Vikings place Adrian Peterson on Exempt/Commissioner’s Permission list, won’t be with team until legal matters are resolved

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The Minnesota Vikings have reversed course on Adrian Peterson’s reinstatement to the team and have placed him on the exempt/commissioner’s permission list, which will require Peterson to remain away from all team activities until the resolution of his legal proceedings.

The Vikings released a statement early Wednesday morning that announced their decision regarding Peterson. The pressure was building on the organization after their decision to reinstate Peterson on Monday. Sponsors were beginning to speak up and politicians called for Peterson to remain suspended.

Owners Mark and Zygi Wilf finally elected to alter their decision and found a mechanism to keep Peterson away from the team indefinitely while his legal matters are addressed. The lengthy statement from the team is as follows:

“This has been an ongoing and deliberate process since last Friday’s news. In conversations with the NFL over the last two days, the Vikings advised the League of the team’s decision to revisit the situation regarding Adrian Peterson. In response, the League informed the team of the option to place Adrian on the Exempt/Commissioner’s Permission list, which will require that Adrian remain away from all team activities while allowing him to take care of his personal situation until the legal proceedings are resolved. After giving the situation additional thought, we have decided this is the appropriate course of action for the organization and for Adrian.

“We are always focused on trying to make the right decision as an organization. We embrace our role — and the responsibilities that go with it — as a leader in the community, as a business partner and as an organization that can build bridges with our fans and positively impact this great region. We appreciate and value the input we have received from our fans, our partners and the community.

“While we were trying to make a balanced decision yesterday, after further reflection we have concluded that this resolution is best for the Vikings and for Adrian. We want to be clear: we have a strong stance regarding the protection and welfare of children, and we want to be sure we get this right. At the same time we want to express our support for Adrian and acknowledge his seven-plus years of outstanding commitment to this organization and this community. Adrian emphasized his desire to avoid further distraction to his teammates and coaches while focusing on his current situation; this resolution accomplishes these objectives as well.

“We will support Adrian during this legal and personal process, but we firmly believe and realize this is the right decision. We hope that all of our fans can respect the process that we have gone through to reach this final decision.”

The Vikings did make an admirable move in getting ahead of the story when they deactivated Peterson for last week’s game against the New England Patriots. However, they made a misstep in bringing him back to the team so quickly while this matter hangs over Peterson.

They have now realized their error and corrected it. With Peterson’s first court hearing not scheduled until October 8, it certainly doesn’t appear he’ll be playing for the Vikings again any time in the near future.

192 responses to “Vikings place Adrian Peterson on Exempt/Commissioner’s Permission list, won’t be with team until legal matters are resolved

  1. As a Life long Vikings fan, I support this 100%. I hope Adrian gets this matter resolved and I pray that it never happens again. Right now it’s all about the children, not football.

  2. ” after further reflection “….oh mean after SPONSORS decided to drop you?? Money talks folks.

    With a trial in or around 2015, looks like he is done for the year. GOOD!

  3. This is BS! If I were AP I would ask to be traded or cut from the team. I hope he signs with a team in the same division so he can be a nightmare to the Vikings. I hope they get their butts kicked all year

  4. The Vikings tested the waters of doing nothing after a 1 game paid benching and found the reception was ice cold.

  5. Cant blame them. I am in utter shock with the last two weeks of nfl superstars getting in just stupid situations. I wish the best to the Rice family and the many Peterson children.

  6. Bout time they did something like this. This should have been done on Monday instead of reinstating him.

    At least termination of his contract did not happen yet. Don’t get me wrong, I believe he SHOULD have his contract terminated, but not until the NFL suspends him indefinitely. The Packers or Cowboys would snatch him up in a heartbeat.

    I am as big a vikings fan as they come, but I would rather the Vikings lose EVERY GAME THIS SEASON than to Peterson play for ANY team again!!!

  7. I guess money is more important than a well being of a child. Sad it took sponsors puling out for them to rethink their dumb decision.

  8. OMG people get over it.
    Half the world got their rear-end kicked growing up. If AP is getting in trouble for this, go arrest practically everyone in every non-English speaking country and everyone in the South.
    Seriously maybe these crybabies that are making a big deal of this needed a good spanking growing up. They didn’t get their crying in as kids so they are just being little crybabies now.

  9. Zygi Wilf is a coward who thinks about nothing, but the bottom line. He wanted to sell tickets and make money. That’s it, hes a total scumbug. As a life long long Vikings fan I could have respected a stand either way, but to waffle, you might as well spit in your fans face. Zygi has brought the ultimate disgrace to us by not having backbone one way or the other. You my friend, Zygi are an incompetent baboon. The way Zygi has handled this situation is the biggest disgrace of all. Disagree or agree with AP, Zygi you drug this out and insulted Vikings fans everywhere. Sell the team Zygi, we don’t respect you or want you. To you, we are dollar signs, not people who care about the team and cheer them on through thick and thin. You just want our money, well I have given you enough!!!

