Vikings knew of other abuse accusation, reinstated Peterson anyway


The Minnesota Vikings were aware when they reinstated Adrian Peterson today that Peterson has been accused of abusing more than one of his children.

Hours after news broke this evening that Peterson has been accused of abusing another one of his sons — in a separate incident from the accusation that led to his indictment last week — the Vikings released a statement admitting that they knew of that accusation and decided to bring Peterson back to the team today anyway.

“As part of the information we have gathered throughout this process, we were made aware of an allegation from 2013 in which authorities took no action against Adrian. We will defer any further questions to Adrian’s attorney Rusty Hardin,” the Vikings’ statement said.

Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman said nothing about the prior Peterson abuse accusation when he said today that the team would let the legal process play out. The Vikings deactivated Peterson for Sunday’s game after he was indicted on a charge of injuring another one of his sons, but they said today that they will let him play the rest of the season.

The Vikings have already lost a sponsor in this mess, which may put pressure on other sponsors to act as well. If more sponsors pull out, that might be what it takes for the Vikings to take action. Apparently two separate abuse accusations aren’t enough to make the Vikings take action.

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  1. Wilf was convicted of defrauding his investors. We’re not dealing with high moral fiber here amongst the principles. Maybe Goodell will use this came to come down on Peterson to show he’s learned his lesson and we can be rid of him.

  2. Talk about kicking a guy when he is down!! The media coverage of this whole story is a joke!! Maybe they should look into him stealing lunches back in elementary school? This isn’t a sad state of the NFL, this is a sad state of the media in the country, pathetic!! Let the facts come out, the facts!!

  3. Everyone that comments on here just wants to see Peterson be released in hopes that their favorite team picks him up… Face it. That’s what it is.

  4. They’ll play him to get as many wins as possible then take a “moral stand” against his actions when he’s used up. He’s 29. Everyone knows Running backs fall off a cliff after 30. Enjoy it while it lasts AP, you’ll be joining Ray Rice before you know it

  5. They’ve kept Jerome Simpson after his numerous arrests, is this a surprise?

    Heck, their crook owner Zygi Wilf defrauded people and fleeced taxpayers to subsidize his stadium. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree after all in Minnesota.

  6. Uh, how is everyone missing that Peterson has, repeatedly, told everyone involved that he’s always disciplined his children this way? Thus, we can assume, every one of his children have likely been punished in a similar fashion.

    Kudos to the Vikings for not falling victim to the media.

  7. Everyone is “defering” to everyone else in these situations. Court seems to be deferring to the league, league deferring to the teams, and teams deferring to the courts.

    NFL stars get “deferential treatment”.

  8. I don’t know how I can continue to root for this team. I’ve been a Vikings fan since I was a child. My father and grandfather were Vikings fans, my kids are Vikings fans. This story just makes me sick.

    I’m not a front runner so it wouldn’t feel right to choose any team other than another perennial loser. Browns, maybe? Buffalo? Help!

  9. Calm down people. What is being reported is not “Alleged Child Abuse” a year ago. The boy’s mother reported an injury to Child Protection Services. The injury was suspicious. It sounds like they did some checking, and found nothing criminal had happened. The investigation provided a witness that said Peterson “did nothing wrong” at the time the injury happened. That was a year ago. As a teacher, if I see a suspicious injury on a child, I am legally obligated to report it. I’ve had to do that on a few occasions, and thankfully all of the investigations provided a logical explanation to how the injuries occurred. Where there is smoke, there is fire doesn’t cut it legally.

  10. If he had taken that switch and hit any adult and left the same marks it would be assault but a 4 year old it’s discipline.

  11. It is easy to sit in your ivory towers and cast judgment down upon others. I would love to have a camera follow you around for a while and see how clean and sinless you look. Peterson messed up, and he admitted to that fact. I am sure he learned a valuable lesson, and he deserves a second chance. Child abuse can have many forms. What about slapping your kid in the face, pinching or pulling their hair. What about screaming in your child’s face, or calling him names like “stupid” or “loser”. Many parents have made stupid moves when raising their kids. The best we can do is learn from our mistakes and move on. Judge not, lest you be judged.

  12. We shouldn’t be looking at pro-athletes for role model and say this guy or that guy should be ban or out of the league. That’s their own personal issues, leave people alone. It’s society that leads example and America is not doing that but to only judge others. There is not a single person on earth that’s good or innocent to God. We’re all the same and so for those who judge, judge yourself. No one is perfect but at least we try to rectify our issues.

  13. Since Minnesota is a small market… we will probably see ownership forced to sell to a Canadian or English ownership group, draft picks taken away, and more/continued lies from roger goodell.

