Radisson pulling sponsorship of Vikings “effective immediately”


A Vikings sponsor is ending its corporate support of the club for the time being after Adrian Peterson’s Friday arrest on a charge of recklessly or negligently injuring a child.

The Radisson hotel chain announced Monday night it was “suspending its limited sponsorship of the Minnesota Vikings while we evaluate the facts and circumstances.”

Said the hotel in a statement issued on the website of its parent company, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group: “Radisson takes this matter very seriously particularly in light of our long-standing commitment to the protection of children.”

The suspension of the company’s sponsorship is “effective immediately,” Radisson said.

The Radisson logo was present behind the Vikings’ press conference podium on Monday, when G.M. Rick Spielman and coach Mike Zimmer met with the media and were asked about the decision to reinstate Peterson, who was deactivated for Sunday’s game vs. New England.

Peterson’s arrest stems from an incident in which he disciplined his four-year-old son with a switch. In a statement Monday, Peterson said he “never ever intended to harm” his son.

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  1. I wonder what the two buffoons (Wilf & Spieladope) will do to backtrack their ridiculous reinstatement with the new allegations that came to light regarding another child being abused by Peterson? Specially since they gave careful consideration and had the opportunity to look into the matter. Wow what a fiasco. They already look worse than Baltimore did.

  2. I cant imagine the embarrassment felt by corporate honchos at Radisson listening to the bumbling press conference led by Spieladope defending an abuser with their name plastered behind him.

  3. As people call for sponsors to pull their support of the NFL, I wonder why at the same time they are following and supporting football as they visit a football news/rumor site.

  4. Nice to see at least one company has the guts to do what is right, maybe this will spur those cowards that own the Vikings to do the same.

  5. I remember when rush Limbaugh came under fire two or three years ago for that sandra fluke remark, and a bunch of sponsors left…then about two weeks later they were begging to come back because fans of Limbaugh dropped their product…but Limbaugh already moved on. Idiots. Knee jerk exactions will doom your long term goals.

  6. So quick question… those of you condeming the Vikings and the NFL in general how many of you are doing that while watching MNF right now maybe in a jersey or tshirt recovering from a full day yesterday of watching games of the sport and league you are now claiming is a fiasco and a joke and ridiculous. Glass houses, stones, etc.

  7. Oh and don’t underestimate the hypocrisy of talking the time to condemn a league on a website that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for this awful league and people. Not to mention almost all the stories and enormous traffic it’s getting right now is centered around this “awful” league and it’s decisions. Nothing is going to change because the teams are owned by billionaires making money hands over fists and will continue to do so. It all comes down to money and I’m positive while Radisson pulling out may get good press there are most likely a dozen other companies ready to take their place because the Vikings are in the NFL and right now everyone is watching. $$$

  8. Stop with all the b.s. If we watched football because of the character of the player and not the talent then Tim Tebow would have never been ridiculed for bowing in prayer and would still be playing. Anyone who has watched the game, bought tickets, or merchandise is as culpable as A.P. You can’t claim ignorance. Don’t teach your kids that these guys are heroes and don’t be surprised when a 29 year old man who has been sheltered from reality since he was in high school isn’t your belief of what a football player is. I love football but it does not guide my life.

  9. They need to stop beating on women and children. I’m glad the matter is being taken seriously. These jerks need to stop pollinating and getting involved in toxic relationships with no proper outlet and learn to take out their frustration on grown men on from the other side of the field. Hopefully this is a wake up call.

  10. If you watch Zimmer’s press conference… there is a point in his press conference where you can see his disgust with management’s decision to reinstate low character adrian peterson.

    Zimmer is speaking about the decision and quickly, sublty shakes his head ‘no’ while answering a question about supporting management’s poor decision.

  11. Because next time when I’m traveling – it won’t matter that most Radissons are outdated and rundown, I’ll stay there because they took a stand against AP!

  12. I am no Madison Avenue fatcat but I am pretty sure that having your logo on the wallpaper behind a guy who is going to be doing a half dozen press conferences parsing the severity of child abuse committed by his employees sends a “negative” or “poor” message of a hotel brand.

  13. A Minnesota grown Carlson company pulling sponsorship is huge. Instead of absolutely banishing AP Peterson, however, he should be given a chance to change and learn. Indefinite suspension until he demonstrates an ability to learn that this is not Texas 25 years ago.

  14. Thank you Radisson Hotels.

    I am a long, long suffering Vikings fan but I am also a father of a 4 year old. I don’t think I want to watch my team anymore.

  15. Raddisson, doesn’t want there logo on the back wall while the media fabricates a spanking gone to far into a beating. I have heard it over and over, “He beat his child” Beating something is hitting it with your fist over and over. The kid got spanked and it went to far, Peterson never intended for those injuries to happen. Stop turning this into something that it wasn’t just so you can see your name in print over and over.

  16. I have season tickets to the Cards…if he played for us I’d be calling my ticket rep and the team stating I don’t support their decision. I would boo him and every play. I’d burn any jersey or item with him on it. As a father I won’t ever get past this.

