Jay Gruden: When McCoy comes out and Sproles comes in, we’re like “Oh s—“


Eagles running back Darren Sproles had a monster game against the Colts on Monday night, displaying exactly the kind of playmaking ability that he showed in New Orleans and San Diego before being traded to the Eagles for a fifth-round pick during the offseason.

That ability makes Sproles’ impact on the Eagles offense has hard to miss and Redskins coach Jay Gruden has picked up on it while preparing for this weekend’s NFC East clash between the two teams. As Gruden explains, there’s no longer a reason to catch your breath when LeSean McCoy is on the sideline.

“You’d think when McCoy comes out of the game we’re high-fiving, you know, ‘Hey, he’s on the bench, thank god.’ All of a sudden Sproles come in and we’re like, ‘Oh, s—,'” Gruden said, via CSNPhilly.com. “They’re two dynamic players when the ball is in their hands out in space. Our job is to know where they are at all times. We’ve got to do a great job of not just tackling one guy but gang-tackling and everybody running to the ball.”

Sproles has actually produced more yards and touchdowns in the first two games than McCoy, something that few people probably predicted heading into the season. It’s unlikely that things will remain that way over the long haul, but that’s all the more reason for defenses to be at their sharpest when facing off with the Eagles this season.

36 responses to “Jay Gruden: When McCoy comes out and Sproles comes in, we’re like “Oh s—“

  1. People are acting like the WhoDats were fools for trading Sproles.
    We were crowded with Sproles and are still loaded at the position.
    Im happy to have got a 5th for Sproles and a 4th for Ivory. What more can you ask for with tailbacks in this era of NFL?

  2. Sproles was riding my fantasy bench through 2 weeks, but when I was watching him against the Colts, I said the same thing Gruden said. “Oh sh!t”

    Guess who’s starting this week for me?

  3. While I fully support more skins games with Kirk at the wheel…..it’s adorable they think they have a chance against the Eagles….I am no philly fan but when the talking heads in pre-game shows pick against them……you’ve been warned.

  4. Well I might take this a bit more seriously if the iggles had played a better defenses in the first two games. I mean the talk about the Redskins victory of the Jaguars is well they stink, the Jaguars are no good, well um isn’t this the same team that had Philly down 17-0 before they imploded?

    And even when Freeney was with the Colts they weren’t the most dominate defense, and after seeing them Monday night they have serious issues on defense.

  5. Giants fan here and the birds look pretty explosive while my team not so much.

    NYG needs a win badly this Sunday.

    NYG @ Philly on 10/12.

  6. dirtydrynn27 says:
    Sep 17, 2014 2:49 PM
    Redskins defense is much better than the Colts……just saying!!!!!


    How can you tell? They’ve played the Texans being “led” by Fitzmagic and the Jaguars being led by noone.

  7. Are the WhoDats fools for trading Sproles?

    Well I’m not sure, but I do know you’re 0-2 without him.

  8. dirtydrynn27 says:
    Sep 17, 2014 2:49 PM
    Redskins defense is much better than the Colts……just saying!!!!!

    Philly’s OLine is much better than Jax…just sayin

  9. Redskins D being the best?.. ok, whatever,
    maybe they’re good.
    Most people are forgetting that the Eagles are missing 3 of the 5 starting Offensive Linemen. for those mathematically challenged, that’s more than half. So go ahead and say the Eagles will have their hands full. What 3rd string Offensive line wouldn’t?

  10. “Philly’s OLine is much better than Jax…just sayin”

    Lets say they cut the Redskins number of sacks in half as compared to Jacksonville. That’s still 5 sacks.

    Which is a lot.

  11. we run the ball and are so dangerous running the ball that teams will have to respect that. That slows down the pass rush. 5 sacks will not happen Skin fans. Hate to say it. And while the Skins may be bettr on D then the Colts. I still say the Colts are more dangerous on O then the Skins. Skins played two terrible offenses. Lets not get carried away. Philly will be favored in this game…

  12. Do any of you people actually use real facts or just fiction when commenting.

    We let Sproles go because what he was getting paid too much for what we had him doing and we were loaded enough to let him go.

    FACT – his production was down in New Orleans.

    FACT – Saints are actually #2 in points thus far, our offense right now is NOT the problem.

    FACT – You can get stagnant on a team and lose production. Throw someone into a different scheme, location, coach, etc., and they become revitalized.

    We Saints fans and people in LA are actually “happy” for both Sproles and Jenkins that they have landed well and are doing good things.

    Once a Who Dat, always a Who Dat.

    So for you non-Saints fans and people outside of the State of LA – move on, you don’t know what you are talking about!

  13. Kimbo speaks the truth. Kimbo please understand you are dealing with a fan base that has never won a Super Bowl so they try to beat down the other fan bases who have experienced the glory out of jealousy and not understanding the things that are really important like watching your team hoist up the Lombardi.

  14. I watched all three Redskin Super Bowl victories, I attended the parades, I have seen the 3 Lombardis at Redskin Park, I have met Former Redskins and seen the rings, I have cool gear with our Super Bowl victories, I see the banners at Fed Ex with our victories.Memories of a lifetime you Eagle fans who say it doesn’t matter just don’t have. maybe it’s Karma from throwing snow balls and booing Santa and starting fights with opposing fans at your stadium and at other teams stadiums.
    HTTR Forever!

  15. Redskin fans, that’s cute that you have VHS tapes of Doug Williams to watch. We get to watch a winner in Hi-Def this year, enjoy last place for the next 5 years.

  16. Man,

    -When he left the Chargers we were hurting till we got Woodhead last year (2013)

    -He left New Orleans and now their 0-2

    He is an amazing last minute option for a QB and excellent RB with his explosive speed and maneuvers. Sproles is the man! The Eagles are lucky to have him.

  17. mad respect for Darren Sproles. He not just a small fast guy. He really is unique and special. My 49ers thought they were getting that in LaMichael James and he went down with any whisper of contact. Sproles is lightening quick AND breaks linebacker tackles. Dude is a freak.

  18. I think people are forgetting that sproles is a HOF type player. he has been great for years and even into his “twilight” years he is putting up better numbers than half the rb in the league. dude is super human.

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