California’s Lieutenant Governor calls for 49ers to bench Ray McDonald


The 49ers, unlike the Panthers, have refused to bow to public pressure regarding a player with pending domestic violence charges.  But the pressure on the 49ers is mounting.

The media has been getting louder and louder about the team’s decision to continue to honor the age-old sports double standard that excuses are made for stars and examples are made of scrubs. The 49ers want McDonald on that field, they need McDonald on that field. So they’ve take up residence under the cover of “due process.”

The politicians are pushing the issue now, with California Lieutenant Governor and former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome and his wife, Jen Seibel Newsom, calling on the 49ers to sit McDonald.

“The City and County of San Francisco and the entire Bay Area has long stood staunchly on the forefront of domestic violence awareness and prevention,” the Newsoms said.  “That’s why the 49ers’ continued insistence on playing Ray McDonald during his ongoing criminal investigation is a painful affront to every victim of domestic violence and sends a troubling message to our community and especially our children that ‘zero tolerance’ are empty words, not real actions.  In light of the increased public  awareness of this issue in the wake of the horrific Ray Rice assault and today’s decision by the Carolina Panthers to deactivate Greg Hardy, we strongly urge the 49er organization we grew up revering to do the right thing — right now — and bench Ray McDonald, pending the outcome of his felony domestic violence investigation by San Jose law enforcement.”

McDonald presumably will continue to play, in part because the 49ers believe he did nothing wrong. At some point, the NFL will have to investigate the case and make a decision as to whether McDonald is blameless. Otherwise, the issue could linger for months.

85 responses to “California’s Lieutenant Governor calls for 49ers to bench Ray McDonald

  1. Proving once again the much like Vice-Presidents, Lieutenant Governors don’t have much to do.

  2. Oh , please . . . this is really getting out of control. Officials can’t govern worth a darn , but they can tell teams how they should discipline their players ? Yeah , okay.

  3. Same politician that had an affair, what the hell does he know about football, he couldn’t keep the 49ers in SF, he wanted to give us a stadium on a dump area.

    McDonald hasn’t been convicted, or charged, let him play. Rice got suspended, Hardy was convicted, but McDonald wasn’t, so I see no issue, if he is proven to be guilty, then I am all for releasing McDonald, as I don’t condone Domestic Violence.

    But I also don’t condone idiots like Tim Kawakami, and others bashing the 49ers for waiting for due process.

  4. If he definitely committed this heinous act, then obviously he should NOT play. We can’t punish each and every player simply if they are accused without proof. Now I know little about his case, was there strong evidence (That We Know for Sure) of abuse? If not then sometimes the process has to go through before we willy nilly punish an individual.

  5. Not a 9ers fan but I really hope he’s innocent and watch all these idiots crawl back in the holes they came from. If he hasn’t been charged yet than punishing him would be nothing but social outcry winning on fact less accusations

  6. And some people thought I was being over-the-top absurd when I said that “due process” isn’t a viable concept for professional sports teams. As soon as you are accused, you should be released from your contract and banned front the league for life. Otherwise, zero-tolerance has no meaning at all. And I’m not 49er hater, by the way.

  7. Why should they bench him if he hasn’t been formally charged? Has anyone heard what happened? Any concrete facts? Has anyone seen photos of her purported injuries? I’m against all forms of violence but at the same time, if he’s never charged and the injuries are found to be self inflicted, we’ll all feel pretty stupid.

  8. Gavin was once the mayor of SF and a big reason they moved to Santa Clara. He’s one of the last people whose opinion the Niners might care about.

  9. Honest question, is Ray McDonald good? I don’t know much about him. Seems like if he were an average player he wouldn’t be getting the Aldon Smith treatment of being able to play while scandal is swirling around him. Again, it’s an honest question.

  10. It’s an election and some utterly and totally corrupt politicians (they all are) are using this Asa vote getting mechanism. What a surprise

  11. These are the same politicians who won’t raise taxes to build bigger jails because they would risk not being re-elected. With the current jails full I’m sure the Prosecutors are pressured to not try the abusers but to agree to other options (treatment or not try without for sure evidence). This more then 3 out of 1,600+ players in the NFL leads to the acceptance of the abuse in this country.

