Brandon Marshall angry about ESPN profile: “They lied to me”


ESPN profiled Bears receiver Brandon Marshall on E:60 today, and it was a complex profile worthy of the complex person Marshall is. But Marshall isn’t happy about the way ESPN went about putting his life on display.

Marshall took to Twitter shortly before the profile aired to say that ESPN and reporter Lisa Salters misled him about what the profile would entail.

E:60 is running a piece on me tonight that they lied to me about,” Marshall wrote. “It was suppose to be a story on a camp. They followed me around 2 years ago and at the end put a camera in my face to talk about it and asked nothing [about] the camp or the community weekend. I’m disappointed that ESPN and Lisa Salters continue to try and tell my story in ESPN’s words. Better yet I’m pissed off – beyond disappointed. This is the second time ESPN did this. I trust ESPN to tell my story & they lied to me once again to get my interview .Media exploits & tells thier own stories. Disappoints again. Well I guess I probably should use my coping skills now. Thanks ESPN.”

What’s surprising about the profile, given Marshall’s reaction, is that most people who watched it probably came away from it with a more favorable view of Marshall than they had before. The profile delved into Marshall’s history of domestic violence accusations, as any complete profile of Marshall should — that’s part of his history, part of who he is. But the profile also portrayed Marshall as a man who realized he had a problem, sought mental health treatment, turned his life around and developed a strong and healthy relationship with his wife.

If Ray Rice is the public face of a domestic violence problem in the NFL, then Marshall could be the public face of how a man like Rice could make himself a better man — through hard work, counseling and time. Marshall may not like the way ESPN reported his story, but it was an important story, well told.

74 responses to “Brandon Marshall angry about ESPN profile: “They lied to me”

  1. Welcome to our world-

    Johnny Manziel, Jameis Winston, Tim Tebow, Brett Favre, Lebron and Michael Sam.

  2. the four letter network is the least liked network amongst all NFL fans.

    It is so obvious that they put the dollar ahead of everything else

  3. Not surprising. Borderlines have a tendency towards unpredictable changes in behavior and a weak, unstable self image.

  4. Cool the anger and own it, bro. Haven’t seen the special, but my understanding is that they left viewers with an overall positive opinion of you. The rest of the league should be so lucky. By blowing up, you could lose that newly formed goodwill.

  5. A person that provides that level of access and information about their life should never be blindsided by the story. Whether it played positive or negative, shame on ESPN for not explaining the way it would play to the subject.

  6. That’s not the point.

    The fact is, they lied about the contents and context, and naturally use the domestic violence angle, given the current events.

    If he agreed and believed that emphasis would be placed on his camp’s activities, then where is it?

    He doesn’t shy away from talking about his past, so it’s not like he’s disappointed because they delved into those matters. Most people with eyes and ears have seen how he has sincerely evolved since those times. So only casual ESPN/non-football fans would have learned anything. The rest of us knew these things.

    It is a matter of yellow journalism — yet again — emanating from Bristol and people are sick of it, except trolls, who get their ammunition from there.

  7. Us Vike fans refer to ESPN as BSPN. I root against the Bears but I have alot of respect for their current team and of course it includes Marshall. He’s turned himself around with his “deversities” and is a great player but also a better person. Too bad sports media or the media in general twists, distorts all the above to get a story but also bend it for their followers. Way to sound off Brandon!

  8. Wait, according to the E.60 piece Brandon Marshall has an established pattern of Domestic Abuse. Dude needs to be suspended by the league because we can’t be sure when he’ll strike again. They can be using him in the highlight reel on Sunday when he could be beating a women on Monday. Suspend him now is the only way to prevent it.

  9. I don’t blame BMarsh for being upset. Who will be the next suspect or guilty party, this is like a domino effect.

    All the skeletons are coming out because of technology….This country is being brain washed left and right from the Media and Social Networks.

  10. ESPN loves to build up athletes as these superstar entertainers (when they’re not, they play a sport) then absolutely crush then should they stumble in ANY form. They’ve shifted from a sports news network, to sports gossip and scandal network. I no longer can watch sportscenter, much less any of that crap they pass off as debate between untalented clowns such as Steven A, Bayless, Jemile Hill, etc.

  11. Remember the old joke about Oprah from Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle.
    A guest would come on and say…
    Well Oprah “I was homeless”…Oprah would reply “I was homeless,too”
    Well Oprah “I smoked crack”…Oprah would reply “I smoked crack,too”
    Well Oprah “I used to shoplift”…Oprah would reply “I used to shoplift,too”
    basically in the last few weeks every host on ESPN has had their on personal story to tell us.What will they cover after they destroy the NFL.

