Cam Newton apologizes for “Donkey Kong Suh” comments

It seems so quaint now, that for a time last week, Cam Newton calling Ndamukong Suh “Donkey Kong” was a thing.

But because it gained momentary traction between the Ray Rice news of Monday and Adrian Peterson on Friday, the Panthers quarterback felt he had to address it after they beat the Lions yesterday.

I want to talk about the Donkey Kong situation,” Newton began, via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review. “The initial statement came with me jokingly making a reference to him. It’s sad that in this day and age we still bring up racism. That was not my initial reason. . . . That was not meant to be anything derogatory towards Ndamukong Suh. I respect him as a person. If anything I was trying to say it as a compliment of him wrecking havoc. Me going forward I should have called him ‘Wreck It Ralph.’

“It was just out of my respect for him. It won’t happen again. Poor judgment of words but all in all today was a great win for us.”

The fact that Suh was largely a non-factor in the game helped de-escalate the situation, but the fact it was fairly silly to begin with might be the biggest reason we can be done with it now.

39 responses to “Cam Newton apologizes for “Donkey Kong Suh” comments

  1. I’m the biggest Cam fan and this was not smart and worse it came out of left field.

    It was just weird, but even the apology was clumsy. “…poor judgment of words.” What the hell does that mean?

    Just win football games and leave the comedy to people like, Kevin Hart.

  2. It took me a couple minutes to make the connection of why that might be considered racist. Some of this is just getting exhausting. I thought it was clever word play.

  3. PC train all aboard !!!!!!!!!
    I hope someone derails this train fast . PC is taking over common sense . No wonder this country is going down the tubes we are raising a bunch of wimps where everyone gets a trophy for participating.

  4. Shouldn’t have had to, but stand up move on your part, Cam. You’re one of the guys I don’t mind my son’s following. Dont let me down.

  5. The only reason Cam had to apologize was because the media insinuated that it was racism. I am not sure how, most non-racist folks saw it the way the Cam said he meant it. It’s kind of like the Washington team name: no one even considers it in the deragatory way until the media tells us to.

  6. The only reason we’re done with it is because Newton is black. If it had been a white QB who said that then all hell would have broken loose and we would be seeing petitions to ban that player for life.

  7. Amazing that nothing was done to Cam Newton because of what he said. I thought it was harmless and funny, but the fact is if a white person had said that he would be kicked out of football for life and would have had to sell all of his belongings. Correct me if I got this wrong, but that is what happens when a white person says ANYTHING that is not PC. Now, if a black person says it…………..Nothing. If blacks truly want equality, then they should get it. If a black person ever says the dreaded “N” word then they should loose their job and never get another chance at working again. Seems that what happens when a white person says it. Equality for everyone!

  8. Super Mario said of Cam Newton: “That’s-a good guy right-a there!” while Sonic The Hedgehog just gave his trademark curt grin.

  9. It’s sad that in this day and age we still bring up racism.

    Duh! The news media thrives on racism…it’s all they do!
    But I fail to see how a black man refering to another as a video game character can be considered racism.
    It was just a poor attempt at name similiarity…nothing more.

  10. I read the initial comments last week, got a chuckle because it made sense to me, and didn’t hear about it again until reading this now. Didn’t become much if a “thing.” Or, at least, not where I live.

  11. I get exactly what Cam Newton was saying. The fact that anyone would bring up racism in this situation is ridiculous. I have a restaurant and the majority of my staff are black. About a year ago a customer made a comment about how hard they were working and I almost responded with, “Yeah, I am really cracking the whip on them” but I caught myself. Now that was in no way meant to be a reference to them being black or slavery or anything like that. Had they all been white, I would have thought to say the same thing. But I just imagine the hell storm that would have rolled through had that comment come out. It’s ridiculous, but sadly it’s a reality. I’ll come out and say this right now. Had a white player said what Cam Newton said, this would be national news.

  12. Can’t stand Cam Newton but this was clearly a tongue in cheek compliment. Not like he called him donkey princess or something. Donkey Kong is a badass and we all know it!

  13. “Ndamukong” sounds like “Donkey Kong” and the man has huge arms, like the character from Smash Bros. No harm intended, and well handled by Newton.

  14. I’m actually all for calling out dogwhistle racism when it rears its ugly head, because I think a lot of people do speak in code words to feed the fire of people who do have hatred burning in their hearts.

    But anyone who watched that press conference should have seen a starting NFL QB give somewhat awkward, somewhat disjointed, remarks in which he sorta-kinda mangled the name of a starting NFL DL which at best seemed like an ill-advised attempt at humor, and at worst, like he was just not equipped to pronounce “Ndamukong” correctly.

    I think Cam was probably covering his own rear more so than anything, but I also think anyone who heard this press conference and thought there was any ill intent there may have been projecting more than anything.

  15. If he didn’t mean it in a racist way, he shouldn’t have had to apologize in the first place.

  16. Where are all the punk Lion’s fans now? Still stinging from the @ss whopping from Carolina. Lion’s fan finally got a dose of reality, so there little punk trolls crawl into their holes : Hyzers, Calvinthegreat, rl7911, mazenblue, lionscometola, all you punks can suck it!

  17. @nolliabed:
    You are forgetting about Rob Parker. (Yes he is easy to forget). But he is a black person who said something about another black person, and lost his job for it. Sometimes one can’t even make remarks about one’s own race without the PC police stepping in to rectify the situation.

  18. People blew this out of the water and it was and still is dumb. When I first heard this, my thoughts were that Cam more or less was insulting “REPORTERS” not Suh. Calling him “Donkey Kong” was Cam’s way of calling Suh a monster if a defensive tackle.

  19. I think Newton just thought it was funny that calling him “Donkey Kong Suh” sounds about the same as trying to pronounce his actual name.

    Based on Mosley’s comments about Suh being able to pick his own nickname, maybe Koko would be the more appropriate primate to go with. Or, avoid the potential racial pitfalls all together and go with Gammy or T-Bone.

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