Week Two power rankings


1.  Seattle Seahawks (No. 1 last week; 1-1):  They lost in San Diego.  I guess that means they now suck.  And they’ll suck just enough to win the Super Bowl again.

2. Denver Broncos (No. 2; 2-0):  With the No. 1 team on the docket for Week Three, the opportunity is there to not lose by 35 points.

3. New England Patriots (No. 4; 1-1):  Cries of “the Pats are done” became “the Pats done kicked Minnesota’s ass” on Sunday.

4. Green Bay Packers (No. 3; 1-1):  They lose a spot for flirting for too long with a lesser team, but the Packers are still a top-five franchise.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (No. 6; 2-0):  Maybe when James Harrison said “ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun,” he was referring to the Bengals turning tables in the AFC North.

6. Carolina Panthers (No. 9; 2-0):  In a year when everyone thought they’d fade, the Panthers apparently are tightening their grip on the NFC South.

7. Philadelphia Eagles (No. 11; 2-0):  Undefeated despite playing at an average level at best, if this team ever finds the gas pedal, they could be the biggest threat to a Seattle repeat.

8. Arizona Cardinals (No. 12; 2-0):  It’s hard to remember this team is 2-0, probably because they should have lost both of their games.

9. San Francisco 49ers (No. 5; 1-1):  Who’s got it better than us?  Anyone who opened a brand new stadium by winning the first game there.

10. Baltimore Ravens (No. 14; 1-1):  The Ravens took refuge last week in football.  The Steelers wish they hadn’t.

11. New Orleans Saints (No. 7; 0-2):  Does anyone really think this team won’t have a seat at the postseason table?

12. San Diego Chargers (No. 17; 1-1):  For those who say the Chargers created the recipe for beating the Seahawks, it helps to have access to ingredients like Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, and Keenan Allen.

13. Chicago Bears (No. 19; 1-1):  The Bears provide Exhibit A for the idea that no one really knows what’s going to happen in any given game, in any given week.

14. Atlanta Falcons (No. 10; 1-1):  Who scored more points this week, Roddy White’s fantasy team or his reality team?

15. Indianapolis Colts (No. 8; 0-2):  The AFC South is the Colts’ division to lose.  And they are.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 13; 1-1):  Mike Tomlin needed to trip a bunch of guys other than Jacoby Jones for the Steelers to have a chance in Baltimore last Thursday.

17. Detroit Lions (No. 15; 1-1):  Apparently, Donkey Kong Suh couldn’t get his flaming barrels through airport security.

18. Buffalo Bills (No. 26; 2-0):  The organization’s best week since January 1994 could become the best two weeks since January 1994.

19. Houston Texans (No. 24; 2-0):  Beating a mediocre franchise quarterback one week and a worse-than-mediocre franchise the next hardly means the Texans have fixed all their problems.

20. New York Jets (No. 16; 1-1):  An ill-timed timeout has helped obscure the fact that the Jets blew a huge lead.

21. Cleveland Browns (No. 31; 1-1):  If this team is still in the hunt after Josh Gordon comes back, things could get very interesting in December.

22. Washington (No. 25; 1-1):  With a defense capable of generating 10 sacks, maybe Joe Theismann could play quarterback for this team and win.

23. Dallas Cowboys (No. 27; 1-1):  After years of saying they’ll run the ball more, they finally did.  Maybe they should keep doing that.

24. Miami Dolphins (No. 20; 1-1):  Another win over the Patriots chased by another 19-point loss to the Bills.

25. St. Louis Rams (No. 28; 1-1):  Just think of how good this team could be if it had a quarterback.

26. Tennessee Titans (No. 21; 1-1):  At least no one pulled an Albert Haynesworth during the Cowboys’ return to Nashville for the first time since Andre Gurode’s forehead was shredded.

27. Minnesota Vikings (No. 18; 1-1):  For a franchise that has provided its fans with 50-plus years of disappointment, embarrassment, humiliation, and heartbreak, Monday was the lowest point yet.

28. Kansas City Chiefs (No. 22; 0-2):  “At least we’re not the Raiders” may be the best they can say this year.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 29; 0-2):  “At least Greg Schiano’s not the coach” may be the best they can say this year.

