Peterson now has clear incentive to get his case resolved quickly

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The Constitution gives all citizens the right to a speedy trial.  Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will want to have his trial today, if possible.

The Vikings, after bungling the situation on Monday and then finding a way out of the weeds late Tuesday, have created for Peterson a situation in which he now has an extreme incentive to resolve the criminal charges pending against him.

Peterson is gone until the legal process is resolved.  So he’ll try to resolve the legal process as soon as he can.

Of course, this now gives prosecutors extreme leverage.  With Peterson hopeful to put this behind him so that he can get back to football, he will be more likely to plead guilty to the current charge or a lesser offense in order to put this situation behind him and to return to the NFL.  While a suspension under the personal-conduct policy surely is looming once the situation ends, the sooner Peterson ends the situation, the sooner he gets suspended and returns to football.

When that happens isn’t known.  Where that happens is even more unknown.  The Vikings’ gross mishandling of the situation on Monday makes it hard to ever bring Peterson back.  It also makes it hard for anyone to bring him in.

Not long ago, the topic du jour focused on Peterson’s reported desire to play for the Cowboys after his time with the Vikings ended.  That seemed speculative and distant and highly unlikely.  It now seems prescient — assuming that the Cowboys would be willing to welcome him to the team.

72 responses to “Peterson now has clear incentive to get his case resolved quickly

  1. “… assuming that the Cowboys would be willing to welcome him to the team.”

    Ye-e-e-a-a-a-h-h-h. You are talking about Jerry Jones, so the answer should be obvious.

  2. Love how you opened this story with “The Constitution gives all citizens the right to a speedy trial” yet the media has already convicted him without just that.

    In the 1920’s, it was very common for a mob to convict a black man based just on what they thought and not with a court of law. As a nation, we have spent years trying to overcome that type of hate. For the most part we have succeeded. However, in recent years we have taken many steps backwards. Much of it due to the liberal media that ironically played such a big part in the past for making us a better nation.

    Thank you to the press and the social media mob mentality for taking us back to the 1920’s where a man is convicted before his day in court. I truly worry about our future as a country right now!

  3. What a shame. It took a heavy dose of pressure from the NFL’s biggest sponsor for the Vikings to do the right thing. And don’t kid yourself that is the only reason the Vikings flip flopped on this.

  4. Are we really going to question whether Jerry Jones would sign a former criminal? Do the names pacman or Tank ring a bell? And unlike them, Peterson is actually talented. Jones would arrange a prison work release like Earl Wilkinson in the replacements to get Peterson.

  5. In my humble and highly credible opinion, this is how every serious arrest should be handled. Suspend the player from the team, with pay, unless he kills someone of course, and then let the legal system play out. If he’s not guilty, welcome him back, if not, later tater.

    Dallas would be foolish to bring him in. Murray is the best back in the league after two games (yes, I know it’s ONLY two games) and as long as he is healthy, AP isn’t needed.

  6. This is a change from the standard process, where the player finds it to his advantage to have the case delayed as long as possible – ideally past the end of his usefulness/career. That’s what StarCaps taught them.

  7. The league and the media is becoming a joke, yes players need to be responsible, but when is enough enough? They are ruining lives!!!!

  8. All 32 teams would have done the same exact thing as the Vikings. It’s true that the Vikings have grossly mishandled this situation but EVERY team out there would have been doing the same thing with their best player. In fact I bet most teams would not have deactivated their best player last week. All you fans that think your team is holier than thou, wake up!
    What is your team hiding today? How many players in the leauge playing right now have things being covered up by the GM and owners. It’s coming, so don’t laugh at the Vikes, your day is coming too!

  9. As a Viking fan,I am happy it is going to the legal system and he isn’t on the team to be a distraction. Now its time for football, bring on the Saints!

  10. Remember when the Redskins name was the big source of moral outrage within the NFL?

    Now you all see where it fits into the large scope of real issues to contend with.

  11. The NFL is destroying itself because it lacks leadership.

    Correct that before it’s too late.

  12. With Demarco Murray running like he has been the last season or so, I don’t see how you justify the PR hit or the cap hit for this guy. Now, a team like the Patriots, on the other hand….

  13. It’s amazing that organizations couldn’t figure this out from the beginning. Suspend/deactivate or whatever with pay until the charges that have been filed have been resolved.

    Until charges have been filed no suspension should occur.

  14. The domestic abuse rates in the NFL are LOWER than the general population. There is no greater problem in the NFL than in the general population.

  15. Not a bad way for the NFL to handle major legal problems that can hurt their business and brand. You can’t play until your problems are resolved. Interesting idea.

  16. You just know that Jerry wants him as a Cowboy and doesn’t give a damn about all this pathological inclination for domestic abuse re the whooping. He still runs hard and can now probably be acquired at a decent discount in the near future.
    Throw in a silver helmet with lone star and hearing protection (so he doesn’t have to listen to the media) for the 4 year old boy – future Razorback and Cowboy.