  10. As a fan of the Vikings it was hard to fathom his abuse of his 4 yr old son with a switch to cause abrasions and cuts that are still there a week later, but then to hear he bloodied the head of another son last year while giving him a whooping, it’s disappointing beyond description. There is no room on the Vikings for someone who habitually abuses a child, period.

    It’s devastating it has come to this. Why AD, why!!!!!?????

    It is just an awful feeling of complete disgust from a human being standpoint and from the standpoint of a fan of the team I equate it to the 1998 Vikings and Gary Anderson.

  11. And what was the mechanism behind this profound epiphany by the Vikes? Long thoughtful deliberation? Noooo, that happened before they brought him back to the team? New evidence? Getting warmer! A befuddled and beleaguered Goodell phone call? Maybeeee? Pressure on owners from political groups? Starting to glow; I see smoke!

  12. Can’t we just go ahead and see the same with Hardy, McDonald and who knows what others have this issue we’re yet to be informed of?

    Can we put Mark and Zigi Wilf on the “needs a dose of reality” list? They only break under major pressure. I’m certain Zigi has said, “Screw the little people!” more than once in the past 48 hours.

  13. The mistake was caving to pressure from witch-hunters and suspending him again. This is a joke. Thanks to media members like Mr. Crabtree, we’ve got to put up with social commentary instead of reporting sports. Ridiculous.

  14. Smart move before the team lost any more sponsors. Fans were pretty upset they let him back. Does show the team listens to the fan feedback !

  15. Why exactly did they think this couldn’t wait until morning? Is it just me or is it very strange that they’re announcing this in the middle of the night?

  16. All this does is make parents think twice about disciplining their kids. Now they are gonna run their own program and threaten parents with CPS related issues. Sad day for parenting, not football. Football takes a back seat.

  17. As a Life long Vikings fan, I support this 100%. I hope Adrian gets this matter resolved and I pray that it never happens again. Right now it’s all about the children, not football.

  18. great news, now put Ray McDonald and Greg Hardy on this list as well, huge step in the right direction for the Vikings, they won some people back with this one for sure, the citing of public pressure and losing sponsorships and major opportunities with companies and children’s charities, they had to do something and they did a great thing, now if only the NFL get it self resolved, still a lot of clutter to sort out and clean and clear up, but this is good news, Adrian has some major issues to work out before he can even think about football again,

  19. All Mighty Florio. I am curious if you have done any research or can provide examples of other businesses that suspend or fire employees based on charges alone. I am not saying there are or aren’t, but I am interested in whether there is a precedent here or have you and others pushed for something above and beyond for the likes of Peterson and Rice?

  20. I don’t agree with what Peterson allegedly did, but this is just mob rule. If the news outlets, politicians and social media hive-mind decide they want to get you, the get you. Forget due legal process, the court of public opinion is all that seems to matter anymore.

    I don’t like what Peterson allegedly did, but I definitely don’t like the new guilty until proven innocent standard we seem to be promoting lately.

  21. Al Franken works in an organization which does not suspend indicted members – the US Senate. There is no Minnesota law requiring private companies to suspend indicted employees, and I don’t see the governor of Minnesota trying to get such a law passed, either (probably because it wouldn’t stand a chance in hell). And I’d like to see what Minnesota’s public employees unions have to say about suspending state employees who are charged with a crime but not yet convicted.

    So why do these politicians think they have a right to pressure the Vikings to suspend Peterson? Goodell should have stuck to rulings on football matters and left the non-football issues to the legal system, like every other employer. His drive to build a kinder, gentler NFL has turned the league into a chew-toy for politicians and social-advocacy groups. The league will be unrecognizable in a few years.

  22. Funny/Sad thing is, the Vikings and a lot of their fans think that Peterson and the Vikes are the victims.

  23. Cris Carter stated on Monday that there is no wrong time to do the right thing. The Vikings just stepped on themselves in the process. Something like this was the right thing to do all along.

  24. Ok, media are you proud of yourself? Once again you have shown your power. If Adrian Peterson was anything but a super star NFL player he never would have been suspended from his job. This quote has been out there for a few days, but I never saw it on PFT.

    “Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center CEO Lynn Davis said in an interview with the newspaper that charges against an alleged abusive parent are often dropped if their record is clean and they commit to counseling.”

  25. It’s a $50 million lack of judgment by Adrian. That’s the value of the balance of his contract. How quickly one’s fortunes can turn!

  26. He should be suspended without pay just as Ray Rice was.

    Pat O’Brien said on CNN that Ray Rice will never play again in the NFL……based on his statement, neither should Adrian Peterson.

    Certainly I believe in second chances however if you’re going to say a man who struck his wife will no longer play, how could you not say the same about a man who brutally beats a four year old child, if you haven’t seen the pictures, Google them.

    And for those wearing Adrian’s jersey, “If you’re spouse had brutally beaten your four year old like Adrian did his, would you be wearing his or her jersey?”

  27. This is simply not how things should work in America. AP has been caught in the Ray Rice Storm. Certainly, he was over-zealous in his punishment of a child–a very common occurrence. But to pre-maturely brand him a criminal by putting him on Indefinite Suspension following a questionable Indictment, unfairly punishes the entire Football World without Due Process of Law.

