Richard Sherman refuses to speak to media after being “exposed”

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Unlike the Packers, the Chargers decided to throw at Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.  And it worked.  And Sherman was in no mood to discuss it after San Diego’s 30-21 win over the defending NFL champions.

Via Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego (and surely others), Sherman refused to talk to the media following the game.

Per Gehlken, multiple Chargers described Sherman with the same single word:  “Exposed.”  Eventually, the NFL may describe Sherman with another single word:  “Fined.”

UPDATE 9:14 p.m. ET:  Sherman didn’t speak to the media.  But he did speak to the Twitter.  “Lmao Exposed? …. Complete 3 passes 0 touchdowns 0 explosive passes…. These guys make me laugh,” Sherman said.

251 responses to “Richard Sherman refuses to speak to media after being “exposed”

  1. What a big baby.

    This just reiterates what I’ve been saying before.

    Seattle is a fluke.

    And they cheated to win a Super Bowl.

    Their team still has Zero legit Superbowls.

    And the most annoying fans in the NFL.

    The Seahawks won’t make the playoffs this year.

  2. Great game by the Chargers today. Rivers and Gates torched the LOB. The defense had the bend dont break mentality. #BoltUp.

  3. Richard Sherman has no class, and isn’t even very good.

    The Minnesota Vikings have the best team in the NFL.

    …..And it’s not even close.

    Yes, we lost today.

    But it was a fluke game.

    We won’t lose one the rest of the year.


    Skol Vikings!


    The Dynasty continues.

  4. Sherman was just trying to get a head start on watching film in preparation for the beat down Seattle is gonna lay down on denver next week. One off game does not expose the best corner in the game.
    #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes

  5. Exposed pretty much covers it.
    He’s average and way over hyped. Without being able to hang on to the receiver like a boat trailer on every play, he’s just another big mouthed DB.
    And watch what he calls a tackle. A pitty pat master.

  6. Exposed means giving up 5 catches for 55 yards no penalties and no tds ??? Every single db in football would kill for those Stats yet those stats expose him?

    Meanwhile Revis Hayden , and Peterson have all given up tds and have all been penalized multiple times and have all given up more yards .

    Sherman have up 1 td all last year and had a couple competitions on him tonight when he played more than 70% percent of the plays in the game with 120+ degrees.

    I’m all for wishful thinking but PLEASE anyone explain how he was exposed by giving up dinks and dunk passes and a run route ?

    People just praying for Seattles downfall same with Sherman but why are his stats ALWAYS BETTER THAN THE COMPETITION .

    meanwhile Sherman doesn’t make any excuses while other top cb are “EXPOSED” and when he gives up even a couple passes none for tds teams act like they dominated him.

    If Sherman isn’t very good why are people claiming a few completions are somehow exposing him or better yet why are a couple completions even impressive when you cinsider they are a pass first offense ? You can’t have it both ways ,. Either he sucks and isn’t very good or his stats need to count which prove him to be the best cb in football!

    Pathetic analysis !

  7. How was he EXPOSED Allen had 3 competitions for 33 yards and another wr got 15 yards on a run route .

    How many yards didn’t give up and how many tds . How in the hell can you say you exposed him but your Own stats SUCK seriously reaching here haters .

  8. Oh look, here’s thepftpoet. Weird that you aren’t on the Vikings or Packers stories like you usually are…..

    What could have possibly happened that would cause that?….. Oh, right.

  9. allidoiswin55 says:
    Sep 14, 2014 9:08 PM
    How was he EXPOSED Allen had 3 competitions for 33 yards and another wr got 15 yards on a run route .

    How many yards didn’t give up and how many tds . How in the hell can you say you exposed him but your Own stats SUCK seriously reaching here haters .


    It’s not the haters saying he was exposed, it was the Chargers players.

  10. sd619tripleog says:
    Sep 14, 2014 9:06 PM
    After today, Patrick Peterson is the better corner. Without a doubt

    You clearly didn’t see him get torched today.

  11. New rules making these awesome Corners look awful.

    Every defense is gonna look like the 2011 Packers… DBs 15 yards away from the line of scrimmage.

  12. A lot of preseason talk about the Niners won’t score a single touch down… LOL 180 yards passing today by the god of QB’s. Sorry Wilson, we call that mediocre.

    Too funny.

  13. He’s like that after every loss. Gives no credit and act like a baby.
    He did go to Stanford though which makes him brilliant right?

  14. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Sep 14, 2014 9:09 PM
    Exposed is what Patrick Peterson and Joe Haden got today, and Darrelle Revis last week.


    Just admit Sherman was one of the reasons they lost. It’s not that hard.

  15. Yeah, Sherm got torched!!! 200+ yards and 3 TD’s… Oh wait, Gates caught all the TD’s and Sherman was “exposed” for 4 or 5 catches and 50 yards? Bring the hate fans of teams that dream of being exposed for 5/50!!!

