Gloria Allred blasts NFL for handling of Brandon Marshall case


Celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred started the press conference ripping into the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell, with charges that he ignored complaints filed regarding Brandon Marshall.

Allred appeared with Kristeena Spivey, who accused the now-Bears wide receiver of abusing her friend Rasheedah Watley.

Marshall denied ever abusing Watley in 2009, but Spivey recalled an incident when Marshall rammed into her car, and threw a chunk of cement at a window to try to get Watley out.

Spivey said she called and emailed Roger Goodell, but never heard back from him. Marshall was suspended three games, but that was reduced to one.

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  1. “Allred appeared with Kristeena Spivey, who accused the now-Bears wide receiver of abusing her friend Rasheedah Watley.”

    Are these real names?

  2. How is this “new accusations” when “Marshall was suspended three games, but that was reduced to one”?

    And why are we hearing from the alleged victim’s “friend”? I smell alternative agendas…

  3. She’s just trying to get attention. How pathetic. Rumor has it that she’s driving this and it’s not really the will of Watley.

  4. The landslide hath begun! There’s no end in sight now – the sins of everyone and anyone affiliated with the NFL are now going to be aired and shared with the world.

    This is getting ridiculous, and I for one am tired of everyone piling on the NFL and its players. Pretty soon every team in the league will have one or more players being ruined in the court of public opinion!

  5. Do you all really believe Rice, Peterson, Hardy and Marshall are the only athletes and or celebrities who have hit their spouse or spanked their kid? Don’t be so naive! Think about the things that go on in hollyweird. lol

    AA Pro Sports athletes and entertainers (teens and 20’s) are now going to be under intense scrutiny to lead perfect lives. Any misstep and jealous opportunist, ra.cist and bullies are going to be sending in pictures and videos and calling yellow journalist sites like TMZ for the world to see. While of course others will be able to live unscrutinized because of favoritism. smh

  6. This could be the end of the NFL as we know it. Seems like these stories that are rolling out kind of have that “This one time, at band camp…” vibe. I just hope that not only do the athletes get the proper punishment for any true accusations, but the accusers who are “embellishing” just to drag someones name through the mud also get the maximum punishment. That is the main reason why I believe sticking to due process, while not the most popular choice, is the correct choice, especially when no charges have been filed.

  7. Well, if we’re going to treat this case the same way we’re treating the other cases, Brandon Marshall should be suspended immediately until these allegations can be investigated.

    For the Bears to keep Marshall on the active roster after these allegations would be intolerable.

    And this is the end for Roger Goodell. He will be gone before the end of the month.

  8. So it happened in 2009, he was suspended for three games, later reduced to one, but yet these are “new accusations”?

  9. So….Marshall was suspended, but because Goodell didn’t return calls and emails from a woman he didn’t know – they claim he ignored complaints? Right, got it, go find an ambulance to chase.

  10. Oh so now the wackos are coming out of the woods with accusation from years and years ago. They found their bandwagon and they are going to do their best to get fat on other’s paychecks.

  11. All the sleazy lawyers are begging for real, imagined, imaginary abuse cases. Especially female lawyers
    GD feminists deserve to be chastised because they don’t know when to shut up.

  12. Who’s next to be exposed? I bet there’s a lot of players with high anxiety this week, wondering if an when they’ll be outed for past sins. Everything from murder to bed-wetting seems to be fair game now!

  13. “Celebrity Lawyer” = Ambulance chaser. Allred has been trying for years to land herself a reality show. Is it any surprise she’s using this opportunity for some shameless self-promotion?

  14. You can’t back in time and arbitrarily penalize people in 2014. From everything I’ve heard Marshall is a changed man.

  15. If there is anyone in this world who will have tough time making it to heaven then it’s Gloria Allred. The woman seemingly has no shame and as a supposed advocate for women. That’s a shame.

  16. I hope the media is proud of themselves. This and any other frivolous claim is all on you from here on out.

  17. Bull Rush says:
    Sep 17, 2014 3:29 PM
    “Allred appeared with Kristeena Spivey, who accused the now-Bears wide receiver of abusing her friend Rasheedah Watley.”

    Are these real names?

    You need to ask? The head of the player’s association is DeMaurice, but it’s pronounced ‘Dee-Morris’.

