Report: Vikings won’t cut Adrian Peterson, might trade him


The Vikings have initially taken an “all options on the table” approach to the future of running back Adrian Peterson, but one report says the scope is narrower than that.

According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, the “only certainty is Peterson won’t be released” as a result of his indictment on felony child abuse charges in Texas.

That leaves continued deactivation as an option (at least for three weeks, since it’s a de facto suspension), and the possibility exists for a trade as well.

A trade would be difficult to pull off because of finances and public image, but it doesn’t seem out of the question. Owner Zygi Wilf scheduled a conference call Sunday night with General Manager Rick Spielman and coach Mike Zimmer to discuss their next move.

112 responses to “Report: Vikings won’t cut Adrian Peterson, might trade him

  1. I don’t see many teams wanting to trade for a $10m/year running back…so if they’re looking to get away from that, they will likely have to cut him in the end.

  2. They missed their trade value window on this guy. They could have probably gotten 2 1st rounders from some idiot like Jerrah. Now, I’m guessing they’ll get 1 2nd rounder from the Raiders.

  3. Keep him on the team, the distraction and media circus will contribute toward their 2-14 season and provide a ready excuse for their fan base to explain why they didn’t win a Superbowl, like they really ever had a chance.

  4. This column makes no sense. Peterson is untradable. He makes 15 million and just got inducted for child abuse. There isn’t a team in the league dumb enough to trade for AP given the circumstances.

  5. So the timeline is that Peterson takes a “switch” to his four year old kid in May; and then the story breaks about him contacting Jerry Jones in June?

    It would be interesting to match the exact timelines as “coincidences,” usually aren’t.

  6. I don’t think a deactivation is a de facto suspension. You still get paid while deactivated. You don’t get paid while suspended.

  7. As a Viking fan it was killer to hear Adrian did this. I am a father of 3, of which all 3 wore #28 jerseys to school the Friday before week one. My heart goes out to that little boy. Call it discipline or child abuse it doesn’t matter to me. The only thing that matters are the wounds put on that boys body and the fear that must have been running through him. I am 6 ft and athletic. I would run if I saw AP walk up to me with a switch. Couldn’t imagine if he was 4 times taller than me. On the field the Vikes got their butts handed to them on because of Cassel and 4 picks not due to lack of a running game. To pay a RB nearly $20 mil a season is a horrible investment. Spend it on D and develop Bridgewater. QB is the only spot on the field worth anything close to those numbers. Trade him to Dallas. Maybe Irvin and Dez will let him wear 88. He would fit in perfectly and be at home in TX where he learned this is acceptable behavior.

  8. If the Vikings are taking cutting him off the table… they don’t understand how serious this situation is…..

    this is something that could come up and bite them big time and they are seriously underestimating potential public reaction to how they look sitting on their hands on this thing to basically ‘get the best deal’

    AP outright admitted it already and the longer the Vikings wait to act, the cheaper, more opportunistic, and more tolerant to abuse they look

  9. Vikings dont care about his “crime” they just dont want to keep paying BY FAR their best player which happens to be a RB. Hey Vikings you have 60 thousand people in the stands and 59,999 of them have on a #28 jersey.

  10. So the lesson here is just lie, lie, lie. AP admitted responsibility and has told the truth and he gets suspended and possibly traded. If he just came out and denied everything and had his lawyer issue a statement telling people to wait for the trial and saying all the facts aren’t out and his baby mama is setting him up, then he’d still be playing. Great job NFL.

  11. so Jerry is gonna to trade the world again to get the running back, he covets so much…. maybe AP will retire a cowboy after all.

  12. “Coach, it’s Jerruh on line one. He said AP didn’t kill anyone so he’d be an upgrade on their team”……

  13. Get off the PC train!His job is to play football not run a daycare! So everyone that makes a mistake or commits a crime should be fired from there job when there job has nothing to do with the fault at hand. Quit trying to make these guys be role models for your kids and be one yourself for them .

  14. Look for the Vikings to press Peterson to renegotiate his contract, which is very expensive for a running back even one of his caliber. Whether they trade him or not will likely depend on the mood of the fans in MN, but a more reasonable contract makes both either option more palatable. I think the fans will forgive Peterson, because Adrian will admit his mistakes, show humility, and seek help for himself, all rare among stars.

