Senator Al Franken to Vikings: Bench Adrian Peterson


One of Minnesota’s U.S. Senators has joined the state’s governor in urging the Vikings to deactivate Adrian Peterson.

Shortly after Governor Mark Dayton said the Vikings should not play Peterson while he is under indictment for injuring his son, Senator Al Franken released a statement saying the same.

“It was absolutely heartbreaking to hear about what happened to this child,” Franken said in a statement. “I’m a diehard Vikings fan, and watching the games on Sundays has been one of my favorite things to do since I was a kid. But this is just wrong, and I think the Vikings made the wrong decision here. This is in the hands of law enforcement now, and it must go through the judicial process, but I don’t believe Adrian Peterson should be allowed to play until that happens. A lot of kids look up to these players, and it’s not OK for the Vikings to send the signal that what happened is acceptable. This is bigger than a football game.”

The Vikings initially sat Peterson out of Sunday’s game when he was indicted, but they said on Monday that they would put Peterson back on the field this week. Since then they have lost a corporate sponsor over the Peterson case and been the subject of criticism from a governor and a senator.

So far, the Vikings aren’t backing off their support of Peterson. But at this point last week, the Panthers were supporting Greg Hardy, their defensive end who is accused of a domestic violence incident. By Sunday, the Panthers had decided that they simply couldn’t play Hardy. Don’t be surprised if the Vikings come to the same conclusion in the next five days.

233 responses to “Senator Al Franken to Vikings: Bench Adrian Peterson

  1. Hopefully, Vikings to senator franken: Pound sand, fat boy.

    Please get politics out of football and other sports before you screw up football as bad as politics.

  2. if the vikes sit him i will revolt against the nfl and pft and there owners test me and find out

  3. There is not a jury of 12 men and women in Texas that will convict him if intent to injure. 70 to 80% of them have use or do use whipping and spanking to discipline their kids. Minnesota maybe, Texas, nope.

  4. Adrian Peterson is not good enough, not smart enough, and gosh darn it no one likes him. – Stuart Smalley

  5. Hey, Al. Don’t you have some laws to not pass, or something? Politicians should stick to talking about other things they no nothing about.

    Leave football alone, Al.

  6. Still struggling to not laugh when you read Senator Al Franken….it’s like a bad punchline (no pun intended)….but hey, they did elect Jesse Ventura to office as well….

  7. So they’re supposed to bench him for a year and a half until the court process plays out?

    And what happens if it is determined that he did nothing wrong, and is cleared of the charges?

    Then you just benched your best player for doing nothing wrong.

    And then he’s going to sue the organization for a massive amount of money for lost salary/damages etc.

  8. Roger Goodell has lost institutional control of the league, the players and the owners. A perfect trifecta. Ignorance is no excuse, right Rog? Just ask the Saints.

  9. We must do something!
    Harrumph! Harrumph!
    I didn’t get a harrumph out of that guy.
    Harrumph for the Governor/Senator/Commissioner!

  10. Speaking of Al Franken, its too bad SNL’s new season starts next week. They would have a field day with this.

    (Al Franken is a former SNL castmember/weiter)

  11. PLEASE KEEP POLITICIANS OUT OF SPORTS! Maybe if they would focus on doing their job instead of who plays in a football game our housing and job market might be a little better! Don’t get me started on the shape of our roads and public transit system.

  12. This from the guy who stole an election? Really?

    Hey Senator, when you can balance a budget, get back to us. Until then, mind your own business.

  13. Adrian Peterson has not agreed that the pictures on the web are the pictures of what he did to his son. Until that happens or the courts prove otherwise, he is innocent. Let’s move on no can we.

  14. The guy is speaking as a fan.

    To my fellow Viking fans:
    can’t you see what playing Peterson does to the team’s image?

  15. Wow….what a big risk…

    Politicians taking a stand against child abuse. Please pay no attention to this grandstanding. Some pols are probably honest and upstanding, but all pols play media attention to their personal advantage which makes their motives suspect.

    Stay out of it Franken. Not all the people you represent feel the same way you do I’m sure. I’m not even sure you know what your constituents think here.

  16. This is all a dog and pony act now. Blah blah public outrage blah blah blah they should cut him. Here’s what’s going to happen…He gets suspended for games by the NFL, he strikes a plea deal, does the Michael Vick circuit of community service and plays all 16 games next season for the Minnesota Vikings barring a trade. They would never outright release him. Should he sit right now and be suspended? Yes. Is his career over? Not by a long shot.

  17. who the hell elected this lunatic lefty?

    I’m sure he supports later term abortion, but beating on the kids once their out of the womb is where he draws the line?

    Pu Leaze

  18. What did the Vikings think was going to happen? I was so proud of the team standing up for what’s right and to deactivate him on Sunday and expected either him to be released or at the very least deactivated again.

    I am embarrassed as a Vikings fan for all that has taken place and highly doubt they will be playing #28 come Sunday. How the upper mgmt. ever came to the conclusion that it would be o.k. to suit him up is beyond me, and it will take continued pressures from all around before they cave. Which they will.

    The Vikings really had an opportunity to be the first NFL team to be proactive about disciplining a player and doing the right thing, which they initially did. They then realized that without A.P. they have no chance to compete.

    Funny thing is I would be proud of a team that won 4-5 games and sat A.P. over a team that won 10 games (never would happen) and played him after he clearly is not arguing the charges.