  16. The entire back end of the Seahawks defense was exposed. He is great, but no way they should be giving up 3 TD’s to Gates. If you think they should, then I guess you better pick up Demaryius Thomas for next week.

  17. I know that Richard Sherman went to Stanford and for that reason, he must have above par intelligence. That said, I admit he is one of the best corners in the league and he can talk all the smack he wants because he earned it, but to actively avoid ANY criticism after you had a nor do great game is nothing but a punk move. So from now on he shall be known as the one who can dish it out, but cannot take it. Very bush league of him.

  18. Better to keep it to yourself, chew on that game for fuel all week while awaiting the Broncos coming to town.

    Much ado about nothing haters. Hawks are NFL Champions ALL season long, not just one game…where were you smack talkers on February 2nd?

  19. I wouldn’t say he was torched or exposed but man up and take the loss like a man and team. Very immature

  20. Eli exposed Peterson today. Giants lost but Peterson lost his cool and Eli was hitting multiple targets.

  21. This is what inevitably happens to all loud mouths, they get their come uppins. I don’t have a problem with his antics, but this is what some people live for when you run your mouth and then have a bad day at the office, which every player will have at some time or the other.

  22. Gentlemen from Sea-town. When your Mr. Sherman said he was bored last week and would say squat today.

    Just eat humble pie and move on. To next week. He is bush league for not speaking. Just admit it and look forward to your next home game.

    We didn’t talk this preseason so we don’t have to back up anything.

    Go Niners! Yes Santa Clara Niners!!!!

  23. “Exposed is what Patrick Peterson and Joe Haden got today, and Darrelle Revis last week.”

    Sherman allowed more catches today than Revis has all season. Allowing one touchdown and nothing else is better than getting repeatedly burnt like Sherman was today.

    The guy is just big baby. But he talks really loud and gets himself noticed so people overrate his actual abilities. By hiding he is showing what he really is. A coward.

  24. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Sep 14, 2014 9:05 PM
    Some of you people only exist hoping for an extreme reach like this so you can gloat. You hoped Peyton would do it, and now you’re even worse.


    Actually, I cheered for Seattle in the Super Bowl. They are still acting like arrogant fools now though. The NFL humbles teams pretty quickly. Green Bay had the same experience in 2011. It should help Seattle get better, but right now they are acting like babies.

  25. Just think – it was only five days ago that Seattle fans were saying the Cardinals were weak because they barely beat the Chargers, lol.

  26. jikkle49 says:
    Sep 14, 2014 9:15 PM
    Earl Thomas is the real star of Seattle’s defense and he makes Sherman look better than he actually is.

    Thomas got torched on two long pass plays and whiffed on several tackles.

    And he plays on the complete opposite side of the field. Do you even watch these games or just repeat what you hear people saying?

  27. Ha ha ha. Richard Sherman not talking to the media. Ha ha ha. He thought he was the best cornerback in the universe, but he is really the best mugger in the universe.

  28. Sherman was just trying to get a head start on watching film in preparation for the beat down Seattle is gonna lay down on denver next week. One off game does not expose the best corner in the game.


    Uh huh, All you guys know how to do is talk. Keep talking, we’ll see you next weekend. Believe that we’ll be there.


  29. Anyone good coach who saw Sherman getting spun around by the Raiders’ Denarius Moore would have put a small, quick receiver on Sherman and make spin moves against him. The Packers coaches did not see that, but the Chargers did. Sherman, being a big body, cannot turn, start or stop as quickly as a smaller player, because he has a lot more inertia.

  30. Yeah.

    Sherman didn’t have an outstanding game today, but folk act like those TDs were caught on him. They weren’t. No big plays either.

    I know he’s easy to hate. And yeah you can say he should have spoken to the media, but truthfully Sherman is prone to saying dumb things and is pretty emotional so not talking right after the game is probably smart for him.

    He’ll give them plenty to talk about the rest of the week. But exposed? Let’s stop being crazy shall we.

  31. Wow, Poet. You’ve resurfaced! With the same old tired and unintelligible commentary:

    Seahawks were a fluke (BTW, I’m a Packers fan)

    They have “our” OC – Mr. Bevell

    They have “our” starting QB but he’s a backup

    They stole our best receiver…

    The dynasty continues……

    For the Packers.

    Losing! SKOL!!!!!!

  32. I was wondering where all the haters were, will be crickets in here again after denver gets beat. Funny the chargers scrap by while holding the ball 3 times as much as seattle

  33. @pftpoet

    Even if Seattle had ‘zero legitimate Super Bowls’ your Vikings would still only be tied.

  34. What happened to all that confidence, Richard? Oh, it’s all for show? You’re really deeply insecure and self-loathing, and don’t want that exposed on a national stage when you’re feeling particularly vulnerable?

    Surprise surprise.

  35. thepftpoet says:
    Sep 14, 2014 8:56 PM
    Richard Sherman has no class, and isn’t even very good.
    The Minnesota Vikings have the best team in the NFL.
    …..And it’s not even close.
    Yes, we lost today.
    But it was a fluke game.
    We won’t lose one the rest of the year.
    Skol Vikings!
    The Dynasty continues.