  15. “All options are on the table.”

    That is a perfect sound bite that simultaneously makes it appear that the Vikings are taking the incident seriously without backing themselves into a corner.

    That is an example of good PR.

    Goodell and the NFL might want to take note.

  16. This is what they have been wanting to due for a long time now… Just didn’t know how they were going to do it… But when you pray and pray your wish just might get answered… However your prayers just might get answered and you have to lived with it… The only winners here will be Dallas cause that’s where he’s going… Indeed…

  17. The Cowboys will give you their next 3 first round picks. Ok 2. Fine, you drive a hard bargain. 4. The Cowboys will give you their next 4 first round picks.

    That’s basically the plot line of the movie Draft Day.

  18. Some team could likely get him for a late-round draft pick and hold on for the ride. If the charges were to be dropped or reduced, obviously they would have a steal from a football perspective…

  19. The Peterson suspension is over reaction to the Rice/Hardy/McDonald stuff. Peterson was disciplining his son. If anything it should be the guys like Cromartie that can’t even name his own kids who should be suspended for being awful parents.

  20. so Jerry is gonna to trade the world again to get the running back, he covets so much…. maybe AP will retire a cowboy after all.

  21. They backed themselves into a corner when they deactivated him. From a business standpoint, they should have taken the “we’ll let the law decide” approach. Then he is playing, hopefully well and is tradeable. Now they can’t play him, can’t trade him for much and lose a fortune if they release him. From a purely business standpoint, they are bungling this.

  22. I don’t want that guy in Dallas. I would say the same thing about Emmit if it was 1993 and he beat a four year old like that.

  23. It is not like the Vikings are a playoff calber team! If Ziggy has any guts he would cut him after Roger suspends him as this child abuse story is not going away soon.

  24. Hmmmm let’s see….. knock out uppercut to your drunk wife in a casino elevator orrrrrrr…. beating you 4 year old son with a switch (including a groin shot). I can’t decide who’s the bigger monster. But given the innocence of a 4 year old, I gotta say A.P.

  25. You know this mob mentality running society right now, so much of which is politically driven is a joke! Did he make a major mistake yes, but he never denied anything and realized right away he went to far. So he needs to face the music for this which I expect will be a plea for probation and counseling, and maybe a period of monitoring. If this is left in the rear view mirror then lets move on with our lives as there is no reason to destroy someone life and all the good they have done over one error in judgement and NO history of this behavior.

    Ray Rice was also way out of line but justice system gave him a chance to learn from his mistakes and not make them again, but the public has decided to destroy his life. How would you like someone to come into your life and a shine a spotlight on every thing you have done wrong and demand your employer fire you for your poor judgement. Everyone needs to get a life!

  26. I keep reading things like “He made one mistake” and “The society is out to get him.”

    Have you seen the pictures? Have you read the indictment? He beat his 4 year old son to the point of leaving gashes and lacerations all over his lower body. This isn’t an issue of Peterson spanking his kid and accidentally got him too hard.

    You don’t go from never abusing a child to one day whipping him until he bleeds just like you don’t go from not using drugs to injecting heroin.

  27. For all the people claiming his punishment is bowing to the PC police or an overreaction and he was just disciplining his child…

    Have you read the police report, the text messages, or worse yet seen the WEEK OLD injuries on his child? Multiple lacerations and bruises. This was not a spanking, it was a beating.

    I for one hope Peterson never plays another down.

  28. dude needs serious psychological help as does his son who will suffer from this abuse…..just like Rice….you don’t kick “family” to the curb when they are at the lowest point in their lives and need HELP….yes they need to be punished for breaking the law but not fired from their jobs…..and I’m a Steelers fan!!!

  29. Why are we talking trade with this guy? He was beating a defenseless child with a stick?! AP should be released and banned for life. This is even worse than the ray rice incident and its high time the nfl woke up, took a stand and created a 0 tolerance policy for all abusive behavior. The NFL should also create a program to rehabilitate those participating in abusive behavior to help them work through their issues, so they can live better lives, just out of football, outside the public eye. There has to be consequences.

