Ray Rice to appeal indefinite suspension on Monday

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Ray Rice hasn’t said or done much since he was cut by the Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL last Monday.  This Monday, he’ll say plenty.

According to multiple league sources, Rice will appeal the indefinite suspension on Monday.

The appeal will be handled by the NFLPA and by an outside lawyer retained by Rice.

Because the indefinite suspension was imposed under the personal-conduct policy, Commissioner Roger Goodell will have the ultimate authority over the appeal.  Don’t be surprised if Rice and the union ask that Goodell designate a hearing officer who has no current connection to the league office, which Goodell ultimately did in the appeal of the players suspended in connection with the Saints bounty case.

Apart from whether Goodell potentially has prejudged the Rice case before the appeal process has played out, Goodell also will be a witness in the appeal process, since one of the key questions is whether Rice lied to the team or the league about what happened in the elevator.

Rice is expected to contend that he told the team and the league the truth.  Ultimately, the person who resolves the appeal will have to hear testimony from Rice, Goodell, and other witnesses before deciding whether Rice lied — especially since Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome has said that Rice didn’t lie.

In the Saints case, Goodell handed the baton to former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, who ultimately overturned all Saints players suspensions.  Whoever handles the appeal, the process creates another vehicle for getting to the truth about what the NFL knew and when the NFL knew it.

44 responses to “Ray Rice to appeal indefinite suspension on Monday

  1. He’s a pig and should never play in the League again, and will never be picked up by a team … BUT … I don’t blame him. Goodell screwed this up horribly and when you are punished once then it’s a damn good argument that you shouldn’t be punished twice for the same thing.

  2. This was “the big news”? Dear God, you’ve really hit rock bottom.

    This is just another step in the dance. It was expected.

  3. i was hoping not to hear about him on game day but of course we did. All the NFL preshow were non stop talking about all this crap going on outside of the game of Football

  4. This is why I felt when Goddell announced the new policy that it should have been negotiated with the union and not merely declared. A policy in writing holds up a lot better than one that shifts with public opinion.

  5. Hopefully the teams make a statement and refuse to pick up this trash along with AP.. I am a Viking fan but you have to draw the line and make as statement as a group of teams

  6. This appeal shouldn’t be looked at as the PA trying to get his ban reduced. Instead it should be looked at as them trying to get to the truth. It’s no secret the NFL lied about something. It’s clear that they botched this case. Now it’s just a matter of untangling this entire mess and going through with this appeal will give them that chance. After all, Goodell will more than likely be called to testify. If he testified, he either commits perjury or lays out his epic failures for the world. If he doesn’t, he’ll be perceived as a snake and slimeball who’s hiding something. Either way, it’s just the beginning

  7. Baggage to say the least; Pending Felonist Assault charges, Deteriorated Athletic Skills (3.1 yds. /rushing attempt), Mentored by the infamous Ray Lewis. Rice’s people seem to be diligently attempting to minimized his accountability an responsibility by blaming anyone or anything.

  8. I bet you the chiefs after losing jamal charles sign em…or the vikings after getting ready to lose AP signs ray rice…or the colts who is a running back away from a Super Bowl sign em..or carolina with their horrible backs…

  9. No one cares anymore Ray Rice, go and get a “real job” and hope someone will employ you next year. You don’t deserve to wear an NFL jersey again this year. Go and look after your wife and child.

  10. It’s about time. He is a guy who should be suspended for as long as possible. However the league in their recent new policy has determined that his offense should warrant a six game suspension. So how does the league then come up with an indefinite suspension. Especially since this guy did not lie to anyone. He is a low live wife beater but every person deserves a second chance. Roger Goodell seems to be the person who lacks the veracity in this mess. Even Michael Vick was given a second chance.

  11. @kerzondax….u can sit behind you PC & call the guy a pig, but he has every right to appeal, even a murderer can appeal their case!

  12. Hey morons above he is still on the Ravens. He deserves to appeal to stick it to the MORON Goodell.

    Make this clown Goodell perjure himself and make him look like the liar and scumbag he is

  13. Rice deserves a 2nd chance. I’d be harder on the hypocrite who thinks he’s perfect choosing to throw stones…sound familiar much?

  14. Look the guy screwed up big time and should be punished for his foolishness but damn can a person move on and continue to live & work. Even people who get released from jail get a second chance.

  15. I don’t like Ray Rice or want to see him play football, but he does have a case, and he should win this case. We know now that Goodell was LYING about not seeing the tape, or at least knowing it was there. He went into the suspension process knowing what we saw on that video. Goodell HAD the evidence, Goodell was TOLD …but he gave RR 2 games.

    Then the video comes out, and he suspended him indefinitely based on already known knowledge. Not to mention, in between he made a new deal saying 6 games for a 1st time DV offender. So he didn’t even stick to his “guns” on the new policy and just went to indefinite.

    Goodell messed up and tried to “fix it” but he only made it worse and it blew up in his face. RR should NOT be punished for the ineptitude of Goodell. It sucks but he will win this case, I tend to think RR told the truth…and it was indeed the NFL/Goodell who decided to “overlook” or coverup that said truth.

  16. Once the NFL decided to become the PC police, it’s a slippery downhill slope from there. Between the sports media and now everyone else having a hand in the sport, it’s bound to decline. Let the Courts handle the criminal matters. Let the league set up a policy, negotiated with the players, that allows a team to void a contract if something outside of the workplace occurs that they gives them reason to want to get rid of the guy.

    The Pats canned Hernandez on their own and didn’t need the league to get involved. Obviously individual employers can employees all the time for various reasons, not the least of which is when it makes the employer look bad having such an employee.

    Sure, you may get different results, depending on the owner. Al Davis would take anyone. But, I don’t see it being good for the league to be the determiner.

  17. Anyone here know the policy? I assume the CBA stipulates a period of time a player has to protest a ruling. It seems odd to do something so fast. Might have been better waiting atleast a month for something like this. But if he only has a short time based on agreed to rules I can understand the timing.

  18. These bigshot ball players get enough money to play a game that they should be adult enough to walk away or count instead of pounding on someone and think they can get away with it because they are stars on the field, I hope they lose all their money and are put back into the penneyless status they were in when they were found, That would make others think about it before they beat on a woman or a child! These pros are looked up at by children so when they hear that these guys can get away with anything they want, it shows bad things for the kids of tomarrow turning into adults

  19. Yes, I won my appeal! My suspension is lifted!

    …now if only an NFL team would return my calls….

    -Ray Rice

  20. There should be no argument that what Rice did was despicable and appalling. That said, he should have no problem winning his appeal. Why? Because the NFL just announced new rules that says a 6 game suspension for the first offense, banishment for the second offense. Unless the NFL has proof that Rice beat his wife on another occasion or beat another woman, his NFL punishment should get reduced to 6 games. Should he be banished? Perhaps. But until Goodell modifies the rules….again.. to reflect banishment as a first offense, Rice should be subject to the rules as written, just like every other player.

    Clearly both Rice and Goodell need to clean up their acts.

  21. Those of you stating “No team will ever sign him” and that sort of thing are very foolish. When the offseason hits and when this is old news, some scummy franchise will give him a chance.

    I don’t want to see him in the league again nor do I think he deserves to be paid millions to play a game, but there’s no doubt he will be in the NFL again unless he screws up again.

    As for the appeal, he accepted a 2 game suspension and then was re-suspended. That’s double jeopardy. Goodell can not be allowed to make up the rules as he goes along. While I think the majority of people are in agreement that he (Rice) should suck it up, an appeal is important to the rest of the players. Goodell’s hands are very dirty and he deserves ousting as much as Ray.

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