49ers demand an explanation of Kaepernick language penalty

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The 49ers are flabbergasted that Colin Kaepernick was given a 15-yard penalty on Sunday for using inappropriate language, and they’re demanding an explanation.

Kaepernick has insisted he didn’t say anything profane or offensive, and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said he wishes the league would tell him what it thinks Kaepernick said, because Harbaugh didn’t hear Kaepernick say anything and the officials didn’t tell Harbaugh what they heard.

I didn’t overhear that,” Harbaugh said. “[Officials] didn’t come back and tell me.”

Side judge Laird Hayes, who threw the flag, stood by it. The NFL doesn’t have a George Carlin-style list of words you can never say on the football field, but the league did make appropriate language on the field a point of emphasis this season, and players were warned that officials would strictly enforce the rule against using inappropriate language, which falls under unsportsmanlike conduct.

He knows what he said,” Hayes said. “It was the right call.”

But the player Kaepernick appeared to be jawing with, Bears defensive end Lamarr Houston, said he didn’t hear Kaepernick say anything inappropriate. Hayes was apparently the only one who heard anything. Unfortunately for the 49ers, Hayes was the one with the flag in his pocket.

79 responses to “49ers demand an explanation of Kaepernick language penalty

  1. Geez, these are grown men playing an emotional game. It’s not like they’re playing in front of a bunch of preschoolers.

  2. “He knows what he said” is a cop out explanation. This is the NFL. If you’re going to lie about a penalty you’re at least expected to put together an explanation. There’s a precedent for this.

  3. The league is out to get my 9ers. 49ers have been flagged the most in the NFL so far. I demand an internal investigation or lift Aldon smith suspension. The ball is in your court Roger Goodell. – sincerely, 9er Nation

  4. The fact that referees are potentially determining the outcome of games based on stupid things, like what they think people are saying, makes me sick to my stomach.

    Every day, Mark Cuban gets more and more right.

    The referees have entirely too much impact on games as it is. I see players getting choked by a forearm as they rush the passer all game, without a hold being called, but theyre going to call a 15 yarder for what he thinks someone said?

    Stupid rule. Put on the skirts now.

  5. The 49ers have a right to be pissed at a dumb call like that!
    Since when does freedom of speech in a full contact adrenaline pumped up contest between like minded men become a problem???
    It’s not like they’re out there spitting in each other’s faces, and it’s a way to vent before you do something REALLY stupid and take out a guy’s knee!

    If the NFL doesn’t want the fans to hear that type of language, then don’t mic up the field of play! You want the sound effects of the brutal hits, but you don’t want the jarring effects of free speech?

    Insanity… Let the men talk like men do.

  6. que all the Kap haters, even though they would love for him to be on their own team. If the man didnt do anything why be upset that his organization is standing behind him. Wouldnt you want yours to????? #nobodyhasitbetter

  7. And they’re still crying about this??? It had nothing to do with the picks he threw or how they let a huge lead end in a loss. They might want to start looking forward.

  8. Who cares what he said at this point. Like any call, the call was made they see/hear what the see/hear. Too late.

    Was a pretty bad weekend for the zebras.

  9. Are you sure Forty-Whiners?

    You may not want the truth!!! Are you certain you can handle it??

  10. There should be some sort of explanation on that penalty. We were penalized like crazy through the game and I’ll admit we deserved probably most of them as we didn’t play well.

    But this one? Not saying it would have changed the game but c’mon man.

  11. Yea, this penalty really changed the landscape of that game.

    If Kap didn’t play like a rookie, 49ers win that game by double digits.

  12. It’s a Catch-22

    If the league told Harbaugh what he said, he would then turn around and accuse the league of calling him names.

  13. “Side judge Laird Hayes, who threw the flag, stood by it.”

    someone needs to flag this dude’s parent’s for naming him “Laird”…

    and this is today’s NFL – 1/3 of players will suffer brain trauma, but don’t you dare say a naughty word…

  14. It was more than obvious live on TV that Kaeperpick said something. I for sure saw a “eff you” but not sure what else.

    I agree that it’s a silly penalty, but it resulted in 3 yards (1/2 the distance to goal) and it’s not at all what lost the 49ers the game.

  15. Is there anything that Jim Harbaugh won’t complain about. Your QB lost the game with the picks and the fumble. Its not like the crappy penalty was going to make a difference. They should have kept Alex Smith. At least he is a grownup. Kap is a one season wonder, just like RGIII.

  16. Out of that entire game, that’s what they’re choosing to be upset about? If I were coach, I’d be a little more worried about my QB having four turnovers.