  17. allegations is all it is and the prosecutor already knew about this and never felt it was true radison is a joke now and always has been

  18. if the allegations prove not to be true i would LMAO if someone get sued just saying i would laugh so hard

  19. Wow. The public response to these abuse cases have become like the 1950s hunt for communists.

    Shouldn’t someone start a blacklist?

  20. Did anyone else notice that the mother automatically assumed it was received during whooping?

    How often does he feel the need to physically discipline his child?

  21. Good for Radisson hotels, I will now exclusively stay at your hotels. Thankfully some companies still do the right thing!

    More of sponsors should follow in their footsteps and send a message to the clowns running the league, its team and the players association.

  22. Good will is the most valuable asset of any business organization.

    But it’s so easy to lose and so very difficult to rebuilt.

    The Vikings better be careful here. The NFL, has placed itself on a very slippery slope. And for that Washington team with its belligerent owner and suborn fans, it may be too late.

    The power of moral authority, which many here may scoff at as “PC,” should not be underestimated.

  23. The Vikings will discover the power of moral authority when they take the field Sunday, with AP, in New Orleans.

    He’s a distraction this team, which already has its problems, does not need.

  24. All of you are great at being judge, jury and executioner with limited facts. Obviously, none of you have ever been falsely accused of anything. Pure rush to judgement.

  25. That’s good pr for radisson. Once people get over it and learn again that radisson is garbage, Radisson will again sign up as a limited sponsor to Vikings.

  26. Wonder if anyone from Radisson Hotels has ever been charged or arrested for domestic violence or child abuse? If so, how did they handle it? Some specific examples would be nice so the public can pass judgment.

    Seriously though, it is revolting that a man would leave those kind of marks on hos child, or would strike a loved one violently. Yet, the whole idea of companies passing judgment and imposing discipline for things that happen outside of work is getting ridiculous. This what the legal system is for.

  27. Great business move. They will get much more exposure at no cost than they ever would over that sponsorship. Think I’m wrong? Ask yourself then when do corporations have any kind of moral compass over profit?

  28. AP didn’t mean to harm his son, just scar him.
    They, media types, keep using the same work “switch” I remember Grandma getting a switch after me on more then one occasion. The switch stung as its supposed to,,,but she never left a mark or caused my legs to bled, or bruse, Pictures of APs child tells the tale. Don’t care about another accusations with no substance, but this case with the 4yr old needs to be addressed NOW by the Vikings, not after the season is over.

  29. Can you blame them? When you think of the Vikings you think of zero SB wins, front office sexual harassment ( Denny Green & Co.), love boat, corrupt ownership the Wilf’s and knowledge multiple cases of child abuse.

    Great to be a fan of the team from 1o,oooo lakes!

  30. Way to protect your brand Radisson. Never mind that nothing has been proven in the Peterson case. If I were the Vikings I would tell Radisson to take their sponsorship and shove it.

  31. “I wonder what the two buffoons (Wilf & Spieladope) will do to backtrack their ridiculous reinstatement with the new allegations that came to light regarding another child being abused by Peterson?”

    The Vikings KNEW about the other abuse allegations when saying he’d play this coming week.

  32. Bottom line, MONEY the Vikings have chosen to provide Peterson with preferred treatment because he gives them a better chance to win to make them more MONEY. They know what he did was wrong and he should not play. Watch more sponsors drop out if they let Peterson continue to play. Also Peterson is a big part of their new stadium.

  33. To the Vikings, the welfare of children is in 3rd place. That’s obvious. Now that sponsors are jumping ship, the Vikings must choose which means most to them: Touchdowns or Money.

  34. I didn’t know there is Radisson hotel. Seriously, like the Wilfs can’t afford their own hotel. We don’t meddle into some one else’s businesses. We only care about winning and let the legal process do it’s things. I have no problem with what the Wilfs did at all. We should never judge any one for their actions. We are all bunch of sinners and full of evil to God. No one is perfect and or clean, good or innocent to God. If we judge people it’s not right bc inside of all of us we have some deep secrets, but still think/consider we’re good people. Just bc we’re not on the news doesn’t mean we’re good people.

  35. Ha, when they open that new stadium, they’ll be a waiting line for sponsorship’s. Maybe time we start probing into the arrest records of employees of Radisson, I have a feeling there’s some good ones in there that all the socialists would have a field day on!

  36. My God Are people really that stupid.
    Radisson didn’t pull their sponsorship because “it’s the right thing to do” They did it for money, plain old vanilla greed. They are worried it may cost them customers. Just like Nike and Anheuser-Busch. Greed, not because of their high morals. like maybe using slave labor to make that pair of shoes or that jersey, Like selling beer to anyone until they’re so drunk they kill someone in their car. According to Google 3 million reported cases of child abuse every year, as many as 5 million more unreported. So if a guy who works a AT&T drinks too many beers while watching a little league game, slaps his kid for telling him to stop drinking, Do we blame AT&T and stop using out iphones? Wake up folks let the courts do their job, the Vikings do their job, and in 3 weeks it will be Adrian who ?

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