  19. I’m surprised to see Senator Franken speak up on this topic. He is known for keeping his head down, keeping out of the press, and focusing on the people’s business in Washington.

    Unlike Gov. Ventura, that formula seems to be working for the Senator who looks like he’s on his way to reelection.

  20. Democrat senator and governor speak-out to protect children.

    Republican citizens take to PFT to protect a multi-millionaire child abuser.

    Yeah, sounds about right.

  21. Reggie Bush said today that he’d consider doing this to his 1 year old daughter.

    He also appears to favor the type of parenting that got Peterson in trouble.

    “I definitely will try to — will obviously not leave bruises or anything like that on her. But I definitely will discipline her harshly depending on what the situation is.”

    When asked if he’d use a tree branch “switch” like Peterson did on his four-year-old son, Bush said “I would possibly consider it, depending on what she did.”

  22. Goddell hasn’t lost control of anything. These things have been going on since football started. The problem is that times have changed and we can now gain access to pretty much everything someone does.

  23. Maybe we could make this a trend; and include politicians. It would be great to suspend political figures with out due cause. Maybe we can get Dayton and Franken to head legislation to get this done. Let Adrian have his day in court. He will be punished by his peers as he should be, not by a mob on a witch hunt.

  24. Vike fans, we understand how difficult this has probably become for you. As a gesture of kindness, we will extend an olive branch and let you come cheer for the 13x world champion Green Bay Packers. Trust me, you won’t regret it. You’ll finally see what it feels like to cheer for one of the classiest organizations in the NFL and a true champion.

  25. This whole fiasco makes you appreciate the better owners like Kraft and the Rooneys because this wouldn’t even be a decision with them. The Wilfs have no moral compass.

  26. I am not a Vikings fan but since when did “due process” become a bad thing? If he is found guilty of anything the Vikings should take quick action but the NFL can’t fire up the pitch forks every time their is an accusation. This is a serious crime and it should be given the proper attention so we get all the facts be them good or bad.

  27. Dang it! People DON’T like you!

    Minnesota…..the land of 10,000 liberals (per square mile).

    Slippery slope Goodell placed the league in. The line should be drawn upon conviction of a crime. Otherwise, court of public opinion will rule the day & each case will be a SJW field day.

    Can’t believe I’d come to the point where I’d rather read about a football story related to some windbag DB in Seattle.

  28. It’s supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, not guilty because of public opinion and because of social media outcry. If the guy is guilty, fine, kick him out of the league or whatever, but let the legal process play out.

  29. Who cares what AL Franken thinks? And why should his opinion matter more than any of ours? PFT please stop giving everyone with an opiniona chance to voice it on your platform. These stories are getting old quickly. Please report about some “other” football news.

  30. So… you and I can talk about the NFL’s issues… but… governors and senators cannot.

    O.K…. got it.

  31. Then the NFL should ban games in the southern states where this kind of discipline is common. This is a southern cultural problems. Not just an Adrian Peterson problem

  32. bench him and trade him to the colts we will take him. society is soo soft that a little discipline is looked down upon. smh. come on man. we live in a very soft America.

  33. Voters of Minnesota. Bench the failed comic turned politician, quite the career path. BENCH AL FRANKEN ALREADY

  34. Doesn’t amaze you when elected who have made a career of screwing there fellow citizens, become self righteous anytime a mic is placed in front of them!! When you guys get your approval rating over 50% (it’s now around10%) then maybe we will gladly hear what you have to say, until then will someone tell these career politicians we don’t care what you have too say!!

  35. If Fail Franken gets his way, it will be illegal to talk in a disparaging way about him. His SON friends and former boss Lorne Michaels will be a criminal for the skits he puts on. Just shut up numbskull. Minnesota deserves to lose their team just for electing this totalitarian former coke addict.

  36. People, realize the only people making money off this is the media. They are fanning the flames for ratings. They feign moral superiority and outrage laughing all the way to the bank.

    That is why this is going on and on and is staying alive. Wake up!

  37. Keep him out of the games with pay until it is resolved. The NFL needs something catastrophic to happen in the world to take the attention away, it’s not like we have a bunch of crazy people chopping heads off because others don’t agree with their man in the sky.

  38. Hey Franken…Do you like the fact that you are involved in the IRS scandel? With your buddies, Levin, and Durbin?…slimeball

  39. Politicians staying out of the NFL? Really? When the NFL builds their own damned stadiums and pay taxes on all the $$$ they make, then you may have an argument.

    Not much of one even then, btw.

  40. Why do Minnesotans keep electing Democrats whose sole purpose in their wretched lives is to declared themselves judge, jury, and prosecutor over all of us while totally ignoring a person’s right to due process and tearing down our justice system where a person is innocent until convicted by a jury trial and trying to replace our justice system with a communist/Democrat party system where you are guilty when government lackeys say you are guilty and declare their judgement of you without any due process.

  41. First it was Mark Dayton now Al Franken. Both are running for re-election and are using this as a political issue to get votes. They need to butt our. Until you have your house in order stay out of this.

  42. I’d give davebgovikes ten thumbs up if I could.
    He gets it.

    This is about the TEAM (long term), a couple of lost games, give me a break!
    I stuck with the team through Steckel, Chili and Frazier (not to mention the four superbowls and take-a-knee Denny).

