Arian Foster fires back at Anheuser-Busch

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On Tuesday, billion-dollar beer company Anheuser-Busch fired a shot across the bow at the NFL for its current domestic violence problem.  One of the NFL’s employees has fired back.

“We are disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this NFL season,” Anheuser-Busch said in a statement. “We are not yet satisfied with the league’s handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code. We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league.”

Texans running back Arian Foster thinks Anheuser-Busch is being a tad hypocritical.

Selling poison on that high horse,” Foster said on Twitter.  “Domestic violence and alcohol damn near synonymous.”

While drinking doesn’t cause domestic violence, the impaired brain function from excessive alcohol consumption can lead to all sorts of problems.  Ray Rice, for example, was reportedly intoxicated on the night he knocked out his then-fiancée, now wife.  (She reportedly was, too.)

The broader point is that the companies that sell alcohol, which leads to a wide array of unfortunate behaviors, may not have the best standing to preach about a “moral code.”  Beer companies simply want to sell as much beer as they can, even if it means that too many people are drinking too much of it.

They tell you to drink responsibly in the fine print.  The overriding message is drink.  And if the drink contributes to a decision to do something you shouldn’t, well, you’re on your own, Sparky.

348 responses to “Arian Foster fires back at Anheuser-Busch

  1. Amazing how people pick and choose when they want to reach (and Foster certainly is NOT reaching here) when they go overboard with social commentary.

    People think whipping a child with a switch is reckless endangerment, but will then say that alcohol does not play a major role in many domestic violence situations. Who are you kidding to deny this?

  2. Claiming that drinking leads to domestic violence is a myth that abusers hide behind. Nope, you had the choice not to hit. The beer did not grab hold of your hand and make you smack your wife.

  3. Arian…Without the money beer companys pump into that well you so willfully drink you would need an offseason job.

  4. Arian Foster calling the beer industry “hypocrites” is laughable.

    How much money from stadium liquor sales and shared advertising revenues goes to pay his fat salary, and every one of his brother union members?

  5. This Bengals fan loves me some Arian Foster. Excellent response to a foolish comment from an alcohol producing corporation… that has more political and military mischief than all of the NFL combined!

  6. Well I’m not calling for Prohibition, I think it should be said that alcohol and alcoholism destroy far more families than any other “Social” issues that get far more attention and media coverage.

  7. When I first read that a freakin’ beer company had the audacity to say the have a “moral code” and all that crap in regards to domestic violence I thought it was a snipet from an article straight from The Onion. Nope. And Foster’s response is spot-on.

  8. The more Arian Foster speaks the more I dislike him. Typical pro football player with the attitude that it’s never the athletes fault. Domestic violence is on the person. Can not point the finger at beer companies.

  9. Actually Adrian – Domestic Violence and the NFL are becoming synonymous.

    AB isn’t complaining about the league and the people in it. AB takes issue with the fact that it’s all being handled so poorly, particularly for a 9 billion dollar industry.

    They should be better than this and the fact they aren’t is alarming.

    It’s like a school not having any plans for a fire drill, somethings shouldn’t be so hard to handle because you’ve thought about them ahead of time and come up with how it’s supposed to be handled. NFL has been basically REACTIVE on everything instead of PROACTIVE and that’s AB’s concern.

  10. Athletes are on a bit of a high horse themselves. The only thing that makes man superior to animals is his brain. A dog can run faster than any athlete, a bear can beat any boxer or MMA champ and fish are pretty good at swimming.

  11. end result is that when a Beer company is giving you sponsorship money, and lots of it….. the NFL should pay attention that this is going to get worse for them by the hour

  12. I kinda have to agree with Foster on this one. Yes alcohol doesn’t cause domestic violence but it does play a major part in a lot of domestic violence cases. For a beer company to make such a comment vis a little out there in my opinion.

  13. I couldnt agree more with Foster on this one.

    Alcohol is a key factor in many instances of spousal and child abuse. This was a cheap attempt for Busch to get on a “high horse”, but ultimately I think their hypocrisy has been exposed

  14. Excellent point, Mr. Foster. However, reality is what it is and that high horse pays for your large home and expensive earrings.

