Charles Woodson on Raiders after defeat to Houston: “We suck”


In their home opener Sunday vs. Houston, the Raiders committed four turnovers and didn’t score their first points until the fourth quarter in a 30-14 loss.

And afterwards, veteran safety Charles Woodson gave an unflattering assessment of Oakland’s performance.

We suck,” Woodson said, according to Scott Bair of CSN Bay Area and other Raiders reporters.

Woodson said he knew the performance was a downer for Raiders fans, who haven’t seen their club make the postseason since 2002 and witnessed Oakland fall to 0-2 in a game in which it trailed by at least 14 points for three-quarters of the contest.

“Everybody’s optimistic. You know, it’s our first home game. They’re excited to see their Raiders, and what was that we put out there on the field?” Woodson said afterwards, according to a video clip posted by Marcus Thompson of Bay Area News Group. “That’s embarrassing. And I’m embarrassed for this team, I’m embarrassed for the fans, and the thing about is, I’m part of it. I don’t know what we need to do as a team going forward, but something’s going to have to be done. I don’t know what that is, but we’ve go to do better than we did today.”

The Raiders play the Patriots in New England next Sunday, then travel to London to face the Dolphins on Sept. 28. Their bye is in Week Five, giving them a little extra time to regroup. For now, though, the Raiders are left to adjust on the fly, for as Woodson indicated, their current level of play isn’t up to par.

78 responses to “Charles Woodson on Raiders after defeat to Houston: “We suck”

  1. Sad that this great player has to end his career in the garbage dump.

    With 60+million in salary cap money, the Raiders FAILED to improve upon a horrible defense. That falls on Reggie McKenzie.

    Lack of execution, predictable play calling, horrible fundamentals all falls on a coaching staff not suited to coach at the NFL level.

    Losses to two beatable teams and Woodson’s embarrassed? Wait unit the Raiders have to go against Denver, Seattle, San Diego, 49ers as well as decent teams like KC, Arizona, Buffalo and Miami. Its gonna get real ugly.

  2. logicalvoicesays says: Sep 14, 2014 9:17 PM


    – – –

    Normally, I love nothing more than to give the “nation” a hard time. But considering you’re a fan of a team which is owned by a racist clown which puts out nothing but garbage for ignorant consumption, I’m going to go ahead and stand with the Raiders’ fans when I say that you’ll likely have a worse season than they.

  3. Woodson should leave that crappy city and team and go back to a winning franchise the green bay packers the team that got him a super bowl ring

  4. Why did the Raiders even bring this old timer back? Oh right, nobody else wanted him because they knew he was DONE. Time to clean house, start with Dennis Allen he can’t coach.

  5. Thank you Charles. Now could you please explain that to your tilted-headed mouth-breathing fans? They don’t seem to understand that. Hahahahaha

  6. You’re not wrong. You have some of the worst coaches in football and A general manager who tried to act like Daniel Snyder when he was supposed to be a draft gem guy.

    The excuses could only last so long and management cared more about benefiting from those excuses instead of making the team better in other ways possible.

  7. Sickoe47 if only it was possible to acquire a decent head coach I don’t see a good qualified candidate available/even willing to sign. I’m looking already to next year and the possibility of luring Kevin Sumlin out of Texas Tech this guy is the future.

  8. Woodson shouldn’t be “embarrassed for the fans” because Raider fans suck even more than the team does. How ’bout a thumbs-up, Raiders fans??

  9. well now everyone wants DA and RM fired… I believe that should have been done last season. You wanted D. Carr to run and use his legs… You got rid of a feak of an athlete in T Pryor.. He used his legs and ran against the Steelers for 99 yards. DA and his coaching staff could not and would not try to develope this man.. You ran off D. Mcclain.. Now Dallas is enjoying his services… All of the key talent that the Raiders once had to include Hugh Jackson (ranked 5th in offense) you got rid off. Now lets fire the head coach… No, lets see how much more he and his staff can ruin this shell of a team… Draft picks by RM,,, where is this great DB, where is he…. 2nd round pick T,,, what has he done lately… Where is D. Ausbury,,, when is L. Murrey going to get to run since this is another one of RM’s draft picks… The Raiders are broken thanks to what is in our front office and on the field now… I have been a Raider fan since 1969 and this team is too soft, not well coached and the front office is poor in evaluating talent.. Why must the Raider Nation continue to suffer… No Staduim, L. A. does not want a loser.. This coaching staff needs to be gone ASAP and take RM with them…

  10. They suck alright. Until they play my Steelers. Then all of a sudden they look like world beaters. Sigh.

  11. Wood and Carr are the only guys on the field who actually look like they care.

    Those two guys with the ski masks on, collecting game checks, are Justin Tuck and Lamar Woodley.

