Adrian Peterson’s lawyer says other abuse accusation is untrue


The attorney for Adrian Peterson says the latest accusation that Peterson abused one of his children is untrue.

Responding to today’s news that Peterson was investigated last year for causing a head wound to one of his sons, lawyer Rusty Hardin released a statement denying the charge.

“The allegation of another investigation into Adrian Peterson is simply not true. The allegation is more than one year old and authorities took no action. An adult witness admittedly insists Adrian did nothing inappropriate with his son,” Hardin said in a statement.

However, the mere fact that Hardin is admitting there was another allegation against Peterson — in addition to the criminal charge he’s facing for allegedly abusing another son — could be enough to force the NFL to suspend Peterson. In 2010, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Ben Roethlisberger for two allegations of sexual assault, even though Roethlisberger was never arrested or charged in either case. When Goodell made that decision, he said that multiple accusations constitute a pattern of behavior, and that when there’s been a pattern established, the NFL will act.

“The issue here is with respect to a pattern of behavior and bad judgments,” Goodell told Dan Patrick in 2010. “You do not have to be convicted or even charged of a crime to be able to demonstrate that you’ve violated a personal conduct policy.”

Peterson has not been convicted, but he has been charged in one case and accused in another. Based on the precedent Goodell set with the Roethlisberger case, there’s more than enough reason to suspend Peterson now.

83 responses to “Adrian Peterson’s lawyer says other abuse accusation is untrue

  1. SMH. Either Peterson is a really bad dad/father or people are just starting to fabricate stories to make the situation as bad as possible to force him to be suspended indefinitely by league

  2. Right…but the NFL never even did anything about the first accusation and it just comes up now…smells fishy or just was swept under the rug then.

  3. If AD thinks that the NFL is modern day slavery, I wonder how he will feel about prison. This won’t be the last abuse story we hear about this POS.

  4. I am losing interest in NFL fast. I want zone blitz reads and coverage disguising. I long for the days of intricate play action passing schemes and fierce special teams. I liked it more when my slot receiver was scared to go over the middle, not to give an honest answer to a loaded question. Thanks media machine. Thanks for tainting our sanctuary with YOUR opinion. We don’t care about you. We care about the joy our team winning brings to our friends and family. The harmony it can create at a thanksgiving dinner. I’m going to watch my daughter run go routes on chuck cheese all day on Sunday.

  5. If Gödel chooses to hide as he did not showing up for the San Francisco opening game, he really needs to explain how he went after the Steeler QB and allowing Peterson to run around free when he was arrested and an allegation that was not charged. Good luck coming out on a good answer for this NFL League Office

  6. Well lawyer man – either he was or was not investigated.

    Either you’re pregnant or you’re not.

    You’re claiming he wasn’t investigated. It went to CPS – that’s an investigation.

    Apparently you can’t keep your lies straight and in each boy’s case – AP claims the boy did it to himself, brought it on himself in texts to the mother.

    Blame the victim is a sign of psychosis.

  7. Ap is 1. Good at whooping kids. 2. Great at conceiving kids from women all over the country. 3. Good to great at running the ball. Understand please he is so stupid, he don’t get it. Oh, yeah, plus the god is great card and quotes bible. Vikings are nothing but a huge joke. What a stories franchise. Ap really belongs there. GFY ap. You will never be forgiven.

  8. prideof10000lakes says: Sep 15, 2014 9:36 PM

    Somebody’s lookin for a payday…


    Yeah, except this happened last year.

  9. Seeing as Peterson has so many apologists, or fantasy owners, maybe AP ought to open up a daycare center after his playing days…

  10. Don’t judge AP for his action bc we human are no different from one another. We’re all just bunch of sinners and evil. Just bc he did the things he did it doesn’t define who he is. Believe me I feel bad for the kid whom he whipped but that’s his personal way of doing it and it’s not the right way of doing it. We all have our own ways of doing things. Just bc we’re not on the news doesn’t mean we’re all good people. If he’s terrible for doing over disciplining his child to us, then we’re horrific for being sinners and evil to God and all should be burning in hell.

