Gruden won’t rule out Cousins keeping job over a healthy RG3


After leading Washington to victory in relief of the injured Robert Griffin III, Kirk Cousins declared, “This is Robert’s team.” But it may not be RG3’s team for long.

Coach Jay Gruden was asked today if Cousins could play well enough in the coming weeks to hold onto the starting job even after Griffin’s dislocated ankle has healed well enough for him to play. Gruden declined to give a definitive answer.

“We’ll cross that bridge when that comes. Right now we’re going to prepare with Kirk Cousins as our starter, and Robert’s going to rehab. All decisions after that will come after that,” he said.

Cousins played very well on Sunday, completing 22 of 33 passes for 250 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Of course, that was in a home game against Jacksonville, one of the worst teams in the league. But if Cousins plays that well again next week in Philadelphia, and he leads his team to a win on the road against the NFC East rival Eagles, the calls for Cousins to keep the job will increase. If he keeps playing well, it’s going to be hard for Gruden to send him to the bench when Griffin is ready to go.

Gruden, however, isn’t going to commit to either quarterback until he has to.

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  1. Gruden isn’t the one who invested all those draft picks in RG3. He is going to play whoever gives him the best chance to keep his job.

  2. What is the coach supposed to say in that situation? If they go undefeated with Kirk… They’ll probably keep rolling with him… If they suck with Kirk… They’re going to go back to RG3….

    It’s pretty simple… Kirk has won one game as a starter… One… Let’s just see how next week goes ehh?

  3. IRIII is about to embark on a wonderful career as a backup QB in the NFL… don’t worry, Robert, as you have already sort of seen, the backup QB is always the most popular dude in town!

  4. finally it appears that Washington might be getting some brains back…. RGme buried himself by thinking he could play college ball in the NFL

  5. A lot of Skins fans are favouring Cousins for the moment but it is almost like, they haven’t seen the games that he started. Cousins looks good when our receiver core finds gaps in the secondary but to this day, I don’t see him as a long term starter for the team. I would be happy to be proven wrong but playing well when opponent hasn’t seen much of your game film hardly helps.

  6. I think it’s fair to say that from a potential standpoint, RG3 is capable of more than Kirk Cousins is…he has a higher ceiling. That aside, consistency counts for a lot in this league and if Kirk Cousins proves that he can get the job done on a consistent basis, than I don’t see why he should lose the job once RG3 returns.

  7. Keep hating on RGlll Redskin Nation will support him whether or not he’s starting. At least he isn’t a woman or child beater. Cousins played great and if he continues to do so he deserves to start. It’s time to roll into Philly and take the division back! Eagles wounded O line against Redskins 10 sack D. Bad times coming for Philly.
    2014 NFC East Champs

  8. Which Gruden? We all know John has probably already dubbed Cousins as “one of the greatest to ever play the position”

  9. RGMe
    RGnee (how is that spelled)

    Do the people that write these really thing they’re funny? Creative? Interesting? I just don’t get it. I’m guessing they’re probably all people that think Dane Cook is funny.

  10. I don’t watch a lot of Washington football but Kirk certainly looks like the better player on my 55 inch HD Tv. RG3 looks skittish, indeterminate and timid. I would expect RG never gets his starting job back especially based on yesterdays performance.

  11. I am an opposing team. I am more scared of the skins with cousins at qb than rg3.

    That pretty much says it all.

  12. llcamino says: Sep 15, 2014 4:54 PM

    RGnee (how is that spelled)


    It’s Bob Griffing

  13. logicalvoicesays says:
    Sep 15, 2014 4:50 PM

    Thank God I’m a Redskins fan. Kirk Cousins would start for the other 31 NFL teams period. This team is RGIIIs however when he returns. #HTTR



  14. I feel like Robert would do better playing on a team that plays on turf or plays in an indoor stadium. He lights it up inside and on turf. Natural grass, not so much.

  15. If you have Cousins, you cannot treat him with less respect than you gave Griffin. Without EARNING a starting job, Griffin was given it on the basis of one above average college year and the HOPE he would be transformative.

    What we have found about Griffin is he is fragile, can’t read a defense, cannot run a pro style offense, is slow on progressions, and can’t see an obvious pass rush and refuses to step up or step to the side to avoid a rush – and he cannot run a two minute offense.

    Cousins has rarely practiced with the first players and should be given a chance to do so without having to worry about his job.

    If Cousins is no good, better to learn that he is merely a spare tire to replace a hurt starter – or – perish the thought – he might actually be an upgrade in this position – this team looked entirely different with him throwing.

    Granted Jacksonville is barely good enough to beat a low level College team, but a win is a win – and if Cousins can keep us close against the Eagles and then the Giants, there may be something here.