  12. They are clearly a badly coached and managed team.
    The question is, where will they get a better coach? Gruden? Nope. He’s been out of the league for ten years. He’s got it made as the genius in the booth. No way is he going to get back on the sideline and actually do it. Cowher? Nope. Similar argument.
    Maybe get Hairbow away from the Niners? That would make me puke.
    I don’t know what the answer is… I’m not sure Mark Davis is able to ask the right question…

  13. Dj Hayden Menalik Watson tony bergstrom Crawford Juron criner Reggie sucks. All that money to spend in free agency and this is the product they put on the field. Tom cable and Hugh Jackson did such a good job compared to this clown d Alan So sad week two and the season is over

  14. I’ve seen a lot of bad Raider football in the last 11 years. A lot. But I saw things in that game today that even surprised me. Leaving Watt completely uncovered on the first Houston TD. James Jones fumbling twice-twice!-on one play. TJ Carrie waving off a punt he HAD to field. McFadden getting a nice play taken away by a phantom holding call. OK, that didn’t surprise me, but overall, that was a comically poor effort, especially by the defense. Allen cannot be fired soon enough.

  15. The answer is bring in Shaw the HC from Stanford… or eat crow and bring back Hue Jackson if he would even consider what these nuckleheads have done to this team… Herm Edwards would be a good guy to bring in to Oaktown,, He is a motivator and a players coach.. He knows the game and how to motivate players… Denis Allen was a coach that was learning on the job and we are paying for that now… the OC play calling is rediculous and too predictable… first they say it was because T. Pryor was limited in what packages they could have him run… I believe they have limited packages period because they are not very creative in offensive sets, motion, etc… play action, roll outs, boots period… I said this last season and my question is why could anyone not see this… but me and a select few…

  16. Tough to watch but i stand by my team high tide or low tide. AFC west trolls and the king of trolls (logicalturd), etc can pile on….it matters not…..Just Win Baby!

  17. Where are the fans who said we couldn’t judge Allen by the first two seasons? It turns out we could.

    Its possible he is plant from DEN.

  18. I don’t know what DA is but I do know what he is not and that is a Head Coach… And I see why Denver was so willing to allow him to interview for the Oakland job… Denver was ranked 23rd on Defense, now that he is gone see where they rank.. I know I am going off on the Raiders but I can because I been with them for a long time and I know what I am seeing now is not Raiders football… One Nation,,, Go Raiders…

  19. Interesting quote from Carr on his 40yrd run
    He said, “…coach Sparano put that play in!” By the bye or sooner , Sparano (the only coach on staff with a contract that goes beyond ’14) will be your new HC.

  20. ,,, I agree with your coment about Sparano,,, he may be the last man standing…. Anyone will do be get DA and RM out of there ASAP… I’m out…

  21. Hmmmm….Pryor does well and is gone

    McGloin shows great promise and is 3rd on the depth chart….

    Here’s a fact- If MJD was healthy enough to play in this game, the score would have been A LOT worse! Doing fans a favor by collecting his check from the bench, he’s done!

    Sorry Raiders, but you may be worse than the Jaguars…errr….we’ll see!

  22. I don’t see how Mark Davis can look at the last two games after the last two years and say a coaching change would hurt this team. Somebody get Dennis Allen a map he’s lost the locker room.

  23. McKenzie created this catastrophe he should be fired!
    Can’t believe there are still a few dimwitted fans left that think McKenzie had nothing to do with this train wreck.

  24. snowdood163 says: Sep 14, 2014 10:43 PM

    Where are the fans that were predicting playoffs? Loud mouth idiots are why people hate the Raider fan base. It’s full of them.
    Sounds like snowdood’s team didn’t play today. Or he doesn’t have one. Or he has a personal issue.

  25. longsufferingkcfan says: Sep 14, 2014 10:29 PM

    Cue the typical Raider fan response: “Oh yeah? Well we still won a few Super Bowls 30+ years ago.” Dumbest fanbase in sports, hands down.
    Shouldn’t you be somewhere else, talking about how your team had a chance to not be 0-2, like Oakland?

  26. Would it be too much to ask to bring Cable back for another stint? You know, after what he’s learned in Seattle, it might be a good fit. That’s if Chucky doesn’t accept Mark’s offer after the season is over.

  27. Davis has given Allen and co time to change things. Its not working, time to move on. Allen to go during the bye week if the Raiders are 0-4

  28. Wake me up when the season is over…..and when Dennis Allen and Reggie McKenzie are gone.

  29. We need a fiery HC like Chucky. At this point if he wants to run the whole show, let him. McKenzie has proven he is not up to the task and the “coaches” have no business collecting a paycheck. I’ve never seen this bad a coaching job, far too bad to use the player execution excuse. Letting good talent go, while keeping and recruiting garbage.