  11. This is a family matter. Comparing this to BigBen is apples to oranges. I don’t condone or agree with any of what AP is accused of, but these are all allegations. Jumping to conclusions based on photos and texts to baby mamas isn’t fair. He’ll have his day in court. The “off with his head” mob need to take a deep breath. His employer is doing the right thing. He is an American and has a right to defend himself in a court.

  12. “An adult witness admittedly insists Adrian did nothing inappropriate with his son.”

    Meanwhile, the adult witness is enjoying a college fund deposited in the Bahamas for his or her own kids.

  13. If you look into the story the boy hit his own head on the car seat trying to get away from a whooping for cussing at his other brother.

  14. Wow. Don’t care for Vikings, but I’ve watched this young man grow. Seen the way he behaved and practiced his life. Granted, I don’t se the man everyday of his life, or have knowledge of his daily activities.

    But he is not a ray rice, Ray Lewis, Ray curing, Arron Hernandez, Jerry brown, donte stallworth, Jamarcus russel, jolly Rodgers, Ricky Williams, josh Gordon known for past transgressions.

    Am I the only one who thinks the distance between Abuse/Beating, and discipline(that at its least gave more damage than expected) is far greater than portrayed?

  15. Props to the Radisson for dropping Vikings sponsorship, perhaps their name on the backdrop today was too much.

    You know where this is going, Vikes HAVE to release AP. ..Is this another situation the NFL knew about and did nothing?

    Speaking of…where is Goodell?? Haven’t heard a peep from him over this. You’d think he would come out immediately given his feet are pretty much above a fire right now

  16. Judging by the comments of some, maybe the Vikings should give Peterson a new contract for 50 million per year and put him in for the “Man of the year” award. Maybe a new franchise of the “Adrian Peterson childcare services” should open up in every town in the country.

    I can’t believe how ridiculous people are in defending Peterson. Most of those folks have him on their fantasy team or are Viking fans.

    I will say I have some respect for those Vikings fans who are not tolerant of child abuse because the player in question is on their team. Kudos to those folks and shame on those who think Peterson has the right to abuse children because of whatever reason.

    The first instance of child abuse (and it is abuse, he didn’t spank the kid, he beat him bloody with a stick) should be more than enough to never see Peterson on the gridiron ever again.

  17. Must be someone looking for a payday.

    A year ago someone decided to alert family services about AP’s abuse, just in case in the future he’s ever caught actually doing it.

    Makes sense.

    And no one should think it odd that a 4 year old says he’s afraid because daddy has a “whoppin room” full of belts and that he was afraid to say anything because he was scared daddy would “slug me in the head”.

    Hope he rots in prison.

  18. Wait, so all that needs to happen is another person come out and accuse Jerry Jones of sexual assault and he’s going to be removed from the league??? Time to start a kickstarter to find another person sexually assaulted by Jerry Jones.

  19. He’s just perpetuating the stereotype. Nobody is perfect…we are all fallible but when is a man of character from the NFL going to use his bully pulpit to address these off-the-field spousal/child issues that are dominating the headlines?

  20. Always amazes me how people can be so blinded by ‘their’ sport and ‘their’ team that they get offended when the real world intrudes on their bubble of fanaticism.

  21. I had to tune over to here at halftime of a perfectly good quarterback battle. This is stunning news. No matter how it goes, AD has become the monster de jour. All of it is making me sad. Just gimme football, plain Jane old football, please.

  22. This is straight up McCarthyism and Twitter Mob justice People calling for people’s heads based on accusations, suspicions, and social media outrage. And the scary part? The sports media is all for it.