  12. Only time politicians that are usually quiet attempt to speak on on issues like this is when they potential brownie points for their career.

  13. 49er’s, where are your values? Winning a game is more important than sending a message to domestic violence victims? Some message….pathetic.

  14. I don’t care for Hairbow or the Niners, but anyone who has a hand in running this dysfunctional state that I live in should keep his head down and do his damned job.
    In this state, that would be a first.

  15. This is so stupid. One of this countries core values is innocent until proven guilty. In my mind until this guy is proven guilty then the niners have no obligation to deactivate him. If he ends up being acquitted and did nothing then this politician is asking for them to bench somebody for nothing. WAIT FOR FACTS.

  16. Honestly, something has to be done. Go read about the Suggs allegations that he managed to get out of last year. If it’s even remotely true the guy is a monster. The best way to get rid of the problem is to take away people’s careers until they figure out they have to act like reasonable human beings to be in the NFL. There still has to be some kind of due process though, because not all allegations are true.

  17. Hardy was not convicted of any crime. The appeal nullifies the lower Courts decision. In essence, the first trial never occurred.

  18. Fantastic. Some woman accuses Aron Rodgers of hitting her, or maybe Payton Manning, and they have to sit until the police investigation is completed. Great way for gamblers to manipulate the NFL.

    Of course, top-level media stars would be well advised to stay away from nightspots unless accompanied by half-a-dozen bodyguards. Because obviously if any woman claims the star abused her physically or verbally, obviously ESPN or NBC would immediately suspend said personality. Nice potential for blackmail, at the very least.

  19. We’re screwed in California. People keep voting these morons into office because they just give everything away with no idea how to pay for it except tax the earners as much as possible.

  20. I thought Goodell was the Father, Son and The Holy Ghost. Since when do politicians dictate to the NFL?

  21. I thought he and the Governor were to busy trying to figure out ways to let illegals into our country to have time to deal with something that’s not at the top of the list for federal or state officials to be bothered with.

  22. Ray Rice was caught on tape and his guilt was very apparent. Hardy and McDonald’s situation is not like that. everyone in this country is entitled to due process. Suggestions to the contrary shows a general ignorance of the rights of American citizens. That said, the very second a guilty verdict or plea deal is accepted they should join Rice in the unemployment line.

  23. There are some interesting things that I have noticed about Ray McDonald’s case, particularly things his teammates have said. Vernon Davis indicated that 50%-75% of the team was at the McDonald home when the police showed up to respond to whatever happened. At face value, that kind of setting seems like an odd time and place to beat up your pregnant fiance, while all your peers are around. Also, when asked about the incident right after it happened, Patrick Willis, who has well established character credibility, had a lot of body language and was clearly holding back from responding the way he wanted to. I am admittedly a 49ers fan and hope that McDonald is innocent. However, there seems to a lot more to this story than what is public, up to this point. The reason the NFL holds off on handing down suspensions for due process is because knee-jerk reactions that take away games and game checks cannot be undone. Greg Hardy was found guilty at some form of bench trial. Ray Rice’s criminal case was concluded. Adrian Peterson was indicted by a grand jury. All of these proceedings progressed much further than McDonald’s case has and this is still a country where you’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. If he is found or pleads guilty, let the NFL tee off on him at that point.

  24. Shame on the Lt. Gov. What about due process? One guilty you’re out!!!

    Too many people had decided Colin Kaepernick was guilty… Oh he wasn’t in the room when the police were called.

    Sorry Sea-town, it was your receiver that was in the room.

    This is not Stolengrad (that in Russia Seattle fans).

    Due process folks.

  25. Gavin Newsom is a moron. I still can’t believe we elected him. He isn’t fit to be in charge of anything. I look forward to voting him and idiot Jerry Brown out of office this year.

