Bengals stay perfect, shut the Falcons down for 24-10 win


Falcons wide receiver Roddy White said last week they planned to score 30 a game this season.

He missed that one by a whole lot Sunday.

The Bengals man-handled the Falcons, beating them 24-10 to improve to 2-0.

The Falcons were playing without left tackle Jake Matthews (ankle), and the absence was clear, as Cincinnati manhandled them up front. They allowed the Falcons just 309 total yards, and goaded quarterback Matt Ryan into three interceptions and just 231 yards on 24-of-44 passing. As sharp as Ryan was last week against the Saints, he was that bad this week.

The Bengals didn’t get anything out of A.J. Green before he left the game with a toe injury, but they didn’t need much.

With Mohamed Sanu making big plays on both ends of the passing game and Giovani Bernard showing his explosive ability, the Bengals had plenty of offense.

26 responses to “Bengals stay perfect, shut the Falcons down for 24-10 win

  1. This just in…The Cincinnati Bengals are a very good team, even with all of the injuries today.

  2. The Falcons wanted to be physical this per Hard Knocks. Well ok. Welcome to AFC North football. Sorry. They should just stick with being soft. Play the spread offense because they ain’t tough and we saw it today

  3. bengalskuta82 said it best…..the Bengals were just the more physical team from start to finish. The Falcons knew with the Bengals missing their top 3 receiving threats we had to run the football and they still couldn’t stop it. And I must say they were very lucky Dalton (who had another very good game) overthrew 2 easy touchdowns on the 1st 2 possessions or this game.

    Many people don’t want to believe it…..but with Jay (I don’t know how to run the ball) Gruden now in Washington…the Bengals are going to be one of the top teams in the NFL once our receivers are back healthy.

    Im a diehard Bengal fan who lives in Atlanta….and all I heard this week was how great Matt Ryan was……well all I saw was Matt Ryan get outplayed by Andy Dalton. Which is a huge statement considering how many of our best weapons offensively were out of the game!!!!!


  4. It was nice today that the Bengals played a complete game all the way through today. Stalled drives still need to be worked on, but offense and the ground game were much improved today. Even losing AJ, Sanu, Gio, Sanzenbacher, Gresham, and Hill all stepped up today. I just hope the injury bug stops biting because we can’t afford to lose guys like AJ and Burfict for extended periods of time. Either way great game today and hope to keep it going next week against the Titans and then get healthy after the bye. Who Dey.

  5. Hilarious that the comment is Ryan had a bad game. Last week it was Flacco had a bad game….Here is a clue THE BENGAIS ARE A GOOD TEAM WITH A GREAT DEFENSE. GIVE THEM CREDIT!!!!!!!!!

  6. Props to the Bengals. Y’all were the much better team.

    Time to take a serious look at the facts. Offensive and defensive coordinators have been replaced. Offensive line and defensive line coaches have been replaced. I’m not saying this one loss is a reason to fire Smitty; but can you really deny that the same consistent problems have plagued the Falcons since he came on board?

    I’m just wondering how you can expect to win when you are running dinks and dunks all day.. We’ve seen Ryan air it out. That was Koetter’s poor gameplan. WR’s not gettin open and again putting the wrong players on the bench. Why the hell is Biermann still in the game? I’m starting to question Nolan’s gamplan as well but its hard to scheme a good front 7 when you’ve invested ZERO 1st-rd picks on a pure pass rusher and one first round pick on a LB since ’08.

    Dunno how you can create a pass rush and i dunno of any team that can win in the playoffs without one. It may be a long season for us.

    -falcons fan

  7. Great win Bengals. I knew it would be a tough game for my Falcons, but you guys dominated. The score shoulda been a lot worse.

    Good luck the rest of the way. As a UGA fan, I love A.J. Green and want to see him continue to do well.

  8. I gotta say, I was a little nervous about this game after Atlanta put up so many points last week, but the D played incredibly, especially the secondary. Almost every pass was tightly contested and Newman had a spectacular game after a rough outing in Baltimore. Gotta keep it up against Tennessee cuz the next 4 games after the bye are against quality opponents. Hopefully, they get healthier by then.

  9. bmorefalcon says:
    Sep 15, 2014 11:23 AM

    Could be worse. We could be 0-2 after losing to Cleveland!

    The Falcons play the Browns in Week 12, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns win. The Falcons don’t seem to be used to smashmouth football. You’ve got the Ravens, Steelers, and Browns still coming up.

  10. Who Dey to that Bonnie! The Falcons looked “soft” on defense. In fact I wonder what Hills’ yards after the first hit were. It’s time for Hue to unveil his 2 back scheme so we can get both Bernard and Hill on the field at the same time and take advantage of their diverse and unique skill sets at the same time. Let’s start using are new H-back Ryan
    Hewitt now that AJ’s out and relentlessly pound the rock! Who Dey!

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