    This dude is seriously delusional!

  36. kkalama1 says:
    Sep 14, 2014 9:39 PM
    I was wondering where all the haters were, will be crickets in here again after denver gets beat. Funny the chargers scrap by while holding the ball 3 times as much as seattle


    Just because the team you cheer for are sore losers it doesn’t mean you have to be too.

  37. Wow! when he talks you guys tear him apart, when he doesn’t talk, you do the same thing. I think your just upset because he won’t give you anything to rant about. 3 completed medium passes, 0 TD’s. Not sure that is the definition of being exposed, but if it gives meaning to your small lives, more power to you.

  38. Psnowdood163- how
    Bad is your life when you call someone getting exposed bc he have up 50 seething yards passing against a top tier qb on a pass happy offense when he played on the road for. 70% of plays in 120. Degree heat.

    The most pathetic person was Allen for calling out Sherman for him gaining 33 yards and nothing else in him. That’s embarrassing if you ask me .

    So let me get this right Sherman sucks bc you caught 3 passes on him for 33. Yards . Yup play pal,. You sure abused him.

  39. One loss and he doesn’t talk?

    What a tool.

    Typical though, most people with big mouths only talk when things are going their way

  40. And by outstanding I mean, offense decides not to throw his way.

    5 passes for 50 yards for no TDs and no penalties is an excellent game for a DB.

  41. thevikesarebest says:
    Sep 14, 2014 9:50 PM

    How about those Patriots, huh?

  42. Sherman is a good player, but he’s a just a small piece of a great overall defense. He wouldn’t be nearly as successful in another defense.

  43. The @Pftpoet coming through as always. Got to respect his hustle. The most talked about online pft celebrity doing his thing..

    Except for on any of the links regarding his Sighkings getting put back in their place, dominated by the Patriots today. The legit King franchise of this league.. #SKOL

  44. Loved the fact that the mouth from Stanford got schooled by a WR from Cal. Keenan Allen had him turned around more than once and if Sherman really thought that Rivers wasn’t going to come at him then a Stanford education was wasted on him.

    Rivers killed it today and Sherman was left pounding on the turf

  45. You guys are letting your personally feelings for Sherman and Sea get in the way of the truth. In today’s NFL, no CB is going to defend each pass. He’s one of the best at his position if not the best. The Chargers as a team just beat Sea. Plain and simple.

    The heat (120* on the field?!? Are you kidding me?) played a huge factor. But that’s no excuse since both had to endure the heat. Sad players are obviously more used to it.

  46. “thepftpoet says: Sep 14, 2014 8:55 PM

    What a big baby.

    This just reiterates what I’ve been saying before.

    Seattle is a fluke.

    And they cheated to win a Super Bowl.

    Their team still has Zero legit Superbowls.

    And the most annoying fans in the NFL.

    The Seahawks won’t make the playoffs this year.”

    This, folks, is the perfect example of how you DON’T want your kids to end up…..

  47. All the “GREATS” have a bad day now and then. Sherman is still the best CB in NFL and will continue to prove that as season goes on!! Haters crack me up. One bad game and its “I told you so” LOL!! GO HAWKS!!…….GO LOB!!!!

  48. AllidoisWHINE:

    What you are missing is that Sherman was figured out– and the way Cheattle uses him was exposed.

    It doesn’t matter if he had three or thirty passes– they figured out how to beat him and used that knowledge to design plays *all over the field* using that information.

    Scoreboard, man. Your guy got beat and looked bad. Your team got whupped and nearly dominated.


  49. I had to read this article just to see how many Sherman and Seahawks trolls would show up.

    Every player has a bad game now and then. Every team has a bad game now and then. I seem to remember all of the haters calling the Seahawks pretenders, saying they were “exposed”, and calling them overrated when they lost to Arizona at the CLink last December. Hmmm . . . where were thy a couple of months later???

    Enjoy this feeling, trolls. Because it ain’t going to happen very often this season!

    Go Hawks!!!

  50. You have to wonder how much of Sherman’s mouthing and pouting and grandstanding is an act, like playing the part of “bad guy wrestler”. The guy’s a marketing & communications major, and knows that becoming a polarizing personality pays off.

    Either that, or he’s got the emotional maturity of a 9 yr old.

  51. Yeah, far from exposed.

    3 or 4 quick slants to a speedy Royal, in addition to misdirection pick plays. Never thrown at over the top or out patterns where he has a chance to intercept. Which is fine, take what’s given and avoid interceptions.

    Rivers did that well and play calling was good…but for Chargers recievers, or anyone who watched the game, to say “exposed” in smoking something funny.

  52. Sherman is a tool, loud mouth look at me when things go my way. Trashes his competition with his mouth but can’t take it back when others give it back. Won’t talk to the press?! You mad bro?!