  26. Looks like a politicians bucking to run for governor.

    HERE some fun fact about domestic violence.

    first fact 90% of the time it is the man who gets arrested if the police are called.

    second fact 75% of the time if the man calls the police he’s going to jail.

    third fact 50% of the time it the woman’s fault and she is the abuser. Still the man goes to jail

    Remember Warren Moons case, later his ex-wife admitted that she fake it and she never faced any charges.

  27. cuda1234 says: Sep 14, 2014 8:03 PM

    “Justice” by angry mob – isn’t that our legal system in the Obama era?
    This is funny considering all I read here on PFT in comments under these players is a bunch of angry lynch mobs pounding on their keyboards.

  28. I agree with having zero tolerance for violence but… is the Lt. Govenor contacting the employer of every individual accused of domestic violence and demands that they be removed from their job? Or just the 49ers because they are in the public eye?

  29. that’s why 49ers , and Ravens coach are brothers they think the same. they don’t care what the players do, just play baby.

  30. What is wrong with these flaming, demented, Liberal Democrats who no longer are hiding their distain and hatred for “due process” and “innocent until proven guilty by a group of your peers” as well as their roaring need to become dictators lording over the rest of us?

    Too bad common-sensed Californians have given up voting and surrendered California to the wannabe dictators who run wild within the Democrat party.

  31. Seriously, though, Ray McDonald should be deactivated. It’s clear Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers value winning over decency. For the record, the Cowboys should not reinstate Josh Brent to their football team, either.

  32. I could have sworned Jim Harbaugh had a strong stance on this topic and absolutely against any type of domestic violence, I remember hearing him say, he didnt tolerate it and yet he allows Ray McDonald to play, after the situations with Rice and Greg Hardy, therefore he is a hypocrite and I cannot support them until they do the right thing as the Panthers did by deactivating Greg Hardy, otherwise they are saying its okay to do this and continue playing, unbelievable, therefore we are supporting a league who allows a player who has a domestic violence case or situation to continue playing as it hovers over his head, and I cant deal with this because it is wrong, and Hannah Storm explained herself well this morning, it was well said

  33. Is the governor going to call all the companies with pending charges of DV to suspend their employees?

    Shut up politicians. It’s too bad there isn’t a true sentiment to support DV victims. This is nothing more than a flash. And it’s a shame.

  34. I see a lot of people claiming “due process” and “innocent until proven guilty”.

    You are missing the point. Those protections are for legal purposes, not your “right” to play in the nfl. Which isn’t a right. It’s a privilege.

    The 49ers could absolutely suspend him, if they wanted to do so. They don’t.

    I would even argue that, going forward, that should be the standard. If you are accused of a domestic violence charge, you are suspended without pay until the court case is resolved. If proven innocent, you can get your game checks back. If not, you are suspended for a year and have to apply for reinstatement.

    These players always want to “lawyer up” and drag out the case as long as possible. That will end that crap, and would end DV in general pretty quickly.

  35. Hardy was convicted dum dum… I could have “sworned” the rule was innocent until proven guilty. RayMac might be a piece of trash but until it’s proven then I would hate to see him punished – the equivalent would be your fry girl accusing you of touching her “bad parts” and you getting canned on her word alone- all while you were minding your own business at the mayo+bun station. Sound Fair?

    I am a Hawks fan and I support anything that hurts the Niners.. but destroying this guys livelihood on conjecture is rediculous.

  36. Nice way to look good for the people while secure in the fact that the team isn’t going to listen to you. Should win a few votes.

  37. Guys must be a Seachickens fan. He’s the same guy theat personally phoned Goodell to keep Marshawn Lynch from being suspended for his second alchohol infraction. Still havent seen any legal or nfl action from that incident almost 2 years ago. So driniking and driving are okay but alleged domestic violence bad?

  38. I’ll say the same thing I said about the Gov of MN. Why didn’t you go to the media when John doe at the local mart did the same thing? You weren’t pounding your chest and calling for him to be suspended from his job. Why? Because he’s not a famous athlete? We shouldn’t hold athletes to a higher standard than ourselves. They’re human beings capableof the same mistakes as us. So why are you sending that message to society? Your supposed to be a leader and yet your sending out these very unhealthy mixed signals. Should stick to your states politics and let the legal system do their job.

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