NFL won’t reinstate Rice pending appeal

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In most cases, a player’s suspension doesn’t become final until he has exhausted his appeal rights.  In the case of indefinitely suspended running back Ray Rice, that’s not the case.

The NFL contends that Rice remains suspended until his appeal is resolved, or until his suspension ends.

“After the suspension was announced, we said:  Teams have been notified that any contract between a team and Ray Rice will not be approved or take effect until further direction is provided from the commissioner’s office,” the league advised PFT by email.

It means, as a practical matter, that Rice will remain suspended until the appeal ends.  Which means that it’s critical the appeal move forward, as soon as possible.

Of course, even if Rice were reinstated, he’d need to find a team interested in giving him a contract.  That video makes him radioactive, probably for the rest of the season and possibly beyond.  So while he’d potentially have a strong argument in court if he wanted to force the suspension to be lifted while his appeal is processed, that’s likely not the best way to continue his NFL career.

There’s a real chance that his NFL career is over.  But this appeal is about bigger issues than Rice’s career.  It’s about player rights, and it’s about creating a truly independent search for the truth about the league’s shoddy, bungled investigation into the Rice case.

46 responses to “NFL won’t reinstate Rice pending appeal

  1. It doesn’t matter. Suspension or not, no team will pay this Man(term used very lightly in this case) to play football ever again.

  2. Now you guys are on Rice’s side? Two weeks ago you were blowing smoke from his 2 game suspension…What gives?

  3. Ironically, I just posted that the league is going to go to guilty before you prove yourself innocent / case settled. Then the league can give the appropriate punishments accordingly without much dispute & I’d expect expediently settled cases one way or the other.

  4. It’s a shame that a players career is short as it is and when he makes a mistake Hippocrates destroy him even though they are doing or have done worst. I agree with a discipline but why ruin a mans life for a mistake.
    Who of you have lived a life of no regrets?

  5. Ah, how telling! The media was calling for Rice’s head after video came out, and now there is crusade for the truth over the NFL’s shoddy investigation and “inadequate” punishment. The Pulitzer Prize awaits the reported that can take down Goodell.

  6. How exactly is this a players rights issue? People get fired all the time for bringing unwanted publicity to their employer. The woman who took a photo of herself flipping off the sign at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier, the woman who made a crack about AIDs and white people on twitter, while on her way to Africa, fired before she got off the plane.

    The only difference between those women, and Ray Rice is he’s rich, and a superstar athlete. The higher up the pay scale you are, the higher your visibility becomes.

  7. His career is absolutely not over. If Vick can get a second chance so can this guy. What he did was heinous, but to blackball him from the league when there is countless spousal abusers who didnt get caught on film is hypocritical.

  8. Why should his career be over? Is punching a woman worse than murdering dogs over betting money? Is it worse than Ray Lewis murdering someone and then destroying evidence to destroy the entire case?

    Ray rice deserves another chance in the nfl just as Vick did after he served his sentence.

    Does rice deserve more than a 2 game suspension? Possibly, but how can you pounce on the nfl’s throat when the united states of america judicial process declared that person(ray rice) was innocent??

    If you have a problem with the judicial “due process” take it up with the government and stop trying to ruin football for the rest of us hard working americans

  9. rice had it going really good, then tossed it all away!!! woman beater: see if you can beat another woman now!

  10. The NFL is in total disarray, specifically the NFL offices. In cases where it’s clear cut and obvious, Goodell should have made violence against a women a 1 year suspension, not six games. The he siad/she said quandry is a slippery slope. The NFL will find a way to screw that up as well. Goddell should have moved Ray Rice to the 6 game suspension list and said this issue is now closed. That should have been it. The new tape is not relevant. We know he hit her, he’s admitted that to many people. Goodell panicked. The fact that he caved on the 6 games games and suspended Rice indefinitely for his 1st time offense seems arbitrary and it appears Goodell is driven by public comment, emotion, and hysteria. He has no courage to stand up, take the heat, work through the issue and say that this case has been resolved and the Ray Rice issue is closed. Total disarray and a new policy that he totally bypassed. Goodell should resign as soon as possible. He’s not a leader or a visionary or a stand up guy. He’s an embarrassment.

  11. What’s fair is fair. The suspension should be lifted immediately when he files his appeal. And to be even more fair, no team should ever again allow Rice to be a member of an NFL team. Karma says he’s rushed his last yards

  12. By not suspending Adrian Peterson indefinitely the NFL is giving the message that brutally beating a child less serious than striking a woman. Wake up NFL!

  13. Now we get to read all the Obama haters applauding the players UNION for getting him back to playing.

    oh the oxymoron of it all. murika!

  14. Are you joking? He knocked out his wife. What exactly is the investigation going to reveal that’s different? he needs to be suspended indefinitely… Which he has been.. The NFL did the right thing. He has no rights as a player.