  17. NFL games are becoming unwatchable due to the influence officials have on the outcome. College games are officiated much cleaner and more efficiently and they don’t have a so called ‘control center’ or eye in the sky. What was witnessed last night in the Colt game was egregious officiating and cost them the game on two critical calls within the 4 minute mark. How can the horse collar call not be a reviewable offense? Language in games when high emotion is at stake should only be enforced in ‘extreme’ cases where fighting results. NFL needs to clean this mess up or they will lose more credibility and viewers.

  18. Nice nod to the longtime posters with the “flabbergasted” and demand for explanation. Oh I miss the old days when all we trolled about were Tiki being flabbergasted and Drew Brees demanding an explanation.

  19. I still think the other part of these penalties should have the first down line moved out to make up the rest so if they’re on the 10 and get a 15 yard penalty they get backed up to the 5 and the other 10 yards is the first down marker being moved out.

  20. Maybe the side judge is a preacher or a deacon in the offseason and is disturbed by “offensive language.” Even the player Kaepernick was talking to didn’t hear anything offensive. I think the side judge should be forced to say what he heard and not cop out with the “You know what you did,” crapola that our parents used back in the day.

    “He knows what he said,” Hayes said. “It was the right call.”

    Seriously? This is from the Roger Goodell school of judge/jury/and penalty flag throwing.

  21. Well he mustn’t have said anything because they are above reproach.

    I admit, I laughed at the call because I think Kaperpick and Harbaugh are fools, and it didn’t cost them the game; Picks stellar QB play took care of that.

    But this is getting ridiculous. On an attempt to lure FF players and non-fans they’re going to lose real fans. I watched about half as much NFL this week than last because the games have become unwatchable.

    It really makes me wonder if the powers that be are even football fans. I really have my doubts.

    Trying to fine tune “the experience” by trying to lean so far to the offense with penalties on every other down is not an upgrade. Real fans like defensive match ups even if the nerd sponsors, brass and FF players don’t. And the real fans will draw the money, TV, etc., just like in the past.

    But I can get my fix watching college and make Sunday my chore day if this keeps up.

  22. Maybe Harbaugh should demand an explanation regarding his teams 16 penalties for 118 yds, giving the bears 1st down 6 times on penalties. Better yet, the 4 Kaepernick turnovers, or 4 sacks should warrant an explanation rather than a penalty that ended up being 3 yards and absolutely ZERO impact on the game. Rather than giving Cutler and Marshall the ball at the 6, they got it at the 3. This should give good film to future defenses and show what happens to Krapernick when he has to roll to his left. #BearDown

  23. If he and his head coach are going to raise such a big stink about this, Kaepernick should tell us what he said.

  24. Kap got lucky because it was only a half the distance foul, which ended up being about three yards. That half the distance rule should be changed and the ball should be placed on the 1-yard line and any foul yardage that wasn’t used up should be added to the next play.

    No more giving defenses another bite at fumble or INT opportunities because defenses commit fouls in the endzone. Unless anybody else thinks it is okay for an offensive hold on the opponents one-yard line to be penalized for ten yards, but a defensive hold at the same location is penalized for two and half.

  25. The NFL had to keep the 49ers in check so the Seahawks did not fall too far behind in the wins and losses count. It would be in poor game management to allow the 49ers to keep winning and the Seahawks to keep losing so early in the season.

    Yes Seahawks fans, the Chargers have now shown the rest of the NFL how to defense Russell Wilson and how to attack and undress Sherman. There are lots of losses just waiting for the Seahawks this season.

  26. Bears fan here. I was surprised to say the least that the flag on Kap was thrown. With all the on-field profanity that goes on in the course of an NFL game, it’s an unusual call to say the least. I have to think the language was directed at an official (as opposed to a Bears player), otherwise they would have let it ride.

    My theory? The spear by Dial on Cutler was the turning point in how the refs called that game. Up till that point the calls seemed to be going the Niners way. After that, things got a lot more impartial if not even favoring the Bears a bit.

  27. there should be an asterisk next to that whole 4 turnover thing.

    The Fumble never would have happened if not for a phantom hold on Boldin on Gore’s 51 yard TD run, Fuller should have been flagged for illegal contact on his first pick… The roughing passer was BS, and personal foul for offensive language? really? grow a set line judge.

  28. “Man, this whole blackout thing sucks”

    “Man, cant the NFL get it together and be consistent?”

    “I guess Johnny Mc was right about the umpires after all”

    “Coach can talk? Shoot, I can talk, too”

  29. I had heard that Ceasar made the decission of thumbs up or down based on the foul language from the Gladiators… only thing is I’m not sure if he ruled thumbs down if they did or didn’t cuss???

    The officials are turning the game into a travesty…

  30. Do you really think Kaepernick didn’t say something offensive and the guy just threw the flag for no reason… doubtful. It was a penalty that happened in a game. Let it go. Harbaugh’s biggest problem is that he can never move on. It is probably already messing with their prep for week 3.

