Sunday night wrap-up: Jay Cutler leads the Bears back to win

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler didn’t really look like much until it looked like the 49ers collapsed his lungs.

But after taking that helmet-to-sternum shot from 49ers defensive end Quinton Dial just before halftime, Cutler actually looked sharper than before.

Cutler led the Bears back to a 28-20 win over the 49ers, after they trailed 17-0 in the second quarter.

He only threw for 176 yards, but that was as much game plan as anything (they wanted to run and feature the tight ends early), as the four touchdown passes made up for that.

It’s clear that wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery weren’t 100 percent because of injuries which forced roster moves late in the week.

And with neither able to run the way they normally can, it’s not a total surprise that Cutler was missing them high throughout the first half.

It’s also a surprise that Cutler survived the hit.

But after taking that shot, Cutler and Marshall found each other, and three touchdown passes later, they had the lead.

Assuming they’re all well at the same time, the Bears have the potential to have one of the league’s best passing attacks. They can’t afford slow starts like this every week, but the fact they recovered the way they did is only a good sign for the rest of the season.

Here are five more things we learned during Sunday Night Football:

1. Colin Kaepernick usually only looks this bad against the Seahawks.

The 49ers quarterback turned it over four times, opening the door for the unlikely Bears comeback.

Despite the contract extension this offseason, he’s still very much a work in progress as a passer.

His first read is his best friend, and Bears rookie Kyle Fuller figured that out for two picks.

Kaepernick is a remarkably talented player, but he and the 49ers need to realize he’s far from a finished product.

Coupled with the fact he drew the league’s first inappropriate language penalty, and it was a night to forget.

2. Bears veteran cornerback Charles Tillman left the game in the third quarter with a right triceps injury, and was clearly emotional on the sideline.

His season was cut short last year by an injury to the same area, though there’s no word yet on his status for the rest of the season.

The 33-year-old Tillman has been a class act for the Bears on and off the field, and the hope is that he’s able to recover.

Coupled with a shoulder injury to safety Chris Conte that knocked him out of the game, the Bears secondary was reeling by the end of the game.

But if Tillman is out for any extended time, the damage will be beyond the simple need to find another corner, as he’s the kind of cornerstone player whose value transcends covering wide receivers.

3. The 49ers keep trying to give running back Frank Gore’s job away, or at least bring in replacements.

And he keeps not letting them.

The 31-year-old doesn’t appear to be slowing down, finishing with 13 carries for 63 yards and a touchdown.

But his best run might have been the first-half touchdown which was called back on a holding penalty on Anquan Boldin. That one showed the kind of vision and ability to set up blocks that has made Gore the kind of guy who is hard to replace.

The latest kid brought in with an eye toward the future, Carlos Hyde had four carries for zero (0) yards.

Meanwhile, Gore continued to provide the real rhythm of the 49ers offense, and gives them a stable base to build on while they fiddle with Kaepernick and the passing game.

4. Maybe the Bears like flying into Santa Clara better.

They haven’t beaten the 49ers on the road since 1985, and had lost their previous eight games there by an average score of 34-6.

But this looked like a different team, after exorcising the ghosts of Candlestick.

5. The game was played on the third layer of sod in a month at Levi’s Stadium.

But this version appeared to hold up well, without the dangerous chunks of turf flying around as were the case in the preseason and during a 49ers practice when Jim Harbaugh had to pull his team off the field for their own safety.

And with Snoop Dogg playing a halftime concert, it’s clear they had the grass issues taken care of.

111 responses to “Sunday night wrap-up: Jay Cutler leads the Bears back to win

  1. I can see losing on the road, but your very first game a Levi stadium, with a 17 point lead? Santa Clara 49ers are in for a long season. 3 ints?

  2. Maybe the 49ers offensive coach should teach kaep to READ a defense on the read-option run. Go back and watch him just pull it from Hyde only to get dropped for a loss. Nice W Bears!!!

  3. Minnesota and Detroit had their week to relish. Bears and GB are class of the division. Bears D looking promising, and Cutler handling adversity and a monster hit to lead a comeback win. What are the Cutler bashers going to say now? Dude is tough as nails, not sure what anyone sees when calling Jay soft!

  4. The Bears turned up the pressure a bit and Kaepernick completely folded. Great defense down the stretch combined with some terrible decision-making from Kaepernick led to this. There is at least one bicep in this world that isn’t getting kissed tonight.

  5. Kap played horribly. Rookie CB Ward got burned by Marshall. Niners couldn’t get a pass rush on Cutler; he had all day to throw. Time to get Carradine in uniform. Way too many dropped passes by Niner receivers.

    Niners were flat out beat by the Bears.