    If they don’t bench Peterson, they’re bringing down the whole team, no one player is worth that.

    Honestly can you cheer for Peterson?

  43. Dude lol at the Vikings fans/fantasy players crying to remove politics from football.

    Get a soul. It’s a game and kids look up to these guys. They have for almost a century.

    Shut up and do the right thing.

  44. To bench Peterson is wrong.

    Due process first, punishment (if necessary) should come later.

    Plus…in Texas, they believe in spanking their children. And I think that this is the case with Peterson.

    He is not a child abuser. The NFL and the world is over reacting to things thanks to the Ray Rice situation.

  45. Senator Al Franken will never ever sound right to me.
    This article was updated at 4:20 LOL Puff Puff…oh update that article about the comedian errrr Senator…..Give.

  46. Please Mr Franken…..go back to being a bad comic. Your stay here in the Senate is over. This is nothing more than a campaign effort.

  47. Government officials need to stay out of the NFL…it’s obvious many of them do this to score points in an election season, but seriously, don’t any of them have work to do?

  48. How did we get to the point where the employer is the new judge and jury?

    You have a domestic abuse charge that was dropped in court, now McDonald’s or the plant you work for can fire you?

    Accusations now cost your job, before the court system says guilty?

    Al Frankens liberal America ?

  49. I’m just glad Al Franken has solved all the gridlock and partisan politics in Washington that he can now start focusing on issues that are occurring locally in Minnesota.

  50. This is not a political situation. ALL politicians just shut up and do what you were elected to do.

  51. Still waiting for Congress (any politican?) to bench (sure, pun intended) Judge Mark Fuller. Congress has no power to tell the NFL what to do. But they do have the power to immediately impeach Judge Fuller yet not a word has been spoken by one of them about this wife beater.

  52. I still love Al Franken’s introduction of the Grateful Dead in the Dead Ahead video. Classic. Love it when he dropped Jerry’s guitar back stage.

  53. Thanks, Al! I was having a hard time deciding who to vote for but you and Mark Dayton both took care of that problem for me today. Neither of you!!! You two have political issues to work on. This is for the courts and the NFL. This is just political grandstanding.

  54. Must be nice that this lousy comedian pretending to be a Senator is even calling for your benching

  55. Is this the same guy who comes from a state where 100s of citizens are joining ISIL? I think AP is way down on the list of your problems, Senator. Take care of your own business before commenting on that of others.

  56. I think Al Franken should take Adrian Peterson’s place in the Viking’s lineup. He’s certainly inflicted enough harm on the people of MN in his role as a sure thing for Harry Reid. Might as well top it off by ruining their football team. At least this way all those convicted felons who illegally voted for Franken can at least be entertained by watching him tote the rock.

  57. Speaking of Al Franken… how can anybody take the citizens of Minnesota seriously when they elect people like Franken and Jesse Ventura to statewide office or the senate? I mean seriously, are you people nuts?

  58. So lets suspend or fire every car salesman, grocery clerk, window washer, Senator, plumber, etc.. for making a mistake (albeit a big one).. Where does it end, just because this guy makes a living in the public eye he gets no leeway from these guys. Its ridiculous and unfair on every level. What he did was wrong, nobody should argue that but lets let the courts be the ones to decide the proper punishment. That’s who I want judging me, Al Franken aka Stuart Smalley…

  59. I am a longtime Vikings fan and am actually glad that they haven’t given in to the hysteria (yet anyway). This actually takes more courage. They looked at the situation, gathered their information (which I’m sure is more than the media has given us) and they know Adrian better than any of us do and what he has done for them and the community. They made the decision they felt was right, even knowing that it may be unpopular. Of course, most who disagree will say they are only looking out for winning games, making money or hiding behind due process. But it is also possible that they are human beings, who believe they are doing the right thing.
    Unfortunately, I believe that they will have no other choice but to not have Adrian play or even travel with the team. It will become a safety issue because of what some idiot might do to Adrian or others in the name of “justice”.

  60. Those of you saying that congress has no power over the NFL are wrong. The NFL operates with anti-trust exemptions and with that comes federal oversight.

  61. Ok what say you Bachmann? Ventura? Klobuchar? Mondale? Durenberger? Coleman?

    Hell, bring back Humphrey, Wellstone, and “Clean” Gene from the dead and ask them what they think.

    (Did I miss anybody?)

    Due process USED to mean something in this country. And let’s face it, the NFL itself is partially the blame for its breakdown.

  62. Let the kids decide if their dad should play.

    The rest is just a phony facade of political correctness. Cops, lawmakers, CEOs, and everyone else down the line should worry about their own dirty laundry before they get exposed.

  63. This guy is an idiot … and obviously his campaign doesn’t know well enough not to let him comment on a polarizing issue when you are fighting in what is expected to be a close re-election race.

    Dayton made the same mistake … don’t they realize that most of their electorate are HUGE football fans and won’t take ANY comment they make about it well?

  64. Serious crime? – or bad parenting?

    One could lead to upto two years in jail and a $10k fine – the other some counseling and psychiatric sessions assisting both child and parents to live better lives.

    This case can go either way, and considering the way things have gone so far, the latter seems more probable.

    So tell me again why the Vikings should cut Adrian Peterson?

