Cardinals deactivate Dwyer after domestic violence arrest


Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer, who was arrested today in a domestic violence incident, has been deactivated by the team.

“We became aware of these allegations this afternoon when notified by Phoenix police and are cooperating fully,” the Cardinals said in a statement. “Given the serious nature of the allegations we have taken the immediate step to deactivate Jonathan from all team activities. We will continue to closely monitor this as it develops and evaluate additional information as it becomes available.”

The Cardinals are now following the lead of the Vikings with Adrian Peterson and the Panthers with Greg Hardy by excusing the accused player while the legal case plays out. The Cardinals stand in sharp contrast, however, to the 49ers, who are continuing to allow Ray McDonald to play even after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

Although Dwyer’s arrest came today, it reportedly stems from an incident with his wife in July.

108 responses to “Cardinals deactivate Dwyer after domestic violence arrest

  1. Impressive few weeks for the NFL, when players leave the field, they don’t know when to stop hitting people…

  2. Next man up….please join the other gentlemen against the wall in a lineup, and don’t attempt to identify anyone through the glass. Who knew NFL would become SVU?

  3. The incident was back in July. I guess we’ll have a few more of these arrests come out over the next couple of weeks. Too bad they didn’t know back then how bad the trouble they would get into.

  4. billswillnevermove says:
    Sep 17, 2014 8:02 PM
    When will all this madness end??!!!

    When these men stop beating their wives and children.

  5. These punks need to be taught a lesson. Their parents taught them nothing. Their high school and college coaches are losers in life. Kick them all out.

  6. Well, it looks like it is not only Goodell and team owners that are flipping their positions. How does a guy get arrested in September for an incident that happened in July? If the police report had already been filed it appears that the local police got religion a midst the firestorm in the NFL. Or did the victim just come forward?

  7. Oh he went for the daily double, beat the wife and a 18 mos old child…..smh what is wrong with these people, I hope these charges prove to be false….

  8. stepping back from football and fantasy football..cracking down on this now could actually reduce domestic abuse because they dont want to risk losing their job. it stinks that it takes negative reinforcement to do it rather than them just having the fortitude not to hit someone. but the end result is the same.

    unless they just start beating significant others after they retire

  9. So we collectively enable these guys throughout their high school, college and pro careers and are then surprised and outraged that they think they can get away with all kinds of stuff ?

    This goes all the way back to when they were kids and because they could play a game well and were strong were allowed to get away with things that no person who wasn’t on one of the school teams could get away with.

    If we want it to stop at the NFL level, it has to stop at the school level.

  10. I liked last years “bullying” theme over this one. But its still better the Tebows theme of 2012

  11. I feel like only a few months ago the media was making excuses for these guys when everyone was concerned Irsay was going to get off light. The NFL tried to be fair and man did that end up biting them in the tail! Good to see we are back to dropping the hammer and men being held accountable for their actions.

  12. Cardinals had him deactivated before PFT could have 4 more stories on it….what!!?!
    The Cardinals are now the moral leaders of the NFL. They had a problem and NAILED it immediate…well done AZ!!

  13. Really? You guys don’t understand football players?

    * Many have been idolized since high school as “stars” and celebrities

    * Many have had everything handed to them in exchange for their performance on the field

    * Football is a violent game that requires aggression, high energy level and focus. Those are very difficult things to TURN OFF.

    * Many aren’t good at dealing with people who don’t treat them like their fans. So their wives, kids, families are recipients of their aggression, angry outbursts, and violence. Those are very difficult things to TURN OFF.

    I’m not making excuses for them. But owners, coaches, teams, fans all want players to be explosive on the field. Given their lack of experience and ability to fit into society on a “normal level” it’s not surprising that there are a number of players who use their on-field aggression and violence when they get frustrated off the field.

    Just think about it for a moment.

    OK, now get back to not being able to understand them or relate to their upbringing and environment.

  14. What happens if Peterson, Dwyer, Hardy, and MacDonald are all found innocent?

    Do they get apologies?