  30. Hey all you Cowboy haters that think JJ is going to inquire about this deal – there is NO way this happens. We are two weeks into the season and Dallas has the leading rusher in the league. Why would he trade for someone who is obviously going to be suspended for a significant amount of time. Even JJ isn’t that dumb…… Next story.

  31. There is a line between punishing a child and abusing a child. If you spank a child to the point of bleeding; it’s not discipline its abuse. This isn’t about political correctness a child was beaten, not spanked, not punished; beaten. I got spanked with a switch more often then I’d like to remember, but never to the point of bleeding.

    Admitting that he made a mistake doesn’t make it all better. There can be life long physiological damage done to the child if he’s been abused like this over a period of time. Coming from experience this kind of thing rarely only happens once. To be clear this isn’t the state poking its head where it doesn’t belong. When a child is bleeding from your punishment you have crossed the line and were and likely have been unfit to be a parent.

    Lastly, players sign the conduct policy as a condition of employment. Which means if they break a law they are able to be punished with fines, suspensions, and bans. If you want to be an NFL player you must be willing to follow the laws of the country and state. Just because you plead down doesn’t mean that you haven’t embarrassed the NFL and that means a loss of profits; which in our capitalist society is a cardinal sin.

  32. The only people in here saying AP should be banned or cut are Packers fans desperately hoping the Vikings lost the best player in the NFL!

  33. As I explained yesterday there is no need for the Vikings to get out from under Peterson’s contract. He is making like 14 million, hell they paid Jared Allen more then that last year.

    Also they are paying Cassel 5 millon, while the Packers are paying Aaron Rodgers 20 million, Flacco is making 20 million, etc, etc.

    I think the Vikings got excellent value with Peterson at 14-15 million dollars over the next few years.

  34. I know it makes great headlines and probably get alot of clicks but, anybody that knows anything about football knows that the Vikings never should or would consider cutting the best RB the league has ever seen over something that will end up with him getting probation at worse.


  35. Trade him? How exactly?

    What team is stupid enough to trade for that contract and baggage?

    Mr Wilf, Mark Davis on line 1.

  36. Colin Cowherd today had a great anecdote about Peterson and how incredibly hard he shakes people’s hands in a way that he enjoys seeing them react to the pain.

    The guy is mentally not all there to shove leaves in a 4 year olds mouth and then beat him so much he has welts and cuts visible a week later. Lock him up and get him away from kids.

  37. in 2-4 weeks, this will all blow over, and AP will be back.

    Our society is an over-reactive lynch mob. In a few weeks, this won’t even be that big of a deal, and we will wait for the results of the trial in the off-season.

    Solution: NFL suspends AP 3-4 games, and allows him to come back when this all blows over.

    At the end of the day, I have my doubts he will ever do this again.

  38. Mark my words, Peterson will stay in Minneapolis. He will be traded however. To the Minnesota Twins. It makes sense. The Twins are always looking for a good switch hitter.

  39. Jerry would gladly take on the drama.

    AP wants to play in Dallas, Jerry wants AP.

    Jerry would send Demarco Murray to Minnesota for AP

    *sigh* dumb Jerry is dumb.

  40. The Vikings must rid themselves of All Day after his despicable acts.

    However, considering they have assembled a roster loaded with more talent than any team in NFL history, they need not worry about how this will affect them on the field.

    The Vikings would blow an AFC all-star team out of the water and the game would be over half way through one quarter. With an All Day-free Vikings roster, the game merely stays competitive for a few extra minutes before the Vikings dynasty runs rough shod over the pathetic AFC.

  41. If they refuse to release him, they will have to continue to pay him for nothing. Smart move Vikings. I can’t imagine any team would even consider picking up his huge contract and off field problems.

  42. Does this mean we will be trading zygi? Dude stole millions and I don’t recall him being deactivated for any games or talk of forcing him to sell. Hypocrite!!! Let theman play and the court do their job.

  43. Will his fantasy owners also get compensation for this trade? So many teams are so tucked right now.

  44. People talk like they’re perfect. We all have some sort of secrets. We’re all just bunch of sinners and evil, so don’t judge bc God will not forgive those who do.

  45. At this point if I am the vikings I trade him and the problem away asap for whatever you can get. Call jerry jones and the cowboys. Heck they like and support good old ass whippings down there.

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