Minnesota governor calls on Vikings to suspend Peterson

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The governor of Minnesota is calling on the Vikings to change course and suspend Adrian Peterson for abusing his son.

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says Peterson — who admits that he whipped his son and caused cuts and bruises — should not be playing until he has gone through the legal process.

It is an awful situation,” Dayton said in a statement. “Yes, Mr. Peterson is entitled to due process and should be ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ However, he is a public figure; and his actions, as described, are a public embarrassment to the Vikings organization and the State of Minnesota. Whipping a child to the extent of visible wounds, as has been alleged, should not be tolerated in our state. Therefore, I believe the team should suspend Mr. Peterson, until the accusations of child abuse have been resolved by the criminal justice system.”

Dayton said he remains a Vikings fan, even as he feels disappointment toward the team.

“I will not turn my back on the Vikings and their fans, as some have suggested. The Vikings belong to Minnesota – and in Minnesota. This has been the team’s only home; and our citizens, including myself, have been its most dedicated fans,” Dayton said.

Given the way NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handled the Ray Rice case, it’s almost impossible to trust Goodell to handle the Peterson case appropriately. Which is one reason that many are calling on the Vikings to take it upon themselves to bench Peterson. Something they’re refusing to do amid severe public pressure.

185 responses to “Minnesota governor calls on Vikings to suspend Peterson

  1. Elected politicians are public figures too. Governor Dayton should start identifying within Minnesota government, not just convicted criminals, but those with pending allegations too. He can set the example.

  2. They can’t actually suspend him, they can only deactivate him by putting him on the inactive list before the games. Maybe if they did it’ll count proactively against his eventual suspension by the NFL though.

  3. “Due process” goes out the window the minute you admit to beating a four-year-old hard enough to draw blood.

  4. The vikings management have lost the plot.

    Zimmer doesn’t deserve this kind of poor management.

  5. As a Vikings fan, he should want the team to win, which means AP plays.

    As the governor, he should want the team to win, which means AP plays.

    As a member of the legal community, he should understand the concept of innocent until proven guilty, which means AP plays.

    What a moron! With him and Al Sharpton running the show up there, I feel bad for the people of Minnesota.

  6. I’m glad the NFL has felonious convicted owners in charge of making decisions for the team, seems like a perfect role-model making scenario.

  7. Like I said yesterday….AP will NOT play this Sunday. Honestly the Vikings had to be on drugs to even entertain the scenario of him suiting up against the Saints this Sunday. Were they expecting people and the league to be ok with it?

  8. Wilf is a complete moron. Did he really not see this backlash coming or is he that much of an arrogant fool?

  9. These GM’s and coaches just don’t get it…..doesn’t matter what you do, it’s how valuable you are as a player….just all about wins and losses baby!

  10. Want to apply pressure.. start to talk about funding the new stadium. Radisson has the right idea to invoke change.

    Simply put, the NFL is a business, the Vikings are an arm. But the NFL also relies on antitrust exemptions, tax exemptions, public funding and support.

    Want change.. start to inflict hardship on the above flows the NFL relies upon. They have made it perfectly clear again this past two weeks… they are only interested in the bottom line and public opinion.

    They are damaging their brand.. but not enough to invoke change.

    Personally, the governor of Minnesota and others have gotten in right.. simply suspend with pay until the legal action has ran its course. The players still get their paychecks.. and the NFL saves itself a PR nightmare. Then start to build into the contracts provisions if you are convicted (not charged or accused) of a crime you can be cut and face a prorated portion of any signing bonuses being returned upon conviction.

    The small percentage of players that run into legal issues will either walk themselves out of the league or they will alter their choices moving forward. The amount of cash being talked about is behavior changing.. use it.

  11. Being from California, I’ve never heard of Gov. Dayton, but I applaud him for his courage to speak-out on the correct side of this issue. Coming from the land of Michelle Bachmann, and other various losers of her ilk, I’m impressed MN has such an intelligent governor.

  12. He’s probably correct, but this is the same guy who said the Vikings pulled a fast one on the new stadium seat license fees when the legislation he signed said exactly the opposite.

  13. As usual, a politician chimes in when there is an oportunity to gain some political points with the public. Try actually doing something yourself rather than just asking someone else to.

  14. This buffoon needs to focus on trying to right the sinking ship of a state he presides over, and worry less about issues that he has no control over or stake in. Hopefully the citizens of MN are smart enough to remove this laughing stock from office in November…but I seriously doubt it.

  15. Good!

    He should be suspended. The problem is, the team should realize that on their own, and not have to be pushed by the governor.

  16. Severe public pressure? I’ve seen multiple fans with points of view ranging from complete condemnation to completely condoning Adrian’s actions as a parent. The media is spinning the story to get more negative publicity instead of displaying it as a problem that must be corrected by means other than taking things away from him. Yes it’s a shame that Adrian went as far as he did in disciplining his child. However, I do believe Adrian is still a good man and a good father and MEANS to do what’s best for his kids. All that needs to be done is to provide help for Adrian other than putting him in an excruciatingly long time-out with people who probably see that kind of whooping as simply a part of life.