30. New York Giants (No. 23; 0-2):  Seven years ago, the Giants reversed an 0-2 start with a Super Bowl win.  Seven years ago, the Giants had a lot more talent.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (No. 30; 0-2):  Maybe Blake Bortles isn’t playing because they’re concerned the bubble wrap would screw up his throwing motion.

32. Oakland Raiders (No. 32; 0-2):  The Raiders aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be.  Somehow, they’re worse.

144 responses to “Week Two power rankings

  1. I don’t get too excited about power rankings because it means nothing in the NFL since the games are decided on the field. But, I will say this as a lifelong Packer fan they are ranked too high should be around 9 or 10.

  2. 27. Minnesota Vikings (No. 18; 1-1): For a franchise that has provided its fans with 50-plus years of disappointment, embarrassment, humiliation, and heartbreak, Monday was the lowest point yet.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  3. For a franchise that has provided its fans with 50-plus years of disappointment, embarrassment, humiliation, and heartbreak, Monday was the lowest point yet.


    Hey, for a second there, I thought you were talking about my beloved New York Jets!!


    2. Denver
    3. Carolina
    4. Arizona
    5. Green Bay

    Week 1 didn’t really count as the Redskins weren’t really trying and the refs blew a million calls. The Redskins are the most talented roster in Football. We won by 4 TOUCHDOWNS with our 2nd string QB. #HTTR

  6. “19. Houston Texans (No. 24; 2-0): Beating a mediocre franchise quarterback one week and a worse-than-mediocre franchise the next hardly means the Texans have fixed all their problems.”

    Stop telling the truth!

  7. It’s week 3 power rankings… The Hawks too high… the 49ers too high… The Bills too low… The saints too high. The texans too low.. The packers way too high they could easily be 0-2 right now.

  8. Man, it’s scary that Carolina looks even better than last year. Their WR’s weren’t nearly as bad as the media made it out to be. This WR group can ACTUALLY CATCH. Not to mention they finally have a legit #1 WR in Benjamin, who I think is going to be very special. Their secondary even looks better. That team is going to be scary. Shutting down one of the best offenses with Megatron on it to 7 points is impressive.

  9. 17. Detroit Lions (No. 15; 1-1): Apparently, Donkey Kong Suh couldn’t get his flaming barrels through airport security.

    That’s called focusing all their attention on Suh and giving up 5 sacks to other Lions. He might have had a hand in holding Carolina to 62 yards rushing and 2 yards a carry.

  10. Congratulations to Green Bay and new england on their high TOP 5 rankings.

    Those victories over the Geno Smith-led Jets and the powerful Minnesota Vikings (without juiced up, low character adrian peterson) were tremendous.


  11. I would have paid the price of admission to see all the tantrums playing out in greater-Seattle living rooms on Sunday. As ceaselessly as Hawk fans win, losing must bring out the adhd toddler in them.

  12. I saw improvement out of the Giants this week. They’re still not good, but they’ve got a chance to be a spoiler team later in the season and win 4 or 5 games.

    I’m not sure the Raiders have done Carr any favors by letting him play. Poor kid.

    The Packers do not look good. They are not a top five team. The Eagles are a top five team, though.

    Cowboys are ranked too high, too.

  13. Seattle were beaten by a team that out played them. Seattle didn’t necessarily play badly. San Diego just played really well.

    When playing a defensive team with a good run game like Baltimore was for many years, the way to beat them is to not make any mistakes and to get the lead early so they can’t run the ball so easily and the ball is always in Wilson’s hands. If Seattle get’s a significant lead on anyone they won’t lose very often if ever.

    San Diego certainly put some film out there, but you kind of have to play perfectly still to beat Seattle.

    They still deserve to be #1, but it’s a long season. They still have to make it healthy to the end.

  14. 19. Houston Texans (No. 24; 2-0): Beating a mediocre franchise quarterback one week and a worse-than-mediocre franchise the next hardly means the Texans have fixed all their problems.

    It’s not THAT they won…. it’s the WAY they won those games.

  15. Vikings should be #32 just for reinstating Peterson…And Peterson has admitted what he did to his son, so he should be in jail.

  16. I don’t agree with the Vikings’ decision, but there is no way that is the most disappointing, embarrassing, humiliating, and heartbreaking moment in their history. I could give you a long list of moments that are at least even with it.