  12. If he channels that anger productively on Monday night — a game being telecast on ESPN no less — the Jets had better look out. But if he lets it get into his head to where he isn’t effective it’s a whole nother thing. I’m sure given the current climate that the Jets fans were gonna remind him of his past transgressions regardless… this just piles on another layer.

  13. It sounds like what pissed Brandon off is not the e60 price itself, but rather the conniving way they got the story out of him. He probably would have been okay with telling his story if they asked him – he’s not afraid to tell it, rather then ESPN playing cloak and dagger with him.

  14. for Marshall to act surprised that he didn’t know the program would examine his Borderline Personality problem is ridiculous, and also is very Borderline.

    It portrayed his treatment and professional turnaround in a very positive light…. then he immediately acted as if it didn’t properly serve his view… that self centeredness IS BPD

    the only bad thing that happened tonight is Marshall slid further back towards BPD again.

  15. The issue here isn’t that about whether or not they created a favorable or unfavorable view of Brandon.

    Brandon’s issue is that they MANIPULATED him by telling them they wanted to follow him around and film the work he’s doing at what is likely some youth camp.

    It is the bait and switch that he is upset about. That’s manipulative on behalf of ESPN. I would be upset too.

  16. Marshall’s story might be an important one, but the timing of ESPN to air it now is suspect at best and morally irresponsible at worse.

    They filmed it TWO years ago and now they just happen to air it? I’m not buying it as anything other than a corporate money and ratings grab due to the recent issues.

  17. When it comes to ESPN butchering a story, I’m going to side with Marshall on this one… it would not be a shocker if they told him one thing about their storyline and then did another

    No one is rationalizing or writing off his past – but the difference is that Marshall OWNS his faults (and sought treatment – which is what a Man SHOULD do!)

    Rice, Peterson – and ESPN – are very much in denial as to their faults

  18. This is a simple business decision by ESPN Mr. Marshall, nothing more. If you are a reformed domestic violence perpetrator then expect this to be told now.
    Your story will now make ESPN LOTS money. When will athletes realize that their only purpose is to generate money for business owers?

  19. But why MDS did Marshall get the chance to continue to play in the NFL despite repeated offenses and yet Rice gets banned from the league for one? All of the reports are that even prior to being suspended he had begun meeting with team preacher with his wife and that he quit drinking as a result of the event. He didn’t need to be suspended for the entire year to learn from his mistake. But because there was a video of what he did, he does not get the chance to continue playing in the league while he “turns his life around and develops a strong and healthy relationship with his wife.” Nope. We just bury him for his mistake. If you believe Rice should be kicked out of the league, I cannot understand how you could feel otherwise about Marshall given his past offenses.

  20. ESPN lost its soul when acquired by ABC. Brandon, I have followed your career with great interest, especially how you have dealt with mental disorders. I so much value what you have undergone; I am remotely similar in that regard. The fact is, as you correctly point out, the media is not reporting facts anymore; its creating them for the simple purpose of opining. They shouldn’t be called reporters, but rather ‘opiners’. Its a damn shame that the ‘traditional media’ has bought into the ‘enquirer media’ simply because there is more money in it. And it really is terrible that they do so without regard to the innate character of the people they verbally assault.

  21. FYI, Brandon…..Goodell can now say they have new evidence and suspend you indefinitely !


    Sticks and stones may break your bones , but names will never hurt you.

    Now Ray Rice,he might hurt you if your elevator sticks, so stay away from him. Well wait, maybe ESPN broke that story and it’s all wrong.

    Who cares, nobody listens to ESPN do they??????

  23. Besides its actual live game broadcasting espn stopped being relevant more than a decade ago. Does anyone even watch SC anymore?

  24. ESPN is the TMZ of sports reporting. Except TMZ does a better job of getting videos and pictures to back up their stories.

  25. Mike Holmgren was recently on the local sports radio telling a story about ESPN that did the exact same thing when Mike was the coach for GB. ESPN was supposed to be there for training camp and when the piece aired it was about ESPN finding an African American who lived in GB and made it about race. ESPN’s portrayal was that GB was a racist community because there were few African Americans who lived there. Moral of the story was don’t trust ESPN. Plus they suck when it comes to football coverage.

