After early stumble, Patriots leave Vikings in the dust

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The Vikings couldn’t have asked for a better start to Sunday’s game against the Patriots.

The rest of it? Ugh.

After taking a 7-0 lead on the game’s first series, the Patriots took over, rolling to a 30-7 win in Minneapolis on Sunday.

In defeat, Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel was intercepted four times — twice in both halves. On the third pick, CBS announcer Ian Eagle observed that fans were chanting “Teddy” — a call for Vikings rookie Teddy Bridgewater.

The Vikings’ problems didn’t stop there. Trailing 17-7 late in the second quarter, the Vikings set out to attempt a field goal, but the kick was blocked and returned for a touchdown by defensive end Chandler Jones.

Now, a potential 17-10 game had become a 24-7 hole. When the Vikings ended the half by kneeling out the clock, the fans booed their displeasure. And Minnesota, alas, was never a threat thereafter.

The Vikings moved the ball with ease to begin the contest, and their first drive ended in a 25-yard TD catch by tailback Matt Asiata, who filled in for the deactivated Adrian Peterson.

However, the Patriots’ defense quickly regrouped. The Vikings’ ground game never got going, with Asiata gaining just 36 yards on 13 attempts. The Patriots also held Vikings star wideout Cordarrelle Patterson to just four catches and 56 yards.

On offense, the Patriots got an efficient performance from quarterback Tom Brady (15-of-22 passing, 149 yards, one TD). And tailback Stevan Ridley had a key role in the win, too, rushing for 101 yards on 25 carries.

The victory evens New England’s record at 1-1 and drops Minnesota to the same record. But on this day, one team looked like an established contender, while the other looked unsteady.

61 responses to “After early stumble, Patriots leave Vikings in the dust

  1. Had more to do with the AP situation than anything else, how many Super Bowls since “O”! At the end of the year patsies will be sitting home watching Peyton win his next Super Bowl just like the rest of us!

  2. Nice to see a great game from the Pats secondary – an area of weakness for a long time. The win came from all phases of the game. Would like to see Josh step up the play calling though.

    Vikings played well all things considered. I like what Asiata did. And Zimmer is going to make a difference. Cassel wasn’t really as bad as the stats look. Last interception was a tipped ball. Can really only point to Cassel for 2 of the picks.

  3. I see Cassell was talking to Kraft before the game. No doubt he got a nice paycheck for his effort today. It’s outrageous that the Patriots can cheat and get away with cheating again and again. I’m so upset I won’t be able to sleep tonight.


  4. The outcome of the game had way more to do with the Vikings than anything the Patriots were doing, honestly.

    Matt Kalil gets an F today. Chandler Jones was made to look like Reggie White, which he’s not.

    Terrible effort protecting on the field goal.

    Matt Cassel had NO touch on the football.

    Rhodes is still figuring it out in the secondary, but I have to say he still shows promise that one day he will be good.

    Interior pass rush was absent.

    Darn you to heck, AD…

  5. Cassel is terrible, needs to sit. Should’ve let Bridgewater play the end of that quarter and see what he got. Vikings gave that game away. Thanks to Cassel, he sucks!!!!!!

  6. Vikings are just not a food football team. They are so young on all sides of the ball it shows. Put in the rookie. They have no chance of winning a game for a while so you may as well get the kid in there to see how he handles it, especially now that Peterson is most likely going to be cut.

  7. Pats secondary is the best in the NFL. Will only get better when bowner comes back.

    Then we get tyms on offense. Will be that much better.

    Would have like to see more no huddle shot gun schemes.

    This was a preseason game for the pats.

    Vikings were just outclassed at every position this game.

  8. Glad to see billicheat finally caught on. If you want to win overrated brady cant do it. A lot less throws for him this game. But it is funny how brady early on could win a sb but couldnt in his prime so maybe cheating had a lot to do with those super bowls.

  9. Sep 14, 2014 4:53 PM
    The outcome of the game had way more to do with the Vikings than anything the Patriots were doing, honestly.

    Interior pass rush was absent.

    So the Patriots O line didn’t have anything to do with that?

    Honestly, people are stupid!

    Oh and “SKOL” is lame.

  10. After not having a turnover in 4 pre-season games or the 1st game of the season, we were overdue. Of course who expected Cassel to hand his former team 4 gifts. I think the Kluwe payment has been made, get Priefer back next week. Our special team hasn’t looked that bad in 3 years and would not have turned out that way with Priefer coaching.

    Offensively without Peterson the Vikings lack speed and playmakers, that was obvious. Good news is you can get one of the top RBs in the draft these days in the 3rd round. Will be tough to beat the 0-2 Saints with Breese, after week 3 it may be Teddy time.

  11. @gayforbrady,

    Tyms is not making this roster once he comes off suspension. He has zero synergy with Brady this preseason and as we saw ( Pats fans knew) regardless of what the announcers thought Brady plays the whole game . Tyms has a great shot to be n the practice squad. They are not dressing all Wr’s yet this season.