  28. Liberals got their way.
    Meanwhile: Bengazi unravels, The U.S. is sending troops to fight Ebola but not ISIS or the border, & slowly the big O’s Healthcare is degrading the economy.
    But hey, Ray & Adrian are now no longer a detriment to society.

  29. Good!
    Like NFL, it takes obvious public reaction for suits to act.
    Goodell needs to go. He has a history of destroying and/or hiding evidence.
    That’s it. Then he wants a team in London which no one in Britain cares about. They would not support team lomg term. Soccer rules in Europe.
    Im done with Goodell and his wackiness.

  30. I’m sure he’d like to play as a competitor, but sitting around for several weeks and staying healthy while getting FULL ALARY doesn’t sound too bad. He’ll be the healthiest 30 year old in the league.

  31. The Vikings have bungled this entire episode. I’m no PR expert but the correct move from the start would have been to deactivate Peterson for at least four games and then say that while AP should receive “due process” through the legal system, the team feels that based on the pictures of his son and Adrian admitting to administering those injuries that it is in the best interest of the team that Peterson be placed on leave. And because the Vikings feel very strongly about the issue of domestic violence against women and children, a condition of Adrian’s return will be that he seek counseling for parenting and anger management. Upon successful treatment, the team will re-evaluate Peterson’s status and possible return to the team.

    This would satisfy the public, the league, sponsors and most importantly show that the team is genuinely concerned about stopping this cycle of excessive violent discipline that Adrian received as a child and is now giving to his own children.

  32. I’m not defending Rice or Peterson in any way, form, or fashion. The acts committed by both of them is deplorable. But, the NFL is running scared. The are reacting, not to the misdeeds of these men, but to the media barrage, posturing by various political leaders, and the public lashing. Their focus is misguided and that is due to a lack of leadership.

    Personally, I am in favor of a 6-8 game suspension for committing acts of domestic violence. But, what I think doesn’t matter. They just put forth a new policy a week or so ago. Why is it not being utilized? Where is the leadership of these teams and this league? They are too busy tripping over themselves trying to navigate the waters of public opinion and that is a dangerous game.

  33. Adrian Peterson did not get star treatment. In fact, he has been attacked because of his star status. In the US there is a report of child abuse every 10 seconds. 4 children die every day due to abuse. These people are not losing their jobs. Adrian needs to keep his job and get help in the meantime. Revoke custody until appropriate help has been obtained, but don’t take his livelihood. The media, liberal public opinion and politicians have failed. Meanwhile a federal judge beats his wife and will still sit on the bench and judge others (Mark Fuller). This is an outrage.

  34. Even though it’s going to hurt losing one of the best players in the league for what will likely be the remainder of the season, this was the right thing for the Wilfs to do.

    Get the situation resolved in the courts, then let him return when it’s all over.

  35. wow, the Vikes came around after having a Senator, Governor, Nike and Radisson jump them

    you wouldn’t think that the Vikings wouldn’t be so selfish and dense that they would need the last 24 hours of storm to finally find their brains

    and AP? felony child abuse ? this is going to cost you prison and a major suspension and probably the HOF… get ready

  36. The only mistake by Minnesota is caving on their beliefs. If they truly want to support Peterson, they should not cave to big money sponsors or drama driven leaders in the media like you Florio.

  37. The Vikings did make an admirable move in getting ahead of the story when they deactivated Peterson for last week’s game against the New England Patriots.

    I didn’t see it as “admirable”. More like “practical”. You have a guy turning himself into authorities in another state in the wee hours of Saturday morning, then he’s still got to fly all the way back before the Sunday game. There’s a ton of unwanted media attention to deal with, too.

    Common sense just said to move ahead without him in the plan for the next day, and deal with the real decision on what to do with him after the game.

  38. this is bs till he is back playing for the team i wont be watching there games and burning everything i have with there logo on it and everything i have of the teams sponsors

  39. I am certainly not suggesting who is right or wrong all I am saying is guilty until proven innocent?

  40. Commissioner’s Permission list wtf does that even mean are they making this crap up as they go really

  41. It’s clear this league, and those involved with it, care about the almighty dollar over all else. The only reason this is happening is because they lost sponsorship money.

    This is the definition of leading from behind.

  42. Bravo.

    I have a suggestion for anyone who thinks this is too harsh and he should be allowed to play. Read the details of the physical damage that he did to his son. Then visit a preschool and look at what a 4 year old acts and looks like. And then remind yourself that he apparently still thinks he has done nothing wrong.

  43. Hey NFL! Zero tolerance for any kind of domestic abuse would help this problem. I was disciplined with a switch and it was most painful experience ever. It did not keep me from getting in trouble. Grounding my ass was more effective.

