Nike pulls Adrian Peterson merchandise from Twin Cities stores

It’s one thing for government leaders and the media to bang on the Vikings for reinstating Adrian Peterson after a paid weekend off.

But now the guys with the money are starting to chime in.

According to the Associated Press, Nike has removed all of its Peterson merchandise from their stores in the Twin Cities.

They’re still willing to sell it to you online, but removing the most visible Viking from the shelves makes some degree of a statement.

It might not have the direct economic impact of Radisson pulling its sponsorship from the team, but it’s another clear sign that there are plenty of people unhappy with the way the team has handled this behind the mask of “due process.”

88 responses to “Nike pulls Adrian Peterson merchandise from Twin Cities stores

  1. Is that it? You can still get his crap online however because they figure 95% of the sales are online. What a great company. Sure took a long time for that.

  2. That’s nothing……

    Top football sponsor Anheuser-Busch on Tuesday lashed out at the National Football League over a series of recent off-field scandals.

    “We are disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this NFL season,” the company said in a statement.

    “We are not yet satisfied with the league’s handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code. We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league.”

  3. Isn’t it ironic that because Adrian Peterson went too far in punishing his child, the media wants to punish Adrian by taking away his sponsorships, have the UofM revoke the lease of their stadium to the Vikings, have the Vikings lose all their sponsorships, have the NFL suspend him indefinitely, have the Vikings cut him and take away his job, have Adrian to go to jail for years, take away his custody of his kids, and for him to seek counseling. Maybe its just me, but that seems a little hypocritical.

  4. Nike and the sweatshop labor they pay $1 a day or less in China have very little moral ground to stand upon.

  5. No one with any sense of dignity can stand by and allow this guy to represent the league and the game. If the authorities with most direct responsibility for dealing with the problems won’t make a decision it will be made for them.

  6. Surprised they’re only clearing Peterson’s merchandise out of the few stores in the Twin Cities … This is a statewide disgrace and a national problem.

  7. They should of pulled his stuff everywhere.

    I won’t really bash them because they did take A step, but I sure and the hell won’t congratulate them for only taking that single small step.

    I do wonder, who the hell comes up with these half measures and expect them to be supported?

    Much like the Vikings who deactivated Peterson, only to reinstate him. What the point was it for only one game? Plus they knew about this 2nd incident?

    Is there anyone out there in the business or gov’t world that isn’t completely incompetent? Probably, but I sure can’t think of many current examples.

  8. Is Nike still paying AP? Is Anheuser Busch still running commercials Thurs, Sun. and Mon.? FYI Radisson didn’t pull it’s sponsorship, it suspended it. There is a difference. I’ll bet anything when the new stadium opens you’ll find the Radisson logo in there. This is a multi-billion dollar business and this train will keep rolling on. In 2 weeks, we won’t even be talking about this anymore. How where’s the outrage over the Redskins name today?

  9. This will be something to remember in two years when AP is on the top of the league once again and all the media focus has turned to something else. I am sure Reebok and Under Armor drawing up the contract right now.

  10. put all these people who are judging on a island and NUKE it for judging AP i don’t agree what he did but don’t judge him or we will judge you just b4 your put on that island how about people with kids quit being a burden on every one and pay for there own damn kids education how about that huh no answer it cause your all deadbeats how does it feel to be judged!! do you like it do ya uh well answer me fools how does that make you feel do you want to talk about it? judge only if you want to be judged just like your doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I look at the bright side, at least Nike spelled Peterson’s name on the jersey correctly. Just ask Target and Teddy Bustwater if the same courtesy was extended to the next failure at QB.

    I swear, if you told the same story as fictional, no one would believe you. But then again, this is the last place Vikings.

  12. Don’t talk about “due process” like its worthless old gym socks and a joke. People put their lives on the line every day to protect the “due process” you are mocking.

  13. but it’s another clear sign that there are plenty of people unhappy with the way the team has handled this behind the mask of “due process.”

    my last check on an ESPN poll (granted in no way is it really scientific) but 450,000 votes, 63% in favor of the way the vikings handled Peterson.

    yes, plenty of people are upset but plenty more don’t make it the firestorm some media/reporters are looking for

  14. mask of “due process.”???

    So bassically, if someone stands up for what they beleive is right, but it’s different than your opinion, they are only hiding their true intentions behind a “mask”?

    Basically, agree with me or you are wrong is how this works?

  15. great less work for the kids making 2 cents a day in china,

    before all of these people/compaines go after these players as the moral police they must look at themselves in the mirror.

  16. You gotta love how everyone is preaching about laws and then go get there pitch forks and torches and say forget about due process. Due process is part of are leagal system too. Everyone is appauled and acts like they were standing there when it happened. Adrian will be punnished, just let it happen in the courtroom first.

  17. NIKE !!

  18. The narrative is taking over. Four NFL players get pinched for DUI, suddenly the league is full of drunk drivers and we demand to know what they are going to do about it. Four NFL players are shown to have played in college even though their grades were below the needed GPA and suddenly the NFL is filled with exploited students and we demand to know what they are going to do about it.

    This time it is four guys that have been put up on domestic violence charges and we all demand to know what they are going to do about it.

  19. NIKE=JOKE!
    they are only looking out for their interests, i.e., money!
    NIKE has not REAL moral standars and ethics…just look at their history which includes sponsoring a DOG KILLER

  20. I’m sorry I don’t feel no mercy for Peterson…he’s worst than Rice. To abuse 4 year old kids….and that is what it is ABUSE!….he deserves a worst fate than Rice. NFL needs to remove all these worthless scums from the league.