  14. Innocent until proven guilty? Let the system work itself out. I feel for the child but what about the thousands and thousands whose dad isn’t famous but were abused even worse. Focus on the problem not just the player. It was never the No Felon League, too much talent would be lost. Fine these players when they are wrong and use the money for outreach programs and education. Don’t destroy the player use their gifts to shed light on their errors and educate them. This way we all win!

  15. This current Viking team under the current regime… not a team you should feel proud of.

    I know you want to, but you shouldn’t.

  16. This is turning in to a witch hunt. Law enforcement has said that no abuse took place with this incident a year ago. AD messed up big time with the use of the “switch” and will have to pay for it, but the TMZ reporting and people loving it when others fail is disgusting too.

  17. I love football, but this league is in a mess. We don’t need a Nazi commissioner to fix things either

  18. We shouldn’t be looking at pro-athletes for role model and say this guy or that guy should be ban or out of the league. That’s their own personal issues, leave people alone. It’s society that leads example and America is not doing that but to only judge others. There is not a single person on earth that’s good or innocent to God. We’re all the same and so for those who judge, judge yourself. No one is perfect but at least we try to rectify our issues. Any team should do what they think it’s good for the franchise. In this case, Wilfs think AP would help Vikings win games regardless of his personal issues were. I have no problem with this decision bc I don’t look for any body to be my role model.

  19. “Apparently two separate abuse accusations aren’t enough to make the Vikings take action.”

    Thats exactly what they are, accusations, not actual charges. Anyone can accuse anyone of things but unless there is enough proof to even make a case of it, which there wasn’t, then it’s a non issue.

  20. Knowing how my own children scream over a scraped knee, I simply can’t imagine what it must be like for that little boy with all of the cuts from that “switch.” Rather than associating those painful injuries with the fact that he did “wrong,” a concept he’s unlikely to understand at age four anyway, he’s much more likely to become terrified of the man who did this to him. And then grow up with the example of such behavior somehow defining manhood. It’s a shame Peterson and his apologists don’t realize that the excuse that this was done to them as children confirms the wrongness rather than the rightness of their actions.

  21. There was no alleged abuse on this new “story”. No charges, nothing. He was disciplining his child when the child made a motion and hit his head. It happens, people. Relax.

    What’s with the witch hunt? You’re better than that.

  22. The whole lot of you who call for the removal of Goodell, or Peterson, or Rice, are nothing more than a mob, similar to that which administered justice outside of the law back in the late 1800’s. You have no respect for laws, the process, its findings or justice. Your idea is to hang em’ now before anyone actually goes to trial. To you, any transgression by any player, if contrary to your own set of morals and ethics, is grounds for circumventing the legal system and forcing the league to take action.
    And to think, we used to watch the game for the sake of getting away from this sort of thing.

  23. I’m all for second chances, even for dog abusers, wife batterers, and child abusers. But before that second chance comes, there has to be consequences. There is NO WAY that AP should be allowed to play another down of football for some significant period of time. He whipped his own child with a tree branch to such an extent that the child’s skin broke open and bled, in numerous spots! For God’s sake, what are the Vikings and the NFL thinking???

  24. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong using spankings as a means of discipling your kids, but after seeing pictures of the child’s injuries, AP crossed the line and more than deserves to be punished.

  25. 5:05 PM PT — Sources close to the investigation tell TMZ the reason the case went nowhere is because Adrian did NOT strike the boy in the forehead — but instead the child accidentally hit his head on a carseat while Adrian was punishing him.

  26. Why would they…that’s all it was…an accusation….If I accuse you of murder, and police do nothing because they do not see merit to investigate the allegation…should you be punished? The texts in this case don’t prove anything as far as abuse. I wonder if it’s the same baby momma…he’s got so many

  27. Does AP get past this? Will he make HOF?
    Thumbs up yes.
    Thumbs down no.

    Not a question of whether he should or shouldn’t. Just asking your predictions whether you agree or not

  28. If he had taken that switch and hit any adult and left the same marks it would be assault but a 4 year old it’s discipline.

    If he had done it to a dog PETA among others would protest their games and he’d go to prison! We have messed priorities in this country sometimes.

  29. Good grief! I was thinking how foolish the Vikes were for benching him, then reinstating him. Wishy-washy is never a good stance. But to reinstate him when they knew another allegation was waiting to surface? That’s just stupid.

    I believe in due process and realize what a valuable commodity Peterson is to his team. But the league and these teams must see this situation is snowballing. If they won’t do the right thing for the right reasons–and given the photos of this child’s injuries, benching Peterson is the right thing–then they need to think of the PR factor. For now, bench any player involved in a domestic violence incident until he’s cleared by the court. It may not be the ideal way to handle each case, but it may be the only thing that gets the league out of the headlines.

  30. My question is, where is Goodell in all this ? I have not seen or heard a peep out of him in a long while. The NFL hired some domestic violence experts or something to that effect today. Seems like the typical after-the-fact type of thing lawyers always rely upon to deflect criticism from the real culprits.