  17. If Peterson did the same thing to a neighbor’s child he would be expected to be in prison for 10 years.

    Stuffing leaves in a 4 year old’s mouth before you whip them with a stick on their face, arms, legs, inner thighs, and scrotum hard enough to show welt and open cuts a week later is a crime no matter how poorly “you were raised.”

  18. You know what then? He should try to get a bill passed that will with hold money for the stadim until he is released. If the NFL wants to use public money then the public should have say. The way they get a say is through their elected officials. So what those officials need to do is stopping calling for other people to do the right and start doing the right thing themselves.

    If work stops in Minnesota with no idea when it’s gonna start up again you can bet that the Wilfs will be able to figure out on their own pretty quickly that peterson is guilty of child abuse and that that’s someone they don’t want to be associated with.

  19. If this was happening to anyone’s child, let’s say at school, the parents of all the abused children would want any and all higher ups to intervene for the sake and best interest of their child’s health and well being.

    For theVike fans that say politicians should ‘ stay in their lane, ‘ judge not lest ye be judged !’

  20. Is this really the standard we want: if you are charged with a crime you lose your job? I get this is a serious matter, but his suspension should wait until the issue has been settled in the legal system.

  21. The University of Minnesota has been protesting the upcoming game against the Washington Redskins, I wonder what their stance on having an admitted child abuser run on their field is?

  22. The NFL has enough evidence in this case to suspend him for 6 games according to their own BRAND NEW policy they announced last week. I’m not calling for anyone’s job here because I think this is just a mess they weren’t equipped to deal with. But they’ve brought in outside counsel and “experts”….they announced a new domestic violence policy that calls for a 6 game immediate suspension. So I really don’t understand why the NFL hasn’t suspended him yet. That being said…I’d put money on it that they will announce a suspension for AP by Friday though.

  23. do we really want to set a precedent of not letting people work while their case plays out or should we exercise caution and wait until they are convicted?

    i dont know the answer but i’m thinking we may wish to exercise restraint.

  24. I can’t decide if people are getting carried away with all the media hype or if Peterson actually deserves to lose his job. It’s a finer line than the Rice situation. This is more a case of Peterson being a total idiot whereas Rice just flat out knew he was doing wrong.

  25. I just can’t understand the people calling the Vikings cowards. The Vikings are the OPPOSITE of cowards. They are backing a person who deserves to get a trial, and they know better than anyone in the media or these blogs. The fact they are willing to defend him in this sand storm of hate speaks to the character the Vikings Organization feels Adrian has.

  26. Why can’t they handle in similar fashion to how police do when there’s a shooting?

    They place the officer on administrative leave (with pay) until the investigation is complete. This means it isn’t a black mark against the officer, unless proven to be so.

    With AP, an ‘administrative deactivation’ until the judication system reaches a resolition.

  27. the Vikings are straight up crazy to not be doing anything about this…. one way or another AP and the Vikings are both going to pay big time for this…..

  28. What AP did was wrong and went to far. Whatever happens is going to happen. However Dayton needs to worry about his job, maybe if he take more interest in his job we wouldn’t have State shutdowns. No one cares what you have to say Gov.

  29. None of the guv’s business, whatever the side of the issue he is on. Tell your buddies what you think in private, just like any citizen would, but keep your piehole shut in public and stick to your job.

  30. Not saying I agree with the Vikes decision, but they simply did what every single other franchise in the NFL would have done in the same situation….that is suspend him for a single game and let the league take over after that. When was the last time you saw a franchise suspend a player until the charges have settled…..never, cuz it’s never happened. Vikings are taking treating this situation status-quo, and anyone who thinks the franchise who they cheer for would handle the situation any different, is just ignorant and sadly mistaken.

  31. At first I was upset that Peterson was getting compared to Ray Rice. At this point I’m just interested to see how far it gets taken. Fire everybody and just sit back and watch it all burn.

  32. Marc Dayton just lost my vote in 2014. If you are going to jump on the bandwagon for political gain, I’ll make sure to do my part in making sure that backfires.

  33. I get the whole “I want my team to win”, but isn’t there a line anywhere?

    The guy beat not one but two 4 year olds!

    He stuffed leaves in the mouth of one while he whipped him with a tree branch about the head and groin.

    The other he left a head scar.

    He has a “whoppin room”.

    His own 4 year old said he didn’t want to tell because he was afraid “daddy would slug me in the head”.

    Come on people. Jeez. This is something out of True Crimes.

  34. It’s in your court Saints fan. Relentless booing of this criminal organization at every opportunity when they come to town this weekend. He shouldn’t go to jail or be fined by the government prior to due process, but anyone who beats multiple 4 year old children with a stick about the head or the naked body should not be in the NFL. Convicted or not.