  18. This is about Roger Goodell and his failure to act. They’re not after Brandon Marshall. This accusation is not new. It’s old. He has his past. He has worked to change for the better. Hopefully he stays on that path, but this headline is irresponsible. The facts about the Marshall accusations have been out there for 5 years. This is about the family going to Goodell and the league, they did nothing.

  19. He committed an act of domestic violence the other night against my niners secondary.

    Seriously though this guy has pretty much turned his life around. Why badger him about something that happened 5 years ago?

  20. Regardless of the truth of not of this story (well all know Brandon Marshall had a history of bad crap), a sure fire way to complete eliminate any semblance of credibility is to have Gloria Allred at your side. Hell, you’d be better served with one of those bad strip mall storefronts law offices sandwiched between the taqueria and the Cricket ghetto phone store.

  21. “Allred appeared with Kristeena Spivey, who accused the now-Bears wide receiver of abusing her friend Rasheedah Watley.”

    Those names don’t sound right out the ghetto….not at all.

  22. The most damning thing so far is the victim’s father stating that Goodell told him the investigation was completed, yet no one from the NFL ever contacted his daughter during that investigation.

  23. This is about Roger Goodell and his failure to act. They’re not after Brandon Marshall. This accusation is not new. It’s old. He has his past. He has worked to change for the better. Hopefully he stays on that path, but this headline is irresponsible. The facts about the Marshall accusations have been out there for 5 years. This is about the family going to Goodell and the league, they did nothing.

    Failure to act? He isn’t law enforcement.

  24. This folks is what is known in the business as “piling on.” Anyone looking for their 15 minutes will now be coming out of the woodwork and telling tall tales on Nancy Grace.

  25. give the man a break, even he acknowledges that he is mentally unstable.
    he tried to wear those green shoes to bring attention to the problem but the nfl gave him heat for it.

  26. This occurred 7 years ago and no date on her statement to Gloria Allred. Funny since ESPN just ran the special on Brandon Marshall last night.

    I want Goodell gone, but This allegation by the “victim” who probably just found out about his new contract is looking to get paid.

  27. End this witch hunt. If that had been be instead of B. Marshall and that gal emailed the head of the corporation I worked for instead of Goodell the results would have been the same.

    #FreeGoodell #EndtheWitchHunt

  28. If Goddell can punish the Patriots for breaking a rule before it was enforced, he should be able to do it to players too.

  29. Idiots like Gloria Allred don’t even realize that they do harm to the very causes they hope to shine a light on.

    For good or bad, people really seemed to be concerned about issues of domestic violence in the past few weeks. Now, she shows up and everybody can say, (rightfully, in this case), that this whole thing is becoming a circus and a witch hunt.

    Gloria is NOT helping, and she doesn’t even realize it.

    I call this phenomenon ‘Sharptonization’.

  30. Scumbag media and lawyers. Dredging up 5 year old skeletons that were already in the public domain and billing them as “new allegations”. You people really are gutter trash. I wish ISIS/Al Qaeda would start targeting media offices and law firms in the US. Nobody would feel bad about the result. Nobody.

  31. Not defending any NFL abuser but seriously, are there no child abusers, wife / husband beaters, drug addicts, etc., in the legal profession or the corporate offices or corporate employees of all these self righteous companies. And lawyers? Hah!

    Really can’t stand the Vikings but how are they responsible for what Peterson did? Anheuser Busch of all companies to be throwing stones. What a joke.

  32. Gosh, I’m longing for the days when syping on another team’s practice and placing bounties on your opponents were the worst things that happened in the NFL.

  33. Hi my name is Bessie Whoever and I used to live next door to Billy TopDraftPick in 2012 and when we were 8 years old he pushed me over on my bike and I had to have two stitches taken in my hand. I don’t have visual evidence of that incident but I do have an emergency room receipt showing I had those stitches. I’m here with Ms. Allred in the hopes that now Billy TopDraftPick in 2012 is making lots and lots of money I would ask that he be suspended from the league and, if possible, I would like a whole lot of money as compensation for my pain and suffering. Thank you.

  34. Gloria is trying to strike while the iron is hot. I watched the ESPN piece on Marshall last night. He has sought help and gotten a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. He seems to have turned himself around quite a bit,and very few people with that disorder ever get better. This woman waited 5 years to long to do this.

  35. Goodell needs to resign. He did nothing about Peterson and let the Vikings embarrass themselves. He screwed up with Ray Rice. He ignored the Brandon Marshall allegations. Yeah, they’re 5 years old but still Goodell ignored them. He has become an albatross for the league.