  31. Other than those poor kids, the one I feel most sorry for in all this is Mike Zimmer. Waits his whole life to be a HC and then gets handed thus crap sandwich to eat.

  32. I wonder how many Ray Rice posts I’d be reading right now if not for this Peterson scandal?

    It’s a bit silly how the same media feeding frenzy that destroyed Rice was distracted by another shiny object while the fallout was still dropping.

  33. And here I thought no team could handle a scandal worse than the Ravens, especially one with such experience. Idiots. AP should not be playing football any time soon.

  34. By the way, all the fans and supporters who prayed for you and showed you love during that tragic event last year… You slapped them all in the face by not reaching out and helping abused children, but by making them victims, it doesn’t get any lower than this..

  35. Season ticket holder here…so much for buying those seat licenses. I can spend the roughly $30 k some other way. Now that I am pissed, that seems like such a stupid thing anyway…

  36. Any Viking fan or professional athlete who supports Peterson in this is misguided beyond belief. He beat a 4 year old child! And now another allegation comes forward that if proven, shows he has a pattern of abuse towards children. Would you trust your children with this man? I highly doubt it. The excuse of ‘that is the way he was raised’ doesn’t wash this away, child abuse existed when he was a boy. The social mores of the country have become stronger since then, but in his time as a child it was still abuse.
    How can anyone cheer for him? Yes he is a phenomenal athlete but that pales in comparison to Adrian Peterson the man and more importantly Adrian Peterson, the father.

  37. Now that the Vikings are losing $$ because of Peterson, perhaps they will finally do the right thing and dump him!

    I still say the Vikings are waiting for the NFL to act first so that another team cannot sign him. I guarantee a team like the Packers would immediately salivate and part ways with Lacy quickly if Peterson was available! Other teams as well.

  38. Trying to figure out what exactly happened from Friday to Monday that caused the Vikings to go from “this is morally repugnant and he deserves to be suspended this Sunday” to “We don’t agree with child abuse, but we’re gonna let the courts decide what’s wrong”.

    Fine organization, those Vikes. Way to stand behind your convictions 😉

  39. He’ll stick by his culture and upbringing excuse. Child abuse is not cultural, ridiculous to make that argument. And just because your parents beat you with a weapon, doesn’t make it ok for you to beat your kid with a weapon. Is he incapable of determining right from wrong? The fact that he doesn’t think he did anything wrong is amazing. He didn’t apologize until the media made an issue of it.

  40. A poll in the Minneapolis newspaper asked if AP should have been activated. 2/3 said no. An ESPN poll asked the same question nationwide. 2/3 said yes.

    It is not the Vikings fans who are OK with this. Keep in mind that the owner of the Minnesota Vikings is a guy from New Jersey.

  41. Always been a Vikings fan. Gotta do the right thing Rick. Sit 28 until the official ruling comes out and then probably cut ties.

    Sad part is America has a short memory (ie. Vick) and AP will come back somewhere else and burn MN for 150 yards.

  42. Peterson was cleared of the other charges over a year ago. This is now officially a witchhunt.

    I’m sure the mother of the other child who didn’t get paid a year ago got paid by jackals looking for a story.

  43. So if the Vikings don’t risk losing money AP is on the team but if they risk losing money he could be cut? Hopefully this is not the case and moral and ethical judgement plays the deciding factor.

    BTW, does anybody know how many kids this guy has?

  44. The key word here is “Accusations”. Look it up. No, I am not defending anyone but it seems that to withhold judgement these days until an informed decision can be made is considered unjust and weak. I always thought that “news” was the telling of an event not speculation and hearsay.

  45. I walked in the woods the other day, brushed against some trees, and when I got home my arms were all scratched up and marked for a couple of days. It doesn’t take a lot of force for trees to leave marks on you. Just saying. Devil’s advocate and all that.

  46. Why don’t we pay these undisciplined athletes a few more million dollars ?
    No respect anywhere for anyone. Bout done with professional sports.

  47. The age of reason is 7 YEARS OLD! A 4 year old is only going to have scars and a dad he will hate forever and not trust. Was Adrian 4 years old when he got “whooped”? ……..I hope the Vikings get “whooped” on this one. I thought they had it figured out. Not.

  48. How tough or “manly” are you to beat a 4 yr old kid until you break the skin and leave whelts?

    And if the beatings included the scrotum, what kind of problems is AP dealing with?

    I support a parent trying to discipline his/her kid but, this is just plain sadism.

    While this does NOT reflect on the citizens of Minnesota, nor the Vikings’ fans, it speaks “volumes” about the owner.

  49. This is just contrived nonsense that people who have been to legal representation of 2 states are continuing to attempt to capitalize on AP’s current situation. It is indeed all about money, but not the money you are thinking about.