  44. Translation:
    For years we did whatever we wanted because we (correctly in most cases) believed that while you might whine for a little bit, you’d eventually shut up and forget about whatever upset you. You’d continue to watch at home and in the stadium, and you’d continue to purchase our merchandise. Furthermore, we believed that our sponsors would stick with us (uneasily at times) because they knew it was good for business. With that in mind, and with our recent pathetic performance against the Patriots, we determined that it would be fine to reactivate Adrian Peterson. Recently, however, we were surprised to find out that the recent slate of games haven’t wiped Peterson’s actions completely from many of your minds. Even worse, many of our sponsors don’t feel comfortable being linked to Adrian Peterson (and the Vikings by extension) under the current circumstances. Perhaps we shouldn’t have had Radisson’s name plastered all over the background when Spielman spit the bit in his press conference announcing Peterson’s return. Considering all of these factors, we have decided to deactivate Adrian Peterson until his legal matters are all cleared up. Why? Because we really care about children (the money we can make off of them or lose because one of our players beat his, that is).

  45. I have never heard of the Exempt/Commissioner’s Permission list. Why haven’t they been talking about this as an option at all this past week?

  46. Its always good to have the media as the moral authority on such matters of right and wrong. With their reporting of these types of stories they incite an angry mob type of mentality in their sheep (ie. mark dayton, many of the fans).

    Of course the sarcasm in my previous statement is that the media is not a good moral authority of right and wrong, they are a business, or a set of businesses that is merely looking for the next big story that will incite emotion and get people talking to make money for them. This propaganda machine, called the media, zeros in on the best running back in the last 10 years as apposed to any of the other domestic abuse cases occurring around the league. San Francisco has a domestic abuse case pending with their starting DE Ray McDonald. The 49ers refuse to bench McDonald because public pressure from the media has not been high enough.

    But why have the morality police not incited enough public outrage to get the 49ers to bench McDonald? Most likely because the majority of the media does not really care about the domestic abuse cases as much as they care about the money they can make off such cases. If they talk about someone like McDonald, who few people have heard of, few, few will care, few will read their articles, and there is not much money to be had in that!

    I think that just goes to shows the true colors of many in the media and many of the fans. To me it doesn’t seem like many actually care about curbing violence towards women and children, or it wouldn’t take Peterson or Rice’s head on a platter to get people talking about Domestic Abuse problems in the NFL.

    Logically it would make sense to treat all players the same and to let each of them have their own day in court before determining innocence of guilt. If they are found guilty the appropriate actions should be taken, but not until then. This decision of course is a logical one and is not based on emotion. The other decision that could be made is purely an emotional one. Pull the player because you don’t like what he allegedly did. This type of decision is of course rash and does not take into consideration all of the facts. It is sad that the Vikings succumbed to this because of pressure from the media and fans who obviously don’t know all the facts. It doesn’t seem right for a person to lose his job over pure allegations, but this is what it has apparently come down to.

  47. I am officially boycotting the NFL, Campbell’s Soup,and Budweiser. I hope all of the real fans of football do the same. The NFL is a lesser product today.

  48. Never heard of the permission list, but this is the right thing to do. Another shining example of how the potential loss of money/profit causes corporations to quickly change course. The PR damage done to the Vikings is immeasurable.

  49. The NFL & Commo Goddell sound more and more like “Animal House” & Dean Wormer.

    Nothing like a little public pressure (MONEY) to make the NFL owners jump. 🙂

    Let the dynasty begin. Now, with the first pick in the 2015 draft, the PFTPoet is on the clock. Bwahahahahahahahahahahah!!!

  50. Glad after public outcry and more importantly corporate sponsors bailing, they got it right.

    Would have been nice if they were proactive and never reactivated him but the end result is he is done.

    Going to be a long season but worth some additional loses and doing what is right. Eventually. And with the first pick in the 2016 NFL the Vikings choose…..

  51. This in a nutshell, are what the Vikings are all about. Faced with a decision on Monday, the Vikings did what the Vikings always do, made the wrong choice.

    But this time it wasn’t no Love Boat, Whizantor or Scalping Superbowl tickets by their head coach, this time the money paying sponsors of the team had a vote in the court of public opinion and they could not abide by the continuing employment of a child abuser.

    The Vikings had no moral compass and obviously had no problems with a starting a child abuser, anything to climb out of last place. But the Vikings soon realized that the NFL has a say in these matters and no matter the moral bankruptcy of the Vikings, the NFL made a stand, the corporate sponsors made a statement, and the Vikings had to choice but to adopt the stance they have taken in all 4 Superbowls they played in; they crumbled and caved in.

  52. What was your favorite Adrian moment? I think mine was that one game against the Pack when he broke off that long run and then thought he had set the single season rushing record and the players carried him off the field on their shoulders. But, it turned out he was 9 yards short. That was funny.

  53. I’ll say it again: Truth and Justice 1, Money Grubbing Groupthink 0. No matter how they got there, the Vikings made the right decision.

  54. “Being a fine player is no longer enough to convince us to cheer for you, to spend our money to watch you and the franchise you represent. The right to play in the league must be earned to some degree by humane behavior away from the field.”

    Wise words from a Boston Globe writer…

  55. Vikings, Raiders, Jaguars, T-Bucs: Who Will Get The No.1 Draft Pick, Marcus Mariota (QB, Oregon)?

  56. We’ve discussed the political/emotional end of football more than anything else this year. The nfl, due to its hard stance on nothing, caters and blows in the wind to every whim any vocal minority lobs against it. Football no longer is a sport, it’s a political operative.

