Vikings GM: All options are on the table with Adrian Peterson


The Minnesota Vikings are not ruling out anything with running back Adrian Peterson, including the possibility that he may have played his last game in Minnesota.

Rick Spielman, the Vikings’ Executive V.P. and General Manager, told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that the team wasn’t aware that Peterson was going to be indicted for injury to a child, and hasn’t decided what to do about it beyond deactivating him for today’s game.

“Friday night was the first we heard of the formal allegations against Adrian Peterson, and we decided, as an organization, that to deactivate him this weekend was in the best interests of everybody concerned,” Spielman told Paolantonio.

Spielman said the Vikings want to be sure they know all the facts before taking decisive action.

“We are, as an organization, still in the process of gathering information, and at the end of the weekend we will discuss what we will do going forward,” Spielman said. “You don’t want to make any kneejerk reactions. All options are on the table. You can’t take any options off the table because we’re still gathering information.”

The fact that the Vikings cutting Peterson is even a possibility is stunning, given that 48 hours ago he was the best and most beloved player on the team. But it’s a possibility — one that the Vikings will have to consider.

38 responses to “Vikings GM: All options are on the table with Adrian Peterson

  1. Would you quit saying that they should cut him. It’s an asinine idea. He’s too good to not get picked up. What’s the difference if he plays for the Vikings or anybody else? There is no difference. I hope the Vikings choose football over the media on this one. Having said that I’m still disgusted by what Adrian Peterson did, but cutting him won’t change what happened.

  2. I’m not on board with AD’s child punishment. But take this to the bank. After the Ray Rice deal, Goodell with sacrifice a star to gain good face amongst the public again….

  3. I bet Zimmer never thought he’d be stepping into something like this quite so soon. He and Spielman are as much under the microscope as Peterson for how they handle this going forward.

  4. Plays into the hands of the Vikings. The Vikings are three years out from being a contender and opening their new stadium. It’s not planned that AP would be a part of that anyway.

  5. A violent game played by violent men. Time for a major culture shift in America. Stop supporting this out of control monster called the NFL and instead support FIFA. Real football!

  6. I’m not sure that the Vikings will be all that broken up about releasing him. Having the best RB in the league no longer makes you a Super Bowl contender, and his contract is just horrible.

  7. Good for the Vikings for deactivating him while investigating the allegations and gathering information. I commend them on how they’ve handled this so far.

    This is basically a suspension with pay, which is similar to a lot of other professions when serious allegations are brought up. This one has some merit because of the photos and his texts, so it’s not like someone is just making something up.

    I’m sure it hurts the team game-wise, but it’s the best thing for the fans and for the team in the long run. Kudos.

  8. I was walking in a forest-like area the other day and as I walked through some trees, I brushed up against several tree branches. When I got home, my arms were all scratched up and marked.

    Is it POSSIBLE that those marks on the kid are partly just due to the nature of tree branches? And not that Peterson necessarily beat the hell out of him with all his pro football player might? We weren’t there.

  9. It is really a shame. You get all these multi millionaires who are literally the face of their franchise and such a huge part of the fan base and then they go and do stupid things like this. The NFL is going to take a huge loss in revenue this year. First Ray Rice, then Ray McDonald, then Greg Hardy and now Adrian Peterson. It’s really hurting the entire NFL. And don’t get me started on fantasy owners.

  10. Of course they are. He has already made clear his intention to play in Dallas. So of course Spielman won’t stand behind him.

  11. This is just talk. They don’t want to look like the ravens. Ap is not leaving the vikings. He will retire a Viking and after he is found not guilty everyone will forget this even happened.

  12. The GM should not cut Adrian Peterson based on this incident. I am not defending his horrendous actions. What he did was wrong and cruel. Just a couple of things: there is huge difference between knocking your girlfriend out and disrespectfully dragging her lifeless body out of an elevator like a deer on a hunting trip and disciplining your child in a way that is and has been an acceptable and still used form of punishment in the majority of the south. So many generations of Texans in particular have used this type of punishment. It does not make it right, but in his mind and this warped culture thing, it is right. The whole “spare the rod” business. While this is happening less and less over the years, I think a text my friend received from one of her black friends says a lot – “so Adrian was arrested for being a black parent”. I believe this type of punishment can cause harmful long-term effects, including low self-esteem and abusive behaviors. I don’t think that someone who thinks this is normal should be cut, I think he needs to pay his fine of $10000 to the judicial system, receive a deferred sentence, attend parenting and anger management classes, and have supervised visits with his child until he can prove that he is ready to behave in a proper way. But not cut. Just suspend for 6 games and move forward. I am glad that a high profile person is being charged because that seems to be the only way that change happens and this type of punishment needs to stop and case law needs to support it for the future. Just my opinion.

  13. It’s a perfect storm situation for cutting him. New coaching staff, huge player contract with eventual diminishing returns, legal distractions off the field, a recent outcry about soft penalties for domestic situations, and a commish who very likely wants to look like a hero again. It was a good run AP. We’ll miss you.

  14. This is just talk. They don’t want to look like the ravens. Ap is not leaving the vikings. He will retire a Viking and after he is found not guilty everyone will forget this even happened…. Look like the Ravens? Since when did the Vikings start winning playoff games? Peterson is going to jail. Kind of hard to retire a Viking from prison. I guess Hernandez is going to retire a Patriot?

  15. It just occurred to me. People were saying he put leaves in his baby’s mouth. I found that to be strange. Earlier I was trying to think of how bad the baby must have been screaming. Probably blood-curdling. Now I realize he shoved his mouth so full of leaves as to drown out the blood-curdling screams while his baby is being tortured and maimed. I’m even more disgusted now. I wonder how long the leaves were left in his mouth to drown out the painful screams?

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