  50. “Apparently two separate abuse accusations aren’t enough to make the Vikings take action”

    NO…that’s the point. Its not enough. You said accusations. Is that what you meant? Because that’s exactly what they are. I don’t remember hearing this when Big Ben was accused. His “accusations” were a lot worse. What’s with wanting the team to be under so much fire? They automatically did what most teams didn’t want to do. Suspended him. He took care of his business in Houston then came back to work…….???

  51. In the other case, there was no legal action because, after an investigation, it was determined that AP’s son accidentally hit his head on a carseat.

  52. Now that another child has come forward with scars from a AP beating, does anyone else wonder out loud if his other 5 mistakenly conceived children have their own Daddy tortured scars? I would like Child services to interview his other 5 victims…. I mean offspring.

  53. The Vikings job is to make money and win games not be the real police or the moral police. Adrian Peterson gives them the best chance to win, if you don’t like it then boycott the Vikings and or nfl.

  54. this team and group as an organization, including Wilf and Spielman are totally full of it, the league is corrupt and this is the lastest example, and sadly they defend this type of behavior because Adrian is getting exposed as a person and human being with his practices and procedures and negligence as a parent and the Vikings turn their heads and allow this man to play despite the fact that he is a careless and negligent parent, this is the latest in a disgusting, disturbing line of events going on in this league, I cannot the support the Vikings with this one at all, let alone the league that allows this madness to go on, I dont know how much longer I can support this league because of the absolute corruption and covering up going on right now, it is really sad that despite the fact that this is going on, we just want to get back to football, when the people playing the game should not be playing, disgusting, based on whats going on in their personal life

  55. When in the court of public opinion it would be so much smarter to simply “get out in front” of these continuing revelations. The Vikings should be the first one to say these things and Peterson should be absolutely and publicly contrite and seek all of the help available to an abuser who wants to change. Hiding this stuff, or just hoping it doesn’t come out and when it does saying as little as possible is just dumb, dumb, dumb.

  56. This is an NFL thing; only 16 games and we need him principle. Lets see, lost a child due to assault of another guy , abuse allegation prior to this one for him, and this. Looking like AD stands for always delusional!

  57. Not that anything about this situation is light but can we at least admit that the media today is hyper sensitive to everything? Tom Brady might fart in his sleep tonight and make headline news in the morning. We have a judicial system for a reason. If you can’t trust it then we may as well do away with it. It is too easy to cast your opinion to the world. We read a story and automatically believe it to be true. Wake up people. This isn’t “make believe” land where everything you read or hear is true. YOU are not perfect! Can we help our fellow person become better…yes. We are in this together. This media hyper sensitive bs is not helping anything but their ratings.

  58. Newsflash, there’s not a 12 person jury white, black or hispanic in Texas that is going to convict Peterson of INTENT to injure while trying to discipline his child because 70 to 80% of them were disciplined and or have disciplined their child by whipping and or spanking, fact. Intent to injure will not and can not be proven. Get over it!

    If this was Minnesota I wouldn’t be so certain but in Texas he will never be convicted.

  59. let the legal process play out for gods sake!!!! you with this and Florio with the Redskins name thing is REALLY turning me off.coming to this site. And the lynch mob mentality of people is scary and disgusting. Pretty sure none of you would want people rushing to convict you without a trial yet you’re so quick to do it to anyone else because they’re an athlete? Jealousy is a he’ll of a drug I see. And I don’t give a rats behind about the Vikings or Peterson, but I do care about peoples rights even if theyre an athlete and a complete stranger.

  60. Goodell you have to suspend Peterson indefinitely it’s only fair. We didn’t need a video for Ray Rice and we don’t need one for Peterson. (Although both should have been 6 games after the EXACT domestic abuse penalty created by Goodell HIMSELF.

  61. “We will defer any further questions to Adrian’s attorney Rusty Hardin,”
    No class and too cowardly to face America about it.

  62. Now the league will hire another group to investigate the investigation & report directly to the public after reporting to the league, it’s very logical.

  63. In what universe does anyone think it is ok to beat a 4 yr old child with a tree branch? Ignorant animal…

  64. Guess Toys R’ Us was smart for NOT buying that sponsorship patch on the Vikings practice jersey.

    Adrian Peterson is AD no more…unless you’re talking child beating.
    Start calling him AP for Angry Parent.

  65. Zygmunt Wilf, along with his brother, Mark, and their cousin, Leonard, committed fraud, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty and also violated the state’s civil racketeering statute, or RICO.

  66. I was talking to an old friend who grew up not far from Palestine Texas and is also African American. He said it was part of the African American culture and it ultimately cut down on spanking children because it only needed to happen once. While I’ll argue until I die that it’s wrong, how do you tell a man to discipline his child differently then the culture he was raised in? It’s an honest question I’ve had to ask myself since talking to him.