  30. I hope the Raiders aren’t as dreadful the rest of the way as they were yesterday, although with tougher opposition ahead I’m not at all optimistic.

    If they do suck, then BOTH Allen and McKenzie should be jettisoned while the Raiders bring in a fresh regime for 2015. Yes, the coaching leaves a lot to be desired but McKenzie deserves a huge amount of blame as he was the one who assembled the roster.

    Yes, it’s true that McKenzie inherited a bad cap situation, but the implosion should’ve taken 1 year rather than stretched over 2 (for instance, why didn’t he cut Seymour right away?). And while there wasn’t much to work with in the 2012 draft (due to Hue Jackson’s insane Carson Palmer trade),McKenzie had absolutely no excuses for what turned out to be a horrible 2013 draft. And it was a true panic move to throw a potentially very good rookie QB into the fire right away based on performance in the last meaningless preseason game – McGloin should’ve started right away while Carr was brought along slowly and given starts late in the season.

  31. I agree with most that the coaching staff has to go. Allen can’t get the team fired up the way a true NFL coach can…we always come out flat. Olsen’s game plan is offensive and he is easily replaced with Al Saunders who is more than capeable of running our offense. Tarver’s defensive plan is just as brutal.

    As for Reggie, he should stay. He is building this team through the draft and doing a fairly good job as well as surrounding them with experienced vetrans. This year, he was able to draft Mack with the first round pick and he’s gonna be a keeper. Carr is going to be the face of the franchise for years to come. Gabe Jackson will eventually help anchor our o-line along with last years third round pick Bergstrom and Wisniewski who is a young vetran. Plus we got Carrie in the later rounds as well as Dowling who is learning from Woodson and Branch. Then last year we got Hayden and Watson (yes the jury is still out on these guys), Moore who is a stud at linebacker, Murray, Rivera and Bulter…and all have contributed to the team this year. And everyone forgets about 2012’s forth round pick Miles Burris. The guy is a stud also at linebacker.

    Our future is bright and yes we have some going pains to go thru still but we are definitely on the right page to be successful in the future. Reggie has drafted 7 solid starters and some good fringe players. Gotten rid of the horrendous contracts that we have gotten so use to knowing and accepting from Al.

    One nation!

  32. Woodson, Mack, and Sio Moore were the only bright spots on defense yesterday.

    The offense is in serious trouble. The best play was the 41 yd run by Carr.

    The goal should not be to win next week vs NE; that is highly improbable. The goal should be to get Woodson into position for a blindside blitz of Brady.

  33. Even the “nation” is already calling for the firing of McKenzie & Allen. They’re correct about that. However, THAT isn’t the real problem, and you certainly can see that now. It’s the owner. The ONLY way that “your” Raiders are ever going to have a chance of becoming relevant again, is if they’re in the hands of a quality and financially healthy owner / group.

    Without exception, every top-performing franchise in the league, dating back decades now, is owned by quality people. And by “quality” I mean those with solid business acumen, who know how to invest in the right personnel to help run their company.

  34. Miles Burris wouldn’t be a stud on his local pee-wee team…..

    Dude is completely lost out there.

    The defense really needs Nick Roach on the field asap. He’s not going to fix it but he can stay in position more often then Burris that looks like a chicken without it’s head out there.

  35. First off….let the haters, say what they want.

    The only positive i can say was walking into O-Co…the fans were loud and proud…had that vibe going into the game…optimism going into the new season…that bubble was bursted on the first drive.

    as far as c-wood….i have no problem with his honesty. I watched him for at least 5 minutes near the end of the game on the sideline with one arm up on the 5 gallon gatorade jug with his head down. Nobody said anything to him, but I know what he was thinking the entire time….. “We suck, and nobody on this team even cares”

    I sit in sec. 117 and I take inventory of these guys. I think the score was 27 -0 and these guys were still smiling and talking to one another as if it was just another sunny day in California. Let me tell you the seagulls were flying around a half time…they knew this game was over.

    Jason Tuck, Lamarr Woodley…they don’t deserve to wear silver and black. were tey even there yesterday…Pat Simms , flat footed all day… your butt needs to get in shape, you are soft and got pushed around the entire day. Sio Moore is one of the only guys who plays with emotion, while at the same time every third play he makes boneheaded mistakes…..JJ watt caught a touchdown on you. Allen is suppose to be a defensive minded coach…the defense sucks. The best hit of the entire day was delivered by DMC when he lowered his shoulder and popped the guy trying to tackle him.

    The only Raiders who showed up yesterday were T. Branch, C-Wood, and DMC…..who also happen to be the only Raiders who Al drafted…….I mean when your safetys lead the team in tackles what does that say about the front 7.