    Man up Ziggy. Some things are more important than losing by 4 instead of 14.

  35. Everyone knows he should be suspended, but the NFL is in the business of making a LOT of money through winning games. They only care about the MONEY that comes from winning.
    We will have to wait and see if the Vikings do the right thing and suspend Peterson until this is over. Another example of a professional athlete who gets special treatment.

  36. He has been deactivated for a game and embarrassed publicly. No need for further punishment from NFL or media. Let the courts decide what to do. It’s not like he put cigar butts out on the kid. I got beat when I was younger and I love my parents. He was def excessive with his punishments, just send him to parent counseling or something.

  37. It should be pointed out to the governor that these actions occurred in Texas and not in Minnesota. I can’t wait until he gets his hand (or other body parts) caught in the cookie jar and is asked to resign to see how he responds then.

  38. so many of you viking fans make me sick. this guy is going to jail. defend all you want. he tortured his own child!!! HAVE YOU SEEN THE PICS AND READ THE TRANSCRIPTS HELLOOOO

  39. It’s amazing how people (fans) are willing to let this slip off the crack. Just because he’s AP, he still have to go under the extent of the law like you and I.
    Do what’s right!!!

  40. Saints fan here, that FAKE bounty gate thing that you always bring up pales in comparison to this scandal.

  41. Here’s what I see….a league trying to be a legal system. It just won’t work. Individual contracts with teams should and do include personal conduct provisions. Leave that issue to the teams.

    However, what I would like to see the league do is simple. IF you are CONVICTED of a crime, you are expelled from the league forever. IF you are ACCUSED and CHARGED with a crime you are suspended until adjudicated. That should be league policy. Throw the bums out. There is no RIGHT to play in the NFL and it should be treated as a privilege.

    I feel bad for the 99% of the players that just play the game and are good people. The UNION, and that goes for all UNIONS, need to remember that they represent good employees as well.

  42. If Bush had ordered terrorists whipped until bleeding like AP does to his children, most of the people who voted for Dayton would be calling him a war criminal.

  43. I don’t concur with letting him play. I don’t concur with sitting him out until the legal process plays out. I would recommend the NFL suspen him for 6 to 8 games (ala Big Ben) and have him do a PSA on child abuse before every primetime game. I am sure he is not the only guy in America who needs to learn that hitting of this nature is no longer appropriate.

  44. I’ll bet he’s a supporter of union rights to file grievances over union members who are disciplined by employers before the matter can be adjudicated in the properly-designated forum.

  45. FACT: If A/P had done to an adult what he did to this 4 year old he would be charged with assault. But its “proper discipline” to him? Give me a break.

  46. I think it would be best if Adrian’s lawyer got back from out of Country asap, so Adrian can take the plea deal waiting for him in Texas and then the NFL can hand down its verdict and put an end to all of this mess.

    As of right now it’s a media circus, with every one that’s wants to stand on their soap box.

  47. No excuses for Wilf & Company, but the NFL should act. Despite all of this, the NFL must carry on as a fair and balanced league, and they need to provide teams with a consistant baseline. Owners fill stadiums and GMs and coaches put food on their tables by winning games, so the conflict of interest is huge if left to the teams.

  48. Vikings are taking treating this situation status-quo, and anyone who thinks the franchise who they cheer for would handle the situation any different, is just ignorant and sadly mistaken


    Vikes suspended Chris Cook for the remainder of the 2011 season when he was charged, and he was ultimately acquitted of all charges. So, teams can suspend players if they want.

  49. Puh Leze! Drayton is a public embarrassment to Minnesota. The same people who elected that lunatic, Jesse Ventura, have followed him up with another lunatic. Drayton was prevented from joining his own families business because he was “troubled” and now he’s the governor of Minnesota. The per capita tax burden in MN is in the top 10 in the country and this jerk likes going around telling people they aren’t paying enough in taxes. He’s attaching himself to this Peterson story just for free publicity to help his re-election campaign. These politicians are such jerks. He should keep his mouth shut and do as little damage as possible until he loses the next election. What an unbelievable @h.

  50. This is great theatre, you have a morally bankrupt politician whose main job in life is to put his hand in your wallet telling a team owner who was recently convicted for fraud how to handle a child beater on a team most famous for flying hookers in from out of state to perform lewd acts on a boat.

    Talk about the blind leading the blind, its like having the street corner girl in fishnets lecturing your daughter on the virtures of virginity. Nobody believes you and the audience doesn’t understand a word you are saying all for the benefit of a newspaper headline.

  51. The “innocent until proven guilty” and “due process” spouting people on this site need to think. Peterson already admitted that he hit the kid and stuffed leaves in his mouth. There are pictures of the open wounds.

    Do you guys think that if he got off on a technicality, or plead to a lesser charge, it would suddenly mean that his abuse of a 4 year-old would be less severe.