  53. listen to all these talkers, WOW

    you guys hate much?

    SD isnt going anywhere

    Seattle is CLEARLY the better team, without crooked zeebs and 120 degree weather you get SCHOOLED

    of course we wont get to see SD get schooled in the SB cuz THEY WONT BE THERE!

  54. Great game…. Too bad it was so hot!!!! I’m sure nobody likes to play in those conditions…. Exposed??? Hmmmm not really. It’s football, players have good and bad days just like everybody in any sport.

  55. Not a Sherman fan at all but in two games he’s only allowed 3 catches. Not to mention playing against great qb’s. I must say that’s elite if you ever seen one.

  56. I guarantee 99% of the commenters here bashing Sherman didn’t even watch the game today. Unless he allows 0 catches, makes every tackle for his defense, single handedly holds defenses to 0 points and 0 yards, haters will be here spewing excuses and diatribe on why he’s overrated.

    The whole defense was flat today. The whole defense was “exposed” for not being able to defend the dink and dunk offense and for not being able to get to Rivers. Sherman had a bad game, but not anywhere near as bad as our safeties and LB’s did in coverage. They got thoroughly abused. Credit Rivers and the Chargers for executing a great game plan, keeping the defense off balance and not letting them off the field today.

  57. Sherman has plenty to say when the team wins. He doesn’t want to talk when the team loses and his team is like any other good team; they CAN be beaten as they showed today. I think people would have more respect for him if he didn’t mouth off so much; you know..just go about his job like other good players and don’t become a motor mouth when his team wins. And if the press wants to talk, then be gracious there too. Nobody likes a bragger; but maybe its just in his DNA.

  58. bullcharger says:
    Sep 14, 2014 9:12 PM
    Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Sep 14, 2014 9:09 PM
    Exposed is what Patrick Peterson and Joe Haden got today, and Darrelle Revis last week.


    Just admit Sherman was one of the reasons they lost. It’s not that hard.

    Why? it’s not true ha. The reason they lost is because Gates OWNED Chancellor and Wright all game. How are you a Chargers fan and fail to see that?

  59. It was more like 5 for 5 for 60 yards against him.

    He had a hard time tracking Eddie Royal and looked average at best against Keenan Allen.

    He was exposed in the way he can’t cover certain types of guys if he doesn’t have the cheat of holding.

    Seattle hides him on his good side and teams usually throw at the weaker corner because they knew media star Sherman won’t get called for all the holding he does.

    Those days are OVER.

  60. The heat played a huge factor. But that’s no excuse since both had to endure the heat. SD players are obviously more used to it.

    First off, Seattle had ten days to prepare, so that is no excuse. They could have traveled to the SD area any time in the last ten days to acclimate the team. Teams have to play in environments they are not used to ALL THE TIME. This is just lack of preparation from Carroll. I sincerely think he and the entire team (especially Sherman) were looking past the Chargers.

  61. Congrats to Chargers. Shame on the TV panel for handing the outcome to the Seahawks with 10 min. to play “this is what championship teams do, they find a way to win……”

    I wonder if the biased Media will bump the Chargers up only 1 place in the Power Polls, and only lower Seattle nominally.

  62. nineball26 says: Sep 14, 2014 10:33 PM

    Seattle is CLEARLY the better team, without crooked zeebs and 120 degree weather you get SCHOOLED


    Right because the Chargers played on a different field.

  63. allidoiswin55 says:
    Sep 14, 2014 9:08 PM
    How was he EXPOSED Allen had 3 competitions for 33 yards and another wr got 15 yards on a run route .

    How many yards didn’t give up and how many tds . How in the hell can you say you exposed him but your Own stats SUCK seriously reaching here haters

    HA!! Dude, I was there and everyone around us was commenting how they were picking on Sherman and he couldn’t cover Allen to save his life. You think letting up 5 catches is GOOD?!?! 3 were for first downs on third down! The only reason it wasn’t more is Rivers was having a field day everywhere else too. Face it…Sherman is average and is living off of one batted pass last year. Watch the game again.

  64. Hat’s off to the Bolts, they beat us in a tough one. I’ll bet the sessions in the videotape review will be painful to endure. I hope the ‘hawks can take out all their frustration on the Bronc’s next Sunday.

    Go ‘hawks!

  65. @pftpoet – What a joke you are. unbiased fan? unbiased liar is more accurate. Are you a poor widdle bronco fan still smarting from the worldwide spanking your team got last year? We’ll see where things are next February, when most likely you’ll have to eat more of your own crow.

  66. He’s a good player but hes unproven as a shut down corner. Lets see how he would do if he follows #1 wide receivers entire games. Wont happen because he plays left side of the defense 98% of the time (at least in 2013). He is a great #2 wide receiver shut down corner. Thats it. Revis, Haden, and Peterson are all better. They shadow #1 wide receivers most of the games, with Revis doing it the most. If you want to throw to your #1 wide receiver just put him in motion the other side away from Sherman and problem solved. And Sherman can continue to shut down #2 wide receivers. Big deal.