  67. Milking the Peterson cow for all they can is better than an empty stadium by game s 5 or 6 to the Wilfs.

  68. ap is wrong for what he did..but would lose your job over it as an you would not because its persons private life..people hate on other people that are in the lime light because the media tells them to..who hasnt gotten spanked slapped etc..stop the bs

  69. Vikings have a culture of responsibility. They would cut AP if it was the right thing to do. You have to let the legal process play out.

  70. Vikings seem to be in the same cellar as the RATBIRDS. Two classless organizations, putting money above morals.

  71. What’s sad, when enough sponsors do leave, and the Vikings do change their position, they will release a statement which involves the morality of the issue as the reasoning. Citing that more information was available to them, when in fact it wasn’t because they have all the info.

    It will be about money like always. I would almost prefer the to,just come out and say it. They would look like a-holes. But at least it would be a rare genuine take.

  72. I love how social media has now made it impossible for fair and balanced coverage on current events. The man hasn’t even been to court yet, and everyone has already decided by what they read on TMZ that they know enough about the case to demand he be punished severely.

    What I have seen and read about the case is disturbing without question. I am just not ready to destroy this man’s life without fully understanding the FACTS not the RUMORS. Scary to me how society is so eager to tear someone down.

    Take a look in the mirror people.

  73. In a league of bottom feeders, Vikings owner Zygi Wilf is the lowest of the low. No secret there and it’s been that way for years.

  74. Since when did the NFL become the Po Lice?
    Player gets charged, player gets suspended pending
    outcome. Outcome = guilty, player gets gone.

    Too many ways for the NFL to mess it all up. Let the courts sort em out.

  75. Suddenly the Redskins name doesn’t seem so offensive… Ironically in the place where American Indians wanted a boycott of the name on tickets, merchandise, marketing etc.. Even took it as far to suggest no use of the name in the stadium and on television. I’m sorry, but the name “Vikings” suddenly became the most offensive team name in all of sports. Where are you all now? Your team endorses the abuse of innocent children and you’re worried about the so called “racial bigotry” of Daniel Snyder and the Washington Redskins… smfh… Good luck sorting this one out fools

  76. Anyone who is such a physical specimen as AP or Ray Rice has shown himself to be over the years has no business lifting a hand in anger against any woman or child.

  77. Hard to believe there was a meeting that took place where the majority decision was to activate this, for a lack of a more profane but accurate description, piece of crap.

    Lowest of lows for this organization. Embarrassing for the NFL and WAY more importantly, our society as a whole.

  78. Vikings = Scumbags, and yet they are forcing the public to pay for their new stadium. Good use of public money. The new stadium is the house that the ‘all day child abuser’ built.

    Way to put profits ahead of doing the right thing yet again NFL. I don’t understand how these executives, team owners and management can even go home at night and look their wives and children in the face.

    I hope more sponsors follow Radisson hotels lead by pulling their sponsoships.

  79. I appreciate that the knuckle-draggers aren’t dominating this thread.

    I just love the remarks about how whoopin’ the 4-year old is okay because they got worse when they were kids and they’ve turned out okay. No. No, you haven’t. You are perpetuating a pattern of abuse and you are the problem.

    I am shocked by what Peterson has done and I believe his career should over.
    I thought he was a man, a decent human. He needs help. Not legal help as much as human help.

  80. Peterson belongs in prison. Real prison. Leavenworth like Mike Vick.

    He admits to causing the injuries in the photos. Because he loves his kids. Injuries to a 4 year old. 6′ 1″, 215 lb. world class athlete injuring a 4 year old. He put leaves in the child’s mouth so he won’t scream. Hit the kid in the face. Had a whooping room? You’re big man, AP! No, you’re garbage.

    Oh wait . . . there are other allegations? No problem, there were no charges. Nothing to see here.

    Peterson’s not a man. He’s a coward and a criminal. And the NFL and Vikings have no moral standing whatsoever.

  81. Well all I can say is that the Vikings are trying to get the last out of Adrian Peterson before he is permanently removed from the NFL. Adrian your record and lifetime achievements are all tarnished or with an asterisks behind it. As a Vikings fan as much as I wish that you could come out of this situation it seem very unlikely you will and you will be done forever!

  82. to be politically Incorrect:suppose its a EX baby Mamma or ex Grandma calling child services making false claims just to be vindictive? It happens all the time…Besides what ever happened to Discipline? Or “spare the rod, spoil the child”?

  83. If you hit your son when he’s 17 it’s discipline, if you do it when he’s 18 it’s assault.

  84. By reinstating Peterson the Vikings are publicly saying they are indifferent to victims and that winning games and generating revenue trumps everything. Essentially, the NFL and Vikings are flipping the bird to society.