    If someone beat your 4 year old kid in the same manner, and there were pictures and an admission, would you withhold your judgment and anger against the person until he/she went through the court system.

    A lot of the people commenting about “due process” and “kids need to be hit” don’t have kids (or a clue).

  52. There are sooooo many more things this idiot Gov should be concerned about. Typical democrat.

  53. Apparently the Wilf looked at the situation and thought “Now we can one up Goodell!” By screwing it up even worse than he did. Apparently they don’t read the news, or haven’t seen a child in 40 years.

  54. Is this what it’s going to come down to? A politician doing what Roger Goodell is getting paid to do? While he’s hiding out and covering his butt, this guy is going to take the field on Sunday,like nothing happened. Nice job,NFL.

  55. “Due process” goes out the window the minute you admit to beating a four-year-old hard enough to draw blood.”

    Ok. Here’s an idea……

    1) Let’s get rid of the justice system.

    2)For anyone, accused of anything. Let’s let the media present us with only the parts of the situation that they see fit in order to get more attention than the next guy, including their own opinion.

    3) Put up a poll so that the “public” can vote on guilt or innocence to determine the course of someone’s life.

    That’s what some people seem to prefer.

    I don’t think anyone thinks what happened is OK or necessarily supports Adrian. They support the process that is in place for a reason (pretty much, exactly this reason). That is COMPLETELY different than condoning or supporting what he did.

  56. Fair justice would be for someone to whip Adrian Peterson the same way he whipped his son. Do it until he is cut and bleeding, then do it some more.

    On the evening news, the sports reporter was reading the spin from the Vikings on why they brought him back. Basically team management admitted the team was so poor in talent, training, and management, only with Adrian did they have a chance to win.

    Coach had willfully failed to train others to take his place. No team leadership, backup players, nothing. Just a bunch of overweight, clueless guys chasing a ball on the field. Sad.

  57. Don’t get me wrong. Rice/Hardy/Peterson etc’s actions need to be addressed. Goodell has bungled things so far and his resignation would be fine by me. The NFL makes a mighty fine soap box for politicians and social advocates to jump up on. So, does the NFL need to go through the entire criminal code, sort it by severity and assign a sliding scale of suspensions to each? Where does this stop?

  58. Keep applying the pressure mr. Governor. Withhold funding on the new stadium and all of that. People in Los Angeles will love you for it.

  59. Im less concerned with weather or not he plays for a few weeks, then I am over what are the Vikings doing to insure AP doesnt whip his kids again. Maybe parent classes?

  60. What I don’t get is why everyone is acting like its news that good players receive different treatment than players who suck. Of course! Everything in life and thus business is simply weighing the positives against the negatives. If a player who is replaceable from a talent standpoint is obviously going to be cut if he draws negative attention via a heinous crime. A player of APs caliber is going to be allowed to stay if they think he is still bringing in more $$ than he is losing them. People have trouble viewing it this way, but it applies to all aspects of our lives.

    If your brother borrowed your car and got into an accident, would you forgive him? What about your gf/bf? Best friend? Lousy friend? Acquaintance? Maybe the first 3, but probably not the last 2. Whether people like to admit or not, the same situation applies differently to different people depending on how much they bring to the table.

  61. Embarrassed that he is our governor. The Dayton family has a long history of allegations to get their company to where it is today. AP is a public figure and he is owning up to what he did, he has met with the right people and is working with the legal system to get this resolved.

    Personally, I don’t think what he did was all that bad. I was raised with the belt as well, and it did keep me from making bad choices (Most of the people I know that made those choices in Forest Lake/Wyoming MN are in Jail or didn’t finish high school/college.

    To me, there is a huge difference between getting arrested for taking a spanking too far and flat out abuse (Where he punches the boy or puts him through a wall for example). Also this guy has been the clean cut top performing athlete in MN. My kid can’t get Joe Mauer to sign one darn thing but AP seems to make time most of the time. You suspend AP you really hurt the marketability of the vikings at a time when it couldn’t be more imperative that they maintain their value. Ultimately for Dayton he best hope they make the playoffs because the state is really divided on the new stadium, and didn’t like the cost the tax payers have to fork over.

    I wouldnt expect Dayton to understand any of this considering his own family wouldn’t let him near the Dayton Corp.

  62. The bottom line is if you’re a pathetic Adrian Peterson and Vikings loving jock-sniffer you’re all in favor of him playing. Viking fans can’t separate their need for the fallen star to play from the fact that he abused a child. Use every argument you want that we have to let the “due process play out”. He admitted to it– whether or not Texas decides to put him in jail is a moot point. Seifert is right, it’s one last attempt to get a final year out of AP. he’s gone after this year anyway.

  63. The league office is allowing the teams and their owners to flounder in its silence, indecision and ineptitude.

    This may finally bring that vote of no confidence we were waiting on.