  67. Social Justice Warriors Unite Against Free Thought! – Hey buddy your still around after I put you in your place earlier. If you can take sense dont comment. Im all for talking trash and calling Sherman out however at least get YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

    As I stated many times, if exposing someone is throwing for 50 yards on 5-6 completions with no touchdowns and no big chunks. Then their is not ONE SINGLE CB who played sunday who did better.

    In two weeks hes given up 50 something yards against 2 of the top yardage passers in football.

    You sound like the sour one because you Still reaching for straws to prove a point when you’ve been proven wrong many times.

    AGAIN HOW MANY TDS HAVE Peterson given up? ya boi almost gave up 3 just today if not for 2 penalties that gave the offense the ball on the goaline and later resulted in a td .

    Sherman gave up 1 td last year, you’d swear Allen came out and beasted Sherman today or that any wr who ever catches a pass on the LOB was automatically on Sherman the way many of you baboons comment on here.

    He had an off day and only gave up 50 yards or so. THATS IT, if he sucks so bad WHY ARE YOU CELEBRATING completions with no results behind it, and why arent we talking about what really matters. PETERSON,REVIS, HADEN all getting burned and averaging giving up A TD PER GAME, game and a half meanwhile Sherman averages 2 tds given up per YEAR! Yup he sucks all right!

    Hate all you want, Sherman get dogged for even giving up completions, yet alone a big play or TD. He singel handely CHANGED the prototype for the postion. Why are your favorite teams drafting D1 AA players with his body type that dont have his skill, why are teams immulating the Seahawks philosophy of big corners and physical play. Why has the league had to crack down on ILLEGAL contact and holding on db and WHY hasn’t seattles secondary received even one of those penalties throughout the preseason and regular season thus far.

    No matter what happens you’ll always make excuses and us hawks fan will always expect to win bc truthfully our team is just better than YOURS and your to damn proud to admit it. They’ll lose of course and to a quality oppenet isn’t that bad, but they’ll still come out and stomp mud holes into your teams going further and you’ll be sitting here pointing to week two when two wrs accumulated 50 or so yards.

    Ill eat crow if im talking nonsense but you guys on this message board might be the biggest group of sour females that have ever assembled. We lost a game, get over it were still better than your favorite teams and likely to go further anyways

  68. Seattle was a fluke… they get 10 games against Denver, they lose 9 of them, no doubt…

    and Sherman is the king of flukes

  69. “I don’t like watching 10 on 10…”

    Nothing to say this week…

    The guy is a great player….but he is coming off like the Terrell Owens of CBs.

    The true great players never get too high or low on themselves.

  70. said all along

    Sherman is not a top 8 or shutdown corner in the true sense (he is shutdown if coward like ARod/GB avoids him)

    Sherman is very good w/in his limited role… if he did not have pass rush or EThomas to take deep he would really be exposed

  71. the position of the actual shutdown corner is dead because over time they all get exposed, Sherman is the latest and the fact Mr I have everything to say all the time, had nothing to say today after the game and his secondary got shredded for three touchdowns by one player, says everything to me about his character, win or lose, you stand by your D and your ability and your claims, no matter how ridiculous they are and the fact that you get exposed is on film, rebel in your ridiculousness, well he did not and he and his defense is average now, we’ll really see with the rematch coming up in two weeks, Broncos and Seahawks II, if this is the crack in the Hawks armor, it could be the beginning of their mighty downfall, ahem, Madden Cover, ahem, Super Bowl hangover, say what you want fans, but dont be surprised if this is the beginning of the end, it might not be, and i could be overreacting and they could repeat but at least for now, the #LOB has been silenced at least for a week

  72. Boy oh boy you can tell allidoisWHINE is hurt over this loss.

    Here it is again– spelled out clearly for ya:

    –Sherman is a very good corner.
    –But he is limited in certain aspects so they camp him on one side
    –None of the other CBs on Seattle are that good
    –So since everyone knows where Sherman will be hiding out, they target the weaker corner.
    –Therefore, Sherman has very few attempts thrown his way (unlike the true top corners, who routinely hunt for the opposing teams top WR)
    –Bandwagon fans hear the mouth and then see the few completions and wrongly assume Sherman is defending, deflecting, and causing incompletions.
    –When in reality he has very few passes thrown his way.

    Today Sherman was exposed in that he cannot stay with small, quick receivers without holding them.

    Today the Seahawks were exposed in the way they use Sherman.

    Today, the Chargers used Sherman’s limitations to make plays directly AT Sherman and also to work the field for a near-dominating victory.

    Cheer up, “allidoisWHINE”– your man Sherman is STILL a Top 15 CB in the NFL.

  73. Sherman obviously got caught up in his own hype. The Packers decided not to throw to their #3 receiver last week and suddenly they are “afraid” to throw to Richard Sherman’s side of the field? If he’s so good, why doesn’t he cover more than just the one receiver?

