New PED policy reinstates only three players (and not Dion Jordan)


Yes, the NFL and NFLPA finally have worked out a new drug policy.  Yes, players who tested positive in the offseason for stimulants banned under the PED policy will be reinstated.

But the joint announcement from the league and the union identifies only three players to return:  Broncos receiver Wes Welker, Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick, and Rams receiver Stedman Bailey.

So where are all the other players who supposedly were suspended for taking stimulants in the offseason?  Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan claimed that his four-game suspension came from taking a banned stimulant.  If so, he should be reinstated.

So maybe he didn’t really take a banned stimulant.  Unless he had prior violations of the substance-abuse policy that resulted in a four-game suspension based on the off-season reclassified stimulant violation or unless his positive test came before March 11, Jordan was lying.

UPDATE 11:19 a.m. ET:  Per a league source, Jordan’s positive test came before March 11, which means that his suspension won’t be listed.

68 responses to “New PED policy reinstates only three players (and not Dion Jordan)

  1. Well, I guess the NFL will never get the hint that they need to be consistent. That is all the fans want. If they were going to remove one suspension thanks to this deal, they should’ve removed them all.

  2. Could his test have come during the playoffs, which technically would be “in season” use even though Jordan is a Dolphin.

  3. Yep. I was wondering how many guys would actually get to come back. Looks like Dion Jordan lied but the NFL should state when the violation occurred. Why single out Jordan? Reshad Jones still sits for the Dolphins as well. I’m sure there are plenty of others around the league

  4. I don’t think the 2013 draft class is in any danger of surpassing the amount of busts that came from the 2009 class.

  5. It’s amazing that for years the NFL stood fast with their drug & PED policies, but fall all over themselves to get things changed when the ‘League’s Darling’, Peyton Manning, has his best bud Wes Welker gets suspended.

  6. the nflpa should be ashamed of themselves. how the hell do they let those 3 players get away with old test results and then punish Gordon under new agreement by using old agreement standards I guess roger goodell still gets to use his hatred against the browns one more time

  7. Did Goodell help broker this deal, or is he still officially being hidden from the public in the “Witless Protection Program?”

    Dude’s been conspicuously absent the past week and a half; hiding under “the shield” while it takes a beating from the public.

  8. Interesting what you guys say about the 2013 draft classs.

    Dion Jordan was going to be picked by the eagles at #3, but Miami gave up their entire draft picks to move up and pick him at @ #2. So the eagles settled for lane johnson. And guess what Lane Johnson is doing now? Going through a 4 game suspension for PED.

    This draft class is definitely on crack!

  9. Question: So the retraction of suspensions applies to test failures for the current league year and not the previous year? Didn’t the current league year start on Mar 11?

  10. Cowboys get Scandrick back, Anthony Spencer soon, along with a fresh Demarcus Lawrence, then around week 10 Josh Brent.

    A weakness is becoming a strength again as the season goes along.

    Keep Murray and Romo on their feet… They will not be a team to overlook

  11. Dion Jordan is not a bust. He’s just playing out of position. With the depleted linebacking unit due to injuries and a stable of good defensive ends I’m hoping he gets an opportunity to play outside linebacker where he belongs. He can rush the passer and cover tight ends. Its yet to be seen whether he can shed blocks and make tackles. Gotta throw him into the fire when he gets back to work. Time to take the training wheels off. Lets see what we got.

  12. Goodell is taking a lot of heat currently, but it all started with the players and their screw ups. All the rule changes (which I hate) in regards to player safety are also on the players with their suing of the NFL. There was a survey of the active players in regards to player discipline before Goodell became the commissioner and about 80% (of players surveyed) wanted stronger punishment. Many players didn’t like the fact that they were all being viewed as the same as the bad apples in the league. They asked for it, now they want to bitch about it. They gave him total control (judge, jury, executioner) in player punishment in the CBA negotiations and then don’t like it. The blame all starts and ends with the players and their union.

  13. KNOW what you are putting in your body Dion! Don’t blame the NFL b/c you violated the rules.

    Personal accountability is something that the last 2 generations haven’t been taught or they ignore b/c they feel that they are “owed” or “entitled”. This is especially evident in college and pro football players these days.

