Rice appeal could hinge on private meeting with Goodell

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The appeal of Ray Rice’s indefinite suspension will find out what the NFL knew and when the NFL knew it about what happened inside that Atlantic City elevator.  To get there, the hearing officer will have to assess the accuracy and credibility of a variety of witnesses who said things and/or heard things said when Rice explained the incident.

Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome said last week that Rice didn’t lie to Newsome.  Since Newsome was in the room when Rice met with Commissioner Roger Goodell in June, that sets up a potential dispute between Newsome’s recollection of Rice’s remarks and Goodell’s.

But Newsome said something else last week that will raise the stakes on the looming effort to figure out who’s telling the truth and who isn’t.

“We had a meeting but also Ray and Janay and Roger had a separate meeting and a story was told in that meeting,” Newsome said.  “So what was said during the meeting between the three could have been a lot different than what was said when the eight of us were in a room together.”

Ultimately, the question of whether Rice lied could come down to the credibility of the testimony from Rice, his wife, and Goodell regarding the statements made during that meeting.  Since the NFL makes no transcript of these meetings, there’s no way to know with certainty what was said.

Goodell’s decision to meet privately with Rice and his wife makes Goodell a central witness to the question of whether the NFL knew what was on the tape, and it makes it even more important that a truly independent party with no direct or indirect ties to Goodell be responsible for getting to the truth.

20 responses to “Rice appeal could hinge on private meeting with Goodell

  1. This is unreal, how no documentation of this meeting occurred. That should be mandatory to prevent either side lieing out of their backsides and as proof of any dispute down the road.

    Im siding with Ozzie and Ray Rice’s version

  2. ” … it makes it even more important that a truly independent party with no direct or indirect ties to Goodell be responsible for getting to the truth.”

    And if that happens, it will be the … first … time … ever …

    … and pigs will probably fly.

  3. Goodell had compassion for the one person nobody else did, Janay Rice. Yet everybody wants Goodell’s head. Naive and dumb of all of you. Janay has been thrown under the bus by everybody but the commish. Time to wise up and lay off people.

  4. Ozzie: has no incentive whatsoever to protect Rice once he was cut

    Goodell: HAS EVERY REASON to engage in CYA by accusing Rice of misleading the NFL now that this has blown up on them totally

  5. When someone says “private meeting with Goodell” all I can think of is him sitting in an empty room full of tvs and giving 5 minute answers to simple questions, like that Architect guy in the Matrix.

  6. I wonder whose recollection of that meeting Janay will support – Ray’s or Goodell’s? And it is known already that Ozzie supports Rays’s version in the other meeting. So, Roger should be working on that resignation letter.

  7. in an elevator…
    Video camera showing Ray Rice pull out a spray can spraying over the camera as Godell lunges for the door….
    outside camera shows Ray Rice dragging Goodell out of the elevator claiming Goodell attacked him.

  8. ” Janay has been thrown under the bus by everybody but the commish.”

    Is this the same commish who had his people tell Peter King it’d be clear why the suspension was only 2 games if they could only see what Janay was doing to Rice in the second video? Because what abuse victim doesn’t enjoy hearing it was all her fault?

    And the same commish who let her be dragged along to the meeting he had with Rice AND sat back as the Ravens paraded her around at the press conference where Rice apologized to everybody but her? Yeah, if Rog doesn’t get some sort of award from NOW it’ll be a travesty.

  9. So, in other words, when he met with Ozzie Newsome and Roger Goodell he told the truth, but when Newsome left the meeting, that’s when he lied? Even after Goodell had already heard the truth about what happened in that elevator?

    Meeting with Newsome and Goodell: “I punched her in the face.”

    Meeting with Goodell and Janay: “She started it.”

    Goodell should have stopped at nothing to acquire that tape!

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