    It’s particularly disturbing that Peterson had the audacity to blame his son for being injured because he wouldn’t hold still while Peterson administered discipline. Discipline goes too far when parents physically and mentally injure kids. Behavioral experts and good parents know there are other effective ways to discipline kids rather than hitting them. Despite what Peterson and his attorney say, Peterson is a child abuser.

  85. What has the previous accusation got to do with the current situation?

    Peterson has not been accused of striking his other son. Whilst details aren’t clear, this may be a simple case of the boy bumping into something whilst in a temper tantrum or something. As a loving parent of two well brought up, well adjusted girls, I can’t deny that there has been an occasion when one of my daughters flung herself on the floor and hurt herself. If this accusation of causing injury to a minor had ANY traction, then we would have heard about it last year, or/and Peterson would have had his time with his children supervised by a social worker.

    I’m not condoning the recent issue where Peterson punished his son with a switch, but the accusation last year has NO similarity or baring on that case.

    As for all of those who are stating that Peterson is a terrible human being for having multiple children with multiple women I say this: It takes two people to create a child, so some responsibility belongs to the mother; and, can ANYONE show evidence where Peterson has denied financial support or any other father’s responsibility for his children?

    I can assure you that child services has more powers than most give them credit for, and Peterson would not have any contact with any minor should they consider him a risk. Almost every time, child services will side with the mother in any dispute, yet if the mother had ANY concern of leaving her son in Peterson’s care, then why didn’t she deny access?

  86. 5:05 PM PT — Sources close to the investigation tell TMZ the reason the case went nowhere is because Adrian did NOT strike the boy in the forehead — but instead the child accidentally hit his head on a carseat while Adrian was punishing him.

    We’re also told the form of discipline was “not impermissible.” Under Texas law parents are allowed to administer reasonable punishment.

    Peterson’s attorney tells us an adult witness backed him up, saying Adrian “did nothing inappropriate with his son.”

  87. The reaction to his case imo has been tainted by the Ray Rice video now every accusation will be viewed as similar to that disgusting video and all the moral police can stand high on their perch did he go to far in disciplining his child yes should it be discussed in the same vein as rice and Hardy Hell no

  88. I am one who is above and beyond annoyed with all of the reporting on all of this social stuff but Peterson needs to be suspended indefinetely without pay, pending an investigation into his current arrest. That allows the legal process to play out while he stays away from the team. I know that is how most of us would be treated if we had a similar criminal matter pending. I highly doubt a normal person would be fired from their job just for being arrested.

    This sets a dangerous precedent. Imagine if every ex you ever pissed off could claim you beat her or your child you shared. It would be quite easy to destroy someone’s life even if the allegations were false.

  89. Let me see if I have this straight, one of Peterson’s sons died last year and the first time Peterson ever laid eyes on him was on his death bed. Peterson was indicted for taking a tree branch to another one of his son’s leaving cuts, bruises and marks to his scrotum. Peterson is accused of leaving a scar above the eye of yet another 4 year old son from yet a different mother.

    Ya, the NFL does not have a image problem when a child abuser is allowed to play for the Vikings, a NFL team in name only, not talent.

    Every right thinking Viking fan (admittedly in the small minority) should call the front office of the Vikings and tell them that despite their owner being convicted for fraud, the rest of the organization should stand up for what is morally right and just cut Peterson. They are highly likely to finish in last place again, you might as do it with dignity.

  90. bunch of low-life cowards run that team…..good for Radisson….maybe we should strip these guys naked and force leaves into their mouths while beating them with a switch and for good measure we’ll make sure they get a nice scar on their forehead……SICKENING……Peterson needs to get fixed like the dog that he is so he can’t breed anymore and then he needs to have some SERIOUS psychological counseling and those poor babies need counseling as well so that they don’t grow up to be a monster like their father!!!

  91. The Vikings are now officially radioactive.

    This is a short sighted decision that they will regret forever.

  92. This is the same group that had:
    -the Criminal Cruise performing public fornication
    -the Arctic Blast sexual assault scandals
    -the Whizzinator scandal
    -a head coach whose signed pledge was a lie in scalping tickets,
    -Koren Robinson leading officers in a high speed chase to training camp
    -Chris Cook choking a girlfriend
    -Adrian Peterson assaulting an off duty police officer
    -Randy Moss deliberately and repeatedly striking a law enforcement officer with his vehicle.
    -the Kluwe scandal payoff
    -a New Jersey owner called a racketeer by the judge in a fraud trial
    -the most arrests in the NFL in the last 15 years.

    There are many more DWI’s, marijuana offenses, and assaults but the point is this is the level of morality of this ownership group.