    Reggie first thing was to was to fire a coach who had this team in first place with a 7-3 record, until the starting QB got injured. He along with Dennis Allen a company inherited team that had back to back 8-8 seasons……and what does Reggie do….blows the whole place up….well he has made his bed and now he can sleep in it. I am not sure this team will win a game this year….

    Welcome to the Mark Davis era….

  36. hand the reins over to sparano. he was an actual HC once and I’m sure he would find a way to get this team fired up for a game. I mean come on there is no energy in the team right now. also, tarver, your days have got to be numbered.

  37. Bringing Chucky back would be a dream come true right now…its the only thing Davis could do to reenergize our fan base overnight.
    3 easy steps to save the Raiders for Mark Davis’ eyes:
    1. Go buy a huge dump truck.
    2.Fill it with Benjamins to the brim.
    3. Drive it to Chuckys house and don’t leave til his signature is on a long term contract.


  38. Been trying to tell you this for years. But no, every year Raider faithful believes they are going to the SB. Thank God Woodson got it right. Raider Nation is delusional, intoxicated and imballanced.

  39. Wow… as a Pats fan, I came over here to see what the Raider fans had to say about how their team was doing, and see if they had any preditions for next weeks little Visit to Foxboro. I expected a lot of trash talk and hate, but instead I find a bunch of guys who seem to care about a team they love. Insightful commentary, points made with real data, and discussion about the deficiencies in the coaching staff rather than just raging against the head coach, and calling for his head on a bloody spike.

    Very refreshing!

    Given that the Pats contend every year,and our squabbles tend to be based around things besides “…are we gonna win this Sunday”?, it’s good to see real football fans take an active part in discussing current events. I have a new found respect for the Raiders fanbase.

    That having been said, I hope we crush the very life out of your hopes and dreams for this season on Sunday.

    PS: If you want a taste of nostalgia, come on over to the Patriots PFT feed. You can help us feed the “Spygate” trolls, and make fun of Tom’s UGGs….. BYOB.

  40. Mark,

    You have been remarkably patient and have given enough time to DA., I admire that in you. Nobody would be able to say otherwise. But now, it’s time to be your Dad. Clearly, there is nothing that is going to change with DA…. Clearly!


    Replace him with the man you brought in to replace him eventually, Tony Sparano. The system is there and we don’t have to learn a new set of plays. The guy is a man and can freakin motivate players. You know this because you brought him here and kept him here.

    This just in…Dennis Allen is not the guy!


  41. The Raiders organization do not deserve the fans, who are the best in the world. They give us nothing, and we give everything. The only thing worth being a Raider fan right now is the fan base, and nostalgia.

  42. Fire dennis allen and all his staff, keep reggie McKenzie and hire bill cohwer or jon gruden.
    Thank you for saying this. Getting rid of Dennis Allen would be merciful for both coach and team. They play completely uninspired football.

    I know that Mckenzie picked Allen for HC, and his 2013 draft is suspect, but I think getting rid of him is a mistake. Remember, RM had never been a GM before. He needs time to learn, and he’s getting that time now. Firing Mckenzie feels like the firing of Mike Shanahan. All Shanahan did was go somewhere else and win two Super Bowls. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail, and Allen goes, but Mckenzie stays.

  43. simonator917 says:
    Getting rid of Dennis Allen would be merciful for both coach and team. They play completely uninspired football. I know that Mckenzie picked Allen for HC, and his 2013 draft is suspect, but I think getting rid of him is a mistake. Remember, RM had never been a GM before. He needs time to learn, and he’s getting that time now. Firing Mckenzie feels like the firing of Mike Shanahan. All Shanahan did was go somewhere else and win two Super Bowls. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail, and Allen goes, but Mckenzie stays.


    This just in…We are not a school for potential GM’s. We are an NFL franchise. Go learn somewhere else RM and DA – We are not an institution for hire learning!


  44. this team was as flat as a 2×4 on isle 26 in your local home depot….no energy, no intensity, no emotion, just showing up to collect a check. I am not even sure if you put a mirror under anybodys nose on the d-line if it would steam up….did woodley even play yesterday???? Looked at the stats and his name is no where to be found.The secondary leads team in tackles…front 4 sucks, besides Mack, the LB suck as well,(sorry Sio, I love your intensity) no sacks, no pressure on the QB, no take aways, but plenty of give aways. Tarver and Allen the dynamic duo , sorry to say I expect a lot more.

    As far as the Raiders Rumble drum crew, and the DJ playing his music etc…, and all the other stuff now at the game to try to energize the crowd, i have a suggestion to Mark Davis, and the marketing folks at Raiders HQ…….try winning , that is better than anything else.

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