  15. Someone might want to enlighten Mr. Foster on the economics of not just the NFL, but all professional sports. Companies like AB are what allow him to be paid millions of dollars for playing a game. Granted, he has the talent to play at the highest level, but it is very shortsighted to bite the hand that helps feed him…

  16. My guess is Foster knows he’s going a little over the top with his comments – but he’s correct that the tone of that Anhueuser-Bush statement is more than a little self-righteous for a company that could stand to look itself in the mirror

    Of course, alcohol is a taxable drug – so its good, even if it can prompt violent behavior

    Marijuana is a non-taxable drug – so it’s bad, even if it can prompt the munchies and naps (though both are unacceptable behind the wheel)

  17. Yep and pencils misspell words, spoons make people fat, and guns kill people. Just like you said in your last sentence, what you do is your decision.

  18. Good for him. Budweiser is awful beer anyways. If they removed themselves from sponsorship another beer company would gladly come in seconds later.

    But doofus Goodell will probably cave to the pressure!

  19. Arian, perhaps you should worry about your “co-workers” in the NFL that are ruining the league. A-Busch does sell alcohol but there are plenty of people that drink it and don’t abuse it or hit their spouses or their kids when they’re drunk or under the influence. Ever hear of the word responsibility? Perhaps you should call your buddy Ray or Adrian and talk to them. A-Busch is a sponsor and they have every right to pull their money from the NFL…guess what Arian, if more and more sponsors pull their money and fans start to pull their money then you don’t make the money you’re making which means you won’t have the ability to be heard as you do now. Again, get on Ray and Adrian.

  20. “The pot calling the kettle black”

    I don’t condone wrong doing but there are a bunch of folks being disingenuous just out to get a name or an agenda to help THEIR cause.

  21. good to hear Arian, everyone has all of a sudden become holy than though.. Peterson did wrong and he will have to face a court of law, but for these politicians and companies to come out especially Nike and Anheuser you got to be kidding me…

  22. This entire post, including Foster’s retort and Florio’s analysis of it are absolutely ridiculous. How is drinking responsibly in the fine print? Every single commercial and unit of product sold tells you to drink responsibly. The dangers of over-consumption are well-known.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if McDonald’s — whose food when consumed in excess causes severe damage to the body — took a stance against the NFL, Arian would not be out there with his pitchfork telling them they have no right to take any such position.

    Shut up, Arian. If someone lacks the self awareness to know that alcohol increases his personal tendencies towards violence, then maybe he shouldn’t be drinking. Don’t try to tell us responsible drinkers that we’re doing something wrong.

  23. Budweiser is no better than all of the holier than now people who are judging people’s mistakes as if they have never made one themselves. To watch sports become a dumping ground for everyone’s unsolicited opinion on social matters has become very boring. I turn on sports to get away from this foxnews, tmz junk. Looks like I’m going to have to start basket weaving.

  24. Goodells head just about imploding reading that one of the league stars just took a shot at one of their biggest sponsors that the league obviously wants to retain.

    Smart move Arian, smart move.


  25. I’d like Anheuser-Busch to release info on all of their employees that have been arrested for domestic violence. If they can prove statistically that their employees and company are all responsible enough to not find themselves in a similar situation as the NFL then they can say something, otherwise shut your mouth. Don’t take a stand for PR purposes.

  26. Don’t like it?
    Don’t drink it.
    Simple. It’s The a United States of America. Freedom of choice.
    Unless the politically correct, hipster crowd doesn’t agree.
    In that case, you’ll be raked across the coals for incorrect thoughts.

  27. Arian Foster is absolutely right, and his statement is eloquent. If our society had any balls, we’d discourage people from drinking, rather than constantly promoting it, and portraying it as an activity synonymous with being an American.

  28. Gotta give Arian a thumbs up. I like the NFL, and beer. But those two organizations don’t need to point fingers at each other. Perhaps the NFL doesn’t like the way Anheuser Busch subsidiary, SeaWorld, handles their Orcas? Police yourself, billion $ hypocrite.

  29. but everyone loves the Superbowl Clydesdales commercials, especially their tributes.

    doesn’t matter what they sell, they don’t want to be associated with domestic violence.

    image is everything.

  30. Foster should not be talking about a “moral issue”. He’s the one who accepted money while at UT then ratted them out AFTER earning a fortune in the NFL.

  31. Good for Foster. He is correct. For an industry that openly peddles cirrhosis, openly fights stricter drunk driving laws, and is responsible for 88,000 deaths a year to even claim to have a moral code is pure hypocrisy.

    From the CDC –

    Excessive alcohol use led to approximately 88,000 deaths and 2.5 million years of potential life lost (YPLL) each year in the United States from 2006 – 2010, shortening the lives of those who died by an average of 30 years. Further, excessive drinking was responsible for 1 in 10 deaths among working-age adults aged 20-64 years. The economic costs of excessive alcohol consumption in 2006 were estimated at $223.5 billion, or $1.90 a drink

    Some “moral code”, huh. This Bud’s for you! Please try to not add to the carnage on your drive home tonight. It may impact our “company culture”. You know the one where we continuously run ads with talking animals to target the elementary school set and runs ads with swim suit clad models to grab any Middle & High School boy we might not have reached when he was younger.