  65. This. This is why you don’t make a stance that your company should police it’s employees behavior. We have a legal system, we have a justice system. If AP did something wrong then let him serve time. Whooptydoo.

    These arent teachers, they dont work with kids, they dont hold office. Essentially they are extremely well payed construction workers since they get things done physically. Fire goodell, bring in a commish who doesn’t give a crap unless players get caught with steroids, and let the legal system do their part, and focus on your part.

    Then there would be none of these headaches.

  66. I wonder if he would also agree then that every Congressman or Senator under investigation should step down until the judicial system played out?
    Hmmmmm ….. really don’t have time to put that list together.

  67. jattsoorma says: Sep 16, 2014 4:23 PM

    This is way out of hand, stay in your lane people, its just football!

    Perhaps this is “out of my lane” but needs to be said. I sincerely hope you don’t have children jattsoorma. Not because I suspect you abuse them. Because I suspect you indulge them, allowing them to idolize professional athletes as role models and think it’s OK what he did.

  68. Minnesota…land of 10,000 lakes…and 10 million idiots. How do people elect this left wing clown?

  69. So the average Joe who commits an act, that has yet to be decided, should be banned from their job as well?
    Liberals. Think about your hasty judgements and ramifications.

  70. So let me get this straight. Based on the the latest reactions, anybody accused of domestic violence is supposed to get fired from their job? And liberal democrats support this policy? Yet terrorists are supposed to get special treatment and rights?

  71. Growing up when I did if that ‘switch’ didn’t come off the shelf at least once a week then, as a kid, I wasn’t having much fun. A lot of welts and a little blood were not uncommon. No wonder we are raising such a bunch of little brats that don’t know when to behave and shut up! Parents are no more than ‘bystanders’ in the raising and disciplining of their own children. When was the last time anyone heard of a child’s life being taken or serious harm caused by a ‘switch’? Give me a break.

  72. It’s astounding listening to some of the sick viking trolls telling the Senator and Governor to stick to things that matter. What is fricken wrong with you people in that child abuse isn’t as important to you? It’s obvious with your dimwitted mentality a game is more important than the welfare of a child or a ff league standings. You guys know how to live up to being the worst posters on here. God help your own families.

  73. Sorry but its still funny when you think about Al Franken being elected senator to your state. Al Franken!!! And then there’s Jesse Ventura. And you can’t even blame it on legalized pot!

  74. What do peole mean by “Do the right thing.”

    What is that exactly?

    What you really mean is “Do what I think is the right thing.” Correct?

  75. I trust, and hope, that all the Vikings’ fans up there in the great State of MN remember to thank your dipstick senator on election day. Why doesn’t this loud mouth just butt-out and let the Vikes and law enforcement do their job?

  76. Who cares what stuart smalley has to say about this subject. The liberal pc crowd just loves to stick their noses where it doesn’t belong.

  77. I don’t think you Minnesotans get it.

    Which is nothing new; you’re dumber than a box of rocks.

    Adrian Peterson admitted doing this. There is no “due process.”

    He is guilty. He just hasn’t been sentenced yet.

    The Vikings have the choice to do what’s right, or celebrate what is wrong. Vikings fans have obviously made their choice.

  78. The same people outraged that these accused guys are playing now will be just as outraged a year or two from now when the court cases are finally over and the guys are free to play that same Sunday because their suspensions were long ago served. (Remember, the new policy that many applauded the NFL for enacting is still only a 6-game ban for domestic violence.)

    And the huge upside to waiting for the courts to finish up is that all the facts will be apparent by then. Can you imagine the negative press if they suspended Hardy for the next year or so only to have it come out at court that his accuser had made the whole thing up? Minus a time machine, there’s no fixing things if you suspend a guy for a year based on a false accusation. A real policy needs to take those possibilities into account.

  79. BREAKING: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell attempts to indefinitely suspend the entire US Senate…

  80. twisteditoff says:
    Sep 16, 2014 4:23 PM
    if the vikes sit him i will revolt against the nfl and pft and there owners test me and find out


    I really don’t think the NFL is going to notice if you flip the channel on Sundays and watch a Gossip Girl marathon or something.

  81. I would like to see a show of thumbs from just the Viking fans. Please, only Viking fans respond.

    A) This is not big deal. It is a matter of private child-rearing. Let it play out in the courts. Peterson should play until it does.

    B) This beyond football. Ignorance of the law or personal preference is not an excuse. He should not only be banned, he should be in jail.

    Thumbs up for “A”.
    Thumbs down for “B”

  82. You can’t really blame the NFL for the actions of a few grown men. They have programs and education on deterrence but at the end of the day, the individual must have some personal responsibility. Calling for Goodell’s head has no affect on the actions of a few. Believe me, I know from experience. I’ve been in the military for 13 years and if one of my troops gets a DUI or something, the first reaction is to hammer his or her boss. It never made sense to me how the PC reaction is to blame the leader of the offender without evidence of a pandemic in the organization.

  83. milehipigskin says:
    Sep 16, 2014 5:06 PM
    Speaking of Al Franken… how can anybody take the citizens of Minnesota seriously when they elect people like Franken and Jesse Ventura to statewide office or the senate? I mean seriously, are you people nuts?


    Because what, everyone else that’s elected have been so good at their job? Are these two really any worse?

