Reports: Adrian Peterson investigated for another abuse case


If, as it appears, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson didn’t see anything wrong with spanking one of his children with a switch until the boy’s flesh ripped open and bled, logic suggests that it wasn’t a one-time occurrence.

According to multiple reports, it may not have been.

KHOU 11 in Houston and FOX 9 in Minneapolis report that Peterson has been investigated for a second abuse case involving another one of his sons.

The Vikings reinstated Peterson on Monday after a one-game deactivation arising from Friday’s indictment on charges of reckless of negligent injury to a child in Texas.  Stay tuned for more details regarding the second case.

Peterson is presumed innocent in a court of law.  The Vikings and the NFL will be presumed inept and immoral in the court of public opinion if either or both continue to hide behind Constitutional protections that relate only to the deprivation of a person’s liberty and not to the privilege to play football in exchange for millions of dollars and worldwide fame.

UPDATE 8:05 p.m. ET:  The full report from KHOU 11 indicates that the boy’s mother made a report of the injury to Child Protective Services, but that no charges were filed against Peterson.

UPDATE 9:50 p.m. ET:  Peterson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, says that the allegation against Peterson is “simply not true.”

103 responses to “Reports: Adrian Peterson investigated for another abuse case

  1. What a complete scumbag POS. I wasn’t aware of how low of a man this guy was. Vikings fans should be embarrassed.

  2. It’s a good thing that Zygi & Speilman”s Vikings (sounds like a morning zoo) were prudent and aren’t re-instating Peterson…OH WAIT!

  3. Um, IF spankings were still an effective method of child rearing, I’m pretty sure they WOULD NOT be condoned on a 4 year old. I have a 5 year old at home and yes, sometimes he’s a little stinker. But I would never, ever, in my wildest dreams imagine whipping him with a stick or even spanking his bottom with my hand. I was spanked as a child, but not until I was about 8 or 10 and could better understand the error of my ways. A 4 year old is only going to be permanently scarred by such a whipping, both mentally and physically.

    AP is mentally deranged and should be punished adequately for his actions, including the loss of his privilege of being a role model held up by the NFL. Strip him of this right, for he does not deserve to be the spokesperson or poster boy for anything but “crappiest dad” of the year!

  4. Only fools could honestly believe that this was an isolated incident. He has a history of beating his kids and they told investigators AP has a Whooping Room for their beatings. What a scumbag.

  5. Please let me be the one to whoop his nads with a branch and a mouthful of leaves. He has an iq of 50 and is a stupid man that’s only thing in life is good for is running a football. Pure trash. Sick man.

  6. God bless those kids.if this is true Peterson needs help instead of you ppl and media bashing him like y’all never made any mistakes in your life

  7. No video = no suspension. We are Youtube Nation now. Anything that isn’t on video doesn’t exist or is not important. So Ray Rice is banned for life for one punch after being spit on and AP plays after beating a 4 yo child with a stick, drawing blood, including on his genitals.

  8. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Battering a child is horrendous, but also stuffing leaves in a child’s mouth speaks of something very dark in that person’s soul. That wasn’t the first time he’s abused a child.

  9. Maybe NFL contracts should have provisions that take up to all of the money away (except not beyond a minimum-wage guarantee) for especially ugly circumstances. Keep the previous paid money only if you deserve to keep it.

  10. Now it’s going to get ugly. I have ZERO doubt that he’s guilty of the case pending in Texas. The pictures speak for themselves.

    But now, the “baby mamas” are going to start smelling money and come crawling out of the woodwork… and Jeebus only knows how many of them are out there.

  11. You guys are unbelievable. The nfl is a sport where very large men run at each other as fast as they can and try to kill one another. It’s a sport where someone can sign a contract one day and be cut a week later. It’s a sport where very rich men threaten entire cities to give them money or else they’ll move the team somewhere else. It’s a sport where fans have to buy license to a seat just so they can buy tickets. After all this you still think the nfl cares about morality?