  15. Rice was beyond wrong and shouldn’t be playing again anytime soon, but if Donte Stallworth, Adam Jones and Mike Vick can make a comeback, why not Rice? Hell, James Harrison Hit his woman in 08 and didn’t even get suspended one game?! This sends a message stating “don’t get caught on camera”. Balance is needed when it comes to punishment in the NFL and Goodell should not be the one making those decisions.

  16. I hope they do reinstate him and he is on the field next week just to see how many of you so called “I’ll never watch the nfl again with guys like this out there” guys actually mean it. I bet you ratings would, in fact, go way up if that happened.

  17. Even though Rice most likely won’t be able to play even if he wins the appeal it was the right decision to appeal the bogus extension of his suspension.

    I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve more than 2 games, I’m saying you can’t punish somebody for something and then just change your mind later and make the punishment much worse when the circumstances have not changed.

    Won’t this appeal help Rice financially though? If he wins the appeal the Ravens will owe him paychecks for the entire season since he was on the 53-man roster at the start of the season.

    I’m not sure, but, I’d imagine the suspension is without pay. If that is the case he has quite a bit of money on the line here, whether he plays again this season or next.

    Also, anything that keeps this story in the news and increases the pressure on the Commissioner is wonderful. I’d love to see him forced out as I can’t imagine anyone else doing as poorly a job as he has. Short of that at least he’ll have to suffer through this whole debacle even longer.


  18. Just go away Ray Rice, and lets hear about football not all the beatings and abuses. It’s got boring everyday having to see and hear it.

  19. I am sorry. But this is wrong. You will keep a rapist, accused murder, and a dog killer (all linked to violent crime) on the roster. Then you already know this guy’s story, give him a 2 day suspension, video leaks and then change your tune and suspend him for life in which you should’ve done so from the very beginning.

    I wonder what other crimes the NFL is covering up?!

    NFL is messed up. I don’t know why I should waste another 3 hours of my time (of which only 45 min is actually playing time) on any given Sunday watching it any more.

    Hockey season is about to start!

  20. Budweiser has destroyed millions of lives and families… but they have the audacity to pile on and pressure the NFL to give into this mob and ruin more lives..if you are a fan .BOYCOTT

  21. “for the rest of the season and possibly beyond”

    I wouldn’t go THAT far. NFL fans have shown they’ll forgive a LOT if it means getting a good player.

    Yeah..everyone tears him down now, but those tunes can and will change quickly for realistic teams that could sign him.

  22. Let the first person who has not made a mistake step forward. He has made a mistake has asked for forgiveness and the only one who matters is his now wife who he hit. Him and his wife both talked to the nfl about this situation. The nfl accepted his explanation and suspended him for his mistake. Now the nfl wants to come back and get him with what I think is double jeopardy. I call b.s..

  23. If Ray Rice would of appealed his 2 games, he would if played 1 game and his salary would of been guaranteed. If Ravens cut him after video tape came out. He knew , he got lucky on 2 game suspension. That’s why he did not appeal.

  24. As with Peterson’s reconsidered deactivation (following more public outcry), the NFL should now set this as a precedent for future incidents involving players who are being investigated on charges of both domestic and/or child abuse. While an adult is certainly capable of defending him/herself, a child cannot, regardless of all else. This should serve as a final warning to players: either shape up, or just stay home every Sunday. You may run fast or jump fast etc., but unless you’re a good father, husband, person, then you’re nobody.

  25. Ray Rice is a 26 year old damn good running back, that helped a team win a super bowl. To say that no one else will give him an opportunity when/if he gets reinstated is a huge stretch. He’ll play again, because at the end of the day if he gets on the field and plays well and helps a team win all will be forgiven. Hell, i bet you if aaron hernandez got out of jail today free and clear there would be teams lining up to sign him.

  26. Lets be real here. Some team will give ray a chance if they think he’s still productive on the field. He’s not that far removed from 2,000 yards from scrimmage. You are insane if you think no team will take a flyer in him. There are FAR worse humans roaming around in ever locker room in the NFL.

  27. Playing in the NFL is a privileged and not a right. The moment he knocked his wife out, and was caught on tape, what did he honestly expect? I don’t care if it is double jeopardy or not. My employer can do the same to me, they can suspend me and then terminate me at a later date if they see fit, if the crime was bad enough. But we put these athletes on a pedestal and act like they are above everything. The NFL did the right thing, they got the original 2 game suspension wrong to begin with, so I applaud them suspending him indefinitely, especially if Ray Rice lied about what happened in the elevator.

  28. Players rights, which are guaranteed by what amendment? Does Rice still have the right to knock out his wife? Playing in the NFL is a privilege not a right. Ravens have terminated his contract, and I doubt any team, even the Dolphins, would sign him.

  29. Michael Vick played again, and he spent two years in prison. Some team will pick him up and that city’s fans will back him.

    Sure, he was wrong with what he did, but his treatment by the NFL has been anything but fair and consistent with player rules.

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