Knowshon Moreno has dislocated elbow, expected to miss four weeks


The Dolphins couldn’t come up with a comeback in the second half of today’s 29-10 loss to the Bills and part of the reason may have been the absence of Knowshon Moreno.

Moreno, who helped propel the Dolphins to victory in Week One, left the game after taking a shot to the left elbow on his first carry of the game. Moreno went directly to the locker room and was ruled out of the game a short time later.

It looks like it will be a while before he gets back into the lineup. PFT has learned, via a league source, that Moreno has a dislocated elbow. He’s expected to miss at least four weeks as a result of the injury.

The Dolphins also saw Lamar Miller leave in the second half with an ankle injury, although word out of Miami is that he could have returned if there were a reason to play him. The scoreboard made such a return unnecessary, but it looks like the Dolphins will need a lot from Miller in the coming weeks for their ground game to make an impact.

21 responses to “Knowshon Moreno has dislocated elbow, expected to miss four weeks

  1. I told y’all. that really blows hopefully they don’t try to throw the ball to lamar miller anymore that guy has stone hands idc if he’s a rb he needs to learn how to catch. I feel go with Damian Williams and miller

  2. Tough lose at Buffalo, need to get ready for the Chiefs, injures hurt, got to have the back ups step up. Bill

  3. Phinsfanjoz you’re such a great fan. They lose one game and one more player calm down buddy. Why do you even go for the phins if you’re going to be negative. All three lbs were out last week and this week and the backups played good, I’m i wrong? How about jimmy wilson playing good while reshad jones is out? You miami fans are always bandwagon and it’s embarrassing. If they win next week y’all be right on board. Phins up all day everyday

  4. Opportunities were there for Miami but this QB is less than average. His not having years of QB experience shows at critical times. Takes too long in decision making and constantly putting the ball on the wrong side of the receiver. If your going to have weak linebackers, a weak running game and short receivers…you better have a leader for a QB. I like Thill but he is an average QB at best.

  5. head1994,
    Not all of us are bandwagon. I wanted them to win but I knew it would be tough because of the matchups. Their strengths directly oppose our weaknesses. I would like to have seen them play better. Tannehill was off and receivers were dropping easy catches. I like Philbin but he gave up in the first half. He was trying to run the clock out and the offense were having their best drive. They could have cut into the lead on that drive and then taken the lead in the second half but he chose to stall a drive that was moving pretty darn good. Tannehill is one of the best 2 min QBs but the coach got scared. That game could have been different. Momentum won’t automatically change. You have to go get it and Philbin didn’t want it today. It’s not a big deal. As I said last month, the Bills games worry me more than the Pats games.

  6. Time to go out and get another QB. You CANNOT rely on Miller to get it done. Guy is AWFUL. Time to scoure the waiver wire for possible additions in Moreno’s absence.

  7. FinFan68 ,

    are you kidding me? the Dolphins weren’t moving the ball for noting in the world in the first half of the game. Why will they want to risk a turnover and give the Bills the ball around the 20 yard line? we had the Momentum when we Wallace scored the TD (top 10 play) but then Cj took one back to the house. Our D-line (besides Odrick) didn’t do much. the Bills are built to beat the Dolphins, just look at the last years sincePhilbin took over. They swept us last year with a practice squad QB (Thad Lewis) who isn’t even in the NFL anymore. Yes the Bills and Jets scare me more than the pats.

  8. and Tannehill played good in the second half. They Phins have had way too many drops the first two weeks of the season. There’s room for improvement at ever position. Phins Up

  9. I am as big a Dolphins fan as you can be and the bottom line is the Bills just outplayed us. Credit where credit is due. Im sure when Moreno went out that changed everything, but good Teams adjust the gameplan or at least have a plan if this happens. Heck, we decided to let the first half run out without trying? I don’t think Tannehill played poorly, but problems with Shelley Smith and Satele are still there. We need a better RB than Miller. Maybe D.Williams with a full week of practice might be a surprise. No need for panic but better prep is needed. Congrats to the Bills.

  10. head1994,
    That drive, they were. They even risked Tannehill on a called third down run. I don’t mind the loss but I can’t approve of giving up even in the first half. There wasn’t a mere 30 seconds to kill, there was over 2 1/2 minutes. They ran the ball for 2-3 first downs, let the clock run down the entire time and then gave up at mid field. The team is not good enough yet to throw away drives on their own and still come out on top. Playing hard for 60 minutes includes the last drive of the first half. Short time and bad field position necessitate carefulness. Neither were factors on that drive–just the lack of the coach’s xonfidence

  11. I drank the Tannehill Kool aid for two years, I’m not doing it this year. He’s shown little to no improvement thus far and there’s no more excuses for him. He has a solid receiving corps, a vastly improved OLine, a top ten TE, I’m sorry but no more excuses. The Dolphins can’t have a probowl player at every position on that offensive line, Tannehill was the cause of at least two of those sacks. He can’t hit Wallace in stride to save his life.

    Yes the Dolphins have been hit with the injury bug but the biggest issues with the team right now are Tannehill and Philbin. If they don’t get there heads out of their butts it’s going to be a long season and there is no way in hell Miami picks up that 5th year option for over $15mil if he can’t lead this team to the playoffs.

    When EJ Manual is looking like a probowler against your team in his second year ( let’s not forget he sat most his rookie year) while your 3rd year starter looks like a deer in headlights it just might be time to move on………..

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