  36. End this witch hunt. If that had been me instead of B. Marshall and that gal emailed the head of the corporation I worked for instead of Goodell the results would have been the same.

    #FreeGoodell #EndtheWitchHunt

  37. I heard Gloria was in running for the lead Nurse Rachett in One Flew Over The Coo Coo’s Nest. How she missed that I’ll never know.

  38. Rice will soon be acquitted of all charges and accusations. On the AP (get it) wire right now–Ray Rice said he “axe janay do she want a huh Hawaiian Punch”, and she say “yes, baby, yes” so he give it to her–the Ravens and NFL were right all along in blaming her!!!!!

  39. “Spivey said she called and emailed Roger Goodell, but never heard back from him.”

    Come out come out wherever you are counselor……

  40. It’s shocking Roger Goodell would not respond to some random email from a stranger with an unsubstantiated allegation. Why is she emailing Goodell? Call the police or file a lawsuit.

  41. 43 years ago I told my 1st grade teacher that I did not pull Sally’s pigtails, which I did…..I am now running to Church to make a confession….better safe than sorry 🙂

  42. Harbaugh is appealing the loss. Says SF should get the win since BM should have been suspended

  43. The NFL and its credibility have completely spun out of control. There is simply no justification to keep Goodell on board as the captain of the ship. The minute the going got tough, he slunk away into hiding. The inept coward is the symbol of the enabling of domestic violence. The owners need to turn the league into an orange juice factory and can Goodell.

  44. You need to ask? The head of the player’s association is DeMaurice, but it’s pronounced ‘Dee-Morris’.


    If you haven’t seen it, google “Key and Peele substitute teacher” and watch the video. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

  45. gretchenward says:

    This isnt new accusations at all. This is 5 years old. . .

    Thank you. Kindof tough not to blame Marshall for feeling like he’s being made a scapegoat 5 years later.

    I wouldn’t expect him to offer up every detail of his troubles from years back – but ultimately he owned up to his faults and got help

    People are forgiving of those who admit they made mistakes and tried to set things right. That’s the difference between Marshall – and Rice, Peterson – and Goodell! #firegoodell

  46. The NFL consists of a bunch of lunatics from the top down to the poor jerk selling urine laced Bud Light’s!!

  47. By the tone of so many of these posts, it’s obvious that the fans of other teams are starting to feel the heat and fear when this witch hunt will make an appearance at their favorite football team, LOL

  48. In the end, this feels like a attention seeking affair.. although it may provide a little more background into just how thorough the NFL “investigated” matters prior to doling out penalties.

    But the timing and subject of this.. it is attention grabbing probably more so by the lawyer.. maybe hoping for some type of monetary gain as well.

  49. I am a male, currently residing in Brazil, but I would like to make public that I too was a victim of domestic violence from an NFL player.

    Don´t remember the name, I just need some money so I shut up.

  50. Lost in all of this is the FACT that Goodell has dropped the ball numerous times when it comes to discipline and he should be shown the door!!!!!!

  51. Then she blasted a 3 tone dry barker into the mic and yelled “thar’s ye a lil kiss No Cred Red!!!’


  53. She called and emailed Goodell? I bet he never gets calls and emails from random strangers so how could he have possibly missed those lines of communication. I also guess the 9 and the 1 on her phone must have been faded off to the point of not being able to call 911. I’m as done with Goodell as the next individual, but come on with this garbage.

  54. Goodell will end up with Gloria Allred and DeMaurice Smith as his most visible and vocal opponents. He is not overly troubled by the thought.
    DeSmith is now tasked with appealing Ray Rices suspension so good times for Smith.

  55. Not sure when Goodell became the police. Absolutely sick of hearing about these stories. Half of ESPN’s Sunday kickoff show was dedicated to these stories. Miss football. When I go to a restaurant, i’d prefer not to hear about how the waiter beats his wife while i’m eating. (Unless of course it impacts my fantasy team).

  56. Let’s make a list of pond scum related to the NFL these days:

    * Child abusers
    * Wife beaters
    * Women who don’t leave wife beaters (and take their children)
    * Lawyers chasing publicity and dollars first; justice second – Gloria Allred
    * Race card players – Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc.
    * Corporate extortionists – Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Gloria Allred, etc.
    * Lousy commissioners – Roger Goodell
    * Judge, jury & executioner – Roger Goodell
    * Overpaid, inconsistent, biased – Roger Goodell

  57. The difference is this won’t get any public support because it was 5 years ago and he got the treatment he needed.

  58. No one can argue that the NFL’s response to off the field behavior hasn’t been a joke since the leagues inception or that they have botched the Rice situation from the beginning…… But can someone explain to me how the NFL or Roger Goodell is more responsible for punishing domestic violence than our own legal system? If Brandon Marshall truly assaulted his ex girlfriend shouldn’t the real outrage be against our flayed legal system not a professional sports league?