  93. Deep down, did any of us really expect a different outcome, especially after that beat down by New England?

  94. I don’t think the vikings are going to find another sponsor that wants their Logo on the back-drop for more bad news about Peterson BEATING his kids…and if I had to guess the Statute of Limitations hasn’t run out on that first beating (if that was even the first beating) and a DA might be wanting to take a peek at that file.

  95. Stay classy Vikings.

    Keep this in mind: A guy with a bunch of kids by a bunch of different women beat at least two of his very young kids savagely enough (including stuffing leaves in one child’s mouth to muffle screams) to leave visible marks/scars AFTER his youngest child was beaten to death earlier.

    Is he mentally ill or very very stupid? Fair question, but whatever answer you have should include him not being unsupervised around children.

  96. After reading the police report, more sponsors should be pulling out. This wasn’t some one-time discipline for behavior, but rather a violent ongoing routine that has left permanent scars all over his body. Spielman’s rationale that they (the Vikings) can’t be the judge of another parents discipline is ludicrous and he should be fired. The NFL’s silence on all of this is deafening.

  97. What an awful glimpse into how the NFL operates we’ve gotten lately. But hey, fly the stars and bars bigger and higher, no worries ‘Merica!

  98. I don’t think AP is a bad guy. I just think he is about as smart as a bag of rocks. He really doesn’t understand that what he has done to his children is wrong.

  99. Teams or league should sit these players until cases are adjudicated. Black eye on league and they will start losing big revenue with sponsors over a few jackasses.

  100. Kinda makes you miss the days of the old Raiders walking across the street to the bar (still in their practice uniform) to have some beers w/ 9 to 5’ers. Remember when that was considered wild & crazy? Sad world we live in.

  101. I am a big Vikings Fan and have an AP jersey. But this is making me sick at heart. I hate to read the sports news now.

  102. Win at all cost. Even ifit means children with welts on thrir legs.

    Spanking is one thing. What AP did was criminal. And the Vikings handling of it is criminal as well.

  103. Big Ben has 2 rape accusations, but I don’t see the Steelers losing sponsors. Accusations are simply that until the justice system plays out. Even the charges that AP faces now were thrown out by a grand jury until the Ray Rice scenario happened.

    Let’s wait until somebody is found guilty before we start calling for resignations and terminations. The “guilty until proven innocent” culture in our society is starting to become concerning. I though sports were supposed to be a retreat from reality…

  104. Clearly, the Vikings deactivated Peterson solely as a PR move. They never had any intention of doing anything else, despite the claim that “all options are on the table.”

    It goes without saying that teams are more concerned with winning and losing than anything else. I’m sure the Vikings look at the 49rs continuing to play McDonald and say to themselves why should we punish ourselves by sitting our best player, if other teams aren’t going to do the same thing?

    Thus, until one team takes the courageous stand and takes as much disciplinary action against a star player as is permitted under the CBA, even before that player receives criminal due process, no teams will change the way they do business.

  105. What does it take for the owner and management to wake up Can they be this greedy? The message being sent to the Vikings team is without Peterson we suck. The players should hand the ball to him, don’t block, the defense should lay down then see if ONE guy makes that much difference…

  106. 2014 getting spanked with a switch equals jail time for the parent. What a great society we have created. If it wasn’t for statute of limitations…. most of our parents would be in jail right now along with 100% of our grandparents. Everyone is hypocritical and parents are soft nowadays. And we all know it. That’s why we see kids talking back to parents as if they are their friends. I know, what people will say next, this is 2014, things our parents did we shouldn’t do to our kids, we should evolve, but when an undisciplined kids robs you and beats the crap out of you. Then you should evolve…

  107. I’ve thought about this hard.
    I’m pretty sure I can’t cheer for Peterson anymore.

    Honestly, fellow Viking fans, can you really support Peterson’s reinstatement?

    Wilf’s and Spielman, crayfish on this one, um, you know, if you want a fanbase.

  108. it’s crazy what is going on in the NFL right now…I’m about to burn every jersey I own and buy a Stills Jersey….only good story I’ve heard come out of the league in quite a while

  109. Let some 300lb lineman stuff Petersons mouth full of leaves, whip him with a tree limb and leave 10-15 welts on his azz for a week and see how long AP puts up with that.
    Jeezuzs, Peterson did that to a 4 yr. old.
    Dude’s sick.

  110. The Vikings and AP disgust me.
    Just because the Justice System didn’t follow through to put this POS in his place doesn’t mean it’s ok and he didn’t do it.
    OJ was found not guilty. I guess he didn’t do it either.

  111. I like how people are saying we should boycott the Vikings and not watch any games and people are also stating that they will not watch another NFL game unless Roger Goodell is fired. This has been an issue in the NFL for 20 years and now people are going to stop watching!!! Let the process work itself out and/if Peterson is found guilty I am sure the Vikings will take the appropriate action at that time. Let’s worry more about life’s real important issues and not if someone should play a game!!!!

