what I think is a large and GROWING fan base who are EXHAUSTED of the whole thing, increasingly desensitized by it, and secretly don’t have the emotional energy to continue to feign constant outrage over things so wholly unconnected to their own daily lives–they just want to see some football.

    That is until there’s something “new” with the case to fake outrage about.

  23. I gaurantee if there was a video, people would want his head on a stake. What about Hardy? Didnt he like break his girls nose and throw her on a bed of bed guns? Nobody talks about that. You people are stupid

  24. I’m so disappointed. I was as big an AD fan as anyone. My son loves AD. We both have jerseys, he has the lego AD, we have other misc memorabilia. As much as I’d hate to so him go, I don’t know if I can stand to see him stay either. Spanking your kid is fine in my eyes. Spanking a four year old with a switch until there’s blood, not so much. Seems like a disturbing lack of self control. A person with that kind of power in his body with that little self control and poor judgment is actually a pretty scary thought. When you also add in the fact that another of his kids recently died as the result of abuse, I think it may be time for AD to “retire”. Being cut and allowed to play for another teams doesn’t do it for me as a fan of the game. Any fan base that would welcome him after being cut would be showing the world their true colors.

  25. I’ll bet that all of his 6 other kids with 6 different women have gotten a “whoopin” from him. Certainly he thought this was okay until his 4 year-old was taken to the doctor. I hope the Vikings do the right thing and cut him loose. He obviously has moral and mental issues. Who smiles for a mug shot,especially for child beating?

  26. No running back is immune from the reality that almost any 4th round pick can get close to the same production.
    Running backs aren’t anything special in today’s offensive schemes.
    The fact that he didn’t have a high dollar back to justify could let the Vikes’ OC spread his wings a little.
    The fact is that AP hasn’t brought them a Super Bowl trophy yet, and isn’t likely to. He’s a SportsCenter highlight. Not a franchise.

  27. Lifelong Vikings fan here. What you have to realize about Minnesotans is that first and foremost we are decent people. We like boring. Our favorite athletes are people like Joe Mauer and Zach Parise, for gods sake. We like people who kinda do their job and keep their noses clean. Until Friday, we pretty much had that with AP, save for a couple crazy speeding tickets. If the facts show he has a pattern of crossing the line, it won’t take long for Minnesotans to turn on him. He is a great running back and a freak of an athlete, but life is too short for cheer for l0w-character people. Personally, I’m going to let the facts emerge and not base my judgment on one 24-hour news cycle.

  28. The children of the Packers are safe. All they have to do is wear a jersey from an NFC West team and they know the Packers will never beat them.

  29. I have been saying it for the last 2 seasons. TRADE him… now they will get nothing for him if they choose to release him.

    Since that Patterson guy is still trying to grasp route running, maybe they can put him in at RB instead.

  30. You thought wrong. “Innocent until proven guilty” refers only to IN A COURT OF LAW. The facts here are not at all in dispute. You may be comfortable and casual about this sort of savage beating, but most of the rest of us are not. He stuffed leaves into the child’s mouth before beating him. Idiot.

  31. The number of people who think that what he did is perfectly okay is downright scary. The first thing he needs to do after his suspension (hopefully) is go and have a vasectomy. If you are going to keep making babies and treating them badly or being the absentee father,it’s time to quit.

  32. I’m still waiting for your media outcry for the firing of the Grand Jury that didn’t indict the first time until Prosecutors resubmitted it AFTER the backlash of the Ray Rice Greatest Hits video. They didn’t have a problem with it originally.

  33. Viking fan here.
    Was totally shocked to see this story come to life. Although there is no excuse for what he did, even if it happened to him as a child, I do believe he needs some serious council. Along with Ray Rice, these guys need to be given a second chance, but not so easy on the second chance. His kid is going to survive, Rays woman is going to survive, obviously both with some deep scars for life. However, if you just cut these guys and ban them for life from their job, the story goes away for those two, the story goes away for the NFL, but millions of others are suffering the same kind of abuse all across this land. Everyone reacts so crazy to these pics and video’s, but what about the ones that have no pics, have no video’s. My personal feeling is they both should be suspended for half a season, be required to get some serious council (and I don’t mean just some silly little 4 week 1 hour council), we are talking council with follow through, documented and well whatever. Give them a second chance, with the a clear message that they are to become motivators in the fight against abuse of woman and children. Maybe someday they can both become hero’s again, who knows. Most people who are abusing kids and woman, are not being video taped or photographed, and because of that, not losing a job. Although I think what Rice did was worse, they both need to be held accountable, and I think it would be a huge mistake to throw both of them out and sweep it under the rug. Those two are only a fraction of what goes on behind closed doors. Lets use them to educate this country on morals, accountability, and most importantly, a chance to fix something, instead of just washing it away til the next time.

