Panthers not saying whether Greg Hardy will play


The Vikings believe in due process this week.

The Panthers are giving themselves more time to decide whether they do or not.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said that defensive end/domestic violence defendant Greg Hardy was with the team today, but would not commit to him playing Sunday night against the Steelers.

The Panthers deactivated Hardy yesterday after playing him in the opener (pre-Ray Rice tape), and Rivera wasn’t tipping his hand about the future, but admitted the decision was difficult.

“If you play him and you win, you don’t have a conscience,” Rivera said. “You play him and you lose, it’s a distraction.”

He said Hardy would practice and attend meetings as normal, but he wasn’t ready to say when he’d make a final call on Sunday’s game.

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  1. Well, except technically he was found guilty already and is appealing. So this case and the APete case are completely different.

  2. @floratiotime – I agree it shouldn’t be the NFL’s job…it should be the justice system’s job. However…that system has been failing us for years…so maybe it’s time for society to step in.

  3. floratiotime says:
    Sep 15, 2014 1:04 PM
    When did the NFL become the dispenser of justice? Shouldn’t the courts be doing that?

    9 3


    thats great…but where does it stop? If a guy is charged with a DUI, okay…what about this case (child abuse)? Domestic violence? Manslaughter? Murder?

    If your player gets charged with ANY crime, do you just say “well he can keep playing unless found guilty by a judge/jury?” Or is there a limit?

  4. Actually he is not in appeals court. He is entitled to a jury trial which he has asked for negating the Judges ruling and leaving him without any conviction. If the jury finds him guilty then he could appeal.

  5. He’s the last guy with legal trouble who should have been deactivated, and they should be ashamed that they did it to bow to misinformed public pressure. He basically got sat down for being indicted on a flimsy charge.

  6. He’s the Panthers highest paid player and a top 3 Defensive End in the NFL, they are not going to release him.

    Probably another game or 2 of deactivation and then back on the field after the dust settles a little.

    IMO it would be a completely different story if Nicole Holder had any physical injuries, but she did not. Why are people taking her side of the story? She admitted to being coked up the night of the altercation and it was Hardy who called 911 in the first place!

    The white, female judge will see to it that a large black man will be guilty with domestic violence allegations against a pretty little white girl every time… Lets wait until they go to real court infront of a real judge and jury.

    Free Kraken.

  7. Due process played out and he was found guilty.

    He’s just using a loophole to avoid a suspension (for now)

  8. Just release a player that counts over 10% of your salary cap…with the distinct possibility he could be found innocent by a jury of his peers.

    Oh wait, never mind, he has already been found guilty be a female judge who would not allow some evidence she admitted could be used if he wanted a jury trial.

    Seems about right…

  9. Doubtful he will be convicted. Too much doubt…it`s a he said she said drama with an alleged victim who was on cocaine at the time of the alleged crime. All of these cases are very different and deserve one of the basic tenants of American Society… Due Process. Once Due Process is complete all punishments should be fully enforced as Domestic Violence and Child Abuse are despicable.

  10. First, does everyone posting here understand that the right to a trial by jury is something protected by the constitution, not a legal loop hole? Because the legal process in that jusidiction requires a bench trial before a jury trial is given, he went through his bench trial. The judge’s decision didn’t go in his favor, so he’s going to do a trail by jury. This isn’t really much different than being indicted by a grand jury and then standing trial. It helps keep the courts from being clogged with misdemeanors.

    Second, she admitted to being on drugs and he called 911 (which in his bench trial the judge decided was being done only to provide a self defense cover in court), however the third party calling 911 and describing the beating that he was delivering was a key piece of evidence that seems to be ignored.

    Until the trial by jury takes place and the facts are all laid out on the table to determine if he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt he is not convicted of a crime. Is it a false accusation? Is he at fault and trying to blame the victim? Is it, like I believe, somewhere in between?

    We should let twelve people in North Carolina make that decision after being presented with facts. As far as allowing him to play goes, the NFL is about winners, not choir boys. Drug dealers, gang bangers, drunk drivers, serial sexual abusers, theives and killers are all welcomed into the league if they can run a 4.3 40 and try to keep their noses clean for a few seasons.

  11. Gee, I wonder why the Panthers waited until this game to sit Greg Hardy? Wasn’t he in the same situation week 1? If the Panthers were so concerned about domestic violence, why did they let him play against the Bucs last week??? Because the Panthers really don’t care about what Hardy did…it was just the culmination of the whole ray Rice/Adrian Peterson/Ray McDonald scandals that pushed the Panthers to act hastily to avoid looking unsympathetic to women! The Panthers owner and coaches are just giant hypocrites!

  12. The fact is we do not know what he did…HE HAS NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF ANYTHING. I do not know how it can be spelled out more than this. HE HAS NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF ANYTHING. We need to accept that. If he is CONVICTED OF ANYTHING, then he should face punishment, and a harsh one at that….but the only thing is convicted of is being wrong in the eyes of the oh so knowledgeable omniscient court of public opinion.

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