Mother of abuse victim in Peterson case asks for privacy


The mother of Adrian Peterson’s 4-year-old son, who was bloodied and bruised when Peterson hit him with a stick in an incident that led to Peterson’s indictment, has asked for privacy for her child.

The woman, whose name is not being released, says she does not believe photos of her son’s injuries should have been published. In a statement released by her attorney, she requests that media outlets stop using the pictures.

“My client, on behalf of herself and their son, wishes to express her extreme outrage at the invasion of their privacy that has occurred through the publication of highly confidential and private data obtained regarding them by the press without their permission or consent. My client is hurt and outraged that the press would publish throughout the world pictures of their minor son and publish statements allegedly made as part of the private and confidential criminal investigative file,” the statement said.

The fact that those photos became public is now itself part of a criminal investigation. The Houston Chronicle reports that information from child abuse cases is supposed to remain confidential under Texas law, and that whoever leaked the pictures and other information to the media could face charges.

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  1. Be real. She want privacy? She knew from the start whenever she made the police report that this would be a big story and in the public eye. Peterson was wrong for whooping his kid to that degree. But I know NFL baby mamas and they all make money grabs if they don’t get that ring.

  2. All I know is AD (not AP… Just saying), was a very busy guy in 2009/2010. How many 4 year olds does this guy have??? He is about 3 months away from being Antonio cromartie. Child abuse allegations aside, this dude is a putz

  3. she did not file a police report. the doctor, with whom she had a previous appointment with, is the one who filed the report.

  4. And by the way, it was the doctor who reported the injuries to the police. Not the mother. The doctor was required to report such injuries. Why are you people jumping all this woman when none of you know anything about her?

  5. I was wondering this whole time about the ethics of posting children’s pictures without the parents consent.

  6. For spaghetti’s sake, do people try to be ignorant about what they are commenting on. It was the doctor who files the police report, not her.

  7. Surprised PFT let’s some of these comments come through criticizing people for asking for privacy in very emotional and personal matters. Some people need to think about whether they would say what they are writing if they didn’t have a username to hide behind.

  8. It speaks volumes about the negative attitudes towards women that many of those who comment here automatically assumed the woman was somehow a wannabe seeking attention even though 1) she was directly asking for the exact opposite via her attorney and 2) she was NOT the one who reported the abuse to the police; the doctor was. Obviously we have a long, long way to go when it comes to instilling respect for women in the attitudes of our men.

  9. to the person applauding the release of the pictures as they further your particular cause, you ignore the interests of the people involved..

    those whose interests were actually served were the people getting revenue and page hits from posting the information, and those promoting a point of view.

    i thought it amusing the lack of football knowledge in many of the posters here, but the lack of knowledge on this topic has been breathtaking.

    i would suggest all those really interested in child abuse should recognize that not only people who spank or physically discipline their kids are child abusers. its also those (way more in number) who leave their children to raise themselves (and many times to find food each day). we hear of nfl players coming from that circumstance every year… but it isn’t gonna be reported by doctors and there is no photograph or text message to put on the television……

  10. For the genius’s who comment about it being the doctor who released the info……..first, health care providers have very tough data privacy laws and secondly and most important as this article goes, no one has the right to publish the pictures of the child without parental permission. She wasn’t complaining about the report but she was complaining about the pictures being published.

  11. Funny how so many attack the wife without interest in the facts of the story.

    Back in the 60s and even the early 70s, parents could get away with this kind of thing. If a kid said child abuse, parents laughed!

    Listen to Richard Pryor ‘s routine talking about when his grandmother would send him out into the woods to fetch her a switch (to beat him with).

    There’s a lot of little rich kids in Laguna Beach and Beverly Hills who need to have someone take a switch to them!

  12. Obviously someone felt that the situation was horrific enough to risk their livelihood to leak the information. Otherwise, as they probably knew from previous experience, the matter would be buried under a pile of hush money, and never see the light of day.

    But not even Attention Deficit is OVER PAID enough to shut up the whole country, and most of the English speaking world. So props to whoever shone the light down this spider hole.

  13. Can you hit your child or not is the question.
    If he wanted to he could have broken that kid in two.
    In my day it was OK. Times seem to be changing.
    Then what do you do with those lazy unruly rude and devilish kids? How about we let you and the grand jury raise them.