  23. Let’s see, Zilf family and Roger Goodell: we now have one kid with open wounds on his body, we have another kid with a scar on his head, we have pictures of the injuries to both children, and we have the perp admitting everything he’s been accused of, even exchanging jovial texts with the moms about causing both kids’ injuries.

    Gosh, if only we had a video of the abuse taking place in real-time instead of photos! If only AP had beaten dogs instead of 4-year-old children! Then maybe–just maybe– your despicable cowardice would finally grow strong enough to disgust even you, forcing you to finally act.

    I have been a lifelong football fan who has spent plenty of money attending games, buying memorabilia, traveling to different stadiums for the fan experience…and I am DONE with the NFL if Adrian Peterson continues with the Vikings. You are a league that feels comfortable sticks it’s nose in each and every situation involving pot smokers and players who don’t wear their socks to the proper length, and THIS is the way you respond to a case of admitted, graphic child abuse? PATHETIC!

  24. Stuffed leaves in a 4 year olds mouth and beat him naked with a switch. Please. Dont even try and give reasons why this is ok. Its child abuse and its a felony.

    Im not saying throw him in prison but Adrian needs to understand what he is doing is wrong. Your job is to raise and protect your kids from everyone else in the world. Not have them live in fear of you and cause major bodily harm in the process.

    Be a better man and break the cycle of abuse.

  25. I am a Vikings fan living in Minnesota. Please suspend him now, so we can just get on with the rest of the year and our lives without this hanging over our heads everyday.

    On a side-note, please believe me when I say that if you would read comments on most of the local papers web-sites you would see that the vast majority of us are as sick about all of this as you are and not walking around wearing A.P. jerseys and switches like that idiot lady on the front page of the N.Y. Post.

  26. Peterson’s comments to the media this morning were written by Rusty Harden and this denial is written by Rusty Harden. Harden is a defense attorney with zero morals. You judge the truth how you want, but I won’t be trusting crap emanating from Rusty Harden.

  27. Adam Schefter just said that the other incident occurred last year and involved a different 4 year old son. There were no charges because the boy’s mother declined to take it further with authorities.
    Why are we surprised when great players who show violence on the field are capable of exhibiting it off the field, as well.
    Both children are only 4 years old.

  28. Radisson is suspending their sponsorship of the Vikings. This will get worse as the week progresses; no way AP plays on Sunday. The one thing that gets Zigi’s attention is revenue; he won’t allow this to become an avalanche…

  29. I accuse you of assault. Oh, there’s 2. Guess that means your suspended.

    Who cares if I was cleared and never charged.

    Big Ben by the way settled his out if court with the understanding the charges were dropped. I’m 99% positive that was said on this site.

  30. My parents thought asbestos was a great thing. Sure doesn’t make it ok!!!! AP is a POS. I have a 4 year old and would never ever lay a finger on him. discipline comes from talking. And understanding. Spare the rod. No real man ever hits a child. If he’s guilty he deserves 10-15 years in the big house.

  31. I love that quote by Goodell. You don’t need evidence! I just need a series of unprovable stories on sites like pft for me to try to ruin your life!

    It’s unbelievable. All you have to do to ruin an nfl players career is just work up a way to get to one of these so called sources, and make something up! They’ll report it! And people on this site will believe every word of it!

  32. Just a random thought… Can Goodell suspend himself under the personal conduct policy. My bad, I guess that it would be the professional conduct policy because he be CASHing them checks.

  33. This may lead to his suspension. I have to say though, the timing of this revelation is curious. For some reason, the little voice in my head says Kluwe has something to do with the release (Deadspin involved). If this one doesn’t cause the suspension THEN Chrissy will find a way for something else to come out.

  34. Post the entire conversation bit just that text message. The message before that says “He hit his head on the car seat”

  35. He spanked his son and the son freaked to and hit his head on the car seat.. how is this his fault? Im sure all these people calling for his head have NEVER spanked their children or punished them some how and had the kid freak out. Thats what kids do, they overreact and get hurt. Hell, adults do that too!!