  112. Peterson is garbage. He beats/assaults/batters his living kids and baby daddies another that was beat to death last year by another man….the guy is a walking poster for what is wrong with the NFL……

  113. I don’t have a problem with waiting for due process. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of stories are broken without all the facts. That’s why I’m very uncomfortable with convicting people going solely through with what the media reports. Innocent until proven guilty means innocent until proven guilty not innocent until TMZ releases a bunch of photos.

  114. “peymax1693 says:

    Thus, until one team takes the courageous stand and takes as much disciplinary action against a star player as is permitted under the CBA, even before that player receives criminal due process, no teams will change the way they do business.”

    Why on earth…I wouldn’t call that a “courageous stand”. Due process exists for a reason…what happens when a team disciplines a player before due process and it turns out they were wrong? You’re line of reasoning above is taking our society backwards a couple hundred years.

    What if it was you who was accused of something terrible and your employer decided to fire / suspend you without pay only to find out you were innocent? Would you still be calling it a “courageous stand”?

  115. In case a reminder was needed: “The child had a slightly different story, telling authorities that “Daddy Peterson hit me on my face.” The child also expressed worry that Peterson would punch him in the face if the child reported the incident to authorities.”

  116. It’s time to cut ties with AP.
    Bridgewater, Patterson, Barr and Harrison Smith are the faces of the franchise now.

    There’s no room for child abusing in fan loyalty, this is disgusting and I bleed purple.

  117. Let me put this a different way (because I truly believe AP deserves his day in court with a trial and a jury of his East Texas peers – they may find him not in violation of community standards) this is about the long term good of the team.

    If you sit him and he is exonerated what did the team lose?
    Maybe a few games (check the winning % both with and without AP).

    Let Peterson play and the organization is tainted as long as the Wilf’s own the team.

    The New Jersey Wilfs need to realize there is a way of doing things in Minnesota that is different from New Jersey ways.

  118. I will take more notice of this story IF child services either take Adrian Peterson’s son away from him, or they announce that Peterson no longer has visitation rights to see his children.

    Until then, either they have a limited case, or they don’t view what Peterson did as severely as many NFL supporters seem to.

  119. Will everyone just shut up? There was a second “accusation” that lead to nothing. No charges, nothing. I believe this means there was no abuse. Give the guy a little break. The one person in here that has never been accused of something they didn’t do can leave the next comment.

  120. To all those called for the Vikings to sit Peterson until this situation is resolved one way or another, remember that as an employer the Vikings have to allow their employees work, or risk being forced to by a court of law.

    The Vikings have dealt with bad situations before – just like every other team – and generally have a solid grasp of the situation and potential outcome. Chris Cook was arrested and the team stood by him – he wasn’t found guilty. Erin Henderson was released after a second DWI – he was found guilty. AJ Jefferson was released for domestic violence – found guilty. Caleb King was released for assault – found guilty.

    Whilst I am far from happy about the legal situation for the Vikings, they generally have a good understanding on whether a player will be found guilty or not – so let’s see how this plays out for Peterson.

  121. The frame of mind and intent of someone who hits another adult is different than a parent who overzealously disciplines their child. That’s why Adrian’s actions are not as blameworthy as Rice or Hardy.

  122. You have due process in the court system

    You do NOT have due process from your employer

    You have no right to keep your job if your employer decides to suspend or just fire you for becoming a public embarrassment. AP is a public embarrassment.

  123. You have the court of arbitration.

    It wasn’t long ago where a college coach had a video of his young children dancing naked on his work mobile – found himself fired for having ‘indecent images of one or more minors’ – and then despite being replaced, the college was forced to take him back and compensate him for wages lost plus wrongful dismissal.

    That coach quite rightly took his old job back and accepted the payoff.

    If Peterson is found innocent… or even pleads to a lesser charge… how much do you think he will sue the Vikings and/or League for? An NFL player has only a limited timeframe in which to play the game at a high level, so ANY time lost could cost a heck of a lot of money.

  124. blowfishes says:
    Sep 16, 2014 10:50 AM
    To all those called for the Vikings to sit Peterson until this situation is resolved one way or another, remember that as an employer the Vikings have to allow their employees work, or risk being forced to by a court of law.

    Complete and utter nonsense. You are completely making that up. No employer is EVER forced to let their employees work. They may be forced to pay them whether they work or not, but they can never be forced to allow them to work.

    This supposed “fact” you made up calls all of your other points into question.

  125. If you don’t understand the difference between spanking a child, which is perfectly fine, and beating a child until it leaves a permanent scar on his genitals and face, my fondest hope is that someone teaches you the difference the hard way.

    That said, this is on the NFL. When you decide to start making “moral standard bearer” suspensions, which was the major change in the transition from Tagliabue to Goddell, this is where you end up.

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