  32. I concur, mr foster you are right that is the pot calling the kettle black, alcohol causes more problems than all drugs legal and illegal put together, most anytime someone is doing something stupid alcohol has a part

  33. Arian Foster does not understand that all these decisions made by the NFL, the Vikings, Nike and now Anheuser-Busch are simply business decisions. Follow the money Arian! If your not making someone money then you have to go.

  34. Arian Foster wants to stick his nose in league business. If Anheuser Bush pulls its advertising would be a very bad day for the NFL. Having its players beating wives, abusing children is bad enough, losing revenue is something else indeed.
    These players just cant help themselves,,,they got to run the bucket mouth.

  35. Arian Foster to soon get a higher fine than people who head hunt and try to severely injure other players.

  36. I’m sure Ray was using one of their products that night. And I’m curious what brand the cowboys player was using the night he rolled his vehicle and killed his team mate.

    Perhaps anheuser-Busch should be careful what they say. I’m sure there are son stats somewhere about the percentage of domestic assaults that occur and the use of alcohol.

  37. Foster is 100% right. The only thing he failed to mentioned was how damn lousy anheiser bush and their disgusting beer was.

  38. Drinking is no excuse. I’ve been drunk a few times and sometimes been in arguments but never felt the urge to knock out a woman. Drinking only brings out the real inner you. Rice obviously had serious issues with his wife and possibly women in general before he played Mike Tyson on his little lady. Getting drunk just helped him loosen up his left.

  39. As an alcohol researcher by trade, I can assure you that alcohol advertising has absolutely zero impact on how much people drink; rather it simply has an impact on which brand they drink. And since the vast majority of drinkers in this country drink moderately, I see no hypocrisy in Anheiser Busch making the statement that they did. If domestic abuse is correlated with alcohol abuse, it might be because the sort of people who abuse their spouses are also likely to abuse alcohol as opposed to any notion that “demon rum” or “demon beer” cause the social ills we see all too often in our culture.

  40. Let’s see how ESPN plays this story,I’m betting you will not see or hear it on the four letter network.In fact Arian Foster my not even be active on Sunday.

  41. Um, yep. Lot of people and companies up on soapboxes lately. Have to wonder what skeletons are in their closet? Funny how it’s always the finger pointers that end up having the most baggage.

  42. Those were my thoughts also when I read the Anheuser-Busch statement. How many NFL players have been arrested or suspended due to alcohol related issues such as DUI etc. And if were going to talk about what is socially and morally correct, why does the NFL have them as their major sponsor?? Kinda like a drug dealer being upset that someone on the drugs they sell, ends up committing a crime.

  43. in a related article an overweight person blames theor health issues on fast food resturant. heres an idea just cause a company sells a product doesnt mean you have to partake

  44. Arian Foster is always complaining about something. “Tennessee exploited me! My coach drove a luxury car and I couldn’t afford food!” Yawn. Like someone forced him to sign his letter of intent and play college football. Now he’s going after sponsors who help him afford his luxury cars, paintbrushes and whatever else he buys.

  45. It’s really hard to disagree with Austin’s stance here.

    As much as beer distributors decry abuse of their products, think of the spectrum of crime in which alcohol plays a part.

  46. Singularly the best and most insightful comment made by anyone in the mass hysteria that has reigned supreme for weeks.

    The groupthink has been horrendous though not surprising. Good show Arian Foster.

  47. He’s not wrong, but biting the hand that feeds you is a painful lesson to learn.

    Money trumps morals and ethics in the NFL. They’re going to make Foster pay for this.

  48. Well, I’m drunk right now and I’m not considering hitting my wife or kids. Nor will I consider that. So Arian, I think most self respecting men have missed your point.

  49. Beats by Ray.

    What team would pick up Rice, should Goodell reinstate this angry, abusive man?

    As a Buc fan, I’ll gladly take my ass whoopings by the likes of Derek Anderson and Austin Davis, before signing Mr. Rice. I’d even take Incognito over him.

  50. Damn, what a great point by Foster. Ball is in the NFL/Anheuser-Busch’s court.

    Or maybe Foster just kicked off 8 yards deep into the endzone.

  51. Good for him! More players should fire back at this foreign company trying to influence American sports. Busch, stay out of it.