  6. The Bears’ passing attack was scary when it started to click. The run game struggled, but that’s expected against the 9ers. Even the defense looked stout in the 2nd half. The Bears are legit.

  7. HAHAHAHAHA!!! All those 9er fans gloating about the Seahawks losing on the road to a playoff team are looking pretty dumb right about now. You think Sherman choked? Did you see Kaepernick?

  8. Man how many times does a WR have to choke before Kap realizes that he’s a sorry receiver with the game online?!!? LOL

    Roman and Harbaugh just needs to take Crabtree off the field when the games on the line. That dumb QB can’t help but to throw it to him. Gore was wide open in the 2nd to last play. Kap is just blind as a bat as a QB.

    Good job Bears!

  9. Niners bandwagon is eerily silent. I guess they got their panties in a wad in their new Levi’s stadium….

    Niners fanbase is the most pathetic bunch of garbage. They troll the Seahawks non stop and were counting this game as a win all week. Meanwhile, the Bears ABUSED the Niners oline all night and beat the Niners with many of our back up players.

    Thought so phony hacks.

  10. I was one of the many that dogged Conte last week, but boy that int was a beauty… On another note any loss that keeps that troll who aways say no one has it better quiet for tonight is a victory in my book. Goodnight.

  11. So does this mean Kaepernick replaces Cutler as the most hated QB in the NFL now?

    Also, my browser thinks I’m trying to spell pumpernickel when I try to type Kaep’s name.

  12. Welp Da Bears somehow pulled this one out… They should thank their lucky stars… and the refs.

    4 way tie in the NFC North with no divisional games played yet.

  13. As a Packers fan, how disappointing the 49ers. As a Packers fan living in NorCal how sweet my belief that Kaep just hasn’t got it. He’s been figured out and the 49ers just crapped away 5 years of their salary cap in a QB-driven league to a guy that’s below average at best. He looks pretty good though in his tats and backwards cap.

    That said, the Pack plays the Bears in Chicago in a couple weeks and it won’t be close. GoPackGo.

  14. The Bears are what we thought they were.

    Seriously, their defense is back, their offense is firing on all cylinders, and they should win the division with ease over the declining Pack.

    RIP Tillman, you had a great career.

  15. Bears went from looking like trash in the first half to looking like contenders in the second.

    I LOVE Tillman. My All-Time favorite player. I hope he makes it back quick.

    That said, the future looks bright with fuller. 2 int’s, 2 passes defended, and 6 tackles IN ONE HALF OF YOUR SECOND GAME? Nice!

    Also- It’s nice to see Cutty get some recognition. Media is all over him when he sucks but we rarely hear it when he pulls everything together like tonight.


  16. Impressive come back Chicago…

    I thought they were done with trouble moving the ball, but that Fuller kid made some great plays, and the receivers started playing the physical game that people are use to from last season, in the 2nd half and they fought through the injury bug bites like good teams do.

    Good luck moving forward.

  17. Russell Wilson at least made no mistakes and they got out duelled by the chargers on the road. The 40 whiners got punked and choked the game away in their new stadium. Jed York looked upset. Let’s not forget it was another failed forth down to michael sorry receiver crabtree.

  18. I remember back in Cutler’s 1st game against SF in candlestick he had 5 int’s……now you know what it feels like. Bears D made kap look silly in the second half much to the chagrin of our old QB.

  19. Just watched the Harbaugh press conference. For anyone that says the 49ers a a class organization… stop living in the 80’s. He is totally classless.

  20. Santa Clara is cursed … sell The Field of Torn Jeans to the Raiders, dump the Yorks and move the 49ers back to The City !!!

  21. It took the Bears 3 quarters to figure out that throwing the ball deep wasn’t working. After that, well you know the rest.

  22. Ummm….if you don’t think the niners got hosed you don’t know football. The first half td right before half shouldn’t have happened with the bs roughing the passer call and the Bennett td in the second was offensive PI. The bears aren’t even close to the better team but def had the better luck. Unfortunately luck has too much of a saying in the final outcome of games. The league should pay more attention to this and make sure it isn’t as much of a factor going forward, but they won’t

  23. Cutler had ZERO turnovers. Harbaugh was the one on the sidelines making faces.
    My kind of game. This’ll be remembered as turning point on our season . Ratliff, Peanut, Conte out. We planned for this in April: Ferguson, Sutton, Fuller, Vereen. The future is now on Defense.

  24. LOL – The 9ers have only beaten the Cowboys. They looked terrible all summer too – and we expect them to be world beaters? No.

    The Bears looked good in the 2nd half. They took advantage of ol One-Read quite well. Especially considering the injuries.

    But which version of the Bears is real? The one that lost at home to the Bills and looked inept through the first 40 mins tonight? Or the one that took over the game with 5 mins left in the 3rd Q?