  57. So why is Hardy — a convicted domestic violence criminal — still playing? He had a trial and was found guilty. AP was just in front of a grand jury.

    Richardson — do the right thing and put Hardy on this list!!

  58. What’s that thud? The Vikings rocketing to last place in the league?

    I do feel badly for Vikes fans and his teammates who have to suffer for the actions of one “man”. He needs to punished for his actions and the league needs to take serious action against players who don’t uphold a certain level of conduct. Sick and tired reading about these athletes (all leagues) who think they are above the law concerning domestic violence, drugs and just overall poor behavior.

    Roger Goodell will not survive this last couple if weeks.

  59. What ever happened to “due process” and “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”? Everyone is lynching AP before we even have a trial…I thought this was America…

  60. In honesty, the Vikings were pushed into making this decision and the team ownership now appears weak.

    Peterson will probably be acquitted by the courts in Texas, and will probably never want to play for the Vikings again.

    I understand that a large percentage of people from Texas feel that although what Peterson did was excessive, they support him disciplining his son in that fashion.

    Perhaps the reported conversation with Jerry Jones is related to this situation, and Jerry would probably have no problem bringing Peterson to Dallas and have him play for the Cowboys. The Vikings probably will receive next to nothing for Peterson in a trade. If anything, they might catch Jones on a generous day and he might part with struggling first rounder Morris Claibourne.

    I hope that Peterson gets this sorted for the sake of his relationship with his son, and that people accept him back in the league to continue his career. Whilst he went too far with this discipline, it isn’t as if he placed himself in charge of a vehicle whilst under the influence, potentially destroying many people’s lives. I have more respect for Peterson than I do for Erin Henderson or Jerome Simpson!

  61. Is that the nfl’s version of double secret probation ? Peterson appears to be in some serious trouble here. And rightfully so. Whether you are from the north or south, black or white, man or woman, there is no place in this world for beating a child with an object until they have welts and or are bleeding. I get that parenting can be frustrating but there are better ways to deal with kids. And another big issue here which is getting burried is the seven kids with several baby mommas. No strong family units/father figure for these kids is a very tough situation as well.

  62. Once again the results were terrible and changes is needed but we are country of laws so based on the principles on which this country was based is this is the just another example of how pathetic we are becoming as a nation. When we allow mob rule to dictate decisions and ignore the law we are moving away from a democracy. I have no use for the opinions of MN governor or senator who want to speak out against Adrian now, but still stand fully behind the death of over 50 millions children through abortion. You are either all about protecting children or not at all, so the hypocrisy is insane.

    Of course when we have a president and other leaders who ignore the constitution on a regular basis then why should Adrian being given his rights as an American for due process.

    This is total BS about him being a public person since we have politicians all the time getting into disturbing situation with affairs, hookers and drugs and still get reelected. The sad fact is that politics drive so much of what happens these days and we are dying democracy as a result.

  63. What kind of monster does that to a 4 year old? And, for those that say, “Innocent until proven guilty”; well, the pictures don’t lie. And Peterson has all but admitted “disciplining” his children in this manner.

  64. As a Vikings fan, I honestly hope that they realise that without Peterson, the Vikings won’t make the playoffs this season.

    With that in mind, there is no reason to continue playing Matt Cassel, and they should start Teddy Bridgewater. I would even go as far as seeing if a team wants to trade a late round pick for Cassel, thus giving him the chance to make something of his season. Christian Ponder will suffice as the back up this season, and the team can look to bring another QB in to develop as the future back up.

  65. So much for his day in court, convicted by Budweiser. Their product helps kill over 10,000 drunk drivers a year so they should be the ones leading the moral lynching.

  66. Hold on. You mean to tell me that the nfl has a specific designation for players with pending legal action? And this is the first time it’s being used? I’m the biggest due process supporter out there but this designation should be standard operating procedure for any player with impending criminal charges. For those of you who think it’s unfair because trials take to long need to realize that that’s only because players try to fight the charges instead of accept a plea bargin. 95% of charges are settled with no court time via plea deals. Of course, Peterson is looking at actual jail time so he’s screwed either way.

  67. As a final point: I hope the team declines having the Radisson back as a sponsor, choosing instead a company that doesn’t threaten the team whilst a legal due process has hardly begun, let alone be finished.

  68. What happened to watching the NFL as an escape from politics and political correctness? I literally have zero care for what these athletes do off the field. I watch them because of their God-given talents on the field, not because of what they do off the field. It’s sad that ESPN can yield a murderer as an analyst and give a 7th round draft pick the #1 overall treatment. I wish everyone would just start worrying about FOOTBALL, and not the characters of these athletes.

  69. For all you crying about due process, I say pffftt!!!
    In most big companies and gov’t jobs, this is exactly how the situation is handled. When an employee is arrested for indictable charges they are immediately suspended without pay…. That way they cannot negatively impact the company’s reputation or standing in the community. If They are found innocent they will then be welcomed back with open arms, if they are found guilty they will be terminated…. The fact that NFL players careers are very short is not the owners fault..