    The fact is the injury to Griffin has dealt us a card that we’d have regardless of whether it is Cousins, McCoy, or someone else. Like it or not, for upwards of most of this season, we’ll have Cousins. As with any player, now it is his time to sink or swim. But he deserves the chance. And we know that Griffin has a losing record as a starter of 11-17 of games he has started and finished. If Cousins wins as many as he loses, he’s at least as good as Griffin. If he wins more than he loses, it is time to deal the fragile faux hope to someone else.

  16. Most hated QBs:
    1. tony romo
    2. colin kaepernick (the man…who can only do one read)
    3. rg3rd stringer
    4. big game eli manning (more rings than his brother)
    5. joe flacco (one hit wonder)

  17. iamdinguskhan says:
    Sep 15, 2014 4:51 PM
    Keep hating on RGlll Redskin Nation will support him whether or not he’s starting. At least he isn’t a woman or child beater. Cousins played great and if he continues to do so he deserves to start. It’s time to roll into Philly and take the division back! Eagles wounded O line against Redskins 10 sack D. Bad times coming for Philly.
    2014 NFC East Champs


    No, he just cheats on his wife..

  18. It’s one thing to not like a guy, but I’ll never understand people that cheer and joke about an injury that could threaten a guy’s career.

    I feel like so many people here think their zingers are top notch and when they click “submit” on their latest RG3 injury joke they get a semi.

  19. Well Jay Gruden is smarter than Miami Dolphins HC Joe Philbin who continues to play an inept Ryan Tannehill. Ryan is no more accurate than a high school QB.

  20. Why should Gruden play RG3 over Cousins? Because of what Washington gave up to draft him? Nonsense.

    Simple fact is that Cousins was outplaying RG3 throughout the preseason too, and people couldn’t help but notice it.

    Gruden, and the Washington fans, caught a break.. unfortunately, it was at the expense of a player being injured.

  21. The mobile QBs are exciting to watch but fragile — can’t hold up over the long haul.

    Mike Vick, RGIII, and Kapernick, are all on borrowed time.

    You need to be a pocket passer to have a long career in the NFL.

  22. Rare is the example of independent thought, abundant is the illustration of self aggrandizement. Shoot, I’ll admit to the later, now if we could only get the former to align proportionately, the world would be a better place.

  23. People are over-reacting because they are frustrated by RG3’s injuries. He still has lots of talent, and Cousins is still an unproven QB. Unless Cousins shows me otherwise, I’m expecting RG3 to be back as starting QB this year.

  24. Cousins is an adequate backup QB, nothing more. RG3 will be the QB for as long as he can stand upright. Which is not often. That trade with the Rams looks more ill-conceived all the time.

  25. Mike Shanahan would still be coaching the Redskins if a certain owner wasn’t forcing him to use a quarterback he saw minimal value in by the second season.

  26. OF COURSE Gruden didn’t comment, and why would he? That would be STUPID! I’ve said for some time that they’d be better off with Cousins, but they put out draft picks to GET Bobby III and the FRONT OFFICE wants to get as many of those as they can BACK! So, IF they DO go with Cousins, they WILL be QUIETLY talking trades with other teams. St Louis, the Titans and maybe the Raiders among them. And, it isn’t like Bobby’s ankle is going to heal over night!

  27. I keep hearing KC lost his 3 starts last year but of course those haters don’t tell you RG3 lost the 4 games prior and 10 of the 13 he started. RG3 was abysmal the first week of this season. Washington to should unload the gimmick in the offseason before they have to give him a big contract. Cousins always was the better pro QB. Maybe trade RG3 to Dallas where he can back up Romo for a first rounder.

  28. 2 bum knees and now a bum ankle? I sure as hell wouldn’t commit to him being the water boy at this point. I have never seen any other NFL player get hurt so often without being touched. It’s truly uncanny!

  29. thetroofishere says:
    Sep 15, 2014 4:42 PM
    You think the Rams could pull the hat trick and send a pick to the Skins for Robert?


    Then magically RGIII would go from being a “bust” in your eyes to a “steal” and a “superstar.”

    Way to be objective, yo.

  30. All you guys touting the Rams out to be a bunch of geniouses — newsflash: those # 1 picks have not translated into championships for them! Geeze, you guys act like Redskins fans are blind. You all are MUCH worse.

  31. iamdinguskhan says:
    Sep 15, 2014 4:51 PM
    Keep hating on RGlll Redskin Nation will support him whether or not he’s starting. At least he isn’t a woman or child beater
    Did Cousins beat a woman or child? If not then your logic is flawed. Why wouldn’t you support him? At least Cousins isn’t all over the news for cheating on his wife.

  32. To think Griffin was ROY just 2 years ago, and now he’s playing at the level of an average backup at best. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  33. When good defenses start picking of those cotton balls that Kirk throws then we will see if Gruden sticks with him. He threw a hail mary from the 40 yard line that barley made it to the one yard line!! There goes your deep threat DJax.

  34. Jacksonville only looked like the worst team in the league because the mighty Redskins made them look that way. Elite teams make good teams look like crap.