    Short term and long term strategic RB planning…

  17. I have no problem with the waffling on this. After all, it is still a business and winning is important.

    But, I think they did the right thing. I spanked my kids and usually it was after I just couldn’t handle trying other methods. And I felt like crap afterwards.

    But, never did I leave welts or cuts. Peterson went too far. I got the switch as a kid but never like that.

    As obsessed as I am about the Vikings, if he never plays another down with MN, I am OK with it. In fact, I hope he never does.

  18. It’s interesting how all this came to light after he had a phone call with J.Jones. Also is it coincidence that the charges against were filled in the state of Texas?

  19. Regardless of whether Peterson is deemed guilty or innocent, he is going to have to come out and take 100% responsibility (which he has done) while at the same time conveying what he did was 100% wrong (which he has not) and he will need to also acknowledge why it was wrong and understand why it was wrong. He will then need to show that he is trying to better himself, change his ways and follow through on it. Just throwing money at this won’t fix it.

  20. I have never felt worse for someone. Losing his reputation as a good person, who has given millions of dollars and minutes to charities, has now been labled a “child abuser” for attempting to be a good father. Adrian loves his son people! People act like he comes home drunk and beats on his kids for no reason! Something many black kids go without. Adrian, if I could carry your cross for you, I would. America is nuts.

    I can’t wait until his kid grows up and says that he loves his dad, and that every punishment he got made him the person he is today. or better yet. I want to hear to person tell this child his dad got suspended and is going “bye-bye”. Please tape that conversation and play it back to every self-righteous fool in here.

  21. Wow! It took a kid beating to get you to see the greed, and manipulation of corporate America. Now you all want to “show em” eh? At least until the next generation of a tennis shoe, basketball, golf ball, and the like comes out anyway. The only values left in this country are the ones that you perceive are a good buy from Nike….via China.

  22. I’m sure he’ll get a trial within a month. Courts are always so accomodating with pushing NFL player’s trials into the offseason for them, I’m sure they have no problem speeding this one up to get him back in the field asap.

  23. Oh don’t worry about the Cowboys bringing in Peterson, its a done dealing minutes after the Vikings release him.

    If there is a more inept, morally bankrupt, and tone deaf organization than the Vikings (hard to believe), it’s the Cowboys.

    In terms of actually winning a Superbowl before he retires, the two teams are tied, as in zero chance.

  24. Well The Vikings finally made the right call. I can forgive them now for totally mishandling the situation Monday. They were in a tough spot as is everyone dealing with this mess. Now I can actually cheer for my Vikings, and not feel dirty while having to watch someone run the ball, who is under an indictment for Child abuse!

    Going to be a long year again I think, but life is bigger than football!

  25. Assuming that the idiot Vikings let him go or trade him,how will the players on the new team react? I know I wouldn’t want him for a teammate. What a mess he has made…

  26. Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center CEO Lynn Davis said in an interview with the newspaper that charges against an alleged abusive parent are often dropped if their record is clean and they commit to counseling.

    You people are ridiculous. You ruined a mans life over something that for most other people the charges are dropped if they agree to counselling.

  27. What the heck is the “commissioners permission list” ?

    It has never been mentioned before in any way and looks to me like something that was made up to help handle this situation and make the league look better.

    Mob is ruling and NFL is making things up as it goes to try and save its collective rear ends.

  28. Everyone here that says we shouldn’t allow due process and is ready to crucify Peterson, has basically took a big old dump on our constitution of the united states of America.

  29. Now the Vikings have become a joke. This was one issue where they had to stick to their guns and let him play. They look even worse now that they changed their minds. If this goes on for an extended period of time, how can you give Peterson his playing time back at this point of his career. This had become a travesty, so let me get this straight, from now on if ANYONE is charged or suspected of doing something they are immediately fired and punished without due process of the law???!!

    Can’t wait till someone does something and goes to jail without a court case, it’s coming folks. This sets up the precedent for martial law and you sheeple all pushed/asked for it. Unreal, in no world should someone be punished without the legal process being complete. And in this case he told everyone what he did and clearly thought he was doing the right thing. If he wasn’t disciplining the kids then he should go to jail. If he was trying to discipline and thought he was doing nothing wrong, then he needs help from all of us and society to teach him the right way. Still doesn’t help anyone to take his livelihood away and turn our backs on him. He wasn’t hitting someone to shut them up or even worse (see Hernandez). But yet we are treating him like a convicted murderer. Hope none of you out there ever have this happen to you. Don’t think it can’t either, because in the new America it’s punishment and then a long process to figure out what the punishment should be.
    Under new NFL rules the suspension for domestic abuse is 6 games, Peterson shouldn’t even fit that description because that’s where Ray Rice would fall, Peterson didn’t do even close to what Rice did. It’s about the intent of the abuse, Rice intended to injure his wife, Peterson was trying to make his child a better person. hmmmmmmm???!!! How does this make any sense?