  52. Finally someone standing for what’s right. Beer companies constantly market their product towards teenagers and young adults while exploiting those with alcoholism and they wanna preach to the NFL about concerns and expectations? D’ok… that’s ridiculous. The NFL doesn’t need their sponsorship any more than they need the NFL’s. They’re both billion dollar companies independent of each other. So anhueser Busch can scoot on down the road, someone else will replace you. No player or sponsor is bigger than the league.

  53. He is right though. How many abusive parents are alcoholics.. I realize one does solely rely on the other but alcohol sure can be a catalyst for this…….

  54. Yes because a beer or two with dinner leads to violence….just like wine. BTW, Anheuser-Busch doesn’t exist any more, it’s called In-Bev.

  55. Alcohol or not Adrian, a few of your fellow players have the entire country looking down upon the NFL right now. Two of them happen to be RBs so perhaps you can put all of your vast intellectual knowledge to use on them. What a sponsor sells is not the issue here but, the last thing your league needs is for them to bail like many of us are!

  56. Beer, and alcohol in general, is enjoyed responsibly by many around the world. The onus on drinking responsibly is on the consumer, not the supplier. Lumping all beer companies into one batch, saying Beer Companies “want to sell as much as they can, even if it means that too many people are drinking too much of it” is incorrect, and misleading.

    That being said, I am not sure why Anheuser-Busch jumped on their Clydesdale to make this comment.

  57. Maybe the well paid employees of businesses that take in large sums of money from sponsors, should keep their mouths shut about those sponsors.

    Although he is right.

  58. Good for Arian Foster pointing out the hypocrisy of Anheuser-Busch’s moral outrage! AB would really be outraged if the NFL decided not to sell alcoholic beverages (including beer) at any of the stadiums in order to promote a more “family friendly” and wholesome atmosphere, discouraging the alcohol fueled fights and violent acts so common these days (including acts of domestic violence).

  59. Just stop it, right now! Underneath all these shots being fired back and forth is young child who was beaten by the very person who should have been his biggest protector. We’re losing sight of this innocent boy that needs the support and help from the legal system.

  60. Obviously they are hypocrites but what else is there to do? They should’ve just shut up. Everything you say in the article is true but you make is sound like everyone involved is an idiot (probably true) but not sure how else you can work alcohol into society and we all know it isn’t going anywhere.

  61. Dollars to Donuts Ray Rice had a few Buds, Bud lights or Stellas that night LoL. Booze is def a contributing factor to domestic violence. It’s the last legal drug.

  62. Wow, the pot keeps getting stirred more. There are so many cracks in the NFL dam right now, I’m expecting a flood!

  63. Alcohol certainly causes a number of problems.
    And those that profit from it should be careful how they present it’s use, and how they profit from it.

    Arian, a pretty good chunk of your salary comes from beer sponsorships. So when are you giving it up?

    High horse, indeed…

  64. Just one more reason to love Arian Foster.

    Now, before everyone goes nuts here, notice that Foster didn’t decide to call out Busch until THEY came out and basically said that their MORAL CODE (how they put it) was in some way superior to the NFL’s.

    But even though the link Foster makes between alcohol and domestic violence isn’t exactly a one-to-one link, I do agree with Foster that if I made my living trying to get people to drink as much beer as possible, I’d just keep silent on the domestic violence issue.

  65. Yeah but a person has to know when to stop. Especially if you get caught drinking under aged and get in a fight. Right Arian?

  66. Exactly right. Also, some people might remember what Augie Bush did in Tucson, Arizona several years ago while driving his sports car while lit up to the gills. I know of one person who can’t remember, and that’s because she’s dead; having not survived what little Augie did that night.

  67. In other words…Anheuser Busch want to make a statement to their horrified clients for PR…But could never give up the money they make on the NFL. Not to mention the people sitting at home and might decide to drink something else…

    Nothing to see here…

  68. Wrong answer…drink responsibly and don’t hit your spouse, girlfriend, etc. how is that complicated?

  69. The pot loves calling the kettle black. And for the record the conviction rate of NFL players is equal to the general population for all crimes. I think it’s getting lost on all people that domestic violence is a problem everywhere, and people convicted still have their jobs.