  34. Let me start by just saying this I get it he may have gone a but over board, Abba from what I hear the pictures of the boy’s legs say a lot. With that said though I fail to see the comparison between him and Ray Rice. What Rice did was out of malice and ill intent. Peterson on the other hand was attempting to discipline his son. End of story, sure maybe because everything is on high alert right now I could see a game or two, but near half the season? Yea right, especially when you for Hardy and McDonald out paying….. pure craziness.

  35. Ouch – the leaves bit…umm, yeahhh… I’m gonna have to change my mind and say that’s abusive. I can almost comprehend a switch to the shins but all over the body is simply a whipping.

    People familiar with the belt and switch – you were truly WHIPPED just like that child was?

    I’m not asking out of disbelief, I want to understand better…
    Thumbs Up = Yes, just like that.
    Thumbs Down = Well, not quite that bad, no.

    Thanks, PFT Planet

  36. He’s done. But it has nothing to do with money. In case you didn’t notice he beat his four-year old kid.

  37. From a vikes fan since the beginning, I would have no problem letting this moron walk. Great running back with the brain of a monkey. Switching the bare skin of a 4 year old is abuse, plain and simple. Anyone capable of such doesn’t deserve the privalage of playing for the vikes. Good riddance.

  38. Cutting Peterson isn’t the disaster it would have been in past years.

    — He is very expensive.
    — Cordarelle Patterson is developing quite well.
    –And frankly, being the one team with the stones to do the right thing will win them new fans, especially secondary fans. By secondary fans, I mean, this will be the team you choose to watch when your team isn’t playing.

  39. The only thing Mr. Peterson needs to realize as Vikings fans are for the Vikings – not him. If he is cut, we will be rooting for the next guy. Just the way it works in the not for long league.

  40. Vikes were going to cut him or at best get him to renegotiate and take a pay cut after this year anyhow. He’ll be in Jerry World next year.

  41. Well it looks like AP and Jerry Jones may get their wish sooner than later. But sadly, after seeing those pics of AP’s 4 year old, I’m hoping JJ (or anyone else) doesn’t sign him.

  42. If you can add 2 + 2 then you can pretty much figure out why he called Jerry Jones a few months ago.

  43. Still not a true test. AP is great, but he is a high priced player in a low value position. I want to see what the Seahawks would do if this were Russel Wilson or the Packers with Aaron Rodgers. Well I guess from seeing the Seahawks not have an issue with Marshawn Lynch I guess we know what the Seahawks would do….. not much.

  44. He screwed up. Perhaps not as bad as Rice, but damn close. Especially in this day of media driven frenzy and trial in the press.

  45. You don’t replace someone like Adrian. So sad on so many levels. I for one will continue to support he Vikings, I always will.

    I look for Banyard to be starting at RB by mid-season, he has more wiggle/speed than the FB they have playing RB now in Asiata.

    Add RB to the draft need list for next year along with CB, S, and MLB. Just hope Teddy turns out to be the real deal…things looked so promising just a week ago.

    Disappointed fan

  46. His 75 yards last week will be missed this week lol
    Cut him or suspend till the league suspends him then cut him so u dont pay him

  47. I’m a Vikings fan and I won’t miss AP in the slightest.

    Time to build a team to win in the 2014 season and on, not a team that’s built for the 1980s.

  48. The winning formula for running backs in this era is to use them up on their rookie contracts, let them walk, and keep drafting more of them.

  49. Now that I’ve seen the pictures, I don’t feel bad for Peterson anymore. That’s ridiculous. There’s a fine line between punishment and child abuse, and Peterson crossed the line. Keep in mind the child is 4 years old.

  50. How the hell is Greg Hardy still playing? If anyone in the media actually notices that he has been found guilty of beating a woman, the NFL takes another bad hit.

  51. Letting him go might be the wake up call some of the players need. A lot of up-standing quality men in this league that are getting lumped in with some of the trash that’s in their same locker room. A player an owner, coaches, its time to act as mature adults off the field too.

  52. Norv Turner’s offense and Peterson’s skill set are not that good of a fit anyway. The only real bummer for Vikings fans is that before this happened, the Vikes might have been able to get a draft pick or two for him… now, they literally can’t give him away.

  53. I am a life long fan of the Vikings organization. Adrian Peterson’s actions are reprehensible and I will applaud the organization if they cut him. Use the large amounts of money due to him to walk away and build a stronger team. When I read the story, I immediately called my 11 year old son, who is a huge AP fan, and told him not to wear 28s jersey again.