  64. Anybody else think AP offered his services to Jerry Jones’ in the hope that this would all go away if he became a Cowboy?

  65. Roger Gooddell is too busy penning his resignation letter and negotiating his severance package to actually make a statement or decision on the Peterson situation.

  66. Ray Rice would like to thank the Vikings for taking some of the media attention off of him.

  67. A couple of years ago this site railed on Goodell for not giving players their due process.

    Now….the site is calling for Goodell and teams to forgo due process and suspend based on allegations and media headlines (and only telling the the parts of the story that drives their narrative).

    When the players involved begin to sue the NFL for not giving them due process……this outlet and many others will conveniently forget that they called for this…….and will vilify Goodell for not giving players their day in court before suspensions.

  68. The inmates (crooks Zygi and Mark Wilf) are running the asylum, and allowing other law breakers (Peterson, Jerome Simpson) to get off with a slap on the wrist.

    Seriously, why is everyone shocked? The Wilf’s have no morals, why should the rest of the team?

  69. BREAKING: Commissioner Goodell today announced the immediate, indefinite suspension of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton …

  70. I hope Dayton is going to be constant here. He needs to go through the entire executive branch of his government and can everyone who has been accused of a crime! Until he does that, he should resign, being the disgrace that he is.

  71. I work for a state government. You are automatically put on leave without pay as soon as you’re arrested and charged with a felony or Class 1 (of 3 classes) misdemeanor. No appeals. After your trial, you’re fired if convicted and given an internal hearing if found not guilty. They could still fire you, even with a not guilty verdict, because you’ve brought negative attention to the state.

  72. Funny how everyone points their fingers at the NFL and the Vikings – when in reality, if our court systems weren’t delaying cases years at a time, none of this would be a problem.

    Be outraged w/our court systems and legal processes, people.

  73. Wait, do I really see people raging about due process now rage because a governor just practiced his right to free speech? Goodell’s hypocrisy has rubbed off on fans.

  74. Seahawk,

    My favorite and most respected Aunt and all of her 43 nieces and nephews was blind, thus could not use corporeal punishment on any of her nieces and nephews. Instead of whipping or spanking them (which is NOT the reason she was the most respected), she would talk to the miscreant, and tell them how and why their actions were damaging to others.

    Discussing things and not whipping and spanking did take a bit longer that whipping and spanking, but it got the message across a lot better. Instead of having frightened and resentful children, fearful of taking any action lest they be punished for it, they began to understand their actions could detrimentally affect others.

  75. All of you defending Peterson as if he may not be guilty need to read up some more. He was indicted after admitting that he had beaten his child…he is basically awaiting sentence….

  76. Governor,
    Welcome to the NFL, National Felony League where felons play football instead of serving time in prison.

  77. As a Saints fan I wholeheartedly support Mr. Peterson being suspended for at least one more week. My Saints defense (or lack thereof) needs all the help it can get.

  78. Goodell should be fired because he opened up a “Pandora’s Box” and took the NFL into the role of judge and prosecutor of NFL players he deemed in violation of conduct policy that he alone administers unchecked. All players have the right to “due process” to determine all of the facts by our current legal system which will determine the guilt and punishment. Should the player be guilty of the alleged crime then the NFL can address the player and conduct policy. By allowing Goodell to be “God” you have placed the NFL into a role it was never intended and may create lawsuits for Goodell’s preemptive arbitrary and questionable fairness penalties which are not accountable to anyone else but him.

  79. Governor should not get involved in legal matters that are not related to the state. Doesn’t he have a ton of important state matters that need attending to and take priority of his time, rather than getting involved with a person’s legal rights. Whatever happened to our justice system and personal rights that guaranteed the assumption of innocents, until proven guilty in a court of law. While I do not condone AP’s actions, I do believe he is entitled to these rights. Tired of social media and the press prejudging and influence on public officials and society, in a matter that has taken away the principles that this country was founded on.

  80. When I saw the wounds he inflicted on a four-year-old; nothing less than clear and criminal abuse, I believe AP belongs in jail.

    AP is no dad, no father to this boy in any sense of the word.

  81. I think for everything going forward, there should be “Trial by Twitter”. everyone reads a couple of news stories then votes thumbs up or thumbs down. If there are more thumbs down than thumbs up then that person is banned from everything forever. Perhaps we can even exile them to someplace else…you know ban them from America too.

  82. I’m so proud that Mark Dayon is my Governor. Everything he said is exactly correct and appropriate. The Vikings are idiots for reinstating Peterson. They should have cut him already. This is going to hurt the team for a long, long time.

  83. It’s funny how everyone is an uproar about the NFL woes about abuse when our people are getting their heads chopped off by ISIS overseas and no one really cares. Guess there’s no one to ‘get in trouble’ or tweet/post your white knight statements to.