  70. Anyone who knows anything about business knows that Busch doesn’t care about how the NFL is handling their business on these issues except that it gives them an opportunity to throw fuel on the fire and potentially lower their advertising costs. They know that everyone is going to continue watching the games but that if they can help lower the expectations enough then maybe the networks will lower the price of a spot during a game. Nothing more and nothing less. Its business. Just like the NFL is business. If it is good for business it will be done. If it is bad for business it won’t be done. Every business does it. You want to see a real college play off system? Everyone turn off the bowl games for one season and see how quick it changes. That’s the whole reason the NFL is changing its rules so you can’t hit anyone anymore. Lawyers and the almighty dollar. No lawsuits? No change in rules. Lawsuits? Change the rules immediately.

  71. Excellent Arian. Its about time someone stood up to the company that bought out Anheuser-Busch and have its HQ in Belgium. I hope everyone boycotts their beer.

  72. I’m a longtime Vikings fan who hopes Peterson gets canned but I sure agree with Foster here. Just look at the way Budweiser sold beer right across the border from the Pine Ridge reservation for years. Their hands aren’t exactly clean.

  73. On one hand, he’s right. On the other, I’ve been highly intoxicated many times and domestic abuse hasn’t ever been an issue.

    Being impaired is an excuse for an underlying problem.

  74. Lol, reminds me of Fifa forcing Brazil to sell Alcohol during the World Cup because one of their main sponsors is, well, a company that sells beer..

    What was that famous quote? Something like, “It might sound like we’re being jerks but beer will be sold at this event and laws can’t get in the way”… Something like that..

    The laws were put in place because of the high death rate caused from intoxicated fans during soccer games.

    I’ll let you go ahead and google what happened from the excessive drinking during the world cup. In the mean time, I suggest any beer company shuts up about DA on any and all social networks.

  75. Players criticizing their corporate sponsors….hmmm. Keep it up boys and your gravy train league will evaporate faster than the XFL.

  76. Although u ran all over my team i must say you are spot on with comment bout ahb. They are the last ones to preach moral code.. Its like a pimp complaining about women dressing like hoes..

  77. Wow. Pretty much nailed. Reminds of the line from while you were smoking, when the tobacco lobbyist crushed the Sen from Vermont about his heart clogging cheese. Good for you Arian.

  78. He’s got a good point. Adrian Petersen, Ray Rice and the others deserve whatever they get – but, do you really feel like hearing moral indignation coming from the company that introduced America to the DUI?

  79. And to top it off what they sell can hardly even be considered beer. The beer cooler at the liquor store is basically 1/3 off limits to me because it is just filled with all of their watered down swill and it all tastes the same. I can’t believe Americans buy that garbage.

  80. What’s the old saying ? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you ? Something like that.

    I guess this pretty well rules out any endorsement deals with adult beverage manufacturers !

  81. The NFL should tell AB they don’t need their cash seeing as they are so “disappointed and concerned” and just watch all the companies that line up to fill the void in advertising space. I’m sure that would might cause them to be even more disappointed and concerned — for their stockholders. What a bunch of BS from AB. There’s plenty of other beer brands that I will be drinking from now on — This Bud’s not for me

  82. I didn’t know that Busch made anyone drink there beer, stop the BS, YOU are responsibly for what you drink, just because your car will do 120 don’t mean that its smart to drive that fast, if players drink, then do bad, don’t blame the drink, blame the drinker. Bill

  83. Lots of people can drink and never knock out someone or beat kids Foster. Put the blame on the guilty. Making your argument lowers peoples opinion of you.

  84. Spot on Arian, could not have said it better myself(Ok I would have added an are in there somewhere but what the hell).

  85. Good for you Arian. The self righteous of this world who judge everyone and everything without walking a mile in anyone’s shoes make me sick. We are inherently wicked people and if you think you can suspend the world into good behavior you are a foolish idiot. This is going to happen and to just kick the people to the curb because they make a mistake is sending the wrong message. Some of these people need help and to tell them their mistake is unforgivable comes off as arrogant. Pride comes before the fall and we are all guilty in someones eyes. Every unseen thing will be made known. I feel what some of these players actions are horrific but I also know they are flesh and blood and are born in bondage to sin. Forgive and try to help them make amends.

  86. Thank you Arian Foster. Although AB deserves a voice and can have an opinion on anything, it IS hypocritical for them to jump into the fray. If they had added “please drink responsibly” at the end of their media statement, I would not have been surprised.
    The circus is nationwide this year.

  87. Ray and his wife weren’t drinking beer. Beer doesn’t make people violent. By the time you’ve drunk enough of it to get you to that point, you’re too sluggish to duke it out with anybody.