  30. So where are the details? Is there going to be a restraining order? A monitor from the state for visits, if any? Will he be permitted free access to the kids? How long until Junior clams up as a witness, if so? Deadspin reported the kid told authorities that Peterson threatened to punch him if he told, and he told. Meanwhile, Peterson’s statements make it pretty clear he believes he didn’t actually do anything wrong, and he’s going to be madder than ever now–surely a kid causing him to lose his eight-figure salary is worse than a kid swearing or a kid pushing another kid over a videogame.

  31. Why wouldn’t he be able to come back to the vikings? I will be attending the 9-28 game and wearing my peterson jersey with pride.

    I hope all of you who passed judgement get the same lack of due process given to you some day.

  32. I don’t want him here in Dallas. He beats children bloody. We have a pretty good RB here as it is.

  33. Due process has nothing to do with a player who tarnishes the reputation of a business which relies on its public image. If AP worked for some box-making factory, his actions wouldn’t hurt their bottom line. That is not the case here. As such, the NFL has to consider how it deals with an employee whose actions are potentially hurting their business.

    In addition, due process has to do with the legal system, not any company’s business model. People hiding behind that excuse are merely trying to redirect your attention from the issue, sort of like when they compare domestic violence with an agreed-upon PED-testing protocol (because they want their fantasy player available).

  34. You just can’t let it go. Why does the “gross mishandling” of the situation on Monday make it hard for him to come back to the Vikings? If both sides do everything right from this point forward, he will be welcomed back. It’s up to Adrian to take his punishment and show how he’s changed, but people will forgive if he does that.

  35. Stop apologizing Viking’s fan. Go up to your neighbor or boss and repeat to them what Peterson ADMITTED to doing:

    “I shoved leaves into my 4 year old boys mouth to muffle his screams before beating him with a stick on the face, hands, arms, legs, inner thighs, and scrotum hard and often enough to create dozens of welts and cuts on his body visible a week later.”

    How do you think they will react?

  36. Meanwhile, take parenting counseling or sensitivity training. Work on Public Service Announcements along with the NFL that you were wrong regarding the treatment of your kids and this will not be tolerated in our modern society. This is just one case folks. There are hundreds of lesser profile cases going on all over the country regarding child “discipline” because some people really do not know better. Seize this opportunity to educate and make a change for the better.

  37. Jerry said to Michael Sam and will now say to Adrian Peterson: Don’t worry Adrian, we’ll take you.

  38. All of this Peterson/Rice/Hardy/etc crap is ugly and is only made worse by listening to and reading sports reporters try to offer an opinion on domestic violence and child abuse. Every sports show/article has turned into an OpEd and I don’t really care what Adam Schefter or Chris Berman or Trent Dilfer thinks about anything other than football (and barely that).

  39. You have the right to ask for a speedy trial yes, doesn’t mean you always get one. Not if the prosecution tells the judge they need time to prepare for trial.

    Pederson will plead guilty to child endangerment and take his chances. Probably a fine and slap on the hand and a few game suspension from the league.

    Then they will spin it, he did the crime, and did the time, you must as a vike fan fall in love with this guy again, football on.

    The Vikes aren’t getting rid of their cash cow unless they feel his badge is tarnished to much to make any more money off him.

  40. He may have believed he was only performing his parental duties, but the punishment did not fit the crime. What could a four year old kid possibly do to deserve that?

    He has his priorities out of whack. He thinks he is being responsible? Please! He doesn’t know the first thing about parenting. He doesn’t know the first thing about keeping it in his pants. He’s got kids and mothers scattered all over the place. Yep, he’s a responsible dude alright. He deserves everything he gets, including job instability.

  41. I suspect the Prosecutor & Defense will cut a deal on this –

    Adrian’s defense is going to want to know HOW IN THE WORLD pictures of a minor were released from the Prosecutor’s office WITHOUT parental permission. That alone can lead to disciplinary action towards the DA’s office, and we should be a little incensed about the release of those photos as well.

    The Prosecution doesn’t necessarily have a leg-up in this situation. Ultimately, AP pleads guilty to a misdemeanor, $20,000 fine, and 100 hours of community service and is back on the field in mid-October.

  42. Now in America it looks like the media and social media have replaced the judicial system. What happened to due process?

  43. I love how people think innocent before proven guilty should apply outside of court.

    It doesn’t, it never has and it never will.

    Just like your right to free speech doesn’t allow you to go around yammering whatever comes to mind without consequences.

    So many ignorant people thinking specific legal protections apply to everywhere in life.

    They don’t

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