Washington hopes Griffin will miss only 4-5 weeks


Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III dislocated his ankle on Sunday against the Jaguars.  On Monday, more will be known about how much time he’ll miss.

Per a league source, an MRI will be conducted tomorrow.  The current hope is that Griffin will miss only four or five weeks.

The team and the player will know more tomorrow.  Once we know what they know, you’ll know.

83 responses to “Washington hopes Griffin will miss only 4-5 weeks

  1. Ummmm…. No way in hell he comes back in 4 weeks. I did the same thing playing flag football a couple years ago (I was 26) I had no break, just a dislocation and docs didn’t even want me putting weight on it in 6 weeks, let alone rehab and be ready to play NFL Football.

    8-10 weeks is a lot more realistic.

  2. Maybe after the week 10 bye, for his own protection.
    – Mike Shanahan (whoops, I mean Jay Gruden!)

  3. Worst case scenario. Cousins puts the team on a winning track and since RGIII can’t stand to see Cousins in the game he whines to have them rush him back and they promptly suck again.

    This will happen I fear.

  4. I hate to say this because I really like RG3, but they looked a lot more like a dangerous offense with Cousins running it. He’s far more accurate than RG3.

  5. You would think the only teams to want RG3 back would be anybody on their upcoming schedule. He sucks, plain and simple. Cousins is a much better QB than Griffin, and now that he’ll have several weeks to prove it, I don’t see him going back to riding the bench.

  6. rr2000k says:
    Sep 14, 2014 7:59 PM
    Back by week 7, out for a year by game 8. And the Rams are yucking it up.


    Yeah, because the Rams have taken those # 1s and built a Super Bowl contender.

    (rolls eyes)

  7. Ummmm…. No way in hell he comes back in 4 weeks. I did the same thing playing flag football a couple years ago (I was 26) I had no break, just a dislocation and docs didn’t even want me putting weight on it in 6 weeks, let alone rehab and be ready to play NFL Football.

    8-10 weeks is a lot more realistic.


    your doctor was probably looking out for your best interests…. RG3’s doc will probably just shoot him full of Toridol, tape it up good, send him back in.

  8. Here go the Kirk Cousins lovers. Pretty sure he was the starting QB during the last half of the their most recent 9 game losing streak. I wouldn’t get too excited about beating a terrible Jacksonville team at home.

  9. This Redskins fan is hoping for season-ending IR…. Cousins will then prove what he is or isn’t, and the Redskins will know their situation and deal accordingly….. But either way they’ll have clarity…. Next year one of the 2 can be let go

  10. Cousins is 1 for 4 as a starter he throws a lot of picks Robert looked fantastic before he went out. What win our game was the gameplan looked like the coach learned from last week and just pounded with ball. Wrs were wide open all day because of that. Rg3 is the starter. Kirk is capable but he is not rg3.

  11. rr2000k says:
    Sep 14, 2014 7:59 PM
    Back by week 7, out for a year by game 8. And the Rams are yucking it up.


    Yeah, because the Rams have taken those # 1s and built a Super Bowl contender.

    (rolls eyes)

    And yet, they won 4 more games than the Slurs.

  12. unbiased13 says:
    Sep 14, 2014 8:24 PM

    Cousins is 1 for 4 as a starter he throws a lot of picks Robert looked fantastic before he went out. What win our game was the gameplan looked like the coach learned from last week and just pounded with ball. Wrs were wide open all day because of that. Rg3 is the starter. Kirk is capable but he is not rg3


  13. RG3 is not a bust. He can play when hes healthy. B Gabbert-J Russell are busts. With that being said, I wuold take what i can get for RG3 and roll with K Cousins. He has the look of a long term Nfl Qb who can get it done and help you win rings

  14. He reminds me of when we were kids and my 8 year old sister had this really pretty but incredibly fragile blown glass unicorn. We were afraid to even look at it too hard for fear it would break.

  15. wow are they that delusional ……the man has a dislocated ankle . Only thing the mri will tell is what other ligaments and tendons are affected.
    Its one thing to run your pie hole, its entirely another when you do it without basically ever playing well in the nfl…………………..Glass frame

  16. his legs are his game and now he has had injuries to both his knee and ankle two of the last three years,cousins is a nice short term answer.but rg is the future with his arm,head and legs …legs now a big question mark

  17. For all those hating on Cousins due to his terrible las few games last year, please remember the circus that was Washington. I’m pretty sure Shannahan wasnt helping much as he tried to decide how he was going to screw over Snyder.

  18. Prior to the season I heard Jaworski express concern about RGs throwing mechanics. The way this injury occurred encapsulates all that is wrong with RG: since he cannot throw accurately while in the pocket, he can’t be expected to throw accurately while on the run. Because he prefers to run (due to lack of discipline), it is doubtful his mechanics will improve.

  19. RGme sucks… the best thing that could happen for the Redskins is him being out for 6 plus games

  20. As a person,I really like Robert Griffin the third.

    He is a bright young man raised by a great family who respects where he came from and is simply trying to make the best of a great opportunity in the National Football League.