    As far as disciplining children I think there’s a big difference between smacking a teenage boy with a bad attitude upside the head, as opposed to
    1. taking a branch off the tree
    2. picking the leaves off of it & stuffing them in a four-year-old toddler’s mouth
    3. Proceeding to whip him with a stick until he’s cut bruised and bleeding about the thighs, back, rear end, scrotum(indicating you meet him stripped naked first), and hands(indicating after he was crying and begging for mercy holding his hands up you proceeded out of control to continue to hit him)….

  70. . From reading some of the post I can’t believe that people are trying to justify this with “My parent beat me with a switch” excuse. If your four year old came home from a visitation with those same injuries you would take matters into your own hands. Whether AP meant to hurt his child or not, from the photos he obviously went overboard beyond the point of discipline. These athletes smile and say the right things in front the camera. You don’t know who they are behind closed doors. The NFL and its sponsors need to collectively take a stand. There should be know double standards. To play in this league is a privilege that they so often forget.

  71. Seeing as how the local authorities and the team were going to do nothing thank god in this case there were corporations that came out against him and forced this.

    Big difference between giving a child a spanking on the butt, or love tap as some would say, than beating a kid to have left marks like that. And not once but with two 4 year old children.

    If anybody on this forum heard the screams of a little kid that lived next door to you and you called the local police, and they came to that house to see a kid that had marks on him like Peterson’s kid as a result of being hit with something, the state you live in would come to that house and remove that kid from it. And any other kid that may have lived there. And they’d be right to do so at that time for the protection of the kid(s). On that particular day that child was abused. That’s what those marks show and mean. Nothing else. Not discipline and certainly nothing close to love.

    I don’t see a pattern of love or commitment in anything he’s done in terms of relationships. His only love and commitment has been to football.

  72. As a Vikes fan, I’m glad they did the right thing here. It’s just unfortunate they waited till their sponsorships started going to the wayside till they realized they made a mistake.

  73. While they’re at it go through the the entire NFL roster for any and suspend anyone with a record. Let’s see who’s left then. This is a slippery slope. Why don’t those politicians call for the resignation of their peers each time they do something wrong. AP has just been condemned by the public, media, and MONEY.

  74. Wow! Your all so smart. It took a kid beating to get you to see the greed, and manipulation of corporate America. Now you all want to “show em” eh? At least until the next generation of a tennis shoe, basketball, golf ball, and the like comes out anyway. The only values left in this country are the ones that you perceive are a good buy from Nike….via China.

  75. Perhaps if the Vikings had suspended Peterson from the beginning, they wouldn’t look like fools now for caving in to public sentiment. But they brought him BACK. What is wrong with them? They saw the pictures of the beating just like the rest of us. Beating a 4-year old child like that is not acceptable to anyone in a civil society.

    Peterson is in need of some serious help but he deserves to come back at some point. He obviously felt what he was doing was right, but he clearly has a somewhat diminished mental capacity to understand the difference between right and wrong.

  76. All 32 teams would have done the same exact thing as the Vikings. It’s true that the Vikings have grossly mishandled this situation but EVERY team out there would have been doing the same thing with their best player. In fact I bet most teams would not have deactivated their best player last week. All you fans that think your team is holier than thou, wake up!
    What is your team hiding today? How many players in the leauge playing right now have things being covered up by the GM and owners. It’s coming, so don’t laugh at the Vikes, your day is coming too!

  77. I think it’s time for a new league to attempt a start-up while the NFL is down. Lesean McCoy can keep talking about how hes the number 1 RB in the league, but its by default now.

  78. The Vikings organization made the right move here–finally. However, the leadership of that organization is absolutely pathetic. They made this move in response public outctry rather than some commitment to what is right. This case as well as the Rice, MacDonald, Hardy, etc. cases all show the true weather vane leadership throughout the NFL. Too many in positions of authority don’t lead; they react, and their reactions are dictated in large part simply by a mob rules mentality complemented by a heavy influence by those whose voices are raised the loudest. That’s not leadership; that’s simple–and rather inept–management. Real leaders espouse, commit, and adhere to a set of defined principles. The ones making these recent calls announce their “decisions” based purely on the winds of public opinion; their lack of principles is defined by their actions, not their words. This lack of leadership is what should concern those who worry about the future of the NFL. The NFL won’t fold due to the trangressions of a few criminals and miscreants–horrible as many of their actions are. The truth is that the most of the NFL is made up of citizens who respect and obey the law. Rather, the NFL will cease to be what it once was and fail to achieve its real potential if it continues to be run by people who can only react rather than demonstrate proper foresight and vision that extends beyond simple economics. These last few weeks clearly demonstrate this reality.

  79. First, all of you saying sponsors should stay out of it are as clueless as the players.

    The sponsors pay the bills and allow these spoiled players to make their $millions. They have EVERY RIGHT to have a strong opinion, and obviously the owners understand that even if some players and fans don’t.

    Second, you’re on the clock “above reproach”, not that anyone is holding their breath.