  84. Since Roe vs. Wade over 50 million unborn babies have been killed. Senator Franken is a staunch support of that right. Yet, if a popular NFL running back hits one then the liberal senator from MN says he should lose his job. I guess I don’t see the logic.

  85. Adjust your moral compass aliiinct. The guy beat the tar out of a kid he barely sees. He’s an absentee father anyway and his idea of parenting, even if they lived together, is cruel and unusual at best.

    If you think this is ok and that he should play you are a terrible human being.

    Stuff your due process jargon as well. A company’s can adjust its standards to comply or exceed what the law requires in many ways. Stop being ignorant over a game.

  86. Due process USED to mean something in this country.

    Ok, but…what about Peterson’s own statements make you think he DIDN’T whip his 4-year-old kid with a switch so hard it caused enough injury that even Peterson “had reason to feel guilty about it afterwards?

    I’m not on the “Peterson is a sadistic monster” bandwagon but his intent really isn’t the key issue to me. Lack of control on his part that still led to injury is. And that’s what child abuse is a lot of times. “Unintentional” harm by an adult who lost control and went too far with his or her idea of discipline.

  87. The last thing anyone needs is for politicians and/or reality tv stars to step out front of the media with their insightful and wholly irrelevant opinions. If they have something to say, let em post a comment on profootballtalk like the rest of us.

  88. Sad enough that we have a buffoon holding a senate seat and one who’s election was fraudulent at best. Demanded multiple recounts until he got the victory. So his speaking up as a comedienne gets a chuckle.

    I’m against all this political posturing for the moral high ground against the NFL and players themselves. Not trying to condone any actions of domestic violence, but we have places for these things to be decided by a judge and jury if deemed possibly guilty.

    Ray Rice wasn’t convicted and yet, the NFL has to meet some public acceptable punishment or face condemnation and demands that Goodell be fired or step down. I’m not in favor of the league office punishing players, but left to teams themselves it wouldn’t protect the game nor the team brands, so I get the need. I just don’t like that players have their lives blasted on the news and on the web. The new public court of justice.

    Who of us, would want our job performance critiqued every single hour of every single day? People calling for their being fired for poor or declining play as well as the moral elite prejudging and banishing them to the far reaches of Iraq or Minnesota as punishment.

  89. “This is in the hands of law enforcement now, and it must go through the judicial process, but I don’t believe Adrian Peterson should be allowed to play until that happens”

    So anyone ever accused of anything shouldn’t be allowed to work until the judicial process takes place.

    Adrian should play. I hope he sets every rushing record in the book so you haters have to read about him every time you look up the nfl.

  90. tokyosandblaster says: Sep 16, 2014 5:27 PM

    I don’t think you Minnesotans get it.

    Which is nothing new; you’re dumber than a box of rocks.


    Do you understand that the majority of Minnesota wants AP out of our state? We are a progressive state and do not stand for this. The fact that a private company decides to keep this animal employed has NO bearing on the state of Minnesota. Let me repeat, the Vikings are losing TONS of support right now. Adrian Peterson is from the land where this barbaric act is somehow acceptable, not Minnesota. I think you should be aiming those comments on those regions below the MD Line where this is an acceptable practice.

    But tell me tokyosandblaster, what state do you live in…that is so perfect?

  91. People need to stop saying AP admitted to abusing his child. He admitted to causing the injury. Big difference. Abuse would indicate he meant to do it. He has said he never intended for the injury’s. That is what the courts need to decide. Stop saying he admitted his guilt. He didn’t!

  92. themeccalambeaufield says:
    Sep 16, 2014 5:19 PM
    It’s astounding listening to some of the sick viking trolls telling the Senator and Governor to stick to things that matter. What is fricken wrong with you people in that child abuse isn’t as important to you? It’s obvious with your dimwitted mentality a game is more important than the welfare of a child or a ff league standings. You guys know how to live up to being the worst posters on here. God help your own families.
    Yeah, pretty much.. I don’t care about other people’s kids really at all. I’d save them if I saw it happening, but its already over and there’s nothing that can be done about it now. It’s pretty easy for all the Packer fans on here to say they should cut AP, but I doubt you’d be so black and white about it if it was Aaron Rodgers in this situation instead. I don’t like what he did, but I also don’t really care about football player’s personal lives. This isn’t a social issue like the media is making it out to be, it’s an isolated incident.

  93. As a Bears fan, I’m all in favor of benching A.P.

    But I have to tell you… if Al Franken is in favor of benching A.P., well, I might have to amend that stance…

    Man has to have standards, after all… I think I’d rather be seen as being cozy with a child abusing Viking than a senator like Al Franken.

  94. gofor2with3pointlead says:Sep 16, 2014 5:22 PM

    aliinct, some define a lack of fear as courage, from another perspective it can be called ignorance.

    True. But that doesn’t mean that one or the other is right/wrong.
    I’m stating my opinion/beleif as everyone else is entitlied to. I’m just glad they didn’t give in just becuse of the hysteria. If it turns out that he is found guilty of what he is being accused of and is punished accordingly, I’m fine with that, just not before.

    I’d hate for his, or anyone elses life to be ruined and then find out afterward that he is not guilty of anything except bad judgement or a mistake. You can’t unring the bell. Unfortunately, if that happens, I can pretty much guarentee, those asking for his head won’t come back and say they screwed up and try to make ammends. They’ll be too busy crucifying the next one.