  84. It’s amazing that the guv has now thrown in on this. He sure had a deaf ear when it came to the residents of MN regarding all of the taxes (there’s quite a wide variety) to come up with the $1Billion+ for the new palace…er, I mean stadium. He has a tendency to toss into topics that are pretty safe.

  85. There is not a jury of 12 men and women in Texas that will convict him if intent to injure. 70 to 80% of them have use or do use whipping and spanking to discipline their kids.

  86. I have been a faithful Vikes fan for over 3 decades. I also have two sons, 8 & 11 years old. I cannot & will not allow them to watch any game with Adrian Peterson until he has, at the very least showed some amount of contrition & equally works as hard as he has on the football field, to make up for what he has done off of it.

    I will not allow our family name be attached to someone who commits these acts of violence against children, purposefully or accidentally!

    Bravo to Raddison for doing what is correct!

    Now, let’s see if our organization and our MVP can do the same?

  87. If Peterson plays next week, I would like to see a riot start for the purpose of attacking Peterson to beat him to a pulp. I know it really doesn’t solve anything. But I’m kinda using the same logic as any child beater would when they beat their kid.

  88. The Governor’s response is laughable. I’m no defender of what AP did, and if I were sitting on the jury–based on what we know today–I’d convict him. However, the Gov. and his team of nit wit lawyers at the Attorney General’s office are the people we have to thank for Ziggy making a fortune off personal seat licenses. We can also thank our Ivy League educated Governor for the Wilf family getting a new stadium without have to pay for 90% (or more) of the project. If I were the Wilfs, I wouldn’t give a damn what the Governor thinks. I already made my billion.

  89. I see several comments that AP should be put in prison. I wonder how many of these people have ever served in a court or participated in a juror panel. Shocking the cases that you see, and the individuals with rape sheets the size of a novel, and the sentence they receive for their crime. Our prisons are overcrowded and the legal system as become a system of plea bargaining. Peterson does not have a criminal record, nor has it been proven that this is more than a single incident. He could be fined and have visitation rights revoked until he receives counseling, later maybe having his parential rights restored by appeal to the court. The NFL can only suspend him for 6 games, for a first offence. The NFL under the current bargaining agreement does not have the power to remove him from the league. The state of Texas also is said to be more lenient on parental discipline. What needs to be done is protect the child, and educate parents on alternative methods of discipline, rather than fill our prisons with law abiding citizens that made a mistake, and use the form of discipline that they had growing up.

  90. So, if it was Minnesota’s employment laws that allowed Pat and Kevin Williams (unrelated) to keep playing when the League was trying to impose a suspension over the Starcaps issue, how on earth can the Vikings suspend him until the legal due process has completed?

    By making Peterson inactive, the team is effectively preventing him from working, so the NFLPA would get involved and legal action would probably ensue should Peterson choose it.

    The best action the Vikings can do, is provide Peterson and his son the highest quality psychiatric assistance to help them both deal with the mental aspect of this issue, and try to make sure that Peterson learns more acceptable ways (in today’s society) to discipline his children.

  91. I hope all of you people in the angry mob trying to destroy AP and RR for something they did outside of work have your bosses follow you around all weekend to see what you do. Maybe then you will understand the line between work and non-work behaviours.

    Where the heck is the union? If anyone gets fired it should be D. Smith!

  92. The NFL is a violent game played by violent men. That’s the mindset. When you combine that fact with the life of privilege they have all grown accustomed to, they are like deer in the headlights when confronted with the realities the rest of us face everyday. The book should be thrown at them harder, not softer.

  93. I saw a comment from someone who said spanking your child is illegal in Minnesota. That is not true. Corporal punishment by a parent is legal in all 50 states.

    As for the governor, he needs to stay out of this. This is not a political matter unless he makes it one.

  94. Elected Officials should be subjected to drug testing… and required to pass a breath test before any legislative vote– or signing of a Bill/Law.

  95. I can’t imagine how bad the suitation must be in the Viking locker room. Who would want to go over to his locker to make him feel better? It feels like a poisonous environment.

    If I were Adrian, I’d start being worried about my own offensive linemen tripping me when I’m trying to cross the line of scrimmage.


  96. Political correctness run amok

    Corporal punishment for disciplinary purposes has a long history in our society (including, until recent generations, public schools). It has only lately fallen out of favor. There is a difference between this and child-beating, and there is no connection at all with domestic violence.

    Undeniably, AP went overboard here. This punishment was far too severe for a four-year-old, and AP’s parenting skills certainly need to improve. But we’re treading on dangerous ground by trying to control child-rearing methods.

    Next, we need to focus on those who inflict psychological abuse on their kids. I know of some parents who impose a so-called “time out,” in which the child is taught that they will be deprived of love and attention if they don’t conform to grown-up demands.

  97. I’m sure the upcoming mid-term elections have nothing to do with this gas bag weighing in on the subject.

    Is there anyone who remembers a time when a parent could discipline their child and people minded their own damn business??