  35. I thought the Redskins year was over judging by that terrible first game and then in the second game, it happened.

    RG3 went down and was taken out of the game and Cousins came in and the rest is history.

    Robert is fundamentally a excellent college grade quarterback.

    His running out of the pocket stuff added to a fragile body means he will not be able to max out a very long NFL career.

    Furthermore,his lack of proper use of the rest of his team has meant that many of them no longer wanted to put forward a full effort as they felt he would simply run away from the time and pockets they make so other members of the offense can contribute with the great skill sets they have.

    Cousins has shown several times he has come in that he DOES NOT want to be the guy that saves the day when the pocket closes and the defense shuts down most of our pass receivers.

    This means that with Cousins in,our guys will try much harder to make an opening where they simply won’t for RG because ,RG is already running over the line and trying to do the yardage himself.

    What I saw on Sunday was an entire team working together to win a game.

    Yes,it was a game against a greatly compromised opponent but it was the team aspect of that win that impressed me the most.

    Cousins needs to forget about RG3,forget about winning a Super Bowl and totally concentrate on the offensive plan Gruden and his guys have planned to win games every game this year.

    We finally have a Offensive AND Defensive coaching crew that can call plays where Shanny’s guys were less then spectacular.

    We finally have a vicious defensive crew ready to make every opponent the Redskins play,pay dearly for the privilege of losing to them.

    RG has had three years to make something happen and all he has done is hurt himself when he was needed the most.

    It is time for RG3 to move on to another team where maybe his luck can improve and we can replace him with another great quarterback to put in line so that Cousins stays hungry to do well.

    All Kurt really has to do now is to stay calm,don’t try for the ‘big play’ every game to win it and don’t try to make up for any mistakes he makes.

    This Redskins team deserves to finally have an offense that can again grind down the clock as the helpless opponents get madder and madder and more reckless so our players can take full advantage of that.

    Can Kurt be the guy that grinds out game after game of short yardage plays for touchdowns that simply discourages every opponent the Redskins comes up against?

    I know we now have a Defense that can support him in that effort.

    We will see.

    Finally,a year the Redskins can be dominant.

    All they have to do is listen to this great coaching staff and help each other be the best they can be.

    Go get Em Redskins!

  36. If your team gave up 3 1st round picks and 1 2nd round pick less then 30 months ago for a QB and you don’t say in no uncertain terms that he will be the starter when he gets healthy, then you are in essence committing to playing his backup if he’s playing well.

  37. Worknman24hours, I think that is the most clear minded and unbiased assessment of RGIII, his ego and how it effects and brings down his teammates that I have heard from a Redskins fan. Icould not agree more. I will say when you guys hired Shanahan I loved it. The game had already passed him by nearly a decade before the red skins hired him. Everyone except Snyder I guess knew he was living off those 2 superbowl wins in the late 90’s for years.

    Saying that though I do t blame him for the falloUT of last year. His is the coach if he wants to hold a guy out for health that’s his perogative. RGIII and his ego couldn’t take it. Evert e Shannahan said something Bob would hold a pc and contradict everything he said. For the commercials to the project patience thing. He’s the one who ruined the entire Redskins season last year.

    Thats not to give MS and his son a pass they were both horrible and had to go but from right then on if I was a Redskins s fan I would have added RGIII to my wish list of cuts. Eve last week and all the different k and during k players when the media asked why he kept throwing so short he threw his coach u Der the bus and side that was the game plan. When any decent QB would have said that’s my full I have to do a better job getting g the ball down field.

    Last thing if the Redskins do try to utilize a grind it out short yardage game you might have a problem with Desean. I love the guy I still wear his jersey and he was my favorite player on the Eagles. I still wish he would have put his ego a side like shady did and listened to chip. Anyway the thing with him is if he doesn’t get a couple of deep shots early in a game his effort will disappear. I can’t count how many times he walked out of breaks when the play wasn’t coming his way (that’s actually why I laughed when people said the eagles other wr production would hurt without desean playing g decoy). If that happens to many times not only will his effort diminish but so will his attitude.

    So yeah Cousins can probably run a very effective west coast offense (especially like the original one that bill Walsh created, where they would use 2-3 yard passes as a basic substitute for running the ball) but they have to be very careful because now that RGIII is down Desean is gonna try to make it his team (he tried the same thing I Philly when Donovan left) and if he doesn’t get the ball, and get it the way he wants it, he’s gonna be a problem.

  38. I see this same thing in fantasy football drafts. Certain individuals will choose Caucasian players over an African American player and the only identifiable pattern in their consistently doing this race. If anyone cares to see the truth thumbs down. I’ll be more than happy to prove it in two leagues.

  39. So, what you are saying is that Gruden is ignoring attempts to create a QB controversy and focus on the game ahead. What kind of Coach does that?

  40. I didn’t like the Redskins drafting two QB’s in the draft at the time but it is turning out to be a smart decision.

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