    Guess it is too early to predict the Patriots demise.

  12. gayforbrady says:
    Sep 14, 2014 5:10 PM

    This was a preseason game for the pats.

    Vikings were just outclassed at every position this game.
    No wonder most fans put you into the the Packer fan class…to any classy Pat fans, good game. Cassel really sucks…

  13. No mention that it was Belichick’s 200th win. Nor is there mention that Casell’s receivers were awful running patterns, dropping balls, and not staying in bounds. Casell made two ill-advised throws but he wasn’t the reason the Vikings lost. One team made plays on defense and special teams and the other didn’t. Viking fans that think Bridgewater would have made a difference are kidding themselves.

  14. Cassel lost that game single-handedly for the Vikings.

    If you would’ve told me Tom Brady goes 15-22 for 149 yards and 1 TD, I’d say the Vikings win that game.

    But Cassel gave away 3 picks (the last not his fault) and the FG team a big block and TD.

    That was the difference. Patriots just took advantage of Viking mistakes. Hard to win when essentially you are -5 in turnovers for the game.

  15. For those knocking Brady’s performance you don’t understand winning football. Brady responded to the Viking’s quick start, rebounded his team from a weak second half last week, took a 1st quarter lead, did not turn the ball over, and didn’t let the Vikes back in the game.

    Viking fans can look forward to be well coached. Zimmerman is excellent.

  16. I think next week you will see a different Vikings offense. I hope Peterson is not a part of it, but either way – it will be different AND better.

    Week 5 is what I am looking forward to. Whether it is Peterson or Asiata, my money says the Vikes get AT LEAST 4 TD’s to the Packers 2.

  17. Don’t worry Vikes fans, you’re still 5-1, right? Thank God they reeled off the 1rst 4. For the excuse makers that say it was about the Vikes more than the Pats or AP made all the diff, you’re delusional. The Pats outclassed them on Def, Off, ST and coaching. The Pats didn’t even try to score inthe 2nd half. They just took the air out of the ball and tried to run out the clock. You can have CPatterson. Didn’t take much to make him a non factor. Too bad you didn’t see JCollins play

  18. The Pats average field position on their scoring drives was the Vikes 33 thanks to 4 INT’s. Hard not to score on that. Also 7 points came off a blocked FG that would’ve made it 17-10. D wasn’t as bad as it seems but Cassel and the special teams were. If you are going to loose, it’s best to loose to a team in another conference.

  19. Tough to win when you spot the other team 24 points. NE’s average distance to score? 33 yards. You give Brady that field position, he’ll win 99.9% of the time.

    3 of the 4 INTs were Cassel’s fault. One was a ricochet off the WR’s helmet. Couple that with about 3-4 untimely drops and you wind up on the short end of the score.

  20. @tigerlilac, as a Pats fan I don’t follow your logic. Add to the fact that in Brady’s post game interview he looked like someone stole his pet dog. When asked by Zolak why he seemed so glum? He responded that after the turnovers and Edleman’s great returns in the second half it wasn’t good enough to walk away with no points when starting the drive in Viking territory. The Offense under Toms’ leadership kicked 2 field goals in the 2nd half. That’s not good enough.

  21. Yes, the Vikes lost in a big way today. However, one thing I see that is a big positive is that Brady went 15-22 for 149 yards . That is a credit to the defense in my opinion. We shut down their passing game, just got to work on shutting down the run!

    If we can shut down Brady, one of, if not the best QB playing today, we shouldn’t have any problem with many other teams, including the Packers.

  22. The Vikes D didn’t shut down Brady. He completed almost 70% of his passes and they barely used Gronk. The gameplan coming in was to run the FB. Also, every turnover and ST play isn’t a giveaway. Sometimes the other team deserves a little credit. They get paid too

  23. Alrighty so where are the Pats haters now? I loved the buttkicking, but i didnt take too much pride in it because we were playing the Vikings, after all. What i really enjoyed, was picturing the Pats haters and trolls sulking in a corner watching the Pats do their thing.

    I totally agree with the comment above saying the Pats have the best secondary in the league. I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again. You take your Sherman, i’ll have my Revis.

    And plus, with a Seattle loss, i think the argument can be made that the Pats are the league powerhouse. Green Bay, New Orleans, and Denver all havent looked convincing. Seattle looked good week 1, not so much week 2. And as for SF, only time will tell.

  24. Fanasaurus, they play to win the game. The Patriots did not put up big points in the second half but they were in control of the game. A big problem for them was penalties, not Brady’ play.

  25. One major issue I see in both the first and second game for the Patriots is the amount of penalties. Belichick needs to correct what us a major issue.

  26. That is Cassel, pure and simple. He will have a couple of OK games and look the part, then he will go into a tail spin and look like crap. But to the Viking fans, its those couple of games that they won with Cassel that serves as the basis to declare they are going to the playoffs. Its games like today that convince the rest of us that the Vikings will finish in last place, yet again.