    As I’m a Packers fan, I’m inclined to believe the former. The Bears have blown it when it counts too many times for me to take them too seriously. Yet.

    But that was an impressive win. Early in the year yet – lotta football left.


  25. Bears played a monster second half. Brandon Marshall is just a beast. And as much as I need the Bears to lose in order to help my Packers, it sure was nice seeing Kaepernick on the sidelines looking like somebody took his lunch money.

  26. That was a tough loss. No excuses.

    Hey Hawks we’re both tied in second, time to focus on the red birds.

  27. No, he doesn’t look that bad against just the Seahawks, last season for about a 7 game stretch he looked completely lost.

    Kaeperstink and Wilson are one in the same, without their precious defense and run games they cannot carry their teams to victories. Both qb’s get WAY to much of the praise for their teams success.

  28. Thank you Bears! Jay and Brandon were clutch, so clutch..they must have titanium in their spines. Watching Kaep choke on Levi home opener took a little bit of the sting out of Hawks loss to Bolts.

    Go Hawks!

  29. Man, that was fun to watch, despite the penalties…I am a die-hard Bears fan who figured us for 0-2 after that ugly loss to Buffalo last week, and hobbling into Santa Clara with Marshall and Jeffery both questionable, 40% of our o-line injured, and Cutler coming off a Bad Jay performance last week.

    Thank you, Jay, for turning it around. Thank you Alshon and Brandon, and Conte, and Fuller. Thank you Peanut, here’s hoping you are back soon.

    And most of all, thank you, Quinton Dial.

  30. Good going Bears! Anything to take down the Kaepernick arrogance a notch or two is fine by me.

    I’m looking forward to a couple of good Pack/Bear games this autumn. Those are going to be lots of fun to watch.


  31. Let’s not forget the refs trying to give the game to 49ers until Cutler took the hit in the chest.

    First SF TD occurred after the play clock expired. If you are going to have automatic reviews of TDs then the clock has to be part of that.

    The play before that TD there was 49er blocking a Bear in the back & holding them and the Bear was a step from the ball carrier. Clearly affected the play near the goal line.

    Then there was Martellus Bennet’s catch on the sideline that was overturned.

    Marshall & Jeffrey playing despite not being fully recovered.

    Fuller who replaced Tillman after injury didn’t just add 2 interception. They were both impressive interceptions not lucky ones.

    And followed Tillman’s interception.

    Everyone, wish Tillman the best. One of the best players in the league on the field & off. Pure class.

    As opposed to that other cornerback on that other (not SF) team that was upset today.

  32. One of the “gutsiest” performances I’ve seen as a Bear loyalist. They could’ve made every excuse why they couldn’t win, but they made every play needed to get this win. Very proud of their grit!!

  33. A very sloppy performance by the 49ers. They had about a dozen opportunities to put the game away and failed on every occasion. Turnovers by Kaepernick. Dropped passes. 16 penalties (!), which wiped out big plays on offense and 3rd down stops on defense. There was no reason for SF to lose a game they were dominating so thoroughly.

  34. Wow, as a Hawks fan I was a bit bummed out after the Chargers took it to us but I feel better now. Don’t get to excited cards fans but your team looks good ( got some nice depth at QB too) so game on. GO HAWKS!!

  35. Where are all the Cutler trolls now? Name ONE other quarterback who would have continued playing after that hit. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  36. Seems like the anylists opinions were correct when they said the Niners are not a good as past years,this loss proves it.lose to the Bears at home after holding a huge lead was unthinkable the last four years but now time has caught up with them.

  37. Goes to show how weak the NFC North is this year. Chicago get beat by a Buffalo team that many predicted to have the worst record. Then Seattle gets stomped by a superior AFC team in San Diego. Then in other NFC news, one of the SB favorites in New Orleans gets handled by Cleveland. Atlanta that beat NO last week gets smacked around by Cinci.

  38. They should just stick to Kaep as a game manager. They should just give up on developing him as a passer… Another pathetic performance. Wish we had Andrew Luck or RW.

    At least the Seasterisk PEDHawks also lost.

  39. Turned the game off with 9 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter. It was SF 20-0 or something like that.

    Kicking myself.

  40. Welp Da Bears somehow pulled this one out… They should thank their lucky stars… and the refs.

    4 way tie in the NFC North with no divisional games played yet.

    Thank the refs that spotted santa clara 7 points to begin the game? Why bother having a play clock even displayed when the 9’ers are on offence, if it doesn’t matter how long it sits at zero before they snap the ball. Why bother reviewing all scores if even during review you cant get it right?

  41. Bears fan here to congratulate my squad for showing resiliance and toughness that has too often been absent in the Trestman regime. Veteran leadership — which was nonexistent in the Bears loss to the Bills — showed up in the 2nd half and that made all the difference.