  26. I don’t doubt at all that ESPN lied , that don’t care about people all they care about is drumming up a story whether one exists or not. I watched the E:60 and it actually made Marshall look like a great comeback story. He seems very much at peace now which is why I believe him.

  27. I’m glad the story portrayed him positively, but don’t blame him for being upset. No surprise that ESPN misled him, and certainly no surprise at the timing.

    They used him, and exploited his past to lure viewers. Him being mad is a normal reaction, not an example – as some would have it – that he’s suffering from BPD.

  28. How could the story be “well told” if it is out of context and full of lies and innuendos. Just because it presents him as a guy who has worked hard to overcome his demons, does not mean you can lie to get the story. Way to stick up for your own, with this post….

  29. ESPN doing its thing. You folks who think Brandon should be happy he was portrayed very nicely are not getting it. It’s as Mr. Wright stated above: the ESPN mill decided they’d get more viewers if they made the show about “pulling himself up by his bootstraps” or whatev, so it was easy to lie to the guy. Man. Most of us on this board do not like BSPN (thanks Navyvike) but we’re stuck with it.

    I’ve come to like Brandon Marshall, too, although there are too many Brandons in the NFL.

  30. Marshall is a turdball. As soon as things start going wrong in Chicago and they will soon, he’ll have a breakdown and do something really stupid. I guarantee it!

  31. Espn has become to sports as MTV has become to music. Basically a clown show that does their own things and only loosely relates to real sports.

  32. “I’m disappointed that ESPN and Lisa Salters continue to try and tell my story in ESPN’s words. Better yet I’m pissed off – beyond disappointed. This is the second time ESPN did this.”

    Come on, if ESPN didn’t try to drum up interest in nonstories, they would just be a sports network. Heck, if this site did the same thing, it would just be blank pages.

  33. The point isn’t that the story portrayed Brandon in a positive light despite his struggles. The point is that he was led to believe the piece would be on his camp.

    Regardless of whatever message the piece they released sends, it took the exposure from this camp away to refocus it on a story we’ve all heard to death over the years simply because the Ray Rice fiasco has made the topic a hotbed again. Regardless of ESPN’s intent, this is despicable journalism ethics.

    As a Dolphins fan I’m well versed in Marshall’s struggles on and off the field. I couldn’t be happier that he’s managed to square his life away and re-emerge as an elite receiver in the league. But why reopen doors to this man’s life that should remain shut?

  34. Fool me once shame on you…fool me twice, go crazy, get on twitter and get fined and ruin any type of career I might have in broadcasting after football….

    J/k BM, ESPN does that to everyone….just ask every Non-American MLB player.

  35. Yeah, haven’t seen the piece, and if it sheds him in a good light, that’s all well and good. But that’s still crap if ya gotta lie to the guy about any or all details. I don’t know how anyone could think that’s good practice. I gotta think it’d be a bit harder to get a story if other athletes know there’s a chance they’d lie to them about the content.

  36. I believe players have to be available to the media as part of their pro contract, but hey, wise up, choose your media. I would bet that the contract does not say players MUST be avail. to ALL media (Japanese TV?) or ESPN specifically.

  37. Brandon chill out. I liked you more after espn’s program than I ever knew of you to begin with. People are already smart enough to know that the media plays for ratings and is constantly spinning things to its own agenda. There was no need to try and explain that. Just remember that bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.. in some cases.

  38. First player to turn. Who’s next? And it’s sad because the guy travels to do shows for ESPN, owns his past mistakes and tries to uplift people. And I can freaking understand the words coming out of his mouth. That’s a foul ball ESPN, foul ball.

  39. I never watch ESPN anymore because it has turned into the sports version of a cable news network. It becomes about the announcers and the way the story is packaged and presented rather than the news of the day. When there’s a live sporting event I’ll tune in but that’s about the only time.

  40. Brandon chill out. I liked you more after espn’s program than I ever knew of you to begin with. People are already smart enough to know that the media plays for ratings and is constantly spinning things to its own agenda. There was no need to try and explain that. Just remember that bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.. at least in your case.

  41. Let’s see if just the dates of BMarsh’es DV incidents will get posted:

    June 17, 2006

    March 18, 2007

    March 26, 2007

    June 8, 2007

    June 30, 2007

    Oct. 22, 2007

    March 4-6, 2008

    March 1, 2009

    Feb. 26, 2010

    April 22, 2011

    June 10, 2011

    July 31, 2011

    March 11, 2012

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