    I mean. Have we not seen these t.v. shows like basketball wives and sports wives and wive of whoever?

    Have you met these women these idiot athletes marry?

    I would find it just as likely these women are looking for drama and money as I would that they were abused.

    If there were a betting line out there I bet it it would be favored that in 6 months half of these women end up on a “real housewives of the NFL” reality show.

    Look at the history of pro athlete wives/girlfriends and tell me thats not a real possibility.

  15. Part of the charges was from keeping her from calling 9-1-1. From reports in Phoenix, it sounds like she saved proof of the altercation and came forward after the fact. He was brought in for questioning from Cards HQ to Phoenix PD HQ, interrogated and subsequently charged and arrested. This all happened within a matter of a few hours.

  16. arzcardinals says:
    Sep 17, 2014 8:24 PM
    Cardinals had him deactivated before PFT could have 4 more stories on it….what!!?!
    The Cardinals are now the moral leaders of the NFL. They had a problem and NAILED it immediate…well done AZ!!

    Puh-lease! “Cardinals are now the moral leaders of the NFL.” HA HA you crack me up!

    They’ve just seen the NFL, Ravens and Vikings screw the pooch before they got “their turn” to deal with it. So they weren’t stupid and saw how things “have to be handled” because the NFL is in free fall now and in this politically correct society with social media’s keyboard warriors (who all are perfect model citizens) lashing out at anything and anyone, AZ had no choice.

    Besides, Jonathan Dwyer isn’t Adrian Peterson so what’d you expect the red birds to do?

  17. Anyone remember what happened with Marshawn Lynch this summer? Granted the authorities determined rather quickly it was Bulls— but they don’t always get it right.

    Which is why it bothers me that the PUBLIC can’t wait until a trial is held.

  18. What is up with all these”rich idiots”??? They just cannot behave themselves, it’s pathetic.
    This is becoming a bit of a craze the last few months, and it’s getting boring with the fans.
    We are only interested in those playing football, not the ones being paid to stay home.

  19. This suspending before convicted will end when someone gets arrested and it ends up being a false accusation.
    I do think its funny though that 1 of 32 owners gets arrested for DWI and with pills and $29k in cash and is originally charged with 4 felonies and NFL did not suspend or do anything until after the court plead it out. And he got slap on the wrist of 6 games and max fine of $500,000 and O yea he can’t tweet while he is suspended. What a joke.

  20. Since these players can’t hit anyone on the field of play anymore they just hit people at home. Makes sense to me. And I don’t really fault them. (sarcasm). But… i do understand they thought they would be playing in a contact league, not the roger goodell flay football fantasy league.

  21. If a woman attacks a man it’s a domestic disturbance. If a man hits a woman, it’s abuse. A guy can’t win in any dispute. Even the NFL has women who talk to the rookies and tell them that they will never win vs a female, even if she’s in the wrong. If she hits you and you pop her back, it’s your fault. The cops remove you from your house and the girlfriend gets to stay. Divorce…she gets alimony and the house because she can’t fend for herself, yet she’ll get child custody because she can raise the child better than a man. That doesn’t balance out. Stay single and stop dating hoodrats fellas.

  22. Happened in July?

    What happened is horrible but right now – what’s to prevent an angry significant other from making false allegations because it seems that allegations is all that it takes.

    I’m not saying Dwyer is being falsely accused but I just hope there is a good process of knowing when an allegation is most true.

  23. Since these players can’t hit anyone on the field of play anymore they just hit people at home. Makes sense to me. And I don’t really fault them. (sarcasm). But… i do understand they thought they would be playing in a contact league, not the roger goodell flag football fantasy league.

  24. azjam says: Sep 17, 2014 8:30 PM

    Where is Commish Roger during all of this???????

    Hiding in his closet sucking his thumb. He needs to go.

    Fire Goodell.

  25. Not making any excuses for these guys, but it is their job to be aggressive and hit people. Is anybody really that surprised it spills into some of their personal lives?