    Has anyone considered that perhaps the kid had the whooping coming to him? Perhaps he had been warned by his father that any further misbehavior would result in said whooping. Has anyone considered this is a woman looking for a pay day in the wake of the NFL’s piss poor handling of the Ray Rice situation?

    I’m not saying any of the above is true, but let’s not make a pariah out of someone who may have been doing nothing more than disciplining his kid.

    I think the lack of these kinds of whoopings has a lot to do with the sorry state our world is in today.

  98. I wonder how many thousand citizens must have had to make phone calls to the governor’s office before the governor decided he should get his name involved with something as tawdry as an incident of whipping a naked 4-year old way down in Texas.

    Just guessing, but most MN citizens probably don’t spend their time clicking thumbs on the PFT site. I can imagine there would be a MUCH bigger disparity between the pro-Adiran and not-Adrian thumbs if all the MN citizens who called the governor also decided to come here and click thumbs.

    One other observation: I saw one or two additional beating photos last night and it looks like the vast majority of the cuts are on the front of the boy’s legs rathere than the back of the boy’s legs. Two thoughts about that:
    1st —-> that means Adrian was looking at the pain in his son’s face and leaf-stuffed mouth while he was cutting up his son. How can that happen when you love the boy?
    2nd —-> if you want to avoid hitting the boy’s private parts, you go to the butt side to land the blows. Adrian’s old enough to figure that out and he’s plenty strong enough to get the boy positioned exactly the way he wanted. So I’m thinking that was his intentional decision to land all those blows on the front. That makes me wonder how many of those blows were intentionally aimed at the private parts to make it hurt more. Wow …. he ought to get another xteen months tacked onto his eventual prison sentence for that aggravated perversion.


  99. Down goes the Vikings ! A left jab from the governor to the chin of A.P. and he’s shaken. The fans are rowdy. They’re chanting jeers and are oblivious to the fact this guy has a felony charge on his butt, not to mention his kids scars.

    Of course the true Vikings fans could care less. It’s about those precious Vikings winning football games. Demonstrated like the true Vikings Norsemen from the 10th century, pillaging and murderous heathens.

  100. Any NFL player that is accused of these kinds of acts, (ie: Ray McDonald, Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson) should be SUSPENDED until their name is cleared.

    Not fired or released, but suspended with pay until they are cleared. That is how teams show integrity!

  101. Lifelong Vikings fan, disappointed beyond belief, surprised he was reinstated, would have rather the team stood up, took the hit on the field. I’d have been alright with that, this not so much.

  102. They need to release Adrian Peterson. Hurts to say as a Vikings fan, but it’s the right thing to do. I won’t watch another game until he’s gone.

  103. If I was an offensive linemen, I would let everyone go by and let them at Peterson. Letting him play in this game is worse than rices 2 game suspension. The NFL has lost it’s way. I’ve been watching football for 47 years and for the first time, I am disgusted watching the 2014 season.

  104. Whats the rush? He will get suspended most likely. Patience people. Good God. Relax. Everyone deserves due process. Sounds like a lot of you on here have had it 10-20 times in your life.

  105. Meanwhile fantasy owners call on the governor to not call on the Vikings to suspend Adrian Peterson. Especially Fantasy owners who lost Robert Griffin and Knowshon Moreno this week. I am so tucked.

  106. I think that Zygi is just taking a huge calculated risk here – he knows that he needs AP in order to field an even remotely competitive team, he knows that he needs an even remotely competitive team to have any hope of selling season tickets/PSLs for the new stadium, he knows that most of the fan base is so desperate for any sort of success that they’re willing to turn a blind eye to the misdeeds of their heroes – even when those misdeeds include child abuse. He’s focusing on the bottom line, public opinion be damned.

    I think he’s gambling that the noisy minority of fans who still support this clown will drown out all of the reasonable fans (yes, there are reasonable viking fans) that just want their favorite team to do the right thing in this sad situation.

    It’s hard to say how this is going to play out, but it’s sure going to be interesting to watch. It’s still early in the week and already they’ve lost one corporate sponsor and had the highest elected official in the state weigh in on it.

  107. dumb gov are you willing to pay his wages while sus didn’t think so you gov are an embarrassment

  108. If Adrian Peterson had done this to somebody else it would be consider assault, but just because it’s his son some of you morons say it’s just disclipline.

    There’s a fine line between disclipline and abuse and Peterson crossed that, you would have taught he would have learned that from his 2 year old dying from child abuse while the man also claiming he was disclipling the child but no he didn’t.

    I also don’t care for the ones saying he getting help for it, yeah that is a sign of a guilty man getting help when it’s becoming known to everybody in the media, was he seeking help before now?

    It don’t surprise me that the Wilfs would reactivate Peterson after all they committed fraud and many other crimes against their own investors, so why wouldn’t they bring him back. I feel sorry for Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman who has to face the media and answer for ownership decisions while they are nowhere to be found.