  12. Black people struggled to get out of slavery where they got whipped to the point of bleeding by the slave owners. So what do they do when not being enslaved anymore? Whip their own kids in that way. Way to progress from those days!

    Just think of all those kids who wished AP was their dad. Sounds like a great guy to go and beat/punish 4 year olds that harshly.

    Nobody should really be surprised by any of this given the guy seems like a piece of trash with how he knocks up every woman he comes across and the story last year of the kid he didn’t even care about who got abused and died by that other black guy.

  13. This should surprise no one. Dude has a ton of kids, he’s probably beaten all of them.

    Parent of the year!

  14. If it’s smells like a rat it is and I’m not all about polically correct crap, believe in discipline, maybe a spank with open hand, but a switch – WTF!!!

  15. This makes the death of his other child fishy. I would think that could also have been negligence on his part. Either way, once is a mistake. Twice or more is a pattern. He needs to be cut and then suspended pending the investigation.

  16. I think I see a pattern developing. It’s still not to late Ziggy to cut ties with him and this mess. Dont let your cash flow get in the way of doing the right thing Ziggy!

  17. How convenient these women are coming out from the wood work. Little fame, little hush money? Peterson F’d and some could consider him a pos. I consider every woman who he knocked up a pos too. Only one reason those kids were born. Can you guess it?

  18. Lawyerspeak. Disgusting what lawyers do to the system that empowers them.

    How — exactly, Florio — is the idea of “innocent until proven guilty” confined only to the freedom to choose one’s physical location.

  19. Adrian Peterson: “Mr. Jones, I want to be a Dallas Cowboy.”
    Jerry Jones: “Well then, the Vikings must release you.”
    Adrian Peterson: “Leave it to me, I know just what to do..”

  20. Wait, Adrian is getting re-instated? That’s not ethical! Let’s dig up some more stories from the sketchiest sources and minimal credibility, and not let this immoral person back on the football field ever again!!

  21. dtr3e:

    How many kids…

    He is reported to have 7 kids by multiple women.

    Cromartie has 12 by 8 women

  22. Peterson has as many as 7 kids.

    He has a “whooping room”.

    Anyone who believes that these (plural) are isolated incidents are out of their minds.

  23. But the corporal punishment he endured as a child has made him into the fine upstanding human being he has become!

  24. So many people are quick to condemn before knowing all the facts, makes me sicker than actually hearing of what he did. We live in a world of judging before facts and pointing out the negatives rather than the positives. Look into the mirror and judge before talking about how bad you hate someone. You same people who are asking for his head on a platter are the same people who are cheering him on every Sunday. He has obviously made a mistake, owned up to it, payed consequences for it but that still isn’t enough. People love to watch other people fail and not succeed.

  25. pillowporkers says:
    Sep 15, 2014 7:52 PM

    Here comes the Calvary! Money grab rat race! We want blood, and money!

    What do you base your ridiculous post on? Being that evidence is already out there that he abused a child already you really think this is out of the realm of possibility? its amazing people like yourself value football over an innocent child or are just an abuser yourself.

  26. The NFL and the Vikings are not the government. They are not bound by “innocent until proven guilty.” They are bound by their contract with the players. Even then they don’t have to keep him around, just possibly pay them. They are viilains if they do not see enough evidence here to remove him.

  27. What’s your point? It doesn’t matter how many of his kids he has “disciplined”. He’s really good at football, so he will be allowed to play no matter what. A better topic for discussion might be does he know how many kids he actually has and, of those, how many haven’t received a ‘whoopin’?

  28. No one on this site knows Adrian Peterson. So please don’t pretend you all do. This includes you Florio. This is a personal matter.
    NFL player Ray Rice knocked out a woman in an elevator! Therefore he should lose his job? Are we saying your employer owns you? Business owner does not mean employee owner. Are we saying your employer has the final say on your relationship, beliefs and social actions? Or are we saying this entire faux outburst is a power and influence grab by other interest?