  17. For the second week will say the same thing I sais last week….There is so much wrong with this list I don’t even know where to begin……..

  18. Considering our last six quarters of football, it was kind of you to list the Steelers no lower than 16. Buffalo should be ahead of us.

  19. After two weeks, the takeaways I have are that:

    1) There are a couple of teams that are clearly and really bad — the Giants and Raiders coming immediately to mind.

    2) There is really no single team in either conference that is head-and-shoulders above the rest at this point. Undefeated teams, yes. Undefeatable teams, not so much.

    3) Almost every other team appears capable of winning or losing on any given Sunday

  20. and the Bills beat a very solid, most likely playoff team IN chicago and then beat the dolphins handily who everyone thought would give the Pats a run for 1st place in division. Yet Packers who get smoked week 1 and BARELY beat a perennial losing team in the jets is that high? also lions beat a TERRIBLE gmen team and got beat up on this last week, they arent good.

  21. Darn Vikings — humiliate yourself. Get your butts kicked. Play the game like lifeless dolts. I know it’s business as usual up there — but when it affects the Packers top 3 rating, that’s taking it too far!

    You are destined to 50 MORE years of futility!


  22. The Bucs r way to high. Were not even remotely close to 29 we cant beat anyones back ups why am I supposed to think we can beat starters? Especially with our whole team dropping like flys

  23. I can understand why you would have the Seahawks still ahead of the Broncos, regardless of their won/loss records.

    However, I’m curious to find out whether you move the Pats ahead of the Broncos into the No. 2 spot in next week’s power rankings when the Pats demolish the hapless Raiders and the Broncos lose to the Seahawks.

    P.S. – I am a huge Bronco fan, but I haven’t seen enough from the Broncos defense after 2 weeks to think that they will be able to beat Seattle on the road.

  24. Nevermind that gutsy comeback road win…if you just acknowledge that maybe – just maybe – the Bears have actually improved their defense (from dead last in the league last year, to now at LEAST competent/mediocre), while also STILL having one of the NFL’s most dangerous and potent offenses, you have to consider them a top-10 team.

  25. 11. New Orleans Saints (No. 7; 0-2): Does anyone really think this team won’t have a seat at the postseason table?


    Me! Me! I do! I do!

    You get into the postseason based on your record, not your talent and previous rep!

  26. Is it OK for NFL players to participate in fantasy football? If there is money on the line, would they have incentive to let an opposing player score because it helps their FF team? Let them catch a pass?

    NFL got enough problems as it is.

  27. Two games means less than nothing, and is too early for any sort of Power Rankings. Still, I feel like the #1 total defense and #4 total offense should net the team formerly and currently known as the Redskins a higher spot than 22. Like I said, being #1 and #4 right now means nothing in the long run, but right now it should mean more than #22.

  28. 20. New York Jets (No. 16; 1-1): An ill-timed timeout has helped obscure the fact that the Jets blew a huge lead.


    That was a pretty stupid time out. We never would’ve done that

  29. Again it’s funny how bent out of shape people get over power rankings.

    macneileric says:

    I’m not a Bengal fan despite living here, however Bengals right now would beat the Patriots everyday and twice on Sunday. You have the Pats too high…

    We will find out in a few weeks.

  30. The hawks haters are overreacting. At least we didn’t lose at home in our new stadium to the bears. We’re home against the broncos, we’ll be 2-1 then our schedule gets easy. Remember we get to play krapernick twice so that will be fun.

  31. I’m ok with Seahawks at #1, sometimes Antonio Gates just decides he doesn’t want to lose that day. HOFer for sure, and possibly some sort of thunder god.

  32. Got to love the hate towards the Cardinals. One of their wins* was against the squad that knocked off the defending champs. Hopefully they can beat the San Francisco NOBODIES so they can have three shoulda woulda coulda wins.

  33. For those who are angry. Since when do early season power rankings matter outside of college? That said, I would argue a lot of these and off and there is a clear bias against teams who have been historically bad, especially the team in Washington that I root for. If I am not mistaken preseason rankings had the Bucs as a true force. Give it a few more weeks.