  21. ESPN poll shows 61% of 470,000+ votes agree with the Vikings decision to reinstate AP. Only 5 states (Wisconsin doesn’t count as a state in this poll in my opinion) say they disagree… is a majority of the country really that outraged???

  22. If you don’t like the judgement and comments…TUFF! There is photos of a 4 year old with cuts on his bottom and other areas and Adrian admitted it. How can you defend that. It doesn’t deserve to be defended. The NFL is a private entity and can hand out punishment as it deems fit. Well this is a perfect time to send a message certain things need to be dealt with immediately to send a message that there is no place for trash like Peterson and Rice who hurt children and women.

  23. So true … what goes around comes around.
    Remember Sterling was kicked out of the NBA and had to sell his team for hurting people with words … its only fitting that the players should be kicked out of the league for actually hurting people physically.

  24. Forcing foreign children to work for nearly nothing is not the same as beating the crap out of a four year old child. When it starts hitting their pocket books changes will be made. I’m behind Radisson, Nike and AB for “suspending their support ($$$$). That will get the league and the Vikings attention.

  25. the fact that guys like Adrian Peterson and Ray McDonald are allowed to play says everything you need to know about the NFL, given their certain and particular circumstances, I am glad that some people are taking action and not settling for the lack of actions given and done by this shameful, disgraceful organization known as the National Football League, now that the guys with the money are talking and discussing and showing action shows me that people who have power, money and control also have a moral code, the sponsors and such, their voices are being heard and they are causing rumblings in Minnesota and in New York, specifically, Park Avenue

  26. no big deal. Cassel continues playing the way he did last week, and the most popular thing in the stores will be Bridgewater jerseys!

  27. I’m a Packer fan and hate everything Viking, but the guy has been in the league for seven years and hasn’t really been in trouble.

    What he did to his kid was horrible but it hasn’t even been investigated yet. It’s almost like people are confusing him with Ray Rice.

    Simple, make sure he isn’t around kids unsupervised, get him in counseling immediately and wait for the facts come out through the legal system.

    Let the loser play. He’s a bum, but all Vikings are. Let him play.

  28. So when one of the gov’t leaders, employees of any of these companies, joe public, etc., are indicted on charges then they too should be benched from their positions as well, before allowing the system to play out? Sorry, folks that not what freedom (that I fought for) is all about. That doesn’t mean I condone the behavior but I respect the rights of the man.

  29. If an employee in Corporate America is under investigation for a possible felony, that employee would be relieved of his/her duties until cleared of charges, i.e., suspended with pay or without, depending on the circumstances. Likewise, it sends the wrong message to allow A.P. to continue to play while “the process” of the investigation(s) play out. A.P. should be suspended the remainder of this season, that is the right call.

  30. Just another reason for us to stop buying Nike products!

    Isn’t this the company that retained Tiger Woods after he committed adultery with woman after woman after woman. Taking the moral high ground is challenging when you fail in other areas where morals or ethics are involved. I think the need to cut the cord with Tiger because he wasn’t punished enough for that.

    It doesn’t look good for AP, but parental discipline is a personal matter and let the courts deal with this not the league office.

  31. With AT LEAST 7 kids with 7 women and two kids beaten severely enough to leave scars, you know AP can’t control himself.

    Only a matter of time before he does the same or worse again. Will the Vikings then say, “but we only had pictures and no video at that time.”

  32. Marshawn Lunch says: Sep 16, 2014 4:20 PM

    “Nike still uses child labor and sweat shops.”

    Like a lot of people say in this country. “If you don’t like it find another job”.

    Also, what do i care who makes my shoes? I sleep just fine.

  33. I swear, if you told the same story as fictional, no one would believe you. But then again, this is the last place Vikings.
    Last place? 1-1 is tied for first place in NFC north. In fact with a better conference record than GB Chi and Det they actually are in first place.

  34. slippery1 says:
    Sep 16, 2014 5:58 PM
    Nike just lost my business.


    Nike just gained my business.

  35. Funny how Nike pulls merchandise of an alleged child abuser but 99.9% of said merchandise was produced by children abused in the Nike sweat shops.

    And to draculalambert….I am 100% certain that your fantasy team has more than one “immoral ” person on it. AP will remain on my team until he’s suspended. I may not agree that he is a great person, but his personality is NOT why I drafted him.

  36. Wow! Your all so smart. It took a kid beating to get you to see the greed, and manipulation of corporate America. Now you all want to “show em” eh? At least until the next generation of a tennis shoe, basketball, golf ball, and the like comes out anyway. The only values left in this country are the ones that you perceive are a good buy from Nike….via China.

  37. I would guess a majority of people complaining about Nike sweat shops are proud owners of some of their products. What does that say about those throwing stones at Nike?

    My parents felt that they shouldn’t need more than their hand to swat us on the butt to get our attention. We learned manners and to respect our parents and our elders. Some people today consider that child abuse. One thing is for sure. It you need to strike you child with a switch, tree branch, fist or drag them behind your car, you need to learn better communication skills with your kids.

    For anyone who has seen the pictures of Peterson’s child and blames Nike has serious basic values issues. There were 11 welts on the kids right leg, some scabbed over. There were 8-10 welts on the boys back.

    The phone message shows Peterson admitting beating his child so badly and blaming it on the child for instigating his own beating. The only thing Peterson felt bad about was whacking his precious son in the testicles. It is well known how understandingly adult and reasonable 4 year old boys are.

    If he isn’t going to be held accountable for all this child abuse of his own little boys, he should be voted Father of the Year because of all the people who bleed NFL before basic common decency with children.

  38. Big deal. Nike sucks anyway. I wouldn’t buy their Viking jerseys because they suck and are uncomfortable. They look ridicules. But now I won’t purchase any of their gear. Works 2 ways Nike!!

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