    Robert clearly has great quarterback skills but unlike College Football,the NFL does not allow for a quarterback to run out of the pocket for long before injuring said quarterback enough to take them away from their team.

    So that means Robert is a ticking time bomb for any professional football team as he plays today.

    He played admirably until he could not play anymore.

    But the Washington needs a quarterback who can play behind the line and is smart enough to let this offensive line take the majority of hits from huge defensive players their own size.

    I am not happy Robert is hurt but I am glad that Cousins is in.

    Maybe Robert can work on his skill set in this extended time off to make better use of his offensive line and his great crew of receivers.

    Robert has to do better at a quick release also so there is time to work on that too.

    Robert has already suffered injuries extreme enough to make him a liability as far as durability goes for the rest of his NFL career.

    He will need to speed up his decision making and protect himself better and show his bosses that he’s doing that or his career in the NFL will not be a very long one.

    But there is no reason to be hateful to Robert at all.

    This guy is simply doing the best he can despite all the hate thrown at him.

    Get well soon,Robert.

    I hope you come back when you are really healthy and ready to shock the world at how fast you can complete the plays.

  21. head1994 says:
    Sep 14, 2014 7:47 PM
    if i was a Redskins fan i will hope he’s out for the year. why does he even jump out of bounds? this isn’t street football robert

    It’s one thing to hate RG3, or call him fragile, it’s another to not be able to comprehend what you saw…..unless, like most commenting here, you didn’t actually watch any of the game.
    Let me help you….”jumping out of bounds” was the result of already having a dislocated ankle. He “jumped” off his right foot to complete a nice pass knowing he didn’t have a left ankle to land on because he had dislocated it the step before.
    It never ceases to amaze me how many people on here freely comment on things they have no clue about.

  22. @unbiased 13 Give cousins time back there he will improve his mistakes. Unlike Robert. This dude has been back behind center going on 3 years makes the same mistakes, he hasn’t learned anything. Not a Redskin fan ( yes I said Redskins to that other clown out there) at all but live locally
    and have to watch there games. Cousin has more composer and will get better and better, some of you skins fans are still holding hope that this guy is the savor maybe because you gave so much for him. He won’t be in the NFL after his 6th year at the most either injured but most likely the organization and the rest if the fans that are holding out hope will see the light. RGCME is not an NFL QB (wake up)

  23. No way they win that game if RGIII doesn’t exit with an injury. The Skins should wish that RGIII remains out for four to five YEARS.

  24. The great thing is… this is a contract year for cousins. Play great and the Redskins have to decide between the two because no way cam they keep both. And Cousins will not willingly stay if he outplays RG and RG retains the starting job.

  25. I bet if we were on a bartstool next to Jay Gruden, he would say he can win more games with Cousins. Just the feeling I get watching today and seeing his presser. He’s not worried about this, and perhaps seems relieved. That offense runs better with Cousins and has for the past year+.

  26. If the Redskins are above .500 by the time the China Doll is cleared to play, it is highly doubtful he’ll get his starting job back. If the Skins are 4-2 by the time Griffypoo is back, he’s a bench sitter for sho.

  27. (tonight) I asked my buddie’s dad what he thought about the Redskins, he is the head of security of a casino in the Redwood falls, MN. They are lower Sioux (Snake people, not a compliment). He told me that Washington would be stupid to change the name. I then called him a Redskin, he just smiled and said “yes I am.” Granted he is 6’3″ 320lbs, so I was sure I could deal with whatever repercussions. He also said he really liked the Redskins’ name and was more offended by the state of Oklahoma.

  28. KC has shown he is a good back up and I hope he does well but I’m still a little concern he did get a shot in the final 3 games last seaon and he got worse each game. I don’t buy the team didn’t have anything to play for excuse because that is a myth there is always something to play for in the NFL.

  29. Too many of you Redskins fans are so wish-washy. Kirk has one good game against the Jaguars and NOW you’re screaming how RG3 is a bust. These were the Jaguars people. The Redskins page seems to get the most clicks by far. People fear Rg3 and want him to get injured. It’s too obvious. That’s why so many people spend more time on the Redskins stories than their own teams stories.#HTTR

  30. As someone who has dislocated his ankle (4 times in fact before I took the hint and gave up on athletics), it’s not possible to have a timetable for his return before he has an MRI.

    If it’s just a dislocation, that could be about right (depending on which bones became dislocated, if they are weight bearing, etc), but the big concern is if it caused any tendon/ligament damage when it became dislocated. Obviously, it was at some joint (or it would of broke, not dislocated), which are usually surrounded by tendons and ligaments. Depending on how it dislocated, it could of caused problems in there (mine were 50/50, twice it was just a dislocation, twice the dislocation caused further damage)

    Good luck to him, but honestly, this guy is to the point where he should be wearing a brace on both knees and ankles just for prevention. This guy has gone from “give him whatever money he asks for, just re-sign him”, to “can they really afford to put that kind of money into him, and continue to let Cousins languish on the bench”. After next year, Cousins is gone, if RG3 isn’t, that is a certainty

  31. Not only was it the Jags, but it was the Jags second straight road game after a deflating loss. Next week’s game will be intersting assuming the Eagles lose. (if the Eagles win in Indianapolis, then Washington will win big time since history shows that if you pull an upset on the road Monday night, you are almost certain to lose the next game, if you’re at home) If Jackson is out, the Eagles will focus on Morris and dare Cousins to throw. It will be real interesting.