  27. The sad fact about Matt Cassel is he’s going to have games where he’s absolutely awful. He had games like this against Carolina and Cincinnati last year, but the other times he played he did very well. This is why he isn’t an upper echelon quarterback, because he can’t be consistent. I expect him to be much better next week, but it won’t matter because the Saints aren’t going to start 0-3 any more than the Patriots were going to start 0-2.

  28. In comment #2 above, “logicalvoicesays” writes the following:

    Here’s what I have to say to you: Doesn’t it get heavy carrying all that hate around for so long? Man, I would hate to be you. You must be really depressed, and a very sad person in general. I’d hate to be carrying that anger around for so long, let it go man, just let it go…. all will be okay in the world….its just millionaires chasing a football around.

  29. The D hung in there — the QB and special teams stunk. This should still be a 7 or 8 win team. Doesn’t look like any team is going to run away with the NFCN.


    Check out the Packers thread Viking fans all over it……

    Cassel give me a break
    Vikings 1-15 its a lock

    and Viking fans ripping the Packers in the first half disappeared in the 2nd half.
    It must be their first football game.
    Not knowing you play two halfs/
    Oh and AP…….its too easy I ll let it go

  31. Bubbalicious says:
    Sep 14, 2014 4:44 PM
    Had more to do with the AP situation than anything else, how many Super Bowls since “O”! At the end of the year patsies will be sitting home watching Peyton win his next Super Bowl just like the rest of us!


    Or maybe Cassel stinks. The Vikes have never won a Super Bowl.

  32. Dear Vikings Fans:

    The classy organization 200 miles directly to the East of M/SP would like to remind you that you have talked the talk for 52 Augusts in a row. But your beloved Lavender Larries rarely can walk the walk. And they’ve never sealed the deal.

    Your beloved Heidi’s crapped the bed today. Of course everyone but you deluded ones knew this was coming. Your defense sucks. Your offense is pathetic and who cares about special teams. You beat perhaps the worst franchise in the NFL last week and you spent the entire week up to APs indictment crowing about how you were starting a dynasty. Since then (including today’s embarrassment), silence. You don’t have the stones to show up when your beloved joke of a franchise (inevitably) embarrasses itself again.

    Do you want to know why Packer fans are so annoyed by you? It’s because you are the red-headed step child. We have 13 world championships. You have 0. We have 3 straight NFCN titles, and 11 in the past 25 years. You have 5.

    Green Bay, Wisconsin. Better football for better people.


  33. Pats fan here.

    1. There’s always some idiot on here bringing up the “haven’t won a SB since “Spygate”. Both the Pats’ SB losses, especially the first, were flukes. To those who like to drag this out every week: How many SBs did your team win? Like, ever?

    2. I was the Vikes/Pats game. Efficient performance by NE, after the disaster of the first series, where Vikes went straight down the field and scored. Still, things to clean up, especially the stupid penalties. Pats made some dumb penalties that cost big plays or gave Minny new life. I’m looking at you, # 71.

  34. It seems my trolling above has been well received. I can only assume that is because of the embarrassment of the past 3 days, you Purple Toads have gone into hibernation until next August. Hopefully by then you’ll have learned your place – like Lions fans!

    We’ll see you next August!

    A Die Hard Packer Backer

  35. I’m eating my words from my post earlier. Green Bay won. I take responsibility for it. The Pats played a great game, and they smoked us. And they probably would have beat us just the same if AP were there. We’ll move on. And we’ll move on without AP if that’s the case. Good game New England.
    Skol Vikes.

  36. I do not like to trash talk but the Viking fans bring it upon themselves.Look at the entire off season posts.
    How great they were improved.
    A decade of dominance starting now.
    OMG pathetic losers
    Now they disappear.
    And its sooner then I thought.
    I thought they would hide after going 1-3 I was wrong they are hiding at 1-1 because the DYNASTY is obvious ( a joke )…they are a bad team and a very bad organization.
    Their fans BRAGGED BIG TIME OVER the summer about how many DIVISION TITLES they won WHAAAAT ????

    Now Peterson beats his son . On the scrotum I may add…..SICK MAN……
    This franchise needs to move.
    It needs a fresh start,,,,,,,,

  37. Someone on the broadcast yesterday stated that the Pats were still trying things out. I think that’s what good teams do, fiddle till something clicks, lock that in, then go on to the next thing. That’s why they usually get better in the second half of games…. and seasons for that matter.

    Next on the list will be getting control of the penalties. Too much slop in the execution on both sides of the ball. Then maybe Josh can dig deep down into that playbook, and come up with some running plays for Ridley that maybe go outside the tackles! How about a sweep? ….maybe a draw play or two?…The few times he actually got between his own O-Line it worked OK, but I swear Ridley spends more time up Connely’s butt than his proctologist.

    Still love ’em…. always will!

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