  14. Whoever thinks Jordan is a bust doens’t understand football. Sometimes it just takes a year to get adjusted like Oliver Veron who posted double digit sacks last year in his second season.

  15. Broncos in Seattle this week boss. We really need Wes Welker back THIS WEEK!

    Done Peyton…is there anything else we can do for you other than changing the rules both on and off the field? Let us know.

  16. Wow… jumped the gun on this report!!! Called the man a absolute liar and it only took 20 minutes for you to take it back. Maybe an apology is in order.

  17. so this whole drug deal is only for (the few) people busted this year? Welker must have some deep connections with Goodell and his buddy Kraft; this sounds pretty self-serving.

  18. To be totally fair Josh Gordon has basically already served 2 games for o.w.i. His ban should also be over smoking weed is by far a smarter,and safer. Than the drugs the NFL is pumping into players. If smoking weed is his biggest problem. I’d say he’s a good person using his brain.

  19. Kind of a coincidence that it’s Denver vs. Seattle week and one of only three players immediately reinstated is Welker. Does this new policy include specific provisions that allow players to drive home completely stoned, then use their kids to beat their wife if their last name is Manning, Brady, Luck, or Rodgers. Or does it allow entire teams like the Broncos and Patriots to be complete a-holes without consequences. Hell, the NFL hired the world’s most expensive attorney to investigate the Dolphins last year because a grown man said mean things to another man…just sayin.

  20. It’s funny how fans seem to lump all drugs into one category.
    Jordan will be alright, hopefully this is a lesson learned.

    For those screaming for Gordon’s freedom…the guy is a 3 time offender and this policy is for PED, not recreational drugs, he is not affected.

  21. Well the NFL sucessfully found a way to get a suspended player back to Peyton without giving too many other players back to their teams.
    Colts, Pats, Ravens, Steelers and Broncos among a few franchises always getting help from the league (unless a video goes public) and officials what is new?

  22. @omnipresentfan…

    All the Dolphins gave up to go get Jordan was one of their two 2nd round picks. Hardly, their entire draft. In fact, the low price they paid was one of the only reasons the move wasn’t universally panned.

  23. Of course Wes Molly got his suspension lifted. He’s friends with two NFL’s top two over the hill icon’s Tom Lady and choking manning.

  24. nullaereale says:
    Sep 17, 2014 12:42 PM
    Does anyone know what the deal is with the Eagles Lane Johnson? Why would he not be reinstated? Real question btw.


    Same story as Dion Jordan. He was suspended prior to their date of this rules effect, meaning they get to serve full 4 game suspensions, while other people who did the exact same thing a month later are already playing.

  25. Smarterfootball:

    Go ahead and list Gordon’s 3 offenses. I’m waiting……

    He is a stage 3 offender.

    His priors dont matter. He entered the league at stage 3, and knew that.

    And he still chose marijuana over football, just like Ricky Williams. Thats his fault. He knowingly ingested a substance he knew was against the rules, and would give him a 1 year suspension. And he ingested it anyway.

    My sympathy for him is lacking.

  26. How does welker coming back help NE???? He plays for the Broncos, or didn’t you know that. Some of you are really not too bright.

    League lifts suspensions on only three players, and of course, welker is one of them. Why not Gordon???? I want to see him play!

    What a big, fat coincidence that megahead’s binky is back in time for their big game this week against the Seahawks. The League doesn’t even try to hide the fact that they bend over backwards to help manning at every turn, it never ends.

  27. watchfullhose

    In July 2011, Gordon was suspended indefinitely by head coach Art Briles, for later failing a drug test and testing positive for marijuana.

    On June 7, 2013, the NFL announced that Gordon would be suspended for the first two games of the 2013 season due to violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy

    On August 27, 2014, Gordon acknowledged that the NFL suspended him for 1 year for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy.

  28. Eric Holder NEVER intended to investigate the black panthers, fast & furious, Benghazi, the IRS, the EPA, obama’s executive orders, any democrat ethical improprieties, etc.

    But that’s ok for the feds to get away with but a private sector enterprise such as the NFL cannot be allowed to punish their employees for crimes that they commit right?


  29. They only way Gordon gets to play this year is if he’s traded to the Broncos or Manning is traded to the Browns….

  30. I find it more and more shady that with all the current mess going on with some of the players from different teams, that goodell has time to see that yet another new policy is pushed through in time for the “big game.” In the middle of a season? And only 3 players get to come back, one of whom is NOT Gordon??