    That 1st quarter by the Bears was about as bad of football as I have seen by any NFL team, ever. Which made the comeback all the more impressive. The Bears still have issues — they can’t run the ball, they draw too many penalties, and their special teams are the joke of the league. They also took some heavy hits with injuries last night after already going in depleted. But they achieved a badly needed momentum turnaround, kept pace in their division, and hopefully set the tone for things going forward.

  42. Yep, those darn refs helped Kaepernick throw to the wrong receivers and helped Fuller pick him off twice. Darn refs didnt tell Krapperpick to NOT stand in the pocket and let the DL hit him. Why didnt the refs step in to at least chip Willie Young coming around the end? Why do the refs even bother? You see how the refs helped Conte with that diving pick? The Bears have the refs to thank….yes!

  43. I like Jay Cutler. No matter how much he gets knocked down, messes up, gets kicked around, he always gets back up.

    That’s Bears-life.

  44. Bears fans can also take some comfort in the fact that the Bills handled the Fins yesterday — who handled the Patriots in Week 1. In other words, maybe the Bills aren’t as bad as everyone thought and losing to them at home doesn’t hurt quite as much.

  45. Those who pay any attention to preseason stats/records/performances and the old and tired who-beat-who during the regular season are not true “fans” and actually understand very little about the game.

  46. Bears defensive game plan; Force Kap to abandon run and throw. They knew he had
    accuracy issues.
    49’ers defensive game plan; Ignore deep threat
    by injured Jeffery and Marshall and stop the run.
    Bears running game will be fine when the deep
    threat is respected again.
    Turning point of this game was after cheap shot
    helmet blast to Cutlers sternum. As a Bears fan,
    I have witnessed Jay Cutler get killed for years,
    when he had bad coaches, and no line, stand up
    and get hit again. You think Jay isn’t tough?
    Think again!

  47. This league is all about matchups people, just because the bears lost to the bills, who beat Miami, who beat the pats doesn’t mean the bears are better than the pats or the dolphins, all it means is the bills were built to beat the dolphins, the dolphins are built to beat the pats and Kaeperstink is built to be terrible in big games and big moments.

  48. Sick stat line by Bears rookie CB Kyle Fuller. He has to get serious consideration for Defensive Player of the Week after what he did in essentially one half last night.

  49. “the bills were built to beat the dolphins”

    Nobody builds their team to beat the dolphins, it just seems to happen that way.

    All those games tell you is that turnovers matter.

  50. Okay, to head off the excuse makers at the pass and pull off a Spartan 300 stance here because the excuses are flooding the sites. In the end 10 penalties against the Bears, 16 against the 49’ers. Both sides had significant penalties and replay proved they were all legit calls. Just one small example is the pass interference calls were obvious and the passes were thrown to the connect point where the receiver would have caught the ball anyway if not impeded. Bears were completely self destructing in the first half and were down 17 to 0 just until they scored right before half. Some people I know (all non-Bears fans) even turned the game off at half thinking it was going to be a boring blow out because the Bears were imploding big time. A couple of T.V. news panels even joked prior to running highlights saying, “If you turned the game off at half-time then you missed this”. The fact is both teams were at the bad end of the stick for lengthy portions of this game. Just like the NFL AM panel said on the NFL channel the other 50% of being a team and playing a game is not just the “play” but who has the fortitude, resilience and perseverance and can corral and herd their miscues and mistakes better when challenged by adversity; that’s real football and realism; no excuses. I would add to that, that if the fans can’t face it, then tough cookies; it’s a bigger course of power and process in life that can never be changed…it’s best to face this fact of life and the NFL. They gave the win credit to the Bears for overcoming their implosions & penalties as opposed to an excuse that the 49’ers only lost because of their own mistakes. If that’s the case then take “at least” 14 points off of the board for the 49’ers because of the Bears implosions. We can go back and forth all day! See, it’s stupid and silly! Not realism of the whole concept to being a team and each game! Got to prepare and be capable to rebound when the time comes. Dallas completely imploded the whole game the first week. I knew it was not a true test for the 49’ers. Don’t forget the Bears were the number 2 highest scoring offense last season only behind the Broncos so this was not just going to be a walk-over team despite playing massively depleted and hurt. Every team has injured non-playing starters and the 49’ers did too. That too is part of the game planning, play calling and tactics that makes a team…a TEAM. Who can still take the hill when getting attacked by enemy fire from the outside and friendly fire from within? Again, good luck to the 49’ers and the rest of your season. Sportsmanship is what this is all about…and many have forgotten that. So thank you for that great character molding game for my team. I hope your team’s play against my team helped your team in some way too. All the best!

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