  26. I’ll say it again. If convicted of a crime the player is banned from the league. If charged the player is suspended with pay until adjudicated. Simple as that. Time to find out what the NFL stands for and to cleanse itself.

  27. belichickdominatedjoemontana says: Sep 17, 2014 8:08 PM

    My guess is Frank gore is next. Has to be a RB, right?


    Really dude? Frank Gore has been the classiest, cleanest player in the NFL, who is a true role model……and you’re gonna make a comment like that?

    That thing you’re feeling, yeah, that’s shame and disgrace.

  28. Dear nfl players, ya might want to be single for awhile. Ya might just date and run around with females. Having a full time girl living at the house is proving to be a deadly handcuff

  29. Goodell’s Hiding Spot says:
    Sep 17, 2014 8:09 PM
    billswillnevermove says:

    Sep 17, 2014 8:02 PM
    When will all this madness end??!!!

    When these men stop beating their wives and children.

    or maybe when Goodell start’s letting them beat the crap out of each other on the field!

  30. Wow, wish my job would deactivate me and still pay me for “possibly” committing crimes.

    “Who stole all the snickers out of the vending machine?”

    “None other than I! Or was it he! Deactivate me for the year while I go through due process.”

  31. This may be a crazy idea, but hear me out.

    Players who are arrested either before the season or during the season should be placed on a Commissioner’s Exempt list, with 50% pay, until the case is resolved.

    If player is innocent he would receive the remaining 50% of his game-check money, and be immediately reinstated.

    If player is guilty, he may return to the field at the discretion of a “Common Sense Committee”. His 50% salary that has been withheld will be dispersed into charities assisting victims of his crime, locally and nationally.

    These players are usually in bad situations, regardless of guilt or innocence. Greg Hardy doesn’t need an arsenal in downtown Charlotte, Josh Gordon doesn’t need to be near even second-hand smoke, Ray Rice shouldn’t be drunk and disorderly in public, etc. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right. If players know that even being caught up in a bad situation which results in any charges can get them immediately sent home, they may think twice.

  32. “Oh he went for the daily double, beat the wife and a 18 mos old child…..smh what is wrong with these people, I hope these charges prove to be false….”


    I hope they are too. Here’s the thing, where will the NFL draw the line. Suspending a player for an accusation only seems a slippery slope. Though if there is ample evidence it should be so but lets not suspend a player every time someone yells jump.

  33. Damm, and we thought we were sending a message after the R. Rice incident. I thought this nonsense was over.

  34. The current state of PFT’s football world has me following Baseball. I almost forgot how good that game was.

  35. No doubt corporal punishment was never administered to him as a child because we have learned on here that is what makes good solid citizens. Sarcasm intended.

  36. Wow, even Budweiser is mad. Wonder how many of their employees have ever been charged with DA.

  37. It really should be up to the team to decide until there is a conviction. If the Cardinals don’t want to be associated with someone accused of said crime, they have the right to do what they did. I don’t favor NFL suspensions (which are unpaid) unless there is a conviction. Otherwise, it’s depriving a person of property without due process.
    Personally, I fully agree wih the Cardinals here. I think Vikings looked like tone deaf butt clowns with how they handled Peterson.

    As for the 49ers, it’s fine if they want to let him play, but they should explain why beyond “it’s due process.” They should explain that after interviewing the player, they don’t believe he committed the violence (which appears to be what they think anyway) in question. Otherwise, they take a real PR hit.

  38. We fool ourselves believing that football is a violent game played by men but it’s actually a game played by violent men. And we are surprised when we learn that some can’t turn off the violence when the whistle blows.

  39. Maybe an IQ test and a 10 question multiple choice quiz should be given before the draft? To think some of these guys got free rides to major universities too.

  40. When are these guys going to get back to some good old fashioned bullying? What a joke that was and continues to look like more and more everyday. BTW great game Sunday night Jon Martin – you looked like me out there trying to block an NFL DE.

