Vikings owners finally set to talk about Adrian Peterson


So far, the Vikings have been willing to let their employees take the bullets for them.

Now, we’re finally going to hear from the desk at which the buck stops.

The Vikings have announced that ownership will address the Adrian Peterson situation at a noon ET press conference.

It’s a good move, too late for Zygi and Mark Wilf.

Sending poor General Manager Rick Spielman out to take the bullets for the ridiculous decision to let Peterson come back after a weekend off was dishonorable. So was changing their mind in the middle of the night, as if no one would notice.

They’ll get a chance to address all that today.

9 responses to “Vikings owners finally set to talk about Adrian Peterson

  1. Why is the NFL absolved of this. When the vikings announced he was staring the nfl followed suit and showed there support of the decision. Yet this site focuses solely on the vikings. Is a commishiones job not to handle situations like this?

    Apperantly the nfl informed the vikes about a commsisioners excempt list? Never heard of it

    So once this is seattled or a verdict is rendered will they count this time off of AP suspension??? The vikes currently now have to pay him while this all sorts out. If they cut him someone will sign him and the vikes get nothing. They can’t trade him without know what suspension would handed out . I stand by what I said ealier the vikes intended to start to try and force the league to impose something so they can move forward. Looks like the league just wants to sit this one out.

  2. Let me make this perfectly clear as long as this doesn’t effect our new stadium or our bottom line we will support Adrian 100%….Oh did I forget to mention we love children?

  3. When did you want them to change their minds? It would have been better to wait for the morning? The sooner the better, if you ask me. And “poor Rick Spielman” had to answer questions? That’s his job! Have you ever seen Zygi Wilf interviewed? He’s not good at it. Slick Rick is the voice of the organization.

  4. Zygi is probably the worst public speaker in the history of the world, not just the NFL. His presser is going to be awful.

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