  54. Jennings didn’t have two feet inbounds, and the ball didn’t cross the endzone plane. Plus, the refs tried as hard as they could to help the Vikings out. The Patriots set a team record for penalties and penalty yardage . The Vikings couldn’t do anything with it.

  55. The fans right now will NOT be an obstacle to unloading AP.

    The question is whether anyone is willing to give up anything for him. I think the ownership is wise to refuse to simply cut him. The chances that he will avoid any serious conviction seems to have some impact on what the league will do to discipline him. If that’s the case, then he may only miss time due to team policy. However, the precedent is that the player stays away from the team until the legal issues are settled.

    What would Jones give for him? Anything? Dallas won today, so maybe they aren’t so desperate to give the fans something to be excited about.

  56. As a member of the season ticket holding fan base, I’d advocate trading him even if this hadn’t happened. He’s being paid WAY too much for any non-QB and is now past his prime and can’t even stay on the field on 3rd down. If you can find someone to take him, trade for a young big-time db/safety and use the money left over for another RB and help on the O line. Make CP or Teddy the face of the franchise as you begin in the new facility. In the modern-day NFL, NO RB should get that kind of money, I don’t care who you are. As far as the allegations go, I personally don’t think AP is some kind of monster; I just don’t think he’s generally very bright. I believe he honestly didn’t see anything wrong with what he was doing, but that doesn’t make it okay.

  57. You all are sheep! The guy has a right to discipline his child. Everyone is brought up differently. When his child is 16 and running wild, Everyone will ask where are that kids parents? Because We as a society are letting the government dictate how we now raise are kids. I have two children (Whom are not spanked but put into timeout) and don’t believe in spanking, switching, or verbally assaulting a child. But I will stand up for a parents right to discipline their child. It was a bit excessive for a four year old but if this is considered a crime in which he loses his job over, than I have to say about 95% of our older generations parents belonged in jail. This is some BS. STAY STRONG AP!!!

  58. These charges are just some overreaction by some people who believe it is even wrong to yell at their children. I got my butt beat with a belt whenever I did something bad and boy did I sure learn my lesson. I don’t resent my parents today! I am not traumatized today! The welts from the belt and the wooden spoon sure hurt when I was getting disciplined but the lessons and values that I took from them are still with me today. I am a better man because of those spankings! Kids today are so rude and disrespectful! I see kids whining and throwing fits in stores because their parents won’t buy them a new toy. I plan on spanking my kids if our increasingly overly protective and “hold your hand” society still allows it! There is a difference between child abuse and spanking, whipping, disciplining your child. He is a GOOD FATHER!

  59. Turn out the lights Adrian, the party is over. What were you thinking when you beat a four year old child who is to young to know what he did wrong and why his father is suddenly smiling while beating him. Who do you think you are?

    Looks like you are going to be unemployed as no football team will touch you. All your sponsors dropped you like a hot rock. You are on your own now. What a failure you are. Now deal with your utter incompetence.

  60. This situation with Adrian Peterson has morphed into more than just a spanking his children. Remember this is still America and is a capitalist county.
    Create a problem,
    Come up with an answer,
    Execute the solution

  61. As a Cowboy fan we don’t need him on top of the fact we can’t afford him. Jerry loves to over pay. Look at our QB situation.
    AP is good but Demarco Murray is good enough.

  62. I think it is a little too convenient he talks to the owner of the most valuable (and therefore most powerful owner?) in the NFL, who says “we’ll see what we can do to make that happen” after AP expresses a desire to play in Dallas, and then the circumstances come out that makes him suddenly tradable. I am not saying it was all Jerry Jones’ doing; in order for AP to be waived and his contract not fall on a trade partner, he needs to be waived. How can he be waived without another team claiming him? Make him undesirable from a PR standpoint. Then Jerry Jones can swoop in, saying “he believes in second chances” and citing AP’s Texas roots, blah blah blah…..then watch for a sweetheart deal later or favor paid to the Vikings by Dallas in the form of a trade or something else…

    Just one man’s theory…..

  63. This is stupid ever since Ray Rice hit his then fiancé video came out people have been over exaggerating everything that athletes do. Yes it was wrong for him to hit her but there was no reason for them to let him go when he was already serving suspensions for what he did. Now with Peterson everyone says he’s a child abuser and a horrible person, yet as he has said, that’s how he was punished when he was younger. And just cause he’s a professional athlete people are judging him when there have been MANY people who beat there kids with sticks and have been beaten with them. The media just over exaggerates everything. Especially TMZ.

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