  95. If Adrian Peterson wanted to hurt the child, the child would be dead. It’s a world class athlete vs a 4 yr old. This is really getting stupid. The man made a stupid mistake, but he’s not the monster people are making him out to be.

  96. The NFL gets huge tax exemptions, dictates black out games, and passes the cost of its stadiums to us the citizens….the Government has every right to come in now and get in the NFL’s business. I have no problem if the Senator wants to get involved!!!!!

  97. I understand the hypocrisy, right to life advocates in overwhelming numbers support capital punishment. Pro choice advocates will most likely oppose capital punishment. What’s obvious is 2manyconcussions will lead you to link, by the narrowest of threads, that your political persuasion, one way or the other, somehow makes you right or wrong. Imagine the population of the United states with 50 million more, either unwanted or realistically incapable of being cared for people, then add all their progeny. Over the course of that same 41 year span the U.S. population had grown by 100 million. I don’t believe abortion should be used as birth control, but I have all the friends I want, and I’ve never seen any conservative ethos that accounts for a population increase that would easily equal the baby boom. Just a thought my right winged friends.

  98. Reasons I left my home state of Minnesota long ago:

    Nosy people, who think their life revolves around telling you how to live your life
    Liberals spending my tax dollars
    Comical election results: Jesse Ventura, Stuart Smalley, Paul Wellstone, Michele Bachmann, etc…

  99. With the business side of the NFL imploding from all directions it sure would seem common sense for teams to err on the side of caution and sit all these players, AP, Hardy and McDonald indefinitely until each issues works its way through the legal process no matter the time table. Simply amazing how the NFL is falling flat on its face with no new leadership. Goodell, so long as he’s in place , no longer has power. He has become a clown!

  100. uglydingo says:
    Sep 16, 2014 6:07 PM
    Stephen A Smith actually said something prophetic today. Social media has electronically enabled a lynch mob mentality.


    Prophetic? That’s just an observation of the obvious. The TMZ Groupthink Mob is being fed by the media that created that monster. What are they eating, and thereby destroying? Common sense.

  101. Let’s just say for the sake of argument that Governor Dayton and Senator Franken were accused of accepting bribes to push through the Viking stadium funding.
    Would they give up their duties while waiting for the court to hear the matter? I think not.

  102. While I empathize with your sentiment, it is however naive. Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice’s lives as they knew them, are over. That sound you hear ringing in your ears is that bell ringing.

  103. I think Peterson should be benched, as with Greg Hardy. But the fact Al Franken is now yapping about it is political opportunism, and is part of what is so unfortunate with how Goodell handles his business. The Pols should just shut up.

  104. Remember when sports were about the games, box scores, who won, who lost and rooting for your home team? Neither do I. The politicization of sports makes me want to hurl. Now I know why I no longer watch ESPN, or any other sports programming other than the actual game itself. By the way, I was paddled as a kid. No worse for the wear. I love and respect my parents and I’m glad they taught me to respect authority.

  105. Yeah I get it, if Peterson wanted the kid dead, he’d be dead. If I wanted someone (place name here) dead, they’d be dead too. But if beat the everloving smack out of them I should still get the punishment for assault.

    This isn’t hard. Enough of the rhetoric that Adrian didn’t mean to hurt. I’d say pick someone else for “fantasy” and live in the real world for a change.

  106. Shoot, I always liked AP, and God knows nobody in this room knows all of what will eventually come out, but philipdebin, the man made a world class mistake, and some evidence of that is splattered all over the internet.

  107. Fine, govt should butt out.

    Take away their tax exempt status.

    Take away their right to black out areas.

    Take away all the legislative advantages granted to them.

    See if the owners would like that kind of “butting out”.

  108. Jeez, now football has to be politicized? Dayton and Franken are running for re-election in November (or election in Franken’s case if you note the shadiness of his initial “victory”). Feminists are a vocal and important part of the Democratic Party’s electoral coalition. They regard domestic violence as one of their issues where dissent isn’t tolerated. So apparently now Democratic politicians are expected to speak out about domestic violence, pay lip service to feminist pieties and ritually condemn accused men rather than waiting for the fact finding process of a trial to conclude.

  109. Myth number 2: Minnesota is a liberal state, and every city in Minnesota is liberal.

    Have you ever been to Rochester? You might as well be in the middle of Kansas.

  110. @bucsorbust “But if beat the everloving smack out of them I should still get the punishment for assault.”

    Question… should you be prosecuted by the courts, or the lathered up mob? Have a camera follow you around, fire you from your job, make it so you’ll never work again. maybe the twitter mob should drag you out of your house and lynch you in the streets.

    sound good? ok

  111. Plain and simple, the govt should be lifting NFL’s anti trust exemption. Senators, Reps, and Governors who did and will advocate for the public to finance stadiums for Billionaire owners to collect corporate welfare should be impeached and not elected in the future.

    The fans and sponsors will teach the NFL the moral lessons.

  112. How people can defend a grown man hitting a 4 year old with a stick until the child bleeds is beyond me.

    Drawing blood from a 4 year old with a weapon is not discipline, I don’t care what the bible says. That’s the elephant in the room. This isn’t a black/white thing, this is a religious/secular thing. And religious people want to retain the right to draw blood from their children with weapons. Sorry, but in our society that’s not allowed. You can’t use a weapon to attack a child under the guise of decipline. Its not discipline, its pathetic.