  88. NFL players had better wake and realize how this mess is going to hurt THEM. Doesn’t matter if the commish is Roger Goodell, or Roger Rabbit. NFL salary cap is based on league income (mainly television contracts). If networks can’t sell commercials, the value of television “rights” goes down. Income drops… salaries drop. And, since there are no gauranteed contracts in the NFL, it will most likely be older (expensive) players. So, get your act together, or get real jobs.

  89. If you condemn alcohol for violence, then you must be equally willing to condemn guns for murder and violence as well.

    You can’t say “guns don’t kill, humans do” in the same breath that you say “men don’t beat women, beer does”.

  90. I’ve hunt on for over a week now. I’ve made it as far as I could. And you know what? I think I just reached the point that I reached with baseball during the steroid/Congress mess.

    I just hit the point where my love of the game just doesn’t make up for everything else going on around it- and the fact that the off-the-field stuff has so much more importance (apparently) than the sport itself.


  91. Arian Foster is great. He probably puts more thought into life than half of the players in the league combined. If I could pick one player in the league to drink a beer with, it would be Arian, hands down. And it surely wouldn’t be the garbage Anheuser-Busch makes.

  92. Ha! I have to hand it to Foster, he’s said things before that are worth taking into consideration, and this one is a knock out. As if many other organizations are not plagued with employees that engender domestic violence… Of course, the difference overall is that the NFL is media dependent, and merely shows the overwhelming problems of society’s current state. Conclusion, I appreciate the balance brought by Foster.

  93. I love it! The irony is that the NFL forbids the use of marijuana and the only domestic violence incidents attributed to it’s use are slap fights over bags of Cheetos! LOL
    (Joking about the Cheetos incidents. Not sure that a stoned individuals could work up the incentive to even fight over them.)

  94. Thank you Arian Foster. It’s about time someone start talking about the role of alcohol in domestic violence. Ever hear of a sober abuser? I have met very few. Thank you Arian. I hope other players keep calling out the self-righteous.

  95. He really is right. Not an indictment on drinking. It’s an indictment on alchohalism and it’s effect which can include violence, drunk driving or just plain ruining your life. I’ve seen it first hand. I will say I’ve also seen responsible drinking. I think the point is that alchohal can really fuel a bad situation and for anheiser Busch to call out the NFL for the “handling of situations” seems foolish when their product impaires peoples handling of situations.

  96. Never the beaters fault,always blame it on something else. Both Rice and Peterson are cowards. Not much more can be said for any man that beats a woman or 4 year old child. They both need to be in jail. Not in America,we have gone soft on crime.

  97. Most of the personal conduct fines and suspensions are levied against whosee offenses are alcohol related yet is sponsored by an alcohol company. Maybe the league should fire Bud Weiser instead?

  98. For all I know I might be in the minority here, but in the many times I’ve been drunk in my life, never once have I gotten this impulse need to physically harm anyone, let alone my girlfriend… even in the midst of a heated argument.

    Not trying to sound all high and mighty, I’m just sayin’.

  99. He’s absolutely correct! The industry that originated the “party ball” is going to start playing the moral authority? I can’t take my young sons to a NFL game without trying to explaining the behavior of intoxicated fans.

  100. Quit it! There are millions of people, who drink beer probably more than they should, BUT they don’t go beating on people.

    We are dealing with young gentlemen that have been put on a pedestal at a very young age and have been excused from being normal kids like most of us. Education would be a good way to start these privileged kids rolling the other way!!! The student/athlete is starting to become a derogatory word.

  101. Well said. Just another of the many layers of hypocrisy surrounding the NFL.

    The accuracy of Mark Cuban’s prediction is ringing loudly.

  102. I love how he says they are on a ‘High Horse’.

    Because they really are… I believe it is a Clydesdale.

  103. And if Arian Foster really had a pair, he’d have a few choice words about Ray Rice’s behavior as well. But that would mean bad-mouthing another player, a fellow member of the players association. Can’t do that.

    Plenty of hypocrisy to go around.

  104. So they make beer, but they don’t forced people to get drunk off of it. If your responsible you should know your limits. Just like any other drink, this is the same as the idiot that sued McDonald’s for selling hot coffee and getting burned. You can’t blame no one but yourself.

  105. It’s kinda like those actors who decries violence after getting an oscar for a role playing Freddie Kruger…. All a bunch of hypocrites!!! Stick your thumb in the air see which way the wind blows…

  106. Cant argue with him on that. Jails have their share of otherwise decent people that were drunk when they committed crimes that sober they never would have.

  107. When Anheuser-Busch released the statement yesterday I thought it made the NFL seem even more pathetic when they were making a beer company appear to have high moral fiber.