    Three most disgusting franchises; SF, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Even if forced to do so, Minnesota has slid off the list.

  80. All of which leads me to state my new policy on NFL policies. I’m done with them. I don’t understand them, don’t trust them. Don’t believe they are effective. Don’t feel they are consistent or credible.

    The NFL’s policies on player misconduct and substance abuse and performance-enhancing substances make the league’s tie-breaker procedures seem clear by comparison. They make their instant replay rules seem plain and simple. They are more inconsistent than their roughing-the-passer rulings, more questionable than their pass interference penalties.

    The NFL needs a massive instant replay review of all of its policies.

  81. “Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center CEO Lynn Davis said in an interview with the newspaper that charges against an alleged abusive parent are often dropped if their record is clean and they commit to counseling.”

  82. Proof that he knew what he did was wrong and illegal?

    “Daddy Peterson said he’d punch my face again if I told police what he did!”

    Boom. Roasted. Done.

    That little boy repeats that to a jury? Adrian Peterson will get the book.

  83. The Vikings found religion on Friday, but then lost it on Sunday when they realized that Matt Cassell was still their QB and that they needed even more of a running game.

  84. I certainly DO NOT condone child abuse but there is a fine line between parental discipline and child abuse. My 4’9” 105lb mother broke a metal perforated pancake turner over my bear behind leaving 459 little round welts on it some 60 years ago. Now I’m here to tell you I never repeated the offense for which I was “disciplined”. In current times my 10 year old grand-daughter recently told her mother “better not spank me or I’ll report you and you’ll go to jail”. Don’t know about you but there is something wrong with that sure if I’d said that to my parents the new replacement turner would’ve been broken again or I would’ve been eating a bar of soap for the second time

  85. I keep reading about guys who have been charged with an offense….Peterson (Charged) Rice (Found Guilty) Hardy (Appealing Guilty Verdict)
    McDonald has not been charged with any criminal offense so why is everyone yelling injustice?

  86. Just so we are clear on this mob rule led by the media.

    Mother feeds baby meth- 3 news articles and 6 months probation.
    Nfl star spanks kid- he must get two years in jail.
    Drunk driver plows into bad killing 3 seriously inj 2 others – 6 months jail time.

    Yep makes perfect sense. Let’s make sure we all look in the mirror and think about what each of us has done. How many of you have drove under the influence? What not the same, your right ap spanked his kid. You could have killed someone else’s.

  87. One can be skeptical of the optics about this, but there are parallels.

    Corporate sponsorship talks. It’s a big deal. Not to mention, public outcry. For those saying that the Vikings caved in to public pressure, well – this is the exact same sort of ‘public pressure’ a small but vocal group is trying to do to force Daniel Snyder’s hand.

    It’s very simple and not all that unusual. Peterson is in the public spotlight. He’s accused – nee, admitted to – a horrific thing (anyone who doesn’t see bloodying up a 4 year as horrific needs to have their head examined) and carries a tremendous amount of baggage and distraction. This is comparable to a police officer – a ‘public’ figure that is scrutinized – being placed on leave or suspension until the case plays out.

    Same thing here.

    The NFL has an opportunity to get their crap together. As for the Vikings – they are a team going nowhere. Peterson on the field is the difference between coming in 4th in the division with a 6-10 record or coming in 4th in the division with a 4-12 record. He’s a great player, but he’s a 30 year old running back who will face decline very quickly. Assuming he has 2-3 years left (shelf life of NFL RB), the reality is that the Vikings will either be bad at football without Peterson now instead of bad at football with him. It isn’t as if Seattle were to lose Marshawn Lynch or Denver were to lose Julius Thomas.

  88. The guy who is really getting the shaft in all of this is Mike Zimmer. The Vikings have talent (see Week 1), but their heads were clearly not in the game last Sunday and it’s hard to know how long something like this may hang over them. And then add to that the alienation of the Vikes’ fan base caused by the front office’s dreadful mishandling of the situation since then.

    I guess the silver lining is that with his exposure to drama during his time in Cincy, this isn’t exactly new territory for him. But still… if he can rally the troops to an upset over a highly motivated Saints team in their house (which I give a less than 1% chance of happening), he should win Coach of the Year then and there.

  89. AP should go to his favorite doctor and ask to be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Then all the posts would be filled with comments about how he has turned a new leaf and how he couldn’t help himself because of his disorder. He would have tv shows and radio shows and everything…

    Just like that piece of trash Brandon Marshall who was arrested 3 times for hitting his girlfriend but now is praised by the media.

    Find a good doc AP and this will all go away

  90. I’m glad the league forced the organization to do the right thing. They never would have done this on their own. The Vikings track record speaks for itself.

  91. To those crying for due process – people get suspended WITH PAY all the time when an investigation is on-going – police officers are the first that come to mind. They aren’t fired and they don’t lose a dime. But they are taken out of the public view and either put on the bench or assigned to a lower profile role. They remain there until the investigation is complete, giving there employer time to make an educated and responsible decision.

    AP is not being cut and losing millions (like Ray Rice) because the facts aren’t clear. But he is not being allowed to represent a multi-billion dollar corporation during the investigation (common sense). There is no lack of due process here.