  74. 1 week ago I pointed out that Sherman only being able to play 1 side was going to be exposed. Who knew it would be the very next game.

  75. hazelmn says: Sep 14, 2014 9:48 PM

    Meanwhile, Crabtree is having a very nice game on Sunday Night Football.
    But when the game is on the line, he doesn’t come through. Even when Sherman isn’t there.

  76. nineball26 says: Sep 14, 2014 10:33 PM

    Seattle is CLEARLY the better team, without crooked zeebs and 120 degree weather you get SCHOOLED


    Oh you mean like how they gave that TD to Harvin when he clearly stepped out of bounds???

  77. Meanwhile –

    While Sherman is being “exposed”

    Tillman gets one interception. After injury in Q3, his rookie replacement gets 2 more. Both impressive ones, not lucky ones.

    On the other side Jennings is his usual solid (Pro Bowler like Tillman) self.

    The NFL should fine Sherman with other than $$$. He should have to sit and listen to blowhards like Gore, Pelosi, Reid, and the POS Potus for a week (like we had to listen to him for a week after the GB game).

    Only problem is he is likely to kill himself on the first day (first hour?) to get away from them.

    Hmmm substitute “question” for “problem” there.

  78. Right, the guy makes a big play and he’s all over another player and how sorry they are. Then when his team loses in part because he didn’t have a great game, he can’t take the heat. Then when other players say he was exposed he has to run his mouth on Twitter.

    If you think nobody can play coverage in this league with the new rules I invite you to watch the Baltimore Ravens CB Jimmy Smith. He’s quietly becoming one of the best corners in the league. You don’t know that because he doesn’t flap his gums all day long.

  79. Ok, seriously…I don’t know whether to laugh or just shake my head.

    Since when is allowing 5 passes for 50 yards being exposed? Seriously, for ALL the trolls claiming this, please explain your lunacy because this argument is so asinine it can’t just be pure hatred for Sherman. We are talking actual understanding of how football is played.

    Joe Haden was beat multiple times by a TE on multiple critical plays today.

    Patrick Peterson got beat as he usually does today.

    Revis was victimized last week by Mike Wallace.

    Check the stats people…for the season 2 games, 5 passes for 55 yards and 0 TD’s.

    Exposed…please. This takes being a hater to a new level.

    The lack of actual football knowledge on this site is frightening at times.

  80. Perhaps Sherman was to busy counting money today to play defense? If that’s the best team in football I’m the pope. Count on two things, seahawks are half as good as they think they are, and they will be watching the Super Bowl from home. Legion of Bafoons. Most overrated team in football.

  81. And for all you geniuses claiming the Seattle Secondary got torched, below is the statistics for the San Diego WR’s:

    Keenan Allen 5 catches, 55 yards 0 TD’s

    Eddie Royal 7 catches, 69 yards 0 TD’s

    Antonio Gates had 7 catches for 96 yards 3 TD’s.

    Due note four of Royal’s catches were on screens.

    All but one of Gates catches were with a LB or DE in coverage except for his first TD (on Chancellor)

    It really does pay to watch the games before you speak like you know something!

  82. I’m no Richard Sherman fan because I do believe he’s SOMEWHAT overrated. He’s a good CB but imo, he’s not great. The GREAT CBs follow the #1 receivers regardless of where they line up. Seattle doesn’t ask Sherman to follow the #1 receivers. But imo, if he was as great as he claims, HE would ask to follow the #1 WHEREVER they lined up. If he ALWAYS followed the #1s, his stats wouldn’t look as good.

  83. I said it before, and I will say it again because it is the truth: Mike McCarthy is a gutless coach, and choosing to treat Sherman like he is the second coming of Deion Sanders was the latest example of that.

  84. He should have given up a TD last week versus GB. Adams got behind him when he was peeking into the backfield, but Rodgers felt the need to bomb it 60 yards across his body to Nelson.

  85. This is comical San Diego fans you should be worried your team is acting like they won a title it was one game. It was another game for the Hawks and clearly the chargers superbowl. As for Sherman you have players getting two hundred yard games and your top receiver walked away with 33 and no TD and you want to brag and claim you exposed him. One does not think of 50 yards and no TD’s when you hear about players getting exposed. Arizona exposed you guys last week and your going into Buffalo 3 pro bowlers on their line you might want to focus on that game fellas and mind your own exposure before Buffalo follows that blue print

  86. Exposed? Not as a player.
    Exposed as a being spinless whimp yes.
    Flapping his gums when winning clamming up like a spoiled brat when losing.

  87. Honestly, I wouldn’t think 3 catches for 55 yards as a big deal. But Dick Sherman refusing to talk to the media is a big deal. Be a man, you dish it when you win so take it when you lose… Or else go ride your little smurf boy super fan (from your Campbell commercial) home, cry to momma, and help your smurf boy by signing his balls.

  88. Wouldn’t it have been awesome if some Bolts receivers jumped into the camera at the end of the game and went on a rant about ‘how he can’t be covered by some mediocre DB’?