  108. I always kinda thought Foster was one of the few NFLers that had a brain, but he is way off on this. “Domestic violence and alcohol damn near synonymous.” Right… because I know that every time me or anyone else I know has one, two or twenty drinks, it always ends up with domestic violence. Disgusting people are disgusting, alcohol just lets it show through. Somehow, “selling poison” just isn’t on the same level as beating your wife and kids.

  109. LOL drinking doesnt cause domestic violence, SINCE WHEN? Bottom line the NFL and the Vikes, Ravens, Panthers, Niners should have gotten this right the first time! Now all of a sudden because your money says something its a BIG deal what a bananna in the tail pipe!

  110. Guess what Arian, playing football for $millions is only possible due to companies like this, who pay for the fans’ attention.

    These players never seem to miss an opportunity to demonstrate how little they “get it”.

  111. Always a smart move to trash a billion dollar sponsor of your league, especially when they’re right to begin with.

  112. I agree totally with Arian foster about A-B . Total hypocrisy. Also , somebody needs to point out that nike should shut the hell up as well . They have a history of exploiting third world countries by paying their workers 13 cents an hour. They are in no position to preach ethics nor morality. “He who is without sin cast the first stone”.

  113. Well, one could point to the mysterious death of a girl in the home of one of the Busch children a couple of years ago. I’m sure that was just an accident.

  114. The drunk driver who rendered me a quadriplegic was full of your morals at a alcohol level of 1.8. Needless to say, I’m still paralyzed from the neck down 35 years later.

  115. Like it or not that “poison” is pretty high on the list of most sports fans gameday experience and helps players like Foster make a lot of money.

  116. Arian Foster is a breath of fresh air when it comes to NFL players, he speaks his mind and when he does so, it’s usually well thought out and makes an intelligent point.

  117. I would put myself in the “Heavy Binge Drinkers” category. No I’m not proud of that, but I got into that lifestyle in college and I’ve been that way for the 10 years after it. I go out on the weekends and have a good time, usually get overserved, and feel like garbage the next day. Not once in my life has it ever crossed my mind to hit a woman. So don’t tell me “Domestic violence and alcohol damn near synonymous.” That’s only true if you had the propensity to hit your wife when you were sober, and the alcohol just lowered your inhibitions. I am bewildered at all the people sticking up for Rice and Peterson, who both should be in jail if not for our screwed up legal system.

  118. Kudos Arian foster kudos. I’m disappointed in the amount of drunk driving accidents and deaths. How about the binge drinking deaths that occur in college it is alarming to see all the cirrhosis deaths and we as people don’t condone that. I also don’t condone garbage beer so work on that too before you start stepping into nfl affairs. Pull your beer I’m sure coots and many other beers would love to take your spot lol

  119. I don’t know of many Anheuser-Busch employees making over $400,000 a year, nor do I know any kids that have Anheuser-Busch jerseys or Anheuser-Busch posters on their walls. This is far from being a pot/kettle issue, far, far, far different.

  120. Well…. dudes got a point.

    But can’t blame them for protecting their product. Although they are probably positioning themselves for a better deal once this blows over.

  121. Just criticism by Foster. Glossing over all the negative consequences of alcohol with a sappy video of a clydesdale and a few slow motion pours does not make you an authority on ethics.

  122. Foster has a point but so does Anheuser-Busch. NFL front office really created this entire mess on their own and now football is an after thought this year compared to the relentless media coverage of recent negative issues that the league brought upon themselves…Goodell needs to go ASAP

  123. I’m sorry Arian but I can actually enjoy a beer and not beat my wife. Stop deflecting and start taking responsibility!!!

  124. So true! I thought the same thing when I heard they released this statement. Don’t even get me started on the increases of DUI fatalities every year. Alcohol IS poison!

  125. Yes before AB made that statement someone should have done a study on the number of arrest for domestic violence or violence in general are actually alcohol related, i’m sure this would’ve had changed their thought process on this matter.

  126. Anything that breaks down the current witch hunt mentality is alright by me.

    I don’t ask my insurance guy if he beat his wife (or if she beat her husband), I don’t care about my running back either. That has nothing to do with their jobs.

    Begin moral outrage in 3,2,1….

  127. That’s a BS argument by Arian Foster. If someone’s goal is to get drunk and do stupid things while drunk, if they don’t get that way by drinking one of Budweiser’s products, they will do it with someone else’s. Not a valid argument at all, Foster. Sorry.

    And #2, it’s Budweiser. Crappy American yellow fizzy liquid. Yuck. No great loss if they pull out of the NFL.