  59. edelmanfanclub says:
    Sep 17, 2014 3:33 PM
    Are there any NFL players that don’t beat women?
    Well there’s the Jaguars…they don’t beat anybody.

  60. dumdolt says: Sep 17, 2014 3:28 PM

    the witch hunt is in full swing…

    It’s the NFL’s fault that there even IS a “witch hunt”, if that’s what you want to call it. This ole boys club of insensitive jerks who have obviously held the view that domestic abuse by an NFL player is just something that needs nothing more than a good sweeping under the rug with the finely embroidered shield.

    They opened the floodgates, they and their “commissioner”, now they will have to deal with its invasion into their league. It was their stupidity and failure to act like real human beings when it mattered, so if you want to be angry with someone over this, be angry with those who brought it on by expanding the league to be so big that they need to bring in all the best athletes, even if those athletes aren’t good people to begin with.

  61. “Self-serving opportunist and Gloria Allred damn near synonymous.” As Arian might put it.

  62. chuckbergeydawk says: Sep 17, 2014 3:38 PM

    When there’s blood in the water….

    Que the Jaws music….here’s Gloria!

  63. Why weren’t they outraged 5 years ago? They went on tv with hearsay about a five year old case involving a person who subsequently went through extensive treatment for his mental health condition?

    Fine, claim the NFL mishandled the case, but there have been more recent and worse incidents with other players (philip merling, tony mcdaniel) that i would think would be better examples. Oh wait, they’re not as high profile as a top-flight receiver…

  64. First of all, not a new allegation. Second of all, he was suspended already, so for those few idiots on here saying the Bears need to punish him for this, you need to learn to read, and then comprehend what you read. Third of all, it’s Gloria Allred, and some alleged friend of an alleged victim.

    This needs to stop.

  65. This is lame. Even by Gloria Allred standards.

    If you don’t have anything new to offer, just shut up. I’m all for getting Roger Goodell run out of the league, but this won’t do it. Go away, Gloria.

  66. Brandon Marshall should be in jail. He’s been accused of domestic abuse numerous times which he’s successfully bought his way out of.

  67. I understand Roger is going to force Marshall to abandon wearing receiver’s gloves for the next 3 Bear games. Gloria should be satisfied.

  68. It was concrete, not cement. Cement is the powder that reacts with water to hold concrete together. Nothing is made from cement, buildings/bridges/stadiums are made out of concrete.

    Did I miss the point of the story?

  69. The Brandon Marshall police blotter (it’s much longer than this, but this is mostly related to domestic violence with multiple women):

    June 17, 2006: Marshall and his then-girlfriend Rasheedah Watley both filed police reports alleging physical abuse by the other in an hours-long fight at Marshall’s Orlando apartment. No arrests were made.

    March 18, 2007: Watley told Atlanta police that Marshall had punched her and taken her purse while at a downtown hotel. Marshall left before police arrived and no charges were filed.

    March 26, 2007: Marshall was arrested in Highlands Ranch, Colo., on charges of domestic violence and false imprisonment after another argument with Watley. Marshall hired attorney Harvey Steinberg to defend him and charges were dropped in May 2007.

    June 8, 2007: Two incident reports were filed by Atlanta police. The first was to investigate damage to private property when Watley’s friend alleged that Marshall hit her car, in which Watley was a passenger, then threw a rock at the passenger door. In the other, Watley told police Marshall had cut her in the thigh and punched her in the face. She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. Marshall was not on the scene and no charges were filed.

    June 30, 2007: Watley told Atlanta police Marshall had punched and choked her at his downtown condo, leaving a bruise on her eye and scratches on her body. He was not on scene and no charges were filed.

    Oct. 22, 2007: Marshall was arrested and charged with DUI after he allegedly was driving the wrong way on a one-way street in downtown Denver hours after a Broncos game.