  34. The thing with the Bears is, they are playing with basically half a team right now. They have two starting O-Linemen out indefinitely, their starting WR duo both laying at well less than 100%, they lost a starting CB (Tillman) for the season Sunday night (along with injuries to depth at DL and DB), and a starting DT (Ratliff) likely out for Monday night’s game thanks to a concussion against the Niners.

    If the Bears can continue pulling out wins early this season — in the face of all these injuries and a brutal first-half schedule — they could be pretty scary the 2nd half of the season at full strength and with a lot of games at home.

  35. 32. Oakland Raiders (No. 32; 0-2): The Raiders aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be. Somehow, they’re worse.
    As a Chargers fan who trolls Raiders fans on here on a daily basis… I just feel sad for them at this point. Maybe we’re piling on… Maybe we should take it easy on them for the rest of the year…








    Rolando McClain ver.1.0 > Rolando McClain ver.2.0

  36. WHAT???

    I thought all the experts on here assured us that Seattle was done after last week.

    Meanwhile, 12s, the class of NFL fans, congratulated the bolts for an excellent plan with excellent execution.

    Go figure.

  37. So, the Packers “lose a spot just for flirting with a lesser team”, but the Seahawks lose to one and they’re still number one?

  38. BTW, if you’ve followed Chip Kelly teams over time, you wouldn’t be too worried about them.

    The “innovative offense” (you know, the one he resurrected from the Cinci, Buffalo, etc. of old) he’s sure everyone is dying to copy eventually kills his own defense.

    It’s why he’s never won anything despite being the self proclaimed genius he is.

    In fact this year it appears it’s happening early.

  39. If the power rankings were made as a true week to week thing and not based upon who the author thought was going to win the Super Bowl or be in the playoffs, it’s pretty obvious who the top 3 are after 2 weeks based upon play.

    1. Denver Broncos
    2. Cincinnati Bengals
    3. Carolina Panthers

    And I’m a Cowboys fan. Biased to all hell.

  40. So, the Packers “lose a spot just for flirting with a lesser team”, but the Seahawks lose to one and they’re still number one?

    Seattle losing on the road to the Chargers >>> GB winning at home against the Jets.

    Chargers >>> x 100>>> the Jets.


  41. 27. Minnesota Vikings (No. 18; 1-1): For a franchise that has provided its fans with 50-plus years of disappointment, embarrassment, humiliation, and heartbreak, Monday was the lowest point yet.


    You hit that nail square on the head.


    that’s because your backup is better than your starter.

    “BTW, Bills are better than the Bears, yet you have Chicago ranked higher.”

    While one game doesn’t mean much, as Chicago still should have won that game, I would agree, as Buffalo still won that game. It’s still early, and these rankings are just for amusement purposes only. Nothing I have seen so far warrants Pittsburgh being ranked ahead of Buffalo, and throw New Orleans in that group of over ranked…at least for now.

  43. “We will find out in a few weeks”
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    We will find out WITHOUT #1 WR A.J. Green, #2 WR Marvin Jones, and #1 TE Tyler Eifert.

  44. The Bills beat 2 teams Bears / Miami that beat the last years conference finalists (San Fran & New England), so that makes sense, figuring that the last 2 teams in each conference must not be any good this year (but of course they’re ranked higher.

    Logic < Bias.

  45. How, exactly, are the Steelers at No. 16? Don’t they have to be a fairly good team to be ranked that highly?

    Well… they are NOT good. Not even close.

  46. They lose a spot for flirting for too long with a lesser team, but the Packers are still a top-five franchise.
    in what the NFC north when it takes in northwestern? Packers can’t stop the run and almost lost to the Jets in Greenbay…the Jets…any other franchise (or if the Jets brought back Ken O’Brien) and the packers are 0-2.

  47. Bills should be higher, I mean they beat the bears on the road.

    Saints should probably win a game before they make it to the top half of the rankings, not as advertised this year at all.

  48. How are there two winless teams ahead of the 2-0 Bills?

    Probably because those two teams are still better than the Bills. Its only week two, let the season play out before you get all butt hurt. I remember a few years back the Bills started off 5-0 and Bills fans were saying the same things. Then what happened? The downward spiral that the Bills are known for.

    It’s only week two people!!!!! 15 more regular season weeks to still be played out. If its the same midway through the season then you might have a gripe.