  89. It’s a long season. Seattle is still tough. Sherman is good ( not as good as he thinks ). The 49ers and Seadderall Cheat Hawks will be fighting it out at the end to see who beats the —-out of the AFC sacrificial lamb. But he is mad…bro.

  90. Sherman is a self-bloater and a sore loser. No way the Seahacks [sic] are going to get to the Big Game again, anytime soon. Tom Brady is hungry for a 4th SB ring. The Browns beat the Saints? Say what? lol

  91. Haha the people gloating. Gloating over a handful of passes on Sherman.

    When all the other “elite” cb’s have already given up a td, Sherman still hasnt, you gotta find something to reach for.

    Good game to the Chargers, they came to play today.

  92. HAHAHAHA!!! This is what to expect from all the haters.. Just one loss means the whole world to the haters.. It’s so funny they all came out of hiding after the first Seahawks loss and then attacking RS. So funny!!! hahaha…. It’s all good though… That’s what keeps the Seahawks alive… Keep on hating, keep on calling the Hawks childish names… It’s good motivation and it’s ALL GOOD! Here we go… Are you ready for it! GO SEAHAWKS 2014! Ya Mad Bro???

  93. Sherman is a loud mouthed IDIOT. And he got schooled today.Just another jackass with media access and an ego the size of a dump truck.

  94. LOL. This will be like the Cards last year, who clung to that “we won in Seattle” theme all the way to the couch in the post-season.

  95. He should have taken it as a dam compliment, a team gets a couple of completions on you and it warrants its own segment on ESPN and NFL network. But what can you expect from a Stanford grad??

  96. You guys can talk about Sherman all you want (no perimeter completions in either direction were of any consequence) but the truth is SD won the game by attacking the linebackers and safeties with Antonio Gates.

  97. The media should avoid Sherman. Seattle has never received the media attention they probably deserved before the Superbowl year. After watching Sherman I understand why.

  98. LOL first off if your team was blown out yesterday please stop worrying about Sherman. Second we learned what we all know and that is there are no shutdown corners, just because its a guy who has a big mouth doesnt change the fact! Revis got lit up last week so did Hayden and Peterson but to run your mouth about zero SBs is crazy. Should be worrying about your WHOLE team not being able to play cuz of a “whooping he gave to his child”

  99. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Sherman is a fake that runs his mouth too much. Chargers pulled his card and now he looks like the real football player he actually is, average. The sea pigeons will not make a repeat of last year. Mark my words.

  100. That whole CB unit is EXPOSED. They call themselves the best corners in the league, however they are not TRUE shut down corners, cause the corners, especially Sherman, don’t check the best receiver on every play of the game.

    They may be the defensive unit, but they don’t have the best corners, especially if their best corner (Sherman) doesn’t check the best receiver of the opposing team every play!

  101. Sherman is exactly what the Seahawks fanbase is. Loud mouth, good, but, extremely quiet when they lose. Seattle has a great D and Sherman is very good at what he does, but, he is not the shut down corner some make him out to be. A shutdown corner should be able to cover multiple spots on the line. Sherman can’t. It’s just awful funny you never hear crap coming out of someone like Joe Haden.

  102. Sorry Sherman, you were exposed. Gates was lighting up your defense, and you sat back and let it happen instead of adjusting to cover where his routes were being run. So much for being the leader of your defense. Leaders step up. Leaders make adjustments. Leaders don’t sit back and let the game slip away- and then take pride in the fact that they didn’t make a difference.

  103. Richard, you had an opportunity to show the Chargers (and the media) some of the respect you claim to not get. Stand in front of the cameras and speak…not yell… about what happened in the game. State your case in a calm, non-adderall-addled voice, and point out that it was maybe an off day, but still, only 3 catches, no TDs….I’ll work harder next time… you know, humanity. Chances are, you would have gotten the respect back 10 fold. Instead, you reinforced what everyone thinks about you; that you’re a spoiled brat who, if things don’t go his way, takes his football and goes home.

    You have a lot of talent, but no one will ever give you credit for it, as long as they have to look past your attitude to see it.

  104. I fail to see how Sherman is wrong here.. Yes you can throw against him, but 3 short to medium passes for 0 TD in an entire game isn’t exactly something to brag about. Did anyone honestly think Sherman was under the impression he would have no receptions against him the entire year? This whole argument is ridiculous.

  105. jeffbye ..Sherman didn’t do anything “wrong” on the field. He is boisterous when he does well and the team wins, so he should be gracious when the team loses and the press wants to talk to him. THAT would help eliminate all the criticism of him. There are other great players out there who also do a great job but don’t brag about it. If he wants to shut up his detractors, he needs to follow their example. Go out and do the best you can. If your team wins, then be gracious and Don’t brag. If your team loses, then also be gracious and talk with the press and be gracious with them also. But as long as he is boisterous when his team wins and pouts when the teams loses, he is a target for criticism.

