Goodell “never intended” to hear Ray Rice appeal

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Two years ago, the NFL aggressively defended the ability of Commissioner Roger Goodell to handle the appeal of the suspensions he imposed on the Saints players accused of participating in Gregg Williams’ bounty program.  Eventually, Goodell handed the baton to former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.  Who overturned the suspensions.

Now, the league won’t be fighting for Goodell’s right to run the Ray Rice appeal party.  According to the league office, Goodell “never intended” to handle Rice’s appeal.

This means that Goodell will grant the NFLPA’s request that he recuse himself from the appeal.  Which means that someone else will handle it.

Ultimately, Goodell has the right to designate a hearing officer.  For now, a decision hasn’t been made.

It could be someone from the league office.  But the NFLPA has asked for a truly independent arbitrator.

Maybe it should be Tagliabue again.

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  1. Does anyone know if other sports such as Baseball, Hockey, Golf, Soccer, or the NBA have these issues and we just don’t hear about them? Or is it just the NFL. Floyd Mayweather has been convicted of domestic violence and, after watching his interview with CNN, he doesn’t even seem to care. The Nevada Boxing Commission doesn’t seem to care either….they’ve never suspended him.

    I just don’t understand the storm that is coming out of this for the NFL.

  2. Goodell won’t be in office long enough to make any further decisions. He’s already written his resignation and negotiated his severance with the majority owners. All that’s left is to pull the rip chord on his golden parachute and land on some tropical island and retire with his many, many millions of dollars.

  3. Maybe they should fire Goodell and bring back Tagliabue and move on from this mess….Goodell has made this situation 10x worse than it needed to be

  4. The NFL should instigate a process for all crimes and handle them ALL in the same manner.

    If it means suspending a player until due process with the law plays out, so be it. This way players will know if they get arrested, they’re screwed – no matter how petty the crime may be. And if it is a serious crime, then the league can just throw down the hammer in the end.

  5. at a rate of $120,547 a day why would you want to over hear an appeals process? He probably has a tee time of 7:30 at Augusta and drinks planned with the British prime minister about bringing a team to London and possibly taking the Superbowl to another country. At the same time he needs to make sure that the NFL remains a 100% non profit organization so they pay $0.00 in taxes again, even though they made a profit of $9 Billion dollars last year. There are much more important matters than over seeing the leagues personal conduct procedures.

    Oh and did I mention there is all the cover up stuff that still needs to be cleaned up? Have a lot of players in the league that need protection.

  6. you realize and pft has sad before that Tags isn’t truly independent, being financially linked to goodell

  7. Ah….last I looked Goodell didn’t hit a woman on an elevator, or switch beat a child. Until proven otherwise, I believe his story. I want to wait for the report from the independent investigation. As for Tagliabue….lol…maybe..just maybe..if all those truly believe in coverups…maybe Tagliabue was just better at them. Player discipline will continue to be a problem as long as the NFL meddles in criminal affairs. Again…if convicted of a crime, you’re out of the league. If charged with a crime, you’re suspended until adjudicated.

    It’s that simple.

  8. As the CEO of a multi billion dollar corporation, Roger seems to fall short as a major executive. I imagine it’s a tough job placating all the ego and greed NFL owners posses, but he’s making major money to do it, and with each passing day he seems less and less qualified.

  9. Condi Rice!

    Let her have a shot at something difficult…. If she does well, maybe she deserves consideration for the commissioner spot when Goodell inevitably leaves the post.

  10. Whoever they select to overhear the appeal had better be an unpopular person. Because they are going to come in and overturn the suspension. First off, unless the NFL can prove Rice lied, then they can’t justify punishing him twice for the same incident. Second off, even if they CAN justify the second punishment proving new evidence came to light, then they didn’t follow the guidlines the NFL just set forth for domestic abuse charges.

    This is why you need leadership that is proactive instead of reactive.