  109. Every time I read some of the PFT posters on here, I rarely feel smarter.

    No team has “deactivated” their players for any long length of time………it is up to the league, and later the law.

    This is a business decision, and the Vikings will abide by the law.

    He is allowed to “work” while this gets sorted out, unless it is changed by the league.

    Dayton,you have sooooooo many issues, I don’t even know where to begin.

    Judge not lest ye be judged.

  110. if NFL sus b4 due prosses you can count on nfl getting sued and now. Danton needs to go home and keep talking to his dog not your place this is showing he is judging b4 due prosses and this alone show many people he just needs to go this gov is turning into a big smelly turd that need to be beet

  111. Those who say spanking is illegal in Minnesota, sorry, spanking is LEGAL in ALL 50 States. I’m not saying what he did was right, and many states have laws saying that no injury will be allowed, but spanking your child is still legal and was last upheld by SCOTUS.

  112. I honestly believe Adrian Peterson had no idea what he did was wrong until after the fact. He made a mistake, but I really don’t think he’s a monster. Switching was and is ubiquitous in the south, to him this was normal. Oh the welts are in fact normal from switching. I’m a yankee by birth but my mother and grandmother are both from Alabama, so I do have first hand experience with this. I guarantee Peterson’s intent wasn’t malicious. He needs education, not vilification.

  113. Marky D.

    Mark Dayton’s place in Washington’s collective memory can be distilled to exactly one moment, on one day: October 12, 2004. That morning, Dayton, a freshman Democratic senator from Minnesota, appeared in front of a line of TV cameras and announced that in the coming weeks the Capitol would likely be the target of a terrorist attack. He knew this, he said, because of classified information he and his Senate colleagues had received, and, as a safety precaution, he was closing his Washington office for the fall recess and sending his staff elsewhere until after the following month’s election.

    In the hours that followed, nearly every congressman, Bush administration spokesman, and law enforcement official within earshot of a reporter delivered a unified response, the gist of which was that Mark Dayton was crazy. The Capitol Police and Department of Homeland Security professed to know nothing of any new specific threat. “He’s unnecessarily panicked people across the United States,” D.C. Democratic Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton told The Washington Post.

    The facts at the center of the affair are still classified. But fairly or otherwise, the office closure stands as the moment around which an unsparing consensus on Dayton crystallized in Washington, best captured in a 2006 Time article naming him one of America’s five worst senators. The magazine mocked his “erratic behavior,” his tendency to complain about “basic facts of the job,” and his penchant for Yippie-ish legislative stunts like proposing a Department of Peace and Nonviolence. The reporters dubbed him “The Blunderer.”

    Four months after he closed down his office, Dayton’s poll numbers had fallen, and he announced that he wouldn’t run for reelection. By his final days in Washington, Dayton had relapsed into alcoholism for the first time in 20 years and sought treatment for depression. Asked by a high school class what grade he would give himself, Dayton—typically honest to the point of self-annihilation—suggested an F.

    Nuff Said.

  114. Whats worse, calling someone a gay slur, or beating your 4 year old son?
    I guess the Vikings owner knows where these topics stands

  115. Total BS! Politicians should stick to cleaning up their own houses before telling anyone else how to operate. Lawyers, doctors, clergymen, other professionals, as well as, your Joe citizen do not lose their jobs over DUIs, drug busts, domestic issues unless it brings about a malpractice suit, so why should professional athletes be held to a higher standard? Let the judiciary do it’s job.
    It’s one thing to have a personal conduct policy wherein conduct detrimental to a company while occurring on company time is subject to disciplinary action by the employer and quite another for government or Big brother to overstep into the area of private lives; it’s a slippery slope where the “solution” is more dangerous than the original problem!

  116. Again, he has his own doofuses in office to look after. Why bother with a football player? We should never hold athletes to a higher standard than ourselves. The Gov doesn’t come out and say that when John doe who works at the local Kmart does these things, so why now does everyone and their uncle have an opinion? This is getting absurd.

  117. Want to really punish the Vikings and the multi billionaire owners? Withhold the PUBLIC TAXPAYER money for the lavish new stadium the Vikings will receive. The top elected representive of the State of Minnesota absolutely has a say in the matter since the multibillionaires threatened/ begged/ bribed/ demanded that the taxpayers give them hundreds of millions of dollars for a new workplace.

    Don’t want elected politicians to butt in? Stop demanding public money.

  118. When was Dayton elected? 2010.

    When is he up for re-election? 2014.

    Oh. Guess that answers that.

    Politicians being politicians.

  119. Mark Dayton just mind your own business. You should be ashamed of yourself. Adrian Peterson makes a lot of enemies due to his success. He did admit he is not Mister Perfect as a a human being. With due apologies to the late Curt Hennig who used the ring nickname during his pro wrestling days.

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