Rihanna is not a fan of CBS pulling her song last week


Rihanna apparently does not love the way CBS lies.

The pop singer said this morning on Twitter that she did not appreciate the league pulling her song “Run This Town” from last week’s pregame show.

“CBS you pulled my song last week, now you wanna slide it back in this Thursday? NO, F— you! Y’all are sad for penalizing me for this,” she wrote.

Then she followed with “The audacity…”

Rihanna has something in common with Janay Rice, in that she was the victim of a high-profile domestic violence case.

That, coupled with the need to give the opening week broadcast a more serious tone, led CBS to pull the musical number.

Apparently, they won’t be going back to it.

53 responses to “Rihanna is not a fan of CBS pulling her song last week

  1. Seems like she enjoys burning bridges. Dont think we will see her on any NFL broadcasts in the future. You would think she would appreciate the NFL not bringing her case back into the spotlight.

  2. Um..Rihanna needs CBS and the NFL a heck of a lot more than they need her.

    CBS’ phone will be ringing off the hook from managers of 100 other artists this week – wanting that kind of coverage.

  3. Does anybody really care ? I don’t watch football because of what songs are on the broadcast and I don’t know anyone who actually does either..

  4. good…the song was horrible anyways….

    Wish these networks would pick out acts/and or songs that actually have a football feel to it

    nothing wrong with playing War Ensemble by Slayer or Walk by PanterA

  5. She has more than that in common…

    She came back and stood by her abuser just like Janay.

    But this story is NOT an NFL story, IMO. Also, her complaining about this shows she’s unaware of the gravity of what’s happening in the NFL, or in her own life for that matter.

  6. Let’s think about this for a second. I understand where the game was being played. I understand the domestic violence debacle that was taking place. And I understand that Rihanna was once a victim of domestic violence……… So in what universe is it a good idea to pull a victim from performing? If she were to perform, wouldn’t it be “empowering” and send the right message at this time? That’s just my 2 cents.

  7. These performers and their songs should never be part of the broadcast anyway.

    Trying to turn every game into a multi-media event cheapens the appeal of the actual game itself.

    It all started with the Super Bowl halftime show years ago and, sadly, continues today. I personally tune this crap out. Between the halftime show and the commercials, the game is becoming an afterthought. Now that attitude is trickling down to weekly broadcast games. It’s becoming less and less about football.

    Dispense with ALL the fluff!!!…

    Just show us the damn game!!!

  8. The musical opening to primetime football broadcasts is a dated and tired tradition. And so is her song.

  9. Well of course she doesn’t get it. She’s just as damaged as Janay and probably doesn’t think Ray Rice deserves the punishment he’s received.

  10. This is why I don’t watch ANY pre or post game crap. I don’t want to be lectured to, I don’t want to hear somebody mangle the star spangled banner, and believe it or not I don’t care what the “panel of experts” thinks. I tune in at kick off. I can barely tolerate so called side-line reporters asking ” what was your mindset going into that drive” Turn down the sound …watch the game

  11. I’m not sure why Rihanna’s song was pulled, as she was the victim of the same type of crime as Janay Rice. I could see them pulling a Chris Brown song, but whatever I couldn’t care less either way but I certainly don’t blame her for refusing access to her song

  12. I’m positive I’ve never watched one but I don’t mind these opening #’s….they’re like alarm clocks for my last beer run to the fridge before kickoff.

  13. How bout we get rid of all the crappy woman songs (That rehashed Joan Jett lame song on Sunday night being the worst) and get back to some good old rock & roll intro music or just be done with it all together….ITS SUPPOSED TO BE FOOTBALL!!

  14. Rihanna’s main demographic for sales is girls between the ages of 11-15. Why would the NFL put one of her songs on a football broadcast anyway……..

  15. I’m sure the song is terrible, but why does being a domestic abuse victim mean her song shouldn’t be played? Maybe it would make sense if they were playing a Bobby Brown song. He sings too, right?

  16. While I couldn’t care less for her music, I don’t understand the reasoning behind pulling her performance. It’s like the NFL wants to treat her history as if it never happened. If the goal (now is) to deal with the issue, that was just sweeping it under the rug.

  17. Her fan base will not view the tweet harshly. Good move by her. Puts herself in the headlines and within her fanbase probably gets as much exposure that matters than if she did perform.

    That being said… I’m not a fan.

  18. Maybe I missed something, but I fail to see why her being a victim of domestic violence is a valid reason to remove her song. Wouldn’t it be better to celebrate the fact that she overcame domestic violence? Of course, I’ve never heard the song so perhaps it references the glamorization of domestic violence… Or maybe it just sucks, sounds like from comments that may also be the case.

  19. If this girl had two brain cells I would take her rants more seriously…as it is I’m always surprised she can even formulate somewhat of a sentence.

  20. I’m just so happy for DVR so I can skip the pre-game and halftime shows where they now only focused on off the field activities. I’m actually running out of sports channels to tune into to find real football info that matters. It’s all TMZ sports.

  21. Look, it’s only NFL Week Two and I am already nauseated with Carrie Underwood’s saccharin opening on SNF. It’s boring within the first 10 seconds and not sexy at all.

    I’m sure I won’t miss another foul-mouthed wannabe-a-sex-symbol tramping across a faked-up stage

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