  106. Seattle is no pushover, but playing at home provides them with an unfair advantage. The way their stadium was designed the noise level is far greater than in any other football stadium. That constant loud fan roar prevents the opponent from clearly hearing signals called. A couple of decades ago the home team was penalized for making so much noise so the opponent couldn’t hear the QBs calls. That rule was changed, but should be reinstated. Sherman is obviously a very good DB, but they can all be beaten. Dion Sanders was the best at the position that I’ve ever seen, but he was also beaten many times, and he couldn’t tackle any better than my sister despite his pass defending skills.

  107. Sorry…. but the photo up top needs a caption:

    “Richard…Dude…. this is the NFL!…. either wear a cup, or hang a towel over it like I do!”

  108. Regardless of how subpar his play was, we all see the big name players on EVERY team available to the press win or lose. It is classless not to stay and give the Charges a tip of the hat for beating the defending champions.

    Richard, it was a classless move to hide following a loss where your opponent scored a fair amount of points, much of it through the air. You represent a team and a city, as well as yourself.

  109. “Get off your high horse”

    What a great phrase.
    Haven’t heard that one in years.
    My dsm used to say that to me, all the time.

    Bolts played well yesterday.
    But let’s not get the big head.

    Matthews is stumblin’ & fumblin’ and getting hurt, as usual. When Deano finally wises up & replaces him, he’ll suddenly become tough as nails, somewhere else.

    Regardless, go Chargers!

  110. I love it. Richard Sherman had only 3 passes completed on him all day and the fans and the Chargers act like they absolutely murdered the guy. Zero touchdowns when he covered any of the receivers, but yet he was so completely exposed. Most other elite corners in the league would love to have his stat line from that game. I guess because the Chargers don’t know how to throw the ball more than three yards down the field it means they have proven that Richard Sherman just can’t cover those three yard passes. That was all that the Chargers did the whole damn game, throw three yard passes on corners giving them a 5 yard cushion because the NFL doesn’t want to go back to the boring run dominant 1990’s NFL. Unless you watched the Chargers throw stupid little dump passes all the way down the field, then sure because they won you might think Sherman got “exposed”, but if you really watched the game, you would know that any receiver can take two steps and turn around and catch the ball then run for three yards against any defender in the league. I won’t be surprised when the 5 yard pass play becomes the staple of every team in the league and QB’s with a canon for an arm are considered a rarity in the NFL.

  111. Reading these comments made is just so funny. The Chargers threw five yard dump passes all game and really played very conservative. The Seahawks cheat at home because the stadium was designed to allow the fans to be louder due to acoustics in the stadium. The NFL has to approve the plans of the stadium before it can be used by a team. So therefore, the NFL knew how the acoustics would work. The reason they didn’t say no to the plan is because they allow RADIOS in the helmets of play callers on both offense and defense. As for the only way Sherman can defend a pass is to hold the receiver, that is obviously crap because he hasn’t gotten one holding or pass interference call against him this season. Your argument that he doesn’t cover the number one receiver is so funny. Teams obviously are afraid of him or else they wouldn’t line up their number one receiver on the other side of the field. Funny how Byron Maxwell had an interception covering the GB number one Jordy Nelson and allowed only 83 yards on 9 catches and zero TDs (week two Jordy had 9 for 209 with one TD). The only thing the Chargers proved is no CB, LB, or DE can cover a receiver who runs out two yards turns around catches the ball and runs for another 3 yards when they are given a 5 yard cushion by the cover guy. The NFL wants a pass happy league so they are adjusting rules to make that happen, well they will get short to medium ranged passes (3-5 yards) all game long with these rules. You can’t touch a receiver or you get flagged.

  112. Let me just open this one up with “Down Da Bird” Seahawks fans Listen don’t make excuses. The chargers won and the Seahawks lost! At the end of the day that’s all there is to it!!! You can explain all you like it just makes the Seahawks look more pathetic! As for as Sherman goes… Who even cares! If it’s 3 yards passing that will get u the win then so be it. Any coach will tell you if it’s working then don’t try to change it. A win is a win. Get over it and stop try’n to justify their loss. In fact your 12 man (as most of us know, ain’t the fans but really it’s the referee) on the field even gave u guys a freebie TD with Percy Harvins run which he clearly stepped out of bounds on the 21 yard line. That’s stating the facts. “One and done”

  113. boss81hogg says:
    Sep 16, 2014 7:34 PM
    Remember that Rex Grossman and the redskins dropped 350+ yards on Sherman and his defense in 2011.

    If Rex beats you that bad, then you suck.

    First 2011 is a long time ago. Second Grossman only threw for 314 yards not 350+ (Google it). Thrid, that was a very young Seahawk team that still finished better off than the Redskins that year (third vs fourth). Fourth, way to really live in the past. I guarantee that wouldn’t happen today.

  114. I feel bad for Sherman since Peyton is coming to down this week with one thing on his mind: Revenge

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