  49. Two teams that got handled in half of their games are #1 and #3? They didn’t just lose. New England got handled by Miami and the Chargers might have exposed Seattle. Two weeks don’t make a season, but how can they be two of the three best teams?

  50. I like seeing the Browns move up, but let’s not be hasty. Playing the Ravens this Sunday is a test, especially when the Browns have been terrible against divisional opponents.


  51. I’m a life long Packer fan and even I have to admit that the Packers aren’t playing like a top 5 (or maybe even a top 10) team right now. I’m confident that the Pack will get there before the season is over with, but right now they aren’t playing as well as the Bears and Lions are. The North will not lay down for the Pack this year.

  52. Yes I’m a Texans fan but let me tell you what I see with this team. All the Pete Prisco-type cynics saying 2-14 or 6 wins are out of their mind. The only thing that scares me is how long Fitzpatrick can keep up his no turnover lifestyle. Other than that, this team has an attitude right now and they are good. Arian’s back. Cushing will do nothing but pick up steam. Clowney will be back just as they keep gaining momentum. And Deandre Hopkins is one HELL of a receiver. Either way, this team will climb and climb from here on out. Watch out Colts.

  53. You should rank these on what has actually happened on the field. Thus Buffalo would be above Indy, as would every other team w/fewer than two losses.

  54. Apparently injuries are showing the Lions lack of depth and the Redskins defensive is better than expected.

  55. Carolina may well wrap up the NFC South by week 12.

    Their D imposes its will with ease.

    This from an un-biased Indy fan.

  56. Eagles have the #1 total offense #1 scoring offense and #13 defense. I bet you wish the Steelers were that average.

  57. Good to see the hilarity of your hatred for the 49ers results in a gross underrating, denial that they are a top 4 team in the league, and that despite their occasional blunders will be there come January as a contender, continues for another week.

  58. You talk crap about the texans for BEATING 2 mediocre qbs / teams but talk up the pats and Packers who have each lost and only won against mediocre qbs / teams, barely in the Packers case.

    The Packers have a worse defense special teams and offense then the undefeated Eagles but are ranked higher.

  59. Not worried about this. Every analyst has there biases. Good teams will lose and lesser teams will win. It’s early in the season and still a lot of great football left.

  60. I’ll laugh as I’m celebrating our second Superbowl and thinking back to all the “experts here” saying “yeah, but, but, but, they were exposed in week 2!”

    Ha ha ha

  61. The Colts must miss Jimmy Irsay’s leadership more than anyone would have ever thought. Free Jimmy Irsay’s Twitter account!!!

  62. I don’t go by Power Rankings, I go by Vegas odds and right now they have the Texans at equal odds with the Colts and Cardinals at 33/1. Based on that alone they should be around #16-#17.

  63. Green Bay probably should have stayed Top 3, but it doesn’t matter too much. There’s 14 games left to point that out.

  64. Seahawks could spiral downward this month. They lost to the Chargers after being off 10 days on the road, then play Denver, a team that could easily be/should be in the number one spot, then they are off another 14 days and on the road against the Redskins…..

    Very good possibility the Seahawks are 1-3 to start the season, but PFT will probably still list them as #1.

  65. Flip the rankings between Carolina and Philly. Panthers patchwork receiving corps (outside Benjamin who will be a star) is nothing special. Brutal stretch of games coming up for Panthers. Eagles have more overall balance particularly on offense. Can’t wait for their Nov. 10 matchup.

  66. If the NFL suspends Hardy and maybe seven or eight other Panther defensive starters then maybe Big Ben can get over six points.

    In this day and age of every rule made and flag thrown overwhelmingly helping the offense the elite Big Ben gets six points in a big game. LOLZ!

  67. What am I not seeing, Greenbay is NOT even a top ten team.

    So you would bet your pay check that GB could beat the Bengals, Panthers, Card’s, 49’er and the Eagle? didn’t think so.

  68. Really? The saints are 10 spots above the browns. They may be better but they are not now. This power ranking is a joke. Should be where they r today not where u think they will be in a month.

  69. The Patriots are that high based on a Dolphins loss and a win over a Vikings team with Cassel at QB and no Peterson? LOL

  70. There’s just something wrong with 0-2 teams ranked higher than 2-0 teams.

    I know, I know, they played better teams. Doesn’t matter. Do the teams that lose to better teams make the playoffs because of that? No, the teams who have more wins make it to the playoffs.