  113. MY goodness the PC police and politicians attaching their names to anything to put them into a good light is getting completely out of control.

    AD whooped his kid, WHOOP DE DOO… ITs been happening SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME. Not all kids respond well without the fear of disappointing their parent and the fear that their parent might spank them.

    I am no Vikings fan , but he spanked HIS CHILD, NOT A STRANGER HIS OWN CHILD. And people on here are acting as if hes a criminal. Id guess nearly 90% of the people on here were spanked before. He went too far considering his strength and the age the kid, but it is HIS CHILD, and he realized he spanked his OWN child TOO hard even before this became public.

    Anyone who grew up getting spanked knows sometimes things happen, do you all hate your parents and want to ruin their professional lives over you doing something wrong and getting into trouble.

    This situation has become ridiculous because of the media attention and scrutiny over Ray Rice. Stop comparing a man who knocked a grown woman out to someone who disciplined his kid too hard.

    I get it troll bc it gets a rise, but damn gain some perspective !

  114. Al Franken is Exhibit A of why Minnesotans are the dumbest voters on earth.

    Exhibit B: Jesse Ventura, a man who sues war hero widows…and wins because Minnesotans side against the war hero.

  115. People, the politicians have every right to weigh in on these issues. How do you think these sweet heart, non public use monstrosity stadium deals that have no legitimate worth get built at YOUR and YOUR future generation’s expense? It’s all politics from the top on down…quoting Robert DeNiro in ‘Casino’, ‘It’s all been set up to get YOUR money’; in the end, the league and your elected officials win and YOU lose.

  116. Let’s really take a look on how congress members feel about breaking the law.

    7 have been arrested for fraud,
    19 have been accused of writing bad checks,
    117 have bankrupted at least two businesses,
    3 have been arrested for assault,
    71 have credit reports so bad they can’t qualify for a credit card,
    14 have been arrested on drug-related charges,
    8 have been arrested for shoplifting,
    21 are current defendants in lawsuits,

    And in 1998 alone, 84 were stopped for drunk driving, but released after they claimed Congressional immunity.

  117. I think AP went way off the reservation with the “discipline” of the child. I think the Vikings need AP as much as any team needs any player. I think they should sit him and they obviously have the right not to. I think the NFL should sit him and they, only slightly more so than the Vikings, have a moral obligation to do so. I think it’s a sad commentary on our society, in a number of different ways, the avalanche of bad deeds, bad press and bad decisions that have befallen the NFL recently. Heavy is the head that wears the crown Mr. Goodell, tote that rock.

  118. Damn reallybhonest, I’m not questioning your numbers, but if that’s even remotely accurate, that’s a disproportionate amount of dishonesty. Makes you want to take a couple of showers.

  119. twisteditoff says: Sep 16, 2014 4:23 PM

    if the vikes sit him i will revolt against the nfl and pft and there owners test me and find out


    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  120. Franken is saying what about 80% of the country is thinking.

    Beating children by anyone is not acceptable and the Vikings shouldn’t try to sweep it under the rug by suspending him one week and playing him the next.

  121. We either let the justice system intervene and wait until the process is completed even if it takes months and then let the NFL conduct policy kick in,


    They suspend every player suspected of a crime right off the bat and wait for the courts which could take months. This situation with Peterson won’t make it into the courts until next year.

    Option 1 is the best approach unless it involves a DUI, or someone is killed. Unfortunately the pitch and fork crowd will win the day. Peterson should play until the end of the season. He will go to court and may have to do some time in jail. The conduct policy should kick in and he may very well be out of the league.

  122. erikinhell says:
    Sep 16, 2014 4:22 PM

    Hopefully, Vikings to senator franken: Pound sand, fat boy.

    Please get politics out of football and other sports before you screw up football as bad as politics.

    Yeah…wouldn’t it be nice to just bury your head in the sand and get politics out of football, but we aren’t talking politics here. We are talking right and wrong. On almost every legal issue the players face, the NFL has been hiding behind the “law” and waiting for it to take its course, then dealing out ridiculously light punishments. I don’t really believe the NFL is a league of law breakers-but that is what it is looking like because there is so much pressure for these guys (like Rice, Peterson, A Smith, Hardy et al) to play, that the league’s priorities seem out of whack and offenders appear to predominate because the league doesn’t act decisively-unless of course the player is a marginal one to begin with.

  123. To Al and rest of Capitol Hill. I do respect your right to express your opinion on this and any matter you see fit, but you would better serve if you’d address how your going to stop the IRS from stealing my money, protect my boarders, and get the free loaders off my government pay rolls, thank you.

  124. you know what franken? mr failed circus clown turned embarrassing senator? why don’t you call for the suspension of a man who’s done a hell of a lot more damage to our country than AP. hint… he’s your king “clown” in the white house

  125. If there is a group in this country that shouldn’t be casting stones on someone it is politicians. The group is full of people that make Peterson look like a saint.

  126. Who in the heck listens to this fool anyway. A comic turned politician. I used the term comic very loosely since the only joke is that someone voted this jerk in.

  127. Someday that 4 year old is going to be a man. Pretty sure I’ll be gone by then but my hope is that he gets to know and understand the why of his Father’s action, what he did to get better, and both of them have a wonderful relationship for the remainder of their years together.