    March 4-6, 2008: Three incident reports (filed on consecutive days) and one criminal warrant were filed after Watley and Marshall got into a fight at his Atlanta condo. Watley told police Marshall had punched her in the mouth and eye. Marshall told police his hand was also cut on glass during the incident, which included Watley’s two younger sisters. Marshall was arrested on March 6 on a misdemeanor battery charge.

    March 1, 2009: Marshall took part in a fierce argument with Watley (his fiancée at the time) that leads to their arrest on disorderly conduct charges. The charges are dismissed the next day.

    Feb. 26, 2010: Marshall testifies for the prosecution in the murder trial of Willie Clark, the man accused of killing former Bronco Darrent Williams on Jan. 1, 2007. Marshall was out with Williams the night of the murder.

    April 22, 2011: Michi Nogami-Marshall, the women whom Marshall married three weeks prior, is arrested and jailed after she admits to police she stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife in self-defense. Marshall is hospitalized following emergency surgery to repair a non-life threatening stab wound to his stomach.

    June 10, 2011: Nogami-Marshall is arrested after violating restraining order to stay away from Brandon Marshall and the couple’s home.

    July 31, 2011: Brandon Marshall reveals he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder earlier in the year.

    March 11, 2012: Marshall allegedly punches a woman at a Manhattan nightclub.

  70. thetruthcampaign and rl7911 sound just like the delusional female attorney, oh wait they’re delusional too, they’re L!ons fans!

    “”We were aware of his personal background when we traded for him in 2012 and equally aware of the tremendous efforts he made to bring positive changes in his life and in the lives of all the people around him,” Emery said in a statement, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “Since his arrival, Brandon has thrived in an environment that has been supportive.

    “He has been a very positive, thoughtful and proactive leader and role model. He has acknowledged his past struggles and shared his story in an effort to help others improve their daily lives.

    Phil Emery:

    “Brandon has been at the forefront of mental health awareness and has extended himself in an unprecedented way to help fellow players across the NFL.

    “He has helped himself through helping others and we are proud to have him as a teammate.”

    A half-decade ago, Marshall was dragging a lengthy rap sheet from Denver to Chicago. He deserves credit for turning his life around and becoming a positive influence in the locker room as well as the community.”

  71. Never say never when a subject becomes this hot and draws the attention of sponsors, pols, and the media. Alred very rarely picks total cold/dead issues.

  72. OK, for real ? I’m not the chick to defend an abuser. I’m the chick who will shoot a dude trying to hurt me. I must say this though:

    1) This is old news. REALLY old news.

    2) Brandon Marshall has Borderline Personality Disorder. I don’t think he’d been diagnosed with it at the time of this incident.

    3) He has been in therapy for BPD for a while now. .He speaks of it openly, and advocates for BPD awareness.

    4) He seems to be doing rather well. If you notice, you haven’t heard any troubling stories about him lately like you used to

    5) As a matter of fact, he tried to wear a symbol for BPD awareness for a game, and was told by the NFL that he would be fined for doing so.

    Whoever this chick is needs to have a few seats, for real. He’sulling his life together. You can’t go back and change the past. You can only make amends for it, and do better when you know better.

    I like Gloria Allred and her support for women, but she should cut this one loose. She’s only going to make herself look bad. If Brandon was trying to keep his illness a secret, she might stand a chance. Thing is..he doesn’t. She’s going to look like she’s trying to cut him down even though he has an illness AND is addressing his issues.

  73. @thetruthcampaign:

    The last incident involving Marshall turned out to be bogus, the alleged victim was actually the instigator who hit Mrs. Marshall in the face with a beer bottle. No one who was there corroborated her story, if anything they said Marshall concentrated on getting his wife outta there. This happened days before the Bears traded for him, and the team already knew the charges were baseless. As for his past transgressions, the man has owned up to (and gotten treatment for) his mental illness and past violence, and is now helping others with BPD.

    That, my friend, says a lot about him.

  74. Actually, this is an example of why people deserve second chances. Brandon Marshall sought the help he needed and has turned his life around. To me, this is much ado about nothing. It also is meaningless if the alleged victim is not making the accusations. If she disputes the story of the friend without a trial how do we know who to believe?

  75. Alred is an attention seeker… A fame chaser… She’s going to glum on to or make herself a part of any topic that is making headlines…

    Why didn’t the woman he supposedly abused come forward? Sounds like someone else trying to grab a few moments of fame just to play get back or get their name in the headlines. Instead of “emailing” Goodell, she should have done what most creditable people do when attacked and thats call the police…

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