  41. So let’s get this strait nfl and activists, an nfl player is dating or married to a woman, he wants out for whatever reason but she doesn’t because she wants the millionaire life, she gets a friend to rough her up a bit and claims she was abused by said player and he gets suspended and his career is possibly over because of activists and people who get their feelings hurt. Nice job nfl.

  42. “It really should be up to the team to decide until there is a conviction.”

    Not really, what one team does affects the rest, all the owners are in business together, the league absolutely has a right to protect itself.

  43. When he was a Steeler he was sleeping with angels, as a member of the Cardinals, he’s sleeping with the fishes on this site…

  44. Might as well deactivate all players in the NFL so we have no football. That would make all the fans happy bc every player in pro-football is bad. They seemed to commit something which fans don’t like so I wish there is not pro-football.

  45. Maybe, just maybe if the NFL went back to allowing these guys to hit each other on the field they wouldn’t have all this pent up frustration to take out on people at home…..just a thought, prolly wrong.

  46. OK, already sick of this bull. Can the self-righteous media please find a new bone to gnaw on and let me watch football?

  47. I don’t like suspending or deactivating until the legal system plays out.

    This is where the NFL needs it’s old owners to step in and step up on how to handle this situation. These new era owners are too worried about they look in social media.

    Old owners please do not let their be suspensions until legal system finds guilty

  48. It appears the victim fled with the child (victim #2) out of state after this occurred. She returned last week and reported it to PHX PD. They took some time to collect out of state medical records. Arrested him when they finished building a strong enough case.

  49. Although I dislike Rev. Tebow’s bible-thumping and dramatic recruitment efforts, I would rather have that than the latest NFL buzz. Lots of messed up characters in the league.

  50. How long before the liberal press railroads an innocent individual? Are we now at a place in time where ‘innocent until proven guilty’ no longer applies? Who gets counter sued when a high profile individual losses significant money due to a false accusation? I am not sure the answer is to suspend people even with pay. Endorsements and bonus money will still be lost. Ones career and reputation is damaged. This is a pretty slippery slope we are on and it extends beyond the NFL.

  51. So the NFL made a rule about a week or so ago that said if you were guilty of domestic violence and it was your first offense it was a 6 game suspension. What happens if these guys are first time offenders and have to wait a lot more than 6 weeks before they get a court hearing and resolution. what if they are then found not guilty? Or after waiting on the court for more than 6 games are found guilty?

    My guess: Roger wings it.

  52. It’s a good thing the NFL has distanced itself from Tebow. Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.

  53. Giving golddiggers leverage to have the players suspended is a BAD idea. I predicted they would come ouf of the woodwork. Hear me now, believe me later.

  54. I’m so tired of fools talking about due process. Due process occurs in the courts not in the NFL. Teams have the absolute right to cut people at will. If you don’t believe me look up the number of scrub players that get cut after being arrested and prior to conviction. Now that we are talking about starters due process gets thrown around.
    And let’s be honest how bad do these guys have it? They are getting paid while suspended.

  55. I really wonder when this got so important to people cause there have been DV cases in the NFL for the last 5 years and all of a sudden people want to take a stance. A policy should have BEEN in place then some of this crap wouldnt be happening

  56. The idea that since the Cards immediately activated Dwyer after the arrest gives them a boost in morality is like congratulating someone for blocking a punch to the face.
    A pure self defense action, nothing more. People have been too effected by politics, thinking that throwing any false narrative out there will get traction.
    I AM happy to see the swift action by the Cards, not because they rallied to protect themselves so quick, but in the way firefighters quell a flame up after the main fire is under control.

  57. I love how they say he’s “Deactivated”… like they took out his battery pack and put him on the shelf.
    Makes me think this is like Cyberball!!

  58. The NFL will clean itself up when the law abiding players have had enough with being stigmatized and compared to the bunch of bad apples giving them a black eye right now. Suspending with pay is a joke! From what I hear, fellas that beat children do not fare very well in the prison system and they are suspended with pay in the NFL. Why wait for the legal course to be run when you have open and shut cases such as Peterson and Dwyer?

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