  128. Alcohol is definitely detrimental in a lot of obvious ways – but blaming alcohol for the domestic violence actions of an individuals is a horribly naïve rationale. Couple that with condemning alcohol consumption across the board because of a small % of the population at a game/anywhere is beyond terrible logic and approach. Just because a small majority has an issue – why penalize everyone that is behaving appropriately. Where is the outrage and demand for accountability for (small) group that abuses it versus indicting everyone? Why always lower the bar to the lowest common denominator versus holding individuals accountable?

  129. I bet they were conveniently quiet when Brent Jones and Donte Stallworth were killing people while drunk.

    As awful as any kind of abuse is, at least the 2 victims in the Rice and Peterson situations get to live on.

  130. You need to understand the enlist language to understand what he is saying folks. He is not blaming domestic violence on alcohol, he said they are synonymous. Meaning, that that lots of times alcohol has been consumed when domestic violence occurs. He is right, beer companies don’t have a strong leg to stand on when they are putting people down for dv cuz lots of times their product is involved somehow.

    Everyone is accountable for their own actions too, but reality is, lots of people don’t handle their actions all that well when they drink.

    Arian is right in saying they need to be careful what they say. Even if the NFL makes money off these beer companies. Last time I checked, we weren’t slaves to corporations to the point where we can’t disagree with their statements.

  131. Two things: I’m STUNNED Arian Foster knew what “synonymous” means…

    Second: Someone needs to play the Randy Newman song “It’s Money that Matters” to Foster. Clearly he doesn’t get that.

    NOTHING else matters to the NFL. Nothing.

  132. He is right, but like the other advertisers that are bending to the pressure to chastise the NFL are doing so because they recognize the danger to their bottom line in just standing by and not taking a stand against one of society’s most loathsome occurrences.

  133. Ok so kudos to Foster, however…

    …I also think kudos should be given to Anheuser Busch. Yes they sell alcohol, and yes there is a link between alcohol and domestic violence. This is precisely why it was a good thing that they did what they did. It’s also precisely why every big alcohol company puts forth Corporate Social Responsibility efforts to promote designated driving and to “drink responsibly”. Just because this company sells alcohol doesn’t mean it has lost the right to ever speak out against domestic violence.

  134. You know Foster is right . Look back at all the domestic assaults. Over the last 50 yrs I’ll bet over 75percent involve alcohol. Not to mention all the people that are dead or crippled because of drunk driving. Budweiser is a huge part of the problem. Open your eyes people marijuana is not the evil weed our government wants you to believe. Once it’s legal everywhere you’ll see all the violent crimes drop . Just as Colorado has.

  135. I drink as much as most, maybe more. Not bragging about that. Just saying, I’ve never hit a woman or child, sober or otherwise.

  136. The irony here is that you would have to be full of an alcohol based substance to get through an entire Texans game.

  137. Drinking alcohol is legal in this country, isn’t it? And Anheuser Busch does have a disclaimer on their ads to ‘Drink Responsibly’. I don’t think that beating a 4 year old with a switch til he bleeds or striking your wife and knocking her out is legal. I don’t know how Arian Foster can equate both of them as being equal. C’mon now.

  138. A sponsor says cut the crap or we won’t give you our money and the soap boxes come out… definitely one of the worst things about the internet… everyone’s an activist behind their screen

  139. I guess players aren’t smart enough to read the warning labels, we know they are to cheap to call a taxi when drunk.

  140. Who knew Anheuser-Busch had a moral code? I believe they should have left well enough alone. Now I’d like to see their internal records of exactly how their “company culture” operates.

  141. I lost count of all the “bite the hand that feeds you” comments. However, just as it’s not alcohols fault directly, it certainly isn’t the NFLs fault either.

  142. Arian Foster FACTO, while alcohol is not a general the immediate cause for domestic violence, it has been know to contribute to domestic violence

  143. He’s totally right

    They are also completely implicit in our culture of misogyny and paternalism, look at the brand message and advertising

    Beer is also crap, filled with stuff like high fructose corn syrup

    America the dumb

  144. Nobody is saying that if anyone drinks alcohol, they are going to commit domestic abuse or something else. All Arian is trying to say is that in most domestic violence cases, alcohol is often involved or the catalyst. Drugs are probably responsible for a lot of violence that goes on around the world.

  145. The NFL doesn’t need beer companies…beer companies need the NFL. The NFL gets their pick of advertisers…because they are so popular. You think if the hypocrites from those beer companies pull out…others won’t eagerly step in…they’re not the hand that feeds the players…the players are the ones that make those guys rich.

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