  92. This is just one corporation bowing to its corporate sponsors. I have no idea if any of the NFL’s decisions regarding any of these matters is correct, but what is happening appears to be the NFL trying to make up for the backlash they received in the wake of the Ray Rice issue. Every player will be made an example of as a result of the public perception of the NFL screwing that up. I find it ironic that Budweiser, a company that could be directly linked to thousands of drunk driving deaths, all of a sudden decides to have morals.

  93. I see a lot of “what about Ray McDonald” but to me that’s where this all gets so tricky.

    Rice had his day in court and pleaded out with his diversionary program deal. Hardy was found guilty at the first stage of his state’s legal process.

    Peterson was charged, and has given a public statement saying he did discipline his son and he did cause injury (and then there’s the photographic evidence that was leaked). That’s what the Vikings have to take into account.

    McDonald has yet to even be charged, right? How clear-cut are the circumstances in his case?

    I think the way the league and the teams involved have handled the fallout from their players’ arrests (and/or indictments and convictions) has been one big embarrassing mess.

    But I don’t think they have an easy job either, Try to treat each case according to its own unique circumstances, and you have people screaming about inequity. Rock and a hard place.

  94. What a bunch of immoral cowards!! In less than a week they suspended him, unsuspend him and then the league office threw them a loophole to suspend him again.

    Only the vikings could mishandle a situation this badly. Don’t congratulate them for doing the right thing, the NFL told them to do it.

    The bumbling buffoonery of the Minnesota vikings is truly the league’s laughingstock.

  95. Has anyone ever heard of this list before? They don’t have the stones to actually cut him so they do this and still retain his rights just in case he is found innocent.

  96. Winners: Lynch mob. PR-seeking sponsors. Shock-jock media.
    Losers: Hard-working, respectful, respected, father who made something of himself and was trying to raise his son as he was raised. Innocent until proven guilty. My respect for Viking leadership for not standing by someone who has done all the right things during his time with the team.

  97. The Vikings organization finally pulled their heads out and made the right decision. As much as I dislike this team and their haughty fans, I cannot bring myself to pile on their misery at this time. Present circumstances, along with years of miserable failures, is an unbearable weight that even I wouldn’t wish upon my enemy.

    The upside to all of this? Maybe the Queens should consider starting Teddy Small Hands for the rest of the season!? He can’t do any worse than Matt Turnover Cassell!

  98. bobnelsonjr says:
    Sep 17, 2014 10:10 AM
    What a bunch of immoral cowards!! In less than a week they suspended him, unsuspend him and then the league office threw them a loophole to suspend him again.

    Only the vikings could mishandle a situation this badly. Don’t congratulate them for doing the right thing, the NFL told them to do it.

    The bumbling buffoonery of the Minnesota vikings is truly the league’s laughingstock.
    We all understand….you want the man cut because he averages 200 yds a game vs your favorite team’s inept defense.

  99. teamnorsecore says:
    Sep 17, 2014 4:32 PM

    Packer fans….blaming the Vikings organization and its fanbase for one mans problems and mistakes in his personal life. Classy.

    While it is one man problems, I don’t blame the Vikings for it there are plenty of other teams with similar problems… but don’t call it a mistake people learn from mistakes.

    He has a habit of abusing kids, and leaving them with marks that will last between weeks and a lifetime.

    Discipline them when they earn it…. but you can’t take it to the lengths he has.

  100. shaggytoodle says:
    Sep 17, 2014 5:04 PM
    teamnorsecore says:
    Sep 17, 2014 4:32 PM

    Packer fans….blaming the Vikings organization and its fanbase for one mans problems and mistakes in his personal life. Classy.

    While it is one man problems, I don’t blame the Vikings for it there are plenty of other teams with similar problems… but don’t call it a mistake people learn from mistakes.

    He has a habit of abusing kids, and leaving them with marks that will last between weeks and a lifetime.

    Discipline them when they earn it…. but you can’t take it to the lengths he has.
    How is what Adrian did not a mistake? He was raised the way he was, thus figured it was still OK to whip a kid bloody. Adrian can’t learn from this mistake, maybe learn different parenting and discipline styles and move on with his life? What are the other options……the death penalty? Lifetime ban from the NFL for what he did? What would be enough?

  101. Because its happened 2 times that we know about …forget the fact that the mom automatically assumed he whooped the kid in the text… so it makes u really wonder how frequently it occurs.. .he needs to learn to control his temper just cuz he may have been whipped bloody doesn’t mean u fet to pay that forward.

    When people had slaves and treated other them pourly… was it on to continue that trend cuz that’s just how they were brought up?

    I feel they should have suspend him 3 games for conduct detrimental to the team….. plus the game he missed last weekend instead of this due process stuff…the way the team handled it keeps making people talk about it…instead of making it cool down for a bit.. I mean on this site alone there have been 30 articles or so on it since last Friday.

  102. My grandma use to whip me with a switch and leave more marks than that. A good whipping is suppose to hurt that’s what its for. Let the man raise his family his way and you raise yours, your way.

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