  14. America and you people in Texas, we have more important things to deal with in Life. So lets stop giving Peterson all this pub and try and figure out how the hell the Seahawks lost to the Chargers.

  15. shocking that the media would overstep their bounds in order to sensationalize a story. I didn’t even know what a “switch” was until last Friday. now I find out it is a ritual in which the child takes the walk of shame to a tree to pick out a twig and pull the leaves off and then gets lashed with it so that it leaves marks so the child is reminded they did wrong until the marks go away. Its not meant to be a painful torturous thing the media would have you believe. But the white, liberal media would have us believe that merely “spanking” is ok. AP’s hand and full force behind it would be much more of a “weapon” than a twig. This story has blown up into something it isn’t and the media and its sheep don’t even bother to find out the thought behind it, they just crucify first and ask questions later.

  16. If nothing else comes from this I bet ap will now not be able to have unsupervised visits with his kids. Which would be a good thing.

  17. Peterson is a poor excuse for a father. He is an absentee father for what 5 of the kids and the quarterly weekend visits he mght spend with them he takes it upon himself to whip 4 yr olds into shape? Never mind at that age they are curious and learning and as innocent as can be. Not only that he beats them to a point of scarring. Any parent that feels the need whip a toddler tells me that said parents should spend more time with their child instead of watching TV or hanging around the house getting drunk. It’s really not a hard job if you really teach values early in life but that seems like hard concept to grasp for some.really

  18. This whole thing is getting out of control , Goodell better do something otherwise we’ll be relegated to the NBA and its me,me, me style.

  19. I guess now we will have to hear the “privacy please” angle from Peterson’s entire harem. This will take up pages and pages of media blogs….. Family reunions should be interesting.

  20. Ha ha, personal privacy in this new media world is long gone. Everything is for sale and left up to talking heads to shape.

  21. It doesn’t matter what the family wants. Only what the social media lynch mob and ESPN scandal vultures want. Until next week, when they move on to the next cause celeb, and leave your family in ruins.

  22. I have a feeling the same media members who were in a hurry to leak the photos will be the reason AP will get these charges dropped. Yes, I said dropped! It won’t even take his expensive legal team much effort to show that AP’s rights have been violated by these photos going public. Not to mention, the nationwide exposure of the photos and text messages will make finding an impartial jury impossible. At the most, the prosecution might be lucky to get him to take a plea on a lesser charge. But to be honest, I don’t see much reason for him to do that. Despite the photos that probably could have got a conviction, I expect the release of the photos (and text) will get this tossed soon. Congratulations media. You were hoping to use your mighty power to bring him down. Instead, your stupid desire to be first with the exclusive will probably set him free. Sleep tight with that thought, media hacks!

  23. It’s a sad world we live in. Was the beating over the top? Absolutely. Will the psychological damage caused by the media be 10x worse then the beating itself? Absolutely.

  24. Make no mistake. This isn’t about anyone caring about a victim or their privacy. This is about the media outlets making money and political posturing by corporations and government officials.

  25. I agree, whoever leaked info and photos to public was not right. I would rather the fire were fed on AP no more it is getting sickening hearing about this.

  26. So it’s not like Peterson’s Ex was trying to take him down then.

    Interesting. The pushing of the pictures and the story seems to be motivated by money then. Not to say it is not true, but that unlike a lot of the people posting on this website, the person who obtained the photos was probably not on a righteous crusade….nor was it a vendetta.

  27. Probably the media is now just jumping on this because CPS wasn’t involved, which leads me to question the validity of the story or wonder if perhaps this incident has been embellished for financial gain and headlines. Usually the police are involved in child abuse cases and remove the child/children to be placed with CPS. Did this happen?… if not, why not? Seems NFL players are being “profiled”and the NFL should just let the judiciary do it’s job. Rarely is there just one side to the story!

  28. i find it funny that the doctor reported it if i was the judge i would would bring the mother up on neglect charges also for not reporting it to the authorities herself what kinda of mother is she i mean really think about it guys if the injuries were that severe why didnt she report it immediately why wait for the doctor to report it she needs to be brought up on the same charges

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