  71. The Cardinals beat the team that just beat your beloved Seahawks (who they also beat last time they played them and in their house) and then won on the east coast in a game that for them was at 7am, with some QB named Drew Stanton…yet they should have lost both games and it’s hard to remember they are 2-0 above the 1-1 Seahawks and 49ers. Biased much?

  72. If you could include college teams in these rankings the Raiders would be around 120 right under Kansas

  73. I live in Green Bay and was bred to love nothing but the green & gold. They have zero business in the top 5, maybe not even top 10.

    Defense is awful, offense can’t get started and the coaching has been horrific. That’s before you start considering injuries on the o-line.

    They were one poorly timed time-out from being beat on Sunday.

  74. I honestly cant tell if the ppl who are saying “The Pats are ranked too high” and “the Bengals would beat them everyday and twice on sundays” are just saying it bc they are Pats haters, or bc they are genuinely stupid.

    You don’t want to admit it, you won’t want to admit it, but this team is good. The defense is scary (best secondary in the league. Please, tell me who’s better) and the offense isn’t as bad as its being advertised. And honestly, if you watched the Minnesota game, you would know that the score could have been 60-7, if it weren’t for some missed opportunities and the milking of the clock in the 2nd half. Please, give this team a slight bit of credit.

    As for the whole Bengals comment, unless they get home field advantage, I really cant see them winning against a good team. Don’t get me wrong, they will beat the average wild card team. And same goes for Denver. If they have to come up to Foxboro, it wont go so well.

    Just a little side note: I love how PFT works. After beating the Pats, the Dolphins fans hopped right on this website, and joined in on all the Haters saying the Pats are done and to watch out for the Dolphins. Then, not even days later, people were telling Dolphins fans to pump their brakes, and were more or less telling them to shut up(funny how fast that changes). Now, the Dolphins have returned to being on the bottom, and their fans won’t even show up on here. Welcome back to earth you clowns. I hope you enjoyed your 5 secs of fame!

  75. Not really sure how the Cardinals should have lost both their games. They played very well against the Chargers. Pressure forces penalties and mistakes as much as anything else. Look how well the Chargers played last week. They didn’t just make mistakes, they were forced. And they beat the crap out of the Giants with a back up QB. Not sure how they should have lost that game. As a Raiders fan, I really thought they belonged ad 29-30 before the season started.. But being out coached consistently makes them the worst 32nd ranked team ever! It makes me sick to watch.

    Houston was a Super Bowl pick before last season. Injuries tore that team down and Schaub’s play didn’t help. There is no reason with a game manager who can make the occasional big play and getting their starters back from injuries this shouldn’t be at least a 9 win team.. It does not surprise me they are playing the way they did 2 seasons ago. Missing Pro Bowlers from your roster will make any team play worse. Last year was rough for Houston, but they seem to be playing better.

  76. Packers at 4 is laughable. They have not protected Aaron Rodgers for three consecutive plays so far this season. The Seahawks punched them in the mouth and knocked them out. The Jets punched them in the mouth and then shot themselves in the foot. When Detroit beats them this week, do they jump up to #3 just by virtue of one of the Broncos & Seahawks will lose?

  77. Can easily see the Saints not making the playoffs. Their receiving core consists of an all world TE, an old slow “big target” in Colston (who also is oft injured), Cooks the rook and a bunch of nobodies. Sproles is gone. Ingram finally started out good this year and is now injured. Defense seems to be the same old story. Road woes continue. I think this continues as a down year for them/Brees.

  78. @hyzers:

    But in the end those 5 sacks and 62 rushing yards allowed proved to be as significant as your prediction that SF would blow out the Bears on Sunday night.

    And as meaningless as your team beating the Bears twice last year.

  79. The reason they are called “Power Rankings” means how you’re doing nowadays. How can #1 be #1 coming off a loss from #12? How can the #11 team be 0 and 2? Unless the Saints got beat twice by Marvin Martian’s Space Modulators, they have been exposed for weaknesses, thus not powerful at all. Same goes for the Seahawks. The Seahawks ranking ought to be as quiet as Sherman’s mouth after the game.

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