  36. Peterson belongs in jail. What a lowlife. How could any Viking fan want to cheer for him ever again. Vick went to jail for abusing dogs. Why isn’t Petertson in jail right now? Incognito was banished for being mean to Jonathan Martin. Why is Peterson still on the Vikings roster? PUT THIS LOWLIFE IN A CAGE WHERE HE BELONGS!!!

  37. If you are in your 40’s you probably have been hit with a belt as a kid.

    It was always a nice reminder of what not to do (or what not to get caught doing).

    Unless you were getting hit for not properly drying the can opener, that’s abuse.

  38. I read the transcripts between AP and the mother of the 4 year old from the ‘other’ case in June 2013. It does not look good. If he is convicted for this May incident, she can pursue on the June incident. And somebody please buy these players some condoms because, darn.

  39. All you people screaming for Adrian Peterson’s head are the epitome of knee-jerks. The man disciplined his child, went too far, realized his mistake and was 100% honest about the entire affair. Even though he should be suspended for 6-8 games per the new domestic violence policy, this talk of indefinite suspension is ludicrous. And before all you saints start screaming that he is an evil human being, I’d like to see you even do a SLIVER of what AP has done for our inner city children and others in Minneapolis. Not defending his actions, just ranting at you numb nuts who think you’re God, with the things you say.

  40. I’m gonna take back that part about Peterson’s behavior. Haven’t seen the pics, but from the descriptions seems like he crossed the line.

  41. Another text left by the dope detailing it shows it is a pattern and that he is a POS. He wont play another game this year just watch. Every one of his kids will be looked over with a fine tooth comb.

    Once sponsors pull out like just happened that will be the final straw for the NFL, you affect their money you are done.

  42. I don’t know what’s worse Cody….your mangling of the English language, or your opinion that beating a 4 year old child until he has cuts on him somehow does not make the beater a bad person. Beating a child until he bleeds is not punishment, it’s abuse, and this guy deserves whatever he gets plus some.

  43. Peterson’s lawyer is being a bit coy simply saying that the report of an “investigation” of the abuse of son # 2 is untrue. Note that he doesn’t say that Peterson didn’t strike and injure the kid.

  44. Perhaps the best way to discipline your kids is to marry their mom, and be a role model in your own home.

    Of course, that’s a bit difficult when you’ve got 9 kids from 7 women, living in 5 different states …

  45. As a Vikings fan this is about the worst thing that could happen off the field. Our favorite player and guy who worked the hardest and played with the most heart has lost his reputation over night. I don’t agree with what he did, children need discipline he took it over the top and hopefully now regrets that. What’s the right punishment I’m not sure. Time will heal wounds and reputation. However it’s not a good precedent to set to give into rushed and uninformed public and media opinions We have to let people have their day In court , innocent until proven guilty before throwing the book at them. I’m a Viking fan and am torn. I wore my ap jersey proudly in the past, I can’t say the same today. I look in my closet and see the jerseys and everyone has had their issues. None of these guys are perfect and it’s hard to look at any of them as role models anymore.

  46. Just like in the whole Vick affair, every person defending him (you aint nobody to judge anyone else, etc) are not aware of the full reports of his actions–there are still idiots who spout off about Michael Vick just “being involved in dog fighting”. Read what AP is being accused of, look at the pics, even if all of it is not completely true–for this to be happening, you are believing that two different mothers of his children, two different investigative units, and two separate CPS investigations are all conspiring to “get” AP. Why? Typically people with his money and lawyers create living hell for the victims. So, they all are going to get a big check from AP? Surely you are not all that dumb.

  47. People will not forgive AP bc obviously they’re the ones who created AP, not God, thus judge one for the things they did, pathetic. If God judges us human then we’re nothing but bunch of evil and be burning in hell. No one on earth is good or innocent to God, so quit judging like you’re a good person cuz you ain’t. America is a 2nd chance country. People make mistakes and as long as they correct them, they’ll be fine as long as they don’t commit another one.