    Goodell sure loves him some megahead. Donkey fans…don’t even attempt to tell me that this isn’t about welker re-joining the team in time for the Seattle game. What was the big rush for this new policy??? Very suspicious of the timing of this.

  31. Jordan…really? Should anyone care. Can anyone name or remember a play this guy made that made any difference in any game. At #3 your suppose to make an impact. I’m not even sure what you could get for him if you wanted to trade him. You can look good in a uniform all you want but at some point your going to have to produce on the field.

  32. I wish every player in every league would take steroids. I want to see huge behemoths foaming at the mouth ripping heads off, hitting balls 750 feet, and shattering backboard. It’s the dream.

  33. Why are people using Gordon’s COLLEGE infractions against him in the NFL? If he’s not a member of the league or the NFLPA, then why are those previous instances being held against him?

  34. I will just go ahead and say the c word.

    Yes, I am talking about CORRUPTION.


  35. By the way I am glad welker is back. No excuses. I hope doesn’t suffer ANOTHER concussion vs Kam and ET.

    Wouldn’t that be ironic. League and donkeys push Welker out there despite his history. He is young and rich. Three concussions and you should retire IMHO. Remember your kids names longer.

  36. Dion Jordan is NOT a bust. Philbin has some strange issue with giving rookies (except for Tannehill) substantial playing time. Jordan didn’t play much last year, but he was solid when he did. He’ll be solid when he’s back from his suspension.

  37. Smarterfootball-

    The reason they are using his college infractions against him is bc he was kicked out of 2 separate colleges for drugs and being reckless. He was then drafted in the supplemental draft bc he wasn’t eligible to be drafted at the time (due to his infractions).

    Because of his infractions he entered the league in Stage 3 of the substance abuse program. He subsequently got suspended for drinking SYRUUUP. Has gotten DUI’s, been caught with drug dealers, and with drugs on him. He has also tested positive for drugs (albiet the limit has changed since then but it was last season so the limit applies).

    Gordon like many have said, choses marijuana over his family, teammates, coaches, his employer, and somehow you think hes getting a raw deal? He should have been suspended a year, and we all know before his suspension is over he will obtain another infraction and be gone anyway. Why? bc the kid is a MORON, with a permanent IDIOT behind his name.

    YOU CAN NOT TEST POSITIVE FOR MARIJUANA FROM SECOND HAND SMOKE. Truth is you know when your gonna get tested and can plan accordingly. I know many people who have taken NFL drug tests and their easy as hell to pass. Literally only idiots fail them.

    Also their is no way to test positive at the levels he had from second hand smoke. He barely had it in his system BUT EVEN that amount is not possibly second hand unless your getting hot boxed with no fresh air for hours or you have someone taking a hit and kissing it into your mouth and then YOU STILL HAVE TO PULL it down and inhale. He knows he cant take those risks and do you really believe someone whose been shown to do recreational drugs regularly is going to really allow “someone else” to be the cause of his suspension based on drugs?

    An NFL athlete “Home of the male egos” is going to let someone Kiss smoke into his mouth and inhale it? Thats literally the only possible way to get to the level he got at unless hes sitting in a bong! ANYONE who says different doesnt understand the difference from any THC left in the body, and having Some THC in the body.

    Gordon chose to do drugs, whether harmful or not is not the point, the point is he tested too high for marijuana when it was still illegal and against nfl policy and the threshold was much lower. They dont let people off the hook for breaking the rules unless it was the rules that were broken (Hence the reductions and elimination of others).

  38. I love watching Welker but he was basically held out for the games he should have been held out to recuperate from his concussions.

  39. The NFL reminds me of Refer Madness. Legal drug use gets you suspended but beating your wife, lover or kid gets a suspension with pay and then only after a firestorm of protest from sponsors.

  40. Dion Jordan wasn’t making the grade even when he was on PEDs. He’ll get blown off the field if he’s required to stay clean.

  41. Whiners never read beyond Welker. Whiners ignore the fact that although only a couple of players were named in THIS story, the reinstatements apply to around 10 players. Whine, whine, whine. Seriously, put down your curling irons and quit whining Nancys.

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