    If we try to accept the concept that Ray Rice should lose his job because of non job related activities, we must also except that concept in other areas of our own lives. We have NBA owners losing his team for a off court private statement. Another owner gave up his team because of an email discussing marketing facts and strategies.

    Should you lose your job if you curse during you child’s little league game. If you do not go to the right church should your boss be notified? What if you own a gun while working for an anti gun company?

    Why don’t we have these same customs with the press, politics and Hollywood? Bill Clinton is the darling of his party after staining his girlfriends blue dress, Jesse Jackson got his girlfriend pregnant but is still a recognized black leader. And don’t mention Hollywood and the music industry where beating your wife is an resume enhancement. We have public figures drunk, fighting, cheating, abusing drugs and still keeping their job. How many times was Marion Barry re-elected after his video super deep hit on that crack pipe?

    This is not about abuse, it is not about the “culture of the NFL” this is about grabbing power and influence by other groups. If Snoop Dog can use drugs and make porn, if Kardashian, Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton can release their private videos, if Dick Morris can lick toes, then I should be free to watch anyone qualified to play the game, play the game.

    Are you ready for some football?

  29. It shouldn’t matter, because according to the mouth breathers, “I got whipped when I was a kid, and I turned out all right!”

  30. pillowporkers says:
    Sep 15, 2014 7:52 PM
    Here comes the Calvary! Money grab rat race! We want blood, and money!


    Here comes the CALVARY??? Man, could you be any dumber?

  31. He’s got 2 dozen kids floating out across the country. You can bet there w’ll be even more abuse charges filed. Let’s see how long that idiot owner and the NFL let’s this drag out before they Ray Rice him out the door.

  32. So, bad press is how Jerry Jones plans to get AP in a Cowboys uniform? Yea, that sounds bout right….

  33. Did anyone see that Viking presser today on the NFL network. Speiladope was getting pummeled and nobody was buying any of it. You would think in wake of the Ravens fiasco they would have done the right thing but when you are a loser its hard to shake it.

  34. Nobody has a right to work anywhere. Employees can & do fire people whose character & actions reflect negatively on their company. Given all of this mess, + APs age & injury history the Vikes would be wise to cut him loose. He needs help & they are enabling him by giving him hope that he can keep working & cashing in.

  35. Ride him this one last year to the playoffs and cut him as soon as the Super Bowl is handed out. Draft another RB, like we’ve already been doing and move on. Not sure what’s so hard to see here? Pay him to sit home?? Lololol, not a chance. Ride him hard one last time, then severe the ties.

  36. How many kids, with how many different baby mamas, in how many different states, does AP have?? Can’t these knuckleheads carry a pack of raincoats when they’re out chasing tail and not wind up with absentee-father kids being brought up by single mothers all over creation? Nobody is talking about that part of the issue.

  37. Rice should lose his job, and so should Peterson. Your employer doesn’t own you, but you serve at their pleasure and they absolutely have the right to dismiss you if your actions outside of work reflect negatively on the company. Nor are they obligated to explain to you why you are being dismissed. This is, um, the way the world works.

  38. A society has to have higher moral standards than its criminal justice system!! Think about that.

    Peterson has been arrested multiple times.
    He is a drinker, fornicator, reckless driver and abandons bastard children all over the country.

    Why would you cheer on a dishonorable cad?

    The NFL has to have a moral standard for admission and continued membership.
    Right now that standard is far too low.

    There is nothing wrong about suspending players until the legal process plays itself out.

    Nobody has the right to be in the NFL. It is a privilege that has to be earned and maintained.

    Peterson should be suspended at least until his sentence is served.

  39. It amazes me how one random person says something and the public all automatically assume it to be truth.
    FIRST of all: If this really didn’t happen as well, and the mother cares about her child, why the HELL is this just now being reported???
    SECOND: What happened to the basic principles of America’s judicial system and claim to fame: “Innocent until proven guilty.”
    Someone sees an opportunity to accuse a celebrity of something (gosh cuzz that never happens) and everyone just assumes its true!!!!

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