  48. NFL discipline-
    N-bomb 0 games (Riley cooper)
    Beat Child 1 game
    Beat Wife/Girlfriend 2 games
    Performance enhancing drugs 4 games
    Vehicular manslaughter 8 games (Leonard little)
    Too much pot use 10 games
    Video of domestic violence BEATDOWN indefinate

  49. Now Devon Still…That’s a good Dad! From here in Houston, just bought Devon’s jersey. Who Dey!

  50. The commissioners own quote “You do not have to be convicted or even charged.”
    That should be repeated over, and over and over again. Why are they so inconsistent with these things?

  51. As long as His lawyer says it didn’t happen, well thats enough for me. That He even hired that ass clown for a lawyer is beyond me! Yes, He told us all Roger Clemons never was injected with steroids. I think Ray Rice is a POS and should never play again, yet I would rather see Him play than AP ever again!

  52. Really? REALLY?

    Not one of you bothered to see if this second accusation had any merit before you came on here to pass judgment.

    According to reports, the kid hit his head on a carseat, THAT is how he got a scar. And THAT is why there was no prosecution the first time.

    But, I’m sorry, I’ve interrupted you all from making up your little fairy tales.

  53. He’s learnt his lesson, no question about it. He will never harm a child or human being ever again. Let it go already. Why the witchhunt? Seems to be getting ridiculously out of hand. Is an American media thing or what?

  54. All i can say is this growing up in south Alabama and going to a Catholic school pk-12 I was beat worse by the nuns at school then what I have seen (Broke my hand with a ruler, the nuns had a room called the punishment room guess what was int here switches paddles and 3 foot rulers), not saying times have not changed but were no one can tell someone how to raise their children I am sorry if people don’t agree with me all i can say if a person like AP was doing something in rage or abusive I think the marks would be much worse? Again I know some hate this just saying what I think…. Many of the guys I grew up with (Not went to school with me) are now in prison in gangs lots are dead now I can say all had 1 thing in common there were no consequence for their actions…
    I tell you what i am in my 40’s now and still hold door for my elders i see time and time again a older person with a walker going into a store and a punk kid cant take an extra minute to hold the door some of the kids these days have NO respect for elders or authority…. Please in my mind worry about how your kids are being raised there is no parenting book out there there is truly only 1 judge and that is the big guy up stairs!!!!!
    Thanks and i am not trying to defend AP just stating what my beliefs are if you don’t agree that’s is fine that is what make this country the best, is people from all walks of life can come here and live free it is not our place to judge how one disciplines their child.
    Sorry if i have offended anyone again!!!

  55. People and the media are simply amazing. What we all fail to remember is that these players are human beings and not just star players. They are flawed and make mistakes in life as we all do. They need help with their problems, not ridicule, scorn, and judgement. And who are we to judge anyways. I’m sure if the camera was turned around, most of the most vocal detractors would probably have the most to be ashamed of. I do not condone their actions. Abuse of drugs, children, spouses, etc. are not acceptable ever. They are symptomatic of our society today however. Most of how these player act as adults is what they grew up seeing by adults. Where were all these outraged people and players when these young athletes were growing up and being abused or seeing abuse of drugs or a parent? Where were they when they needed help most?

  56. Right, but one is a case of rape (Roethlisberger), and the other is a father disciplining his child excessively (Peterson). If you can’t see the moral difference, I’d sure hope you are smart enough to confirm that the law sees those two things very differently.

    It seems to most commentators that they think the NFL should have a binary disciplinary system: good and bad. Treat speeding tickets the same as murder.

  57. Well on the good side AP will no longer be a slave to the NFL if is career is over. Im referring to the comments he made where he compared being in the NFL to being a slave hundreds of years ago.

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