    It’s too bad that many can only see if from their own selfish need point of view. There is a lot of life beyond NFL football. Go get some before it’s too late!

  128. His comment about “kids look up to these players” or whatever it was is ridiculous. A senator still thinks pro athletes are and should be viewed as role models for kids. Too funny. Adjust your thinking genius.

  129. I grew up under an alcoholic and abusive father, who later left as I, and my brothers grew up. I have absolutely no sympathy for child abusers, and according to AP and the photos, it sure looks like abuse….way beyond parental punishment. I have O sympathy for AP.

    However, AP is entitled to his day in court. He is entitled to judgement by a jury of his peers.

    Until proven guilty, he is entitled to resume his life as normal….including working in his field of choice.

    However, if he is proven guilty, in any form, then the Vikings & the NFL can do what they feel is appropriate.

    That is my opinion, which I’m entitled to, just as citizen Al Franken is entitled to his.

  130. The overreaction here is amazing. It is like the media are in a total feeding frenzy desperate to outdo each other in screaming about injustice. I listened to a national radio program host tonight actually say that Peterson is lucky that he didn’t kill his son. really? He almost killed his son by whipping his thigh with a switch? The injury to his son was this close to death? Really? The hype here has spiralled way out of proportion, and way out of control. Amazing. He went a little too far disciplining his son. Get him a parenting class and move on. Al Franken really needs to weigh in on this issue? What a joke.

  131. If that phony Franken wasn’t in an election fight he’d be silent. Yeah he stays out of the news because he doesn’t do anything. But let the people of Minnesota re elect this clown and he can continue to do nothing about solving the real problems.

  132. Is this some kind of skit? That Stuart Smalley dude from SNL is a real Senator?? I’m assuming he beat Jesse “The Body” Ventura in a no holds barred cage match to win the title? What is going on in Minnesota? I agree AP. may have been a little over the top with his discipline, but come on, this is getting blown way out of proportion. What does society do, a lot worse things happen daily, but go unnoticed, now top NFL players Rice, Peterson Get absolutely persecuted, worse than murderers, and rapists. (see Ray Lewis, Ben Roethlisberger). Seems these past two years our society is turning into modern day Salem, thanks to social media etc. I don’t in any way condone, Rice or A.P.’s actions, but in the grand scale of things, and considering, the level of involvement by people like this Franken joker, getting their noses involved is ridiculous. Let the courts do their jobs, then the league make a decision, based on truths, not media and society sensationalism.

  133. Let me ask this..

    if you saw a 4 year old child being whipped with a switch what would you do? would you watch? Would you think he/she deserved it? Would you applaud the person doing it?

    My 4 year old spits at me all the time. Should I slap her face? Please advise.

    What if this were a girl?

    What if your wife/husband did this to YOUR son or daughter?

    What if Adrian Peterson was a third stringer you never heard of? Wait.. let me answer that.. the vikes would have cut him already..

    If you are a father, could you line up next to this guy? Would you block for him if you were NOT PAID TO DO SO?!!!

    Hey… lots of people beat their kids does that mean its ok for me? Lots of guys beat their wives so I guess thats ok too..

    I asked my 10 year old son what he would do if he caught me whipping his 4 year old sister with a tree branch till it left marks and made her scream and cry and bleed… He told me.. “I would KILL YOU”.

    He needs to be deactivated NOW. He better not be allowed around any kids, anwhere! No camps, no autographs, no nothing!

    Oh.. you know.. there is another running back that wasn’t stopped for his actions.. 2 people ended up dead.

  134. Well done Senator Al Franken,

    I wondered how long it was going to take for this to become the firestorm it should be.

    The NFL’s silence loudly proclaims that hitting a defenseless woman is MORE serious than brutally beating a defenseless 4 year old.

  135. Oh yeah!!! As a Redskins fan that’s been called a racist for the last year, I laugh at you all once the eyes of the P.C. Crowd fall on your team. I’m loving every minute.

  136. What the hell does Religion have to do with it? Lame dude. I think he meant to spank his son with a switch. I think he has a right to do so. I don’t think he meant to draw blood. Truly it’s none of our business, as most of the crap on here is none of our business.

  137. Hey Al…next time someone in your party in indicted lets see if you and the Governor take the same stand. My guess is you won’t. You will back, defend and support them with everything you have all the way to the polls. All you politicians are hypocrites. Do us all a favor and just go away.

  138. One of my employees sent me a photo alleging her husband (my employee) left bruises during a custody exchange visit. Her own sister called me a short time later and said the pics were not “bruises”, but charcoal that she rubbed on herself to make it look like bruises and try to help her legal case. Good thing we did not jump to conclusions. Now there is no direct correlation in this case, but there is a reason that the judicial system should play out here in AP’s case and NOT be tilted by media or external pressures. No one is a perfect parent. I would challenge all the haters to look in the mirror. Either way, the truth will come out in AP’s case as well.

  139. This is social justice folks. How are you going to act when your on the chopping block? Franken? you mean the one that stole an election? Yeah, now were talking morals. Not!!

  140. What did Jesse “the body” Ventura have to say about the issue? That is really what I’m waiting for? What are you guys smoking on election day in MN that you elect these clowns? Is it like a big goof or something?

  141. Wasn’t Al Franken the idiot on the train guarding the gorilla with Jim Bulushi in Trading Places?

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