  32. RG3 reminds me of a certain character from the movie Invincible. Mr. Glass. I personally like to think that RG3 is much like the Subway food chain he endorses, not as good as advertised that is. I mean c’mon, once the NFL got wise to the read option gimmick the writing was on the wall. Yes, he’s a better athlete than Cousins, but Cousins is a better QUATERBACK than RG3.

  33. I love Bob as much as the next fan, will never hold him in Ill regard, and yes I was in denial about the injury factor a couple of years ago but face it, it scares me the prospect of giving this kid 85-115 million in a couple of years to be the future QB of my team only to worry about him every week. Yes you can make the same argument for a pocket passer like Cousins but your not worried every time he drops back to pass. If Cousins tears it up in the next few weeks, then Bob should be considered Wally Pipped.

  34. Griffin was actually playing a good game. Moved the ball downfield, had a 55-57 yard pass to Desean called back which happened to be a horrible call. Another pass dropped. He was balling… Unfortunately he had an injury that cut it short…
    Now when I looked at this game, I saw a HORRIBLE Jaguars team which gave up 34 second half points to the Eagles last week. I figured Griffin would have obliterated them. It was starting to look like the old RG3, the legs were finally starting to roll, albeit to a horrible Jaguars team.
    Now after the injury, Kirk came in the game in the REDZONE and threw a good pass to a WIDEOPEN receiver in the redzone. I like Kirk, and believe he is a piece we need but ONLY as an insurance peace. The TEAM obliterated the pathetic Jaguars, not just him. He didn’t throw for 5 td’s, he got spotted one and threw another. The offense was looking the same even when Griffin was in the game. I can’t believe how fast you can literally HATE a man while he is down. He played for you, got injured for you, came back and still played and unfortunately got injured again in the “playoffs “(which was the first time we’ve been able to pernounce that word in a long time) playing for you. Smh, Kirk is a backup, nothing more. It’s almost like when Aaron Rodgers goes out and his backup comes in and throws 6 td’s I believe. It’s a good ploy for a biter when it comes to a trade. We kept McCoy around for a reason, there isn’t a big drop off from McCoy and cousins. I think they are both capable backups. Don’t overdue it. You all wish to see a man fall, smh. He will be back and prove he is just adjusting to a new offensive system. Hopefully Cousibs plays well, maybe well enough for him to be traded to a QB needy team for a first. That would be the Golden Scenario. He has looked good, taking nothing away from Captain Kirk. But what we need is for our star to play like he once did. No one was calling for his head then. We were all worried if cousins could beat the porous Browns that year. I have high hope for this team. I believe we can beat the eagles with Kirk because our DEFENSE and RUN GAME is explosive. Kirk gets the ball out quick, but does have a problem throwing into triple coverage. The game will slow down for him though. Good Luck to the Redskins, and stop making controversy, especially when this isn’t your team. Probably cowboys fans, mad you didn’t draft Manziel, probably Ravens fans, trying to change Ray Rices identity so he can sneak back on the team. Bitter haters, go back to your caves.

  35. In RG3’s rookie season the Redskins had to run his Baylor offense because he couldn’t read the NFL defenses. It was successful because it wasn’t something NFL defenses came across and Griffin was a superior athlete. Then they adjusted, Griffin didn’t protect himself and he got hurt. Cousins came in and looked good so RG3 and his pet owner Snyder forced him into the lineup for the playoffs. He looked terrible and the blew out his knee. They rushed him back last season and I don’t think it was Shanny’s call, it was RG3 and his pet owner again forcing him back onto the field. RG3 looked bad all season, the coach finally stepped in and said, we gotta see what KC can do because RG3 is not the future. Pet owner fires the coach. Now Rg3 comes in with a full preseason as the starter and KC still looks like the better QB. The NE Patriots saw it, Joe Theisman saw it, various others around the league saw it. RG3 starters the season and sucks against Houston, a team that went 4 – 12 the previous season. His stats weren’t that bad but he didn’t make any plays down the field and he turned the ball over in the redzone. This week he started out fine. Drove the team down outside the redzone and got hurt. RG3 made a heck of a play with that throw. But you cannot take anything away from C on that touchdown pass. He did something RG3 could never do, sit in that pocket, go through his progressions, and find the wide open guy for the TD. A perfect throw too. KC did that all game. With KC being in the game the running game stepped up too. KC is and always has been the better NFL QB. RG3’s injury is a 4 month injury, best case scenario. KC will now show you what this team can do.

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