  31. It cost you three yards. And you got a TD on a play where the clock ran out and the refs didn’t call it. So shut up already.

  32. For the last time- stop invoking “freedom of speech” if you’re referring to something other than laws passed by federal, state, or local governments. Private entities can make whatever rules regarding speech that they want.

  33. Harbaugh is so over the top, his own GM can’t stand him. He makes his brother likable.

    If the official says Krapperdink used foul language, case closed. And how would Harbaugh know anyway? He’s too busy screaming at officials to hear anything from anyone.

    To think the Niners were once coached by Bill Walsh and QB’d by Joe Montana and Steve Young, and those classy people have been replaced with the likes of Harbaugh and Krapperdink. Yuck!!

  34. Houston was the aggressor and could have easily been called for taunting Kaepernick as he walked off the field. For the official to throw the flag at Kaepernick is preposterous. After watching the HORRIBLE calls against the 9ers in the Cowboy game and then the Bears game, one has to wonder if Harbaugh has worn out NFL officials to the point where the officiating is blatantly one sided against the 49ers.

  35. “O.K. folks, what’s the problem, who’s been using foul language here?’.

    “It was the skinny kid, officer, with the flat brimmed hat turned sideways, the tattoos, the shades, and the sneer on his face.”.

    “I thought so….”.

  36. There is only one word that draws a penalty, everyone knows what it is. Do the ‘niners really what some techy to find a recorded copy of him saying it and play it to the whole country? Really?

  37. Lotsa comments in here about this penalty not contributing to the 49ers loss – and that’s true.

    But it’s especially true because the 49ers didn’t lose this game, insofar as it was really the Bears who WON it.

    That was the gutsiest damn comeback win I’ve seen since the famous “the Bears are who we thought they are” game in Arizona on Monday night. Give credit where it’s due – to da Bears.

    Also, if we’re going to whine about the officiating blunders in this game, let’s talk about something that actually matters – namely, that the Niners scored a TD on a play that began well after the play clock had run down.

  38. Crying over spilled milk.

    All the while still arrogant and MAD that his team, his failed OC, himself and his hand picked immature, inconsistent, over rated and arrogant CHOKE of a QB turnover the ball 4x (3 ints and 1 fumble) and gave away the game with a 17 pt lead in the 1st ever home game at the 9ers brand new 1+ billion dollar stadium.

    Why don’t you just fired that useless OC you brought in (because it’s pretty obvious by now, he doesn’t have what it takes to get it done, win a SB) and tell that immature, inconsistent, over rated and arrogant CHOKE of a QB to earn his pay check and get at least a pro bowl under his belt instead of running his mouth and/or pushing an opposing player when he throws an int like a CHOKE.

  39. Houston’s not going to sell out a peer. It’s pretty clear from watching the exchange between the two that something was said by Kap. Even as a Bear’s fan, it’s pretty ridiculous that words to another player got him a personal foul.

    “Houston was the aggressor”

    How was he the aggressor? Do you know what he said to Kap? The only thing you can see from that is Kap’s physical reaction. If Houston did say something to set him off, it’s on Kap for reacting to it how he did.

  40. they all will say they are innocent when get confronted the first time. good penalty hahaha. Keaperchoke!

  41. It was a 3 yard penalty, folks. Ludicrous. The ball was spotted on the 6 after the INT. They moved it to the 3. BFD.

    Of all the thousands of penalties the refs called (and my God, this makes the NFL unwatchable) that was the least crappy one.

  42. I’ve seen things out of these refs on Sunday I’ve never seen in my 30+ years of being a football fan. It was a horrendously called game from start to finish. Niners getting a TD with 0 on play clock, phantom illegal blocks, 3 different penalties in one play, TDs called back for no reason, phantom roughing the passer calls. The ‘inappropriate language’ was just one of several goofy called that married Sunday Night.

  43. He knows what he said? Really? The lack of accountability the NFL officials have is astounding. They aren’t any better than the replacement refs. They just make bad calls faster. I’m still waiting for the NFL to get it’s head out of it’s butt and make officiated a full time job. These part timers are a joke and an insult to the integrity of the game.

  44. I think not telling a head coach why you are penalizing his team is poor officiating. I’m not saying the whole game was poorly officiated, even though at some points Sunday night it seemed like being a defensive player in a red jersey was a penalty, but not giving the team an explanation beyond “he knows what he said” is poor officiating.

  45. Want Kapernick? What are you smokin’… It was a ‘nice tell’ as the Poker players say, he can’t pass for anything and can’t think on his feet when everything isn’t going perfectly for the team.

    Face it, the Niners got ‘pantsed’ by the Bears….DOH!!!

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