  11. How ironic that a women who was attacked by the media machine for years as biased is now being touted as the person to delve fairly into the NFL mess. Madame Secretary you are too prestigious to be a part of this witch hunt.

  12. Goodell has named Shook Magiceightball to handle the appeal. Of course, this is the same guy who advised him on the suspension in the first place.

  13. MLB, NHL, MLS, NBA have one thing in common… none have the exposure, demand, impact, money that the NFL has.

    NFL is under a financial and publicity microscope like no other organized sport. This is why the profile is so high and interest so intense.

    Amazing how no matter what Goodell does, people want him fired.

    Suspend Rice… fire Goodell.
    Reinstate Rice play… fire Goodell.
    Hear Rice’s appeal… fire Goodell
    Don’t hear Rice’s appeal… fire Goodell.
    Suspend Peterson… fire Goodell.
    Let Peterson play… fire Goodell.

    You people need to get a grip on reality.

    Do changes need to be made? Yes
    Is Goodell moving forward with some good changes? Yes
    Didn’t he and his organization just hire a team of qualified people to assist in these reviews and procedures? Yes

    Let the process run it’s course and see what adjustments the NFL makes. Only after that can you resurrect your mantra, if it’s even warranted.

  14. Tagliabue wasn’t aware of a ton of problems that were going on during his watch either though. He has the experience of working as a Commissioner, but does he have all the answers that this league needs now?

  15. Bring back Tagliabue? Everybody hated him when he was commissioner, how about Condi Rice? She would be great at negotiations, she won’t take any crap from the players, she loves the gsme. I think she would be an excellent choice.

  16. Goodell really wants to hire someone to do every job in the office. He wants to get paid 44 million only to make decisions on who makes the decisions aka take the wrath of public anger.

  17. Where is Goodell?? Awfully quiet for several days now…I think he’s gone, owners and he are planning his exit strategy, his golden parachute and trying save face…”I don’t want to be a distraction to this wonderful league…”

  18. Tags has indeed proven an ability to render rulings and opinions that contradict Goodell. Tagliabue, as best I can tell, is more moderate (i.e., reasonable).

    Goodell, by contrast, is either wayyy too stringent and unforgiving -or- lenient and forgiving.

    I prefer reasonable and measured – over bi-polar dictator behind the wheel with unchecked power any day.

  19. Rice is PROTECTED by a UNION, the NFLPA. Everyone forgets this. He gets legal protections whereas Goodell has NO legal protection whatsoever.

    The media wants Rice to get off with zero punishment and for Goodell to be fired for every crime that ANY NFL player commits.

    If I were Goodell I would lay down the law such that if ANY NFL player is suspected of, commits a crime, or is arrested for a civil or criminal act, he is immediately banned from the NFL for LIFE. No questions asked. Being an NFL player is a privilege, not a right.
    After what the NFLPA, and the NFL players have done to tarnish the league, the NFL should take serious action to curtail future evil acts that bring the NFL into a negative light.

  20. Ray Lewis got away with murder and now I gotta see this clown look like an idiot on ESPN….

    Im done with the NFL

  21. Must be nice to agree to a certain set of rules for the appeals process, then when it comes time to follow those rules, decide you want exactly the opposite

    All while the media covers for you. Ahhh, being a Union in the U.S.

  22. The NFLPA is not showing much consideration for this act, they want patted on the back, this is the wrong situation for that. Ray Rice deserved his punishment, ask any daughter, mother, sister what they think.

  23. A commissioner that will use his power to do a favor for one owner/friend and try to give preferential treatment by suspending his guy for far less than that commissioner would for another team has got to be gone. If you can’t trust that the guy at the top will give friends unfair advantages on the field, then the sport you supposedly love is compromised by the guy who’s top job is ensuring a level playing field.

    I spent years spending money to watch a sport, not some second-rate pro wrestling ripoff where the most powerful owners and commissioner’s friends are fixing conditions so they win. Even wrestling is honest enough now that they admit what they do is scripted. The freaking NCAA is more trustworthy than Goodell’s NFL.

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